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A Helping Hand, Literally

When the battery pack on old man's scooter shifted out of place as he hit a bump, I thought my good deed was done when I helped him reconnect it and return it to its rightful place. As I walked off, he stopped me again and asked him to reach into the bag he had strapped to to his back. In a certain pocket he had cigarettes and a lighter, and as I handed them to him I realized he had hooks where his hands would have otherwise been. Instinctively, and without words, I pulled one out of the pack, placed it in his mouth, and lit it for him as he puffed. Again he thanked me and was off in an instant. My girls were with me and of course this was the topic of the day. What happened to him daddy? Why didn't he have legs? Where were his hands? Why ... Read Full Story >>

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The Muni transit trolley was full and in the front was a lovely sightless teen, Aurora with her well trained Guide Dog, Zeus. We struck up a conversation about navigating the city without sight, yet with such courage, conviction, and trust. She recognized the fragrance I was wearing as “ Happiness” one that is currently featured at the local chain of Bath fragrances shops. “I can tell that you are a happy person, your aura and aroma wafts this. Might I just breathe in your scent as we travel together right now? Connections that go beyond simply seeing each other . Heart sense that nurtures us in close relationship, if only for twelve stops on the Muni train. Gratefully humbled and wowed by this encounter. ... Read Full Story >>

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We're All in this Together

It was definitely one of "those" days. Everyone was frustrated and so over the wonders of winter, after nearly 6 feet of snow fell during a few weeks period. Once the snow finally stopped, it was time to venture into the great outdoors. Driveways and roads were plowed, so I went out to get supplies...I'm now the proud owner of a roof rake, which I've never, ever before possessed in all my time in MA.  What I remember the most during this time was how everyone I met in the great outside world were so kind and polite, with this attitude of, "we're all in this together." For instance, after being nearly run down in the parking log of a shopping center, the driver rolled down her window and profusely apologized. On previous occasions, an interaction like this was usually met with anger, yelling, and blame placing. But today, it was met with unprecedented politeness. I was ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Aug 13, 2018
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Summer Toys for the Free Daycare Center

One of our local stores had a big sale on summer toys for kids. I purchased a couple of kiddie swimming pools, water balloons, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and sand toys for the free daycare center. Last evening, when my husband and I took them to the center, the lady who runs the center was ecstatic. She and the rest of the volunteer staff are so loving and kind. Our community is blessed to have this great resource. Most of the kids who attend are homeless or live in very poor conditions. I was excited to be able to help out even a little. ... Read Full Story >>

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🎈 Gifts

Gifts from the sky and a bottle of bubbly!!! Two hot air balloons landed in our meadow early this morning. An unscheduled stop, but wow, talk about timing :)). Had just finished my morning meditate when we heard the dragon’s breath sound of a hot air balloon. We looked out our front door and there they were! Due to the air currents, the balloons needed to land on our land. As the passengers disembarked and headed towards our drive, we greeted them like the gifts from the sky that they were :))). We offered the travelers oatmeal raisin cookies (we had some in the freezer, saved to give later — so glad we had!) and the use of our bathroom facilities. (The Pilot said they never had anyone offer their passengers a bathroom before — which I find surprising. I mean that’s the first thing I’d want to do after landing. 😊) We gave every ... Read Full Story >>

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Ripples of Street Cleaning Love

I went to walk around downtown and saw that someone had left their trash on the ground and people were walking by it as if they didn’t see it.

I thought I’d be different and pick it up and throw it away. It felt nice because afterwards I saw someone else doing the same thing I had done just five minutes prior. I’d like to think that maybe I had impacted that person, but who knows. We’re making the Earth a better place to live one step at a time.

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Passing It On

An older woman who eats at the soup kitchen where I volunteer always brings earrings that she has made to give away. We have a special connection and I have found myself the recipient of her earring gifts many times, and have found ways to pass them on others who would also appreciate them (and I know she loves seeing me wear them when I work there!).

On Saturday she brought me a pair of beautiful pink-shaded earrings and I thought of a friend who they would suit perfectly. This friend had recently been on a very harrowing journey, and I wanted to give her something to celebrate her safe return so today I gifted her the earrings and she was so happy, exclaiming over how the color was perfect (that's why I thought of her). I was so glad that she enjoyed this surprise gift.

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Making New Friends Takes Nerve

I finally got up the nerve to perform my first RAOK. I have seen a man asking for handouts at my local gas station. We had a recent heat wave and I saw him there so I asked him if he was hungry and when he said yes I bought him a sandwich and water and gave him some extra money. When I wished him a good night and turned to walk away he asked me my name. So I told him my name and I asked what his name was and then I shook his hand and said I was glad to meet him. Next time I see him it will be like meeting a friend on the street and not a stranger. ... Read Full Story >>

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While driving, I saw a cyclist fall off his bike on the side of the road up ahead of me. I immediately pulled over and got out of my car. He said he was okay but I could see his face was bleeding, so I opened my trunk and got out several cold packs and a bunch of first aid supplies like antiseptic wash and bandages. Cars were going by but we were safely on the side of the road and managed to tend to the worst abrasions and injuries. Thankfully he had not hurt his head.  After he was sort of patched up I offered him a ride to the nearest clinic but he said no thanks and that he would be okay. I told him he might need stitches and to go to the doctor (he said he would). I was glad that I had all those supplies in my car---I ... Read Full Story >>

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Building Fences to Support Life

My elderly neighbour adopted a dog from the pound, which is a high kill shelter. The dog has grown bigger than expected and can now jump over the front gate. The dog got out and caused havoc on the road and footh path. I gave her the number of our handy man who is going to make a higher gate at the front. Ive said to him to split the bill 80/20. We will pay 80% of bill as she is retired and I know money is tight for her. She saved a dog's life, the least I can do is help her with this expense.

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The Snow-ball Effect Of One Random Act

Today I came across an amazing story of a kindness chain in action. This happened in a small town in California, but has spread ripples much farther. It was written and shared by Robert Langdon, an employee at the store where it happened - these are his words: With all the hate, bitterness and pettiness going on in this nation today, I wanted to share what has turned out to be one of the top 10 days of my entire life. I work for Vons in Bishop and today we had a bunch of military personnel come in to the store on their way to Bridgeport. A customer came to me and said that she wanted to buy all of their purchases. All of them! She asked how it could be done so that she could be anonymous. I told her that she could purchase a gift card and that I would open ... Read Full Story >>

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The Warm Hug Of Kindness

It was a cold, miserable day in Cape Town when I went to the post office to collect a parcel. But the contents of this parcel was a warm “hug” of kindness, all the way from the U.S.

Inside the box was a beautiful shawl, crocheted by my our KindSpring friend Mish. And such a lovely card as well, with Mish’s sincere words traveling across continents, explaining how she crocheted Love and Light in every stitch in honor of my daughter’s birthday; who passed away almost eight years ago.

Yes, dear Mish, I can feel your Love and Light. I am so overwhelmed that I cannot find the words to express my appreciation.

Just know that this warm “hug” of kindness is something that I will always cherish.
When I joined KindSpring shortly after my huge loss, I could not have foreseen that Kindness would come and wrap her arms around me.
Thank you Mish, and thank you, KindSpring for every “hug” of kindness.


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Smile Card Birthday “tweets!” ...

Smile card birthday “tweets!”

Not the Twitter kind or even the bird kind, but the celebrating birthday KIND :))))).

Labeled each treat with a short message, plus taped a SMILE card on the back — enough to commemorate every year I’ve been alive (well, at least in this life!). That’s a LOT of treats to tweet 🕊 ❤️!!!

I’ve been giving them out the last few days, leading up to my birthday: a basketful at the library, bank tellers, family around the campfire, to Greg - our mailman, Bryce - our UPS delivery man, and still have a goodly amount left to share with fellow participants on the Garden Walk and whomever paths intersect with mine today.

* Setting a few aside, for when more balloons land in our meadow 😊 !!!

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Spreading Respect and Love

Over the past two months, I have given away more than 700 rainbow lanyards to colleagues who have requested them. #Pride
What a wonderful sight it is to see every day...I imagine a high five with the Universe each time I see one!
Before, it was so easy to get caught up in thinking that very little people cared, whereas now the solidarity is plainly there for all to see.

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Lesson about Anonymous Receiving

Recently I learned the lesson that to receive and be unable to say thank you is more challenging than I had thought. I like to do things anonymously; that way nobody has to say "thank you" or "aren't you wonderful." I've always felt that giving without the need for thanks is a great way to give. Today I received a beautiful rose in the post and I have no idea who it came from, or even why I deserve it...but I am so very very grateful for such kindness towards me and I feel strange not being able to say "thank you" to whoever sent it. So you know who you are and I shall not press you and destroy your true giving nature, for  kindness and gratitude truly speak to me when thanks cannot be given; it is then that you know the act was not done for praise or for people ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness and Coffee

My trip to the wholesale pet supply company finished with four full bags, perfectly balanced with two in each hand. As I approached the parking area pandemonium occurred. The threading on the largest bag gave way cascading cans and bagged tortoise chow.

With my belongings slowly rolling under two vehicles I stopped to assess my options . A very alert gentleman stopped his vehicle, and proceeded to scoop up my larder, putting it in his own woven bag.

Once the task was complete, my belongings all loaded in my car, a gift of his bag now securing the wayward cans, he invited me to use a complimentary coffee coupon from a new venue in the shopping plaza. As the owner he wanted to celebrate our collaboration.

Gratefully I accepted and will now add his free trade coffee business to my list of preferred locales to recommend.

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Miss K (our Foster ...

Miss K (our foster daughter) and I bought this miniature plant at the garden centre yesterday. We wrapped it and I took it to work today for my colleague who is struggling at the moment. There were tears when I gave it to her too.

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Safety Advocacy

My safety creation advocacy unites like minds across the ideological and political spectrum. I mobilize residents and businesses within their comfort zones to displace intimidation, violence and property crime instead of feeling like hostages who must accept it. I do safety walks escorting people to their vehicles and front doors. I check on businesses and individuals impacted by crime. I also advocate on behalf of demotivated victims and witnesses who are hesitant to contact the police or feel their cases will be lost in the shuffle after reports are taken. My role is walking alongside allies in the creation of safety at the grassroots level, where it's most needed. We can't wait for it to be rationed down from on high. I promote #BrothersandBadgesTogether to bridge the volatile gap between urban stakeholders and urban police. We can't allow skin color and uniform color to divide potential partners who should be creating safety together ... Read Full Story >>

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Donations to Keep the Homeless Warm

I read a story online that there are not enough shelters for the homeless in the area, even though my state is in an official state of emergency. We're also expecting temperatures of -13F on Thursday night. I did some research and called someone who's trying to collect blankets and handwarmers, then donated money via PayPal (because we are stuck at the house because of all the ice) and shared his information on Facebook. I hope nobody will freeze to death over the next few days! We are also making plans to pack one winter emergency pack for the homeless each month for the rest of this year and then distribute them next winter so that we can actively help next time this happens! ... Read Full Story >>

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The Inexplicable Miracle of Smiles

The whole last week made me so depressed because of some unexplainable burden. I didn't like myself being that way. This morning, I decided to set it right and vowed to myself that I'll never complain the whole day and smile at whomever I bump into. I smiled even at people who are fully bones. You would not believe how happy I was! My heart was so light! People called me smiley, asked me to keep smiling, and shared a very beautiful smile in return.

Oh my goodness, I wasted a week's time lamenting and being depressed for nothing. I know a smile is contagious but I finally experienced it for the first time. I made so many people smile from their heart today. I thank everybody whom I came across today. So how many people are you going to make smile tomorrow? Ready for the challenge?

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