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Busy Road Crossing

As I was returning home after attending a wedding reception,an opportunity came my way to help a blind couple.  I helped them cross the busy road and guided them to a cafe where they were given some takeaway food.

The cafe owner did not charge them. It was tough crossing the road with all the chaos of an Indian city. The whole experience made me realize how fortunate I had been. 

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Turning a Thanksgiving Deal Into a Gift for Two Familiies

I was blessed with an opportunity to help others enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner. Our local food market made this offer: buy one turkey, stuffing mix, a five-pound bag of potatoes, a can of vegetables, a can of cranberry sauce, and a gravy mix, and they would provide one each of the same items for free. If you wished to donate one or both of the turkeys, the store offered to keep them en until just before Thanksgiving when the Boy Scouts and the Food Bank would deliver them to needy families. Since it would just be my husband and me for Thanksgiving this year, we decided to purchase and donate both turkeys and all the fixings. In addition to the above-mentioned items, we took advantage of "buy one, get one offers" on canned pumpkin and dessert mixes. The items were all very reasonably priced and we were able to provide two ... Read Full Story >>

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That friend who needed a walk

I planned on staying at home today.

Today is the start of the carnival season, but all festivities were canceled due to covid19. I had already heard that many, especially young, people were planning to ignore it and planning to take over the streets (with lots of alcohol involved). So my original plan was: stay at home, stay out of the way of the police who will have the challenge to keep everything quiet.

But a friend of mine contacted me, she's having a bad day and needs some company, so I decided to visit her, to go for a walk with her, to talk with her. It'll be good for me as well.

I just hope my travel to and from there will be peaceful without alcohol saturated youths trying to defeat the police.

Wishing all of you a wonderful day! 🤗

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Neighbor Kindness

KINDNESS TODAY My first attempt to do a kindness act was thwarted, as someone had already put my neighbors' garbage bins back after trash had been collected :)). The anonymous RAKer put ours back as well. :))) Wanted to do today's RAKs on our block, for World Kindness Day, & thanks to our mailman (who mixed up the mail & delivered a few neighbors' mail to us by mistake) I was able to, by taking their mail to them. Then, one neighbor came over & very sheepishly asked if I would bird/house-sit for her again when they go away for a few days at the end of the month. I recently did this when they went on vacation to Italy, so she felt funny asking again so soon (family business this time, not vacay). I could see she was struggling, so I smiled & jumped in & told her I would be happy ... Read Full Story >>

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Happy Tears

A man was trying to purchase cough syrup. His bank debit card was declined. My four year old daughter and I pulled out some cash and paid for it.

He was so happy and grateful, he cried.  Alana said,  "Look mama, he has happy tears." Then we all cried.

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Difficult Actions Led by Love

This is an ongoing and a weird kind of kindness. But a necessary one.

My parents are too elderly to remain in their house. My sister and I must first get through all their stuff (and they are pack rats). They will be moving in with my sister.

They have been in their house for all their married life, so I understand the push back our mom is giving us...but it doesn't make it easy.
I must be both patient, yet firm. And getting pack rats to let go of any of their stuff is hard, but must be done.

This will take us months, and I suspect my mom will get worse as things get done. I keep reminding myself that now I have an opportunity to do for my parents what they did for me as a kid.


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Offering Food to a Stranger

Yesterday I was leaving a QT. This homeless man had a hot dog and went to sit down on the cement. He had a soda with him too. He was eating that hot dog like he hadn't eaten in months and it just broke my heart. I was just so happy for him. I didn't have any money at the time to buy him more food. But I said God, the next time I have money and I see that man I'm going to buy him food. I had done doordash all day and had enough money, I finally bought my cat's this water drinking fountain I wanted. I know I should have used it to pay a bill, but I really wanted that fountain. I ended up with just $5 left on my card and I had $2 cash that I was going to buy a gallon of water for ... Read Full Story >>

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So Grateful To Have ...

So grateful to have made a new friend today! At our meditation group on Monday one of the ladies asked if the facilitator could take us through a meditation for anxiety. Later that day I thought that I would reach out to her just to let her know that I was there for her. I must admit, all sorts of reasons why I shouldn’t reach out came to mind, but I allowed myself to sit in the discomfort of my vulnerability and sent an email regardless. It was through one of those messaging type things where you can see that the other person is responding and I could see that quite soon after, the lady was writing a reply. However, she must have changed her mind and decided to delete it and not send it after all. Anyway, 2 days later, this morning, she sent me a nice message which opened up a short conversation ... Read Full Story >>

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Feeling Grateful!

I feel so tremendously happy and grateful right now.

I got 2 hours of sleep last night, on top of my laptop basically, and I just got home (11pm) after finishing a few major assignments for school.

In a few minutes I'm about to jump in bed and get a glorious 7 hours of sleep.I'm grateful. For my bed. For my pillows. For my blanket. For a warm house. For a house. For sleep.

I'm also grateful for my dad, who offered to drop me off to school tomorrow, letting me sleep that extra hour. I love him. I love it all. I love life.

Good night :))

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Offering Food To Neighbors

My next door neighbor's dad died a few days ago so I offered supper for her and her two teen daughters. When I arrived with the dish, naturally they asked what was in it.

So I didn't go into the detail that it is turkey meat (ha! I'll get a kick of telling them later) and a mix of mashed potato and sweet potato. I made sure flavors were friendly and no exotic seasonings nor olives, etc, which I personally love.

One of the girls looked at me like "ugh" so I told her, "taste it and tell me if you like it." I don't know anyone that doesn't like my food!

Well, I left and Carla texted that this teen had 3 portions! lol She was very thankful. I was very satisfied to bring a good meal to them.

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Stepping In and Stepping Up.

It is hard for me to practice kindness to people as I live in a very rural area and often go many days without seeing anyone...but I can practice kindness virtually and with my husband and animals.... I volunteer at the local animal shelter. A week ago, an upper respiratory virus was spreading thru the cats. One very young cat (about 6 months) who had been spayed was especially sick. I told the shelter that I would take her to the vet and be responsible for her bills...and foster her. I have worked with her for over a week...getting her to eat and drink, giving her medicines, worrying about her, and loving her. Well! my husband and I decided that she now has a forever home. We can't give her up...she fought so hard and she was so sick. I honestly thought she was going to die and the vet did ... Read Full Story >>

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Warming The Car

I was in a workshop out of town with colleagues. One of them was much older, and had recovered from an illness. He didn't want  Asian food, so he stayed in the hotel while the rest of us ventured out. This may have affected his sense of community. One night I told him that I wanted to take him out wherever he wanted to eat. As I have vegetarian food preferences and he did not, he did not want to burden me by going to places where I would have very few options. I insisted it wasn't an issue, and we went to a place he would prefer. My other colleagues went out separately, so I was able to hang out with this colleague and practice deep listening. We had a great conversation together. As we ended our meal and conversation, I decided to drop him right to the door of the ... Read Full Story >>

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You Look Beautiful

I saw a woman looking at herself in the mirror in the restroom. I told her she was beautiful. She had the kind of hair that looked beautiful no matter what she did with it.

I told her she had a lovely face. She was surprised and smiled. I often give compliments to people when I am grocery shopping. I love seeing people smile.


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Checking on the Neighbors

After ringing her doorbell, I left these treats along with a few magazines in my neighbor's mailbox.

I'm pretty sure she was home. She is recently widowed, with two small foster children she is in mid-process of adopting.

I respect her privacy. She has much to process and knows I am here for her support.

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Making Time For Co-workers

A long time co-worker was retiring. She worried no one would show up for her retirement dinner. (It's often difficult for people to do dinner after work).

I found four co-workers to attend to make sure this colleague knew she was appreciated. It was a small group but we made sure she knew we all would miss her.

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Lovingly Wrapped

Today, as I waited for a break in traffic to cross the road, I saw a woman in her car with her young daughter. Both of them were extremely overweight, making their small vehicle appear even smaller. The woman was smoking a cigarette as she drove. The daughter had her face glued to the glass of her closed window, looking forlornly out. I caught myself thinking negative thoughts about them. Then I caught myself thinking about things I could say to them that might ‘help’ them. Then I caught myself thinking negative things about myself for passing judgement on this situation. So I stopped thinking. I started breathing. I didn’t cross the street. I stayed where I was and breathed, not caring what I looked like. I let all my thoughts go in the cold autumn wind that blew down my neck and chilled me. I let go of my thoughts and my expectations and I just ... Read Full Story >>

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18 Small Acts to Change the World

1.  Stop by a cafe run by differently-abled folks. These are tough times for small business owners so every bit helps. 2.  Visit independent book sellers. 3.  Share inspirational films with students and friends.  An example is "Bending the Arc" about how Partners in Health came to be. ​ 4.  Bake for folks and send goodies through the mail.  5.  Phone-bank to get out the VOTE! 6.  Encourage colleagues and students with positivity and express appreciation for them. 7.  Find AWE in every day by digging in the garden and just noticing every living creature. 8.  Plant seeds after harvesting summer crops. 9.  Take close up photos of beautiful flowers and send one each day to someone who is going through a health issue.  10.  Try to keep calm and positive so energy will have a positive effect on others.  11. Call and connect with old friends every day 12.  Write encouraging emails to students -- those taking board exams, doing interviews, ... Read Full Story >>

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The Cart Caper

I went to the grocery store. As I came out, a man by a disabled parking spot was trying to get his cart to stay put. It kept rolling away.

I said, "How about I take this one?"

He said, "Thanks. I can't hardly walk."
I took the cart back to the store.  He was finally able to get in his truck and go.

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Remembering Our Animal Friends

I have volunteered at the Noble County Humane Shelter for the last two years. I help with the cats and dogs. I give the dogs treats and take them for walks. I play with the kittens. I think it is important to help the animals because they don't have homes and may be afraid of humans. 

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  • Nov 6, 2020
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Dinner For A Friend

We have friends who are getting up in years. The wife is experiencing Alzheimer's disease. It is heartbreaking to watch the husband's loving care as he navigates this journey with her. She is not always well enough to get out, but when we saw them yesterday I invited them out for dinner tonight.
I'm glad I did. Our friend drifted in and out of the conversation, and forgot what she had eaten, or what she had said, but she seemed happy to included. I was happy to give her that time.

She used to be a vibrant, witty conversationalist. I will hold on to those memories and try to give her some happy times, even if she will not remember them. I sent them home with extra food.


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  • Nov 5, 2020
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