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This Time Of Year ...

This time of year has found us enjoying the late Summer’s bounty. Local markets and generous friends have offered us such gorgeous produce! Photo above is a very small portion of last week’s “harvest”. Most were eaten fresh, right from local fields and gardens. So delicious!

And, after a couple days of work, there are several bags of chilies, tomatoes, and peaches in our freezer. I used the eggplant in Greek moussaka. Enjoyed it with friends and family and froze the leftovers for another time.

So very grateful for Nature’s glorious bounty. So very grateful for local growers and generous friends. Also, very grateful for all the future sharings that this harvest has provided.

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Walk With Your Neighbours

One of my neighbours came back after her summer in her home country, she brought me lemons from her garden and sweets. I was really surprised!
She made me so happy, hadn't seen her in over 3 months and here hardly anyone really life...I invited her for a walk, checked the weather forecast and it showed rain until Saturday but this morning...oh such beautiful sunshine!
So I called her and off we went ... out together and I treated her to a coffee at the garden centre. She's probably almost double my age :-) but so full of energy! SO lovely to share, talked lots, I feel grateful and today...not so lonely. A very KIND day :-)

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Bellyful Of Kindness :)

❤️A friend of our from the park owns this local restaurant. We are very proud of his Kindness focus. I nominate him an Honorary KindSpringer 👍 “The streets of Brooklyn can be a very brutal and unforgiving environment for the homeless- especially in times of extreme weather events, and major holidays when most persons are home in a warm, comfortable environment spending time with their loved ones. For the last 10 years, Kemar Blake - the founder of Bellyful Restaurant and Bar in Brooklyn has been involved in a very noble project of feeding the homeless all across Brooklyn. Kemar uses significant personal occasions such as his birthday and major holidays to execute this initiative. In recent years, he has co-opted his young children to use their birthdays as well to engage in building a tradition that will positively impact the lives of some of Brooklyn's most unfortunate for years to come. This ... Read Full Story >>

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Beyond our Boundaries

There is a newcomer Syrian family in my community who have lost children and relatives during the war. I’ve assisted them in many ways and we are now close friends despite the fact that they are Muslims and I am Jewish. 

They’ve assisted me in return and we are now like family in kindness and friendship. Indeed, in our small Canadian city we took in many Syrian refugees.  Many of us also signed up to learn Arabic.
Although we are all very different, we have respected and honored
those differences through the Canadian philosophy of the individual being important, but within the group. Our group has expanded and enriched all of our lives.

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Morning Newspaper Delivery

On the bottom floor of my building lives an elderly active lady.

She makes prayer quilts for others, which have brought safety, comfort, and healing to others. She also made one for me because of my back problems. She saves the tabs of aluminum  cans to give to an organization that can earn money from them.

When she walks, she looks like she is in pain. She has severe upper back scoliosis, which makes one shoulder much lower than the other. It hurts me to watch her walk.

In the past, our elevator has been known to stop between floors, so she walks up a flight of stairs. I live by the front door of our building at the entrance. In the morning, I take her newspaper down to her and hang it on her door knob for her.

I don't always do it if I sleep late or have to go somewhere, but it is a little thing I do to help out.


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A New KInd of Bargaining

I happened upon a flea market today and even had enough time to walk through it. Most things did not catch my interest until I saw this coat. I asked for the price, figuring it to be around 35€.

The lady said, "5€,"
to which I replied,  "really!‘ 
She asked if it was too much.
"No, too little," I replied.
I tried it on and even thought it was a tad large, I just loved it and gave her 10€ and said, "I would feel bad giving you less."

Kindspring and small acts of Kindness have changed me. My relationship to money has changed. It felt so good to be able to offer her what I did. Whenever I wear the coat I will remember this and who I've become.


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Taking Time to Care

We're encouraged to be nice to other people. However, most people forget to be nice to their environment. Global warming is quite a big issue today in the 21st century.  Pollution causes greenhouse gases to stay in Earth's atmosphere, increasing the temperature of the globe, melting glaciers in the north and south, causing abnormal weather behavior. Simple things you can do every day can help preserve the Earth, prevent the extinction of animals such as the polar bear, and make the earth a better place to live for you, your children, and future generations to come.   Tons and tons of carbon dioxide are emitted by cars every day, contributing to the climate crisis. We need to take action NOW to help slow down or even eliminate this problem. There are many ways to help reduce global warming. Some ways are to carpool, take public transportation, bike, or walk. This saves you gas and money. ... Read Full Story >>

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If You Thought This World Was Small

[A while back, I wrote a story about my 9/11 experience -- One of a Thousand Stories to Tell.  The story took me two years to write, but I never realized that so many would be touched by it.  Thank you for all the heart warming comments.  Below is a follow-up story.] When I went back to New York in April of 2002, we went to the Port Authority Command Center to offer the money that our local firefighters had raised -- $31,600. They took us down to Ground Zero in 2 of their police vans to present the check. "Where are you from?" the driver of police van asked all of us.  I said, "Michigan."  He was very moved by what we were doing for them, and the families of the Port Authority Police would benefit a lot from the money. As we were presenting the check at Ground Zero, the Police ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Sep 11, 2019
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Aftermath of September 11, 2001

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, my friend Pamela and I founded United We Quilt to recruit volunteer quilters to make memory quilts for families who lost loved ones in the attacks that day.

Overtime 500 generous quilters were recruited from all over the U.S. and from several other countries. They were matched to families who requested a quilt to be made from clothing and/or photos of their loved one. More than 500 families were gifted with personalized memory quilts made with love. Here is a photo of such a memory quilt.

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Making A Teacher Smile

I downloaded your Smile cards. I then wrote small welcome back to school notes to my friends/colleagues at the school I work at. I included a smile card in the note. I just wanted to pass along a small kindness to them and thank them for the important work they do everyday in the classroom. I was so excited sealing these envelopes. It makes my heart happy to do small acts of kindness. Thank you for this wonderful, simple and easy idea.

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Pay It Forward Line

Hot day! Went to the local quick-e-mart for ice cream and got into a genial, “no you go first” debate with another customer. While waiting, a local told me her story and I admitted to being a newcomer. When I reached the clerk, I paid for two people behind me and started a trend. Even the clerk paid for someone! This is a good place! with kindness!

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More Than A Handshake

It was hot and overcast and yet, such a beautiful full day. We picked up my grandmother from her nursing home in San Jose and drove her to Watsonville where the three of us went to get a Shiatsu treatment (a gift from John). We used to go regularly but the last time I had taken my grandmother, she seemed to forget where she was and how to breathe while on her stomach on the massage table – it scared me so I thought perhaps it was better to just massage her myself the best I could. Still, what I can do is pretty cosmetic and she’s been getting weaker and having aches from sitting in a wheel chair all day so, I called Ben who runs the Shiatsu clinic with his wife and daughter out of their home and told him my concerns - I wasn’t even sure if ... Read Full Story >>

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A Woman Was Sitting ...

A woman was sitting on a curb with tears in her eyes. She appeared to be homeless, but the cell phone made me think otherwise. "Be strong girl. It's a beautiful day." She responded with a beautiful smile. Super easy to be naturally kind. For those that struggle, keep it simple.

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Tito, 2nd Picture. This ...

Tito, 2nd picture.
this is his poor body picture. he is all ribs and hip bones. he was used as a race horse until he was considered unprofitable, then he was sold to a farm where he was used every day, never loved. never properly cared for. and when they used him up they sent him to the kill pen.

But we've got him now !!
now that he is with us he gets lots of love every day, a specialized diet, he gets groomed (cuz he has rain rot, so his hair is falling out), vet check ups and everything else that goes along with it.
it will be very interesting to see this boy blossom.

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This Is Tito, The ...

This is Tito, the horse i am sponsoring. he looks very sad, i think he IS very sad. sometimes he just stands in his stall, unsure of what to do, who to trust. i am heading out in a minute for a little horse kindness.

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Better Than Strawberries

The cleaning ladies that my market friend uses were at her house when I went to pick her up this morning. They asked her to purchase some strawberries for them. This time if year is so past strawberry season. She didn't ask them if they had a 'Plan B' should there not be strawberries. Instead, at the market, she purchased a small container of cherries, blueberries and a darling bouquet dubbed "Gumball Bouquet" (just picture the contents of a gumball machine). She was going to let them pick an item in place of the strawberries that they weren't going to get. Kindness was in the air this morning.

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Green Bean Kindness

It's Saturday morning. I went to the farmers' market as usual. Our garden green beans are pathetic, so I was on a quest to find some there. Found what I wanted, but the containers were HUGE. I asked one of the vendors if I could have a handful and handed him my small container. He overfilled it much to my protests. When I asked him what I owed him, he said that he had dropped more on the pavement this morning than was in my container. There was no charge. What a unexpected gift!

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How I Feel

Dear Soulkins, I was drawn to KS back in 2012 because I liked finding a platform for sharing kindness stories.....Am I the only one noticing, and concerned, that our KS Community Feed has been moving in a direction not in line with its intended use? Some posts lately, while dealing with topics very worthy of discussion, are not within the website guidelines, which include (from KS FAQS): ❤️“The objective of this site is to spread kindness. Please keep all content you post focused on the topic of kindness and your experiences on doing acts of kindness or receiving kindness from others.”❤️ It’s not a dating website. Nor a mental health website where these sensitive matters are best held by professional and trained supporters, in my opinion. Perhaps other forum websites, or, private KS messaging would be more appropriate for things folks want to discuss that fall outside the intended purpose of this space? This is how ... Read Full Story >>

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Love Beyond Labels

Last night, when I went to see my grandmother, she was sitting alone at the nurses station with her word search book (when my grandmother, who has dementia, came to live here over 5 years ago, I tried many things to keep her occupied – painting, magazines, crossword, music, coloring, mazes…but it was only her word search book that kept her interest…the one thing her mind could follow – she began to think of it as her job; it kept her from wandering – over these 5 years, I have gotten her the same BIG EASY WORDSEARCH book at least 17 times… each one has 100 puzzles and she does them all. Recently coloring simple pictures like fishes has gotten her attention too)….. SO my grandmother was sitting at the desk with her book but no pencil just staring at the letters as if she was trying to find the word. ... Read Full Story >>

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❤️ Kindness for Self....Learning to Say No Even When It’s Not Easy... I find it hard to say no to our neighbors when they ask us to do something for them, when they are going to be away from home for an extended time , even if what they are asking us to assume responsibility for causes me anxiety & stress. I find it hard to say no, because we know one another for a very long time and they are wonderful people. Today I decided I just had to stop struggling mentally over the latest favor one of our neighbors asked of us &, although it was really difficult for me, say sorry but I can’t assume this responsibility, as it’s just too much for me. Whew! It was liberating! They were very understanding about it & gracious. Then I found this blog, “Learning to Say No Even When Its Not Easy (link ... Read Full Story >>

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