Stories of Kindness from Around the World

Serving During Heat Wave

We're currently under a heatwave around here, spent the past few days going around helping others.

A family of six that were under quarantine, in need of food called me, I then made quite a few calls to make sure they got food, plus milk and pampers for their baby, and delivered more food for them afterward.

Made fried bread for some elders, took food care packages to several single families, made fried bannock cheeseburgers to feed those hungry. Got a bunch of freezies and went around giving them to whoever needed one to keep them cool, and this inspired others to do the same yesterday as well, glad for that.

Took water to several pets who really needed water and made sure they were moved to the shade to keep cool. Been a scorching past few days, but making sure those in need are taken care of. Peace everyone.

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❀️ Kindness Multiplied.....

🧢 Received a nice thank you note from our neighbor that made me feel good about sharing my yarn with her:

“Love the nutribullet ,and the yarn , shared with my sister and sister in law
All good happy blankets, sweaters hats will be created THANK YOU

The yarn I gave her will create many ripples of kindness out there thanks to our neighbor sharing the yarn with others.

We never know just how far our one act of kindness may travel, do we. 😊

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Joy Of Seeing My Niece Discover Generosity

My 12-year-old niece  was staying with us for a couple of days. She was remembering some acts of kindness that we did together when she was less than five years old. We talked about how so much has changed, and with the pandemic, how it would be difficult to do so many of those things, especially when it comes to strangers.  The next day, I needed something from the downtown area and happened to take her with me. As we walked around on the street, we heard this beautiful male voice singing a very soulful song. We turned around to see this middle-aged man sitting on a street corner with his guitar. A couple was sitting on a bench nearby and listening to his music. After getting a few errands done, we happened to sit at an outdoor dining restaurant across from him on the other side of the street. My niece ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness Results In A Good Laugh

This morning I tended to my little 'tree-garden' when a construction worker from a house nearby came over to ask if I might have a band-aid and some tape for a wound in his finger. His colleagues had left and their first aid kit was in their car. I went up to my apartment on the 3rd floor and got him some iodine ointment to ensure he did not get an infection with the work he was doing, gave him a band-aid and helped wrap everything with strong tape to keep dirt out. A couple of minutes later he came back, looking sheepish, and told me that he had given me the wrong finger. It turns out two fingers were bruised and the skin broken, and he had had me wrap the finger with the smaller wound. No problem, as I still had everything downstairs I tended to his ring finger ... Read Full Story >>

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My Experiments With Kindness

Hello, I am Allison, and I love spreading kindness to others all around the world. I am disabled. I am 24, and I’m from Arkansas. I love sending love to others even if I don’t know them. It’s a huge blessing being able to show God’s love, as well as my love to all these people I send stuff to. I have pen pals from different places all over the world, and I handwrite each letter, and I spread kindness to each of them. I also feel like we need more love and kindness in this world, and I  want to bring positivity and peace to this world. I feel like we need a lot more kindness these days, and I do a lot of writing. I think it is so much fun. I love spreading kindness and peace to everyone. I probably send off thousands of letters each year. I’m also a ... Read Full Story >>

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⛺️ Rak For The Kiddies 😊

The last campground we stayed at was family friendly with a playground, pool, small arcade, and fishing pond.

Since it was raining (a lot!), I anonymously left an assortment of child-friendly books as a RAK in the clubhouse to help keep the kids busy, amused, and smiling!

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One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

I've discovered this website called trash nothing. It's basically a place to offer and/or request items for free, or as I like to think of it, as gifts. It's been a blessing to us.

Rather than finding their way to our local landfill, or worse, the ocean, I've been able to provide a young person with a Mac Book Pro so that she can use it to help her find work; some tennis rackets and antifreeze will get some use, as will an electronic dartboard and some bbq tools.

Most of the stuff I put on the site to give away. However, the computer was given to someone who was requesting it. With so many unnecessary items thrown away, I'm glad to have found this service.

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My Conversation With a Homeless Person

There is an older homeless (or at least very poor) woman who sometimes is sitting near where I am living, begging for money. Unfortunately, the 'inner city places' are often being 'strongly requested' by younger men and women who take over the space. Whenever I see her, I make sure to give her something, and if I am out of money at least talk to her for a few seconds. When younger people are around, I often make sure to drop a few coins into her cup while passing her a note without anybody seeing it in hopes that they will leave her alone. Today she surprised me. I was passing her again, giving her some money, and asked her how she was. She surprised me by saying that she wanted to thank me. Not for the money. Well, for that too, but for always taking the time to talk to her. She ... Read Full Story >>

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Thank Yous And Farewell to My Favorite Columnists

Our big-city newspaper was purchased by a hedge fund. Over 40 employees have accepted a buy-out. Some wrote their last columns in Sunday's paper.

They will still have their work email addresses until this Friday.

Earlier today, I sent three of my favorite columnists "farewell and thank you" notes. They have enriched my life, written about topics that have caused me to think, provided a smile, and more. I will miss them.

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Teachings From The Garden

As I work in the garden, I take my time and the garden is teaching me about working with the earth. I recognize that there will be both successes and failures and there are many variables that affect them both. The quality of the seeds planted has a bearing on how the plants will grow. The weather can be too hot, too cold, or exactly right, and usually fluctuates between all three. Weeds seem to thrive in the garden and need to be taken care of, pulled, and discarded to ensure they do not encroach on the fruits, vegetables, and flowers we have so lovingly planted. I take time to stand back and rest, and to observe the plants and how they are growing. Each plant is unique and develops in the way that is best for them. Some have large broad leaves to shield their fruit from the harsh rays of ... Read Full Story >>

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44 Roses For Strangers 🌹

Keeping in line with our tradition, we finally gave out 44 real roses yesterday to celebrate our anniversary. Mostly to tourists (our town is a BIG summer tourist area!) who were delightfully surprised 😊.

What really makes this annual kindness action so special is how folks open up about their respective anniversary, how they smile and light up, how some say, “this makes my day!”

I wish we had enough roses to gift everyone! Some day….. 😊 🌹

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I Made a New Friend

Today I met a lovely 97-year young lady named Mary at my mom's apartment complex. As I waited for my mom, I sat in the car and waved to the folks coming and going. We all agreed it was a lovely day. Mary sat on the bench and I saw her motioning me over. I got out of the car and sat down on the bench next to her...I'm fully vaccinated:). "I'm 97," she said, "and I'm so lonely! Everyone I know has died. I am the youngest child." My heart went out to her and I just grabbed her hand and held on. And she hugged me and we talked for about ten minutes. Next thing I know she kissed my cheek. "You are the nicest lady I have met today," she said. "I'm so glad we met!" I said. I forgot to give her a peace dove, but I was wearing one of the ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness All Around Today

Yesterday I visited a new branch of my local bank. I had to ask some people for directions. At a crossroads, I took a wrong turn.

Again, I asked another gentleman for directions. Rather than giving me directions, the kind soul offered me a ride to the bank, which I gladly accepted.

Kindness received. I am grateful to him and Sai Baba for sending him my way. I gave him a quote card. While walking, I handed out more quote cards, too.

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Neighbors for Life

A longtime neighbor, who was around eight or nine when we moved on the block back in 1978, sold her home. She lived two doors down & we grew close over the years. I’ve seen many of the little ones here grow up into adults, some from infants.

I was so moved when she surprised me with this bouquet of flowers and said “for being such a good neighbor/friend.” We had already shared a few tears about her leaving the other day, so no tears today ❀️ πŸ’

One of the many kindnesses that she's involved in is called Cody’s Cozy’s, an organization based in NY that donates socks to veterans and the homeless.

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A Special Day in Canada

Good afternoon everyone, today is Canada Day here, but this year it has a more somber tone, with millions of Canadians showing support for their indigenous peoples by wearing orange and marching beside us.

As a survivor of the residential school system, this is very heartwarming to see. A photo of downtown Toronto, there are many marches going on right now everywhere in Canada with the crowds chanting "every child matters" for all the children who never made it home from the residential schools.

Yet, as I write this, I want to express my deep gratitude to those who helped the children who did make it through and to those who have made change for the better possible. Thank you!

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Zest For Life

My aunt's 80th Birthday is coming up and she will have to spend it in the hospital. Fortunately, just a small procedure this time, and she doesn't mind as she does not want many 'official' visitors. But she has had several stays in the hospital during the last months and - while she's usually fairly positive - had to fight very hard to stay positive this time. Even though I know that her daughter and son with their families will call her and welcome her back home two days later I want to make sure she has a nice day and knows that she is loved so very much. So today I packed her Birthday parcel and wrote a card for her. I had a faint memory of a poem I once read which I wanted to include and fortunately found it online. I want to share it with you as ... Read Full Story >>

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Leaving Traces of Kindness

I secretly left some restaurant vouchers and a chocolate bar for a stranger.

When I came across a cassette recording of a long-departed loved one, I decided to record it on my phone and then send it to a dear one. They were "wow"d by it.

I wrote a postcard to someone in a long-term memory care facility--he may not remember us, but we remember him and I want him to know that we are thinking of him. 

Finally, my treat to me was being still as I gazed at clouds. 

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Parcel of Kindness

The other day I received a parcel from a very kind friend. Thank you so much dear friend for sending masks and hand gloves. These will be very useful for us, aiding in our protection from the Covid-19 virus.

We will distribute these to the people in our community who are most in need.

Heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude! You are an amazingly kind and generous person.

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The Vehicle Next to Us

The vehicle camped next to us was a brand new Class B - an upscale van-like camper w/all the modern conveniences. Funny thing though, the only time we saw our neighbor was when she came out to walk her cat on a harness leash.

Respecting her privacy, we exchanged brief pleasantries, but nothing more.

I felt whatever her story was, she could use some added PEACE, so anonymously left an engraved “worry” rock, along with a Smile card on the picnic table by her camper.

Everyone has a story, whether we are privileged to be privy to it or not. So let us respect and honor their space, while sending them good vibes and PEACE πŸ™ πŸ•Š.


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The Shopkeeper and Honesty

My shopkeeper forgot to add the price of an extra juice bottle, so I kindly mentioned this to her and she corrected the amount. She was so happy for my honesty. 

And here is a server from a house nearby who always offers me the gift of his big smile whenever he sees me. We greet each other with waves and hellos.

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