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A Day With Friends

Life in Dubai is not a walk in the park as people may assume. My friends haven't had a day off in forever and we haven't spent much time together.

So, today I decided to give them a treat and made a whole day itinerary. This included a walk in the park, a private beach treat, along with meals and drinks for the day. I didn't do it because they couldn't afford it, but because it brought us all together and to eat healthy, bask in the sun, go to the beach, and share stories. I see them happy today and jovial and I know it may not have been much, but it was great for them to change from their normal schedule.

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Damsel In Distress.

I saw a woman in her 30's crying on the street and asked if everything was OK. She tearfully nodded and put her hand to her back and headed towards the surgical clinic which was close by. It looked like she was in severe pain. Since she wasn`t looking for any help, I silently wished her well.

I had my appendix removed when i was in my 20's. The pain was so bad it was hard to walk and I got a bit tearful and dizzy, but the passers-by just ignored me or gave me strange looks and quickly walked on. Since then, if I see another woman crying in a public place (and I have actually seen a few over the years!) I make a point of asking them if they are OK and need help. Usually they will say " No thanks,  it`s OK" but I think it is important to at least ask. May we all look out for our sisters in need! 

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🍁 Thanks - Giving 🙏

🍞 12 mini loaves of home-made pumpkin pecan bread 🫖 2 boxes of hot apple cider mix 📖 disassembled book - “Everyday Gratitude: Inspiration for Living Life as a Gift” - and laminated pages to give* 🍎 12 gala apples 🦃 12 decorated brown paper bags Gifted goodie bags to our mailman Greg and a few dear friends, the rest were given to Debbie (apt. manager and fellow Crafternoon Kindness Crew member) to share with those who would appreciate the thought. Purchased a few fresh flower bouquets and gave to those in need of some extra cheer. And always a bouquet for my sister's memorial on the mantle at my brother-in-law's home. It will be a year in Feb. that she transitioned.  Thankful for the abundant blessings that give me the time, space and resources to remember others with kind action. 🙏 In the midst of gratitude, there are the joys as well as the sorrows that sit with ... Read Full Story >>

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🥧 Pie? Oh My! 😊

Library held a Pie Making tutorial with all ingredients and materials provided. It took a LOT of time, energy and resources to make this happen, with librarian Sarah doing most of the prep work.

We learned how to make a perfect pie crust, with tips such as adding a bit of vinegar to promote a flaky crust, always work with a well chilled dough, how to create a lattice top, etc…

A free-will offering helped to offset some of the costs, but we wanted to do something extra for Sarah to show our appreciation…

So, we anonymously gifted her a positive message apron. Well... sort of anonymously. MisterM said he was “caught” leaving the gift bag on her chair at the library 😊.


Why not bake a little PIE minded kindness this Thanksgiving?

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Enter the heart space, a space of love

One day not too long ago, I experienced something which caused me to lose my temper, to the point that I was in tears. I was confused by my reaction and my inability to let it go. I reached out to a dear and trusted friend to ask for advice on how to let go of anger. And then, I went for a long walk. As I walked, I reflected on my anger and what may have caused it, certainly the situation did not warrant it. As I walked, I heard my friend’s voice saying, “drop into the heart space”, a space that love thrives and, if we allow it, heals our hurts. It is my belief that hate cannot thrive where love shines. I allowed my mind to follow that love and to reflect on what the root of my anger was. I realized my anger is the result of many ... Read Full Story >>

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Looking After The Wild Birds.

Jack Frost has been out and about at my neck of the woods over the last few nights. A perfect opportunity to hang up lots of fatballs for the wild birds which happily devoured them today.

I also cleaned the birdbaths thoroughly and filled them up with fresh water. Kipped out the water before the frost came in the late afternoon. Will fill them up again tomorrow morning.That is easier than hacking away at the ice which forms during the night. 

I noticed a sparrow with some cotton wool in its beak optimising the wooden bird house as his little family observed him. A sure sign winter is on its way! Please look after the birds that visit your garden this winter even if it is merely by providing some clean water in a small birdbath.

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🕊 Peace Dove Workshop

I was invited to teach a Peace Dove Workshop at a local business women’s group last year, but CoVid put that on hold until the other night. What a great group they were! Even after putting in a full day at their various jobs, the women were open to learning how to fold a Dove, although that “inside reverse fold” still trips everyone up, we persevered. And MisterM, as always, makes a great assistant 🕊 😊 Provided a bit of history on how the Peace Dove ministry began, how it is encouraged through a global group of KindSpring friends, with Doves being on every continent - even Antarctica (thank you patjos!). Each Dove is a blessing, evolving with the times to include Karuna Doves (response to Coronavirus), Ukraine Doves, Awareness Doves (breast cancer), Patriotic Doves of Peace, Life Struggles Doves (suicide prevention), etc… 🕊 Grateful for each connection the Doves bring and the open hearts ... Read Full Story >>

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Surprise Birthday Present For A Little Patient

I have a patient that just turned four, so I got him a balloon that says "Happy Birthday!" and a Spiderman birthday card (he loves Spiderman and baseball) for all of us in the clinic to sign for him.

The card even came with a Spiderman bracelet, he was so excited when he came in yesterday for this little surprise! He gave us all a great big hug 

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There Sometimes Is A Free Lunch

Yesterday I bought the folks behind me in line at Arby's (a fast food restaurant) - for their lunch.

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❤️ Giving for Thanksgiving

One of my neighbor-friends suggested we get together to buy a prepared full course Thanksgiving dinner for our neighbor-friend’s family, since she is recovering from her burns & they are all worn out. I told her to count us in 👌🏻


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Writing Letters

This morning, I decided to change things up and make time to write some letters. I had already written one to a teacher who has been keeping us in touch with the little boy we sponsor in India. The other two were to a friend of my mother who still sends us a gift for our wedding anniversary, even though my mother is no longer with us.The other is to a friend of ours who worked in the local library and we became friends with the whole family.

My friends father and his grandson used to come with me and to cricket and he sadly died at the end of October. The funeral is next week so I made a donation to the Royal National Lifeboat Institute in lieu of flowers and then decided to write a short note to Bev with all the lovely memories I have of her dad.

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It Takes A Village

Neighbor-friend has been home past two weeks recovering from covid. She’s just now getting back on her feet. Left an ‘immunity booster goody bag’ on her porch with the Yogi Immune Support Tea & the honey lozenges with echinacea , shown in my graphic. 🍵 

Stuck a Smile Card in the bag too, even tho she’ll know it was me 😉

It takes a village ❤️

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Small Town - Big Heart ❤️

Grateful that MisterM and I were scheduled to volunteer at the Storehouse (local foodbank/thrift store) last Saturday, because we got to be a part of and witness the SUPER generosity of our small town community outreach that serves the entire county. ❤️ 1000 lbs of food donated from the Boys Scouts food drive! Glad there was an extra team of volunteers to help handle and shelve the bounty. How wonderful a space the new addition was too! ❤️ 400 lbs of food donated from Jennie’s Floral - who had participated in the discounted dozen rose program with the incentive for customers to bring in cans of food. ❤️ Jennie’s Foral also donated 5 dozen “leftover” roses to the Storehouse to share w/our patrons and volunteers. ❤️ 30 frozen turkeys from a local church. ❤️ MisterM’s hand-crafted table (as per director’s request) proved sturdy and perfect for the food pantry. ❤️ Not one cookie or muffin remained ... Read Full Story >>

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A Happy Day!

Today is a day that gave me so much happiness to attend the wedding of Mr. K, an ex-colleague of mine who is visually impaired. About 7 years ago, I was part of a small team that helped hire differently-abled people into our organization. Mr. K is an accessibility engineer, very successful in his job, very humble and grateful. Mr. K has been mentoring many visually challenged people across the world and has helped so many to get started in their careers. This morning, as I greeted Mr. K after the formal exchange of vows with his spouse Mrs. D, his joy had no bounds and so was mine. He introduced Mrs. D to me and it turns out that Mrs. D is also visually impaired and she is a successful school teacher. I wished them very well. When I turned around, I met a person who introduced himself as Mrs. D's ... Read Full Story >>

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Caring And Sharing

Today we went to the Bible Study group at the local Methodist Church. The discussion led us to ask about whether they were talking about a food pantry or a food bank and John said he was talking about a food pantry. There are some people who won't use a food bank because of the stigma but they were encouraged by their district to support food pantries by using them so people can see that anyone can use it.

We also took some biodegradable sponges and copper scouring pads which are also biodegradable along to the group. Vanessa, the minister's wife asked about them and so we described how useful we've found them. One or two people were interested so Vanessa opened one of the packages and gave them to people to try for themselves, she thanked us for doing it.

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Three weeks ago we left a kind card on the table of a beautiful cafe when visiting a lovely town in the south of England.The staff are lovely, food is great, and we liked the atmosphere.

The town has many interesting antique shops so we went back this past week. The kind card was still there looking gorgeous on the same table!!! Couldn't believe it :-) What a fine surprise, and the thought of all the people who have been enjoying!!!!

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Helping Hand

I saw a homeless lady who has 3 children holding a sign in a very busy intersection has a bucket of beautiful roses too I didn't have much money on me so I gave her what I had while waiting ona light I quickly gave it to my son to wave her down she was so touched to get help + handed my son the most beautiful pink rose I ever seen in my life before 😁

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Being Kind To A Team Mate

I play on a tennis team, and one woman was not very nice to her partner, who I could tell was feeling demoralized and discouraged. I went to the store and purchased her a cute tennis hoodie, a chocolate bar, and wrote her a note telling her what an awesome teammate and tennis player she was. She saw mw at the door and was very thankful.. I just listened to her for about 45 minutes and hopefully she felt better.

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Good Things Reflect Good Things !!

Yes, there are so many problems in the world but there are also so many good things in the world. Today, I saw a man sharing food for birds. An old man was playing with children. A young man helped an old lady in crossing the road. A dog saved a little child from a cow. A patient got help from a laborer in getting medicines. The sky, the sun, the trees, flowers etc. also are always ready to help us.

So, it depends on what you have inside your heart, and what`s inside is what is reflected outside.


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Kindness In The Supermarket.

Richard did the grocery shopping this morning and several times recently we have commented how kind people are in this area. We try to mirror that.

Today, there were several longer queues at the checkouts and he joined one of them. As the queue moved and there was space on the conveyor belt the person in front of Richard offered to help him unload his trolley.

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