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A Smile That Goes Around the World

I was in a shop buying some goodies. The person in front of me fell short by 10 rupees. The cashier asked him to return something. He kept thinking but it seemed he needed to buy all the items. He tried to convince the cashier that he would pay it later, but the cashier was unable to help him. I offered to pay the 10 rupees. He was hesitant to take it from a stranger. I gave him a sweet smile and said, come on, this is how it goes round in the world. He accepted my offer.   ... Read Full Story >>

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Music and Laughter Are a Great Combination

I play my harp at two hospices. One that I play for recently built and opened a magnificent Hospice House. Last Sunday the House enjoyed a community "Light Up a Life" ceremony. People who had lost loved ones could hang a paper ornament with a name on it on a tree and then go outdoors to the gazebo and listen to singers and light a candle. I was honored to play my harp as people gathered indoors and again later as people had refreshments. The best part was when everyone was outside and a resident and his family came into the tree room for a bit. The son asked if I could play polkas and I explained to him that I play in service and am not really an entertainer. His dying father asked if I would play something and I did, for him. He was deeply moved, and thanked me profusely. ... Read Full Story >>

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Best Stop On The Way Home

After work one day I decided to take a meal to an elderly lady on my way home. While sitting and visiting with her, she began to tell me it was her birthday. I wished her a happy birthday and asked what she had gotten for her birthday. She told me that she was so happy to say that she had received the best birthday present she could ever get and that was a hot meal. I asked her how old she was and she told me she was 83 years young. I reached in my apron pocket and pulled out all the money I had made in my little restaurant that day and asked her to help me count it. She was happy to do so...she got a real kick out of counting the money. She said she had not seen that much money in a very long time. She ... Read Full Story >>

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Creating a Tidal Wave of Influence

Hi, everyone! I am doing 92 acts of kindness this month in memory of my Grandma, who passed away a few days before Christmas. It is deeply meaningful for me to see the ripples of kindness and love making a positive impact in the world in her name. It feels like she can still do good in the world even though she is gone, I have read so many of this community's updates and am inspired by how many creative and actively kind, world-changing people are sharing stories. I am writing to request help in reaching my goal of 92 acts of kindness -- one for every year of her life. I am asking for those of you who are willing ... would you please do an act of kindness in my Grandmother's name? It doesn't have to be big. Just a small act of love. And comment to tell me about ... Read Full Story >>

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My First Smile Card Experience - But Not the Last!

On a recent trip to California, I was introduced to Smile Cards. I promised myself to initiate an act of kindness before I left California. I kept thinking about it but I didn't know how or what to do.  I reached the airport and the boarding was about to begin, when something just suddenly clicked. I saw an ice-cream store and I went to the store and told the guy at the store (Jose) that I want to do an act of kindness. He looked confused. I kind of expected that! Then I told him I had just attended a conference, met an incredible and humble human being who inspired me to do an act of kindness, and told me about Smile Cards. Jose was intrigued, and was curious about what I was going to say next.  I told Jose, "Whoever is your next customer, treat them to a single scoop of ... Read Full Story >>

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Together We Make it Happen

At the store today there was a long line. Eventually they opened up another register. The person at the front of the first register had problems paying. The manager who ran second register kept getting up to override the first register. People started to get angry. Eventually everyone realized that the costumer only had enough money to pay for the groceries; not enough to cover tax. Someone behind me started handing dollar bills forward. Soon everyone joined in and helped pay for the difference. I loved it. There truly are kind people everywhere.   ... Read Full Story >>

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It's a Challenge to Be Grateful at 4:30 AM

This year has been a busy year of travel for me, and the end of the year is no exception. I booked an early morning flight that had me up at 4:30am to get to the airport. The thought of such an early flight made me groan, but then I starting to think about the chain of people who would make that early journey possible for me: my Lyft driver, check-in agent, security staff, gate agents, flight crew, etc. They all do their jobs at an early hour so I can get to my destination safely, often for low wages. When the trip came, I realized I had a choice: I could be grumpy about having to take an early flight and hold this negativity with me, ultimately putting it on display for everyone to see. It’s so easy to take this choice, the choice most passengers end up taking these ... Read Full Story >>

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Giving from the Heart Always Works

I work downtown and every morning, when I walk from the SkyTrain Station (our version of a subway) to the office, I usually see people who are sleeping outside, in business doorways and on sidewalks. It is truly heartbreaking to see so many people who are homeless. Most people will just walk by and few will stop to offer a kind word or any help of any kind. When I talk with others about the homeless situation, most people will tell me that most of them are drug addicts or dealing with mental illness. While some of the homeless are suffering from an addiction or mental illness, many may have become homeless due to an illness or sudden job loss. Today, I brought a bag with a toque (warm knit hat), pair of socks, bottle of water and a mini first aid kid with me. I saw someone sleeping outside of the Tim ... Read Full Story >>

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Administering Love on The Oncology Ward

My precious mentee at 24 is facing a stomach cancer diagnosis. The city hospital where she is now at awaiting treatment bustles with dozens of uninsured, young and old oncology patients. In the midst of it all is Stella, wearing her overalls, the pockets filled with lip balm and sweets, as  the ward greeter and volunteer extraordinaire. Stella spends part of her every weekend on the 5th floor, in the oncology ward. She has her alcove where a few of her"LOVE" tools of care and ministry, are kept. As I came by to see my mentee, Stella was soon quietly, reverently listening, as she was walking along beside us in the hallway. Her notepad in hand, Stella inquired of us if there were items that we would like to borrow. Nail polish? Foot cream? Scented forehead mask? Or perhaps a Word Puzzle magazine? " I hope you linger and make some memories," ... Read Full Story >>

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That's All It Took to Change a Life

I have been continuing to reach out to a single mom who is struggling  to escape the cycle of abuse. I started a crowdfund to help her while she was waiting for public assistance to come through and because of that support, she was able to make her rent this month.

She was so uplifted by the kindness of others that she aced her job interview and got the job she interviewed for today! 

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My Mother Taught Me a Lesson I Needed to Learn

My mom is a volunteer in a public hospital. She and her friends sell things to obtain money for medicines or supplies that may be needed by the hospital. They also bring dinner every Monday to the people waiting for their relatives outside the hospital. One Monday, I stayed after school to make up a class. When my mom picked me up, she asked me to go to the hospital with her and help with dinner. "At least, this one time" she said. At first, I didn't want to, but in the end she convinced me and I went; obviously unhappily. After we arrived and took everything out of the car, we set up the table and started serving dinner. The more food we gave, the more people would come. Looking at people's faces, especially those from children, was amazing! The way they brightened up reflected their gratefulness for receiving this meal,  and ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Jan 1, 2018
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Strangers Spring into Action to Help Out on a Busy Road

In these days of apathy and the non caring attitudes of  so many people, I was pleasantly surprised to see a kind act unfolding right in front of me in a busy intersection. We were waiting in our car for the traffic lights to turn green, when I saw a young man's bicycle topple and fall against the side walk. The heavy load of cartons and other packages fell to the ground together with the cycle. Though, most of the cartons were tied to the bicycle, he obviously could not pick up the whole load on his own. Since, it was a busy road, he glanced here and there, hoping for some help. I prayed for someone to come to his aid, but without much hope. I was wondering what would happen to the young man, when I saw two men come out of their car which was first in line, waiting ... Read Full Story >>

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A Stalled Truck Presented an Opportunity to Help Out

 I was on my way home. It was raining and I could not see the street at all. While I was at a traffic light waiting for it to turn green, I looked to the right and saw an old man. He was accompanied by a young man, perhaps his son. They were trying to push their truck to switch it on again and when I saw that I started thinking "what if I were them?" If I had the same problem, I'd like someone to help me.

So I turned on the blinker lights of my car and stopped right behind their truck. I started helping pushing the truck so they could turn it on. Despite our efforts, it still wouldn't start. Suddenly I remembered the battery charger I used weeks ago to charge my car's battery and I checked my car's trunk; the charger was still there! I used it to pass electricity to the old's man truck and it finally worked. They shook my hand and thanked me.

I felt happy for them and satisfied for having the opportunity to help people.

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Sometimes Letting Go of A Five is Hard

I read online that many people were giving the first plastic five pound notes they received in change/from the bank to charity and then two days later I got one. I couldn't really afford to give it to charity but wanted to, but for a few days it stayed in my wallet while I tried to decide what to do. As I was traveling to visit some friends, a homeless man approached me and said he'd eaten nothing for two days. He assured me he never drank or took drugs and he seemed genuine. I normally don't give cash to people who ask; I'd rather just buy them food if they're hungry. But I remembered that 'fiver' in my wallet, so I gave that to him. He was expecting rejection, or maybe some loose change at best, so he had tears in his eyes and couldn't thank me enough. It was then I ... Read Full Story >>

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A Tennis Camp Deed Returned Months Later

Four years ago, I had the opportunity to go to a camp in the US. This camp was a high performance tennis camp. I trained a lot and I won three tournaments; it was an amazing summer. I met a lot of great people and I went to amusement parks which I loved. During the third week, one of my friends ran out of money and he couldn't contact his parents. As a result, he couldn't eat so I decided to give him some of my money. He never paid me back but I didn't care; I did it because he needed it. Two months ago, I went to a club in another city and I lost my wallet. I felt terrible and frustrated because it had all my money and my driving license and it was really important for me. After losing my wallet, I remember one guy touching my shoulder ... Read Full Story >>

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The Goldmine of KindSpring

This is just what I needed! I'm indeed grateful for finding this website. Throughout my life I've always loved doing for others...small things...leave money at a vending machine, pay for a stranger's breakfast, pay for the car behind me in the drive up, etc.

So when I found this website I was looking for some new ideas to pay it forward! I am a Flight Attendant and I fly many evenings. I plan on leaving a nice card and some chocolates for the next Flight Attendants! I hope I can start something contagious throughout our flying system!

Looking forward to reading more inspiring ideas from all of those who share stories here.

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  • Dec 28, 2017
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"Scan your items -- it's on me"

We arrived in Washington, DC and the first thing we wanted to do was stop to get groceries at the grocery store.

Once we gathered our items, we headed to the checkout and got in line. For some reason all the other lines were very crowded but we hadn't realized that the guy in front of us was having trouble paying. It seemed like forever, and nobody lined up behind us as it was clear this man was taking so long to pay. This didn't bother us so we waited on him to finish. Finally, he was able to pay. After he finished, he said "come on scan your items -- it's on me." 

I was very happy and grateful. We talked with him while everyone else finished. He told us we were very patient with him and that he thought that it was nice of us. I told him that it was even nicer of him to have paid for our food.

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  • Dec 27, 2017
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Following My Heart and Giving to Someone in Need

Even though this is not the greatest act of kindness, I still think that I was able to make someone's day brighter.

My family and I were enjoying  Sunday afternoon together. My father had just given me my allowance of 100 pesos, which I was planning to save in order to buy a phone case. That afternoon we went to church since we hadn't gone in a long time. We entered and sat on one of the wooden benches. Time went by quickly, and soon we were leaving.

Outside the church, there was an old, poor woman asking for money. She seemed to be homeless. No one was giving her any money, and I felt the need to help her. I remembered that my dad once told me, "You shouldn't give any money to people on the streets. If they want money so badly they should get a job.” I thought to myself, "there's no way this woman can get a job easily.” So I carefully approached the woman and gave her the 100 pesos I received earlier. At the end, she looked at me and smiled while saying "thank you.”

I really felt like I was able to improve that lady's day.

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  • Dec 26, 2017
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Thank You for Reminding Me to Breathe

While I was walking to the subway, I watched as a young man was inches away from being run down by a car. The young kid was walking aimlessly in the street but the person driving the car changed lanes and sped up purposely to hit him. I helped the kid up and realized he was noticeably mentally not well too.

I had a choice here, to help or not. I chose to help but to help within my limits. Once we cleaned up his scrapes, we walked towards the subway. I asked if he wanted to take some deep breaths with me; he tried but they were shallow and quick. I stopped and said I'd teach him. So we breathed in to five and out to five a few times before walking again, and he finally calmed down. He gave me a hug, took a deep breath, then looked me directly in the eyes and said, "I almost had to die today to relearn how to live. Thank you for reminding me to breathe."

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Playing Santa Is Our Gift to Each Other

I spent the afternoon with Mom wrapping presents for Christmas families. It took about 3 hours. The family room and dining room look like Santa's sleigh overturned here!

We have over done it...again. but it gives us so much joy! In one family, Mom is a domestic violence victim, so we have to meet her in a parking lot to deliver the gifts. Her current location is secure and secret. We brought presents, gift cards for dinner purchase and more. We hope it will take the burden off for a couple of days. We are so grateful they have let us into their lives to be able to share Christmas.

As I tell them, this is a very selfish act on our parts. We get so much out of doing this. It is what we give each other in my family for Christmas. We wouldn't have it any other way!

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