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Giving Away My Skateboard

When I was a teenager I used to skateboard all the time! It seems like that's a phase a lot of teenagers go through.  I would always buy the really nice skateboards the professionals used. I still had one that I bought not too long ago. But, since I don't skateboard anymore, I thought about going to a skateboard shop and giving it to some kid.I know I would have been so excited if someone had done that for me when I was younger.   So, I drove to the local skateboard shop and waited outside for about ten minutes. A boy and his dad were about to walk into the shop when I stepped up and asked him if he'd like my skateboard. He asked how much? I told him it was free - as long as he used it!   His eyes lit up and I could really see how excited he was. ... Read Full Story >>

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The Lost Baby Duck

A few days ago I saw two baby ducklings that were alone in the grass near a pond, and today I found out that they were abandoned or lost. Unfortunately one of them was found dead today, but I decided to take the other one in and take care of it until he gets big enough to take care of himself. When I decided to take him in, he was actually be stalked by a cat, so it's a good thing that I got him when I did. The duck and I both are figuring it out as we go along. He's already quite big for a duckling so hopefully I can release him back into the pond in a couple of weeks. At first he was terrified of me, which is understandable, but now he seems to be a bit less worried about me as I've been feeding him some corn ... Read Full Story >>

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18 Holes Of Happiness

There is a golf course a couple miles from where I live and I used to go fishing at a pond there, usually first thing in the morning.    There used to be a guy named Daniel who would come every morning and do maintenance work. It's an 18 hole golf course, really big. He had a morning routine of things he had to do including mowing the grass, putting up the flags at each hole, etc.    He's a really nice guy. We often chatted about different things and we got used to seeing each other there. This morning, I decided that I would do something for him. So, I drove down to the golf course at about 6:30 am and got all the flags for the golf course (which they keep outside by the clubhouse) and went and put them up at each of the holes. This is one the main things ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing Water In The Nature Park

I took a long walk in the local nature park this morning. I do that most mornings. It really makes a great start to the day! I usually walk up this nice long road that goes back into the woods. It's so quiet and pleasant and there are so many green trees. 

As I was walking back down this road, on my way back to the car, I passed a man sitting on the grass by the roadside. He was breathing really hard. I asked if he was okay. He said that he was really exhausted and that he had tried to walk too far. I could tell that he really needed some water.
Unfortunately, there aren't any places to get water in the nature park. Sometimes I bring bottled water and leave it in my car. Thankfully, I had brought some today!
Instead of drinking it myself when I got back. I got in my car, drove back up the road, and gave him my bottle of water. Then I gave him a ride back to his car. 
He was so thankful! I could tell he was delighted - and surprised - that someone cared enough to come back for him and give him some water.


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A Gift of Grapes

My mother was in the hosptial for four days, due to a rather bad skin infection. During one of those days, I stopped by the farmers' market to check out the fruit they had.

It was a very small but pleasant market, and the people there were very friendly. I didn't have any money on me, but just looked around, thinking maybe I would come back another time.

The woman running the market asked if I would like anything. I replied that I was just looking, that I had no money and was visiting my mom in the hospital.

As I was leaving, the woman stopped me and gave me a big package of fresh local grapes to give to my mom.

It was such a nice gesture, and really made me smile. The grapes were so sweet, probably the sweetest grapes I've ever had. And the fact that a stranger was so kind in giving them to my mother made them that much sweeter! :)

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By Mom's Bedside

I've had the opportunity to serve my mother a lot recently, and I wanted to share, in hopes that others can be inspired. A couple days ago, my mom had to undergo surgery to remove a tumor. The tumor was near her parotid gland, which, unfortunately, is right on her face. With all the love I could muster, I stayed with her for the several hours of the surgery, and then continued to stay by her bedside for the next two days, as she recovered in the hospital. She seemed in good spirits, despite the occasional aches and pains from the surgery. I really tried to keep her company. I watched TV with her in her hospital room, we talked lightly about funny memories, and I did everything I could to put a smile on her face. =) After the doctor said it was okay for her to return home, I took her ... Read Full Story >>

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Ask And You Shall Recieve

Today, something so amazing happened, that I am so thankful for. I was almost completely out of food, and was going to have to go 5 days without eating. I wasn't too nervous about it, and just accepted that I would be okay regardless. I prayed last night, and asked that if it would be for the best, that someone could help in my time of need. I knew nobody who could help, but trusted in what the great master said "ask and you shall receive". I simply trusted that someone who had understanding would come in my time of need if it was for the better good. Today around noon, there was a knock on my door, and a husband and wife were standing there with a dozen bags of food, and gave me all the food I could ever need for a week! I've never seen these people in my life, ... Read Full Story >>

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Invisible People

If you have the time, check out an amazing YouTube channel that I recently found called "invisible people", it's a channel with hundreds of interviews of homeless people who share their story and how they survive day to day. The man who operates the channel was formerly homeless and has dedicated his life to helping the homeless. The name invisible people certainly suits the channel well. For indeed there are so many "invisible" beings whom are suffering everyday, both human and animal, and yet our society either pays for people to brutally treat and kill animals, or completely ignores and neglects those who are in desperate need. Occasionally, someone who watches the videos posted on that channel is near one of the people interviewed and is able to help in some way. Some of the videos are truly heartbreaking but it's important to see what people go through, we can't turn a ... Read Full Story >>

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Be Kind Anyways

This evening I gave money to a homeless man who came up to me and asked for help.

Yes, it's entirely possible that he will use the money for something that could be less than favorable. However, we should look upon others in such situations with compassion. Perhaps if it were you and I on the street corner sleeping on a park bench, we would understand why someone may be so quick to buy a drink.

Regardless, if someone asks us for help and doesn't truly need it, then that individual will have to work out the karma following such an action and will ultimately learn from it. We ourselves will suffer no ill, for our intention was a noble one, we intended to help another.

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Crossing Paths with an Angel

Today I was at a food pantry where they give people food who can't afford it in the community. I'm in that category, and was homeless for about eight months last year. As I was waiting to be called to get some food, a lady across from me said, "Hey, you look familiar." She asked where I worked. She looked familiar to me, too. It dawned on me how I knew her. When I had just found a home after being homeless, I was still struggling for basic things. I went out and held a sign asking for help. She was one of the people who stopped and talked to me and gave me a hug and some money. She was such a nice lady. She has been going through a lot of trouble, too. She was in a severe car accident and had to have brain surgery. She lost much of her ... Read Full Story >>

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