Stories of Kindness from Around the World

Santa Left a Gift

There is an older couple across the street one house over from me. They keep to themselves. I love their yard with rocks and neat rusted old things. I left a plant by their walk way about 6 months ago. They planted it. They have a small section of colored lights on their patio roof and a tree inside.

I made a glass Christmas ornament with melted crayon. I had a cute invitation card that had Mr and Mrs Santa saying we checked our list twice. I cut it and made it into a card and said Merry Christmas from Santa. I placed it on their patio this morning. Now they'll have a new handmade ornament to place on their tree.

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Foundation Building

There is a construction zone next door. I live in the inner city, even though I have a house, not an apartment, our neighbours are very close. We were woken up at 6.50am by loud voices - the concrete layers arrived 40 mins before they are legally allowed to start work. I decided that I wouldn't get out of bed to express myself (lol) but just to leave it.

A bit later, I went outside and the concrete layer apologised for his early start. He had left home early but there wasn't much traffic so arrived early. We had a chat about traffic, and the lack of parking in the street. All was forgiven.

For the rest of the morning I have gotten the royal treatment. They stopped cars from parking outside my house so I didn't have to lug my shopping up the hill in the heat, and even helped lift some heavy grocery bags for me!

I'm very thankful that I didn't get grumpy this morning, and my kind self was first.

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Train Controller and the Reggia Ride

I was in a foreign country. Even though I knew the country and the language and everything well, I might still need some other people to help me in emergency cases. I took a midnight train from the capital to where I lived. I was trying not to fall asleep as I would be home towards 2am, but funnily enough I fell asleep and opened my eyes while the train reported from the station I wanted to arrive. I went and talked to the controllers, one of them told me to get off at the next one and wait for the train to my city, which would not arrive until 4 in the morning. The other station was just shitty and too dangerous to wait alone for the next train. One of the controllers got off with me as he lived there. Then he told me he would not feel okay ... Read Full Story >>

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Celebrate Givers

This time of year there are always Bell Ringers for the Salvation Army. It was super windy and cold this past weekend, I droppeda donation when I went in the store. When I came out of the store, it was even colder. There was a Burger King across the street, so I went in and bought a large coffee and chicken nuggets. I figured it was a safe bet for someone to enjoy if they were cold.  I went back the the bell ringer, and handed him the bag. I said, it is pretty chilly here in the shade and I thought you might enjoy something warm.
He was totally shocked! I wished him a Merry Christmas and left. He was smiling.

I do this often, but don't usually post as I feel like I should be totally anonymous, but I thought if I shared my story it might encourage someone else to brighten another's day! Kindness does not cost a whole lot. I challenge others to do the same all year long, not just at Christmas. Wishing everyone who is reading a blessed day!

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Donating Bikes

Donating our bikes tomorrow to a local community help organization.

We bought them a few years ago, when we got our camper, thinking we were going to ride around the campgrounds. Not so :)). Much prefer to walk or hike.

They are like brand new and hope they will help make someone's Christmas a little happier :)).

I will miss the streamers and bell, but oh well :))).

Blessings of giving, my friends.

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Helping An Old Woman Collect Money

Last Thursday, an old lady came to my office and told me that she is in need of a good amount of money for the treatment of her only son who is serously ill. She was afraid of approaching others for collecting money. So, I collected some money from my office and other offices around and gave it to her. She was crying when I handed over the money to her.

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There Is Always Support

I watched a person struggle to go up and down the stairs during intermission at a play. The stairs had no handrail. After the play, I offered to be the person's handrail and she accepted. She had shattered her ankle skydiving and the recovery was longer and more difficult than expected.

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Coffee for an Angry-Looking Young Man

Yesterday, I let a very angry-looking young man pull in ahead of me at the coffee shop drive thru. I had decided that I would pay for the order of the person behind me when I was told that the "angry young-man" had paid for mine and said "Merry Christmas!" What a wonderful surprise and what a testament that appearances may be deceiving. This exercise in looking for, acknowledging, and sharing stories like these warms my heart so here's some love to those of you reading these snippets of joy!

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Extra Love On Correspondence

A while ago now I had these amazing stickers made up to seal all the random love letters I write.

They say "You Are Beautiful".

Because honestly we all are and we all need the reminding 💖

I also never post a letter, bill or any correspondence without adding an extra touch of love in the form of words, or a quote on the back.

Every letter is different and unique and I just write whatever is on my heart to write 💌

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Passing the Friendship Test

Sorting through some things the other morning I noticed I had multiple blow up pools, so offered one for sale on a facebook page for only $10. Within minutes of posting I had interest. A friend of mine was one of the first to reply and said she can pick it up later that day. Sold! A minute after speaking with her a man sent me a message and wrote the following "Stuff giving the pool away. I'll double it and give you $20". I replied to him straight away apologising saying i had just sold it and I cannot accept his offer. What he said and did next blew me away.... He replied saying, "I was wondering if you'd pass the friendship test over $20. You pass." He then asked if I had a paypal account and told me he would love to give me the $10 I had originally asked for the pool ... Read Full Story >>

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"There's an extra $10 on there for you."

Last week at a gas station something beautiful happened to me. I desperately needed to put a little bit in my tank... when I say little, I mean that I was cashing the $4 winning lotto ticket that I found buried in the bottom of my purse. (Which, by the way I was ecstatic to have found, but this wasn't the whole story) When I went to cash in the ticket and tell the attendant which pump I was on she asked me to wait for a second. I waited, not asking why. She then looked at me and said, "There's an extra $10 on there for you." I was shocked, humbled and grateful. All I could say was thank you, along with making the promise to myself to pay it forward and share the kindness.

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Designing for Kindness

When I visited my grand kids this weekend, they excitedly showed me the advent calendar their family had made. Each day had a kindness activity (in red ink) and a fun family activity (in green ink) Some of the family activities were combined with the kindness activities to reinforce the idea that service and kindness are fun. For example one day's activities are "make a hot chocolate mix and package it for gifts.-- then sit down and enjoy a warm cup of cocoa and a movie with the family."
Involving the kids in designing you own family's advent calendar is such a great idea and makes it even more meaningful.

Here is a sample free printable advent calendar::

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Music To My Ears

She didn't like us. Any of us. We didn't do anything to offend her and she didn't know us but that didn't matter, she still didn't like us. As new teachers in the Emirati school, we Westerners greeted her every day. She ignored us. She came into our rooms and  bypassed us as she shook hands with all the non Westerners in our staff room. Whenever we saw her, she avoided eye contact with us.Eventually, we stopped trying to befriend her. I won't say her nationality but her friends had been fired from the school, we had been employed in their place and that was enough for her to have nothing to do with us. Well after 16 months in the school we had a secret pal gifting. I drew her name from the glass jar and that meant she was my secret pal. My role was to buy her a gift and ... Read Full Story >>

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Offering a Seat for a Man and his Kids

My sister and I had planned to sit together for a plane ride our family was taking today. As we settled into our seats, we heard the flight attendant asking a woman a few seats behind us to move down one seat so that a father and his baby could take her place, which had an infant life vest unlike their assigned seat. The lady was rather unhappy with this, so I gladly let the man and his daughter take my seat instead, and moved to the front of the plane. My sister had plenty of cute stories from sitting with the baby after we landed.

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Leftover Garden Fruit

Thought this was pretty fantastic and such a great idea of kindness.

In Norway, when people have left over fruit from their own gardens, they bag them and hang them on fences for anyone in need of who wants. 

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"Would you like these?"

Was the recipient of an act of kindness tonight!

There was a knock at the door. A young boy from down the road. He attends the same school as my sons.

"Would you like these?" he said as he handed me an old school bag of his in amazing condition, filled with many items of school clothing.

"Yes, please, and thank you" I said.

This is such a thoughtful gift and one that will save me and my family a lot of money.

How blessed we are when kindness boomerangs back to us 💞

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Sharing A Train Seat With Another Passenger

Last Saturday, I was on a train during my journey from one state to another state. I had a reserved seat so I was very comfortable but in front of my seat there was a family who was traveling with little kids and had only one seat. They all had to cram into that one seat, and there was no space for the women. The weather was also very cold. I decided to move a little bit and share a fourth of my seat so that the women and their children could sit down and travel comfortably.

After having a seat, the whole family was very happy and had beautiful smiles on their faces.

Sharing increases happiness!

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Inspiring the Store Clerk to Donate

On Saturday, my wife went to an after Christmas sale and purchased $75 of stuffed toys for foster children that she will set aside for next Christmas. The cashier asked what she was doing with all of these toys. When my wife told her, she came around the counter, gave my wife a big hug and said that she would start doing the same thing for foster children. She said that my wife had reminded her what she was supposed to be doing.

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Random Snack of Kindness at a Basket Ball Game

My son and I went to a basketball game the day after Christmas. We went to the snack counter to buy a snack, we placed the order, and a gentleman that was in front of us paid for our snack. It was a total surprise for us and it took me a minute to understand what was happening. He was with his son and he told us that his dentist had given them the free ticket to the game and so he wanted to pay it back. He also wanted his son to show his son how to do good deeds. This was his way of returning kindness. It was a fantastic moment and I have decided to do the same starting now. Thanks to the 'Random Act Of Kindness'. I came across this website the same way. I'm so glad to be part of this community. Thanks for all your kindess. :-) I'm a teacher and this will be my first story that I will share with my students for the New Year.

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Kids Counting Pennies

There were three kids in the supermarket, counting pennies and trying to make cheap and healthy choices, I guess with limited finances. I had a $10 gift card in my purse, so I gave it to them. They were so excited! They kept on saying thank you, and said they were going to buy a box of ice blocks and give some to other kids!

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