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Little Things Mean A Lot

Little things mean a lot. I complimented Ann, the clerk at my pharmacy drive-up window. I told her about the awful service I'd gotten at my pharmacy in California and what a joy it is to be greeted with her warm smile and efficient service. She was sooo grateful and thanked me profusely. But truth be known, she is the one who made my world a better place and I'm so grateful.

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Kindness Jackpot

I woke up with about 4 inches of snow. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that someone had shoveled our steps and driveway, and even cleared the windows on my car.😊

Then I went to the pharmacy and they were playing Andy Grammer's song "good to be alive" I started singing, another guy in line started singing. The pharmacist and others back there were singing at their turn, then we all started dancing and laughing!!🎶
Next was lunch. I let people in front of me while I decided what to get. The cashier said I had a free cookie on my card.🍪🍪

I feel like I hit the kindness jackpot today❣️❣️🎰

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Above and Beyond

I read that somebody needed  minor help to get her heating furnace running. She lived in a poorer section of the town in a mobile home park.

In order to help her, I asked my husband if he could do the repair. I knew he had done this in the past for our furnace. He accepted and went to the next town over, fixed the furnace and took no money for doing so.

She had been without heat for two days in a below freezing weather! I was very happy that I read her message and could arrange for my husband to help her out.

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Take My Blue Bath Set

I was with my friend at the store shopping the other day, helping him find a shower curtain and bath mat set. He had been a long-term caretaker for his grandmother who had just passed away and he was trying to revamp his place to feel better and try to move forward in his life. We finally found the section containing the shower and bath sets. There were many colors to choose from. My friend had his heart set on a particular shade of blue but unfortunately, the store was out of that color. We discussed it for a bit, wondering if we should check another store. A woman nearby heard our conversation and approached us. “Here,” she said. “There was only one blue bath set left but I don’t need it. I’ll get one of a different color,” as she tossed her blue set into our cart. We were floored! My ... Read Full Story >>

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Paying It Forward

I had an open heart surgery in April of 2018. It was not a very fun thing to go through. But, I kept a positive attitude and worked hard to get better. As soon as I felt well enough, I started volunteering at the hospital where I had my surgery. I go in there twice a week and visit with cardiac patients. I like to see them smile, laugh, and have the hope and stay positive. By being there I can show them that life will continue after the surgery. All things come to a pass. It is a wonderful feeling to help others who are in the same situation that I was less than a year ago. I am grateful for this volunteering opportunity!   ... Read Full Story >>

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Mother's Love

I was walking my dog in the wee hours of the morning when I saw this heartwarming sight. A mother was rushing towards her car and loading it with her children’s schoolbags. Behind her were two children wailing at the top of their voices. While the mother was literally running the two kids barely moved their feet. They were too busy crying and seeking for attention. The mother continued to run to her car, opened the door and put the heavy bags. Then opening her arms wide she ran towards her children, smiled as she approached them, picked one on her left arm, the other on her right and carried them both to the car. The children’s cries now transformed to laughter and the mother continued to shower them with her love. As I stood there watching the scene, my eyes were teary and my heart overflowing with love. Only a mother has ... Read Full Story >>

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A Simple Compliment Can Go A Long Way

Last semester in my final year of high school, I had a kind teacher whom I can never forget. I was not necessarily the best student when it came to writing tests. I had to work extra hard to get good marks, although I enjoyed learning. Anyways, this class that I truly enjoyed still had me struggling to do well on my tests. My teacher willingly helped me and was always willing to answer my questions, and I greatly appreciated it. He was a remarkable teacher, always reaching out to students and helping them achieve their greatest potential.   I remember the day of writing my final exam, I was the last one still writing in the exam room as always, reviewing my exam paper, while everyone else had already finished and left the room. After turning in my exam-paper, I started to leave the classroom, but decided to turn around and ... Read Full Story >>

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Complaints or Gratitude?

I wanted to share something which changed my life today. While returning home from my office, I saw a man with no legs at all. He was able to move very little with the pressing of his hands. I parked my vehicle and gave him some money. I wondered how he did his basic things such as even using the restroom. After that, I went to a park and sat thinking. How can I complain about my life? I decided that from now onwards, I will be thankful for everything in my life. I will be happy with whatever God showers on me. I will happily do any job. We all should be happy about the blessings in our life such as home, food, water etc. This was a provoking thought for me. But, not many may witness and learn from this. I think differently now and it serves me a ... Read Full Story >>

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Lending Some Weight

I had just passed a car with its flashers on, as I thought to myself, "why don't I stop to help?" That happens often. After about 200 ft, I pulled over. I trotted back to the disabled car and saw a gentleman, who looked to have taken 80 laps around the sun, getting ready to give up on changing his tire. I asked him if I could help and he excitedly accepted. He was having trouble loosening the lug nuts. I said how they (mechanics) tend to torque on the nuts way too tight. Fortunately, I was able to loosen them; I had to rely on my entire body weight for one! After loosening them, I asked if he needed anymore help and he replied, "No, I have it from here. Thank you!" My question to me (I often talk to myself:)) is always "why?" Why did I stop? Nowadays I find myself driving ... Read Full Story >>

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Baking A Better Thought

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with some not-so-good thoughts of others yesterday. Between the TV personalities and shows (on at the home where we were visiting) that spew reasons on why we should be negative and a friend’s personal conflict with a life direction, I could feel myself starting to slip down that slope myself. How easy it is to get sucked into the drama and turbulent clouds! Keeping focused on the love that connects us all can be a challenge? You bet! I remembered that I had the choice either to dwell on that thought which I didn’t agree with, or to refocus my attention onto a better thought. I chose to surround all with Love and Peace, instead of not. Further I thought, I needed to do an hands on job to rise myself to higher thought vibrations. A job that would occupy my body, mind and spirit (I had already done yoga ... Read Full Story >>

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Giving Someone a Choice

Last evening I was strolling down a somewhat busy street. As it was afternoon time the street was not crowded. For many years I have  seen a handicapped man on his cart who does not have legs below his waist. As I was nearing him, a well dressed man just made his way from behind and reached out his hand to this man and said "Happy new year buddy." The man reluctantly reciprocated but acknowledged his wishes. This well-dressed man simply rather very casually asked the beggar "So what would you like to have?" and the beggar said, " Maybe a cheese sandwich?" This person then walked into the nearby bakery and got him some nice fresh sandwiches. The man said "Thank you" with all glow on his face and the man that offered him these sandwiches just gracefully disappeared in the crowd again. I witnessed all this from a distance and it dawned to ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness With Pizza And Courage Rock!

I found out that a young mother at my daughter's daycare has cancer, and is going through some intensive treatments. So, I decided to express some kindness to her. Since I am not a good cook, I picked up a frozen lasagna and garlic bread, wrote her a card and COURAGE rock and sent it to her.

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A friend is waiting for her mother to die (hospice) at her home. Her brothers and sisters and young daughter are all staying around her as her final days continue. We had no idea what to do as with every family the journey is personal- so my son and I bought fruit to make a salad and fresh juice with biscuits, so they would have some nourishment. When I dropped it off this am early, my friend came to the door with "I have to get back in there."
I was startled but realized she is going through agony right now. She later texted she has been up for days not wanting to leave her mother to die alone. Sending peace my friends- we all die alone but are not.

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Chicago Peace Release

There is a thrill, a connection that goes deeper, with every origami Peace dove I release. The combination of energy that goes into its creation from choosing the paper, folding, threading the hanger, printing/cutting and inserting a blessing into the wing, it ALL adds up to some powerful stuff. As we touristed in Chicago yesterday, from hotel to the Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, and a short walk along the lakefront, doves flew from my purse into the hands of so many! To name a few of them: A taxi driver, originally from Tajikistan, has been here in USA for 12 years, and his friendly manner and exchange of family questions started our day with smiles. Andy, the admissions agent at the Field Museum, that opened his palms in a cupping motion, when I gave him a dove. (I have been experiencing this lately, as the dove recipient is making a sacred space to ... Read Full Story >>

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Everyday Kind Acts

I see that the opportunity for random acts of kindness is all around us. Here are a few simple acts that I did as I went by my day.
I let the hurtful words of another person roll off me without reacting to it, and thus avoided an argument. I remained at peace.
I caught up with two old friends via text and phone and had some light moments of laughter.
I chatted with the pharmacist about possible side effects of a new medicine and thanked him for his time.
I made an origami peace dove from the last calendar page of the YMCA and gave it to the receptionist.
I allowed some kind people to hold the door open for me.
I thanked my nail technician for doing such a a great job and also gave her a bit extra on her tip.
I drove politely and responsibly and let a few cars go ahead of me, as I waited patiently.
Performing these simple kind acts, can set an example to others and it could lead to a kinder society.

I thank you all for listening to my slice of life.


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Stay Warm

A mother of a friend recently fell and cracked bones in her neck.
While in hospital she received a pacemaker, I made her a fleece shawl to keep her shoulders warm while recovering.

She received it yesterday and called with almost overwhelming gratitude.
I'm glad such a small effort on my part made her day happier.

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Children Are Real Heroes

I enjoyed some cleaning work with children today.
Yesterday, it was a full day of raining in our city. And it made everything wet and soggy. Especially, the play grounds are so wet. And children love the playgrounds so much.

So, today, I did cleaning works with children. We did sweeping, digging, dragging, putting the dry soil on wet places, making pitch, cutting the grass.
It was so much labor work.

But we enjoyed it and I also got an opportunity to see the children's real love and energy for sports and creativity. They enjoyed all of the work and they finished it very smartly and positively. They are real heroes...

Thanks to all of them!

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Words Can Heal

A personal, long-time friend hurt me deeply this week. I've only shared the details with my wife and my mother. I had a dream about it the night after the incident. Guess it was because it was so deep in my subconscious. Didn't realize it had affected me like that. Then, today, out of the blue, I got a message from a different childhood friend that I've known maybe since 40 years. We hung out in many of the same circles, but we haven't talked in decades. In the message she tells me I'm an amazing person and an inspiration to others and that people should tell me how awesome I am on a regular basis. This was so unexpected, but it came at the perfect time, right after I was hurt by someone from that same era. I'm posting this to tell you that your kind words may mean far more than you ... Read Full Story >>

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Maintaining Connections

Recently I visited my former high school teachers over Christmas Break to see how they were doing and to catch up. I visited my school counselor as well. It struck me that many students forget to think about their former school counselors and support staff who helped them get to where they are today.

I talked to my former guidance counselor about how my first semester of college went and how well I am doing. He really helped me in my senior year of high school so I thought that paying him a visit would be a great act of kindness.

As I was leaving the guidance office, I heard one guidance counselor say, "I feel like they forget about us once they graduate." And my heart felt so big, knowing that I thought to visit them. I am in my first year of university now. I could really see how happy my teachers were to see that I had visited them.

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A Free Zoo Day Goes Both Ways

I have a San Diego Zoo membership. This membership comes with 4 passes to share with others. Each year towards the end of the year I typically still have 3-4 passes left as my membership also includes bringing a friend. Several years ago I decided, instead of recycling them, I would go to the zoo with a friend on Thanksgiving or Christmas and give them away. The people have to walk in with me so I have to be there in person. San Diego has a lot of visitors from all over the world. The first year I gave them to a young family from somewhere in Asia (don't remember exactly). They were the most modest for sure. The second year I gave them to a Guatemalan family. That was exciting because I got to talk to them about my time in Guatemala in the past. This Christmas I gave them to a family ... Read Full Story >>

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