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Beauty Tips for Your Soul

Here are a few primping tips to increase the beauty of your soul: A dear old lady was ... Read Full Story >>

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From I to You

I am free, like an angel

that opens her wings

I take on many forms

I laugh and listen

I am never far away

I am never gone at all

I am a friend, a good book

or a pink and golden sunset

I am a Mother's touch

And  a Father's helping hand

You know Me,

Because I am You

You are Me through and through

I am unconditional love

And You are too!


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A Chance To Be Unselfish On A Hot Summer Day

Last week, on the way back home from my daughter’s school, I was feeling a little down. No particular reason but I was in a dialogue in my mind about this society, the daily crime news, selfish behaviours of our close relations. I was just wondering why relationships have no purity and unconditional love. These thoughts were disturbing my mind.  I was waiting at a traffic signal on a hot afternoon. Suddenly I saw a middle aged woman looking for a bus or vehicle to reach her destination. I just smiled at her and asked her if I could be any help. She came to me and asked if I could drop her at the next corner. I happily opened the door of my car. She was full of sweat and looked very tired too. When she came inside she was more relaxed. She just closed her eyes for two minutes. I ... Read Full Story >>

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Opportunity to help a security guard at work

Increment Amount (The Joy of Giving) Few months back, my office security guard was diagnosed with mouth cancer and had a tough time. I was really concerned about his health and the mental trauma he was facing. I prayed for him, counseled him and sent a request to all my co-workers for a small amount of contributions for his hospitalization expenses. A few colleagues were quite generous and contributed for him. He was on Chemo and had only one chemo left, when the hospital asked to pay around 20K. Being only working as a security guard, of course he did not have that money. I prayed for him and promised myself to help him during this difficult time. I got my salary today with some increment and I sent the increment amount to meet his last chemo expense. What I've learned from life, is that you can earn more money but the opportunities to help ... Read Full Story >>

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Mobile Recharge For A ...

So today was a blissful day. I met with an accident but was saved by the divine. My car broke down, but I thanked God as it could be worse. A few friends helped me to take my car to the workshop. So God gave me the opportunity to walk little and share more with this beautiful world.

A friend of mine is facing difficult times and does not have cash to recharge her phone. After reaching home, I immediately recharged her phone without telling her and she was surprised after getting the amount in her account.

She understood that it is me who has done this and called me immediately with a heavy voice and I could feel the tears of joy in her voice. I may not have helped her that great but as a long distance this is the best I can do. Happy Calling.

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Would You Like To Have My Sandwich?

Every morning, I cook myself a lunch to take to the office. I started this practice of making an extra lunch so I can share it along the way with a person in need. I have been practicing this for the last ten years.

Yesterday, I was running late so I just prepared a small sandwich and packed it, thinking that I would have it in the office. It was in my hands and after arriving at the office, I saw our old guard at the entrance and just offered the sandwich to him which he happily accepted.

In that moment, I felt a different kind of satisfaction: I realized that when we share, even when we don't have much, we are sharing with something much greater than even the recipient. I really enjoyed that feeling of expansive connectedness from sharing my small sandwich.

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