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Acute Depression

I suffer from depression and take medication daily in an attempt to correct the situation. Like most people who have depression you don't want it known and tend to keep it to yourself. Today at work we were faced with a situation where an employee was struggling with work, this had been the case for a while. Some of the other staff made comment that he seemed very down and was not performing his work tasks well. I thought to myself "I bet he is depressed". I made a point at lunchtime of going out to see him. You could tell straight away that he is suffering from acute depression. I am no medico but have seen that look many times in the mirror. Anyway I asked him to come to my office for a chat and explained that I have a few "challenges" in my life with depression and that ... Read Full Story >>

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Comfort For A Much Loved Person

Some months ago I went through a breakup of a long term relationship. It was not my decision but hers. I have felt very sad and deppressed about this situation and have on more than one occassion asked if the relationship can be resumed. I feel angry at times that I am alone again and at times also bitter towards my ex partner. Last week we had some dialogue which was not pleasant and it led to me making some remarks that on reflection I should not have. My ex partner was greatly affected by my comments and the guilt she was carrying over the split. I got a message the other night that she was considering harming herself. I phoned but no answer, again, no answer. I jumped in the car and drove to her house. What I found was this normally strong woman crying uncontrollably and in a terrible ... Read Full Story >>

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Picking Up the Phone!

Last night my phone rang.  Seeing who it was on my caller-id, I did not answer it.  The guy calling is married to the neice of my ex-partner.  Just six months ago, I was separated and had a tough enough time getting over it without being reminded through visits by her relatives! The phone rang again this morning, it was the same person calling, and again, I didn't answer.  Then, I got to thinking, "Why would he call me?  We were never close friend or anything." Still, something inside me told me he needed to talk so I called him back. He told me he was going for a run and would love drop-in for some coffee.  I said, "Of course, it will be good to see you".  Within five minutes he was on my doorstep as he had been looking for my house and was not sure which one it was. ... Read Full Story >>

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Two Conditions For This Gift

A couple of weeks ago, I heard that a friend had been diagnosed with cancer. It turns out that he doesn't have long to live. They are hardworking people with two young children -- one is only five weeks old.

Clearly they are devastated, as is their family. A major challenge is the debt they owe as a mortgage on their home. He cannot work, has no insurance and they really don't need the worry of a bank asking for repayments. So I have assisted them anonymously, through my friend.

The conditions are two fold -- they are not to be told who put the money in their bank account and they are to watch the movie "Pay it Forward".

I feel good that I am able to assist them. I hope that if they ever can, they will indeed "pay it forward".

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