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Kindness Grows: A Company Experiment

I work for a wonderful company that promotes and encourages civic pride and community involvement.  Recently I suggested an idea to our Division President that he liked and has put the wheels in motion.  We are calling it Kindness Grows and what we did was draw 8 names of employees at an all employee meeting recently.  Those eight people were each given an envelope that contained $150 and a letter instructing them that they had been chosen for a very special assignment.  They were to use all the money to perform an act of kindness for a person or people they have never met before.  They could team up with another team member and combine their money, they could recruit help from co-workers or family members to help come up with ideas and perform and document their acts of kindness to strangers.  They have about a month and a half ... Read Full Story >>

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A Simple Daily Email

I've been doing this for so many years it just now dawned on me that I guess it would qualify as an Act of Kindness. 

Each morning when I get to work, the first thing I do is find a positive or thought provoking quote, type it up on e-mail and send it out to my "Thoughts to ponder . . ." e-mail group.  Over the years the group changes; when some people leave the company I work for, they specifically ask if I will continue to send them the daily "Thoughts" which I am always happy to do.  Sometimes I hear from a person about how a particular quote really touched them that day, sometimes someone will tell me they just don't get a good start to their day if they don't get to read that days "thought".  Most of the time I don't hear anything but I still know it is making a positive difference in some lives and it doesn't cost a thing!

Today's thought was:  "The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve."  --Albert Schweitzer

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Simple Kindness To a Stranger

Several years ago I started work at a new company. It was close to the Holiday Season and the office drew names for "Secret Santa".  Since I was new, I didn't really know anyone there I had no idea what I was going to get or do for my person. However, before I really had a chance to think much about it she became very ill and had to take a leave of absence.  I decided to send her a couple of cards and wrote a positive affirmation in each one.  The weeks went on and she was still quite ill; Christmas came and went and she still had not recovered.  I continued to send cards to her home and to the hospital and always included a positive message. Easter came and she was finally home so I arranged for a few of her "old friends" (they had worked with her for ... Read Full Story >>

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Leaving Little Smiles At Work

I continue to leave Smile Cards along with a little gift...a special pen, cute note pads, a little picture frame, a favorite candy bar, etc. on co-workers desks in hopes of brightening their day. 

I don't usually get to hear their responses because it is a fairly large office and no one has a clue who is leaving these gifts, but I enjoy doing it just the same!! 

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Mondays With Mom

I "woke up" about a year ago and realized, at 79, my mother wasn't going to be around forever.

So now, every Monday when I get off work, I drive to her house and we spend the evening together before I drive the 40 minutes home.

We have dinner together, watch TV, knit, I take out her garbage or help her find a misplaced item or whatever she needs. I listen to her tell me the same things she told me last week and the week before or 15 minutes ago, over and over. But, I realize how precious our time together is and I enjoy that she is "chatty" so I try to never discourage her talking by letting on that she is repeating herself (as a couple of my sisters tend to tell her). I hope someone will be as patient and caring with me when I'm her age.

I also call her every morning @ 7:30 to make sure she is up and see how she is feeling.  She lives alone and this gives her a little sense of security knowing someone cares about her and checks on her well-being.  There isn't always a tomorrow for everyone ... let them know you love them TODAY, you won't regret it!

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