Stories of Kindness from Around the World

Supporting our Library

Our library is opening today, with first protocols in place!
They have been super supportive with curbside service, free materials to make masks , online story time for children, as mediators for Kindness Cards to gift seniors, etc...whatever the community needs, they continue to find a way to encourage.

I sent them flowers as a nice way to express our gratefulness and to also support our local florist  — who gave out Karuna Peace Doves along with bouquets on Mother’s Day 🕊.

We are the blooms of kindness, my friends! Each of us in our own loving way encourage and support those around us.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

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Small Things Make Big Tokens

I went to the dollar store yesterday. The cashier wasn't the friendliest. As I was walking out I saw something I wanted to buy. I got back in line.

The guy cashing out told the cashier "you have a look like you want your day to be over.” She said it was her Monday. I wanted to say so badly that well it doesn't mean you need to be grumpy (but I kept my mouth quiet).

I thought maybe there's more to it than just that. I got to the counter and quickly bought a Kit Kat candy bar. She handed me my change. I gave her the Kit kat bar saying " this is for you. Hopefully it will make your day go better." Her facial expression completely softened, she smiled and said "thank you. I thought she was going to cry.

I think sometimes just a small token of kindness can make someone's day.

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Part Of The Chain

MisterM and I volunteered to be a part of the human “chain” unloading food from a special delivery flatbed truck to inside our community Food Bank.

Up the stairs, either in pantry 1 or took every one of the 30 volunteers to get the boxes inside before the storm hit.

A total of 6000 lbs of food was donated by Church of the Latter Day Saints!

That’s a whole lotta food! And every pound was carried by each of us — links in the chain of human kindness to help those in need.

So very grateful for our supportive community, all those invisible hands that grew and processed the food, and the beautiful bounty of Mother Earth 

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Adopted high school graduate

I "adopted" this high school graduate yesterday. There was a place online locally where I could choose a graduate who had not been "adopted", contact his family, find out what he likes and surprise him with a basket of goodies.

I did this for Travis who loves the ocean, the color green, avocados, and was born on Independence Day. It was such a treat to see his face when we surprised him (we wore masks). :


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Lessons from Lockdown

Enjoying a coffee and cake in a cafe - last time was on 14th March!!! Strict regulations but it's nice to get back to normal. The quote in the post below ("Eco-wake up call") has prompted me to reflect on these last few weeks and remind myself to better myself and utilize these gifts especially when Corona goes away. Quote: "While these behaviors might have been influenced by the pandemic, however, they aren’t going away when COVID-19 does." While it's not always been easy, I've learnt a lot about: 1) Slowing down and not rushing about. When you have to keep your distance, you're really forced to slow down! And I'm usually rushing about like a blue-a*** fly at the best of times. 2) Being patient and tolerant. Especially regarding the neighbors' noisy kids who are outdoors. All. Day. Long! 3) Speaking to people in the neighborhood, making time to chat and spoiling elderly neighbors ... Read Full Story >>

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It's All in the Question

I teach online and always start each session with a short 'How are you?', 'What have you been doing today?' type conversation. As you can imagine, recently I have been getting a lot of 'nothing really', 'Netflix' and 'stayed in' type responses together with grumpy faces.

So this week I have changed my opening question. 'What's the BEST thing that's happened today?', or 'What are you GRATEFUL for today?' are my new openers. And wow, what a difference in mood!

I have also stopped choosing articles to discuss from the news websites and turned to Bored Panda instead. It may not sound quite as professional, but it certainly raises more smiles than yet another article about the pandemic. The student I have just finished talking to was asked to describe this gorgeous daffodil in my garden 

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Encouragement With Chalk Art

  Art was never one of my talents but it was such fun going out in the sunshine earlier today to write encouraging words to the delivery people in my area. Picture is attached below.

Wish I could be a bird on our tree to see if the delivery people see it as they walk up the path to our door 

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Sharing Homemade Pies Spreads Smiles

I made apple and blueberry pies to share neighbors and friends. I love to cook and bake. Now I just leave containers  for them to grab!! I miss the visits though.

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Unexpected Opportunity

I was on my way to work, pondering what little kindness I could perform today, when I passed the postman heading towards my house.

Rather than continue to the house, coronavirus in mind, he posted my mail through the top inch of my car window. He brought a toll road fine for my friend, who used to live with us.

So can quite literally say that today's kindness opportunity landed in my lap. I've just paid her fine.

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Our Neighbors, Across The Street

Our neighbors, across the street, bake incredible sourdough loaves. Before this craziness started they brought us a warm, out-of-the-oven incredible loaf. We finished it in about a day. It was that good!

Once this started, they asked if we wanted another loaf if they promised to touch it with only fresh gloves and baked it wearing masks. We accepted and it was wonderful!

Today, our doorbell rang. We answered within a few seconds and there was no one at the door, only a warm sourdough loaf on our doorstep.

We texted our neighbors and they said that there were sourdough fairies in the neighborhood.

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Appreciating store employees

I told the guy at the butcher section at Von's today that I appreciated him. I told him, "I know you have to be here to get paid, but that I am thankful for you. You and your fellow co-workers are putting yourselves at risk so I can shop. Thank you."

He said, "Thank you so much for saying that. That means a lot. I have to be here because I have a one and a half year old, but it's a risk. I wouldn't come if it wasn't for him. Thank you."

Tell a grocery store employee, your mail carrier, a nurse, or anyone putting themselves at risk, that you appreciate what they are doing for you. It makes a difference.

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Reaching Across Borders During the Pandemic

I have a kindness story that is breaking and remaking my heart. Some of you may know that I have a company dedicated to spreading stories of kindness, creativity, and joy called Joyfuel. I am connected to many people doing work as volunteers all over the world. Twelve days ago, I was contacted by someone I know through mutual contacts, a person from Kenya (with a vetted and proven stellar track record of community servant leadership) inquiring about how to tell a story about his work for kindness and joy. In his sharing I discovered his families of seven brothers and families had not had food since March 23 because of lockdown. For one day I was grief-stricken for them. I mean, how could I, in North Carolina, possibly do anything to help feed a man and 50 people on the other side of the world? After a dreadful sleepless night I awoke ... Read Full Story >>

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Home Delivery of Connection

My 16-year old daughter is amazing. She's been stuck in the house with her parents and has not gone cuckoo, nor driven us cuckoo.

She has a biology teacher that she misses terribly. She always speaks very highly of her. Yesterday, on our doorstep I found a bag of jellybeans attached to a note.

Turns out, this teacher keeps a jar of jellybeans in the class for her students. They are her "Chill Pills". The note attached to the chill pills told my daughter how much she was missed and how she hoped my daughter was doing her art and enjoying family and being able to sleep in. She thanked her for being diligent in her assignments.

The moment my daughter saw the note attached to the Chill Pills, her face broke out into a huge smile.

As a teacher myself, I fully respect this woman for taking the time to write my daughter a personal note and hand-deliver it to our doorstep.
This is kindness at it's best!

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Kind Reminder on the sidewalk

My wife and I went to our local park for a 3 mile walk this morning and this is the first thing that we came across: "Fear is what should not be trusted. Have courage and be kind."

Two messages that I hope to incorporate into my daily life. If this is the last time that I post on here, I want you all to know that I love you. I have faith that the universe will have me back here, though:).

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Sharing Our Gifts

On our block,  I reminded my neighbors to let me know if they need any toilet paper. I still have a good supply from the anonymous giver.

Soup lady left her frequent care package on our porch. This time she added homemade chocolate chip cookies to her soup share. 

I told her (and others on the block) that she can always text me if she needs me to add anything for her to our weekly online grocery orders.

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Appreciation Gifts

Presenting gifts for the post office staff and librarians — little origami boxes with a strawberry jam bar inside and a positive watercolor paper note.

Anytime we can give from our hearts using our creative talents, it amps up the LOVE 💕!!!
Let those folks being of service while we are in isolation know how much we appreciate them 😊.

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Homemade Spa for Mom

One day my mom was talking to a friend about how much she would like to relax when she comes home. This gave my sister and me an idea!

Before she got home one day, my sister and I prepared a bubble bath for her. We even made her spa lotion and set up a "sound system" in the bathroom so she could listen to some relaxing music as she soaked herself in the tub.

When she came home from urgent care, she was exhausted. On seeing the "spa", my mom was so surprised by what we did. She really appreciated our kind act and enjoyed her very own personalized spa experience after a long hard day at work.

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Care Package

I put together a little "care package" for an isolated women I recently met online. I have been gathering items this week just for her.

She loves to colour, so I purchased an inspiring "your day is happy" colouring book, filled with lots of joy and quotes, along with colouring pencils.

A block of chocolate because chocolate makes everything better:).

I added a book that I recently finished reading...I know she'll enjoy it.

My boys and I drove to her home today and delivered the wrapped gift and placed by her mail box.

Looking forward to when she receives it 💗📬

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At 86, Esther Puts Her Skills to Use to Help Others

Esther is in isolation. She is 86 years young and continues to be a positive force at the assisted living facility where she has been in lock-down isolation for weeks.

She’s still crocheting cancer care caps (over 500 in the last few years!!!), and is now also sewing masks for the staff!

An inspiration of kindness in action, no matter age or circumstance, grateful for my “adopted” mother Esther 😊.

*photo of Esther and me among the peonies at Allerton Park, Monticello IL - May 2016

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Paying It Forward!

I stopped at the local coffee shop drive-thru this morning and was surprised to find that my coffee had been paid for by the car in front of me. I was instantly smiling and counting my blessings. I asked the girl at the window the cost for the two cars behind me and simply handed her the money and asked her to tell each driver to have a wonderful Monday morning and to pay it forward with kindness to others. Great day!

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