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Small Town Hockey Hero with a Big Heart

Our son is my newest "Hockey Hero."  He plays goalie on his small hometown ice hockey team.  One weekend on matchday, we arrived a bit late and quickly found our seats and settled in.  As I looked around, I noticed we were sitting with a family who had a mentally and physically handicapped child.  We could hear the exciement in his voice when he said, "Mom, look the goalie is going to get the puck now!" Shamelessly, I listened to him and the excitment and joy in his voice as praised the goalie time and time again.  During the break, we went and told our son what was happening in the bleachers and, bless his heart, he went up into the bleachers, introduced himself to the parents and sat next to this young lad.  He started talking to him and before long the boy was trying on our son's gloves, blocker and helment.  When the game was about to start again, my ... Read Full Story >>

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A Nursing Home "Gardener"

My daughter reminded me yesterday of a story that happened several years ago. I worked in a nursing home for several years and had kind of adopted one wing, where the residents had few guests/visitors, and stayed manily in their rooms or in the hallway outside there rooms. I went down on my breaks just to check in, to see if anyone needed or wanted a bit of extra TLC.  I gave them "flower" nicknames so I could share some of there stories with my kids without revealing there identities. The residents all knew I had nicknames for them. I called them my own private garden. One day I happened to overhear one of them say,  "I wonder if dandelion is coming today?"  "Of course, she always comes answered another."  I admit I wondered why they named me after a weed.  A few months after overhearing this one of my special ... Read Full Story >>

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Emergency Rescue by a Father and His Sons

A couple of days ago, we were in Edmonton helping one son move there to live with his brother.  As we were leaving from their apartment complex, we noticed a man driving by very slowly.  We commented how weird it seemed and as we looked back in the mirror we saw he had run off the road into a tree. We quickly whipped a u-turn and jumped out of our vehicle.  Our younger son reached in and turned off the man's vehicle and my husband and older son tried talking to the older gentleman but got no response.  Fearing he might have choked, they struggled to get him out of the vehicle.  I quickly threw a blanket from our car onto the wet ground.  As soon as they got him out, they laid him on his side where he started choking and spitting up.  My younger son was on the phone to 911 ... Read Full Story >>

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Shopping adventures

Recently we went to a Wal Mart store (big adventure in the city for us). When we arrived, it was really busy (maybe normal but seemed very busy to us). When we went into the store, there were no shopping carts to be had, so my husband went outside to collect as many as he could. Before he ever made it back into the store, he had given away all the carts and went back for more. As we shopped, people pointed and smiled at us and told him thanks for being so nice.

He said, "I don't know what the big deal is. Anyone would have done the same thing."

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Just a Phone Call Away

We were out shopping and as we were entering the store there was a young mother with a crying baby looking out over the parking lot.  I smiled and said, "Did you forget where you parked?"  "No," she replied, "My husband went to get a diaper and I need a bottle as well."  

It was pouring down rain and we asked if he had a cell phone with him.  "Yeah!" she said.   We handed her our cell phone and she called her husband and asked him to please bring the baby a bottle when he came back.  Later on, we happened to see them in the store with the baby drinking his bottle and Mom happily telling Dad that's the couple that helped us with a phone.

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