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Giving of Books, Fruits And Being A Kind Friend

Kindness this week

Gave a box of recipe books to a friend who loves to cook.
Gave a dozen tomatoes from my backyard to another friend
Gave raspberries to yet another friend
Double tipped the delivery driver because she brought the heavy bags of groceries into my kitchen for me.
Chatted kindly with the banker as I opened a new account. Asked her how her antique store was doing.
Held door open for a mother with a double stroller
Discussed challenges in life with several friends.

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The Generous Banana And Guava Trees

Our banana tree in the garden is very generous and kind. She has harvested a whole bunch of bananas, banana flower and banana stem. My wife and I are distributing the harvest to our neighbors, friends, gardener and maid. It's just an awesome feeling.
Our Guava tree is equally generous in its harvest of sweet guavas. The squirrels get a good treat and so do we!

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🤗 Hugs (Prayer Shawls)

🧶 I crocheted several “Hugs” (prayer shawls) to donate to our neighbor friends’ church group. They are a group of women who knit & crochet items for babies & those in need of warmth, to give away.

I hope whoever receives one of my creates feels hugged 🤗

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A Little Sunshine To Someone’s Day

One of my favorite things to do to show kindness is paying for the car or 2 cars behind me in the drive-thru. I have done this many many times. What a great feeling to put a little sunshine in someone's day.

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  • Dec 9, 2023
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Intention Of Five Kind Acts A Day!

Today's random acts of kindness were:
1) Buying some ointment for my neighbour who has a slight ailment.
2) Offering a lady at the table near me some cough sweets.

I have been getting some inspiration from the Kindspring ideas page... and will buy some flowers for an elderly lady in my neighbourhood and deposit them on her doorstep. I will also hide 5 euros in a public place (probably a public toilet) and perhaps buy a packet of cigarettes for a man in my neighbourhood who made me smile when I cried a few months ago. Will put them into his mailbox anonymously.

I feel like doing 5 random acts of kindness a day. Just because! Kindness is a form of love and love makes the world go around. I know you all know that too! Also the latest research suggests that doing acts of kindness (anonymous or otherwise) makes you happy. Wishing you all a kind and happy day. Carpe diem :-)

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Gratitude, Positivity, Empowerment, Humor, Warmth And Sharing

Kindness Week I thanked our dear KS friends who showered me with beautiful messages, wishes and lots of KB's on my being selected Community Member Of The Week. Most of the following kindness were well planned before I came back to India. Saturday August 26 was a Smiles Filled Kindness Journey. On August 27th, Sunday Kindness Resumed. Gave some quote cards, told Fatemah story and intense kindness story to a vendor at Sunday's Organic Market. I also gave her a booklet on Positive Thinking. Bought lots of organic groceries to express my love for mother earth. We all know that pink Himalayan salt has a natural color, and is not dyed. When buying it, I wittingly asked the vendor, "Did you color it properly? Hope the color won't fade away.” He smiled and nodded no. I bought it. On Monday August 28th, bought some groceries for needy people. Gave enough money to my friend's wife who is ... Read Full Story >>

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Late Crop Of Avocados!

Late crop of avocados this year. I have 2 trees, 2 types. The Rainy Season started 6 weeks late and has not been as much as usual. Avocados are a little smaller,, little less flavorful, and the pear shaped ones have a little “curly” on the top. They fall from the tree and Max eats one a day, I get the rest this year!  I have si many that the neighbors are seeing a lot of me! I show up with 2 avocados in hand each day at a different neighbor each morning and at a different neighbor or in the evening. I can only eat 1 avocado a day and I've chopped and frozen enough for winter guacamole already!

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❤️ Flowers And Water To Cool

💕 Kindness Received:

🌸Hubby brings me a flower every morning lately, on his way home from his walk in our local park.

🌼The yellow flower is from yesterday’s walk…the pink one today 🌸Growing wild in a vacant lot.

❤️ Kindness Given:

🥵 Offered the Fed Ex driver a drink of's terribly hot in NYC today.  He gratefully accepted the water 💧 

🥵 Offered same to the UPS guy who also took me up on the offer of water 

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Today's 5 Acts Of Kindness

Made up a small bag of sanitary products (panty liners and sanitary towels) and stuck on a sticker labelled "for emergencies". Will deposit in either the ladies' or girls' restroom at my school today. Also aim to buy one or two T-Shirts (or a hoodie) depicting my school logo later today which was designed by our students. I personally like the idea of a school uniform because I wore one myself as a schoolkid. Perhaps I can help support my colleagues by putting fresh sticks of chalk in the classrooms I will teach in later today and filling up the photocopier with paper. And my 5th idea for practising acts of kindness today: just trying to stay present and be true to my lovely old self: smiling, helping, encouraging...

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Helping To Heal With Plush Comfort And Positive Words

❤️A dear longtime neighbor friend needed a comfort support…stressed out badly. I anonymously sent her a plush comfort throw inscribed with healing words, with a gift card message reading “All shall be well, all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well” (a quote by Julian of Norwich) . It was signed “from The Universe”.

When she received the gift she asked me if I sent it…I just winked 😉
The next time she asked I replied it was from The Universe via me. I’m just the messenger :))

Later in the day she came by with the blanket wrapped around her shoulders & we hugged & sat together in the sunshine repeating aloud each comfort word on her blanket. It was so beautiful 🙏

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Gift Bag At The Hospice

I went to the hospice this morning for a session of aromatherapy. I took a bag full of things which included a mug, a fitted single sheet, a scarf I knitted and the flamingo in the picture below. I also gave them a knitting and crochet magazine because I needed to buy another copy to finish the projects I'm working on.

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Sharing Yarn And Warmth

🧶 I have excess yarn, so this morning’s “mission” was to go through all my yarn storage bins & weed out unused yarn to share with one of my neighbors. I now have two full BIG tote bags full for her, her mom , who both knit and crochet, & for her mom’s church knitting group.

I know the yarn will be put to good use. 👌🏻

❤️ After posting this I received this thank you from neighbor:
"Good morning 
THANK YOU SO MUCH the yarn is used and creations made with love for new babies, and people who need warmth ."

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Friendship And Giving Away Collection

Friends and kindness
Yesterday my friend came over and helped me sort thru the massive amount of stuff I've collected over 52 years of marriage. She helped me sort, decide what to keep, what to let go of, etc. I told her that anything I was getting rid of she could have if she wanted it...kindness given and received by both of us.
By the way one thing she took were my 50 bottles of medication doesn't allow for drinking. GOOD wines. We had a great time and got so much done and cleared out.

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Got A Life-changing Reward For Kindnesses!

This is a story of kindness that my friend did and it returned to him in a way that changed his life. My friend used to teach at a university with a master's degree. In my country, for career advancement, it is better to have a PhD. My friend used to go to the professor in charge of scholarships and ask him for scholarships but the professor would tell him that they had none to give him. One day my friend was driving back from the university and on the side of the road he saw that the professor got into an accident with another car. My friend went down to see if he could help the professor. The professor was threatening the guy who he got into an accident with, that if the guy didn't compensate him for the accident then the professor was going to jail him. Not a nice ... Read Full Story >>

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Giving Books, Food And A Listening Heart

Over the past week I have done a few acts of kindness. Last Thursday at the open stage I attended I left 5 of my books to be gifted to anyone who wanted them, they were all gone by the end of the evening. On Saturday I picked up 2 flats of eggs and took them out to the pantry of a local group called Seniors in Food crisis and made 2 deliveries to two people in need of food. A friend called in need of someone to listen which I did. It has been a nice week.

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Small Acts Of Kindness.

Yesterday, I gave a mini Chocolate Chip Banana Bread to a stranger who was sweeping up outside a business.

And I gave some treats to my coworker yesterday, including a small biscuit and apple pie (from Popeyes chicken).

And I have been making an effort to Say Hello or Good Morning to strangers.

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Purchased A Meal For A Stranger Today

I called the wifey on my way home from work and asked her if she would like a sweet treat. I was in the drive thru to get her a chic-fil-a chocolate milkshake when the driver of the car in front of me got out of her vehicle and approached mine. She had already been in-and-out of her car, looking for something, when she told me she had lost her wallet.

She was older and seemed panicked, and she told me she was hot and needed to take her medicine (the feels-like temperature here is 101F, or 38C). I got her a sandwich meal with a lemonade and slipped a smile card into the bag of food :)

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Second Cataract Surgery

Second cataract surgery went well and MisterMindy’s vision is almost miraculous! Does not need glasses to drive and can see colors more true now.

All that waiting time gave me plenty of opportunity to color, then share, along with a Smile card and a Peace Dove. Tucked inconspicuously behind a placard, I have faith that just the right person will find.

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Kindness During A Community Lunch

There is a place nearby which is called a Neighbourhood House. It offers programs for children, adults and seniors, including community lunches on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at a great price.

I started attending the community lunches recently and many of the attendees are senior citizens.

I have met a few new people and they are very nice.

One of the nice seniors that I met got me a menu for another community centre that also has community lunches.

That was very kind of him, and he also mentioned an upcoming Seniors Karaoke singing event that is happening soon.

I am not yet a senior (age 55 and up), but he said it would be okay for me to attend.

That was so very thoughtful and kind. 🙂

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Little Kindness Is Flying

Little Kindness Is Flying with me.

I checked my bag near the entrance. The attendant asked me if I needed a wheelchair assistance. I politely declined. I knew that it is a very small airport.

At SNA airport, I told a joke to the pilot while we were waiting for a lady ahead of us in the wheelchair who got up slowly and was assisted to enter the plane. I prayed for her wellbeing. The pilot helped me put my bag in overhead space. I sent him a quote card with peace dove with air hostess.

I occupied the very first seat near the door. I smiled at some passengers and returned some back.

I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for giving me these opportunities of kindness and guiding and helping me in this regard

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