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Healing Garden Tended With Love

Healing Garden :–

The healing garden began with just 4 plants. Now I have more than 50 herbs and plants in the garden. It was not easy to create a healing garden with the courtyard’s limited space.

It requires regular care and I didn’t have much time, so in the beginning, many plants went dry due to lack of proper care. My isolation gave me an opportunity to care for the plants and develop a beautiful garden. In the period of lock down, I bought more plants with big planters and started caring for my plants in the morning and evening.

Proper watering, giving fertilizer at the right time, removing grass and maintaining the ratio of sunlight and shadow. After much hard work, now the healing garden is ready to heal you.

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Random Notes of Kindness

I finished another book today, one I had borrowed from the library. And like I do with all the books I borrow from the library, I place a post it note and stuck it randomly amongst the pages for the next person who checks out the book to find. I love doing this, as I always imagine what a surprise it must be for the person who finds it ♥

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Small Favor

Easy and efficient -

I cleaned a neighbors trash dispenser for no reason but to be nice. I did it knowing they would appreciate it. Plus, it was becoming an unbearable smell.

So, that's a win-win for everyone :)

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Learning To Receive From Others In My Time Of Need

I'm a single mom, running my own business and just plain juggling a lot. Because I need to move to a better school district, I've decided that I'm going to sell my house. But before I do, I need to put in a new kitchen. I don't have much money. In this economy, who wants to put more money into their house than they have to, right? But I can't sell the house with the kitchen as is. It's pretty bad. I posted something about my project on Facebook the other day, and got an unexpected response. One of my friends, who is a general contractor, told me that he was hurt that I didn't choose him to redo the kitchen (my brother-in-law is doing it for free). He understood completely, but asked me why I didn't ask him for his commercial discount at Home Depot, that he would very much like ... Read Full Story >>

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Looking Out for a Friend

A friend is trying to buy a house, but many places locally are sold still through word of mouth rather than by agents. We heard wind of a place in a village local to us so my partner rang about it on her behalf.

Someone in the village had the keys so it was then a mission to try and find this mysterious person. Last night we finally tracked him down and as he had time he showed it to us on the spot. I'm glad he did as were able to discover it was unsuitable for friend, but such kindness!

Partner put so much effort into checking this out for her, and lovely old chap opened up his bar and bought us a drink after we looked at it.

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What I Learned from Isolation

Make more and more friends. Never bring ego into your relationship. Love and compassion are the most valuable things on the earth. We all should try to get and give as much as we can. Dear friends, life can take any turn at any time or movement. It is unpredictable and unstoppable. We can’t measure it. We just need to go with it. One more truth about life is; we can’t spend it alone. On so many occasions, we need people, family, friends and community to live the journey of life. And especially in our struggles, we need them more. On March 16, 2020 my left leg was injured. At that time, I thought it was a simple injury, but a medical doctor later declared it a serious fracture and that I would have to be in bed for three months. It was shocking for me. I never spent more than 8 hours ... Read Full Story >>

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Kind Domino Effect

This is a story of a kind act which had a domino effect going from patient to dentist to sweeper (janitor). I gave quote cards to patients waiting their turn in the dentist office waiting area. When I was called in to see the dentist, I placed a “Wear A Mask“ and “Keep Social Distance“ sign on the dentist’s table along with some quote cards. He checked my teeth and said: “Let broken loose teeth fall down, nothing can be done about it.” He refused to take a fee from me. I put a little extra on his table. He was giving me more change back, while cutting down his fees. I politely refused to take it and requested that he give it to some needy people. Immediately he gave much more than my change to the lady who was sweeping the office floor. I was satisfied that I paid the fee and a little extra ... Read Full Story >>

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An Elderly Woman's Cry Led To This Beautiful Act Of Kindness And Connection

As I was walking around Residential care this afternoon, I heard a lot of yelling and crying coming from one of the rooms. I had actually tried to connect with this little lady a few weeks ago but she can't speak English and has dementia. A caregiver was in with her and speaking but the lady wasn't responding. I took the lady into the bathroom and she was crying and looking in the mirror. To calm her down I started to brush her hair, it was soaking. The caregiver left and I grabbed a small towel and dried her hair as well as gently rubbing her head. She just kept crying and was terribly upset. So I wrapped my arms around her, rubbed her back and hugged her. At the same time, I was talking very quietly to her and rocking her. She sobbed in my arms. When she calmed down I sat ... Read Full Story >>

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Who Got the Bigger Surprise!

Some of my friends went as a group to cheer up a senior friend of mine who was feeling very depressed due to her inability to travel, a disability of the hand and a few other things. We went to cheer her up and give her flowers, cards (she adores Rumi so we made Rumi posters as seen in the picture) and food, but her kind grateful  spirit touched us all far more! She was warm and open and expressed how she had been feeling lately. She was in tears to see us all. All of us were filled with gratitude for everyone’s presence and for a shared understanding and love. We played a couple of uplifting songs on a portable music player (Carey Pearce - It won't always be like this.)  One of our friends had woke up at 5 am to make cheesecake bread loaves and chex mix for all ... Read Full Story >>

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Caring People With Food Insecurity

Despite the early and unseasonable snow, Feeding South Dakota held their mobile food pantry today in the parking lot of our local food-bank, where MisterM and I volunteer every month.

A BIG thank you to all who participated, especially my dear husband, who is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Looking a little deeper into the Feeding South Dakota program, I am heartened and inspired to see what a caring difference they make to those suffering from food insecurity.

Pulling together, my kind friends, we can accomplish so much more than the sum of one.

*photo from the internet

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Friends and Coffee and Conversation

A friend messaged me, having had a rough day yesterday with some ongoing issues. I was due to pass her house on my way home, so made a quick detour to pick up 'natas' (a delicious egg based tart) and dropped in for coffee and chat. I think she appreciates some adult company occasionally.

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Reaching Out

Yesterday I rustled through my greeting card drawer and found some oldies but goodies. I thought about several people whom I have not been in contact with for sometime and a couple that I have.

After two hours, I had several cards ready for to hand off to the USPS, including an anonymous note to the USPS thanking them for their service, which I put in the box along with the stamped mail.

It has been joyful to know these surprise notes are going to be received in the next few days. No expenditure except a little postage; used what I had. And all it took was for me to allow myself some time to think of friends and family.

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Listening Kindly To Elderly

☎️ Our friends’ 95 year old Mother & I speak every now & then over the telephone. Yesterday I spent 30 minutes, mostly listening to her. It’s often not an easy listen, as at 95 she has much physical diminishment (impaired hearing, eyesight, mobility) & almost every call includes her sharing that she does not want to live anymore. She’s luckier than many in that she lives with her children in a nice home and has a very kind, attentive aide who comes to help her a few days a week, but nonetheless, little joy it seems.

Sometimes I struggle to stay on the phone so long with her, but yesterday I just went with it, letting her talk as long as she needed to and offering myself with patient presence. Sometimes I can get her to laugh.

She needs to be heard. I have 2 ears :)

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Doing For Others When We Can

I'm trying to do what my heart says, rather than waiting for my brain to give permission.
As I was standing in line at Safeway the other day, there was a gentleman who seemed to be hesitating between standing in line behind me or the line next to us. As if thinking, which line will be faster?

I asked him to give me his items so that I could purchase them for him. He declined. I asked again, being more insistent. He finally acquiesced.

I feel grateful that I was able to do something for another human being...someone for whom I should do much more.
We exchanged a ONEderFULL fist bump (don't judge me for breaking Covid-19 protocol!). In another time, I would've given him a huge hug <3.

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A One Of A Kind Pizza

I received this homemade delicious pizza for our family dinner by a senior couple. I had gone to give some groceries and they handed me this pizza with veggie toppings.

I am touched by their act and I hope to pay it forward in a similar way so that our joy be shared!


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Walking Each Other Home

Last night, my partner and I went to the levees where I am relearning how to run (he supports on his bike and I go as fast or as slow as my old legs want to take me, heart is strong so that helps :)) Ahead of us was a very tall man with a plastic bag who seemed to be unable to walk a straight line. John said "you keep running, I will check on him." I tried to continue on but then turned around only to find that the man had fallen and was lying on his back with John at his side. I watched quietly. John was holding his hand. I saw the man's stomach go from quick breaths to one of ease. John told the man, "we are going to come back this way, if you are still here, we will check on you." The man said ... Read Full Story >>

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Listening And Holding Space

My neighbor had a very dear old elderly dog who died three days ago and she is so sad. I brought her a home-made raspberry scone yesterday.

Our house is having its exterior painted and the painter is going through a rough time with his marriage. He needs to talk and we listened.

Listening to people and their woes, and just being there, holding space, is something I can do. The tears ease up and a grounding can take place. I know how much I appreciate being heard and seen.


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Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

On Our Block, neighbor surprised us with a sweet (candy) gift she brought back from her Colorado vacation. How thoughtful to think of us. Another neighbor rang our bell to ask if we had a cat carrier. She needed to take her cat to Vet. Was glad we had one to lend to her. I always stick 2 or 3 bananas in with the cider I order every week for another neighbor. I leave a Fresh Direct bag on their porch every Monday morning. I like to occasionally surprise them by putting in extra items sometimes  Another neighbor wants to hold an outdoor “communal block dinner” when the pandemic ends, so we can all reconnect, as well as get to know several new people who bought houses on our block over the past few months. Someone offered to pay to rent a big tent for the occasion, using bonus money she received from ... Read Full Story >>

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Grateful For Health Care

While visiting sister at the hospital yesterday - only one visitor at a time, I discovered firsthand the caution, mindfulness, sensitivity and care that our healthcare workers are providing, around the clock, during this time of challenge. Many thanks to Crystal, Tristan, Terri, Ann and a host of others. I may not have been able to see their smiles, but I could feel their loving, capable energy radiating from their caring hearts. As I exited the hospital (getting lost again!), a nurse asked, “Are you the one who brought the muffins in? Thank you! They looked so good, but I couldn’t have any.” When I asked her why she couldn’t have any, she said she had a food allergy to eggs. So....already planning on an egg-free treat to bring on my next visit. A deep bow of gratitude to all of our medical personnel 🙏. ❤️ Sister is doing better every day. Hopefully, she will ... Read Full Story >>

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60 Day Challenge for 60th Birthday Gift!

Along the lines of celebrating my 60th birthday with a 60 day kindness challenge, I got the greatest birthday surprise from my daughters. When they asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said, "please do a kindness act for someone in my honor" They took it WAYYYYY farther. They contacted all my friends and family members and asked them to do the same thing I had asked of them, as my birthday present. Then they asked them to write to them after they had done their 'act' and tell them what they had done. They also asked their friends to do the same. On my birthday, I was presented with a gorgeous scrapbook filled with pictures and all the kindness acts written out in their own words, telling me what they had done and how it made them feel. The 'acts' ran the gamut from donating frequent flyer miles so someone ... Read Full Story >>

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