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Made Another Donation To Ukraine :)

Made another donation to Ukraine. This is a cause that has become very dear to me, and I will continue to support Ukraine through every phase of her ongoing efforts to defend her country and her people.

I am not Ukrainian, nor of that heritage, but had some friends and teammates in college that were Ukrainian. I've learned how kind, hardworking, and proud the people of Ukraine really are -- their strength and perseverance is truly inspirational.

Слава Україні! Героям слава!

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Sharing Peace Doves

🕊 Yet another sweet peace dove share….. Young man was going door to door on our block trying to sign folks at  up for solar panel installations. We struck up a conversation with him & found out he was new on the job & still in training & had only made one sale so far. He was very friendly & chatty. As he was leaving I offered him a peace dove & told him about Mindy’s worldwide sharing. He was really happy to receive one & we enjoyed chatting with him. The next day his supervisor was going door to door & came to our home. When I offered him a peace dove, he smiled & said “oh are you the people who gave one to our worker yesterday…you made his day! He got in my truck so excited about it & was showing it around.” I gave him 2 peace doves & ... Read Full Story >>

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Sponsored And Played In Golf Tournament

Sponsored and played in a golf tournament yesterday where the proceeds go to a local church in their mission to help needy students in the area, as well as their mission trip and partner village in Uganda, so those folks can continue to learn and thrive. Everyone had a blast, the weather was perfect, and I'm looking forward to the same event next year!

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Sweet Memory Of Cycle:)

When I was at college I used to have a cycle. I saw a notice that some people were in need of cycles. So I decided to donate cycle to them. But my cycle is not good. I got a brilliant idea. I took to repair shop and got the cycle repaired. Then I donated the cycle which is in good condition.

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💕 Sharing Love

WEdnesday’s Do’s….

🧶 Started crocheting a baby blanket for a couple expecting their first baby. I know the dad to be from our favorite local restaurant where we’ve eaten often over the past 40 years….it’s a family owned & operated restaurant that his grandfather started over 50 years ago. His father & uncle own the restaurant now & he joined them when he was old enough. Saw him & the mom to be yesterday when we dined there & found out the good news. I look forward to surprising them with a blanket. 😊

💝 Left a “comfort bag” on neighbor-friend’s back porch. She is going through a few stressors & is in high anxiety mode today. I included some camomile tea bags which are calming, a bunch of peace doves (she loves them) , some elderberry tea bags good for immune support, and a few more goodies I know she will like. She will find them when she gets home from school (she’s a teacher).

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Books Kindnessyesterday, October 12, ...

Books Kindness and Positivity

Yesterday, October 12, I went to meet a publisher and buy inspiring and character-building books to donate to some schools. The publisher Mr. CS offered me less discount than my expectation of 40%. I didn't deviate from my thinking positively to succeed. He agreed and offered me 40% discount. I bought 20 sets of books. Each set contained 17 books in Gujarati. I am grateful to Mr. CS for his kind support. I bought some other books too.

I am just a part of this kindness. Financially, some family and friends have supported this good cause.

I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for all the opportunities sending my way and His help and manifest them. He is the one who helped me get desired discount.

I am grateful to the Author Ramesh Tanna who will find the appropriate schools and mail the books.
I am also grateful to Author Ramesh Tanna who will find the schools and mail them. 

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❤️ Kindness Received

🍜 Chicken Soup for the Soul….

❤️Our neighbor brought over a big container of her homemade chicken soup….perfect for the rainy, chilly Saturday here. It was chock full of veggies, noodles, chicken & so good 👌🏻

Just what we needed in these trying times….comfort food. Grateful 🙏

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🙏 Kind Connections

The KindSpring CMOW (community member of the week) - drjoybug, and myself were able to get together today for a much needed chat!

🤗 How wonderful to share hugs and happenings since we were last in town a year ago. Joy gifted me w/some threads to make bravelets, origami papers and a carved stone turtle.

🕊️ Been sharing Rajni quote cards with doves and tips to hotel staff.

🌺 ‘Tis fall, so bought some gorgeous mums and have been giving them to friends as a blooming hello.

Bless all of our KIND connections as we journey through life.

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Friendly cafeteria

The food was not good to be honest but the 2 young men working at the little cafe in a nearby village were really trying. They were so friendly and welcoming. I left a beautiful kind card and a thank you note, they deserved it. I do like supporting small local businesses and even though I might not choose to eat there again, I could still go sometimes to get a cup of tea after a walk in the area :-)

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Parcel Of Kindness Mailed

Parcel of Kindness I mailed the parcel to Pahel Charitable Trust with books on Positive Thinking, books of Moral and inspiring stories, QC, BM, Birthday cards, school supplies. It also contained Date Nut sweets, Mindy's 'Journal' book and Quote cards with Origami Peace Doves, Utthan-Umang handkerchief and Veni -hair ornament. This is the best parcel I ever mailed. Pahel means Commesment, Initiation, Beginning. I am planning to send some help before Diwali. Pahel Charitable Trust based in Dharampur, works in the tribal belt of South Gujarat. Through various livelihood support initiatives, education and geriatric care, Pahel strives to bring a positive change in the lives of people, particularly vulnerable populations. Founded by Rushit Masrani. People impacted 755642 + Villages Reached 571 Project implemented 54 Pahel Trust I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for all the opportunities sending my way and His help and manifest them. I am also grateful to Author Ramesh Tanna who introduced Pahel ... Read Full Story >>

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New Beginnings

One of my lovely guests left yesterday after 4 months with us. Such a lovely young man. He came to thank me for allowing him to live in such a lovely home. He said he couldn't find anything like this near his new job and is sad he has to go but he's very grateful he had this for a while. He made friends with our other guest, Masaki, who is a very sweet girl. It fills me with joy. I'm so lucky to be able to have a business that allows me to do this and enjoy the company of such people.
I helped him pack and get ready. The van came very late so we stayed with him until they arrived. The others also came to say goodbye just before he left towards his new beginnigs

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Say No To Plastic

Today, we started a campaign for plastic free life. We gathered all plastic waste from the roadside and gave them to a recycle plant. We also talked with people for not using plastic and save the earth.

We will keep raising awareness against plastic.

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A Few Treats For Guests

A few treats for the house guests, oats and apple biscuits with apples from our tree. There were plenty and didn't want them to go to waste. Don't you love the elephant coaster?! :-) A kind gift I received recently.

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A Random Act Of Kindness - Brought Her To Tears!

Had to share this one with ya!!

Every so often I go into random restaurants, see a cute elderly couple, or a sweet family dining, or someone dining solo (anything that touches my heart really)… and I go up to the owner and ask if I could pay for them (without them knowing who it was from)… They always kindly let me do it.

This morning I went to a Mexican Restaurant and asked to do the same. The owner there knows me and told me that one time, when she just had a little baby, she went to a restaurant, the baby was screaming and crying, and she felt terrible for all the other people trying to dine in peace.

Then, when she got the bill, she realized that someone else had already paid for it.

It touched her heart so very much she told me, that it brought her to tears…

She told me that each time she sees me doing this, it reminds her of that moment that meant so much to her!!

I told her that I LOVED that story!! And it’s just one of the reasons I do what I do.

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Sunday's Two Way Kindness

Sunday's Two way Kindness

Gave quote cards to conductor and bus driver on the way to Sunday Organic market called Shrushti (Nature)

After getting down at the bus stop and walking, I asked a passerby the direction to Shrushti. After a while a scooter driver stopped and gave me the ride. Gave some quote cards and a booklet on Positive Thinking to him ( Mr. H.) I also told him intense positive thinking story and my experiences with positive thinking.

After shopping I was walking to get rikshaw. Mr. H met me again and gave me a ride back home. I requested him to wait. I got one book from my apartment and gifted him.

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Recognizing The Need For ...

Recognizing the Need for Help Imagine suddenly waking up in the middle of the night, gasping for air, heart pounding, feeling tense, jittery, weepy and then experiencing this night after night. The fallout of the lack of sleep was the overwhelming need to lie down mid-afternoon and falling instantly asleep for 2-3 hours. This was my experience throughout the summer of 2021. I did not understand why this happened to me, but it may have been in part the effects the pandemic had on my mental health as well as other worries. And I’m sure I was not alone in this. During the daylight hours I was able to distract myself in various ways but at night during sleep my fears and concerns would come to the surface. I recognized I needed to find ways to deal with my worries in a healthier way. After much resistance I began using a ... Read Full Story >>

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Helping Hand

Helped an old women in getting medicines from hospital. She was unable to stand in a long queue. So, I managed to get an appointment for her and bought some medicines.

She was very happy and relaxed..Thank you

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Gandhi Jayanti Celebration With maanav sadhana

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration with Manav Sadhna, I feel so honored to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti (Birthday of Mahatma Gandhiji) with Manav Sadhna boys, girls, staff and guests. Virenbhai who is a founder of Manav Sadhna invited me to sit beside him with honorable guests. He also honored me to light the Diya with others. Lighting the Diya denotes the beginning of the program with holy spirit. This is the best Gandhi Jayanti celebration of my life. It is itched in my heart forever with fond memories. There was a competition of quiz on Mahatma Gandhiji and Lal Bahadur Shastri - India's ex prime minister who shares Gandhiji's birthday. Author Rameshbhai Tanna was also present presiding over the quiz competition. . I gave some quote cards to visitors and staff. I also gave personalized bookmarks to Virenbhai. and a staff member. I bought some Birthday cards and magnets as shown in the image to appreciate the ... Read Full Story >>

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Kind Circle Of Women….

❤️ “The Circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we are weak and sing with us when we are strong.” ~ SARK

Several women on our block got together to cook a beautiful meal for the family of another neighbor whose had Mother passed away.

They planned an extensive menu & each woman chose which dishes to prepare.

The family was overwhelmed by the group’s kindness & so grateful. 🙏

❤️ The timing was especially kind as the gift coincided with a holiday that would have meant alot of work for the woman who was grieving the loss of her Mother.

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🎃 A Bumper crop

🎃 A bumper crop of pumpkins encouraged me to create a recipe, bake and share mini-loaves of sourdough pumpkin spice bread. A loaf for Greg (mailman) and his wife, 2 for the Plunge staff - clerk’s husband can only tolerate the easily digestible sourdough. Of course, we had to sample as well, to make sure they were ok 😊.

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