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There's A Tradition Of Rubber Ducky

There's a tradition where Jeep owners leave a rubber ducky on each other's door handles to then display on their dashboard. I don't have a Jeep, but I have a lot of rubber duckies -- my graduating class in grad school got in trouble for leaving ducks all over our campus lol

I have a neighbor with a Jeep that is now all decked out in decorations for the holidays, so I left them a festive duck to add to their collection :)

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Today, I Worked On Self Care

Today, I worked on caring for myself. I bought some yarn in October to make a short sleeve jumper. The pattern implied I would need more yarn than I actually needed. I've made a scarf to give to Richard for Christmas and today I finished this one. The great thing is there are still about four balls of yarn left so I will use them to make something either as a Christmas present or a donation towards a fund-raiser.

The picture shows one end of the scarf (both ends are matching).

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I Created A Card For My Teacher

I created a card for a teacher who spreads so much kindness and joy in her classroom. I needed her to know that she is appreciated, and since she is a fan of Tupac, I printed his picture and quoted him, "You are appreciated."

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🧢 πŸ‘ΆπŸ» 🧢 crocheting kindness

🧢 The current birth-rate of people I know is keeping my crochet hook quite busy these days πŸ˜‰

I’ve never had so many babies coming in short period of time….must be something in the water 🀣🀣🀣

This one is for our good friends’ daughter-in-law πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

🧢 “Crochet is magical….it changes your mind, your attitude & your mood”

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Received A Lovely Package

Received a lovely package full of peace doves from Mindy! :D

They're beautiful and I'm beyond excited to share them with any and all, especially my new Ukrainian friend Igor. The sunflower print doves are my favorite.

I'm honored to be a part of Mindy's hundreds of thousands of peace doves, each one delicately crafted with love :)

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Twice Is Nice KindnessI ...

Twice Is Nice Kindness

I celebrated November 30, my father's Birthday and December 1st my brother's Birthday by giving away Groceries, slippers, T-Shirts, pants, biscuits packets and milk to needy people. Shopping Kindness image posted yesterday shows some items, but not the groceries.

On November 30, I gave stuff in Navrangpura. I live in that region of Ahmedabad.

On December 1st, my divine sister, her husband and son took me to Thaltej town about half an hour drive by rikshaw. All the needy people were thankful to us. I went there for the first time. We bought groceries in Navrangpura and took them with us. I am grateful to my Divine sister and her family.

I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for all the opportunities sending my way and His help and manifest them.

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πŸ§₯ Yesterday I went through our front hall closet & pulled out several items (2 coats, a jacket & more) that either are too snug now or I haven’t worn in ages.
We will donate to one of the places here they are housing migrants in.  All in very good & some never used condition.

This Winter a good time to find more to give away πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

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Beginning Of Winter Here.

Beginning of winter here. This weather creates so many problems for those who don't have access to warm clothes. So we started collecting warm clothes from our friends and family houses. And will distribute among the needy people.

Hope that we will be able to share it with maximum people. .


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Positive Words Of Encouragement To A Stranger And Healing From Diabetes

A couple of days ago, I was walking in a park when a gentleman sitting on a bench called me "sir, can you help me with this report?". I stopped and asked "what report please?". He showed me a print out and asked me if I can read and explain. I looked at it and it was his health diagnosis report. I told him I am not a doctor but i can explain the contents of the report. I told him "sir, the report is called Hba1c, it is about your average glucose levels in your body over a period of the past 2-3 months; your reading shows 7.6; anything above 6.5 is considered you are diabetic". He said "sir, my doctor has given me medicine and I have been taking it for past month and half. But this report is from yesterday and it is still showing i am ... Read Full Story >>

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The Cycle Of Life

🌊 Cycles of Life…. “Neither birth nor deah, is the beginning or end; it’s the cycle of life.” ~ ― Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma, Krishna Crux ο»ΏAfter a close friend’s brother unexpectedly passed away recently, & seeing what our friend & her husband went through running around making burial arrangements, while in such state of emotional upheaval, it led us to pre-plan our own cremations. Yesterday we finalized our cremation plans at our local family owned & operated funeral parlor…it was easy peasey & the owner’s daughter was lovely, knowledgeable & we had a good rapport & shared some laughs too….who knew planning your own cremation could be fun!! Shared a few peace doves with the staffers we met & they loved them πŸ•Š We went from there straight to our favorite nearby restaurant to celebrate…leaving thoughts of death behind & bringing the baby blankets I crocheted for the owner’s son & dil upcoming ... Read Full Story >>

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Nature Friends - deep-casting

I go for my morning walk daily and I always carry grains to feed my nature friends . I have made friends with two squirrel and two pigeon and lots of ants. When ever I sit for meditation I spread those grains in front of me and they immediately come and start eating . its just amazing to see them come and trust you .

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Blankets And Warm Clothes For The Homeless

Years ago, a local man (vancouver BC (canada) named Gregory Ould encountered a homeless man, and approached asked him if there was something he could do to help him.

Greg was expecting the man may want something like cigarettes, but the man in need said he could use a blanket to make it through the night on the cold streets.

Greg went and got a blanket for him, and since then, Greg and his young son started an organization called Blanket BC, which collects blankets and warm clothes to be distributed to shelters that help the homeless.

An annual Drive on the Line event was held this past Friday and Saturday, with “Blanketeers” collecting the donations at select Canada Line stations (our local version of a subway) .

I have been a Blanketeer in years past, and dropped off 2 warm jackets on Friday.


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Sweet Happenings In The Morning

🏑 Things that felt good today on our block…. πŸ’« I heard the sanitation truck outside our door this morning (Monday is one of our two collection days)…..I went out & saw the fellow a few doors down & called out to him with a thank you & happy holidays…he looked up, smiled, waved and wished me the same. He always handles the trash cans with care & takes the time to go the extra steps to return the cans off the walking path. Some guys toss the cans down haphazardly on the path where people walk…this guy never does that. He’s on our Christmas gratuity list πŸ‘ŒπŸ» πŸ’« I was out on our front porch when the mailman was making his rounds on our block…I could hear his laughter as he was getting closer to our house(he was on his cell phone)..his laughter was infectious & was nice to hear. When ... Read Full Story >>

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Sai Baba's Birthday And Thanksgiving

Sai Baba's Birthday and Thanksgiving Celebrations November 23 is Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Birthday. This year it also was Thanksgiving Day. The day started with a heartfelt prayer, “May everyone, in the whole world, be happy.” Sent inspiring message to a friend. I got reply: Lovely message. Need to daily remember this and try and live accordingly. I used to offer Date-nut sweets to Sai Devotees at Flushing, New York Sai Center on Sai Baba's Birthday. So, I visited author - friend Ramesh Tanna. Gave, date-nut sweets, a bag of spicy home-made snacks, fruits and books as if offering to Sai Baba. Gave personalized bookmarks for his helpers. Donated for a sewing machine. Made some donations during the day as offering to Sai Baba. At the bank, gave handkerchiefs made by Umang-Utthan. Gave milk and Biscuits to kids. Ramesh Tanna fixed an appointment for me to visit Academy of Yoga and Balance Therapy. I am grateful to him. I celebrated Thanksgiving ... Read Full Story >>

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Music Teachers Inspires Future Teachers

I have had the pleasure of observing a music teacher throughout the course of this school year, and she is remarkable. Between her instruction and student engagement, this teacher is amazing. One day, when I was visiting class, I asked a student if he enjoyed the program. He stated that he loved it so much that he had decided to pursue a career as a band teacher. This warmed my heart, and validated all the amazing instruction I had witnessed. I will follow up with the teacher today to share this story and commend her on her instruction and influence. We are lucky to have such positive and influential educators.

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❀️ Each Of Us

🌈 "I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. "
Edward Everett Hale

πŸ’ͺ “We do what we can, as we are able
Each of us has something to put on the kindness table πŸ’—
🧢 Some bake, some make quote cards, some crochet
Some make peace doves to give away πŸ•Š
πŸ‘ŒπŸ»So many ways to share
With love, letting someone know we care” ❀️
~ The Mishinator πŸ₯°


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Homemade Muffins For Friends.

I made some homemade banana muffins and brought a few with me to offer to the kind people (mostly senior aged) who attend the local community lunch on Thursdays.

The lunches are healthy, tasty and affordable. $7.00 for seniors, $8.00 for adults. We had spaghetti with meat sauce, green salad, garlic toasted bun, and a lemon tart, and includes coffee or tea, too. Great deal, and helps prevent isolation for those who may be senior or anybody living on their own.

It is so nice to chat with them. They are so very friendly and nice.

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Blankets For Babies..

πŸ‘ΆπŸ» 🧢 πŸ‘ΆπŸ» Finished crocheting both baby blankets today for the twins due Christmas Eve. Will wrap them up & give them to the proud papa-to-be when we go to his family’s restaurant later this week.

Tis the season to have babies it seems….off to crochet yet another for friends’ son & daughter-in-law who are also expecting their first πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

That makes 5 babies who I have been happily crocheting for this past month πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

The gift is in the giving….my joy ❀️

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Manav Gulzar VisitOn December ...

Manav Gulzar Visit

On December 11, 2023 I visited Manav Gulzar. Gulzar means garden.

Image shows what I gave. I gave many more quote cards than the image shows.

As pledged, I paid for 20 blankets.

I talked about Kind Spring, Sister Mindy's Doves, Told intense positive thinking story and my experiences with positivity.

At Manav Gulzar. 180 students come to learn in the morning and 8o students come in the afternoon. They have many programs like Nutrition, Yoga, Human value-based teaching etc..

I am grateful to author Ramesh Tanna who arranged the meet and also arranged a ride as well.

I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for all the opportunities sending my way and His help and manifest them.

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I Appreciated My Classmate

I complimented my classmate by commending her on her solutions-based thinking. She is never afraid of a challenge, but instead eagerly jumps at the opportunity to solve the problem. I sincerely appreciate having her as a peer.

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