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Engaging A Conversation While Dining

We made a new friend today. An elder gent sitting right next to us in a restaurant we were dining in.  He was alone and we struck up a conversation that was so enjoyable and lasted all through our leisurely meal. He is a young 86 year old with a twinkle in his eye. He invited us to visit him at his beach house next summer. He told us where his house was, said we should ring his bell and stop in for a drink if we find ourselves there. We shared stories and he lit up when, as we were leaving, I asked if I could give him a peace dove. 🕊 All told, shared 6 doves today during our outing. Folks really seem touched by someone giving them a symbol of peace. ❤️🕊❤️ I also thought my 86 years old new friend would be a good match for my 82 year old ... Read Full Story >>

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One Act Magically Becomes Three

Recently, I had my purse stolen. My primary reaction was “Well, it’s just stuff!” Nevertheless, I had to cancel my credit cards and make them replaced. Then today, I went to the post office, where a replacement card waited for me in the mail. As I walked back to my car a woman from the post office yelled, “You dropped your credit card!” A man was standing quietly on the sidewalk with his bike. The woman said that a man had just brought it to her and described him. I went to the man with the bike. I had a $100 bill and a $20 one. I decided to give him the $100. “This will go to the grocery store,” he said. and explained that his wife of 11 years had just left him and their two boys. “It’s been tough on the boys, but this will help.” We are living in a small ... Read Full Story >>

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Because Children Need Hope...

Am in the process of making up little uplifting notes and prayers for my cheerful postcards for a native community that is in a suicide crisis. Kindspringer Brad2 has raised awareness on this issue saying that children as young as 10 are committing suicide. Hope the kids will get hope from them :-) Here is the address if you want to do so too:
Makwa Sahgaiehcan School
Box 519
Loon Lake SK
S0M 1L0

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Rainy Day Reward

Driving home from work on a Monday, I saw a lady pushing a shopping cart filled with clothes and some other items. It was raining heavily and she was trying to cover herself up with a wet blanket. I pulled over and gave her an adult rain poncho that I had purchased for an Alaskan cruise, that I never used and she was so greatful. I then handed her a small umbrella that I had (I have a supply in my van from the dollar store for this exact purpose). She again looked at me with so much appreciation and said, "Oh my gosh, I've always wanted to have one of these, thank you so much." This just made my whole day. I will be buying more ponchos for this reason and will continue to help those less fortunate as myself. This was very rewarding and I wish everyone could have this experience! ... Read Full Story >>

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A Simple Offering

Tonight, I was walking home from work. It was dark. I passed a man sitting on a bench built into a wall of a building. I saw his feet first. We looked at each other as I passed. I half smiled and he just stared at me, sad like. It seemed he might be staying there the night. He was wearing a thin sweater and had a backpack. As I walked away, I felt the cold air on my skin and thought," I wish I had a blanket to offer him." My car was just down the block. I still have a bag from my grandmother's room. I haven't gone through it since she died. Haven't had the heart. I thought maybe there is an extra blanket amongst her things. There was one, I thought. I looked in the bag and the back of my car but there was no blanket. There ... Read Full Story >>

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A God Shot

I was at a motel and awoke from a nap to the sound of a car horn blaring. I figured a drunkard was impervious to the sound of his car. My puppy had to go potty, so I got dressed (grumpily) and took her out to go. At the entrance, I saw a man who was gasping for breath and looked ashen. “Can I help?,” I asked. “Yes.” He pointed to an oxygen tank which had no valve. I called 911 and then got help from the desk clerk. I am retired from medicine and a certified nursing assistant. We got him in from the cold and found that his blood oxygen was 78 percent—about 20 percent below normal. Luckily, the desk clerk found an old oxygen concentrator in the man's car. We got him comfortable and his skin color improved. Paramedics arrived by then. Our patient had driven over 1000 miles to ... Read Full Story >>

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A Check To Fight Breast Cancer

Recently my friend, Ruby, and I were sitting in our favorite hangout. We were enjoying a meal when a young woman approached our table. Her name was Melinda. As she joined us, she returned a check that Ruby had given her because her name was wrongly spelled and she could not cash it. While sitting there and watching the two of them, I noticed the young lady looked frail and nervous.   After she left I asked Ruby who she was and what it was all about. Ruby told me that Melinda had Breast Cancer and she had given her a small donation to help to pay her health insurance for the month of May, which was $557. I asked how Melinda could afford that much for insurance. Ruby told me that Melinda only had two more months to pay that amount and then the price would considerably go down. I didn't have much money ... Read Full Story >>

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On My Walk

I haven't been playing competitive basketball recently like I have for the last 40 years, due to some health issues. Nevertheless, I still shoot around and I do a lot more walking.

One of my walks is a two-mile stint that always takes me by a bus stop with a trash can. I have been making it a habit to pick up a piece of trash as I approach the trash can.

One day, I saw a bag on the ground and used that to pick up more trash. Since then, I leave the house with a bag and my walk becomes a clean-up mission.

I have become that old man that I used to see walking the neighborhood picking up trash! 😂🤣


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Working For My Community To Make It A Better Place

I haven't posted that much recently, but have done on average 10-12 random acts of kindness per day since my last post. I don't post because I made a promise to God to do something about the gang problem in my community. Once almost overrun by gangs and listed as a dangerous community, I have spent a lot of time walking, visiting, helping others when it mattered, in creating peace, for my community. Slowly, day by day, my community is healing, because I've kept my promise to God. I believe in God, he saved me during a dark time in my life. Now I do his work, for peace. But this is sort of why I'm posting today. It snowed last night, then a freezing rain, covering everything with a thin film of ice, including the highways, creating an emergency situation. Going to the store to check my lottery tickets, I had difficulty ... Read Full Story >>

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We are invited to a neighbors’ annual dinner where they share their cultural dishes & invite in any new neighbors who have moved onto our block. We are honored that they choose to invite us every year, so far. It’s a great way to meet newcomers as well as renewing bonds. And, how timely an email showed up in my inbox this morning (excerpt shared below)! The Universe can so make me smile sometimes 😊 “Friendsgiving: because friends are the new family” How Friendsgiving season eclipsed Turkey Day. “This weekend, parties like (this) will be happening countrywide. Over the past half-decade or so, the week before Thanksgiving has been widely understood as a glorious reprieve before the obligations of actual Thanksgiving, which can range from multi-hour cross-country flights to having to explain who Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezis to your great-uncle. In contrast, Friendsgiving season is a time to just hang out with your usual crew and ... Read Full Story >>

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Rides For My Neighbors

In my apartment complex, several of the women don't have a car or cannot drive. I am getting friendly with them, so that they'll feel comfortable in asking me whenever they need a ride.

So far, I've gotten to know two of them, and they occasionally call me when they need a ride to work or to go to the next town.

I feel happy to have this opportunity to help them. Maybe it makes it easier for them to be kind to someone else in need at a later time.

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Taxi Cab Friendship

I needed to rent a car, so I decided to get a rental from the airport.

On the way to the airport, I struck up a conversation with my cab driver. I found out he was a refugee from Iraq, and I tried to be especially kind. I learned he has been separated from his wife and son for five years, but they are arriving next month!

When we reached the airport, I gave him a good tip, so that he could get his wife flowers when they reunite. :) I was grateful that he called me his friend.

Before parting ways, he gave me his phone number, in case I ever “need anything"!

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I Helped The Environment ...

I helped the environment and a family member who needed some clothes by inventorying my closet and gifting clothes I haven't used in years. My recipient liked one item, a jacket, so much that he wore it to a dance at his school. See the photo with a big smile.

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A Very Simple Celebration

A very simple celebration! I celebrated my birthday with a tea shop's worker and his wife. Both of them work at the tea stall. They don't have any children. I just sat with them and asked them, what would they like to eat? They smiled and didn't ask for anything. They told me "just spend some time with us." After half hour, I again asked them to eat something, but they didn't ask for anything. When I forced them and said I want to give you a party, his wife smiled and said, "just bring an apple." I was surprised and asked "an apple, why only an apple? I can bring ten pieces." She replied very politely, "please bring only an apple." I went to the market and bought an apple and gave it to her. She divided it in three parts and gave one part to me and one part to her ... Read Full Story >>

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🙏 22 Peace Doves 🕊 ...

🙏 22 Peace Doves 🕊 “He would’ve been 22 this Nov. 2nd,” his mother replied, her eyes cast down, as if the weight of all those tears shed still flowed. Her son voluntarily traveled on a little over 2 years ago. I didn’t know Debbie then, only a mutual friend who told me about the property (where she lived) manager's son who had taken his life. How the manager had cried for days, not moving off the couch. That, I came to learn, was Debbie. When she began coming to our Crafternoon regularly, I offered her a Peace dove. “Oh! I have one of these. It was given to me when my son died. I have it hanging in the kitchen where I see it all the time…” Learning that fall was especially hard for Debbie, since the passing of her son and his Nov. birthday, I offered to make doves for her to share ... Read Full Story >>

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Random Strangers While Bird Watching

While traveling in Canada on a bird watching tour on an island outside Québec, we met a nice, young man called Alain. 

In the days before internet and social media, it was common to swap addresses upon departing and say, "Come and visit if you're in the area."

So, a while later, we actually took Alain up on his offer. We knocked on his door, just thinking we'd have a cup of tea and nice chat, but to our surprise, his lovely mum ended up cooking a delicious dinner for us!

Then, we were even invited to stay the night! We also had fun trying to speak French with his girlfriend, who couldn't speak English. 

It was a great evening.

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Friendly Neighborhood

Yesterday, I drove my neighbor to a doctor's office for a procedure.

It took about two hours, but I did not mind. One month, when I had had heel surgery and couldn't drive, this neighbor had kindly driven me to physical therapy every week!

Another neighbor also helped me during that same surgery. She once left something at the airport, and I drove down to retrieve it.

In this way, in our apartment building, we all help each other. I feel blessed to have such wonderful, loving neighbors!

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Royal Invitation At The Park

While traveling in New Brunswick, Canada, we were sitting on a bench in a park, enjoying the peace, quiet and gorgeous views.

A lady walked by with her dog. We began chatting with her, and told her about our journeys and that it was a temporary stop before moving ahead.

Ingrid, a complete stranger to us, invited us for dinner!

She even insisted on us tellingl her what we wanted to eat, and also invited us to meet her family.

Maybe we looked hungry -- I have no idea! :) We were flabbergasted and didn't know what to say.

She said, "I know, I'll cook you some steak. Looking forward to seeing you at six.”

We showed up for dinner, and it was an amazing evening, getting pampered and meeting her lovely family, too.

How amazing to be graced by such an over-the-top kindness!

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Let Them Know You Care

❤️ I’ve been reaching out, these past few weeks, to a dear soul who lives on the other side of the world, who “dropped off the radar. I let him know I missed him and was concerned and was holding him in prayer.

Today I finally heard from him, and learned he has suffered a deep loss of a loved one and feels shattered.

I hope his reaching out & sharing with me will be a part of his healing process. 🙏

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Global Postcard Kindness

I belong to a group called that maybe some of you KindSpringers know about. It is a group you join on-line and the organization connects you with people all over the world for sending and receiving postcards. If someone wants a card in an envelope, I will include a peace dove and a KindSpring message.

The photo is of my effort to collect cards for my mother's birthday. In my bio I asked people to send me a card for my mother's birthday. She turned 85 and it was a challenge to get that many cards for her -- I collected 76 of them and it took a year. But was she ever surprised at the warm words from all over the globe!

She took this photo and put it on her Facebook page. I like it so much that I had to share it with you. Postcrossing is  a sweet way to connect with people all over the world by way of postcards. I feel it promotes peace and good feeling. After all, how can you hate your friends?

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