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The Story of Karen

After working an inhuman 8-hour shift at a nameless, dirty factory, I got on the bus dirty, tired and hot. It was a beautifully sunny day but most of mine had been spent in the back of a dimly-lit warehouse, unloading freight cars that were filled to the top with parts for cheap office furniture. It was all metal parts, so they coated these parts with a thin oil that protected the metal and inhibited rust. Needless to say, I left that place every day looking like I worked in a coal mine. However, even with my addiction at that time, I still felt a bit proud of myself. I had held this temp job for 3 months which was extremely rare and as I took my seat on the bus going home, I decided that the depressing thoughts of my real life would not dampen my spirit today. I lifted my ... Read Full Story >>

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Faith renewed by a stranger's kindness

I was on my way home when a man came up to me excited, yelling: "Gil! Gil Gadson!" I said "yes," to which he grabbed me in a bear hug. He stepped back and saw the look of confusion on my face. He proceeded to explain how he knew me. You see, I work in the field of mental health and substance abuse and often speak at different venues. He said that at one such venue, I had given a speech about the power of gratitude and that it had changed his life. He said we had even talked for awhile after my speech and that my words had made him re-evaluate everything in his life. He continued by sharing that he started appreciating the things he had, stopped feeling sorry for himself and had become pro-active in his life and for others. He expressed that he had made amends to those ... Read Full Story >>

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