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Fundraiser At My Door

There are times when people come to the door for charities and promote organisations that are trying to raise funds for their causes. I admit it can become a little frustrating if I'm working from home and get interrupted or when they come in the evening when we are having dinner or already are relaxing after a long day of work.
But I imagine those who actually do it don't make the decision to go out walking and knocking on doors in 40 degrees C, as was the case the other day! I asked the lovely young lady who came, she said it's her job and they have to do it if told. I told her I couldn't help this week and was busy but I offered to refill the bottle of water I saw she had in her hand. She was so grateful! I run into the kitchen and took water from the fridge. I was suffering the heat seating at my desk, working but comfortable and with a small fan. I can't imagine what she was feeling under the sun in such temperatures!

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Shade And Shelter For Critter

Shade and Shelter
We had a project a while back (who knows how long ago anymore everything's 'last year' since COVID :o/) and made a low table of sorts using up old wooden bed slats. It turned out okay but far too big and clunky so we wanted to find another purpose for it. We decided to put it up on the shelf in the backyard for the critters to use as cover. We have seen many sets of little tracks disappearing underneath it in the snow, a cat (not ours) peering out at us from it once, and some of the birds who usually perch on top of it were spotted ducking beneath during the recent heatwave. It's useful after all :o)
*The american robins that were responsible for my decision to take this shot made it clear they did not want to be photographed so just picture -if you will- one on top and one with with his head poking out the side from underneath :o)

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Helping A Sleeping Stranger In Need.

On Monday, I was on my way to work, and I saw a man sleeping on the sidewalk, outside of the Tim Hortons donut/coffee shop near the office.

Sadly, this is not uncommon to see people who are homeless, and have no shelter.

I don’t know what is sadder, seeing someone suffering, or see many people walk by as if the person was not laying there.

I went to a nearby grocery store and purchased a lunch kit (sandwich, apple, cheese stick and a juice box) and a bottle of water and left it for the man.

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Helping Hands

Helping Hands

Yesterday I went to shop for backpacks, school books and school uniforms for needy kids. As I have to buy more, I asked one homeless man to accompany me. Without any hesitation, he said yes, I support his family living on the ground floor of bus station. We went together. He is very cooperative. I thanked him. When I asked, He told me that he can sell roasted fresh corn on the cob. I gave him money, not all from me but friends and family have contributed to support the kind acts I am doing. I am grateful to all of them. Without their help, I may not be able to do more kind acts.

Roasted fresh corn on the cob are made on the spot. They also apply salt, red chilly powder and fresh lemon juice on it and eat when it is hot, while walking.

The image is from internet,

Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime

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The Go Between Lady

Sometimes when I go through a drive through fast food place I will pay for the car behind me. There is an Arby’s not far from me and sometimes I’ll go there. There is a very nice young lady at the window to take my money and the first time I went through when she was there and I paid for the car behind me and gave her a “Smile” card to give to them, she lit up like a Christmas tree. I’ve done that a few times since then (I don’t often eat fast food) and every time she just seems so pleased and blesses me. Today when I went through and asked how much the order was for the car behind me she kind of turned her head and said, “it’s pretty high”, and I said, “how much” – she said, “$36.03” and I said okay and gave her ... Read Full Story >>

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When God Blesses You ...

When God blesses you financially, don’t raise your standard of living. Raise your standard of giving. – Mark Batterson © Source: “For it is in giving that we receive.–St. Francis of Assisi Rajni: My own life experience is that no one become poorer by giving. I help some needy people very often. Recently a KS friend and a family has sent me some help. In the past also they and others have helped me. I am grateful to them. This is a solid proof of the quote: "For it is in giving that we receive" I always thank God for giving me opportunities to help others and helping and guiding. When we trust God that He will definitely help us at His time and His way. A few days ago, I was crossing a road. Suddenly a scooter took turn very close to me. A man behind me held me back saving me from ... Read Full Story >>

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Action Time

I saw some garbage floating in the sea while swimming yesterday. It's tourist season over here, and I've noticed there's more garbage on the shore as well.

I gathered everything in a plastic bag and th

rew it out afterwards. Grateful to be able to soak in these amazing views.

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Supporting Others

We have made another donation through the Elephant Minds Foundation for the school in Tanzania that we have supported through these past few years. Some of our KS friends have also been generous and helped us help them, so very grateful!

These children are so precious, as each and every one around the world.

This time they need to expand and build 3 classrooms so that they can reopen the school and register with the government for the kids of the nearby villages.

We made an initial donation that has allowed them to buy many bags of cement to continue the work which had stopped recently. We continue working on it to help them even more...

In the picture you see Warioba, the teacher and founder of the school, with some of the orphaned children.

Thank you KS for always inspiring us to help others no matter how small we think our contribution may be :-)

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Cycle Journey For Peace !!

As we all know that the whole universe is suffering from hatred, religious discrimination, violence, and war (Russia vs. Ukraine). So many negative energies and thoughts are travelling around the world. So there is a big need to share peace messages, kindness stories, positive thoughts and radiating love. To address this problem, we are organizing a 500 mile cycle journey for peace. We will start from Kanpur and pass through several villages, cities to reach Delhi. We will meet with people, distribute pamphlets, kindness quote cards, and peace doves, sing peace and love songs, do press conferences and discussion programs. We will also visit the Russian and Ukraine embassies to meet with ambassadors to share our peace messages in their country. It will start on July 16, 2022 and finished on July 25, 2022 There is a kind request to all of you please come with us to spread the message of peace and love. ... Read Full Story >>

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Ways to Serve

I have a part time job in a shoe store. And I often wonder how I can bless here. Give and serve more. Yes I greet all customers with love and a huge smile, buts there’s got to be more.

I listen intently and serve all customers well.

But surely I could be of more service?

I’ve realised in the last few days my real role here. My greatest act of kindness and love. And it’s to the young 18 year old girl I work with Saturdays who has been going through some hard times.

Every shift I worked with her I’ve been supportive, offering her advice, loving on her hard and just all over being there for her.

And it’s made me realise … customer service is so much more than just the customers but our co workers and fellow staff members too ♥️

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When my neighbour is on vacation I usually care for his flowers.
While he was supposed to be on a 3 week vacation with his partner i received a message yesterday evening, that he has testedpositive and was returning that night.

Although his partner is still testing negative both are self-quarantining, so this morning i bought groceries for them. So far he has just a mild case, like a cold.

I hope it'll remain like this, and that his partner will stay negative.... fortunately for them he has quite a big terrace, so they'll be able to get out of their apartment without endangering anybody.

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Baking Is Back!

Baked up a storm of choc chip oatmeal cookies and freshly picked plum tarts to give away to a lot of people--someone whose kids have Covid, someone whose daughter just had surgery, someone whose father in law just got back from the hospital, someone with visiting in-laws, and a few neighbors.  Taking some to my friend's mom in memory care center too.  Most satisfying thing for today was being able to find short-term housing for a friend of a friend of a friend (!) who will be at the university here for a few months. I had connected her with various lists/groups, but in the end I found that a friend of mine who rents a room out would be able to host her! Hurray! Reached out to two former students and offering support that's needed. Offered to help a friend's daughter with her summer online biology course. Publicly congratulated someone on a zoom ... Read Full Story >>

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Sometimes People Just Need Someone To Vouch For Them.

Recently my wife and I were flying across the country and were about to board our flight when a woman sitting across from us at the gate had a medical episode. I came back from the restroom and sat down next to my wife who leaned in to me and whispered "something's wrong". The woman was slumping over more and more and quickly lost control of her body. I jumped up and crouched in front of her, asking if she was okay. I introduced myself as Dr. Joe and asked her name (let's call her Jackie to protect her identity). I told Miss Jackie that I'm a chiropractor, not a medical doctor, but I'm here for her to help in any way she needs. In one hand I held hers and with my other hand I supported her head, carefully asking what was happening. She revealed that she had a condition where, when ... Read Full Story >>

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Made in the Shade

Today, I was sitting on a bench in the blazing hot sun watching my kids on an amusement park ride. The bench was full with only a small corner in the shade.

 Everyone got up and moved on so I was lucky enough to be the next resident of the shady vacant real estate on the corner. As I sat down I looked over and saw an older lady probably in her 80's siting at the other end of the bench in the scorching heat.

I leaned over and offered her my seat in the cool of the shade. She gratefully accepted and we switched places. Its a small act of kindness but a highlight of my day. I am grateful.

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Mentoring Matters

About five years ago, I was part of a pilot group for my employer tasked with figuring out how to hire and mentor people with disabilities and make them successful inside the organisation. My boss decided to be the executive sponsor for the pilot and he was very kind. Until then we had only hired people with visually challenged disability. I led the interview process and hiring of a candidate with an autism disability. The candidate had the qualifications but our interview panel felt that the disability would prevent him from learning the skills and being successful in the role. I convinced my peers to give him a role, and try out - after all, it was a pilot program meant for our organisation to learn too. I gave the candidate a lot of encouragement and I became one of his mentors. Our HR department was not too supportive to take some ... Read Full Story >>

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🐢 Turtle-rific! 😊

While waiting in the parking lot for MisterM’s appointment to be done, I noticed a car with a turtle motif on its spare tire cover. Since I had been meaning to refresh my memory on how to make origami ones, I looked it up on my cell.

Made one (always have origami papers with me) and tucked it under the car’s front wiper, along with a Smile Card.

Now that I remember how to make the turtles, I’ve been working on a small flotilla of them for the local library’s summer reading program OCEANS of POSSIBILITIES participants.

Kids love that KIND of stuff and apparently, so do I!

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Bi-weekly Kindness ExchangeWe Have ...

Bi-weekly kindness exchange
We have our city recycling pick up every other week (rubbish weekly) and we keep an extra metal bin (not to be mistaken for plastic city bins) out there just for our empty drink (sparkling water, soda, 'deposit' ) cans. As we don't use many of these ourselves a few of the neighbors have been invited to add their cans to this bin and do so on occasion. The day before trash day a little lady comes with by with her utility cart and takes the cans away and thanks us by moving our city bins to the curb ready for pick up.

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Helping Hands

There is a local group that collects items like sleeping bags, socks, underwear, clothes and other items to distribute to members of the community who are in need.

I dropped off a couple of sleeping blankets, a couple of packages of new socks, and a package of new underwear today.

Housing is often unaffordable or unavailable and many are struggling to manage costs for necessities like food, clothes, toiletries and more.

It is wonderful to see people who care about and do so much to help those in the community who may be struggling to make ends meet,

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Kindness For The Wee Birds

Did some research seeing mama wren nesting in our yard - they are tiny and stay hidden so at first we mistakenly thought they were finches.

She's being run ragged feeding her little chick-lets and while we have berries and bugs in the yard they have considerable competition from bigger birds (even sparrows are larger than them) and chipmunks and squirrels so I put some extra berries from our icebox nearby for them with a little bit of peanut butter (organic only ingredient peanuts) because mama needs her strength!

Papa's been working hard, too and he may appreciate it. I just need to pay close attention now to make sure my good intentions don't backfire by making them feel insecure that i'm 'intruding' and/or attracting the aforementioned competition! They're keeping cool :o)
*stock photo

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Crowded but Kind

Transit can be challenging at times, with crowds of impatient riders packed into a small space, for a long ride.

Today, I saw so many acts of kindness on transit.

A young woman gave her seat to a young girl, and an elderly man moved seats to let a little girl sit with her father.

And a nice lady offered to let me put my bag of groceries on the seat between us.

It made me so happy to see kindness in action.

One kind act can inspire others to do kind acts, too.

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