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Do You Want to Get Lucky?

I gave out five lottery scratchers with a lucky penny to people working at my school today: playground supervisors, tech specialist, reading assistant and a custodian. First I asked what they would do if suddenly they won $1,000. Then I asked if they were feeling lucky. Then I gave them the scratch-off lottery ticket.

I heard "I'd invest it," "I'd put it in the bank," "I'd go to Hawaii right now!" Some scratched right away. Others saved theirs for later. I didn't see any winners yet, but I saw smiles and heard thanks.

I hope someone gets lucky.


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❤️ Feel The Karma

❤️ Feel The Karma ☕️

That’s Ro in the photo 😷. After I gave him a Kindness Kit (described here: we had a brief discussion over the beautiful origami gracing the cafe made by a talented customer.

Then Ro selflessly surprised me by giving me one!

Isn’t it beautiful? Even more so because it was given with a kind and selfless heart. ❤️ 

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Neighborly Kindness

Day 25: I've got a neighbor in her 90's...she's in way better condition than the woman in the illustration. Today I called to ask her if she'd like me to pick up any items from the grocery store on my weekly shopping trip. I brought and delivered her items. She appreciated it.


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Webmaster Provides Historical Information for Future Generations

I had the urge to get back into working on our family tree. I found a website bursting at the seams with historical photos of a town my father grew up in. I was tickled pink to recognise my grandmother and some of her own family members in pictures of days gone by. I also found useful snippets of information.

The man who ran the website asked for family photos and anecdotes for the website to help others with their ancestry research for that specific local area. I thought it was nice that he offered to look into the local parish records for free. He writes books on the local area and the proceeds go to charity, so I sent him a bunch of digitalised family photos spanning 50 years of the last century, and I shared some anecdotes which might help others. I also thanked him for his good work, which I see as a wealth of information for generations to come.


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Smelling Like Smoke

A grassfire tore through my community with the aid of 50 - 60 kmph winds. Officers helped by going door to door to fight the fire until the fire department arrived. I got involved when it breached a fire trail and started for some houses, one belonging to my nephew and his family. I arrived just in time to put out this fire that started right beside his house. Moving old furniture aside, I found an old bedsheet and dunked it in a puddle and used it to put out the fire. I was glad to save my grandkids, who each gave me a big hug, my reward. It was a very busy 20 minutes, directing fire crews to the right locations, getting dirty, and getting right in there to help. I am glad no one got hurt.


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Flower Shower for Office Staff

I asked the teachers at my school to ask their students to bring one flower to school today to build bouquets for delivery to our incredible office staff.  It's like a florist's shop in or office today.


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Tuned in to Help

I have a friend who got a small zither-like therapy harp a while back. I own this style harp as well. She fell in love with it when I played it and bought one for herself. She forgot how to tune it, so I told her bring it to my office. I tuned it up and showed her how. I was glad to be of help this way, and she seemed happy to have her instrument ready to play.


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Providing Teachers Sweetness

It's been a tough year for us all due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In education, we know it's been hard on the kids and their families. It's also been hard on teachers: learning Zoom and posting assignments online, teaching in hybrid, switching things up and teaching all kids in the classroom five days a week again. It's wonderful that we are coming back, but it takes a toll on educators.
I just wanted to give teachers a pick-me-up today in the teacher's lounge.


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Spouse Excels as Vaccination Caretaker

On April 8. my husband and I had our appointment for the Covid-19 vaccine. I was OK on the 1st day , but on April 9 I started to feel down and like I couldn't do anything. Every part of my body ached. I went through headaches. It made me frustrated, I had sleep disruption. I live far from my hometown so there was no one to take care of me except my husband, who was also going through the same problems after the vaccination. 

However, he forgot all his pains, aching, headaches, and sleep disruption. He only gave his best to take care of me. He dealt with our three kids, he arranged food and other necessities to comfort me, and on top of all that he gave his time, love, and devotion. This was his act of kindness towards me. He is a great father and a loving husband.

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  • May 8, 2021
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Neighbors Share Peace in Chinese and English

An elderly Asian couple often pass by when I am sitting on our front porch.  The woman is a sweet granny type. Both wear masks. He nods, she stops, and I can see the smile in her eyes.

They speak limited English, but we understand each other. We laugh together, and she likes the cats, too. I wrote out a short list of simple Chinese phrases to use next time: How are you?  It's a beautiful day, etc. My spouse picked up the phrases from his Chinese park friends.

I searched online for the English to Chinese translation for the word “Peace." I copy/paste/printed it out and cut it to size to attach to a Peace Dove for her.

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Friend Returns Care After Pregnancy Loss

A friend of mine miscarried. She never fails to leave a basket of candy, comfy socks, tea, etc. if she finds out I lost a loved one or hurt myself. Her actions are steadfast and true, and she does this even though we are not super besties. She cares.

I found her a card, some candy, flowers, and a bell chime handmade in India with a Hand of God carving and left them on her porch. Her dad caught me. I chatted with him and her mom. The friend was finally sleeping.

By the time I got home, there was a thank you in my messages about how it all meant the world to her.

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Amazing $100 Gift From Kindspring

Hi, my name is Jacob Cramer. I am a freshman at Orange High School. In 2013, I founded an organization called Love For The Elderly.   So many elderly people have no one to care for them, no one to look after them, no one to love them. When I say this, I am talking about pure, genuine love, unconditional love that exemplifies the ideals of kindness and devotion no matter what the circumstances may be.   The elderly have paved the pathway of success for my generation. They deserve to be shown appreciation and kindness but are often neglected. I am sure all of you have someone in your heart who has been at a nursing home or living facility. Think of them while I say this: they deserve the best and nothing but the best. The elderly are such a phenomenal group of people, and their radiating wisdom can most definitely be ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing Moments of Awe With Strangers

Have you ever been out on a walk and noticed someone standing very still, looking up at the branches of a tree or down at the ground? They are fully engrossed in what they are seeing. Do you stop to try and see what they are looking at? Do you ask them what they see? I have learned that there is always something interesting to see and hear about if I take the time to stop and ask. The first time I did this I was gifted with seeing my first bald eagle. The person who pointed the eagle out told me there was a pair who were always around the trail. I have not seen the eagle since, but I keep my eyes open. And just a few days ago I was walking home and saw a young man looking raptly upwards. I asked what he was looking at. He was ... Read Full Story >>

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Group Fills Gratitude Bags for Healthcare Workers

A small group from our church put together thank-you treat bags for employees of the local hospital.

Four of us have had our Covid vaccines and are past our two-week wait limit. In just over 1-1/2 hours, we were able to fill 240 bags.

Another group will be getting together to fill more. The four of us were overjoyed we could provide a service together.

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Tagged Clothing Donation

I had a lot of old clothes I felt were small but still in good condition. Instead of throwing them away, I gave them to an old man who was standing on the street. His clothes were torn and I could see his flesh. He looked at me and said, "These clothes are new with tags."

I told him better you than lying in my house. He had a big smile and said, "Thank you."

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A True Gift

Yesterday in a department-store parking lot, a homeless man approached my husband asking if he had a dollar to spare for him to get something to eat. We didn't have any cash on us, but I had, in my hand, a gift card with an unknown amount I was planning to use if we found anything we wanted to buy. The gift card was for the department store, where they had clothes and groceries and beer and whatever he might need.  I gave it to him. Later as I was shopping the grocery section, I ran into him with a female friend pushing a cart. He said the card had $25 on it and thanked me. In his cart, he had bread and cheese and some sandwich meat. His friend asked if I gave him the card. I said yes. She said, "Thank you so much. You don't know what this means for ... Read Full Story >>

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  • May 2, 2021
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Encouragement for a Classmate with Cancer

For the last two weeks, I have been working with one of my classmates to organize a fundraiser for our sick friend, who I've known since 1985 at the start of primary school. When she heard had cancer, she and her family were shocked, and she started treatments directly.

Raising money was a secret activity by our colleague at first because she wanted it to be anonymous. But in reality, our friend was happy to see us. We had fun for hours talking about our childhood memories. Twenty-four classmates were involved.

Since the fundraiser, she started sending her appreciation messages to everyone and posted photos with us on her Facebook page. We were happy to give her encouragement to keep going to her treatments.

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Supporting My Favourite Hair Salon

I was finally able to get a decent haircut after half a year of waiting due to the pandemic.  Hair salons have been allowed to open since the start of March, but they have been fully booked. My favorite hairdresser was off sick so her boss cut my hair instead.

The boss's young daughter was there, and she asked if she could put some hair wax on my locks at the end. She seemed quite proud to have a real customer.

With her Mum's permission, I gave her a chocolate Easter bunny with a five-dollar bill. I gave her mum, the salon owner, a generous tip and also supported her by buying some hair oil and moisturizer from a "sale basket." She acted a bit embarrassed and said "That's too much!" but I replied I'm not often there and am very happy with their services. May they survive the lockdown OK!

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Quarantine as Kindness

I am currently in isolation after having close contact with someone who tested positive for the UK Variant of Covid-19. I'm on day nine of fourteen and counting down the days until I can get cleared to go back to work. 

Choosing to stay home this entire time and not add to the problem, should I have this virus, is the best kindness that I can think of right now. I have my guitar, piano, books and art supplies to keep me busy, plus, movies and sports on TV. I tested negative on my last test, two days ago.

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Lessons from Lent

Where to begin? I'm coming off of a very interesting, eye opening and changing Lent. Oh, I gave up the usual: chocolate and junk food. I also minimized news that was not positive and cut back severely on social media time. I am committed to give up my prejudices about certain groups. In particular, towards the homeless and LGBTQ. The former was more ignorance and stereotypes, the latter...Ohhh boy, a whole lotta ignorance and just plain stupidity. I credit Phyllis Cole-Dai's book, The Emptiness of Our Hands, with helping me see the wrongness of my thoughts. And I journeyed through Lent with that book. This book is a true account of Phyllis and her friend, James, spending Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday on the streets of Columbus, Oh, experiencing homelessness. She went to be present to the people she met there...and their experiences are eye opening, and sobering. The most shocking truth in their experience is how, when ... Read Full Story >>

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