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Slowing Down to Spread a Little Kindness at the Airport in India

I walked into a restroom at the airport and the janitor asked me to “wait” and went inside the toilet room first to ensure it was flushed clean and dry. She then gestured me to go in.

I was very moved by her kind act and gave her some money and an origami peace dove as I left. She resisted accepting the money at first,  but eventually, she took it.

She asked me to give her an online review for her service instead, based on which they get points it seems. I took a selfie (attached here) together.

Next, I also had an opportunity for the classic pay it forward game when I stood in line to get filter coffee. I paid for the person behind me in line.
I also let people go ahead of me in line when I saw that they were eager to go ahead of me.

The assistants at the airport have been very helpful whenever I’ve asked them any questions. We are all the same people trying to do our best.

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Thank You For the Rainbow on a Rainy Day

I came home to this wonderful mail package today, sent by some KindSpring members. It was a rainbow 🌈 in the rainy day that I was experiencing. My son loved the ghost, and I'll be sharing the peace doves and bookmarkers with others. I know workers at a local library would love to have some to share, also. And the handmade orange incense sticks are so special. Those, along with the black onyx will help fight off negative energy. The ❤ pin was just frosting on the cake. Thank you so much for bringing this light into my life. 😁

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When You Get The Perfect Gift

💕 “New friends may be poems but old friends are alphabets. Don't forget the alphabets because you will need them to read the poems.” ~ William Shakespeare ~

😊 I was so happy when a gift I chose for a longtime dear friend, slowly recovering from a bad leg injury caused by her recent fall, called me to share how perfect she felt my choice was. I knew how much she loved the old TV series “The Golden Girls” (reruns are still showing on TV here) & found a Golden Girls book I just knew was something that would delight her. Like me, she is a bookaholic, too. 📚📚📚

I was looking around hoping to find something just for her & thanked the universe for leading me to something seemingly meant for my dear friend. 🙏

~ Art by Inge Look

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Pay Forward Well-loved Childhood Toys

My adult son was holding on to some childhood items: a wood train set and still popular character-related items. He finally decided that I should give them to a friend's child who is the right age to enjoy them. I was excited to pass them on and added a book of poetry and some picture books that were still in very good condition.

Drove to a friend's house this morning while the little guy was in pre-school. At some point, he will have a very nice surprise to play with. 

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Just Love Coffee Cafe

While looking for local restaurants to enjoy while camping at Chadron State Park (CSP), NE, I found the interesting sounding “Just Love - Coffee Cafe.” The franchise began with a couple, who after incurring great expense while adopting 2 children from Ethiopia, began a coffee roasting/mailing and cafe business, with a portion of the profits going to help families adopt. Enjoyed the good vibe and the eclectic menu and a nice chat with the owner about the Cafe premise and Peace doves -- by then I had given out a flock of them!I decided to purchase a gift card for the lifeguards at the CSP pool (we went every day while there and even witnessed a save!) and for the hostess at the Trading Post, who cheerfully agreed to allow me to set up an origami workshop next time we were camped there. While waiting in line to buy the gift cards, I had ... Read Full Story >>

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A Simple Gesture And A Grateful Neighbour

Our regular mail carriers know that if I am at home, I am happy to accept parcels for others in our house. This is a small task for me and means my neighbours do not have to go to the post office to collect them.

Yesterday I accepted a parcel for a new neighbour that I have not much contact with yet. We have exchanged greetings and pleasantries but was all so far.

When she came to my door to get her parcel she almost cried with appreciation and told me her days are so busy and crazy that it would have been very difficult for her to go to the post office.

It really was no big deal for me but obviously was important to her. I reassured her that it is no problem and would gladly do this again in the future. It was a reminder to me of another example of how small acts of kindness can make a difference to others. And yes, of course, the parcel was graced with a peace dove 😉🕊

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Smile Tag In A Restaurant Last Night

I was in a restaurant last night and saw a woman and her mother come in for dinner. Her mother had a walker and they sat off to the side. As I sat eating I thought they were excellent prospects for a kindness tag! I worked the details out with the manager and told her not to tell them who paid for their meal. I gave her a Smile Card to give them. They were so surprised and tried hard to get my identity from the manager. After a few unsuccessful attempts, they smiled, thanked her, and left.

When the manager came and told me how it went, I smiled and laughed. She asked me if I knew them and I told her no. She said there needs to be more kindness like that in the world. I agree and had fun doing my part for a day!

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Warm Thanks for Veterans

I am currently collecting and making afghans and shawls and collecting toiletries for our veterans in a nursing home. So far, I have 35 afghans and 10 shawls as well as various other items. These will be used as Christmas gifts for the veterans. I put out the word to let others know I'm collecting so hope to have many more by the end of November.

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🍎 An Apple For The Teacher 💻

After the tragic death of her husband and son in a small airplane accident, retired high school Spanish teacher - Cathie decided to build a winter home in a small village in Mexico.

She found healing through helping others by volunteering her time and energy: teaching English, providing funds to build a kindergarten, a children’s playground, plus many other local service projects.

Over the years, Cathie had gifted two computers of her own to students in need, enabling them to finish their studies and successfully graduate with higher learning degrees.

We felt that karma needed to circle back around. So, for Cathie’s birthday this year, we gave her an Apple - iPad 🍎!!!

Grateful to be a link in the karmic circle of gratitude and for mu husband's assistance in helping Cathie set up the iPad :))).

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Postcards from the Edge

I belong to a postcard exchange group called Yesterday I pulled the name of a man who asked people, if they felt like it, to send a card to his nephew who has Down's Syndrome. The nephew can't read or write but loves the pictures and his family reads cards to him and he keeps them all. I sent him a card of two horses -- it is a photo my mother took and I make cards of her photos to send around the world. I think he will enjoy it.
Meanwhile, Chayra the hamster has morphed into some sort of muffin bat. Lift-off appears impossible. Once again, she seeks but finds only the sweet fragrance.

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Hanging On By A Thread

A very dear friend and her husband have been experiencing numerous challenges these past few months. She mentioned how it sometimes felt like they were hanging on by a thread with no quick fix in sight. Hanging on by a thread. 🐛 Her words reminded me of the monarch caterpillar that I have been caring for who had just that morning morphed into a chrysalis. After eating and eating and eating on milkweed leaves from our garden, the hungry caterpillar found a comfy spot at the top of the mesh butterfly enclosure and spun a silken thread to attach itself there. The caterpillar hung upside-down in a J shape for a day or so. Then, in less than a few hours of wriggling contortions, the caterpillar was a beautiful green chrysalis! All the research I’ve done indicates that the metamorphosis into a butterfly should take between 10-12 days. I can only imagine what is ... Read Full Story >>

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Rani's Gift.

I was at the cafeteria on the ground floor of Sakra world hospital in India, with my mother. We had come over to eat our lunch. Since we had waited for quite some time, we decided to get it packed to go. We then headed back to the private room on the 5th floor where my father was admitted. In the evening when my mom and myself were preparing to leave, I took my bag and found that the money purse in it was missing. I had carried 40 thousand rupees cash in it since I had to pay some bills. I started to look around in panic, and then recalled my visit to the cafeteria a few hours ago! So, as I was heading to the cafeteria, I was quite disappointed at my irresponsibility and hoped that no one would’ve stolen the purse. When I entered the cafeteria it was quiet, ... Read Full Story >>

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A Hug In A Box

A boxful of sunshine and smiles arrived in the mail yesterday!

The delightful Dharma Comics “You make me happy” card was signed with love and gratitude by the Universe, but I have a strong suspicion who the KIND friend is.

As I opened the box I felt a whoosh of good vibes and loving-kindness, like a hug in a box reaching across the miles, right into my heart, setting a smile there 😊.
What a funtastic array of thoughtfully selected goodies to enjoy and share!

❤️ A flock of handcrafted heart and smile pins,
🥑 some huge homegrown California avocados,
🥜 a jar of healthy homemade peanut butter,📕 one of the sender’s favorite books, even signed by the author,
🪙 and a 1991 proof set of Mt. Rushmore anniversary silver coins!

Thank you, kind friend. Thank you, Universe.
You make me happy too 😊.

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Kindness Via Technology

One of my friends posted on Facebook that he was in desperate need of a car and how much money he had max to spend on it. I shared his post. One of my other friends saw it and they decided to give him their old car while not taking all of the money he had set aside for it. He picked it up this morning.
Yay for the positive power of social media

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56 RAK for My Birthday and Still Counting

OK, I think I just completed my 56th act of kindness: Yesterday, I offered a student my full attention during my prep period, which some teachers hold sacred to complete their own work.

However, I had a student who was struggling and
had lots of anxiety over the topics we were covering. I worked with her one on one for an hour, after which I think she felt more confident and relaxed. I tried to reassure her also that in the big picture, what we're doing academically and how one performs isn't all that important. And today I made a trip to my favorite vegan grocery store, where I picked up a couple of extra packages of vegan "bacon," two of which I offered as gifts to friends. We'll say that puts me at 56. Of course, this doesn't end here. Much gratitude to this space for reminding me of why I'm here.

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Dogs and Cats, Oh My

I haven’t been on here in forever but I just needed to share this with you. Last winter we had to put our two geriatric dogs to sleep. The house felt so empty but we weren’t ready for a new dog. Instead, we got two cats. Then a few weeks ago one of our cats never came back home and the house was now way too lifeless. My husband, who’s a disabled vet with PTSD and other issues, saw a dog up for adoption at a local shelter. The description read, “good with cats.” So we made an appointment to meet her. It turned out that she came from an abusive home and was especially afraid of men. Her trainer had worked with her all year to get her to a point where she was even adoptable. After an hour with the trainer, we got to meet her. It was love ... Read Full Story >>

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Gratitude For A Flat Tire

Yesterday after a full day of masked in-person teaching, I returned to my car ready to drive home. While I was inside the car, a young woman walked around my car and indicated she wanted to tell me something---she said "your back tire is flat!" and walked away. I used the tire gauge that my dad had sent me a while ago to check all the tires and indeed one was completely flat. Fortunately, we have AAA and I called the number so they could change the tire and put on my spare tire. The car was in a place where it would have been very challenging for me to do this, but they did it quickly. I had to wait for a while for them to show up, but I didn't mind at all because I could just use that time to meditate, breathe, and pause. I also had packed a ... Read Full Story >>

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A Simple Juice Box

     After two years of online learning, I started middle school in person a few weeks ago. Since there was a big gap of online school, the middle school decided to give free lunches to all students. Of course, you could choose whether you wanted to take a meal from home or eat the school's meal. I chose to take something from home, while some of my friends chose to have lunch from school. No matter if you had lunch from home or school, everyone knew that the school's juices that came with the lunch were amazing. Almost half the entire school would just get the box of juice, including my friends and me.      Today, like every day at lunch, my friends and I were waiting in line to get our juice. When we got to the front of the line and asked for the juices, the cashier said each ... Read Full Story >>

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In that case, just forget it.

Years ago I began to learn to drive in a driving training center which was a few miles away from where I lived. I had to get on a bus to get to the center and the bus fee had to be in small change for there was no conductor or any automatic paying system available on it. One day I was in a hurry before I dashed to the bus stop. When I stepped on the bus, at the fee collector which was a box, I began to feel my pockets to find some change but failed. I searched and searched but it seemed that there was none, and began to feel embarrassed. At the same time, the bus door was already closed and it was moving. I apologized to the driver and said I would get off at the next stop though I should get to the training center in some ... Read Full Story >>

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Covid, Care And Cookies

Even though both my husband and I were both fully vaccinated (Moderna, last March), he recently caught CoVid. Not sure where or how. It was one of those random breakthrough cases. Sort of like winning the lottery, but in reverse. So VERY GRATEFUL that Roger was vaccinated because the virus could have struck him much harder. He started having cold/flu-like symptoms the day before our son and his wife were to fly home from visiting us at our cabin hOMe. Once Roger tested positive, we alerted them and others we had been in contact with. Thank goodness our son and his wife tested negative and no one else displayed any symptoms. Self-quarantined since last Thursday, I’ve been keeping my distance, washing hands frequently, sleeping in our camper trailer, disinfecting handles and doorknobs, reading, and spending as much time as I can outside. And of course, taking good care of Roger, who is slowly getting ... Read Full Story >>

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