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Kindness Through Simplicity

I was recently moved to another elementary school in order to help out in a few programs. After the first week, I ran into the custodian who thanked me for the most simple task...stacking chairs in my classroom at the end of the day. Something as simple as that makes his job of sweeping/mopping the floors a much easier task.

Here he was thanking me, when it should be the other way around. It got me thinking about little things that I could do that would make a bigger difference for others. Today, while grocery shopping I came across a bunch of poorly put away shopping baskets. I noticed that if they were poorly put away to begin with, people were more likely to continue with that trend. So, as I put mine away, I fixed the stack neatly, which may encourage others after me to do the same.

Keeping my eyes open for more simple acts of kindness!

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A Gentle Healing Touch

“Please, go ahead of me,” I told the woman behind me in line at the post office. “I have an overseas package to mail.” “You sure?” She replied. “I’m in no hurry.” “I’m sure. This package is going to South Africa, which will take some extra time to post.” The woman, elderly but spry, nodded her ok, as she stepped ahead of me, still keeping a little distance. “Oh, I’m glad we don’t have to be so far from one another anymore.” She commented, shaking her head. I sighed, saying, “It’s like we all lost 2 years. I don’t know of one family who wasn’t affected.” We both stood silent for a moment, in respect for those who suffered, those who passed. Tragically coincidently, flags all across the country were at half mast — marking the one millionth CoVid death in the USA. That dear woman, reached out and patted me oh so gently on the cheek, ... Read Full Story >>

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Acknowledging Another's Kindness

I was driving to a meeting and there was a delivery truck in front of me. This delivery truck stopped in the middle of the street and allowed an elderly lady to cross the street. I am used to delivery trucks driving straight ahead and not stopping for anyone. So as I am encouraged by people here on KindSpring, I called the company where the driver works at (you know the sign on the truck that says "How do you find my driving?") and told them that he is a great driver because he let the elderly lady cross the street and gave them the number of the truck that is posted on it.

Maybe this number gets a lot of complaints but I wanted this driver to be recognized for his good manners and driving. The customer service lady was thankful that I called and let her know about the driver.

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Food, Friends, and Visiting

We were invited to dinner at a friend’s home. Our contribution to the soon-to-be delicious meal was a bottle of wine & a cinnamon babka. They are generous, gracious hosts & the chef loves to try different recipes & takes pride in her presentation of the table.

While there I went upstairs to their 97 year old mother’s apartment to visit her. It’s not often an easy visit as she has some dementia & tells me the same stories each time I visit, but I listen to her as if it’s the first time I’m hearing her story. I try to cheer her up a bit when she goes to a sad place. Most times I can get her to smile, or even to laugh. ❤️

It was a relaxing evening with old friends who live nearby. Grateful. 🙏

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Repair Before Replace<3

I treasure the time I get to spend with my mom, even if it seems that I spend more time fixing things around her house than visiting with her:(.

Today her refrigerator was on the fritz, so I did my best to troubleshoot the problem. Before I  throw anything away I will always try to repair it myself. What harm could it do? After watching a few YouTube videos, I gathered the correct tools, along with all the determination I could muster and with the help of the universe, we were able to get her refrigerator up and running beautifully!

One less item at the landfill 💕

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Do It Double! 💕

Filled not one, but two bags as our donation for today’s food drive, sponsored by the NALC (National Association of Letter Carriers). It’s back after a two year CoVid absence. Grateful to be a part of this worthwhile event that helps stock local food pantries!

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Annual Trash Clean-up

Mindyjourney and I did our annual trash pickup today, from our road to the main highway, about a mile and a half segment. We collected one large bag of the usual items: empty water bottles, beer cans, fast food containers and the like. Mindyjourney did the hard work of picking up the trash, I drove the UTV vehicle.

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Opening Up

An acquaintance of mine, who is quite ill and has been withdrawing quite a lot during the last 9 months (not only towards me but towards all of her friends and acquaintances), finally responded to my messages.
We agreed to meet again, so now please cross your fingers that she won't again cancel at the last minute. I keep my fingers crossed. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

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Leave the Place Better Than You Found It!

Went shopping with my sons today and as usual the changing rooms were in quite a state of mess. So I picked up clothes from other cubicles that were not ours.

It’s nothing special, don’t thank me. To me it’s common decency to leave a place the way it was when you arrived and not litter or leave mess everywhere.

Grateful for hands and a heart willing to pick up another’s mess.

And grateful to have snapped a cheeky photo of eldest son and I 🥰

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Earth Kindness

Took a walk along my country road today to see how the cuttings I'd stuck in the ground were coming along, or to see whether they'd survived or not. They have! It must have taken root as the buds have healthy little shoots growing.
It is so easy to do. Take a cutting 12 inches or more long, stick it in the ground, water it if you can. Hey presto! Elder work the same as Willow it seems.  Can't see to upload a picture :(

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Feel Loved

Today I got a mail in my mailbox from the United States. I am grateful. Mail comes to my town once a week, temperatures have been 101-105*F for the past week so I didn’t go on Monday like I usually do. Went this morning early. I feel loved.

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Gratitude and Relaxation 🎈

After 47 days of agonizing wait, M saw to it that the final outstanding sum was identified with the Telecom company within 4 working days. Phew 😅

I handed my favourite incense box to this young lady who put my stress to an end. I sat in the Basilica nearby for some time and felt overwhelming gratitude to the Divine for settling this finally. Took another route to sight-see my city and bought hot snacks on my way back home for both me and mum. Now is the best time to curl up like a cat and sleep 😴

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Benevolent And Caring Universe

After a stressful morning yesterday, just when I felt a great need for upliftment the Universe sent two kindnesses to us almost simultaneously!

Within a minute or two of each other kindness came a calling ☎️ & a knocking 🚪

Friends called to invite us over for dinner & while on the phone with them, the doorbell rang and our neighbor brought over her Friday full course meal!

I smiled to myself and felt gratitude 🙏

❤️The Universe is a great reader of souls.

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Start By Believing

You have no idea how powerful the words, "I believe you" can be.

I am honored to have had my story chosen to share among other survivors by this terrific organization.

Survivor Voices
End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI)

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Kindness is healthy

Thought I'd share this with you. My students, as one of their assignments, need to do a slide presentation about April Random Acts of Kindness. There's a bar graph and a pie chart that show the types of kindness they did (gave, said, did).
The last slide was about what they learned in April. I got cool things like:
• Kindness is easy.
• It makes the world better.
• Kindness makes people happy.
But my favorite that a few students put on their slide was "Kindness is good for our bodies and helps us live longer." What?! They were listening? ❤️

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Making Friends

Wednesday Park Adventure

So, today I smiled snd shared a hearty hello to a very petite, elderly Asian woman, whose face truly lit up (thank goodness I had sunglasses on, lol! 🕶).

She told me she’s from Taiwan 🇹🇼 , here in the States 40 years. Her name is Cecilia & she’s very ‘with it’….she asked me if I ever heard the song Cecilia 🎶 I sure did…it’s one of my fave songs by Paul Simon.

She shared “no one smiles of says hello to her” in the park. Well Harv does & so do I 👍

She’s so adorable…a little munchkin who walks around our local park most days.
Glad I got to say hello to her today 😎

Simon & Garfunkel - Cecilia (2021 Remaster) - YouTube

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Origami Peace Doves

As I got my appointment date yesterday, we went to Open House. We've not been a few weeks so Richard was going to make the donation for food and drink because the card reader wasn't working last time we were there. He went to post something first and when I got in the building - Lorna was coming out the office and after she finished talking to the lady - I went into the office. She and Lauren both put their masks on which was so thoughtful. I told them about my appointment yesterday.

Before I left i gave Lorna some of the origami doves Mindy sent me. I knew she would like one herself so I said if you run out let me know and I'll bring some more.

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Unexpected Returns

We live next door to two ladies. Meg and Lexi. Both widowed, both in their late 70’s possibly even 80’s. I don’t know them very well, I don’t even know if they have children or are mothers. But I felt really called and inspired to gift these two lovely ladies. So last night I wrote out on the most beautiful hand painted card of tulips words of love and appreciation, and at 3pm today went over to gift them both.   Turns out I was the one blessed back. Lexi noticing my voice and after explaining to her to keep her distance (as I have symptoms of a cold throat tickle and sneezing) goes to her fridge and pulls out a jar of something big and yellow. It’s “quinine” she tells me. During this Covid season I’ve always got a batch on hand. I look at her with a facial expression of “what the?” And she explains ... Read Full Story >>

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Happy Spring!

Noticed a park ranger working hard to repaint some benches....went back to bring her a bottle of water. She said "are you sure?" and I said of course and thanked her for what she was doing. At the grocery store I had too many items for the "express" checkout lane so I was waiting in the next line when the cashier for the express waved me over and said "if you help me bag, we'll get this done quick" --I looked around and there was no one else waiting for her line so I said okay, and then I told her that I usually bag my own groceries anyway! She said " I know you do....I remember you always help, that's why I waved you over--not everyone does" I was so touched! I was through her line in two minutes! Organizing a block party for next weekend to send off a neighbor ... Read Full Story >>

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Sweet Treats


This is Sharon. Sharon and I made a quick dash to the shops to buy ALL of the 
Ferraro Rochers they had left in store.

We packaged them up with the Sisterhood girls from our church and sent them to refugee mamas who recently landed in Australia.

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