Stories of Kindness from Around the World

Helping the Local Food Bank.

Back in January, I found a company that sells all sorts of useful and helpful products. All of them are kind to the earth so when I knew my daughter was visiting, I ordered sanitary products which have no plastic! I placed an order yesterday for some socks for myself and some biodegradable sanitary products for the food bank.

The other day, I bought a vegan product for the food bank because there was an offer on my supermarket loyalty card for it. When the card did not take of the discount I rang the company. Their Customer Adviser looked at my receipt and agreed that she would put a goodwill voucher on for me. I was very surprised when £4 was taken off yesterday and even more surprised when they took off another £2 today. I've made another donation to the food bank as a result.

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πŸ’• Sally’s Gratitude 😊

That’s Sally in the photo below. Her vibrant look changes, but her mood is always vivacious, friendly and full of LOVE.

Her shop is named Gratitude, because that’s how she feels about life, what she promotes through the eclectic products she chooses to sell.

We gave Sally a boxful of assorted random acts of origami to share with her customers. After showing her the new models of message lotuses, dogs, cats, plus Peace doves and sailboats, Sally exclaimed, “Oh people are going to love these! Thank you.”

She reached over the counter for a hug.

Sally’s gratitude is infectious! So grateful our paths continue to connect.

*Replenished the Blessing Box outside the Gratitude Shop with food and health items for those in need.

**Stocked more books and magazines for the Little Free Library too.

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Kindness Blows My Way

Yesterday I had a million and one things to do. Things have also felt quite difficult lately and day-to-day has been tough, but I am doing my best to keep a grateful heart. Anyway, I went out at lunch to collect some cards for work. Thinking that I was being good to the environment, I refused a bag and carried the pile of cards back to the office. All of a sudden there was a gust of wind and in comedy style, the cards all flew into the air! I just stood completely frustrated as they blew around in the air; I not knowing where to go first. There was laughter and then about six people ran to save the cards and envelopes. I managed to get one as the others were returned to me one by one. I was so grateful, it made my day and restored my faith in human KIND.

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Speaking/writing Truth And A New Release:)

I've been advocating for the release of, whom I believe, to be a wrongly incarcerated man. I spend time calling Gov. Newsom's office and sending emails to him, trying to flood his inbox.
On another note, in case you haven't heard it yet, Granddaughter's Eyes is Nimo's newest release<3. You can listen to it here.

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Donation And Positive Attitude

I made donations for a little girl to get education in India.

I donated to Asante Africa organization for education of children in Kenya and tanzania.

I gave a thank you can of cookies to my health care nurses.

I said thank all who help me..a simple kindness.

I have kept a positive attitude all week.!!!

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Blowing In The Wind πŸ’¨

πŸ’¨ Crazy winds here past few days!!

Trash cans rolling around ….we’ve been getting lots of exercise past few days helping neighbors get their trash cans back πŸ€ͺ

Oh those March winds πŸ’¨

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A Family Affair 😊

The family was up until midnight last night, cutting fleece for blankets to finish at DIL’s DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Chapter. I helped MisterM with the measuring and cutting of the material (the engineer in him assured accuracy), son tied blanket fringe - to use as an example, and DIL finished the itinerary/newsletter, cookie platter, door prizes, all those details that make a successful meeting. In the background, to keep us awake and get the job done, we switched on Motown music - making it truly a “A Family Affair.” Remember that song by Sly & the Family Stone? 🎢 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Today at the meeting, there was an overflow of non-perishables for the food bank, more donated fleece - plus, members finished all the blankets we brought, and an oversized “bag” to hold all those Handbags of Hope. Rob, a worker for the event space, was so very helpful that we made ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing Little Gifts

I went to the final session of the course I've been doing and took all the little knitted items with me. I emptied the bag onto the table and Lindsay chose the ladybug, Sue chose the gnome and Sharon the coordinator took the chicks in a nest because her granddaughter will love them. It was lovely to put a smile on all their faces.

We've swapped email addresses and agreed to keep in touch.

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Little Creatures

I finished making the little creatures to gift to the group I have been attending. The other day, we were at the Methodist Church
and when I showed the knitted figures I made one of the leaders asked if I sold them.

I asked why and he said his wife collects bees and she would love the little bee. I said I would make one when I finished the current round of making and he could make a donation to the church

.I have made seven different figures and as I need five, I've wrapped the bee up for Edwin and will give it to him next week.This is the chicks in a nest.

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Bluebonnets In Bloom πŸ’™ ...

We arrived early to the Ladybird Wildflower Center to beat the crowds and the heat. The place was already abuzz (pun intended!) with volunteers clearing weeds, mucking out ponds, tending the flowers, greeting visitors, etc… Daughter in law expressed her appreciation by thanking them, which sure made them and me SMILE 😊. MisterM found plenty of benches to rest, plus he gave out a few of the origami lotuses that I had made beforehand, as DIL and I enjoyed the meandering paths. I gave some origami lotuses as well, with the remaining bulk to the Center’s gift shop. They were pleased to receive and to give. One clerksought me out, thanking me personally, because she found the perfect message lotus to give her friend who just moved into an assisted living facility that she was visiting after she was done volunteering. That’s the BEST part of giving - when it inspires others to do the same ... Read Full Story >>

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Welcoming Gifts

I finished organising one of the properties I manage as part of my many jobs. I do this for a kind man, who has become a good friend.

For this particular flat I was lucky to find a lovely couple, one Colombian young man and one Japanese young lady, both lovely! I wanted to make it extra special for them as it is the first place they get to share together.

I got them a beautiful bed cover that I found at home, which I rarely use, and a few daffodils from our garden, now in bloom. Of course, they also got a few kind cards and a gorgeous peace dove :-)

They were so happy when they came to sign the contract and get the key. I wish them all the happiness in the world and feel grateful to be part of their journey.

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Creating Connections

I joined a challenge to practice positive interactions with vulnerable populations at my job in the library. It is called "Pennies in a Cup" to create connections with folks so that if there is a time for a negative interaction you have earned trust, respect, kindness, etc.

For instance, if you greet people and learn their names, when you might have to ask them to speak more quietly, you can address them with familiarity and respect from prior encounters. I am excited by the results!

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Giving and Receiving

❀️ Two unexpected kindness gifts came in the mail Saturday…a sweet handmade little elephant that is so adorable, and a quite informative & interesting book. Both gifts came with lovely notes from two kind friends. 🧢 I finished crocheting a baby blanket & began a new hug. Part of my crochet joy is the giving away part 🎈 A good friend was celebrating her 64th birthday Sunday & we were invited to join her & her husband at a lovely little Greek restaurant for her birthday dinner. Unbeknownst to us, my husband had arranged to pay the bill when he supposedly left the table at the end of the meal to use the rest room. When our friends asked the waiter for the bill he smiled & said “it’s already been taken care of” 😊 ❀️This morning my husband told me that when he spoke with the young man who was our waiter, ... Read Full Story >>

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A Few Small Acts

I noticed a car trying to merge into the lane I was in. However, no one seemed to be letting her in. So when I had a chance, I gave her a short honk just to signal to her it was OK. She then got over in front of me.
I smiled at an elderly couple going into the mall. As I walked by I received a pleasant hello and two beautiful smiles!
A co-worker of my brother has been letting him use her phone when he needs to make a call since he doesn't have a cell phone. I wanted to do something kind for her, also. I offered her some coupons for Bath & Body that I had and she was very appreciative. Doing even these small acts of kindness can make someone's day a little brighter. πŸ––πŸŒβ€

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Always Grateful To Express ...

Always grateful to express our appreciation to hotel housekeeping. They work so hard! 

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Teaching A Pay It Forward Mentality

I teach leadership at a university and my goal is to get students to buy into a "pay it forward" attitude by which they will live their lives. My hope is that by showing compassion and love in the classroom that students will model these behaviours in their communities outside of the university. Today I planned the pay it forward lecture and I'm proposing a one-day pay it forward challenge on campus. Hopefully students get excited about it!

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Every day is Kindness Day

If it is Sunday, It is Kindness Day More or less, all days are kindness days. People go to temples or churches or other holy places on Sundays. I visit living temples where God is residing in human beings. We all know that selfless service to humanity is service to God. Service to needy people without getting/expecting anything in return. Anything doesn’t mean money only; it includes name and fame as well.  I visit an organic farmer’s market on sundays at Gujarat Vidhyapith and I always try to go at different times, so I meet different people and give them Mindy's Peace dove quote cards, other quote cards and talk to them about the importance of positive thinking in our lives. On Sunday February 26th, I stayed a little longer at the Farmer’s market. I gave quote cards to many shoppers and customers on that day. I talked to one shopper about intense positive thinking last ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness Days

Saturday gave company to Sunday Kindness All The Days Are Kindness Days On Saturday February 25th, on the way to the dentist's office, I gave some quote cards to people waiting for the bus and also to the passengers in the bus. Made some origami Peace Doves while waiting at dentist's office, with thoughts of sister Mindy. After making some, one lady came near me curiously. From her gestures and lip reading, I understood that she wanted to know what I was doing. I showed her how to fold a Peace Dove. I gave her some that I had already made, plus some origami Peace Dove quote cards, KMBhai's poem in Hindi and other quote cards, so she can share them with others. I vividly remember her happy smiling face. Told a story about intense positive thinking. She thanked me profusely. I am grateful to sister Mindy for her inspiration to make quote ... Read Full Story >>

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Looking After Wild Birds

Jack Frost was out last night leaving a trail of glitter behind him. So pretty to look at! Remembered we still have some suet fatballs and put them into the bird feeders and on top of a little table in the garden. A blue jay was the first to discover the goodies and word has spread. So much so that the birds are literally queuing up at the feeding stations and patiently waiting their turn! Will now put out some fresh lukewarm water for them all. My feeder is attached to the arch for roses. (See bottom of my picture.) Please be sure to look after the wild birds during the cold weather. You can get suet fatballs without the plastic net casing nowadays which are perfect for sparrows and tits. Just ensure you have the right sort of feeder to put them into. Blackbirds and robins love picking at apples, ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing Unconditional Happiness !

 A piece of clothes may not be so much expensive, but it can bring so much happiness in someone’s life. Yes, This is true. Today I bought a T-shirt for a young boy who weared old clothes. After having new clothes,He was looking very happy. I saw big happiness in his eyes. It was great moment for me. Sometimes material things have so much power to share happiness and love.

Thanks to young boy and his new T-shirt..

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