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Unexpected Turn in Supermarket Parking Lot

I encountered a very nice act of kindness from another person. I was pulling up to park my car at a supermarket, but I hadn't noticed that across from me there was a car that had been there before me and was ready to park.

I apologized to the man in the car because I didn't see him, but he insisted that I take the parkingParking space levy | Office of State Revenue spot. There was no other parking spot and he waited for one to become available and then he parked. I thanked him and apologized that I hadn't seen him and he was happy to have offered me the parking spot even though he had to wait.

He was very generous and kind. It was such a kind thing to do.

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This Stranger Overheard Her Roommates and Her in Line and Jumped in to Help

Our daughter Ruth went to university on Saturday. I called her last night about a letter. She was very excited when I spoke to her and asked if I had a few minutes so she could tell me a story. She told me that she and her flatmates had gone shopping at the local supermarket. They were in the queue at the store and were debating whether they had enough money to pay for everything. A nearby gentleman asked if there was a problem. When they told him, he paid for all of their shopping. She said 'Mum we have a fridge and freezer full of food and it didn't cost anything!" It's such a welcome gift and an unexpected surprise isn't it? When we find kindness while not even looking for it! ... Read Full Story >>

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Hearts are Hearts

 I have grown up in a very open society where men can walk about in shorts and no tee shirt and women can wear bikinis and so it was very unusual for me to see so many veiled Muslim women in the UAE. Some only have their eyes uncovered. Long black Abayas touching the ground and some even wear black gloves. As this is so unusual compared to my westernised upbringing, it's easy to perceive that these females are not approachable and do not want to make contact especially with those who are not 'their own'. Yesterday was Eid, a very important religious celebration for Muslims.  Muslims came to stay in the hotel where I am living. There were about 5 veiled Muslims in the lift with me as I was on my way to my apartment. I approached my door and could not get the electronic key to work. I then noticed ... Read Full Story >>

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Under the Influence

I went grocery shopping with nephew Zach. On this particular trip, Zach was full of kindness ideas. He helped in choosing the store brand (for UPC donation towards charity), suggested we buy a few extra items for our local food bank, he allowed customers behind us in line to go ahead of us, and he bought the cashier her favorite candy and gave to her. Finally, for our environment, he bagged our groceries in own cloth bags:).

As we cooked, we rinsed the empty cans and set them aside for recycling, putting eggshells in our compost bucket.

Teenagers may not say much, but they are very VERY observant! Guiding by example, my friends, and with a little pie:)!


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Harp On This

Not so much smoke here this week so I made it to the nursing home with my harp. A lot of people were asleep that morning. I ended up playing for a sweet elder who was hugging a stuffed dog. She smiled and said yes, she liked harping. She would focus on my hands a lot and stare into space, jiggling her dog and petting him. She didn't sleep but kept looking into space and sometimes would smile at me. I asked her if she liked it. Oh yes. She said she would like it if I came back. I next found my elder gentleman friend in his room. He is the one who usually wants some harp. He keeps his door shut and windows open. His room is peaceful and fresh. As usual, I played for a half hour that flew by. This man always shuts his eyes and drifts. ... Read Full Story >>

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Taking the Time to Help

Today was my day to volunteer at the senior center. While in the bathroom, an older lady that I know was washing her hands, while also trying to balance herself and hold onto her cane. She was struggling a bit as she recently had hip surgery.

After she finished washing her hands, I could tell she was trying to navigate the cane, with wet hands to spin around and get to where the automatic towel machine was. So I went to it first, waved my hands so it would spit out the paper towel and then handed it to her. It's such a small thing, but she was grateful. Not a huge thing, but a little bit of kindness for the day!

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Delightful Encounter

One of our neighbors is helping to collect items for a friend and residents of an island stricken by the recent hurricanes. I was shopping today for items for this as well as for a Boy Scout in our community working on his Eagle Project.

While at the big box store, I became aware of a young mom with her toddler daughter. Mom was very engaged with her child as they shopped. I had to stop her to offer my appreciation for the fact that she was so engaged with her little girl. I know this is the way it should be, but I become so saddened when I see moms texting or talking on their cell phones and completely ignoring their children. I complimented her and told her wee one that she had the best mom ever. Mom said that I made her day, but truly, she made mine.

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We Can All Be Super Heroes

Today is "Twin Day" at our school site. Our amazingly kind and generous transitional kindergarten teacher has purchased matching shirts for all 11 of her girls, in order for each one to feel their own "connection" and "personal power". I just saw the line of 11 Super Hero girls with matching "Not Your Average Girl" shirts on over their other clothing interspersed with the twin pairs of  Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and a duo of Green Haired Hulks. Their teacher is wearing her own Super Hero Shirt that Says "We Are ALL Wonder Women". I love my job!   ... Read Full Story >>

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A National De-Monetization of Currency Leads to Issues at the Petrol Station

A few months ago, India declared de-monetization of its currency. For that period of time, it was very difficult to get cash from the ATM machines. All citizens were encouraged to use their Debit/Credit cards, Internet banking, and Online wallets for all daily transactions. This is where my story starts.  I was going to my office and stopped at a Petrol station to get petrol for my motorbike. I saw a person who was very anxious. When I took interest in his story he told me that he had filled his bike with petrol worth 200 bucks and then found out that his card was not operating  (Maybe due to network or card issues ). Immediately I moved forward and asked him to take the cash from me instead of feeling so anxious. He kindly agreed and accepted the cash. I felt peaceful after seeing him relax. Later he returned my money on paytm ... Read Full Story >>

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Two Small Words

I was standing in the checkout line behind a woman who looked to be in her 60s. When it was her turn to pay, the cashier asked how she was doing. The woman looked down and said, “Not so good. My husband just lost his job and my son is up to his old tricks again. The truth is I don’t know how I’m going to get through.” Then she gave the cashier food stamps. My heart ached. I wanted to help but didn’t know how. Should I offer to pay for her groceries, ask for her husband’s resume? I did nothing – yet. And then the woman left the store. As I walked into the parking lot, I spotted the lady returning her shopping cart, and I remembered something in my purse that could help her in a different but hopefully profound way. It wasn’t a job for her husband, ... Read Full Story >>

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Hospital Healing

The orthopedics floor of the hospital presented me with more incredible experiences. I knocked on the door of a room with an elderly Japanese woman in the bed. Her eyes were closed. A caregiver was there and told me "Pease come in and play. She is in so much pain." I played for awhile and the woman's breathing evened out, but then I stopped to chat with the caregiver. This caregiver understood music and sound healing without me having to explain anything. As we talked, the patient eventually began to moan and speak something in Japanese that the caregiver said was gibberish. This was done in a cadence. So I began to play "Flight of the Heron," which was in the same key as the moaning and I played with the same cadence. And then slowed. The woman stopped moaning and began to snore. I have experienced lesser moments like this ... Read Full Story >>

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Fierce Competition To Be The Kindest Inmate Inside A Women’s Prison

Fierce Competition to Be the Kindest Inmate Inside a Women’s Prison: Though constrained by the walls of the prison, these women still have a choice as to how they want to show up in the world. Story Credit: Good News Network Typically, kindness doesn’t top the list of survival skills needed in a women’s prison. But last week, inmates around the world who call themselves “compassionistas” teamed up to see who could perform the most acts of compassion, and competed other prisons and citizens in The 2017 Compassion Games. In previous years, as part of Compassion Games International, the prison inmates at the California Institution for Women (CIW) tallied 4,500 acts of kindness that included sharing food, cleaning each others’ living spaces, and helping apply sunscreen before going outside. Even when temperatures climbed to 108 degrees in the Corona facility in 2013, the women avoided irritable exchanges and encouraged one another to stay hydrated.“The Compassion Games allowed ... Read Full Story >>

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First, You Must Trust, Then You Can Act

I stopped to fill up my tank at the gas station. I saw a man walking around to people at their cars while they filled up their tanks, asking them something to which everyone shook their head no. I wondered what it was until he approached me at the end with a look on his face like he was assuming my answer would be no. “Sorry to bug you but I have to get to work and I am a few bucks short to make it all the way. Can you spare me some gas?” Due to skyrocketing housing prices in the area where I  live, many people do live 2-3 hours away from work, so I didn’t doubt him for a second. After I filled my tank, I filled the rest of his. He smiled and thanked me a few times. I handed him a Smile card and asked him to ... Read Full Story >>

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"Santa" to the Rescue

My colleague, Susan has a huge hearted hubby who is once again on the front lines of battling these current fires engulfing Northern CA. As a Chief Battalion leader his job is very dangerous and his time away from his family is often for weeks at a time during "fire season". Before he leaves, Ethan, Susan and each of the three teens hold one another and thoughtfully each shares the best of their traditions, each one promising to do the chores that will keep the family a well oiled machine while Pops is away. Ethan has brought back misplaced animals that are now added into the family fur family, including a fire scarred dessert tortoise, two parrots, and a small herd of Nubian goats. Susan keeps her cel phone on alert for Ethan's text updates. His white substantial facial hair often is mistaken for that of Santa Claus by children who are carried ... Read Full Story >>

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Learning More Than Physics

Now, you see I'm a  HUMONGOUS fan of style. Like  clothing, hairstyling, grooming, etc.  And also I Just ABSOLUTELY LOVE doing  these anonymous acts of kindness. So, why not link both of these interests and tag someone with a formal stylish looking shirt, I thought to myself? So I go to this gathering, where an uncle called Bala teaches kids physics in a very nice way; and I'm one of those kids. I had arrived to class before Bala Uncle did, so I left the brand new shirt on the his table after putting it in a gift bag. I also stuck a note it wich read  "TO OUR BALA UNCLE WITH LOVE FROM ANONYMOUS FANS! " After the class, I heard a voice say: "OH VERY NICE SHIRT...I'M DEFINITELY KEEPING IT!"  that was Bala Uncle's voice👔👔!    ... Read Full Story >>

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Soles from a Kind Soul

From The Love What Matters website:

So this guy comes in to buy a pair of shoes because his are literally falling off. Anyway his card wouldn’t work so he left.

15 minutes later he comes back in with a police officer and we’re like "Is there a problem officer?" The officer says, "No, there’s no problem...but if you still have those shoes I’d like to go ahead and buy them."

He and my co-workers split the cost of the shoes. There was no one else in the store and it wasn’t to “pretend” to care. Just a genuine act of kindness.

People are inherently kind! We just need to pay attention.

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Silent Witnessing of a Heroic Action

Today, I felt terrible. My head was full of problems and confusion. I decided to take a walk even though I didn't know where I would go. The most extraordinary thing happened when I was out on this walk. I saw an old man sitting on a chair. He was a seller of second-hand shoes. I thought he looked at least 70 years old. He seemed so tired and nobody was buying his shoes. I wanted to give him something but I had not brought anything with me. Then, a little girl came toward him. I heard the child say, "Grandfather, may I polish your shoes?" That old man took pity on her, smiled and he gave her a shoe to polish. The girl said, "I polish the shoe because I need money to buy my brother a new school uniform." I heard this and tears came to my eyes. The ... Read Full Story >>

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"Miss, I need a Minute of Your Help."

I heard these words as I finished up in the women's bathroom. The petite framed octogenarian in the larger handicapped stall was so sincere, very humbled, and crying ever so lightly. Feeling empowered, I was ready. As she had fallen into the crevice beside the commode, I made the decision to crawl under. After adjusting her undergarments, I assisted her in coming back to stand. She had tripped over her shopping bags by her feet. Together we did a brief once-over of each other's personages and then opened the door. I supported her weight briefly while she did a visual in the mirror. After combing her hair, putting on a new lipstick, straightening her jacket, she left the women's restroom ahead of me. Being alert to a diminutive angel in distress, and helping in adjusting her wings and halo -- what a blessed feeling.   ... Read Full Story >>

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Leftovers Of Kindness

I had the privilege of participating in Karma Kitchen in Berkeley for the first time today. I had a wonderful time washing dishes in the back and doing other tasks to keep the kitchen running smoothly. I entered the dining area only a few times to clear the bus bins but I could feel the community energy and saw only smiles on diners’ faces. But it was actually after the event was over that was the most impactful for me. We had a few boxes of leftovers after our volunteer family meal so we decided to pass them out to homeless people on the streets of Berkeley. I had so much fun running down the streets of Berkeley to find people to give boxes to! Although I was tired from a day of dishwashing, passing out these meals at the end of the day gave me a second wind of energy. One ... Read Full Story >>

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Attitude Of Gratitude

❤️ From the Love What Matters website:

✨"Meet my new friend Carl. House was totally destroyed by fire. Walking up his driveway with him this morning he sees a lemon from off of his burnt to a crisp tree, turns to his wife with a big smile and says 'Look hon, we can have lemon in our drinks tonight!' Amazing attitudes they had for losing so much. His wife said 'We got out alive and still have each other; we are blessed.' " ✨

(Credit: Clark Good)

❤️What a beautiful couple who have such an "attitude of gratitude"!

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