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Is Anything Ever Really Lost?

Is Anything Ever Really Lost? Somewhere between the bookstore and the car, I lost my favorite winter hat (green and sparkly). I like to think someone in need will find it, maybe along with those gloves I lost a week or so ago? :) Over the years, I’ve lost an assortment of things. Some have reappeared later, some have not, and that’s ok. Grateful to have enjoyed them for a while and grateful they were then shared through the wisdom of the Universe. Occasionally, I deliberately “lose” something, like the $20 bill to a pre-teen boy in the dollar store, who was buying holiday gifts for his family and from the way he was tallying up the cost, was obviously short of cash “I think you might have dropped this?” I asked him, handing him the money. He looked surprised and protested, saying that he didn’t think so. With a big smile, I assured him ... Read Full Story >>

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A Hungry Stranger

Many years ago I was traveling to our home in Calabash, NC all alone from Charleston, SC.
I needed fuel so I stopped at a gas station/convenience store. As the car was filling, I saw a young man going from one car to another asking for money for food.

I was hoping that he would get to me soon because I wanted to help him. No one gave him anything and I couldn't wait to help him. My car was full and as I attended to it I saw the guy heading toward the road with his head slumped down.

I quickly ran to catch him and took him into the store. I quickly looked to see what kind of food was available and picked out 2 hotdogs (everyone likes hotdogs-right?) Then found the cold bottled soft drinks and gave him his choice. I then paid the cashier and went on my way.

What struck me the most was that the stranger never came to me on his own. I so wanted to help him!

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Crossing Paths with an Angel

Today I was at a food pantry where they give people food who can't afford it in the community. I'm in that category, and was homeless for about eight months last year. As I was waiting to be called to get some food, a lady across from me said, "Hey, you look familiar." She asked where I worked. She looked familiar to me, too. It dawned on me how I knew her. When I had just found a home after being homeless, I was still struggling for basic things. I went out and held a sign asking for help. She was one of the people who stopped and talked to me and gave me a hug and some money. She was such a nice lady. She has been going through a lot of trouble, too. She was in a severe car accident and had to have brain surgery. She lost much of her ... Read Full Story >>

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Helping Outward, Looking Inward

“Would you like this radish?” Leela asked in all earnestness. Though radishes are not a part of my diet, it was an offer I could not refuse. First, it was the biggest radish I’ve ever seen. Secondly, she grew it herself. Finally, aside from its sheer mass, the radish was all the more weighty because Leela is homeless. Since the top of the pandemic, I’ve been regularly delivering food to a homeless encampment about a mile from my house. For those who don’t understand homelessness and never meaningfully engage with their brethren on the street, counterintuitively the last thing they need is food. Yet food is the wrapper for the real meals that I deliver: a bit of love sandwiched between humanity and humility. Making love the primary ingredient takes work on the wrapper, but most importantly, work on the cook. For the wrapper aka actual food, I prepare almost all of it ... Read Full Story >>

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The Most Amazing Person Award

I am "older"; not ready to say the "elderly" word.
A large snowstorm is upon us. I was dressing to go outside and to shovel a little to get to my two flocks of chickens and start a spot for the dogs.
Shovel early and continuously, and it's not so much heavy lifting.

As I am putting my boots on, I hear someone is running a snow blower.

It sounded close. My neighbor was outside clearing MY driveway! (It is 175' long!) When he finished my driveway, he cleared his way to another neighbor's place who has a driveway twice the size as mine. He cleared it.
My eyes are leaking! He (and his whole family) touch my heart repeatedly in ways it has never been touched. He deserves the Most Amazing Person Award. My heart spills gratitude. What a wonderful feeling he spreads to so many.

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  • Feb 20, 2021
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Kind Neighbor after gusty winds

I experienced the kindness of my neighbors and feel blessed to be their neighbor.

We usually just wave and say 'hi' occasionally and nothing more. This week there has been a downpour of rain in our area and also flash flood warnings have been issued. As gusty winds blew throughout the day, part of our wooden fence, about 6 feet of it, came down and the wooden planks had fallen down.
I had been thinking of getting it repaired for the last 2 days, and was wondering who to call.To my big surprise, I saw today through my window that it was fixed, and the wooden planks were all stacked and were standing sturdy and strong, well-connected and nailed up all the way to our small entry door.

This was a very kind act by my neighbor and my family is moved by their kindness. I will soon send them a thank you note.

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Bus Driver's First Day

Yesterday I was waiting for the last bus to go to my mom's house. As the bus terminal was undergoing renovations, the buses had to be parked on another street close by. Time passed and still no bus.

Everyone was getting irritated. It was dark and cold out. My irritation soon turned into anger though, mostly because I was just getting over  laryngitis and needed to get indoors. Half an hour passed and the bus finally arrived. We learned the driver was brand new and had gotten lost.

The regulars on the bus, including me, knew the route by heart, so we guided the driver step-by-step to where the stops were, where to turn, and how to look out for people wanting to board. I love the kindness that was shown to that man that night.

First days can be intimidating. I hope we all eased it for him.


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The Gift Of Words

I love my life and what I get to do every single day...leave impressions on young minds :) I received this gift of an email from a student a while back <3.

"I am really sorry for crying today; it was mainly because I was afraid my mom was going to get really mad (she told me this morning that if I broke my water bottle, she would be mad because it was rather expensive and then someone broke it).

But, I am really thankful that you were so nice and gave me a slip from the positivity jar; it really cheered me up and helped me get through the rest of my day!"

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Gift Cards for Vets

We stopped at fast food restaurant in Alliance, Nebraska, USA for a quick breakfast on our journey home.

We noticed a table of veterans drinking coffee while looking swanky in their veteran baseball caps. We bought each a $5 gift card and thanked them for their service to our country.


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Jacket for a Veteran

I delivered clothes and food to the homeless veterans' camp. One of the items was a rain jacket I really liked and hadn't had long. Yet I had another jacket, so it did not feel right to keep two.

The first thing pulled out of a bag was the jacket. A young man held it up. I said it looked as if it would fit him. He didn't want to take it for himself before finding out if someone else wanted it. Finally, he was convinced that he could keep it. He put it on, it fit, and he got tears in his eyes while thanking me.

He said the most waterproof thing he had was the short-sleeve shirt he was wearing. He didn't own a jacket at all, and it was cold and rainy. I was grateful to see how much the jacket meant to him. I love sharing.

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Knitting Socks

I was on the bus today, reading a book for my class. Shortly after an elderly woman sat next to me. About five minutes later, she pulled out her knitting stuff.

Occasionally I glanced at what she was doing because I was curious. She noticed me watching, and she told me she knitted socks and hats for the homeless. The sock looked amazing, cozy.

I liked the cause, so I pulled out $5 and gave it to her to use for more yarn. She seemed surprised and grateful. She said she relied on donations. It is amazing what some humans can do.

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Family Generosity During the Covid Pandemic

I offer a big thank you to the kindness of our family and friends. I was diagnosed positive for Covid-19 on Monday, January 11, 2021.

My partner and I stayed home in quarantine. We had several family members drop off food and cleaning products, and go grocery shopping for us.

It was very sweet.

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Waiting to be Filled

If it's too late for me to walk all the way to the beach each day, I will walk a mile and a half loop in my neighborhood.

On these days I see these two jars on a low wall and I always think there needs to be something in them. Last night I decided I would fill one.

I made 16 kindness scrolls with different positive affirmations, rolled them up, stuck them in a jar and made a label telling passerby to take one and to make their own for the other jar should they feel so inclined.

I hope it catches on. #AprilRAOK

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Helping Girls Continue Their Education

I helped some girls with their educations. Their parents work in a leather factory.
Due to financial problems, the girls had to stop going to school, but they need higher education.

Last Sunday I paid their school fees and gave them an opportunity to complete their dreams.

The girls seem happy and have restarted their studies. I saw beautiful smiles on their faces and brightness in their eyes for a better future.

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21-day Stuck At Home Kindness Challenge

21-day stuck at home kindness challenge.
Last week at work, we were asked if we knew of any planned activities suitable for the many children who are stuck at home these days. I was fortunate to know of a couple of bird/nature events happening which everyone can take part in just by looking that their garden, so I quickly suggested these.

I wondered afterwards if there was anything else that I could do, and then, over the weekend, little by little, it came to me that it would be lovely to run a 21-day challenge here at Kindspring, that children no matter where they are can sign up to. So, last night, I got together with my daughter, and we wrote out a list of kindness activities which children could do either at home on in their local area.

So keep your eyes open for the challenge, I hope to run it before the end of the month, or possibly 1st Feb.  Kids only!

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Helping Daughter Sleep

My young daughter couldn't sleep earlier this evening so she called me in. I sat with her for a while asked her what was on her mind. Nothing much, she said...the book she's reading, whether or not the snow will lie...small stuff like that. When she was back in bed I prepared to do a guided meditation with her, and I began to speak about one I'd been listening to lately, one about balancing my chakras. Of course, I first had to explain chakras. She asked was it a bit like our prayer flags. Well, that was a good place to start. During the conversation we began to speak about integrity and self-worth and this led to us talking about how we each of us in this world is an amazing and awesome being. I compared her to the snow laden trees, the birds, the stars and the galaxies. We spoke about ... Read Full Story >>

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Tyden and the Turtle

My nephew Tyden and I were attending another nephew's birthday at a local amusement center. It was the kind of place were you get tickets for scoring points on the games and then cash them in for prizes. Tyden won a jackpot of tickets, so we went to cash them in and select his prizes. I was feeling nostalgic because my loved one and I had our first date at this center and had exchanged little trinkets from the showcase. I noticed a turtle and remembered my partner loves them. I asked the young man behind the counter if I could just purchase the turtle without tickets. He said unfortunately that was not an option. I decided I needed to win 350 tickets. I left Tyden at the counter to finish choosing his prize with his grandma. I bought game tokens and entered the games room with all the delighted little faces ... Read Full Story >>

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Never-ending Ripples

There is a lot of talk about spreading the kindness ripples. And isn't it amazing when you see it happen with your eyes. I have observed a few ripples and wanted to share them with you:  1) About a year and a half ago, I visited my old school and on the "tour" noticed in the gym restrooms that somebody (a schoolgirl going by the handwriting) had provided a box with sanitary and little freebie care products for girls. I took the idea to my workplace and was pleased to see that the box grew AND the idea has spread to other restrooms!!!  2) Recently I noticed that there is somebody who posts the repetitive and similar  posts extremely regularly but doesn't get any smiles on some days. So, I made an extra effort to give them lots of smiles for each and every post and I have noticed that others have ... Read Full Story >>

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Uh Oh! 😊 Learning From Any Situation

Dropped a box of beads (thousands!!!!) on the great room floor as I was preparing to work on more “Hold On” sun-catchers. Both MisterM and I where shocked by the noise and the subsequent scatter :). It was one of those moments where we took in the scene, looked at each other in stunned silence and then laughed, knowing it would take us both working together to get all those beads picked up (and some were teeny tiny). On the floor, on our knees, ruffling through the carpet, it struck me how this situation was a metaphor of life. How working as a team we have been able to sift through all those scattered challenges and struggles, keeping a sense of humor about. Because, let’s face it, we are not in this world alone. We all need someone in our corner, helping when things seem insurmountable :))). *MisterM vacuumed up the last few beads and ... Read Full Story >>

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Litter Pick on an Icy Hill

I took a walk up East Lomond Hill this afternoon with my children. We were all wrapped up in waterproofs. The thaw was on and the packed snow had turned to ice.

The children had a great time sliding back downhill on their backs getting completely soaked yet not caring in the slightest.

I noticed a few pieces of broken plastic sleds around on the way up, but fortunately, I had a bin liner in my coat pocket, so I had an impromptu litter pick on the way down while the children slid here and there.

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