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56 RAK for My Birthday and Still Counting

OK, I think I just completed my 56th act of kindness: Yesterday, I offered a student my full attention during my prep period, which some teachers hold sacred to complete their own work.

However, I had a student who was struggling and
had lots of anxiety over the topics we were covering. I worked with her one on one for an hour, after which I think she felt more confident and relaxed. I tried to reassure her also that in the big picture, what we're doing academically and how one performs isn't all that important. And today I made a trip to my favorite vegan grocery store, where I picked up a couple of extra packages of vegan "bacon," two of which I offered as gifts to friends. We'll say that puts me at 56. Of course, this doesn't end here. Much gratitude to this space for reminding me of why I'm here.

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Dogs and Cats, Oh My

I haven’t been on here in forever but I just needed to share this with you. Last winter we had to put our two geriatric dogs to sleep. The house felt so empty but we weren’t ready for a new dog. Instead, we got two cats. Then a few weeks ago one of our cats never came back home and the house was now way too lifeless. My husband, who’s a disabled vet with PTSD and other issues, saw a dog up for adoption at a local shelter. The description read, “good with cats.” So we made an appointment to meet her. It turned out that she came from an abusive home and was especially afraid of men. Her trainer had worked with her all year to get her to a point where she was even adoptable. After an hour with the trainer, we got to meet her. It was love ... Read Full Story >>

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Gratitude For A Flat Tire

Yesterday after a full day of masked in-person teaching, I returned to my car ready to drive home. While I was inside the car, a young woman walked around my car and indicated she wanted to tell me something---she said "your back tire is flat!" and walked away. I used the tire gauge that my dad had sent me a while ago to check all the tires and indeed one was completely flat. Fortunately, we have AAA and I called the number so they could change the tire and put on my spare tire. The car was in a place where it would have been very challenging for me to do this, but they did it quickly. I had to wait for a while for them to show up, but I didn't mind at all because I could just use that time to meditate, breathe, and pause. I also had packed a ... Read Full Story >>

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A Simple Juice Box

     After two years of online learning, I started middle school in person a few weeks ago. Since there was a big gap of online school, the middle school decided to give free lunches to all students. Of course, you could choose whether you wanted to take a meal from home or eat the school's meal. I chose to take something from home, while some of my friends chose to have lunch from school. No matter if you had lunch from home or school, everyone knew that the school's juices that came with the lunch were amazing. Almost half the entire school would just get the box of juice, including my friends and me.      Today, like every day at lunch, my friends and I were waiting in line to get our juice. When we got to the front of the line and asked for the juices, the cashier said each ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Sep 22, 2021
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In that case, just forget it.

Years ago I began to learn to drive in a driving training center which was a few miles away from where I lived. I had to get on a bus to get to the center and the bus fee had to be in small change for there was no conductor or any automatic paying system available on it. One day I was in a hurry before I dashed to the bus stop. When I stepped on the bus, at the fee collector which was a box, I began to feel my pockets to find some change but failed. I searched and searched but it seemed that there was none, and began to feel embarrassed. At the same time, the bus door was already closed and it was moving. I apologized to the driver and said I would get off at the next stop though I should get to the training center in some ... Read Full Story >>

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Covid, Care And Cookies

Even though both my husband and I were both fully vaccinated (Moderna, last March), he recently caught CoVid. Not sure where or how. It was one of those random breakthrough cases. Sort of like winning the lottery, but in reverse. So VERY GRATEFUL that Roger was vaccinated because the virus could have struck him much harder. He started having cold/flu-like symptoms the day before our son and his wife were to fly home from visiting us at our cabin hOMe. Once Roger tested positive, we alerted them and others we had been in contact with. Thank goodness our son and his wife tested negative and no one else displayed any symptoms. Self-quarantined since last Thursday, I’ve been keeping my distance, washing hands frequently, sleeping in our camper trailer, disinfecting handles and doorknobs, reading, and spending as much time as I can outside. And of course, taking good care of Roger, who is slowly getting ... Read Full Story >>

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A Freshman In High School Shares His Love With the Older Generations

Hi, my name is Jacob Cramer. I am a freshman at Orange High School. In 2013, I founded an organization called Love For The Elderly.   So many elderly people have no one to care for them, no one to look after them, no one to love them. When I say this, I am talking about pure, genuine love, unconditional love that exemplifies the ideals of kindness and devotion no matter what the circumstances may be.   The elderly have paved the pathway of success for my generation. They deserve to be shown appreciation and kindness but are often neglected. I am sure all of you have someone in your heart who has been at a nursing home or living facility. Think of them while I say this: they deserve the best and nothing but the best. The elderly are such a phenomenal group of people, and their radiating wisdom can most definitely be ... Read Full Story >>

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Never Too Much Chole

This morning I get the text, "Can you come by and pick up some biriyani and chole I made for you?" This friend knows my love of Indian food, especially chole. And when it's made with her love. Oh, it's so, so sweet! I couldn't resist. I had to nibble on the meal as I drove back to work.

As I get home from work and Neeta who owns the water store with her husband, where we buy our water, calls me. She says, "I made some chole and I know how much you like it. Can you come and pick it up?" What? I can't believe my luck? Who am I to turn down such kindness?

I also needed water and had some tomatoes from our garden, so I was able to gift her some of those. She told me how much she loved the last batch I gave her. 

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Sending Kindness through Emails

😷As we are still “sheltering at home seniors”, most of my kindness acts are not being done face-to-face right now.

Early this morning, after reading a very gracious note of appreciation from a NYC food pantry we support weekly, I sent them back an email expressing our gratitude for all they do to provide their life-saving service to keep people fed, and thanked them for their gracious donation acknowledgment.

I am grateful we are able to support their mission and hope to be able to continue supporting them. 🙏

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Constant Love and Kindness from Caregivers

Caregivers continue to work tirelessly at the retirement community I live in. They take our temperatures every day, pass out medications, and assist the kitchen staff with delivering meals to our apartments. All that and more, in addition to the services they provide for those here in memory care, assisted living, and residents who require post-acute attention. They are blessed angels, powered by God, and I am abundantly blessed to see them here every day.

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Groceries & Gardening Chats

We live in a neighborhood that has been very tight! We have a slack channel and email group to communicate, help each other, and organize fun activities.

My home offers 4 to 6 times a year community gatherings. Today, however, I reached out to all my neighbors to get their grocery list to buy groceries tomorrow for them. 6 neighbors have sent lists...and more will come.

In addition, I gardened in the front for 6 hours engaging in chats with neighbors walking their dogs, and nearby neighbors. This helps build relationships while keeping social distancing. Lots of laughter today! I feel rejuvenated. It's amazing how much we receive when we give. The reciprocity is healing.

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Baking A Difference

Baked vegan blueberry muffins, sourdough zucchini bread and peanut butter cookies for our daughter-in-law’s visit. She was touched and appreciated the extra gesture with a big loving hug.

Gave a package of peanut butter cookies for our interim mail carrier and received such a sweet note of gratitude.

Going that little bit extra makes all the difference, my kind friends.

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Sending A Thank You Note

I was a jump ahead on this one this week. Our favourite coffee shop - Caffe Nero in Leeds closed its doors earlier this week before we had a chance to thank the staff for all they've done in the last few weeks. So I went on the chain's website and chose compliment and sent an email thanking them for what they do and have done. I got a lovely email a couple of days later from their head office thanking me for my time and assuring me the staff would hear about it.

So I will give some thought as to who I can send a similar note to this week.

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Apology Is Kindness

I just called a neighbor to apologize for rudely waving her off as she approached us, while we were in the midst of an intense conversation with someone yesterday. I was stressed out at the time and forgive myself but felt very badly about it. She was very kind & kept insisting no apology was necessary and that she hadn’t felt insulted, but I told her she’d make me feel better if she allowed me to apologize. Okay, she said, apology accepted. Then we both laughed.🤣

Hopefully, I can do better next time, in a similar situation 🥴

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Community Bonds

I am incredibly blessed because I live in a major city and have been living on a block that has had an active yahoo group for over 10 years. Unlike most people here we have created a very local community just on our block. We've organized soup nights, block parties, community gardening projects, food deliveries for convalescing neighbors and connected in other ways. During the shelter-in-place times, we checked in with each other often. We offered to shop for the older neighbors and brought food to a neighbor who seemed to have a mild case of the virus (finally recovered, tg). We have held a Happy Hour Dance Party in Place Friday evenings, which has been lovely! And of course, making ubiquitous sourdough starter and sharing that. I made sourdough banana bread with peanut butter chips and chocolate which was out of this world. Other neighbors organized "stuffed animal hunts" for families on walks, where they ... Read Full Story >>

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Lend Me An Ear

What is your name? I asked as I offered the gentleman some freshly made blueberry and banana pancakes. I go by Mr. X; he gladly accepted the pancakes. He immediately noted, now that's a good amount of blueberries! Mr. X told me about a lady who brought him some oatmeal with blueberries, of which he was very happy. Until he discovered there was only 1 blueberry in the oatmeal. Since he wanted more blueberries in his oatmeal, his solution was to just put the pancakes in with his oatmeal:). And then he began to talk, and talk, and talk. As Mr. X would near the end of one story, indicating that he was almost done, he would tail off into another story. He just wanted someone to listen to him. He told me the details of how a friend of his was killed by the police as if he was standing there ... Read Full Story >>

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Birthday Gift

Today I gave a surprise visit to my music teacher at his house for his birthday. And I gave him a bouquet of flowers, a card, and a pothos plant (money plant).

But the treat that I received was beyond my expectations! His wife and he shared a full lunch with me of a delicious sweet dish, curry, and vegetables alongside watermelon juice. They even packed food for me for my family along with figs from their tree.

I feel so grateful for their company as they are very peaceful, simple, and kind people to be with. I started to feel like it was my birthday. :)

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My Thank You Poster For Neighbors

I created a thank you poster and put in my front yard plant area for all of my neighbors to see. It's a simple thank you for being amazing neighbors. I'm attaching a photo of the poster. I will try to be here more during the challenge. Enjoy your day friends :-).

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Scattering Kindness Seeds

What a busy and fun-packed day it's been! I went to pick up my uncle in order to take him to lunch but he wasn'r feeling well so he asked to take a pass. It'll happen when it's ready to happen. I then ended up giving a ride to someone who needed it and they turned around and bought me a breakfast sandwich. Later, while I was taking a walk I was noticing so much. Which brought to mind how much we miss when we're driving. Finally, I  went to visit my cousin and they treated me to a frosty. At every turn, someone was showing kindness to another<3. What a beautiful day it was. spreading the seeds of kindness all around:).

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Bumper Crop Yields Friendships

Our bumper crop of beets, green beans and squash went to good use.

We shared with the Center, library patrons, and with Lali and Archie - street vendors of Russian/Georgian/Armenian heritage - who then invited us to their home for borscht!
We enjoyed not only the BEST borscht we ever had (with a vegan option for our daughter-in-law), but the bloom of a new friendship as well.

Amazing where those simple acts of kindness lead, my kind friends.

Grateful for each heart-“beet” we share that links us all together 🙏 ❤️ 🌎 🕊..

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