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My Little Cousin Never Fails To Surprise Me

My cousin is nine years old, a little bit on the chubby side and doesn't do really well at school. As the youngest in the household, she is heavily teased, and thus has developed some resistance and distrust towards adults, who usually don't put high hopes in her. Yesterday we went to an art exhibition together. There were paintings from kids with disabilities. My little girl has a keen eyes , for the paintings she liked most were also the best of the show. She also voluntarily helped to arrange the chairs and table for a sharing session, painted by herself alongside new friends while I attended the sharing, and cheerfully helped me to get my bag from another room, something that doesn't happen often at home as she's usually glued to her iPad. We went to buy books together. I bought a book written by a mom recounting her journey with ... Read Full Story >>

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See The Light In Others

Recently, I encouraged a man who had been healing and recovering for the last 32 years from something he did when he was 22. I learned it was after a 10 year childhood addiction to drugs that caused him to make some very poor choices, then, and contributed to the loss of two lives. After reading his private journals and writing that he shared with me, and meeting in person at a public coffee shop, I empathized with what his child self went through and wanted to hug that child part of him and hold him. I let him know I believe in the goodness in him and his following through on his good intentions going forward. He professed wanting to do good and I could see it in his eyes. He had suffered over 3 decades of shame and guilt that haunted him, which led to his transformation and spiritual path. Through ... Read Full Story >>

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Doctor Gives Kindness Treatment

Tuesday morning my 5 year old woke up and his eye was extremely swollen and red. Like really bad. I took him to urgent care up the road and after being examined the doctor, she was very concerned. They prescribed antibiotics but said I needed to take him to the ophthalmologist right away. The one in my town didn’t have any same day appointments but they were able to get me into one about 45 min away. I was already holding back tears because I was scared for my son. My gas tank was on E and I don’t get paid until the 3rd. I completely lost it and told the nurse what was going on. I said I had to call some people and ask to borrow some gas money but I would get him there somehow. A minute later the doctor came in and handed me 20$ so we could get ... Read Full Story >>

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A Timely Smile Share

 When I went to the door to collect our mail, I shared a smile with a woman who happened to be passing our house. She stopped and thanked me for smiling at her.....seems she needed a smile right then as her morning had been filled with hassles and she was in need of some TLC.

Asked her to wait & ran in for a peace dove, kindness card & some chocolate...she left with a big smile on her face (& I felt happy too). 

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Opportunities All Around Us

There are many kind acts that we can  do, it just takes our intention to act. I helped a woman who was so panicked that she was doing swimming motions splashing through a melted snow puddle. After I was sure she was not in need of an ambulance, I helped her calm down, get back on her feet, and got her into a taxi. Other times on icy roads I offer my arm to help older people walk . I used to carry some sweets or food and share with my friends and colleagues, and sometimes with people I met for the first time. But is kindness only about doing? I think it is so much more. It is loving, beig aware,  grateful, and happy. I am grateful for every opportunity and today, for the snowy morning which raised my hopes that we will have a warm beautiful spring in May when we ... Read Full Story >>

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I Saved A Life ...

I Saved A Life By Shoveling .................................................By A Friend • January 21, 2019 My neighbor is a paramedic, him and his wife are some of the nicest people I have ever met. A few years back we started this sort of "favour war" where one of us would do something for the other, such as shovel their driveway or help them build a shed, and next time the other would try to top it with another favour. Yesterday morning there was maybe 2 or 3 feet of snow on the ground (we live in a northern Ontario town so this is typical) and I remembered he shovelled my driveway for me last snowfall. So I bust out my shovel and take care of both our sidewalks and driveways because it was my turn to do a favour back. It takes a while but I finish and get into my car for work. ... Read Full Story >>

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Supported By Love

Life has been rough lately. I've felt alone. I don't want to go into detail, for I want this post to be a positive one. I have several chronic diseases, my family is in physical and emotional turmoil. I have been in the ER more times last month than in my whole life   Enter my loving husband of only a short time. He has been by my side through all of this. Watched his active fiance become  bedridden and helpless and my fight for health .  He loves me unconditionally when my family calls me horrible words that aren't true, and he loves me when I finally lose my strength and cry. He loved me when I was less tha 100lbs and he celebrated with me now that I'm 5 over. He makes me forts in the living room, my favorite hot chocolate, bubble baths, and gets me candles because to him, ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Mar 28, 2019
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Love Knows No Boundaries

As you know there was a shocking event in New Zealand yesterday. Richard and I were going out for a meal last night and booked a taxi.
The driver welcomed us and began talking. The subject of the deaths in the Mosques came up and we said how shocked we were. He pulled out his phone and shared a photo.

It was a man standing outside a mosque here who held a card. ' I am a Christian and you are my brothers and sisters, I will protect you while you pray.'

It was so beautiful to see love being shared x

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More Than Breakfast

I saw Junior sitting outside...he looked like he was talking to I walked into Starbucks. Normally I would just say "hi" and walk by. For some reason, I decided to stop and engage in a short conversation. I asked if he was able to stay warm last night (it's getting pretty cold, even here in the Bay Area, at night). He said he's got lots of blankets. He also told me where he sleeps...I think I'll visit him there. Anyway, he doesn't ask for anything, but Junior does graciously accept any offer. I got him some breakfast and a drink that he said he'd like. Junior told me how his sister lives nearby...well, he was difficult to understand...but that's what I gathered. She helps him out quite often. Upon departing, Junior kept saying "thank you" and how he "owed me one." I just said, "you don't owe me anything." I've been so blessed ... Read Full Story >>

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Cold, Snowy Kindness

A few days ago I surprised a shopper at our local grocery. We were parked right next to each other and she was sitting in her vehicle to leave. I offered to brush off her windshield for her (she was waiting until I was done brushing off my vehicle before she got out of hers), and she gave me a big smile and a 'thumbs up' through the window. I brushed off her car and she thanked me - then off we went.

I think that must be the most universal sign, used all over the world and everyone understands it - - Thumbs Up !!

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Reborn through KindSpring

About 5 years ago I joined KindSpring. At the time, I was depressed, lonely, unhappy, angry, life was bad and there was no hope for anything and anyone.But you all changed that! Every single KindSpring member has helped me get out of that dark spot. It all started 5 years ago, very, very slowly at first and then faster and faster. With lots of setbacks in between. And these days I'm so amazed at how my life has changed. I feel connected, content, happy (more days than not, anyway!). I go out, meet strangers, make friends, laugh, give compliments, do "crazy" things, I'm pushing every single comfort zone I ever had. When I started, my usual response to nearly everything had always been "no", but now my most common response is "yes, sure, tell me more about it!" Anxiety still sometimes tells me to stay home, but I go out anyway even if ... Read Full Story >>

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Precious Words

Today I bought a few pastries and had an 85 year old man who was sitting next to me chose one for himself. He was happily surprised and we got to talk about the sports he participated in until his late 70s.

Table tennis seemed to be his favorite. It was an interesting, fun and happy moment for both of us. We just have to keep open and opportunities to do good will show themselves. People are sometimes  starving for conversation or even a few kind words. These offers could be as precious as a loaf of bread.

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What if Jesus were Homeless?

Near the front entrance of San Antonio’s St. Mary’s Church is a sculpture of the “homeless Jesus,” lying on park bench. His wounded feet stick out of the thin tattered blanket covering Him. It touched me so, especially with the homeless scattered about the area, clearly discouraged from entering the Riverwalk, but free to roam the downtown, asking for alms. So, that night, I assembled a meal from the items for sale at the convenience store. Made and colored a card to glad  coloring/craft supplies travel with me! Before we left the hotel for the next portion of our journey, I placed the bag of food onto the sculpture bench, at the feet of “homeless Jesus,” along with my prayers. When we drove out of the parking garage a few minutes later, noticed that the bag was already gone. 🙏 Bless those who are homeless, poor and hungry. May they have shelter and enough ... Read Full Story >>

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Lost And Found

Last week I dropped my mobile phone. Imagine my happiness after 4 hours of worries, when I learned that a woman in her 40's brought it to the subway station, intact, with my prepaid credit and travel cards still in its pockets. I could not reach her to thank her, as she left no name or phone number, but, I am so grateful. I wish her wellness, and  also wish she'll  get back some important lost thing.

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An Unlikely Bond

So, I'm sitting in Starbucks having a cup of coffee and getting some schoolwork done when I notice this next to me. Then I see a gentleman helping the bee up on this lid (in order to enjoy some well placed honey) when the bee crawls down.

Turns out, the honeybee might have had an injured wing. It was cold and rainy outside so the man brought her into the store where hopefully she would have some time to warm up and recuperate to the point where he could release her back into the wild.

I was moved by the tenderness with which the gentleman treated the honeybee; he saw her as a living being, with feelings like you and I. The gentleman was doing his work and quite often would look over to check on his new friend. When I left the two of them were still bonding. I hope the bee was able to survive.

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Restoring Faith in Kindness

After our complimentary hotel breakfast, I handed out Valentines to the other guests, as well as the staff (plus a tip for the breakfast host).

So many smiles and reciprocal wishes!

One big, gruff looking guy said, “You just made my day! Thank you darlin’. You restore my faith in kindness.”

Now, that, my kind friends, is a compliment that I will hold close in my heart.

He sure made my day, too!

*photo of traffic sign on a Texas roadway yesterday.

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Breakfast for a Stranger In Need

This morning, before going to work, I went to McDonalds to get something for myself for breakfast. As it turns out, I wasn't there for msyelf, but for Bevan.

On my way in, I saw someone sitting outside the door who appeared to be houseless. When I asked, she said her name is Bevan. Unfortunately, Bevan is one of many in our community living without shelter. I felt moved to serve her in some small way. When I asked if she would like something to eat, she responded with "anything would be fine." I went inside and got her a breakfast meal with a hot coffee.


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The Common Language Of ...

Since Marilyn couldn’t walk far with her recent knee injury, I stayed with her at Irene’s home while the rest of our group walked back to Cathie’s to wait while the guys fixed Carlos’ flat tire (grateful we had left a day early for the airport!). Of course, the spare was also flat, so a trip to the larger town (much farther away) was needed, which meant a nice visit with Irene and her daughter Lupita. Unfortunately, neither Marilyn or I speak much Spanish (yet!) and they don’t speak much English. Lupita showed us how to make a rubber band bracelet (from a kit gifted by the teen group on a recent visit from Cathie’s church back in the USA), and then gave it to me :))). She gave Marilyn a few she had previously done. I snuck one of the bracelets off my wrist into her bag of finished ones. While Lupita was ... Read Full Story >>

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Yesterday there was water gushing across the only road around my village. With freezing weather predicted at nightfall, I stopped my car and headed up the hillside by the road to locate the water channel I suspected was blocked up there. I was right, it was all blocked up with branches and debris. A few minutes pulling it all free and the water started running freely down the channel instead of down the hill and onto the road. Very cold hands and sodden trainers! ... Read Full Story >>

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Keeping Warm By Staying Kind.

Yesterday was a busy day for me, or maybe I chose to make it busy, staying positive was the key. Made another appointment for physiotherapy on my injured left shoulder, surgery finally scheduled for early March, with a better, more patient attitude, with no attitude, lol. Made breakfast sandwiches for my co-workers, with help, carefully made coffee for them. Helped the Elder at our community college by putting together cree language and syllabics posters, also while I was there, helped a student artist by helping to finish his cree language 2019 calendar, did a run of 24, with more planned, did this for free because I was a student once. Made oven bannock for two elders for their supper, sat with a small family who a lost their brother to this cold spell, helped with soup and bannock there and listening to their stories, they really loved him. Today, I made more food ... Read Full Story >>

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