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Happy Mother's Day!!!

For Mother's Day today...speaking of which, Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there<3...I am in charge of the meal for the three mothers whom we'll be hosting today.
So yesterday I spent most of the day prepping. The focaccia bread is ready for the oven, creme brulee is ready to be torched, and the corn+bean salad marinating in the fridge. All that's left to do is the pasta dish, which I will begin shortly. As a surprise, I made some peanut butter cups and chocolate-covered strawberries last night:). And as is always the case nowadays, everything was made with kindness to the animals, using no parts of them<3.

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Earth Kindness

Earth Kindness #20

Following on from our afternoon at the Coronation Cafe, the very next morning our team were out once again getting our hands dirty by planting ox-eye daisies all along one wall of the public park.
It happened that one of the ladies from our group also volunteers at the Kinross Potager Garden where they have been growing all manner of plants for around 30 years now. You can imagine how the ox-eye daisies must have come on in that time, bunching up, forming huges swathes of flowers. So it was high time that these were dug up, split and divided into clumps for planting elsewhere. Weren't we the lucky ones?
Poor Irene's car was filled to the brim with lush plants, but we soon emptied it and got them into the ground where they'll be far happier! I guess it'll be another month or so before they're tall enough to flower, but I promise to take a pic and show you all.

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Assorted Origami Creations!

How nice that a kind friend received my box of assorted origami creations to share! Not sure how many hours I put into their creation, but was worth it to realize how mindfully each will be given πŸ•ŠοΈ.

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Mother's Day Gifts

I was at my favorite garden center this morning, purchasing plants for the garden. The woman next to me in checkout also turned out to be parked next to me. As we were loading our cars (yes, loading :)), I complimented her on her choices. She told me that many of them were going to be gifts. A friend was planning a get-together this weekend and most of the attendees were Moms of a certain age. She was planning to give many of these plants to the women who were going to attend in honor of Mother's Day. Brilliant!

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Stamp Our Hunger 🍎

🍎 In gratitude for the mail carrier's food drive today, we filled a bag to leave by our rural PO box.

πŸͺ Volunteering at food bank and bringing a plate of chocolate chip cookies as an expression of thanks for fellow volunteers.

😊 Every day, there are countless ways to amp up the kindness, my friends! We just need to reach out, take action and DO. Why wait?

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Earth Kindness #21

Earth Kindness #21 Earlier in the year we set out plans for a potential butterfly garden on an under-utilised area of greenspace right in the heart of the village. We drew up a plan showing our ideas and thought how we could go about them; a lot would depend on fundraising for us to buy wildflower turf. As it turned out, the Universe of course had other plans! While we waited to see if our funding would come through, Butterfly Conservation Scotland out of the blue, offered us enough wildflower mix seed to cover the whole of the area which we’d marked for this purpose on our plan. The problem was that the seed would have to be sown within the next fortnight, which also meant that the turf would have to be stripped back to bare earth before we could sow! So, I asked around for a machine to lift the turf, but no ... Read Full Story >>

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Support The School Fees For Our Gardener's Kid

Our community gardener is a soft, gentle person. He has two school going kids who are going to a private school. He is unable to fund the school fees for one kid. My wife jumped in, talked to him and his wife to get more details. She told them that she will be glad to put in a word with the principal of a local government school where there are no fees and the school has smart technology facilities.
My gardener and his wife were unaware of such a school but the admission could be only available for the next year. My wife and I spoke and we decided to pitch in funding for the kid along with one of our neighbors for this year. Small help but the gardener is not one of the asking type so we had to really follow-up with him to understand what he is going through.

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Once A Lifeguard, Always A Lifeguard. Saved A Life Yesterday!

Saved a life yesterday :)

I was relaxing at the apartment complex's pool yesterday evening when I saw something small swimming across the water. I got up and walked to the edge of the pool and noticed it was a chipmunk. I'm not sure how it got in the pool, but with no easy way out it surely would've drowned. With no basket nearby to fish it out I simply reached after it, gently grabbed it around the waist, and set it on the pool deck. The little thing was soaked, but scurried off away from the pool.

I was a lifeguard for quite a few years in high school and college, and now I can add 'chipmunk' to my list of beings I've pulled out of the water :)

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Best students ever!

Every teacher says this but...I have the best students ever! Joelle greeted me with this piece of (vegan) pumpkin bread from Philz, where she works. You'll notice I've already had my share! If you've ever had this, you know how scrumptious it is:). Joelle and I have more conversations around being fellow vegans than we do calculus:).

And a senior wrote me a thoughtful thank you, offering me, as well as our mother earth, the best gift ever: she's working toward becoming a vegan! I can't think of a sweeter gift<3. Oh, and every teacher who says they have the best's true<3<3<3.

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Mother's Day Bag Lunches

Made bag lunches to distribute to anyone who needed to be fed---we walked all over the city as a family and gave them out and it was so good to see the smiles of folks who are used to being ignored. It was a mother's day tradition and I'm happy to keep going forever! So grateful.

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Helping Senior Citizens

Helped some senior citizens in getting medicines. They were unable to visit there. So, I took them to the hospital and helped them with check-up and medicine. They were very happy and relaxed. Their smile gave me inner joy and happiness.

Thanks to all of them.

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❀️ Thanks, Mom

🧢 Busy crocheting baby blankets…two new babies on the way :))

πŸ™What a joy to occupy myself this way. It’s a gift to myself as well as to another.

Grateful to Mom for teaching me how to crochet when I was a teenager ❀️

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Gave A Gift Certificate

Gave a gift certificate to a raffle supporting a small, local community radio station. The station manager was a lovely woman who came to my office and I am so glad to have met her!
Asteria, the gerbil, sez hi!

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Monthly Gifts Giving

Sent out monthly gifts which now include a v-tube creator, two writers, an artist, a videographer team, Mission Wolf, Wiki, a photo site that reunites families with their ancestral photos, and a musician helping refugees. Sent out a one-time gift to Yemen Starving.

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Gifted Crocheted Blanket To Newborn

❀️ Some do’s:

🧢 Walked over to our neighbor-friends with the blanket I crocheted for their newborn when I saw them sitting on their porch. They were surprised and thanked me with kind words and big smiles. Their little boy (toddler) came out & showed me a pretty round disc with the words “ 2 weeks” (the age of his sister) on it…proud big brother ❀️

Encouraged two friends today who needed uplift. It seemed to help them.πŸ™

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Helping And Receiving Thankful Words

What a lovely afternoon! I want to share how happy I was earlier when my friend thanked me for helping her finish a power point presentation regarding her business plan. She gave me a call and promised to treat me to a meal next week. I agreed, even though I wasn't expecting anything in return when I helped her yesterday, I'm still happy she offered, showing how much she appreciated it. The feeling of gratefulness from others really inspires me to do my best to spread kindness to the world!

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Kindness With The Keys

Kindness with the Keys Lately, I spend more time in India and visit USA when necessary. My return flight reaches Ahmedabad 2.45 A.M. I reach home around 3.30 AM. I live in my younger brother's apartment in Ahmedabad. His sister-in-law (LS) lives just across from my entrance door. She has the keys. I never like to wake up anybody from a sleep. I woke up my son only when my wife was not around. As the apartment belongs to my brother, I wrote to him that I do not like to wake LS too early nor do I like to wait till they get up. He agreed that I should keep the keys. I am grateful to him. I got extra keys made. I have the set of kind keys with me during this trip, so I do not disturb my neighbor LS anymore when I return to Ahmedabad. I am just trying my best ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing Doves of Peace

❀️ Kindness Opportunities today

πŸ•Š Was glad I had one of Mindy’s Ukraine peace doves with me this morning when I found that out someone I was talking with came from there during our chat. She began sharing about life there and opened up to me a bit about herself. Sharing doves opens hearts ♥️

🧢 Just learned a relatively new neighbor gave birth to a baby girl very recently….guess who will be getting one of my crocheted baby blankets soon :)). We gave their toddler a plush teddy bear when they first moved in & they told us he loved it 🐻 Very lovely young couple.

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πŸ’ Bouquets Of Cheer 😊

The library’s CRAFTERNOON Kindness Crew almost doubled our goal of 35+ bouquets to give those who might need a little spring cheer!!!

We now have more than enough to give the assisted living facility, apartment manager Debbie - who gives to those in need, and to offer at the hospital’s “free” shelf!

Grateful to channel our collective creative energies into making these cheerful and colorful little everlasting bouquets.

Just in time for Mother’s Day next Sunday too! πŸ’•

*Going today to deliver the bouquets with a kind crafter friend - Janice! Will let you know how they are received πŸ’ 😊.

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Labor Of Love And Gratitude

(9 May 2023 update): Just finished watching and transcribing the interview with Shahroo Izadi (The Kindness Method) being interviewed by Steven Bartlett (Diary of a CEO). Incredible! I can’t recommend it enough, especially for anyone who has ever looked in the mirror and wanted to punch it or burst into tears. I’ve spent the last four days with them transcribing this and making the graphics. (I’ll finish this week.) Everything in bold after the intro will become a graphic eventually. This is one of about 14 so far. I want to remember this. ♥ "So then I had a session with my therapist and she said, “What if you never change?” And I was so angry, I can’t begin to tell you. And I’m not a particularly angry person, but I was really angry with her. Because I thought, “Well if I don’t change, then I never start living. I never start being nice to myself. ... Read Full Story >>

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