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⭐️ Sprinkling That Sparkle!

As MisterM and fellow volunteer Randy painted the StoreHouse’s new addition floor, I was privileged to follow immediately behind, sprinkling sparkles (paint chips - for decorative traction) onto the wet cement!

❤️ Every now and then, I’d glimpse a heart-shaped sparkle and smile, thinking they were Divine nods and how grateful I was that the addition was finally nearing completion. It had taken a team of dedicated volunteers months to accomplish. The space would mean more food storage and accessibility for the foodbank.

MisterM went onto the Center, where he patched a wall and then painted it today. He’s becoming quite the “honey-doer!”

Making a difference with our talents and time, helps keep us engaged and feeling useful.

Sparkle on, my kind friends! ⭐️

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The Post Was Delivered

The post was delivered about an hour ago and I had a package for them to pick up. A notebook I ordered came through the letter box but the post lady carried on. Richard said 'Do you want me to chase after her?' I said no because if there was a problem we could always drop it in the letterbox nearby.

A few minutes ago, Richard saw the post lady pass the window and as I was getting my keys and the package, she rang the doorbell. She had two packages in her arms and she suggested as they were for me, I take them first. i did and then she scanned my package and put it in her bag.

Look what came in the post!

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The Little Saviors!!

The little saviors!!

The two little boys collect scattered flowers around the trees/ plants and put them in a safe place, so they don't get buried under people's feet. And after cleaning all the flowers, they use them in making manure or sometimes flow them into the river.

They also try to convince their schoolmates and other friends not to pluck the flowers from trees and plants.

So many thanks to both boys for their great act of kindness. They are little by age but they are very old by their work.


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Giving Away The Painted Rock

Today a client came into the office waiting for another employee to meet her. She was looking at all my rocks and nick nacks on my counter. 

She told her friend, look at this owl!! I told her it was a painted rock I found in San Diego Coronado Beach 3 years ago. The employee arrived and she headed out the door, but first, I whispered to the guy, 'hey, here, give this to her. (It was the painted rock) he asked, are you sure? I said yes, she liked it and I want her to have it.

I ended up leaving for lunch right after that. He gave it to her before I drove away.and she waved. I said I wanted you to have it. She said thank you, I loved it so much. Another item off to make someone happy in life.

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Stretching Kindness Muscles

I am trying my best to help my new friend. New friend doesn't follow English. His wife has a bank account that was not used for a long time. I help fill out form to request a checkbook and to change Mobile ( Cell phone) number. After waiting, checkbook was given.

I also lent them interest free loan
to buy an apartment they are living in presently so they do not have to pay rent. 

I gave little extra to buy needed things. About four months ago they were living on the footpath.

There is no paper agreement between us. Whatever and whenever they return will be used for kind acts.
I thank Sri Sathya Sai Baba for giving me opportunities to serve and guiding and helping me all the ways.

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Kindness Ripples after Giving Groceries ...

After giving groceries to needy people, I was walking back home. A girl and her sister of needy widowed mother approached with broken chappals that I have given her in the past. I took her to shoe repairer. Shoe repairer quoted me Rs.50 for repairing. I told the shoe repairer that the girl lives on the streets. The kindness ripple started; he reduced price to Rs. 30. When I paid Rs. 30, he kept Rs. 10 for himself and gave Rs. 10 each to the girl and her sister. Kindness ripple continues. I thanked the shoe repairer and told him that he did a very good job. I rewarded the shoe repairer and his assistant with banana that I bought a while ago. Kindness ripple continues further. While walking back girl's younger sister dropped peeled banana on the road. She put it in a trash can. I gave her another banana. I also gave cookie packets ... Read Full Story >>

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🏕 Our Kind Of Camping

Since our cabin hOMe is remote, we camp to meet people, experience new things and enjoy a change of place. In that vein, this last camping excursion graced us with many opportunities to kindly connect. 🕊 Gave flocks of Peace Doves to volunteers at the fish hatchery, clerks, fellow campers, ranger at Devil’s Tower Monument, folks enjoying Kool Deadwood Nights - even one woman who recollected receiving a Dove years ago in a Christmas card from a friend in MN. (Love when the Doves give me a karmic hello like that!) 🍪 Gifted restaurant baked cookies to campground office worker along with a Smile card. 🔥 Camp neighbors invited us over to share their campfire, exchange stories and addresses. 📚 Filled 3 Free Little Libraries in the area with books brought from home, plus added a container of chalk and a child’s cup (from the basket won last month) to a Let’s Play Library. 🐠 Feed ... Read Full Story >>

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Giving and Receiving

Have been busy spending lots of time with a wonderful student from France who stayed with us for a couple of weeks. What a delightful young man! So kind and caring.

We took him with us to lots of places we knew he'd be interested in and he loved it; maritime museum, national motor museum, nature reserves, historic marina and so much more.

He invited us for lunch before he left and thanked us so politely. Oh I'm so very lucky :-)

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Back To School

Baked a lot of goodies to give away (banana bread, blueberry muffins, pistachio biscotti) and put together a care package of homemade food for a neighbor who has COVID and who had recent losses in his immediate family.

Gave away veggies from the garden to a colleague and to another friend.

Did a reference call to help a former student get a job.

Connected with an old friend. Asked students to share something nice that someone did for them. Made soup for several folks with COVID. Put together an impromptu birthday celebration for two colleagues!

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Foodbank Donations

We've started to donate one of the prepared bags at the supermarket for the foodbank each day. I've always liked this idea but didn't always do it because we donated food for the foodbank at the SA in our old home. As we haven't any direct contact with the foodbank here yet, we find the bags are great because the cost which is small goes on our bill and we quickly forget about it.

Tomorrow, I'm going shopping because we want to get some kitchen scales and a bathroom mirror as well as food.

We have a £45 voucher on the store's loyalty card so as well as the items for us, we're hoping to buy a gift card to send to the foodbank where we've come from.

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Birthday Gift To Myself

As I was leaving Starbucks this morning, I held the door open for the gentleman walking in. I reversed direction and followed him back into the store hoping he would place his order at the counter...more and more often people are ordering through the mobile app. As luck would have it, he stepped up to the counter. 

After he ordered his drink I stepped in and said, "may I buy your drink for you?" He asked why. I replied, "it would be your birthday gift to me." The barista looked a little confused, but he got it and gladly accepted. Giving and's a lovely dance.

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Two men came into the office yesterday to pick up an item. One was admiring a piece of metal ornament I had. It was a snake made from a nail. He was admiring it so much.

They left and came back into the office. While they were waiting, I wrapped up the ornament. I wrote don't open until you leave.

As they were leaving, I told the young man, here, this is for you. He was happy and said thank you and God Bless You. I hope he liked it. I had it for about 20 years. I figure, ah, let it go onto to someone else and they can get enjoyment out of it.

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Paying It Forward To A Stranger

I finished playing a game of ice hockey late the other night. I was craving a slurpee (like a frozen slushie kind of drink) from 7/11 so my wife and I made a detour to get me a drink of that delicious, frozen sugar water lol (I had burned over 1,000 calories and just wanted something cold and sweet).

As I got my slurpee and approached the counter to pay I noticed a young woman walk behind me to wait in line, with a candy bar and slurpee of her own in both hands. I told the cashier I wanted to pay for mine and her items. I just wanted to pay it forward to a stranger and I hope it made her day :)

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Stretching the Sharing

Made several loaves of zucchini bread (courgettes for my friends across the pond) from our garden bounty. Instead of giving away loaves, I've given away slices of the sweet bread to friends. Sometimes that is all you need with a cup of tea or coffee. stretches the number of people with whom I can share it. Due to supply chain issues (still, forever), I could not find my favorite cleaning product in stores. I checked the manufacturer's website and found that it was available. I ordered several bottles from them. When the package arrived, I discovered that they had doubled my order, but didn't charge me for the extras. I phoned customer service. The rep couldn't have been nicer. She said that since the error was their mistake that I could keep the extras at no charge. After our conversation, I took the phone survey and gave the rep and the ... Read Full Story >>

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The Messenger Of Peace

The Messenger of Peace !! A serious question raised by a little girl. We met this little girl on our journey. She is very cute and frank. Her mother runs a tea shop and she also used to help her. We stopped at her shop for tea break; she was very excited to see us and looked curious. So one of our journey mates called her and offered tea with us. She smiled and sat with us and started asking questions. We were very surprised at how smart she was! She raised some good questions on peace & war. She said we all are human and we all have the same blood in our body so why do we fight? For a while we were silent. Because we didn't have the right answer. But we had to give some answers. to know the answer, we are doing this journey. One of our ... Read Full Story >>

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A Hand Up

A Hand Up Yesterday, August 14, I visited new friend's apartment. We went there together by bus. I paid for their bus fare too. I talked to the bus conductor about positive thinking, told him story and my experiences about it. I also gave him booklet on positive thinking and some quote cards to share with others. I cracked some jokes. I gave quote cards to bus passengers also. I gave homemade sesame sweets to my new friend. We had a nice talk using pencil and paper as I am not able to listen clearly. I assured him to help buy his apartment according to my resource. His son and daughter have to walk almost one hour to go to school. They badly need bicycles. I will find way to help them. I gave Utthan laptop to friend's son to use with permission from Utthan. I also gave some groceries to them. Two months ago, my ... Read Full Story >>

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Blanket For Baby

👶🏻💕 Baby blanket ready to go as soon as our friends welcome their firstborn into the world. Her due-date was yesterday.

Pink blanket…a girl is on the way 👌🏻

🧶 Crocheted with Love & Light in every stitch

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Encouraging Rikshaw Driver

Encouraging Rikshaw Driver After returning home from shopping spree, buying school uniforms, textbooks, notebooks and backpacks etc. returning home by rikshaw on August 17. I gave tip to the rikshaw driver. Without counting, he put money he put it in his pocket. I told him that I have given him tip, for he drove the rikshaw very near the lift entrance. I suggested him always to be kinder to his rikshaw riders and others. Some like me may reward you with tips. Do not get discouraged if some people ignore to give tips. God is watching your kind acts and he definitely will reward you. He left joyfully with a smile on his face with gratitude in his heart. That was seen in his eyes. I didn't brag about the tip I gave but I wanted him to be kinder than necessary to make life worthwhile. A little conversation, but it makes ... Read Full Story >>

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Uplifting Independence Day

My shopkeeper from nearby is my junior from my sister's school by 3 years. He now runs a school for children from blue-collared families here in India. So, I donated a small sum to him now.
Why? Tying a flag on my balcony grill or tucking a flag on my kurta is no big deal. Showering tri-coloured flowers on India's red fort is no big deal either. These are certainly nice gestures but not enough. But to help uplift ones that will genuinely benefit out of today feels right. I am yapping not of me but of children that will benefit from my shopkeeper's efforts. The poor deserve to live just like us. That's the wicked plan like how Blackadder says to Baldrick 😋

Jai Hind 🇮🇳

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🎶 Music Reaches Into The Heart Of Us ❤️

Enjoyed the Navajo flutist Jonah Littlesunday at the outdoor Crazy Horse Memorial amphitheater. Purchased three of his cd’s, even though we don’t use them anymore, to support his music and gift to others.*

The artist shared many interesting stories with the audience.

Not long ago, Jonah and his family were homeless.  He was a pre-contestant on America’s Got Talent. My favorite story was how his wolf-friend peed on him, to save him from a mountain lion attack!

Music really does reach past words, into the heart of us 🎶 🌎.

*Gifted sister a cd - along with a gently used player and a generous selection of my fave cds, another to Ethel - Sitting Bull’s granddaughter, and the remaining one have set aside for a kind friend.

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