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A Simple Act

My mother recently wrote a thank you letter to Medicare to express appreciation for their patience in guiding her through the new prescription card process. They were totally shocked, and someone called to thank her. Many people everywhere provide services for us. We complain about the buraucracy, but forget that these are people like us who are just trying to make a living.

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Fast Food Freebie

I was at a fast food drive up window, and just got my order and I asked how much was the ladies' order behind me. It was only a couple bucks so I gave them more than enough to cover it and said "Tell her I said 'Have a nice day'" and I smiled and drove off and it made me smile all day and every time I think of it. I ended up receiving a lot more than I gave!!!

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hero work -- give hope

There are so many things out there that people don't understand. Things that are bad and things that are good. One thing that I don't understand is how can a man with millions of dollars stand around in his office while a little child on the same street corner has no place to sleep for the night. Is it really evil, or is it just people? Are people the source of everything good and bad or are there beings out there that control the good and the bad? No one can really know the answer other than knowing that the child might die. Is that it? Are we all just trying to find some way to stop death? Because that is what it all comes down to. But the one thing that can counter any evil is hope. Everyone throws around the word hope as if it were a cliche. ... Read Full Story >>

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Unexpected Help

Last october my mother became sick, I got scared we was gonna loose her so my husband and I made a very quick decision to leave our business and home to move 280 miles where my mom was. We left everyone without saying goodbye, fearing no one would have understood our reason. We were in a financial bind too, our electricty had been shut off and rent was behind. We have two young boys. We got scared and just left. Left our home, our friends that we loved and 85% of our belongings. Two of our friends were very worried about us, calling leaving messages and sending letters. We felt so bad for what we had done. I finally realized what we had done and were doing was very unexceptable, our friends deserved an explanation. So I called, and when asked how we were doing I just cried. We ... Read Full Story >>

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Helping a teacher

Today I was given one of the smile cards by a friend. She said "smile" and ran off. well when I went to class, the teacher became angry with us because we couldn't stop 'disrupting the learning process'. So when he sat at his desk, I went over, and handed him the card and said "you look like you need this right now." As soon as he read it his face lit up and I could tell that he was going to have a better day than the one my class gave him. i'm glad that not all high schoolers are uncaring.

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Small Acts of Trix-Mix

Some deeds are big some are small, but the point is for us to think of other people. I want to share the lovely feeling of joy on being around a bunch of 4 year olds for whom I was a complete stranger yet felt so bonded by my presence and connection. Early this week, I offered to do some ‘story time reading’ at a local preschool. The kids and teachers were very excited about it. It was wonderful to be around these incredible kids who all picked their favorite storybooks for me to read. Due to time constraint, I could only read few books but promised the other kids to read them their favorite story the next time. I already made 2 trips to the school to keep my promise and looking forward to more! I was thinking of ways to show my appreciation to the teachers and staff of an ... Read Full Story >>

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Nine Year Old on a Bus

In order to get to school every morning, I jump on a CTA bus, which drops me off just 5 minutes after I get on. Any one who has ever ridden on a Chicago CTA bus knows the very interesting and unique people a person is able to meet while riding. Today, however, was something quite different. I got on the bus as I normally do. As we approached the next stop, a little girl got on and the bus began to move. With the jump of the bus, the little girl fell forward and I put my arms up to catch her (I was sitting right in the front side of the bus). She got up, smiled at me, said thank you, and proceeded to pay the driver. She was dressed in all pink with a little pink purse to match her ... Read Full Story >>

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Handmade Films

Not a question, just a thought and story about Serendipity: “The gift of finding valuable and agreeable things not sought for.” I fell into something quite beautiful, and completely by accident. I'm not sure why I’m writing you, but I’m practicing being grateful, and I guess I’m grateful that you're out there doing what you do. A friend asked me if I could do anything with hours of home movie footage and pictures she had sitting in a shoe box(I’m an independent filmmaker) so I took it all and made her a little autobiographical sketch of her daughter Fortune. Some other moms saw it, and then I got a paying customer, who wanted me to do one about her two sons. I’ve since done a few more for people. After struggling for years producing and directing my first feature film called awake, I was pretty short for cash. Not only have ... Read Full Story >>

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Smile Counting

Try this, me and my friend went around our school asking people to smile and counting how many people smiled! I got over 70! Try this at home, It gives you that warm feeling inside and most people smile after you have gone!

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  • Posted by Ellie Davis
  • Jan 23, 2006
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It's a Small World

After work one day I was using a pay phone to call a friend. I found a wallet wrapped in tissue. I looked through it and it was a man's wallet. I decided to try to reach the owner but couldn't find anything to but credit cards. So i called the credit card company and explained what happened and gave them my name and phone number. Looking in the wallet a little further I found one of those identification cards you fill out when you get a wallet. I took a chance and called the phone number listed and got the man's wife. I gave her my name, phone number and office address so that her husband could meet me to pick up his wallet. She thanked me and told me he was looking for it and asked me if his money and theatre tickets were still there. ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Posted by Christina Jones
  • Jan 17, 2006
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A Dropped Coin

Doing acts of kindness might not always pay off but this time it did.

Hi, i am 13 years old and just some of the smallest things can make almost anyone happy. Just the other day at the grociery store a elderly lady droped a quarter and i picked it up for her. unexpectedly she gave me the quarter. it made me happy and the lady was thankful.

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  • Posted by wayne briant
  • Jan 17, 2006
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Starbucks Kindness

I want to share something with you that happened to me yesterday. My family and I live in Sacramento, and after taking our son to school (1st grader) I thought I'd stop by the drive-through at our neighborhooh Starbucks to treat myself to a coffee before a busy day with my 5 month old. When I got to the window to pay for my drink. I was informed that the lady in front of me (who I didn't know) had paid not only for MY coffee, but all of the cars behind me! The girl working at the window said that this kind stranger wanted to 'return the favor'...that someone else had done that for her. It's amazing how such a simple gesture can affect another silly as this may sound, it made me smile and reminded me that there are so many kind and giving people ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Posted by Stacy Knight
  • Jan 17, 2006
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A Christmas Gift

Just thought i'd share a little story of holiday spirit with you. Last week i paid for 1hour for parking near my office in capitol hill, but only used it for 15min before i moved my truck to a free parking spot. as i walked to work there i noticed a parking officer about to ticket a vehicle that hadn't put a parking sticker in their window. i know what's like to get parking tickets, because i get a lot of them. since my sticker had time left on it, i put it on their window to save them a parking ticket. the parking officer warned me that someone might steal the parking sticker and i should put it on the inside of the window. i explained that it wasn't my car, but at least they won't get a ticket. the officer gave a smirk and proceeded to the next car. ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Posted by Joseph O'Connell
  • Jan 17, 2006
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"Goodies Drawer"

I work in an office, and I am in charge of Quality. I monitor all of the outgoing paperwork and the phone calls inbound and outbound, and score the associates on their work. I have what I call a "goodie drawer" filled with items from the dollar store, and each month, each associate who has achieved 100% quality all month long receives a gift from the goodie drawer, and a "gold star" award with their name and which month they achieved 100%. I think these cards will be the perfect addition to my program! What better way to motivate others than by showing them that they can Pay It Forward to others?

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  • Posted by Marissa in Michigan
  • Jan 14, 2006
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Not Just Students, Staffers Too!

I got back from my trackout and found a packet with additional cards waiting on my desk. Thank you very much on behalf of Lufkin students and staff. We really appreciate your beautiful, simple design and the idea behind it. In return, I am sending you some of our responses to the first few cards we gave out in May. Both are from staff members: Last week I received a beautiful frame with the statement, "A teacher's guidance helps a child to lean and grow," with a handwritten note thanking me for being a great co-worker. What a wonderful surprise and heartwarming, especially for an emotional week. How uplifting! I passed it on this week to one always wearing a smile. I was pleasantly surprised in the middle of a busy day to find a beautiful gift basket at my desk. It contained a wonderful bottle of scented oil complete ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Posted by Mirka in North Caroline
  • Jan 14, 2006
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Coffee Cups on the House

I eat out pretty often. So one thing I plan to do is to buy cups of coffee for others at the restaurant, and have the server deliver the cards to the customers. Something else I would like to do is send anonymous cards of encouragement to people, including a smile card with each one.

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  • Posted by Dianne in PA
  • Jan 14, 2006
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Shoe Repairer

I came across you whilst randomly searching for inspiration. I would like these cards because my husband and I run a small shop and he often does odd jobs (he's a shoe repairer) for free and it would be nice to give the customers one of these cards each time he does so. I also work for a charity part time and if you could send me any additional cards, I can also distribute them amongst the staff where I work. Thank you and what you do is fab!!!!!!!!

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  • Posted by Penny, in England
  • Jan 14, 2006
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Just Sitting There

So i was at a religious convention sitting in a lecture when a random person comes by and hands me a card, at first i thought it was a business person trying to promote for their company, ebcause there were a few people that i know are trying to expand their customers... after i looked up at the person silently smiling at me i looked back down at the card and realized what it was, it put a smile on my face for the rest of the day if not the whole weekend... I decided that i wanted to tag other people and spread the happiness as well.

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  • Posted by Ronak in Cali
  • Jan 14, 2006
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Comment Collection, July

Yesterday around 7:30pm in the evening, I was driving down Shallowford Road trying to concentrate despite the torrent of rain; it seems that the rain kept falling harder and harder. Just as I pulled up to a signal light, I noticed three women and a little girl walking down the sidwalk in the rain. Their arms were full of groceries. In fact, between the four of them they had three umbrellas but because the three older women were carrying so many bags, the little girl could not fit under the umbrella. She was sort of walking by herself carrying her own two bags. Just as I drew my mother's attention to them, a car that had just turned pulled up beside them and handed the little girl an umbrella. Right then and there, I felt as if I was protected and had been given the umbrella. Go ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Posted by Hearts Everywhere
  • Jan 14, 2006
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Custodian Finds A Card!

How did you hear about us? My Friend handed me a card. What inspired you to join? The joy of doing good things. --Joshua, in New York This is my second time emailing you. First, I only asked for a few cards to try this at our school and the response has been great. Both teachers and students have been coming to my office in the Guidance, where I am Academically Gifted Resource Teacher, asking for more cards and wanting to join in this game. Also, some were quite excited when they had been tagged. Your cards really brighten our school days. If you could send us some more to brighten our already sunny days in North Carolina, we would appreciate it very much. Many thanks to you from all of us at Lufkin Road Middle School. We are getting ready to take the EOG's this month and could use some extra acts ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Posted by A Custodian
  • Jan 14, 2006
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