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Thank You For Your ...

Thank you for your service
I was on vacation in Florida with my uncle we went into the liquor part of the store at Wal-Mart my uncle gets rum to add to his tea occasionally he found a bottle on clearance for $7 when we went up to the front to have the cashier ring it up a guy had his 4 bottles of drinks ringing up with my uncle's no that's not ours my uncle told her I just have the rum the cashier said he's buying it for you. I asked him what's your name cliff well thank you so much cliff I'm Lisa that's so nice of you my uncle said if I would've known that I would've picked out the expensive stuff lol. Oh man do you want to get another kind go ahead sir no that's ok. Thank you this is very nice of you. Well thank you for keeping the bad guys away thank u for your service sir. He saw my uncle's vet hat he was wearing. Cliff made my uncle's morning . He never had someone pay it forward to him .I was so glad I got to witness that .😉

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Everyday Acts

Today I went to spend time with my grandma. She is bedridden and doesn't leave her house often. She was very happy to see me. We talked about my brother's engagement, my cousins, my current job search and her current frustrations with her caretaker. I tried my best to do what I could to help her by talking to my dad about her frustrations and by helping her reheat her milk. I haven't seen her for about a month, and it's easy for me to sulk over my own problems and forget about hers. I will make more of an effort to visit her in the future. Last week, I donated to my friend's bike ride fundraiser. She is technically one of my supervisors at work, but I consider her my friend and mentor. She is biking 250+ miles along the Central Coast of California to raise money for the transportation climate ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Aug 7, 2019
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Heart Language

Found a housekeeper sitting on the floor. She had severe back pain. Went to the Inn pantry and got her meds with water and food so that she wouldn’t have stomach pain from the medicine. We didn’t speak the same language, but the heart knows no restrictions. 😊 Smiling heart ❤️

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Taking time today

At school today during my lunch break, I went over to the locker room and wrote a note to my friend who was going through a hard time at that moment. I let her know that she was not alone and that she had my support.
I also wrote to my Math teacher and stuck it on her desk. I thanked her for being patient and helping me understand specific concepts that weren't clear to me.
It feels good to express your gratitude to people who have helped you and been by your side during tough times.

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Making Things Happen

BUTTONS FOR BENJAMIN 365+ Small Acts of Kindness Getting outside has felt like I'm riding a huge wave. So many things are happening! Friday to Today Voice and Sight Met a young blind writer and -- finally after about 50 takes -- finished recording the first story she sent me. Voicing for someone else is 100x harder than doing my own stuff. I'm learning a lot! I'm really grateful for our connection and I hope this will help her keep writing. She's very good! We'll be doing as many stories as she needs about once a week. These are stories she wrote when she was a teenager before she went blind. I told her I would make sure to get at least one in a week until done, maybe more as I get better at it. She said when she read that she started crying. My heart just went out to her.  I told her ... Read Full Story >>

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Invisible Kindness - My Favorite

Can my small act from today change the world? What has been yours?

I stood in the post office first one to come next. It was a small store and I had placed myself for people to enter and leave freely.

A lady with difficulties to walk came in, did not see me and walked straight to the second desk that had just been without customer. The clark looked at me as to say 'how can she ignore you? You are next!'

I smiled friendly at him and gestured, 'it is okay.' He answered to her wishes.

Kindspring has nourished and watered me to become again a woman deeply emersed in the beauty of life. This way I can actually be generous, not only act as if.

Thank you!

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This Is True Love, ...

This Is True Love, By A Friend

Me (Author)(left) and my dad (right) a few years ago.

I caught an undiagnosed lung infection that left me in a bad way for about 10 days.

Dad just used to sit next to me for hours and read, I wasn't really with it but he had obviously decided my breathing tube was more comfortable in this position.

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Gratitude At The Dmv

The DMV is not usually a place that people like to be--I don't know why! I went without an appointment, but with plenty of reading/work material to keep me engaged, without a preconceived notion of how long I would end up being there, and was amazed at how efficiently everything was run. When it was my turn at the counter I remarked to the gentleman helping me that this was the best-run, most efficient DMV I'd ever been in---and I could see him swell with pride! I also told him how much I appreciated that they were open on a Saturday! Something about the DMV makes me fill with empathy and feel connected to all these strangers---everyone from so many different walks of life and backgrounds are all there, waiting in line patiently, sitting patiently in chairs for however long it takes to get called up, and it's an incredible tapestry of faces to see.
And I got out in just under 2 hours :-)

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A Cane Of Support

An elderly gentleman who comes to the soup kitchen had a stroke a few weeks ago and told me that while he is doing well, he lost his cane on the bus. I told him I might have one at home and would bring it to him the following week(today). So, today when I saw him I smiled and said I have something for you--and I brought out the cane. (It was a gag gift for my husband on his 40th birthday and has never been used--he was happy to donate it!)

Well, it turns out that a kindly bus driver had given him a cane during the week and when he compared the two he liked mine better (it was a better height for him), but he said he couldn't manage two canes today! He seemed very puzzled as to what to do. So I asked if it would be helpful if I take it back and bring it again next week, so he would leave the other one at home and go home with the one I brought! He seemed very relieved and also very grateful that I had it for him. He stuck around and chatted for some more time about various things and it was very nice.

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My Hairdresser Is Retiring ...

My hairdresser is retiring today after seventeen years. Over those years, she's been a friend and counsellor as well as my hairdresser. After Richard's operations in 2014 she started doing his hair because the scars often frightened hairdressers but Babs took it all in stride.

We wanted to give her something special. Richard said he'd seen several bouquets when he had his hair done on Wednesday. I decided to make her a card and inside we put one of Mindy's peace doves. We finished it by giving her a voucher for a loan to LendWithCare. The photo shows you an idea of everything.

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Arranging A Carpool With Colleagues

I've been working on a project recently that requires driving to the outskirts of town. After receiving kindness from friends willing to work out car share situations, it felt natural to pay some of that forward, and arrange a carpool with other colleagues who were also without a car of their own. I was happy to drop them off at appointments or different locations after work too. They expressed a lot of gratitude to be able to carpool, and I think we all had more fun during our commutes than we would have otherwise.

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Seven Acts Of Kindness

My mom and dad both are dealing with medical issues. I signed them up for a free/low cost food program which delivers meals to the elderly who have a qualifying medical condition. The name of the program is Cerres. Today they contacted me to let me know that there was some food available so I drove from Petaluma to Sevastopol to pick it up for my elderly parents and then delivered the food to them. I’m hoping that through this delicious home-cooked meal program they will grow healthier and stronger as time goes by.

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7 Acts Of Kindness

My son called this morning feeling very overwhelmed. Though he is an adult, he lives on his own and keeping up with the chores along with his full-time job, caring for his dog, doing the right things for his family and friends, and caring for a very large yard and garden can become truly overwhelming. I went over to his house and helped him clean his living room and kitchen, working together and listening to good music as we went. At the end of our time together he felt so much better, not so overwhelmed, and his house looked great. I was glad that I could do something to support him , no matter how small.

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What One Person Can Do

Reflecting on a Kindspring post about what one person can do,  I thought I’d share my recent exploits. I won a Peace Pole at the end of Spring, in a competition by the Love Foundation and we then went on to plant it in the village with the help of all the schoolchildren? Well, moving on from that at the beginning of Summer, I decided to launch a Biodiversity Ambassadors group in my workplace. Well, the whole thing has taken off incredibly and we’re now onto our 5th meet up, having now had 63 people sign up, and I’m sure that more will sign up throughout the year and into the winter. We also went on a trip to look at bumblebees with a lady from the Bumblebee Conservation, a talk about a school where the children breed and release butterflies, a pond visit with a lady from the British Dragonfly society and ... Read Full Story >>

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Love Your Park

On Saturday, April 27th, I joined a group of friends and neighbors and spent the day sprucing up our local parks by cutting brush, grooming grounds, combing beaches and planting more flowers and trees.

This annual event draws hundreds of volunteers in cities throughout our area, each person lending a hand to keep parks beautiful and to do a good deed for their community and the environment. Like me, they all believe that our parks and trails are so important to our personal health and wellbeing and to our environment.

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Ocean Lover!

I'm an ocean lover.... living in Montreal, far away from the ocean makes it even more a dream land for me.... and I try to visit at the very least, once a year.... and I've been doing it for the last 20 something years.  When I was younger, I would pick up shells rocks  and driftwood and bring them back home.... and ended up having tons of them on my shelves, floors, desks, etc. But as I visited the ocean more and more, I started picking up the garbage left by irresponsible polluting people... picking up less and less ocean treasure.... I was beginning to question my habits..... and one day, in California, I just had this revelation. I realized that a stone you find in the ocean has a wonderful color that makes you pick it up.... but then, when it dries, you don't find it as lovely anymore,  so why pick it up ... Read Full Story >>

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Helping Hand

I usually take the local bus to commute for my work daily. Today while traveling, I happened to come upon a blind man who was trying to get onto the bus; it was very crowded. I politely took his hand and made sure that he got on the bus safely and also that he got off at his correct stop. The feeling of helping this gentleman today made my day. :)

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Connecting Nourishment

I've just joined a FB group where mothers or fathers can request a meal. There doesn't have to be a reason but usually, it's illness or a new baby. Today I did my first dinner - a vegan hotpot, side of veggies, rice, and pears and chocolate for dessert. I also added a bottle of organic juice, some chicken noodle soup (which is vegan) and some stickers and fruit sweets for their children. Unfortunately, this family lives on the other side of the city so I phoned a friend who is an Uber driver. She came and got the food and drove it across town and delivered it to this family. They were so grateful. The best comment they made was that it had nurtured their spirits as well as their sick bodies. Then the admin of the FB page contacted me and said she would send my friend a thank you gift card for delivering the meal. What a circle of love!

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Inclusion Heartsong

In the past two months, I have become friends with two women who are sight-impaired. One lives near me. I drove to her house and picked her up. We went to lunch together at one of my favorite restaurants nearby, my treat. It was a good day. Another is a young, talented writer whose stories I've been recording. Yesterday we texted back and forth as I worked on her newest story.  I had one other blind friend many years ago. She was my favorite customer when I waited tables at a little diner near my house, and we became friends. We went to mass together and sometimes I helped her with her mail. I've learned a little bit about the frustration and heartache of being without sight. I believe these women came into my life for a reason, especially the two in the last two months. I'm very grateful to know ... Read Full Story >>

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Soak In The Sight Of The Cosmos

I've always been enamored with the moon (maybe it's my culture - Indians tend to view the moon in a pretty romantic light). But I made a point to spend more time than usual admiring it yesterday.  It was so soft and beautiful in the sky, surrounded by sparse clouds, a bit more yellow than usual, and it felt a bit larger.

It just so happened that that morning, just before I went to the airport to come back to NY from Texas, I found a moon pendant someone close to my heart had given me, that I thought I had lost. It has an image of how the moon looked on the day I was born. It was a beautiful gift!

So there I was staring at the moon on my way to get groceries, with another moon around my neck. I know this is a bit cliche but looking reverently at the moon made me feel a bit smaller, and all the noises of New York City faded into the background of this universe that we live in.

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