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Postal And Stranger Kindness

The first stop on my nearly 25 mile bicycle ride today was the post office. I had four packages with Smile Cards to mail out, so I was already in a pretty good mood:). Cathy, who is one of the kindest and sweetest people I've met, is the postal worker who seems to help me out almost every time. She said, "it's always good to see you." I was carrying a sandwich baggie with 2 peanut butter cookies that I had made the previous night. I asked if she liked peanut butter cookies and she said, "of course!" I offered them to her and she gladly accepted. Then I thought, wait...I have some heart pins in my bag. I took one out and gave it to her. She was so excited and couldn't stop smiling. There was a customer next to me, who gladly accepted my offer of a heart pin, too. I ... Read Full Story >>

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Solidarity Stones

Passed by a very very long row of prettily painted stones and pebbles beside a lake. Saw lots of love hearts and rainbow paintings. Some paintings looked really professional and many of them were children's works of art. One stone even had a ladybird painted on it.

This is part of a project by an anonymous person to "see how long the line of stones gets during the corona pandemic. Walkers and passers-by are welcome to paint their own stones and leave them there. according to a sign pinned on a nearby tree.

Isn't this a lovely way to show solidarity and get those creative juices flowing? I might just paint my own stone and leave it there. Thought it might inspire you to do something similar at your neck of the woods!

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Paying It Forward!

Hello my fellow Kndspringers,

I got something totally unexpected from one of my FB friends and her family this afternoon. You all know how generous I can be, catering and cooking delicious meals for elders and those hungry. Well, my stove broke down on Saturday, leaving me with no stove and people phoning  me for pizza.

My friends found out about this and found a free one for me today. They delivered it to my house this afternoon. I was caught completely off guard, due to shoulder injury, and they carried it into my house. All she said was "You do so much for others and help so many people, it ia the least that I can do, I'm just paying it forward..."

Wow, on the other side for a change, this must be how it feels when I do this for I know.....Peace

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10 Year Old Taylin's Act Of Generosity!

This post is a little long so please bear with me. So this year February, my daughter Taylin asked me if she could celebrate her 10th birthday with a few friends somewhere they could zip line. I agreed and said I'll make the arrangements. So I dragged my feet and meant to start phoning around by the end of March, but then Covid happened. I suggested we wait and see what happens. Whilst waiting I realized that her idea might not materialize. I came up with plan B and asked if we should rather just make her a theme cake, we all dress up and just keep it simple,  he agreed. While planning the theme cake and having to submit our final draft, Taylin changes her mind on 14 June 2020. She says "leave the cake and gifts and let me take the money and buy a few things for children who don't have". Me with my selfish ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Jul 29, 2020
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Sister Mask Maker

My youngest sister has been making masks since the beginning of the pandemic for her community and church. Each mask comes with a disposable filter.  She's really great at sewing.

Yesterday her sewing machine broke. So we boxed up mine which I never learned to use. It's pretty much brand new. We sent it to her by UPS yesterday. I'm really proud of my sister and grateful for her kind heart.

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Birthday Giving

Since my birthday is in the heart ❤️ of summer and usually HOT! Mom always made Rice Krispie treats instead of a cake.

So, it’s a delightful memory and pleasure to share the same, along with some Peace Doves .

The label on each reads: “Treating you in celebration of my birthday! Visit for more kindness ideas.” Signed each personally with, “Love, Mindy”

Planning on leaving the goodie birthday baskets at the library, Senior Center and laundromat. For individual gives...mailman Greg, PO clerks, admission attendant at Custer State Park, etc…

A couple of FaceTime calls scheduled. Family over later for a weenie roast. MisterM and I will “camp” in our trailer camper overnight and under our carport!

Thank you all, for your kind birthday wishes, your loving support and encouragement. Each and every one of you is truly the wind beneath my wings.


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The One Minute I Gain When I Drive Faster.

Last Monday, to prepare a picnic, I decided to go into a superstore which was on my way home. I parked my car in the big parking lot and went into the superstore. It was a huge one, spread onto 2 stories and 200,000+ sq-ft. After 45 minutes of shopping (which looked like an authentic escape game) to just get some tomatoes, cheese and 3 toothpicks - yes the ratio time/articles is ridiculous - I arrived to the cashier line, thoughtful and a bit frustrated by the time I spent to get 3 articles. I wondered why I did not go to a small local store. After 15 minutes of waiting in the line, the woman in front of me calls me: "Hey... you only have 5 articles? Pass before me, I have way more articles than you!" It wasn't the first time it happened to me. But her initiative was disarming, as well ... Read Full Story >>

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My Best Friend’s Mum ...

My best friend’s mum recently got home from the hospital, after a 4 month long stay having had Coronavirus. It was a very horrible experience, she lost 60 pounds and she is so grateful to still be alive.

I made her a little care package, complete with British treats and mask, coloring from my daughter and a thank God you are back home card.

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Goodness Shows Up!

I went to our local farmer's market this morning to pick up some fresh fruits and veggies. As I was thinking about what to get, a lady was making her own purchase. She was asked for another 80 cents, though. As she was searching through her purse, I offered her a dollar to cover the cost. The lady declined and found the money herself.

As the worker rang me up, she threw in some extra veggies saying, "that was so nice of you to offer your own money for her."
I've found that to be happening more and more often. I try to do a RAOK for a stranger and it bounces back to me :). Life is a blessing indeed.


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In Giving You Fully Receive!

A neighbor asked me if I would volunteer at the Special Olympics at the local Children's Special Needs Center. The children in the group  that I ended up assisting, were doubly challenged with blindness and limited mental capacity.

A day of giving my time turned out to be more of a day of receiving a profound humility of never feeling again that my life was more difficult than others.

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Labor of Love: Spreading Love, Kindness and Good Wishes

Last week, my 8 years old daughter was listening to Nimo's Empty Hands songs and she said, "how about we create heart-shaped cards with beautiful messages and hang them on everyone's mailboxes around the community?" Her brothers (8 years old and 5 years old) also got super excited about the idea and their project was kicked off. Every day they created a few cards - they cut the cards into the shape of hearts, wrote kind messages and silent wishes, and then decorated them. They wrote messages like, " You're Loved, You're Kind, We wish all the happiness love and peace, We are all Together, Thank you for being You, Thank you for your kindness and generosity, Kindness over Everything, Love over Fear, Gratitude over suffering, Peace over Anger, Happiness is a choice" and many more. Within a week, they had around 50+ cards ready to be delivered. Every afternoon, the kids ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Jul 19, 2020
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Some More Bits And Bobs

Today was another of those days, during which I felt it I was very fulfilled. I cleaned the birdbaths properly. Then I sent a cheery one-off note to a young woman in prison who tried to fight for a cause that is important to me. I have never done this before and don't know her personally but she "would love greetings and prayers". And it felt right to do so.  Politely stated to two shop assistants who kept coming closer and closer (without a mask) that I'd like to keep my distance due to the corona pandemic. I refilled the plant pot we got from our neighbors (the ones whose loud DIY shenanigans and wailing kids at all hours left my nerves frayed recently) with 4 young raspberry plants. They had given us a young aloe-vera plant recently. May the plants help peace prevail!  Tried to "matchmake" somebody needing to enhance their language skills with ... Read Full Story >>

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Gratitude in Any Language

I was on the Service Space main page and saw this card...I was immediately inspired to do exactly that!

I have a friend who I have known now for many years. He is Indian and English his second language. So I decided to send him a message, not in English, but in his first language of Hindi.

How could I do such a thing not even knowing how to speak Hindi, never mind writing it and its characters?

That's where we have our dear friend Google to thank. Google. Such a blessing it can be when used to love.


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Car Donation

My friend’s husband Steve recently passed away from cancer. He was a strong beautiful soul, whom I had the pleasure to know. The local palliative care facility helped my friend and her girls, making his final days full of love, care and support.

I decided to donate my old car to an organization that helps to resale or recycle the car, and any money raised goes to the organization of the donor's choice. I chose the palliative care facility that offered comfort and compassion to my friends, so that Steve's life and memory may be honored. May he Rest In Peace.

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Treats For Postal Worker

It is awful hot here in the Bay Area, with little relief for those delivering our mail. So, I thought I would offer something to our mail lady, who is always smiling...I can even see that through her mask...and enjoying her work. I had just picked some tomatoes from our garden this morning.

I packaged some up, along with a bottle of cold water. When I gave it to her she said, "how did you know I was thirsty?" And then she thanked me. It's I who owe her, and all mail carriers, a debt of gratitude.

I know how often I hear complaints about our U.S. postal system...and I'm sure I levied my share...but I'm amazed that, given the volume of mail they handle on a daily basis, that 99.99% (ok, I'm making that up, but I'm sure it's close!) of the mail makes it from its origins to its destination with no damage! Thank you postal workers, as well as all front line workers during these most interesting times.

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A Circle Of Friendship

At age three, I was inseparable from my parents. Where they went I went, always reaching out for their hands to ensure their presence, always calling out for them in desperation to verify that they were there. Never having left their side until the age of three, I believe I had what you might call separation anxiety. This made preschool an exciting but difficult time for all of us. As we approached my preschool for the first time, one of my hands tightly squeezed my father's hand, the other nervously grasped my mother’s. We walked past the cheerful sign out front which read “Welcome to the Lakeshool!,” up the stairs and through the front door. I was happy and curious—what could this new place be? There were other children for me to play with, toys, snacks, and of course my parents were right there. Soon enough, however, I was introduced to ... Read Full Story >>

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The Divine at Work

Sitting in my Outlook inbox was an updated LinkedIn profile of Bogdan, who now lives in Bolivia. I sent him a message today as part of the Day 2 kindness challenge.  We stay in touch only a couple of times a year nowadays, but for a few years we were like brothers- still are really. The story that connects Bogdan and me is what I would like to share. It reminds me that I should send a Day 2 challenge greeting to Marcello, who now lives in Prague.  Here is what happened: In September 2011 I traveled by train to Stockholm. I was visiting 2 friends who were to meet me at the train station. I stood there waiting for my first friend to arrive and in the midst of all the hurrying commuters that Friday afternoon, I heard a faint voice, it sounded like a question. I turned and saw a young ... Read Full Story >>

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Sneeze Shield For A Bead Queen

A friend of mine has a local bead store and Covid19 has hit her business really hard So I went out and bought her a sneeze shield to mount on her counter. She's an older lady, very kind hearted. I took it to her store and promoted her business on a city- wide website. I was trying to help her get her business back up and running smoothly. So many people go to her shop and rely on her for different things but seldom do they actually do something nice for her. I thought " What better way than to protect her health and sense of well being?"  Along with the guard I gave her 2 packages of extra masks,  "just in case" because I feel that's how real friends look after one another. It was a great Idea and was done purely from my memories of her store. Now, she can be safe while doing business and ringing ... Read Full Story >>

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Put A Ring On It

Challenged yesterday to "give away something you thought you'd never give away," I decided on a ring that I bought for myself. Married 3x (3rd time the charm 20+ years) and never got an engagement ring. Would NOT want a diamond but it was the symbol that counted.
I'm not sure why it bugged me, but it did.

Someone wrote about marrying yourself (committing to yourself) and then said, "put a ring on it." So I bought myself a moonstone ring. It's really the only thing I have other than my guitar of any value. So, since I can't give up my guitar if I want to write more songs, I decided on the ring.

It's going to my younger sis. The first time I looked at her baby face days after she was born I knew two things: 1. what love is 2. I want to be a mom. I was 7-years old.

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In the Spirit of Love

Today I practiced kindness on my way to work by giving a person some coins who was asking for change on the street. I then asked myself what else can I do in this moment to make this person more comfortable while standing here in the cold...I wished I could have given her a home!

I then thought, who wouldn't like a nice cup a hot tea? So I went and got her a tall cup a tea and gave it to her. She was so delighted by this small act. I'm discovering that kindness is contagious...I now want to do it all of the time.

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