Stories of Kindness from Around the World

The Buddy Bench

Our students do not let their friends feel sad during our school recesses. When one friend feels sad, or lonely  they go to sit on the Buddy Bench. When another student sees them, they run over and take a seat with the lonely child. Sometimes they ask them to join in with an existing game . It works so well.

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A Ticket Home

I was on the bus on my way home and I saw two 10-year old boys. One of them found out he had not enough money to go to their destination, so I gave them 2 of my tickets for them to catch another bus. It made me feel good because I know they wouldn't be stuck in a unfamiliar neighborhood.

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Patch work quilts are done by the women of the Siddi Quilting Cooperative and are made from repurposed clothing remnants. Each quilter creates her own design by using a wide variety of fabrics, textures, colors, and patterns. Such a feast for the eyes!

The detailed and colorful “tree of life” painting on paper and the stunning piece of the golden birds painted on a deep blue silk fabric were done by the other group. Both groups are from India.

This gorgeous work is done, and sold at the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, to improve the lives of the families and the communities in which these artisans live. Truly, women working together can and do create wonders to behold!

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Traveler's Notes

At reflection points along the Pathway there are wooden benches where a "traveler" can leave a written message or drawing in the plastic bin where a notebook and some colored pencils are provided.

While on the car ride there (about an hour or so), I prepared some positive note pages to leave in the bins.

I am envisioning someone at each bench, reading the message placed there, just when needed; receiving the Peace dove, Rajni quote and Smile card in the Spirit of generosity and kindness.

We are after all just walking each other hOMe.

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Healing Smiles

Both of these women are from different artisan groups in India. Some the work of these talented groups is in the post below. Just look at their beautiful smiles! Both were so proud of their work and were more than happy to have their photo taken. We smiled a lot together as we communicated and shared our appreciation for their amazing work. There is no doubt, my kind friends, that smiles like these can begin to heal this world!

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Kindness - beats the heck outta me!

Bullies in a dorm had signaled out my freshman friend who was a very good-hearted and timid type to prey on. They stole all his dorm furniture, bed and all, and hid it. They not only denied doing it laughingly but refused to give it back for several weeks. Being an ex-marine, I threatened the whole gang to take them on one at a time, or all together, if they were as cowardly as I thought. They were too cowardly to even take up my challenge. But eventually, the strongest of them sauntered into the boxing room where my friend and I were having a friendly workout. The bully and I put on the gloves. All three of us knew that one of us two was going to go down hard, and we all knew why. I let the tough man who was much quicker than I work me over, putting ... Read Full Story >>

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Lessons of Humanity

We  have some tension in Berlin between Christian and Muslims. Today I observed a 30 year old Muslim getting off her seat for a 80 year old Christian to sit down.

And the next moment her male company, did the same for a feeble looking Christian Woman. While being amazed watching this, I realized I had never seen that before. It felt like a gesture of honor to rules outside one's own.

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It's A Splotch, It's Bird Poop, It's -- Wait , a Peace Dove!

I have a friend I don't see much. She lives across the street from my harp teacher. I saw her camper van parked in the street yesterday and I stuck a dove and a note on the window. She emailed me later saying that she saw this white thing on her window and thought it might be a big bird poop! She looked a bit more closely and discovered the peace dove (made from a bird book page, no less) and was delighted to find it was origami and not a big splat. She loved the little message and hung it in her van.

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Circle Of Care

As the flight was two hours delayed eventually bringing our extended family home, we spent the time in the Free Waiting Area of our local airport. This locale is frequented by Ride Share, Lyft,or Uber drivers, and many others in need of a free place to pass the time. We positioned our car next to a late model Jeep. the driver having her a/c fan on high, then silence ensuing. Soon she came out of her vehicle to ask for our assistance. Her battery had died. As my husband drives a Prius, his charging her car battery would not be a easy solution. We spied a large truck, full of water toys in the cargo bed (jet skis, inflatables, camping gear). Walking together in the dusky evening my husband, the diminutive lady driver and I approached the truck of the large truck hoping for assistance. Yes, indeed the truck driver had jumper cables, ... Read Full Story >>

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The Right Place, At The Right Time

I went to the convenience store at the gas station today. As I walked in I saw a homeless man that I have interacted with many times. I asked if he wanted me to buy him up something. He answered "trail mix" right away. When I came out and gave him the bag, he told me that before I pulled up he was just wondering what he'd answer if someone asked him if they could get something for him, and he'd decided on trail mix. Then, I showed up.

I told him that he'd manifested me to him right then. He appreciated that.

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Thanks Universe!

I don't very often have a full day off work. Today I did. I had a leisurely morning - went to the gym, walked the dog, fed my friend's cat, and thought I would pop into the office at Job number 2, to fill in my time sheet so I would get paid for the hours I have worked. I was thinking that I had worked less hours because the lady I job share with was working instead of me. I prayed then, that some how we would have more money coming in this month and envisaged money coming in to my bank account. I arrived at the office to see the main secretary looking very pale. She asked what my afternoon plans were, when I said I had the afternoon free she asked me if I could work for her, as she had really hurt her back. I was really ... Read Full Story >>

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Invisible People

If you have the time, check out an amazing YouTube channel that I recently found called "invisible people", it's a channel with hundreds of interviews of homeless people who share their story and how they survive day to day. The man who operates the channel was formerly homeless and has dedicated his life to helping the homeless. The name invisible people certainly suits the channel well. For indeed there are so many "invisible" beings whom are suffering everyday, both human and animal, and yet our society either pays for people to brutally treat and kill animals, or completely ignores and neglects those who are in desperate need. Occasionally, someone who watches the videos posted on that channel is near one of the people interviewed and is able to help in some way. Some of the videos are truly heartbreaking but it's important to see what people go through, we can't turn a ... Read Full Story >>

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One in a Minion

"Oh, we should get a bag like that!" the teen daughter told her mom as they passed by my shopping cart, where I had my Minion bag full of reusable shopping bags.

I pulled out all the bags and handed her the Minion bag, saying, "Here! Please, you take it!"

"I couldn't," the teen replied.

"I have lots of bags." and then, she accepted.

It was so spur of the moment that I forgot to give her a Smile card or a dove, but felt the bag and our exchange of smiles were enough.

Continuing to shop, we parted ways, but I heard her mom say "she just make your day, didn't she?"

How amazing that such a simple thing as an open-hearted give can have such an impact on someone!

Grateful to realize the gift of giving. You are all so one in a "minion," my kind friends.  Thank you!

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Joy Rocks

I've made some Joy Rocks for the Share Joys Project. Here are some my daughter made with me that I kept. The others we gave away.

The most recent ones include positive affirmations to encourage the finder to be their true self and share the joys forward. :)

Under the rocks was a message something like:

"This Joy Rock is made for YOU,
for all the goodness that you do!
Create more to put in a public place
and put a smile on someone's face."

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Rehmat and His Perfume

He smelled absolutely beautiful as he leaned across the table to pour my coffee. I later learned his name was Rehmat. He works in the hotel we are staying in in Fujairah, UAE. I couldn't resist it, I had to tell him his scent was beautiful. He blushed and humbly thanked me for my compliment. As I continued to enjoy my breakfast, Rehmat returned to my table. He presented me with his 'perfume'. There wasn't much left in it he declared but he wanted me to have it. Oh my!!! I was so touched!!! What a beautiful gesture; he'd gone to his bag and gifted me with his 'perfume'. Of course, I couldn't take this gift, it was too much. I got my friends to smell how beautiful he was. I decided that I want to give a gift to Rehmat. I went to my room and brought down a little Irish Celtic Cross ... Read Full Story >>

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Take A 'Paws' and Come Read With Sweetie

Sweetie is an aptly named canine Read-a-Loud partner who spends every other Friday of the month in the Children's Area of our local library. Earlier today, I was so fortunate to be nearby when she was partnering with a second grader who was reading a Magic Tree House mystery. Every time the child paused for Sweetie to acknowledge his good sounding out of the most challenging words, and his careful phrasing, she would softly lick his hand which was holding the book. With his mom in the background, Sweetie and the young boy shared a 10 minute partnership, and he was rewarded by Sweetie's rapt attention to his every word. Next Sweetie had an appointment with twins who took turns reading from a shared read aloud of poetry by Shel Silverstein. With each girl giggling over the words, Sweetie was seen to be smiling with her tongue lolling a bit as ... Read Full Story >>

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Ichi-go Ichi-e, "one time, one meeting"

I had an "ichi-go ichi-e" meeting on the subway ride home this evening with the gal sitting next to me.

We talked all the way home (a 30-minute ride!). It was like talking with an old friend and many laughs were shared. At the end, I gifted her with a peace dove and shared a touch on her arm and blessed her as I got up to leave the subway car. 

Also had an "ichi-go ichie-e" with a 93-year-old woman sitting at the table next to ours in the restaurant. She was so spirited and joyful that I leaned over and asked her what was her "secret" ,

It's so easy to make friends – all it takes is reaching out with a smile and sharing conversation. Grateful.

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Joann, The Pigeon and The NextDoor App

Many in our neighborhood use the Nextdoor app. The other day, JoAnn posted that there was an injured pigeon in her yard and she didn't know what to do. I was out of town, but after reading her post I suggested she visit my neighbor, as he has pet pigeons.

Sure enough, the bird was indeed his. JoAnn returned the pigeon with a bum wing to his family. I had never met JoAnn, but upon my return, I decided to pay her a visit and offer her some homegrown tomatoes and an avocado, to which she was surprised and pleased.

Without her compassion, this pigeon would have surely died. JoAnn had a choice to make when she witnessed this pigeon limping around her porch; do nothing or take action, making a post on Nextdoor, which she had never really used before. She put her trust into humanity and it paid off. I hope that I can be more like JoAnn when the opportunity to serve spontaneously presents itself.

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Three White Kittens

We had three wild newborn kittens outside our house. They grew up somewhere else but the mother cat brought them in at some point. The day came when the three kittens disappeared. We didn't  know what happened. We thought someone had liked them and taken them. However, a few days turned into a week. They were still gone. Then, we found the three kittens by pure chance, they were walking by the streets in a far area of the village very late at night. How they got here was beyond us; the village was very busy with a lot of cars in the morning. How did they get there while still being safe and still being together? We had no idea. Our guess was they had a habit of following one another. When one cat ran, the other two cats would follow. They were walking here and there, unsure of the direction but ... Read Full Story >>

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Smiles on the Ferry

Yesterday a few friends and I took a trip on a new "fast ferry". To introduce the new service to the public, the ferry was free for the month of July. We made the first half of the trip without incident and had lots of fun. But unfortunately when we were ready to return, we learned that the ferry had mechanical problems and would no longer be running that day.

This meant that we had to find an alternative way home. Fortunately there was another ferry we could take, but there was a charge for it. I spoke to a mother and her three children who were frantic because they did not have the money for the ferry and thus felt stranded. My friends and I gladly paid the fare for this family and bought them a treat on board.


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