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Light At The End Of Dark Tunnel

I happened to face loneliness and difficulties which made me dull for a while. During, this time, when anyone approached me, respected me or supported me in smallest way, I noticed it and felt grateful. I had taken small gestures like being welcomed, thought-of or included  for granted. However, during this emotional phase, I noticed each of these and was humble, simple and thankful to others. I had built walls around myself and was keeping my distance (having dutiful relations, not friendly connections) with a few people (this even included family members) because of holding small grudges against them. During, this trying phase, when they were kind in little ways, i noticed it and was able to acknowledge and accept it.  I realize some of these walls were either shaken or partly broken. Now, if these same people are able to interact with me, invite me or call me; freely, as a friendly ... Read Full Story >>

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Reason To Live

Last few days, I was wondering whether my life made much sense - being rejected by many people for getting over-serious about people politics, unable to handle the situations with my simplicity and honesty, I struggled and suffered in communities even under best leaders. This time the hurt was deep and I felt depressed to the core. Today, after 10 days, for the first time, I went out, alone, to meet this motherly lady who I had met during my stay in a  program. She had been unwell recently and lived alone. Her sons live in foreign countries and her daughter is no more. After I called her and told about my plan to visit her, she started becoming excited and planning food immediately. Nowadays, she has a lady cook coming by to help her but she did part of the work herself with her  bandaged leg. Despite everything, the interest and ... Read Full Story >>

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