Stories of Kindness from Around the World

The Crying Child at the Supermarket

We couldn’t help but notice that the child was still crying. She cried all through the grocery checkout line and out into the parking lot.

“May I give her this? Maybe it will help dry those tears?” I asked her mom, holding out a paper poppy that I had just received after making a donation to the veteran’s display near the grocery store exit.

The beleaguered mom nodded a yes -- while putting her groceries in the car.

The little girl’s tears stopped briefly as she accepted the poppy, but resumed soon after.

Then, my great-niece Elise, who had just gotten 2 small toys from the lobby vending machine, announced, “I’m going to give her this! Ok?” and she held up something stuffed into a plastic ball.

Seems that’s exactly what the child needed to completely dry her tears and make us all smile! 😊 

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Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

I found out early this morning that our longtime beloved next door neighbor who took a hard fall last week, was taken to the hospitalI last night. I brought a nice dinner over to her husband this afternoon. He was very appreciative.

She will be home tomorrow from the hospital. She has some broken ribs and will need a lot of rest.

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Compassion For Self And Others

I had a long conversation yesterday with an acquaintance who is currently having a difficult time and whom I tried to support amongst others by pointing out her achievements so far, her (inner and outer) beauty, reminding her of situations where she had made a difference in so many others.

This morning I received a "Thank you" message which mentioned - "how come you are always so positive about everything and work on lifting others up?" 😳

The answer is easy: I am not! But helping others to see the good in themselves makes me focus on the positive interactions, the beauty of life and thereby helps me out of my own darker hours as well. (At least as long as the other person is not inherently negative 😉)

Accepting ourselves for what we are, helps us to be more compassionate with ourselves and with others, that we interact with.

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✌️ All Hands On Deck 💕

My husband's recent knee placement surgery gave us ample opportunity to personally experience the kind and compassionate care of our Health Care Heroes. From his recovery, he reflected, “Every single person treated me with compassion, with respect and kindness. To a person. From the doctors to the nurses, cafeteria staff, and orderlies. Every person.” And I agree! Overworked (hospitals are still CoVid challenged) and with workers taking on multiple roles as needed (one evening nurse was a daytime administrative assistant!), each responded to his healthcare needs with good humor and grace, even offering to bring me meals and beverages when there. *Marie and Mike - the day and night food service persons not only noted meal preferences but cooked and delivered the meals! I tried to include everyone, from admitting clerks, food service workers to nurses, surgeons, orderlies, etc…with a Health Care Hero Karuna/Compassiona Dove Package ( for more info about), explaining how the ... Read Full Story >>

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Gratitude Helps You to See the Colours Clearly

My opportunity for kindness this week involved donating money. I was able to provide a scholarship for a high school boy in Tanzania, East Africa. I also helped a good friend get over a small shortfall and donated to one of my favourite children's services. I am grateful that I have the means to do this.

Other kind acts include the usual good manners, smiles, chats, thankful responses as well as visiting friends who were going through a tough time.

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Healing Nature

On my way yesterday an acquaintance of mine was feeling a bit low as her day had been a bit challenging. But when we walked to the location of our concert we passed by trees with beautiful fall colours and the sun was shining.

When I pointed that out to her, her mood started to change quickly and she enjoyed the colours, clicked pictures, and was all smiles for the time being.

This is a good reminder that nature is always there to comfort us or shift our perspective. 

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Kindness Can Move Mountains

When I arrived at work this morning I discovered a soy latte on my desk. A coworker had gotten it for me <3.

And then I received a Thanksgiving Gram from a student that reads: "Thank you so much for all of your kindness and support!"

I LOVE my students. As I was talking with one yesterday, I teared up as I told her why I teach. It's not because of the subject at all. It likely was when I began, but not anymore.

Now I teach because of the students. I'm sure I offer something beneficial to them that they will carry with them, some throughout their lives. But every day I receive so much more from them. There are days when I think I'll never quit teaching. I'll just die in the classroom when my time comes.

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Locking My Keys in the Trunk While Doing Doordash

I locked my keys in the trunk of the car yesterday at 3 pm while doing a Doordash. The customers' food got locked in there too. I had them cancel the order and reissue a new one. I don't have roadside assistance.

A friend helped me with her service. We waited for the driver to arrive (maybe 45 minutes). He arrived and set to work but couldn't get it open. A couple came by and the wife said she had the same thing happen. They came back out of the restaurant and offered to help but they couldn't get it either.

He called a friend to come over and help. He tried one more time and finally, he got it! We had been there for 31/2 hours.  

I was so grateful for everyone that helped me. My friend Sonia, the AAA tow truck driver, and the couple. There really are good people out there that still care and want to help others. God Bless them.

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Final Farmers' Market Day

Today was the last day of the farmers' market for the season. There is one small vendor that my friend and I have been patronizing. They have wonderful salad greens, delicious carrots and they are simply delightful people. We have had such fun conversations with them. As we made our final rounds this morning, I gifted them the last of my home-grown lavender sachets. I couldn't think of nicer people to give them to. It's just as well that it was the final day.  It was cold, dark, rainy, miserable.  Here's to next spring!

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Spreading Joy in The Parking Lot

On Sunday I stopped at a Dollar Tree store. On the way in, I noticed a mom and daughter (around 8 yrs old) were going to their car. The girl was carrying two rolls of Christmas wrapping paper.
I asked if they had a tree up yet.

The mom smiled and said, "No, not yet". I told them I wanted to give them something and. I got in my car and pulled out a tree-shaped ornament with a llama on it.

I handed it to the girl and said "Here you go, your first Christmas ornament for this year." She took it and said "cool!"I told her that I had made it and then  I wished them a  Merry Christmas. Seeing the mom and daughter so happy made me happy too.

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🎃 Pumpkin Bounty and Autumn Love ❤️

Yesterday I left a little autumn surprise in our mailbox for mailman Greg to find. Today, I left a pumpkin for Tasha, our Saturday mail person to discover.

Both Greg and Tasha always respond with such sweet notes of thanks, and I have quite a collection from them saved on my fridge door.

Our community pumpkin patch had a plentiful crop of smallish pumpkins. I’ve gifted several of these to various folks as I feel the nudge to share some autumn love.

I’ve baked a few pumpkins and puréed and frozen the results for future use.

We always give whatever remains to the outdoor creatures who love the special treat.

The generous pumpkin bounty provides us with more seasonal kindness to share, and as a bonus — perhaps a future baked treat as well! 🥧

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How I learned [I'm]Perfect in Middle School

   When I think of the word perfect, I think of something only a few can achieve, like high beauty standards, the super smart girl in my class, or anything that I can compare myself to. For a few weeks now, I have been noticing this one girl who is in a few of my middle school classes. She has fabulous long dark brown hair, big hazel eyes, and the most beautiful face. She always wears the prettiest outfits and seems to be the most popular girl in school, at least in my point of view. It seems like she has a perfect life, lots of friends, all A's, and everything anyone could ever want.    One day, I was in language arts talking to my teacher about one of the upcoming tests, when I saw the girl staring at me in this weird way. I immediately started to freak out ... Read Full Story >>

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The Unspoken Good Neighbor Policy on Our Block

I’ve posted often here about the kindness people that live on our block share with one another. Our Neighbor was expecting a big dumpster to be delivered early this morning in preparation for construction starting tomorrow. Their house (next door to us) had a fire a few months ago. She needed the 2 car space in front of the house saved for the dumpster but her family needed their cars to get to work, so couldn’t leave them there to save the spots. My other next-door neighbor and my husband volunteered to park there when the spots opened up yesterday.🚗🚙 At 7 AM this morning the dumpster arrived. I called our neighbor to let her know, so she’d move her car out of the saved space (unlike us, she’s not an early riser & I woke her up). 😴 Nevertheless, we both moved our cars & the dumpster pulled into the space. The neighbor ... Read Full Story >>

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Making a New Friend

As my husband and I were watering some plants in the front yard an elderly man walking by stopped to talk with us. He asked us to guess his age and the best answer I could think of was 75 years. That was obviously wrong because he was 93 years old and turning 94 on February 1st! He mentioned often to me about the problem he is facing which is that he cannot find people to talk to. I welcomed him to sit on our bench and offered to be his friend. I asked him the secret to his longevity and here’s what he replied. His father was a very rich lawyer but it seems he had no peace of mind. He then met someone who gave this advice. “If you want peace of mind, then be of service to others.” This new friend of mine, Mr. V. had a high position with ... Read Full Story >>

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The Healthcare Heroes and the Caring Rose Week

I had a full knee replacement surgery several weeks ago. A very painful, but necessary part of recovery is to participate in physical therapy, something I have been doing at the local clinic twice a week.

As this is Caring Rose Week, my wife purchased a dozen roses for me to donate to the clinic personnel that impart their healing torture upon my knee. They were very appreciative!

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Lovely Snail-mail Surprise

I got a lovely surprise in the mail from friends here. I'm so very grateful for their kindness. The package included doves, incense, a crystal and bookmark and also quote cards. I'm so happy to be able to share these forward. Thank you so much!

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Helping Someone Who Helps Others

To try to offer support, I helped apply for an Aadhaar card for a school teacher who was about to have surgery. The Aadhaar card is kind of like Social Security in the USA.

The day before her operation we were able to take her pictures and personal details needed to claim the insurance for her surgery. Although she did not have many of the documents necessary for obtaining the card, we somehow managed to complete the form with the help of the school where she works as proof of identity and address.

I'm excited to share the happy news that she just received the approval information online. And my efforts to help her were not in vain. Thank goodness she got it.

Finally, things are falling in place for her, and the Gods are smiling.

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McD's Thanking Teachers and me Thanking a Friend

McD's offered teachers a free breakfast every day last week. I grabbed my Egg McMuffin, hash browns, and coffee. This was lovely but I don't drink coffee. When I got to work, I saw a colleague and said:
"Tammy, do you drink coffee?"
"I LOVE coffee!"
"Did you have your coffee this morning?"
"No, I didn't have time."
"Here," I said handing her the coffee, "I got this today."
"Are you sure?"
"I don't drink coffee. Please, take it."
She was thrilled. I was happy that I could pass it on to her. 

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Future Perfect Time 🎃 ...

The snow and temperatures cleared long enough for the local fall festival to get the go-ahead. We donned our muck boots and slogged our way through the muddy, snowy faux pumpkin patch. Recharged with warm sunshine, we enjoyed children expending energy in the bouncy houses and winding their way through the straw maze. There were pups on leashes, musical talent, fragrant foods, and even a pie-eating contest. The children’s tent was busy with cotton candy and popcorn booth, tie-dye tables, bread bracelet creation station, and the VERY popular face painting. The teen artist who finally painted my great-niece’s face - she chose a butterfly design, was so very careful and patient, asking what colors she wanted and gently brushing her hair aside. Impressed with the artist's sensitivity and good nature despite the never-ending flow of children wanting decoration, the noise, and constant activity, I reached into my RAK purse and found a Peace Dove ... Read Full Story >>

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Reaching Out to Friends

I did some catch-up with a longtime soul-sister who now lives in another state. We worked together back in the 1970s. I had introduced her to one of my co-worker friends a long time back & they wound up getting married 😊. This is one of those friendships where you pick up right where you left off, no matter how long it’s been.

Asked another friend how she’s been doing & then apologized for kinda being not attentive lately.

Sent some cheerful graphics to a neighbor/friend who shared she’s feeling under the weather & was going for a covid test. She’s a teacher & at risk. 🙏

Graphic Quote:   “Quiet Now…..Allow the pieces of life to settle in their own way & time…..even a shaken world can be transformed to a wonderful mosaic ~ with time ~

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