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Late Night Dinner With Scott, Maia and the Host

Last week, while visiting my Dad in Washington State with my daughter, we went to a local restaurant for a late dinner.  When our host seated us, my dad asked him if there were any military having a meal in the establishment.  The host said there was a soldier eating dinner with his friend.  My dad told the host to tell the soldier and his friend that their dinner was paid for and that we should get dessert too!  He also stated that he did not want to be identified as the benefactor. Our waitress, who witnessed this as well, commented on my dad's thoughtful "thank you" to this soldier, saying that she hadn't seen anything more profound.   At a local college, she was an Opera Major and as her humble way to thank my Dad, she performed a small piece of "The Pearl Fisherman."   Her voice brought me to tears ... Read Full Story >>

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'Happy Notes' For My Sister

My sister and I live on opposite sides of the US and it is hard for us to visit each other regularly. 

About 10 years ago, while visiting her, I was packing my things and getting ready to fly home when I got the idea to leave her some "happy" notes.  While she was out, I began cutting up little slips of paper and writing things on them like, "You and me, Sis!" , "You rock!",  "You are my best friend." and "I love you so much!".  I began putting the notes in places she where she would eventually find them like under her creamer in the fridge, in a silverware drawer, in her makeup case in the bathroom, in her favorite coffee cup, etc.

Every now and then, she would call me to tell me she found another one and that it seemed like it was when she needed to hear from me.  I know it made her smile, but it made me feel even better to know that even though I could not be there physically, that I WAS there when she needed me (and even when she didn't!).

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Helping a Hummingbird

My daughter and I were removing dead blooms off our lilies a few summers ago when we came across an exhausted and "beat up" young hummingbird.  It was so hot outside that we brought it indoors to cool off.  We put some nectar we already had for our feeders into a bright yellow bottle cap and put it near the tiny bird.  It was so hungry and it lapped the red liquid up furiously.  It drank so fast that the nectar was running down its breast.  My daughter made it a "bed" in a tiny box where it rested for about 4 hours.  We periodically gave it more nectar during that time frame.  Innocently, my daughter wanted to know why the other hummingbirds were attacking this one.  I explained to her that just like us, other animals may pick on weaker ones to ensure that the strong get what they ... Read Full Story >>

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Lessons From an Auto-Body Repair Shop

My husband and I have an auto body repair shop behind our home and we both have worked in it for the past 4 years.  He does most of the work and I help him when he needs me.  I must say that I HATE this kind of physical labor and have NEVER had an interest in this, but because it's what my hubby wanted to do, I begrudgingly agreed to it.  By watching him and learning about this type of work, I was able to help out a total stranger today.  I noticed that there was red paint scrapes on her white pickup.  I knew I had to speak with her about how to easily remove those marks off her white paint on her truck.  She finally pulled into a parking lot of a restaurant and I quickly got out of the car.  I told her that I noticed ... Read Full Story >>

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