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Cooking and serving others

This here is Helen in my home, in our kitchen, cooking us a roast whilst we were all told to sit down and relax.

Helen is the most beautiful and kind woman. An Angel. A godsend.

During my pregnancy with our Edward she was always a text and phone call away, providing support, encouragement, and always there for me.

I aspire to be more like her. To give and serve others always in and with love ♥️

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Beautiful Gift For Mini ...

Beautiful gift for Mini library !

A dear ks friend has donated some books for children at Mini Library ( Kind Wings) All books are very interesting and knowledgeable. Children will love to read them.

Thank you so much..

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Walking together

I saw a young girl walking home alone and it was after midnight, had her wait until my son put on his shoes and walk her home Told him no young lady should be walking home alone. He smiled and said "Be back soon". As they walked away he said to her "she's right you know, don't tell I said that". Cheeky little punk! Giggle, smiling proudly,as I head inside . ☺️

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  • Posted by sabrinabennett23
  • Sep 27, 2023
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🏑 Welcome! 🌲

In the middle of it all - MisterM’s health challenges (leg getting better, but cataract surgeries coming up!), construction of deck addition and niece’s recent wedding, our godson, his wife and their 3 sons, aged 12, 10 and 8 are arriving later today for a visit. The Black Hills of South Dakota is a popular tourist destination, as we well know.  We vacationed here every summer for over 30 some years after my sister moved to the Hills with her husband and 2 daughters. Since realizing our dream of moving here and now being hosts instead of guests, I can more fully understand the anticipation, the wanting to show our appreciation for their visit. As we prepared by cleaning, tidying, baking, cooking, etc…I was struck by the force of what my sister must have felt before our arrival. Expressing our gratitude for all she did over the years to welcome us, we are now ... Read Full Story >>

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Flowers From The Garden.

Went along to my summer patchworking course today (Learning to make a nice cushion cover with a small group of nice women ).

Took along some flowers from the garden for the lovely shop owner / course instructor. Just because! She was thrilled. 🌺🌸🏡

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Donating Blood

For more than 60 times I have donated blood in the past. Most of the time, I did not accept gift after donating blood, For safety reasons, Blood bank staff insist we eat cookies and drink milk. They offer it but I bring my food and water from home. The following link answers some of the questions that arises in the minds of people who have misconception.

The image was derived separately

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Spreading The Love.

Thoroughly enjoying the lucky clover-picking time. Got a new batch finally dried and waiting to be laminated.

Bought 2 paper punches yesterday so I can add paper love hearts and clovers to my little treasures. Looking forward to gifting them.

Let me know if you want any. I'll be glad to send for free. πŸ€β€οΈ

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It’s Not Always Easy In Relationships

It’s Not Always Easy When we enter a loving relationship, committing to a life together we may not even think about what that might mean in the future. We embark on our journey together, enjoying the good times and supporting each other through the bad times. Sometimes though, life throws us a curve ball, one of the partners is diagnosed with a life changing illness or condition. This changes a relationship in ways we can not know until we experience it. It may be difficult for both partners as the roles change one becoming the caregiver and the other is cared for. The love and commitment are still there, each partner adapting to the situation and faces the new challenges together. It is not always easy, there will be days when it is overwhelming and that is when they need each other the most. They walk together as well as walk ... Read Full Story >>

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For The Love Of Cats πŸˆβ€οΈπŸˆβ€β¬›

So, I have been volunteering at the local animal shelter as a "cat-cuddler" for just over five and a half years now. Time certainly flies! 😻

Chatted to one of the staff yesterday about some of the cats that I remembered from back then. She is in charge of the cats and remembered them well too. Back then, during my first year especially, I took lots of photos of my fav kitties and hoped to make up a photo album for myself.

Today I located those old pics on my laptop as I thought the lovely lady in charge of the cats will appreciate them. Initially considered getting a few printed out as good old-fashioned photos but then figured that is not exactly environmentally-friendly.

So I transferred them (about 150) onto a USB stick instead and will give it to the lady. Maybe the animal shelter might want to use some of the better photos for their website.

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Birthday Gifts

I gifted cupcakes on my birthday to the therapists I work with.

I comforted a friend who was anguished over circumstances in his life.

Chattered with the squirrels in my front yard...thank TH for that inspiration.

I started putting together a basket of bracelets and peace doves to leave at the YMCA for people to take one.
Gave a good friend a load of asiago chibatta bread


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Not By Chance

It’s been over a year since Ive started my neuropathy treatments at a well known location here in Oklahoma. Since then I seem to become very popular, shown nothing but love, kindness and compassion each time I arrive. Anyway, 2 weeks ago I met a lady who also receives neuropathy treatments there and in her own words were eavesdropping to conversations that I was having with one of the beautiful employees there. We were discussing how I am a caregiver and ran into some issues with my right leg after a terrible fall that broke & shattered some bones in my rt leg that left me with a large plate and 20 screws. I since had that removed 3 years ago. Realizing my new challenges led me to have to make some personal changes. So I created some of my latest at home projects (veggies & flower garden, chicken & duck coop and ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Sep 11, 2023
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Planting Seeds

The local cafe that employs folks who are differently-abled is going through a tough time financially. They have weathered the pandemic and many other financial storms, but I had never seen the owner so discouraged---I gave her big hugs and told her I am going to find someone on the city council who can at least listen and hopefully help. Just heard back from my council member that they will schedule a zoom meeting and I have asked the owner to be there so she can share her story. Feel good about bringing these two strong women together to hopefully find a solution! You all know I call this place the "kindness cafe" and have brought many people there to witness the magic. Its impact on the community cannot be measured in dollars. Helping a friend find student volunteers for a community science outreach event. Though I can't be there, hopefully some ... Read Full Story >>

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I used to make greeting cards and quote cards over the years. Others were helping me in this regard. Last seven years, I live more time in India and visit USA for 3-4 months when needed. I gave greeting cards and quote cards making stuff to a friend. But his business did not permit him to do so. I got the stuff back from him. Some card making stuff was with another friend. I was thinking of giving up card making stuff to any school, so they get most out of it. My friend's wife suggested to donate them to the Salvation Army or Goodwill for after Corona pandemic schools do not accept anything for others. My focus was on school, and my positive thinking gave me success. Quitters never win. I asked our dear KS friend Mish to help me find any school. She found one schoolteacher. I am grateful to ... Read Full Story >>

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Wonders Of A Smile

I woke up a bit worried about the many deliverables in the office that needed to be done for the day. When I arrived at the office the guard flashed a beautiful good morning smile that instantly washed my worries away. His smile was contagious that I realized I arrived at my desk and gleefully greeted my officemates with same smile.

On my way home, I got the chance to give a slice of cake to a homeless child.

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Small Acts

I was in my car just pulling out of a local cafe's parking spot when I noticed a man in a wheelchair struggling to get across the parking lot.

I stopped, got out, and helped the man, pushing him to the door of the café. He wasvery appreciative.

I noticed that as we approached the door, that others hurried to help open the door for us. Small acts of kindness do inspire others. 😊

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Unexpected Help

An old man helped me in repairing my bike. It was very hot weather, almost 40 degree Celsius and my bike stopped running in the middle of the road. I didn’t have tools on my bike to repair it.

An old man was passing by and asked me what happened and I said "my bike is not starting". He said" my house is nearby. Come with me and we will try to fix it".

He took me to his house and gave me some tools 🧰 and helped me in repairing it. And we fixed it successfully. We felt very relaxed and calm. He also offered me tea.

He is so generous, I thanked him for being so kind.

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A Sweet Meet

It’s warming up here in NYC today…the mailman looked hot! πŸ₯΅

πŸ’§ My offer of water was so graciously accepted…he held a gentle energy.

πŸ•Š Gave him a peace dove with the water & he gifted me a beautiful smile & a “thank you so much”

❀️ A feel good give πŸ‘

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Green alternative with Soap Nuts

Today I tried out soap nuts (aka soap berries) instead of conventional laundry detergent. Only 5 for a full washload and my clothes came out sparkling clean and smelling lovely. Really pleased with the results and will continue to buy and use these. No way back now for me!

Keen to do more for Mother Earth by reducing some more plastic / cutting out chemicals where I can. Seemingly you can even use soap nuts to clean your home, wash your dishes and even wash your hair. So I boiled up the soap nuts which came out nice and soft from the washing machine and let them simmer for about half an hour. Totally looking forward to trying out a new green cleaning detergent and a washing-up liquid. Next plan is to replace plastic water bottles for glass ones as these will def get recycled.

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Today, It's Chocolate Kindness

Today, it's chocolate kindness for former office colleagues who happened to be the organizers of the meeting I attended today.

What better sweet way to reconnect than to flavor it with chocolate πŸ’–

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Being There

I made a site visit to the outskirts of our city Chennai India along with my client. He is in the process of trying to sell some plots which are part of a large Lay-out.
He was very happy I accompanied him. Sometimes you need to be available and also help them professionally so that they have better hope.

This too is kindness, that is, giving my time and being with him and also helping him to get back some of the money he has invested in the land.
Being an architect I give him right advice. More importantly he has complete confidence in me.
My presence reassures him and we get along well.
Please wish him well!

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