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Helping a friend through a tough time

Recently my friend lost her father. My family is helping their family  to cope with his loss. We are making dinner for them once/twice a month and just taking the time to 'hang out' with them.

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Be kind - nothing in the world will harm you!

My niece was away from home for a student camp, which was part of preparation for our country's Republic Day celebration. The camp was conducted at a local school and children were put together to stay in groups of 10 in each room for their stay until the completion of the camp. It was the rainy season, which brought a lot of infections and health ailments. Some children suffered from fever due to the chillness, some got throat infections and just one had the most odd infection - an eye infection. While fever, cough and cold were not too contagious, the eye infection was. This was one of the roommates of my niece.  All the children left the room -they just vacated and got into their other friends room to save themselves from an eye infection. Only two of them remained in one room- my niece and the roommate with the eye infection. And ... Read Full Story >>

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The value of 24 cents..

I was at this looooooooong Christmas line at the Post Office. After a few minutes of going nowhere,  I decided to use the electronic mailing system so I can get out of there quickly. This line was definitely shorter. I got curious and stared talking to the grandpa just in front of me. Curious because it seemed like he had a single, thin envelope that was already stamped. Why was he in line when all he needed to do was drop it off in the mail box? Grandpa  said he was sending this Christmas card to someone he loved very much and wanted to be sure that it had enough postage. By this time, others in line joined the conversation and everyone assured him that it already had enough postage on it and he could skip this whole "waiting" business. But he was going to wait and make sure the machine ... Read Full Story >>

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Nothing Less of a Miracle

We have spent this year using our cards to pay for the car behind us in drive-thru's. Most usually this happens on a Sunday morning after we have all worked at our church. Then it comes is our story: This past Sunday, after 3 of my kids had been with me from 7am-1pm, they were working in the childrens’ wing of our church and were starving. They voted for McDonalds. Not having a lot of money on me I hesistantly drove to McDonalds. Upon arrival, the drive thru line was wrapped around the building, hungry and being impatient, I decided just to give in and wait. At that time I also began to pray. God I don’t have a lot of money but if you want me to pay for the car behind me just give me a ... Read Full Story >>

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Lending a hand for Math

On Friday, many people skip school and start their Christmas break a day early, so the school often has a low attendance rate for that day.  I showed up to do a mini math quiz that we had.  To my great surprise, these two girls, who are more of the socializing type, came to class as well!  I'm a guy who studies hard and understands most of the course work, so naturally, they came over to ask for help.  I explained the concepts to them, and the different formulas used, and as we talked, I found many striking similarities that  we shared, which I had not known existed.  Just helping out someone learn easier or know how to solve a problem really goes a long way.  Thanks to our little exchange, I now know a little more about two girls in my class, and by my help, hopefully they passed the quiz with flying colors. 

The little things we can do to brighten up someone else's day, are truly infinite

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The Smile Charade

In the middle of the day, I got this call from my close friend in Chicago. She runs a business and was in a temporary cash flow crunch. She asked if I could send her a loan check.

Sure I said and I remembered my old promise to this friend's 10 year old daughter. I had gotten her all excited about Smile cards and promised to send her a few but it remained a promise unfulfilled for quite some time now.

So I decided to use this opportunity along with the check, I added a stack of smile cards and a note from my little son calling her the "bestest sister in the whole wide world".

It was a busy day for me but I decided to drop everything else and go to the post office. After standing in a long queue to send off this Priority Mail, I came home to find a voice message from the same friend. She had gotten the money from her clients and didn't really need the check!

So the whole charade of the post office and long lines and skipping many of my other 'To Dos' was all for me to send a few promised Smile Cards to a little girl who lived far away!

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Sharing the Chistmas cheer aound

Yesterday while doing some Christmas shopping my mom and I stop to have a lunch at Easy Steet Cafe. When the bill came I asked if my mom had a pen she like me didn't have one with us. So I asked my mom to ask for a pen while I tried to untangle a peace charm necklace that was in my bag. I wrote the waitress a note that said this.

Happy Christmas to you
"May all your Christmas's be bright."

Left the Necklace out on the table with smile card and left. I know how hard the holidays are with all of your hard earned cash going down the drain for one holiday. Plus she looked  like she needed a a little X-mas cheer to brighten up her day.

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A Gift of Cloth

Although I walk through the world with a folio of smile cards in my wallet, and try to be ever-vigilant for opportunities to use them, it always seems that I am the recipient of anonymous kindness much more often than the benefactor. Here's a story about one such incident which happened just yesterday: We arrived at Chennai Central early; our train did not depart for another 45 minutes. I took the opportunity to find a tailor to perform a simple repair for me. Across the lane from the side of the station stood a building typical of those found in India cities, containing a warren of tiny shops – perhaps several hundred of them. These buildings would look like any of the zillions of faceless, multi-storied, style-bereft concrete abominations that proliferate in the metros, were they not covered with scores-and-scores of small peeling signs — most painted directly onto the façade, at ... Read Full Story >>

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Mystery Hero

I was out late last year and found my battery was dead when I came back from shopping with my 2 year old son, JUST as I realized this a man approached with some jump leads. He said his name was Bavern and started my car and gave me cash. I thanked him but wondered why the money, "you'll understand soon enough" I asked him how it was he was there with leads to help me, he said "its my karma, I can't help it!!!!" which I don't really understand. As I got down the road I realized my petrol light was on and as I pulled into the station the sign read "NO CREDIT CARDS OR CHEQUES" (they'd obviously had a link problem) This man had saved my day and my son and myself were able to get back home. I have never seen the man again but ... Read Full Story >>

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Superman T-shirt

I located this amazingly hard working college student who wanted to save money for college by helping me in the office and home.  When we were sorting through some clothes, she exclaimed, "I love that superman t-shirt."  I didn't understand, and asked "What superman t-shirt". 

 And she proceeded to show me this cute white top with a big Superman S in glitter.  It seemed like it was made for her, and as an act of kindness, I said, "Hey, Merry Christmas, I believe this is your t-shirt." She proceeded to get really excited and immediately put it on.  And the surprising thing, is it was as if that t-shirt had been waiting for her this whole time, as I had forgotten about this gift and it fit her perfectly!  I would say this young lady was superwoman in her own right, putting herself through school and supporting her whole family- including an invalid grandmother.

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Costco Love

My Mom is visiting from India and I wanted to show her some Christmas shopping spirit! So one of these evenings,  I took her to a nearby store. As we got out from the car, I noticed something blue and plastic and shining in semi-darkness.  A black & white image of a cheerful, middle-aged lady smiled at me. It was a high-end Costco membership card. I figured she must live pretty close. So when we got home, I picked up the phone book and found the number that matched her name. A friendly male voice answered saying it is indeed his wife's card and she will call me back because she's busy feeding the baby.  I was a little puzzled. Sure enough, the lady called me in 10 minutes and profusely thanked me for safe-keeping of her card. She lived down the same road, just a couple of blocks away!  And then ... Read Full Story >>

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Small stuff can go a long way...

I just came back to the Philippines for the holidays...and saw my mom after 13 years.

I went out to see some college friends... do not really have much money since I'm working in the middle east but when I went to buy some shirts and met these two sales guys who were really so nice...I don't know why but after getting my stuff when I was bout to pay at the counter, I gave them a 100 peso bill and said "Merry Christmas." I went away without turning my back. What happened: these guys came back to me and gave me some free gifts!!!

It's not much money and not much free gifts.. but it really made me think that a small stuff can go a long way.


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Sharing lunch

It was a rainy day and as my bus was taking me to college, I saw many poor people just huddled up under some cover looking really cold and hungry. Right then I decided that I would skip lunch that day and instead give it away to someone who needed it. But when I returned home by train, I discovered that no one was standing around in the station since it was raining so heavily.

Disappointed, I headed home. Just as I was turning around the street corner to reach home, I saw a man in torn clothes who was searching the garbage bins for food. His eyes lit up as I handed my yummy lunch to him.

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Sushi & Cookies

Last night my wife decided she wanted to make sushi and chocolate chip cookies for the Pastors at our church. She started late about 10pm and at midnight, I was to tired to do much more and went to bed. When I awoke this morning it was like Santa had visited. Here were all these packages wrapped with ribbons and bows which wowed me and she was afraid her gifts wouldn't be received well, silly girl. We delivered them to the church and when we dropped off Pastor Pauline's she smiled and said "You too good" to my wife.

I do a lot of volunteer work in the garden at the church and as my wife works she doesn't have the time to volunteer so her way of saying thank-you was to donate her culinary talents to those who fill us up with that spiritual soul food. I was proud of her and I know she felt good being able to give back and it says to me that it's so easy to let others know we care. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Helping Others to Help Myself

I just wanted to share this with everyone. This Christmas I' feeling down and miss my mom  who died of cancer. So I thought of a better way to forget my problems and decided to volunteer at the local nursing home. For Christmas, I will be doing a good deed.

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Salvation Army

Last night while I was waiting for my mom to pick me up outside the mall. I saw the same lady that I saw last week and the pass two days taking a break outside.

She works 8 hour days as one of those Salvation Army people who stand outside stores ring a bell for donations.
So I really wanted to give her something. I looked in my bag and I found some candy in my bag.

I went up to the lady and told how her how much that means to me and how much I really appreciate what she is doing.
I handed her a smile card and went back to waiting for my mom.

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Children Have The Best Hearts

This year, my family applied for Christmas Assistance from the Salvation Army. I'm a single mom and have not been able to work. Dad's a bit of a non-entity and was fired earlier in the year so times have been really tough.  My son has been in and out of the hospital for six years with severe kidney disease. He is 8 years old and his brother is 7. My sons know we have money troubles, but not the mass extent of it. They have and will always be provided for as I have a very loving and supporting set of parents. We were at Meijer and I was stressing about grocery money, and gas money and the holidays coming up.  Meanwhile, my 8-year-old sees the Salvation Army guy, and it's really cold and he asks if we can give him some change. My son walks over and gives the guy a dollar, and my ... Read Full Story >>

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Who did it?

One Christmas I had a bit of fun in the work place.  I worked in a postal delivery/business center and one day before Christmas while all the posties were out delivering their mail I went around to each posties sorting frame and left some chocolates. 

It was so much fun to watch their reactions as they came back from delivering the mail, all wondering who had done this to them. 

I am not sure who felt more pleasure from this, the posties because someone recognised them or me for the simple joy of knowing I had made a bunch of people feel special.  Still brings a tear to my eye!

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Fight Club and the Passerby

Recently, my dad was walking along from the office to the high court (being a lawyer). There he saw a young man being beaten up by 5 others.

My dad is really thin and puny and not in the least bit tough-looking or athletic. But something prompted him to just go onto the scene and protect the guy. He hugged the young man and began acting as if he knew him from a long time. Soon, the other 5 rough guys recognized him for being a lawyer and left the youth alone. He thanked my dad and said he could not express how he felt.

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Giving support

A friend of mine called me at 2 am. I am an owl and usually work through the night, so I was awake. She was going through some problems and wanted to talk to me about them. I am overloaded with work right now, under a lot of pressure and incredibly stressed out. I too have a lot on my mind apart from just my work. But I decided to stop what I was doing, put it all on hold and talk her through her problems. I think it did the trick because we managed to find some kind of clarity to the situation after the conversation. I hope she feels better. However I know that sometimes it is not really what you talk about or whether you have found a clear solution to the problem that matters. What really matters is knowing that when you are going through a tough time, you ... Read Full Story >>

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