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Life Changing Moments

I had one of those life changing moments of kindness today. I need them more often. I need to remember how opening my heart towards others and being less self centered and selfish is one of the greatest ways we can love others.

The man in this photo came and sat with me uninvited today. I had just worked a long shift 'with people' and wanted to be left alone.

Yet something in me said ...

"I sent this man to you to love. Will you love him?".

And love him I did!

I spent my whole lunch hour sitting with him and hearing him tell me of his life, pain and desire to just 'have a friend.'

Well today his prayers were answered when he sat next to me. Because today, for that short time we spent alone, I was his friend. And all because I chose to stay, and not get up and leave as I often do.

So grateful for this place and how every day it opens my heart more and more to kindness ❤


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Using the gift of song to help heal

Betty Lou, murmuring about a sore back and looking tired, sat on the chair off to the side. The chair is a small respite for food-bank volunteers when there is a break in the action. “Would you sing my song?” She asked Sheila, who I had just learned was quite musical and had a lovely singing voice. Sheila put down the customer information cards she had been working on and went to stand near Betty Lou. She placed her hand on Betty Lou’s shoulder as she sang of a God of day and a God of night. I had never heard the song before, but the purity of the words and the loving intent, brought tears to my eyes. It sounded like an old church song, strong and soothing, full of grace and faith. “After my daughter died 2 years ago of a brain tumor, Sheila would sing me that song whenever we were ... Read Full Story >>

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Finding a Way to Help

It seems even when I am sick and don't get to do much I still have opportunities for kindness. Today  my mom  and I went grocery shopping. We got through it all and it was about $260 (she buys all of her groceries for the whole month on the 1st when she gets her benefits).

Well, unbeknownst to her the state decided to change her benefit date to the 15th so she couldn't pay for any of it. She came home and I took her back to the grocery store and helped her pay for it all. It means I will probably have to pawn something to pay some of my own expenses but I couldn't let her go hungry for two weeks. I feel good about the decision. Kindness opportunities are everywhere!

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A Mystery Boquet of Flowers for a Mystery Recipient

One day I was in the grocery store and I bought some flowers for my house. I bought an extra bouquet of flowers that weren't my favorite color, but I bought them anyway wondering why I felt compelled to do so. Later I saw a woman in a wheelchair and felt they were for her. I paid for them and then asked the clerk to give them to her as I wanted to remain anonymous. I don't know how it went, but a couple of years later, I was in that store and a guy I've never seen who I presume was working with the flower display came halfway through the store to give me a bouquet of flowers. What goes around, does come around! ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Nov 8, 2018
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Lost Key Presents Opportunity

Yesterday I went to our club and valet parked our car, only to return and find that the valet could not find my key for me to take my car back home. Instead of getting angry at him, I was able to quietly discuss options with him (something I may not have done a few years ago) and he drove me home to retrieve my spare key. Later in the day I went back to the club and he was so apologetic, I felt good that I had remained calm during the experience. We will work out getting me a new key but the experience taught me it is much better to calmly discuss options than to rant and rave at someone who has done a wrong, while accepting what is and moving on in life. It has also empowered  me to reach out to someone who expected an altercation and surprise them ... Read Full Story >>

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"You can go before me if you'd like?"

"You can go before me if you'd like?"

I said to the lady waiting behind me in line at the checkout as I was unloading our weeks worth of groceries. She only had a few things.

I do this every time I shop yet it still surprises how often the recipient is shocked, surprised and then filled with so much gratitude.

It's such a simple gesture and kindness and one I appreciate so much myself when in line with only a few items and the person in front of me offers me their places.

So it's always especially wonderful to return the favour 💕.

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When I Walk The Universe Walks With Me

I have a bracelet that I wear that helps me to stay grounded. It reads, "when I walk the universe walks with me." It is a small way to hear encouragement when I need it, or to remember that I am only a part of something much greater.

Walking is my way of finding focus and taking care of myself. As a mom and a teacher, it is sometimes easy to forget to take time for myself. As I walk I interact with others by smiling, waving, chatting...the small acts that we sometimes forget mean so much.

We need to remember how much acknowledging those around us can to do make the world a better place. As I walk, I think...a lot! I enjoy what I see and hear, I think of what good things have happened that day, I solve problems because my mind clears. On my lowest day I know that no matter what I am facing if I take the first step it will help. Off to put on my walking shoes! Have a peaceful day:-).

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  • Nov 4, 2018
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Contagious Kindness

Happy Saturday !
I found a few more smile cards in an old wallet and so I paid the bill for a couple out at a local restaurant last night. I am but an instrument to be used for passing on kindness, and then hoping it spreads.

If something is going to be contagious, it should be Smiles and Kindness - trying to infect as many people as I can:).

Have a great weekend y'all<3.

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World Food Day

I shared dinner with two special boys who live alone. Thanks to both of them for giving me this opportunity. They don't have too many choices in food.

Only on very few occasions do they get an opportunity to have more variety in their food, so I invited them for dinner with me. We watched some entertainment programs on T.V. and had dinner together. It was a very heart touching moment. I was so happy and felt true love in my heart.

Happy World Food Day !!

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The Gift of Being Kind

I just returned from a wonderful program at one of our local schools which centered on bullying. It was wonderful to see the kids so engaged in caring about others and stopping bullying. All the kids took the No Bullying Pledge. Now that's a beautiful act of kindness...what a gift to offer!

October is "Stop Bullying" Month, but bullying is a year-round problem and we need to focus on it every day.

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Do What you Can, When you Can

Lone turtle walking across the middle of our road. My daughter jumped out of our car and ran to the turtle and moved her safely to other side of the road, closer to water. Eastern box turtle we think.

My children teach me about kindness most every day. “Do what you can, when you can" kindness.

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Cards Full of Hope

This is something I've been doing for a long time now and I absolutely LOVE it!

I will pick a name at random out of the phone book and bless them anonymously with love!

I write a card full of hope, love and kind words and inside I include a lotto ticket for an upcoming draw, to remind them that there is good in this world and that good things happen. And naturally I always include a Mindy peace dove explaining it was folded with love and in peace just for them ❤🕊

I can only imagine the lives I've hopefully blessed and touched. Not with money or the lotto gift, but with my encouraging words 😙

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It Started With A New Coat For A Homeless Man

It started 4 years ago. My wife would see a homeless man near where she works. It was the week before Christmas and she said she wanted to buy him a new coat. His was torn and very old. We don't have a lot of money; really we are a step away from being homeless ourselves most months but we try to help when we can. We talked and found a way to get some money together to buy him a coat. I thought since we are giving him a coat let's look at what else he might need. We brainstormed and decided to fill a backpack with useful things, a toothbrush, soap, wash clothes, a hat, gloves, deodorant, razor, some food, etc. and a small gift and Christmas card. A few days later, a check came in the mail. It was completely unexpected. A merchandising company I work for was sued ... Read Full Story >>

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Chain Reaction of Kindness at the Subway Station

Kindness pays back with positivity. I was about to climb up the staircase at subway station in New York. I saw one lady was having a hard time getting her wheelchair up the stairs. After thinking someone might help me get my bag up, I left my bag on the floor and offered help to the lady. She gladly accepted it. While I took her wheelchair up, one young man brought my heavy bag up the staircase. I thanked him and rewarded him with a quote card. I gave a quote card to the lady after bringing her wheelchair up. Kindness pays back immediately with positivity.

When kindness paid back instantly, I resolved to pay it forward.

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How Are You This Morning

You know I put my heart and soul into making my guests and students feel welcomed and looked after. I cooked them homemade meals, helped them with anything they need, spend time with them, listen, surprise them with treats, I ask them every morning how they slept and every evening if they had a good day. When those who attend a local school come back home I ask them how it all was, help them with their homework...I want them to be happy. Sometimes however I noticed that many of them, even after being here for weeks, don't ever ask me once whether I had a good day, or a simple how are you. I know it's a bit silly but it does make me sad. Most don't realise probably. Many are very young. And...I am a little over sensitive. These past two weeks I lost yet again two people I loved ... Read Full Story >>

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Students Spend 200 Hours Making Halloween Costume For Girl With Rare Mutation #tbt

Students Spend 200 Hours Making Halloween Costume For Girl With Rare Mutation #TBT: These college students were determined to make Halloween a holiday to remember for 16-year-old Alex Hayes.

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Auctioning Love

Our high school youth group held a very clever fund raiser at church yesterday. They had a Dessert Auction! It was the kick off fund raiser to help them travel to a nation wide conference with other high schoolers next summer. I contributed a couple of pies - a blueberry and a french apple. Each fetched a nice sum to add to their trip account.

Some of the kids were the auctioneers, others walked the desserts around all the tables so we could better see what we were bidding on, and others delivered the desserts to highest bidders. The younger children had made colorful, animal shaped bidding paddles for us to use when bidding.

It was such a fun event! And it was so wonderful to see the joy in the faces of these young people, knowing they had done well. A good amount of money was raised. And, even more importantly, all of us had worked together to help this special group of young folks. A good time was had by all!

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A Simple Gift for a Fussy Child at the Store

I like wearing things in my hair (wreaths, bows, streamers etc.). I had a big blue bow from one of our christmas gifts in my hair at work today. A customer was trying to ask me some questions about some of our cameras and she had a small child who wouldn't calm down.

I could tell she was very frustrated and I know how it feels to be looked at by other people as the parent who can't control your child, even though every parent knows that you can't always stop a child from fussing no matter how good or bad a parent you are.

I took the bow out of my hair and gave it to the child to play with. She immediately smiled and started playing with it. We were able to finish the interaction without any more mishap and she was very appreciative when I allowed her to keep the bow.

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Surprise Bath Salts for the Cashier

In December, I was at the grocery store buying canning jars for a project I was working on. The cashier asked me what I was going to use the jars for, so I told her about my plans to make lavender bath salts for friends and family as holiday gifts.

She was really interested and asked me to let her know how it turned out. I decided to do better -- a few days before Christmas, I brought her a gift jar full of the bath salts I had made. She was so happy and surprised, she gave me a hug. The small act of kindness felt great.

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Leaving Some Hand Salve for the Mail Carrier

Last Christmas, I gave my mail carrier some hand-made salve to keep her hands from getting so chapped delivering mail. She recently left me a note in my mailbox saying she "would love to buy some more of that great hand salve you gave me for Christmas". I quickly made another batch and left a jar in my mailbox with a note to her and a Smile Card. I asked her to please allow me the thrill of gifting her some hand salve. And that whenever she needed more, just leave me an empty jar in my mailbox. And then, I asked her to please help me to keep the energy of giving circulating by taking whatever amount she would have paid for some more hand salve and do some random act of kindness for someone. She just left me another note in my mailbox saying how excited she is and how she ... Read Full Story >>

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