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Kindness - No Age Limits!

I am an 84 year old great grandmother, in good health, and still able to get out and walk 2 or 3 miles a day. I have seen a lot of good and bad in my many years, but always have tried to find the good side of everything and everyone.

I have the honor and privilege of caring for my 88 year old husband who has Alzheimer's. I am a member of a prayer shawl group at my church, knitting shawls, lap robes, hats, scarves and mittens for anyone in need, especially the homeless and those with cancer.

I firmly believe that small acts of kindness extended wherever one goes is going to be the salvation of the world. Thank you for making this web site available to everyone of like thinking. God bless all who care.

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Bringing Smiles and Joy

With the current crisis, all my customers have cancelled (I decorate events for a living now). That’s scary for me but also very necessary for everyone’s health and safety.

I’ve used the downtime to deliver yard poles to doctors, nurses, nursing homes, and group homes to thank them and to cheer them up. All with absolutely zero contact so that everyone stays safe.

The decorations and I always stay outside but the recipients can see them from their windows.

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Sticking To Your Commitment

The picture below shows my fur baby Roger, waiting outside the home of a lady I recently visited. Roger is the sixth member of our family.

Today he and I visited a lady whom I had met online (We both are Jack Russell owners and part of a group).

What I loved most about this visit was the joy it brought to her, her dog and of course my Roger.

And the thing is... I never wanted to go. I "forced" myself out of kindness and love to keep this comittment I had made. It turned out to be a blessing in return.

Being kind isn't always what we may "feel" like, but it's always what we need and it is the right thing to do.

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Generous With Paint

A friend of mine was very kind and generous to our family yesterday. We had a new shed built, and I had posted pictures of it on social media.
This friend of ours, who owns a paint company, reached out and offered us paint, with some of the colors he had extra of. Being frugal, and not foolish enough to turn down a friend's generosity, we gratefully accepted.
The colors were just what we were thinking. We came home with over $250 worth of paint and all we now need to buy is a primer. So grateful!

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Being Prepared to Help

We have a homeless visitor who comes to the door of our business sometimes.
We try to keep a few snack bags on hand for him or any other who come by. He is shy and knocks on the door but will not come in.

Today I talked with him for a bit after giving him a bag. He was asking my advice on an injury he had. I told him what I thought but reminded him I'm no expert. We had a kind interaction and I wished him a good weekend.

Being prepared helps us to be ready when a kindness opportunity shows up. More than that, just a few kind words and tone makes all the difference. I could tell it mattered and made the difference to this man today!

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Its just after lunchtime here in Australia for me and earlier whilst out doing the grocery shop I saw the most beautiful thing!

A lost dog. Ok this wasn't so beautiful. The poor baby was lost.

What was beautiful were the two ladies I saw trying to contain him. One grabbed her phone whilst the other read out his name and number. They called the owners who would be at least another 30 mins.

Yet they both decided to stay and wait. And get this ... another passerby who had seen all this happening ran back to her car because in it she had a spare lead she could offer them both. As they were both struggling to hold him by the collar!

Human kindness is so beautiful πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ

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No Expiration Date

I called a neighbor in our rural community to check if she needed anything from the grocery and as it turned out, she did. I refused her offer to pay and said that this was for her mowing my lawn.

She said, "Oh, but that was a long time ago." My answer was a spontaneous one. Kind acts never expire. We laughed!

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Thanking My First Therapist

The story about thanking a teacher reminded me of something I did recently. My first therapist (not the one in college, total waste of time in the 1960's before they knew anything) made such a difference in my life that I often wanted to thank him.

Every couple of years I would do a Google search without success. This year I found him -- after 40 years! I emailed and also sent an article that I published in which I praised his work (not by name). We also spoke over the phone. Completing a circle!

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Loving Neighbors

I have a neighbor who is a hard-working Registered Nurse. She asked me if I would trade with her two acupuncture sessions for a bookcase that she didn't need anymore.

I said sure and we loaded it in her car. As we were working on unloading it at my house, my next-door neighbor came over and asked if we needed help. He single handedly carried that big bookcase into my house!

I gave my nurse friend a book called "American Nightingale," a book about Frances Slanger a WW2 nurse. I know my nurse neighbor doesn't have time to cook much, so some apple muffins which I just made are heading her way, and some cookies will go to my neighbor and his family. I love my neighbors.

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Compassion At Work

Earlier this week, I created a new experience at work. In the morning, I asked a colleague whether he was doing well. He started to complain and to comment on his day in a negative way. I could feel some dark clouds in his mind and he was about to drag me into his negative thoughts. But I reacted pretty calmly, patted his back, took a sheet of paper and wrote at the top of it “GRATITUDE”. I drew 3 bullets and asked him to reflect on 3 positive things over the course of his day, and then to come back to me  when he filled the sheet. Before he left in the evening, he came to my desk with the sheet, not only with 3, but with 5 positive thoughts on his day. His face totally changed and I felt a clear sky in his mind. I was really moved. I felt like this ... Read Full Story >>

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Cashiers Have Feelings Too

Wednesday I tried to pay a bill at Walmart.
My mortgage company wouldn't show up. I went back yesterday with a different name. I had the same manager. She is so nice. We tried it again, no luck.

I went shopping and bought her a small bouquet of carnations. I went back to her to give them to her.
She asked how did you know that was my favorite flower?! Lucky shot.

Cashiers (Managers especially) have to deal with so much during the day. Rude customers, lazy employees. I thought why not do something nice.

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Combating Corona With Compassion.

Today I sent a text message to next door neighbour who has 2 young children. Asked her if she needed anything at supermarket. Not sure I have her current number cos she didn't write back but that's OK. It was a nice feeling writing the message.

Plan to do same with other neighbours who are in their 70's and maybe bake some cookies and hang them on their door with a note saying "Happy to help if help is needed."

What are YOUR ideas for helping others in these corona-fraught times in order to spread the love and compassion? Do tell!

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Let's All Be Well ...

Let's All Be Well post of our dear sister Mindy inspired me to search for some appropriate image.

What I got is the image attached below. Drawing and hanging is sure a fun to do. How many people will look at the poster hanged in my window other than birds and may be monkeys.

As an act of kindness, as usual I do, Make a quote card and share with others. Many of them will display for others or share the photo on FB, WhatsApp or email or in any other form.

During the time of Corona Pandemic. May All be well.

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Yesterday I Went For ...

Yesterday I went for a walk on the empty streets and headed for the bakery nearby as they are serving out a window during this pandemic. On my way there, on a hot sidewalk corner, I found a man overdosing. He was emaciated, shaking, and had a bump on his head and was surrounded by lighters.
I did not bring my phone. The bakery called a local street unit called Cahoots to come help him. I went back to wait by the man.
As I waited, another women stopped by in her car and got out to see if she could help. Turns out she had been a patient of mine years ago and now will come back after the pandemic passes. As we stood there, a nurse walked by, not with Cahoots. She took his pulse and asked him various questions. He could say his name but that was it.
Cahoots arrived and he refused help and managed to get up and totter away.
It was such an intense series of connections and care.
I came home and played my harp in the backyard.

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Social Distancing

Been practicing keeping our distance as we should, to the best of our ability today. Back to work tomorrow, been home working. Seems I may be deployed to help out with refuse collection or one of the other more necessary services. :) We are sooo surrounded by the reality of the Light of Love, aren't we?

Quite unbelievable days, yesterday I heard the usual talk show hosts on the radio speaking about how there is such a rise in kindness and how this needs to continue afterwards. That was a VERY unusual thing to hear on the radio! :)))

Everyone knows that we have to wake up collectively - and it's happening! Keeping you all in Love today as we do some heavy duty gardening! :)

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Seizing the Opportunity to Connect

What your looking at are little takeaway paper cardboard boats I use to put food samples in when working.

Tonight during my shift a lady randomly started a conversation with me about them. She told me she was a preschool teacher and how great these are to make boats, turtles and use for paints etc in the classroom.

Kindness opportunity!!!

Looking at my stock I had way more than I needed. So I gave her all I could and totally made her day.

It's amazing how such simple things can bless others. I am so grateful to this lady for starting such a random conversation and for the opportunity it gave me to give πŸ’ž

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Big Hearts in Hard Times

❀️ A KindSpringer With a BIG Heart.....Xenahugs..........

This was the very first email I saw when I opened my iPad this morning. It moved me so deeply:

“Today, I went up to one of my neighbor’s homes. She’s elderly and has an adult son with a developmental disability.

She didn’t answer so I put a note on her door with my phone number. Because of my full-time job, I’d pretty much always be able to get out. I told her if she needs anything, simply give me a call and I’ll go get it for her.

As I did it, in my heart, it was because I hoped if you ever needed it, there would be somebody to help you.

Plus, I wanted to make you proud. ;)

Love you so much, Mish.”

πŸ’•For those here who don’t know Xena, she is a long-time KS Member who has been posting on the Community Feed less often lately, but looks in on us here 😊


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Anonymous Note Sticker

As a high school student I didn't think there was much I could do. But upon dropping a sticky note in the hallway with an inspirational quote on it, it hit me.

Throughout my junior and beginning of my senior year, I wrote inspirational and motivational notes and put them up all over the school with the name "Ell", because that's how you pronounce the first letter of my name.

People loved it and were going crazy to find out who it was! I remained anonymous and continued to do it. They love it and I love making them smile.

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I Am A Grandmother ...

I am a grandmother with several children’s books at home because I love them and I love reading to and with little ones. In this time when I am isolated in my apartment I am offering to have Story Time with Grandma Jane with children who have access to Skype or FaceTime.

It will help me not to feel isolated and will hopefully give parents who are suddenly teaching their children at home a bit of respite while giving the children a new reading partner.

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Comforting With Flowers

A freshmen on my bus was crying. Now, as a senior I thought it was my duty to end her tears, and it just happened to be my birthday. I proceeded to pick up the flowers that my lovely boyfriend gave me, and handed them to her saying, "I don't care if some teenage boy doesn't love you. We [entire bus] love you!" Needless to say, the tears were gone.

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