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One Person Parade - Because I Said I Would

Today, I went on a walk to Touch the Ocean and taped these signs (picture attached)  to my back as my "one-person parade" sponsored by the "because I said I would." organization.

People are experiencing depression keeping away from others. And, to avoid suicide, this organization is asking folks to complete a one-person parade with a positive sign. If you do and send a selfie of it to them, they will donate a pizza to workers at hospitals up to 1,000 pizzas. If you want to participate, you need to do it by Monday.


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Extraordinary Team Effort In Uncertain Times

Last week a doctor friend of ours was going with a team to Navajo Nation to help those who are sick with the coronavirus. COVID-19 is ripping through the Navajo Nation, infecting and killing people at rates that are above U.S. averages. Located across three states, the Navajo population is already vulnerable, with a high prevalence of underlying disease, a lack of infrastructure, and limited access to care and supplies. The day before they were to leave, I saw a post on Nextdoor - a note from a woman saying "Hello - My son's robotics team is making face shields that can help frontline staff in the hospitals. They wish to donate 100 of them for free..." Such generosity of spirit! Coincidentally, I had just spoken with another doctor friend on the east coast who is also working on the front lines – he was sharing how important the shields are for protection ... Read Full Story >>

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Heartwarming student thanks

I was on the receiving end of a RAOK today.

Schools in California are closed for the year. So, we had our students come today to pick up their items. We wore gloves and social distanced. My heart melted when I saw this sign held up by one of my students and her mom...unexpected kindness.


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Homemade store during lockdown

A friend of mines, elderly grandparents, hold a market store, weekly selling all sorts of knitted and homemade items.
Due to current circumstances they are no longer able to hold their market store.

Friend shared Facebook page and I decided to contact them and make an "online" purchase.
Not only does this support them, but all funds raised go to a school for disability.
And I purchased multiple items to gift to family members!

It always feel a good to support others 💗

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Caring through Cookies

One of my wife's work-out friends is known for her incredible cookies. With all of her extra time today, instead of just sitting at home, she baked up batches of her cookies and delivered them all around the area, 30 minutes south and 30 minutes north of her home leaving them on doorsteps...we made the list. ❤️🙂🍪
This is the sign we made for her.

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Crafting A Creative Difference!

Crafting a creative difference! I Initiated a CARD KINDNESS program and posted the invitation on FaceBook. If you'd like to do similar, please check with facilities first concerning any regulations.  🖍 🎨 🖼 Calling Crafternooners and ALL creative folks!!! Now is the time to put our crafty talents to use!!! Create some CARD KINDNESS to uplift seniors living in quarantine! (Let’s not forget the workers too!!) Please keep the cards light and bright, non-religious and general. Drop them off at the library’s book depository in a manilla envelope, marked CARD KINDNESS. They will be collected and brought in unison to the assisted living facility, quarantined for a few days and then given to the residents and workers :)))). Thank YOU for brightening our world with such beautiful kindness! *13 residents and 11 workers **If you have any sanitizing wipes, or hand sanitizer, those are needed too! ... Read Full Story >>

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Japanese Tea Served With Love

The lovely Japanese students were staying at home (not able to travel back) and offered to prepare tea for us to thank us for our kindness during these difficult times. We are so grateful for it, we had a lovely afternoon. Our minds were off the challenges and on love and kindness.

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Kindness abound everywhere!

There's been so much kindness that I have witnessed. A few days back, an anonymous neighbor dropped off a package of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Then, my wife and I went for a drive; in the picture window of a home, there was artwork and encouraging messages from people. And today, while I delivered meals for seniors who are sheltering in place, a gentleman tried to offer me a tip, which I politely declined.


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Saturday--almost 40 Days Of Sheltering In Place

Some ideas for spreading kindness....during a time when you can't go anywhere except the grocery store every 2 weeks.... Dropping off home cooked food (or even take-out if you don't cook!) for neighbors and friends...just leave on their doorstep with a handwritten note Dropping off flowers from your backyard, or plants or other cuttings or SEEDS! Dropping off books for house-bound folks to read (I did this for friend's kids..they loved it) Some places are still taking donations of essential items for the homeless--they always welcome clean blankets, water bottles, trash bags, granola and see what they can use (I called two places and was excited they could use things I had) Collect groceries from neighbors to drop off at food banks or soup kitchens "Visit" neighbors from your driveway or sidewalk (socially distance yourself) and have a chat; sing happy birthday from the street (we've done this three times already!) Set up to make music ... Read Full Story >>

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Kind Week Of Shelter In Place

There is so much kindness during this time of global suffering. Neighbors looking out for each other, grocery shopping for elders, cooking for our immunocompromised neighbors and friends, people sewing masks for others, folks calling and reaching out to those near and far; We are convening virtual circles, helping students through crises, working harder than ever, giving thanks to nature, breathing fresh air, watching everyone offer their gifts freely and abundantly (meditation, yoga, art, dance, music, theater...all online and free), seeing this as a time of compassion in action. My main acts these days are: 1. Cooking for other people and dropping off at their door 2. Supporting my colleagues and students after we abruptly transitioned to online teaching. Working extra hard to make resources available for all 3. Playing my flute outside every day (and encouraging neighbors to do the same in a neighborhood-wide daily "music hour") 4. Calling and checking in with friends ... Read Full Story >>

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Sparrows In The Kitchen

It's getting hot. It's time to put on lighter clothes and open up the windows. Yesterday brought an unforeseen visit to the kitchen during the brief time we were out. Two daring sparrows had ventured into a hostile territory to enjoy the freshness of our sink and some other breadcrumbs on our kitchen counter. When you come across such sudden callers, you are liable to sense it as an intrusion into your comfort zone, or you might receive it as a lovely wink of life. We opted for the second option, with no hesitation. After all, we've never ceased to feel prompted to consolidate the relationship with our sparrows more and more each day. We can't stop observing and celebrating their dance from our window. We stuffed them with the leftovers on our tablecloth after every meal. And we have provided them with every kind of bases and stands on our terrace. Undoubtedly, they ... Read Full Story >>

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Spontaneous Kindness

Last year I had won some tickets to Frozen 2, and we took the daughter of one of our neighbours along with us to watch it. This morning I went shopping for the essentials we needed, and left Richard at home because he has an infection which I think is cellulitis.

Halfway through the supermarket, I met the neighbour and her daughter doing their shopping.She asked me if we were all right and I said I was worried about Richard because of the infection.

She immediately pulled out some paper and a pen and wrote her mobile number down. 'If you need anything ring me.' I was overwhelmed by her kindness.


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Give What You Can

I made extra for dinner and brought it to sister and her husband. She has Rheumatic arthritis and he is battling cancer (and doing very well). I was being extra careful, so I rang the bell 🔔 and left !!!

Sister has a very strong devotion to Mother Mary, so I decided to give her the Lady of Guadalupe print that we had gotten on our recent vacation to Mexico. Her husband texted and said that she loved the print ❤️.
Give what you can, my friends. Encourage and support 🙏

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Cake Anyone? :))

🎂 Sunday is my husband’s birthday. I wanted to surprise him with a birthday cake, but since we are “sheltering at home” I can’t go out to the bakery. So I just thought it would be a nice surprise for him and “lighten” what’s going on with all the pandemic concern going on around us. I texted my neighbor and asked her if she might be able to pick one up for me, but only if she went shopping for herself before Sunday, not to make a special trip for it. (She is younger than the 70 and over mandated shelter-at-home folk and does go out to shop.) This was her reply: “Of course! He must have a cake 🎂” When I mentioned about the possibility bakery might be closed due to city virus regulations, she replied: “If not be sure I’ll bake him one 🎂” Good neighbors? Ours are THE BEST 😇 In case ... Read Full Story >>

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Hidden gems rediscovered

There are probably many others like myself, wondering how to continue to practice and spread kindness and compassion in this extraordinary time. Many of us are confined to home, with limited ability to physically be with others. I applaud and support all who are making the effort to help curtail this pandemic by staying home and by practicing physical distancing from each other. We will get through this and any kindnesses we share will continue to ripple in the world. With that in mind here are some loving kindness practices we can do every day. Stay connected with friends and family. Use whatever technology you can to reach out. Face time people, make a real phone call, smile at your neighbors, extend your love in appropriately distanced activities. If you can go outside, do it. When walking through your neighborhood, take time to notice the beauty of this world. As I walked this ... Read Full Story >>

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Moved by a Rememberance of a Sharing

❤️ I was just moved to tears & felt immediate chills during an open-hearted reveal the sweet, young, Fresh Direct delivery gal shared with me when she saw me holding a peace dove to give her, as she was about to leave. 🕊 She told me I had given her a dove & a YOU MATTER card, a while ago, during a delivery and that she still has both, hanging up where she sees them. The part that really moved me was that she had been going through a really bad time back then & she really needed that, and felt God’s hand in bringing her to our door that day, and that it was a turning point for her in her struggle.  My eyes filled with tears & I felt a chill when I heard those words. We truly never know when someone in great need is sent to cross our ... Read Full Story >>

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Do What You Can

I passed around a note to all of my elderly neighbors with my phone number just in case they needed anything. One asked for soap and I was able to fulfill that need.

I offered our houseboat to a friend with a young child who is recovering from a heart transplant last year (very low immunity) and to another friend who has been furloughed and has a young family whose wife serves on the front-line as a nurse.

Sometimes all that I can do is offer a kind word here, a friendly post there, or maybe run an errand. Just doing what I can to serve others. Keep spreading the love wonderful KindSpringers.

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A Music Window From Our Confinement

We decided to open a window from our confinement and connect through television news with other people from all over the world sharing our music and our optimism right now:

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Supporting Neighbors and Businesses

One of my neighbours is an elderly gentleman. It is important for him to not go out, so I made him a pot of home-made soup and cheesecake, while also bringing him a bunch of blooms from the garden. He was chuffed! It looks like his wife is coming out of hospital soon, too!

I also went shopping today, taking care to use complimentary hand sanitiser before AND after shopping and standing well apart from others. One lady looked very nervous, so I took another step back and we laughed about how popular soup-making is becoming again.

Rather than raiding the shelves to hoard items, I just bought what I needed. I also bought two flower arrangements from the florist who is selling them at the supermarket. I didn't really need the flowers, but I wanted to support the florist, as they are now hard hit for business and have to close their shops until the corona virus subsides. Let's hope that is sooner than later.

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I Was Touched ...

I was touched in a way that was unexpected. After we distributed our students' belongings to them, the entire staff drove around the neighborhood in a giant car parade. There were signs on our cars. We all honked. It took about 30 minutes. I got choked up three times when I realized the magnitude of what was going on. Most of our families struggle financially. Most parents don't speak English. Many had multiple jobs in order to feed their kids, but are now unemployed. As we drove through the neighborhood, families were recording the parade on their phones. They wore authentic smiles. They waved excitedly. Some had made signs for us telling the teachers that we were loved and missed. Families who had no children at our school stood outside and participated. They were all so genuinely happy that we did this for them, for this neighborhood, for the community. I had to hold ... Read Full Story >>

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