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New Year New Contacts ...

New Year New Contacts For Kindness On a beautiful New Year’s day, I went out to give some school stuff to needy kids that I bought a few days ago. 2022 was the best year of my life so far as kindness is concerned. I am not alone doing kindness, some friends sister Mindy and relatives have supported my good cause. I am grateful to all of them. After I gave, backpack, textbooks, note book, compass, pencil, jackets, T-shirts to needy kids and slippers and chappals to needy ladies, one old lady approached me with a note that she is widowed and doesn’t have anyone to take care of her. This was a new contact. We went to supermarket. I gave her some groceries and milk to needy kids. On the way, I found second new contact. I gave her slippers. I had some extra chappals and slippers that I bough to give needy ... Read Full Story >>

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Two Real Gems At The Petrol Station.

Found a valuable amber ring in the restroom of the petrol / gas station and handed it over to the cashier. Here's hoping the owner of the ring will remember where she left it! 

The cashier was a lovely cheerful soul despite the long queue / line behind me and even went out her way to operate the self-service coffee machine for me. A real gem of a woman. 

Don't you just love seeing beautiful little " kindness ripples" in everyday life?

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The other day I was at the mall grabbing a gift for a friend who was hosting a dinner.

While browsing one of the shops, a lady came up to me and started a conversation. She said she'd just been given terrible news, that an old friend of hers had passed away with cancer.

I could see the shock and sadness through her eyes and in that moment I know she needed to be listened to and comforted. Which is exactly what I did. I offered her a hug and lent her an ear for however long she needed.

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Sharing Happiness!

Gave  company to a handicapped person. He was feeling alone and sad. So, I took him to a restaurant and we had tea- samosa. I shared some inspiring stories and funny memories.

He listened very carefully and felt relaxed and calm. We also did so much laughing and walked. After that he was looking very relaxed and happy.

I promised him to meet again. And he can also call me at any time for any help. He replied with smile.

Thanks to him and all of you.

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Messages of Hope

I painted some flat stones in different colours and then painted on words that someone might need to hear: "you are worthy, you are lovable, you are good enough, Love, Trust, Joy, Hope, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gratitude, Courage + Gratitude + Forgiveness + Compassion = LOVE."

Then I walked around my local park and placed them on benches or just off the path. The next day I went back and noticed that the ones on the benches were still there but the others had been picked up.

Maybe they assumed it was in remembrance of someone - not sure - but it means many more are going to see the message and be blessed by it.

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Love, Kindness, and Trust

Today I spontaneously gave my husband my most precious pebble - a love-heart-shaped one (that rolled right into my hand after a special moment standing in the sea). This was a gift to emphasize how much I love him. I also asked a family member how I could avoid potential conflicts with her partner over Christmas. The advice that she offered me worked like a charm - not a single argument with him.  Also, as part of a gift to a special young person, I included something that is special to me, and I made an effort to talk to her in-depth, which was special.  People from different generations can learn so much from each other. We had a magical moment observing a wild beaver-like animal eating dandelion leaves on a river bank. She told me what she knew about this wild animal that I was seeing for the first time.  I managed to coax it to eat from my hand and then told her how I did so (remain calm and respectful, approach it slowly, crouch down and hold out my hand).  Grateful for that experience and also to the wild animal that gave me its trust. Kindness all around. Use the chance to be kind. Not only this Christmas but at every opportunity you can 💓

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When One is Observant

The other day a parent at the elementary school I work at dropped off their child and gave a little Christmas gift for everyone to share.  A pack of bubbles for the kindergarteners I work with! The parent spoke of how she had observed me in the past blowing bubbles with the little ones and saw how much they enjoy it...but hasn't seen it in the past few weeks or so.  So she decided to gift me this pack. It was such a thoughtful act to be able to make an observation like that and get something based on that. It was the most simple yet most powerful act.

Such a sweet moment ♥️

P. S. I Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! Over here all of the local roads are closed due to the blizzard conditions, so celebrations for my family have been moved to tomorrow. Stay safe!

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Blessed To Receive

Recently a good friend of mine, who is doing Ministry for Jesus Christ asked for my pant and shirt sizes. I gave it slightly puzzled. A week go I received a parcel of a readymade full pant and shirt of high quality.

I always found it easier to give than receive. When you receive with gratitude the giver is blessed. We should learn to give s well as receive. The source is the same.

Thank you for everything in life.

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Today’s Surprise 😊

❤️Anonymous gift was left on our porch this afternoon…a tin of holiday cookies.

No clue who left it there…there’s a few folks on the block who come to mind 🤔

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❄️ Dangerous Weather Brings Kindness Opportunities 🚙

With temps in the double minus digits, wind chills of -48 fahrenheit and blowing snow squalls, it’s life threatening here in the Hills. We braved the roads and nasty conditions for an overnight in Rapid City, hoping to beat the storm, so MisterM could keep an appointment that had already been rescheduled once due to inclement weather. Woke up to a dead car battery, so a kind traveler (stranded at the hotel due to interstate closing) gave us a jump. Then, as we were leaving, a young man asked the desk clerk if they had jumper cables - they didn’t. “We do!” I responded. When MisterM returned from bringing our vehicle around to the hotel door, I told him the situation. He offered, saying, “Well, I needed a jump this morning and now it’s my turn to repay the favor.” Kindness is like that sometimes. You give what you receive, almost instantaneously! ❄️ A lot of folks are ... Read Full Story >>

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Surprise Ending

❤️Kind way to end our Sunday…

Someone left a surprise gift on our front porch last night, rang our bell & walked away by the time we opened the door. It was a Hanukkah menorah with candles….no idea who. 🤷‍♀️ The anonymous kindness touch my heart ❤️ (My intuition makes me think it was the local teenage young man we met & chatted with as he was passing our home a few months ago & then returned once or twice to say hello, that I had posted about a few months ago).

And right after that another surprise came in an email from our neighbor-friend who gifts us her Friday dinners..she shared a photo of herself wearing the apron & oven mitt we gifted her for her recent birthday while she was baking donuts. My heart felt like it was smiling when I saw her photo 🥰

Unexpected kindness ❤️

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Snow In Portland

We gave Oscar the monthly money for food on the 28th of November.

Last week he told me it snowed in Portland. I asked if he was warm enough. He said when he's in his sleeping bag he's plenty warm. I pressed him and he admitted he needed boots.

I said I wanted to get him a Christmas gift and set an amount for him to pick out boots and anything else he needed. He chose boots, slippers, and two mirrors for his friend who is homeless.

She is in a wheelchair and the mirrors can clip on her chair so she can navigate crossing streets more safely. I was touched that, as usual, he was thinking of how to help others too.


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Dollar Trees 🎄

Been gifting these little $ trees to delivery persons, cashiers, whoever we cross paths with this holiday season. Always well received, they encourage a smile, and an exclamation of, "Oh, thank you! I am going to put this on my Christmas tree!”

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Give The Necessary

Donated an overstock of shampoo and soaps and many other necessary self care items to our local Salvation Army. This time of year, many people forget the importance of everyday basic necessities. Food and toys are always available, but toothpaste and brushes, and many other important items go unnoticed as a priority.

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Quote Cards Plus InspirationsI ...

I always try to help others in my capacity. More than that, I always try my best to inspire others to do kind acts for strangers or family and friends. Giving away inspiring quote cards has been my top priority. I give some more to someone telling them to share with others. so they at least share them with others as an act of kindness. I try to give with the feeling that, God in me is giving to God residing in recipients. Yesterday, I visited SEWA - Self Employed Women's Association. Met one kind lady who listened to my story. I gave probably 50 quote cards, told how it can help change people's lives by Fatemah's story. I am grateful to her that she accepted them. She liked them too. The purpose of my visit was to find help for needy people I serve. Giving groceries, clothes and other things is not ... Read Full Story >>

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A Happy Ending.

Older son and his partner discovered a stray cat in their garden. He is quite the handsome one. He is friendly, charming and living rough right now. They called various shelters, animal control, but it is December and they are all overcrowded. This is also to recognize that many of our local shelters accepted animals from southern regions of our country after massive storms a few months ago. Son and partner fostered this gentleman in their garage, provided a litter box, food and warmth. The weather has been mild for this time of year, but temperatures are going to crash this weekend and they were worried about finding a home for him. The other evening they took him to a vet to check for a chip to see if that would provide a clue to his ownership. No chip found. BUT...the tech recalled clients who were looking for a cat. She called them. they immediately ... Read Full Story >>

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The Power Of Community

Harnessing the power of many by reaching out to our neighborhood group and my book club to donate nonperishable food items for the soup kitchen where we volunteer and "warm feet for the holidays" project to collect new socks for folks in a nearby shelter.

Folks love to have an easy way to give and they can just drop off items on our bench. Making lunch for a friend who has COVID.

Flexibility is key to being able to help colleagues and students with whatever they are going through right now....and patience, which I am cultivating each day!

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A Summer in the Suburbs.

Dad is a retired NYPD Patrol Officer . He has many stories to tell. Here's one… In his precinct resided an infamous family. The family consisted of a struggling single mother and her four sons. The three older sons were all involved in crime as a career. Drugs, sale of stolen items, etc. The youngest who was about 10 years old was destined for the same. Many of the patrol officers knew the mom and in turn she knew them, some by first name as was the case with my Dad. She was always very cooperative when being questioned about her sons’ whereabouts. On one visit, my Dad struck up a conversation. During their talk she expressed her concern in regards to her youngest boy. She felt powerless in guiding him to the straight and narrow. The environment would not allow it. My Dad agreed. He offered the only solution he could think ... Read Full Story >>

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My Favorite Day Of Giving

This morning I went to shopping for organic vegetables. I gave some quote cards to shoppers and customers while I was out. I talked to one mom with her 7-8 year old boy about the importance of positive thinking. I told an inspiring positive story, Fatemah story and my experiences with positive thinking and gave her some quote cards and a booklet on positive thinking.

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A kind gift for our kind neigbor.

❤️Our kind neighbor who brings over her home-cooked full dinners almost every Friday is celebrating her birthday 🎂 this coming week & will also be celebrating Chanukah 🕎 later this month…..

🎁 When she comes over later today we have some gifts for both occasions waiting for her. I researched online to find gifts appropriate for her. It feels good to put time & thought into our gifts in the hopes that she will both like & be able to use what we gift her.

Grateful for our kind neighbor 🙏

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