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Sharing Donated Food with Someone Else in Need

On the way to a hill station, my friend and I stopped to have breakfast. After having a hearty meal, we stepped out and talked about what we would do next. All of a sudden, my friend was approached by old lady begging in the street for food. Had it been me, I would have given her some money and left. But to my surprise, he took the old lady into the restaurant and got her what she wanted. I was able to see the happiness and gratitude in the old lady's face, and I was really moved by my friend's act of kindness...when suddenly I was floored by an even bigger act of kindness! The old lady, who was hungry and could have eaten the donated food entirely by herself, instead shared her food with another old lady like her. There I stood, stunned while I watched them. At that moment ... Read Full Story >>

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My Campsite... My Neighborhood

Although it wasn't my neighborhood, per se, it was the camp ground I was at this weekend. I was a little disappointed at how previous campers left the campgrounds, so this morning (as part of our packing up) I went around to the adjoining camp sites and cleaned up the litter and leftovers that were left behind. Although it was a small gesture, it made be feel accomplished so early in the day.

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  • Posted by kimberleedthom
  • Jul 21, 2018
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Heroes At The Beach

What an incredible day at the beach! Not because it was the most fabulous weather. Not because we were with fabulous friends. No, it was the best day because a group of men and a young boy took the time to notice a little boy with different abilities, waving his arms in the air saying, "my turn, me, me" as the football was being tossed around over his head. Honestly, my first thought was,  'oh man they are playing football, I'm going to have to go move Micah.' I called Micah from my chair 50 ft away and he was refusing to come! He just continued to watch the ball being tossed, listening to the fun laughter of the guys, and watching the high fives they were swapping. These are the moments that I dread. These are the moments I have to make choices to choose good thoughts, not bad ones! ... Read Full Story >>

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I Got A Great ...

I got a great book from the free library box. I read it, love it, wrapped it, addressed it to my sister and will now post it to her! She is having surgery next week so I think something to read will be appreciated.

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An Unexpected Free Ride Begins A Cycle

About one year ago, the concept came to me of being grateful for the small good things that happen to us everyday. So I decided to start practicing it, and started noticing things that I hadn't before. For example, I started noticing how beautiful it was to wake up and see through the window of my room a very big rainbow. I was really grateful for being lucky enough to see that, and I kept on going - finding small things that would make my day. One day, something big happened... I used to live in an area where the public transportation was not very good. If you came back home after 7pm you would have to wait in line for about an hour before you were able to get public transport or taxis. Because the line would be so long, there were many non-official "taxis" that would come by and ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Posted by richelynag
  • Jul 20, 2018
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Rock Salt, Coffee, and Lending an Ear

Yesterday I was in line at a coffee shop when a woman who was coming in to warm up and buy a coffee entered. She was upset but struggling with English. I decided to get her a coffee and sit with her to understand what was happening with her. She was upset about the rock salt that was poured everywhere on the roads and sidewalks. She thought it was so much salt and that she worried greatly for the animals and the environment. We discussed the balance of trying to keep people from slipping on the icy roads and walks and at last decided to approach the store manager and ask her why so much salt was used, and to see if something more environmentally suitable could be used instead. The manager was so receptive and open. She said she would discuss this with the company that owns the chain. Together we came ... Read Full Story >>

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Honoring My Father

My father and I have a complicated relationship, full of good and bad. On Father's Day, I choose to honor the good from our history and this year I made him some homemade biscotti (dried apricot with chia, flax and hemp seeds mixed in -- my "hippy" biscotti).

I sent a card with a bookmark of pressed flowers, as he loves to read, some low sugar snacks, and a list of the things he taught me when I was young.

The list included: how to change a tire and my oil, how to use a knife, to love reading and writing (he was an English teacher), to question authority, how to pitch a tent, wash dishes with sand, wilderness survival, how to shoot a 22 and fire off a wrist rocket, to love the wild places, to be interested in the stories and lives of all people, to despise racism, and to follow your dreams.

He told me he cried upon reading my list and said that I had a good memory. I am grateful for these moments.

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I just have received a good reminder how important reduction of waste is: Living in an apartment building as just one of several tenants, our waste bins are usually quite full (not only because several other tenants are not interested in reducing or preventing waste but as they seem to be incapable of even cutting a cereals box down, much less other more sturdy packages ...) Last week - for whatever reason - our waste was not collected as it usually is, so the little room where we have our bins is overflowing with waste ... a pity that in most cases it just elicited complaints of other tenants why the waste had not been collected ... no reflection on their own waste-generation and just blank stares when I suggested to be more mindful in this area .... (found these tips on the internet, maybe I just translate & print them and ... Read Full Story >>

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I Won't Give Back To The Earth, But I Will Take Less From Her.

 I won't give back to the earth I will not give back to the earth because I believe the only time you give back to the earth is when you die and your body becomes dust once again. But I pledge to take less from the earth or at least as little as I possibly can. For years I've turned the water off when brushing my teeth and shaving. I try to recycle all that I can. So yesterday, when working on this challenge I did two things. First, I went upstairs and changed into warmer clothes rather than turning up the heat. Second, we recently installed a low flush upstairs. We still have the regular flush toilets in the other bathrooms. I walked right past a downstairs bathroom and went upstairs to use the low flush toilet to take less from the earth. I will make this a habit. ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Posted by johnburmaster
  • Jul 16, 2018
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Helping Our Neighbors in a Winter Storm

We are the local Yankees in the neighborhood down here and we must own the only snow shovel in the whole neighborhood. So we haven't had power, but we've stayed warm by shoveling the snow starting in our driveway and then our neighbors on our dead end hillside street and then for the mile long country neighborhood with a hundred houses packed in between cotton field and pastures. We also drug away the downed trees and limbs so when the weather improves enough to go out, there won't be any obstacles. It will also help when the power crews come so they can get to the problems faster. It felt so great to be able to help our neighbors. After all, it was only a few days of hard labor in the end. ... Read Full Story >>

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Parking Lot Connections

This happened a few days ago... and still feeling the love and positivity from it.
Meet Charles

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Peace Doves for an Honest Mistake

Yesterday, I went to a local hardware store to get a replacement bulb for a light that had blown. The shop assistant told me that they had never stocked this type of bulb, but I was adamant I had purchased it at the store previously! Altogether there were three shop assistants helping me trying to find what I was looking for. They were so helpful and tolerant as I explained the bulb and its fitting, but in the end I said I would go home and double check. Turns out I was wrong! The bulb I needed was not what I thought and the store had it all along, so I returned today with some peace doves and gave one to the only assistant I could find who had helped me. I apologized and we had a laugh about my mistake. He wasn't too sure what to say when I gave ... Read Full Story >>

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Seeing Myself in Others

For the past few days a young adult, maybe in his late teens or early 20's, has been sleeping on a sidewalk in front of a Jack in the Box. In fact, every time I've driven by I've seen him there; one time he looked to be meditating. I've offered him a couple of drinks, from Starbucks one time and Jamba Juice the other. He's graciously accepted both, but he says very little. For the past two mornings I've been making him breakfast at my home and then dropping it off to him as he slept. This morning it was scrambled eggs with some veggies, along with hash browns. I added a You Matter card and left him a note just to let him know that someone cares for him. I hope to talk with him someday; hear his story. I was telling my own son about delivering this young man breakfast. ... Read Full Story >>

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Lessons from a Remarkable Co-worker

One of the women in my workplace recently retired. She had worked there 42 years, in different locations and positions, but all focusing on helping children. She is a remarkable woman and I will miss her. One of the things she did was share some thoughts that another woman had sent to her many years ago. I think they are important and am sharing them here with you all now. 1) Spend more time on the who than the what. What you do will always be less important than who you become. 2) Follow your heart. Pay far more attention to what YOU think than what everyone else thinks. 3) Develop a strong ‘maverick muscle.’ Be willing to bend the rules, learn how to disappoint others gracefully, get comfortable with people not liking you and always strive to be an original thinker! 4) Build your courage muscles. Starting tomorrow, practice doing one small thing ... Read Full Story >>

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Gems 4.68 | Under1000skies

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡ Here’s another light-filled ¤ Gem ¤ "This past Saturday my wife, Rebecca, was taking my son Jonah and a few friends put-put golfing for his birthday party. On the way there he saw a man with a sign asking for help. Jonah, feeling concerned for the man, immediately asked Rebecca to do something. She could read between the lines that it didn’t feel right to him that he’d be off celebrating with his friends while this man seemed unsupported…” -Ariel Nessel. Continued here: Jonah’s Birthday Wish by Ariel Nessel, on ☼ Happy Birthday Jonah! ☼ Thank you for sharing from your heart on your birthday and, no doubt, every day. You are a very cool kid and an inspiration. ^_^ ♥. ♡. under1000skies ☼ A “Giftivism” Initiative ☼ We are photographers, writers, artists & advocates serving and connecting homeless creatives. ... Read Full Story >>

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Not again! Finding Opportunity in Challenge.

It was the fourth frame that needed replacement, and as a way to teach my son a lesson, I decided to buy the cheapest one. However, even that was six hundred dirhams after discount. I bought the frame but deep within,my thoughts were for those who can’t afford and hence are deprived through no fault of theirs. That’s when an idea struck and just by coincidence I received a flyer on a parent’s what app group asking for old/spare/ rejected glasses for donations. The cutoff date was 20/6/2018 which is today. With full enthusiasm, I circulated the flyer to my acquaintances but a lot of questions were asked about permission to do the same and how authentic this was. This put me in doubt and in a way slowed if not marred my zeal. But if you set a pure intention the universe will conspire and make it happen. Yesterday, out of the ... Read Full Story >>

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Does Every Act of Kindness Have A Circular Path?

At times you never know who gets the most from a kindness, the giver or the recipient. The other day, a friend at work saw me rushing at the end of the day to get to my radiation treatment appointment. She gave me a big hug and she said she was sorry she had not been there for me all week.

I REALLY needed her hug that day! Later, after my treatment, I sent her a text message to tell her how very important that hug was for me and that she helped me get through that tough moment because of her kindness. Her text back to me--"Awww...You just made my ENTIRE week!" Little did I know that she too needed a hug and needed to be appreciated after a long and thankless week of hard work!

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A Gift of a Denny's Meal for a Struggling Family

Occasionally, I will go to eat dinner at Denny's, but I had never gone on a Thursday night before, nor had I ever observed the people in the restaurant before. There was a mother with her twenty-something disabled daughter who appeared to have been brain injured in an accident. I could see that they had nothing and eating at Denny's was a big night on the town for them. As I watched the girl, I could see that she was functioning at about the four year age level. Nothing was going to change for them; it would appear that they would both be frozen in time for the rest of their lives. I grew up poor and now have a sufficient amount of money; so, I went back to the kitchen area, caught the waiter, and told him to charge their meal to me. Surely, this is the least I can do ... Read Full Story >>

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Donating My Hair to Little Princess Trust

I had almost all my hair chopped off so I could donate it to a charity called the Little Princess Trust. They make real hair wigs for girls and boys who have lost their hair (due to cancer treatment, illness etc.). My hair was roughly 35 inches long - I could almost sit on it! And now it's short and spiky. :)

Each wig costs £350 to make so I wanted to raise that amount so that I'm not just donating my hair, but also providing the money to have my hair turned into a wig. I'm getting close to my goal so wish me luck!


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Kindness Campaign

I am a teacher at the Spofford Pond School in Boxford, MA and we were awarded a grant from Service Space/Kind Spring. We used this money as part of our Kindness Campaign we are working on here at the school. We put this money towards two projects; one was the Books Without Borders project. We purchased books that will be sent to a school in Africa. Before sending the books, the students here at Spofford decorated the front cover of the books with Kindness messages and included Kindness bookmarks in each book. We also included a few Smile cards in the care package! We then used some of the grant money to create a Kindness Rocks garden here at the school! ... Read Full Story >>

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