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Thursday's Movements

Brought a box of chocolates for the reception staff at the doctor's office yesterday. It's a big practice, they are always busy, but all of them have wonderful smiles, laughs and kind words. On the way home, I stopped at a supermarket to get a few needed things and what do I see? A box of gorgeous gladiolas. Couldn't find a price on the bunches when the clerk said that a new batch was coming in and these were selling for almost free :)) Purchased one bunch for me and another for a good friend. Glads are her favorite floweres.

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Sharing Kindness ..

Today's morning, a friend called me on my phone for help in finding blood. His friend's wife is admitted in hospital and doctor has prescribed her for urgent need of 2 unit blood. I did some calls to my other friends and managed donor cards for 2 unit blood. The patient's family was very to got blood. and they said thanks..

Sharing kindness is sharing happiness !!


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Here Or There, Kindness Opportunities Everywhere

I had my first morning free in 2 weeks, 12 hour days so very tired! I had to go shopping to get the food, have 3 hungry students at home :-) but I decided to take a break and stop at the local Café. I enjoyed my latte and sweet treat more than ever! The waitresses were so lovely, all young ladies. My coffee was quite cold so I had to ask to heat it. They wanted to make a new one, I explained it was not necessary but they insisted so I let them be kind :-)
On my way back, I took the bus, tired and with many heavy bags. When I sat I realised I had not greeted the bus driver. I always make the extra effort as hardly anyone talks to them. So there I was thinking...'oh no, how silly of me...I was not kind...' and at that moment, the bus had stopped, and two elderly ladies got on. My thoughts changed very quickly to 'ohhh, here it is, there are always opportunities for kindness...'. One of them gratefully accepted my seat :-)

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💐 Encouraging Creativity

Not being close to a town encourages me to be more creative with my gift giving!

I recycled some glass bottles (goo-gone the labels off), and then decorated them with stickers (compliments of Rajni), used cloth scraps as ribbons and then...the BEST part...meandered thru our meadow and picked bouquets of wildflowers.

One for sis and BIL (their 52 anniversary is today!) and the other for a niece who gifted me with the most lovely dove ornament from her recent vacay. 🕊

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Drive Through Love

I went to my coffee place and took the order from two females in the car behind me. Then I paid for the drinks! The staff thought it was very fun since I don’t work there, but surprisingly they paid it forward for the car behind them.

I am so happy to see ripples happening! A very tall barista crawled out of the drive through window and gave me hugs! Smiling heart ❤️

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I Stopped By After ...

I stopped by after church today to visit a friend who just had hip replacement surgery. She is in a rehab facility now and will be there for several weeks. She’s having a rather rough adjustment. She’s still uncomfortable from the surgery and very unhappy with the food, so she’s not eating. Knowing that a mutual friend of ours was also on their way to see her, I stepped into the hallway and gave her a call. I was happy to let our friend know that food was on its way!

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How Can The Small ...

How can the small growth of plants change perspectives?

Going into the urban gardening project yesterday I intended to take photos to share with you. Being in the garden I again completely forgot.

Here are some actions I did yesterday:
Watering community plants:the raspberries, tomato’s,  paprika, grass, plum trees, apple trees
unweeding: raspberries 
Put some support branches under the loaded plum tree branches

community square: watering: tomato’s 1 & 2, paprica, zucchini, pumpkins, , newly planted fennel,

my appreciation for the value of one tomato, one apple, one carrot has increased immensely doing gardening. How valuable it would be for children to experience that! 

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Poetry For The Passerby

Yesterday I was coming home from work and there was a man taking one of Mindy's poems from my poetry box. I said to him how much I like to meet people who took a poem. He told me he had been taking poems for the last 10 years from my box, that it meant a lot to him and he loved it. I told him that poem came from South Dakota. He was impressed. And I had never seen him before! You never know who you might reach.

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Every Morning When I ...

Every morning when I arrive at work I have a routine. I look up a photo that is pretty. Either a cup of coffee with a pretty swirly in the middle of it, a sunrise, bird, etc.. I sent a good morning to a few coworkers with that photo attached. Then I log into this site and see all the beautiful post. It makes my day start out good and if it's a bad start, I read a post from here and learn from it. Especially the ones posted about what you can control. Attached is the photo I sent to coworkers this morning. I'm lucky to live in Arizona and to see such beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

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This Kind Of Stuff...

❤️ An elderly man, kneeler scooting his way through Laughing Water (restaurant at Crazy Horse Memorial), stopped at our table and asked the children visiting us from IL, “Are you good students and making good grades in school?” The question sort of surprised us all, it being summer and the last thing on anyone’s mind was school, but I responded, “Well, I know they do their best!” They both nodded and their mom agreed. “I used to be the principal at the school here (Custer, SD?),” Then he gave each of the children a dollar coin! “Let me give you these for being such good students. Keep up the good work. Education is important!” We all thanked him for his kind generosity. I gave him a Peace dove, which he tucked in his shirt pocket with a smile. ❤️ “This KIND of stuff happens a lot with us,” said the children’s mom. “People have paid for ... Read Full Story >>

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The Woodcarver

“Oh, I love the dove,” I said. “May I pick it up?

“Yes,” he nodded, looking up from his work.

“So light and smooth. Lovely,” I observed, reverently holding the dove in one hand and stroking it with the other.

“It’s made of beech. We give them and the crosses,” he nodded towards the other carvers, picked up a cross and held it firm in his grasp, like a prayer, “to hospice.”

Thanking him, I gave him an origami dove, setting it on the table, “Please let me give you this dove. I make and give to promote Peace.” Arranging the wings, so the dove alighted better, I added, “I’ve made about 35,000 or so and send them around the world.”

We locked gazes and nodded in recognition. Instruments of Peace. 🕊 ❤️ 🕊


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Good Neighbors

Elderly neighbor's 90th birthday was Monday. She is becoming more in need of help, but doesn't want it. Gardenguy mows her grass weekly.

Over the weekend, her 80 year old friend and her other neighbor joined forces to help clean and de-clutter part of her house, She did a lot of protesting, but elderly neighbor later told me that the kitchen hadn't looked that good in years. Blessings to good friends and neighbors.

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Being Present Matters So Much!

A good friend and I went and visited a gentlemen last night who is in a rehab facility trying to get clean. It was kind of far from my home, I had a lot to do and I didn't really feel like going.

When we got there and found him, his face lit up. He was so excited we came to see him. He introduced us to many of his friends and supporters at his facility. He gave us a tour and was so grateful we visited.

His reaction reminded me how important just showing up and spending time with someone can be. When we left he was so grateful that we came to visit him. He is 90 days into his program with 10 more months to go. He promised he is focused and going to make it through this time.

His joy at seeing us was just the reminder my heart needed that time being present with someone makes all the difference. I am very glad I went and after seeing how it brightened his night I will joyfully do it again.

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Momma in distress

So a lady at the hospital had a new born with her she had brought for vaccinations . While she was doing something , she handed the baby over to her son ( hardly 7/8) who was the only help she had . He really couldn’t soothe the bawling baby and was handling him like a kid his age would , so I volunteered to hold the baby while the mother got her work done. No , the baby did not stop crying when I held him as well ;) but hey, it gave the mother a few minutes of relief !

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Act of Kindness

Young people often seem to get a bad image especially from the media. I wanted to share my experience this morning, to show how unfair that image is.

Richard and I were walking towards the bus, and there was a bin on the sidewalk, and a car was parked partly on the sidewalk too, making it difficult to walk. A boy of about ten came round the corner on a scooter and I stopped. As soon as he saw us he stopped his scooter, moved back into a better position and let us through first.

I gave him a big smile and thanked him for such a lovely act of kindness.

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A Hug In The Park

❤️Happinessis an unexpected hug.........

As my husband was leaving the park today a little boy ran up to him out of the blue, and hugged him around his legs. The boy latched on to him and was smiling. My husband patted his back and hugged him back.

His father ran over, picked him up, and apologized to my hubby. Hubby told him there was no need to apologize, that this is a wonderful child who must be filled with love. It made his day. ❤️

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Blessing People Coming Out Of Prison

I hope you all are well. It means so much to me to have this beautiful place to share things that spread more kindness and joy. Each of you, in every way, inspire me to feel and think MORE about kindness possibilities available to us in each moment. Thank you. It's been a while since I shared here. The past 6 months have been one of great challenge. A beautiful friend of mine, Joanne, has been in the dying time of her life. She knew it, and embraced it and as she died last week I thought of how a shooting star shines so brightly as it trails the universe, right before it goes out. it was a great privilege to have her company these past months. One of the last things she asked me was to find an organization supporting women coming out of prison, to provide her business clothing to ... Read Full Story >>

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I resisted being a slaggart:

I made a mental request of my Guide to direct me to help someone who badly needed it. A few days went by. Then I was caught in a massive 6-lane traffic jam at a stoplight. “Rush hour." I thought. But it was an overheated car, dead in the middle lane. With cars driving all around her I couldn’t stop anywhere without making things worse. I had to turn left in thick traffic and couldn't pull over for a couple blocks. I thought, "Maybe this is one I should let someone else take care of.” But I smacked myself down and mentally berated myself saying, "Don’t be a slaggart!" I turned around and parked on a far entrance ramp. How to even wade into this snarl of traffic and get her off the highway looked impossible. But then a miracle happened (akin to the parting of the Red Sea). Bumper to bumper ... Read Full Story >>

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Wings for Life

The Wings For Life Back-to-School Party was a huge success! About 250 attended and we had lots of music, singing, craft making, and really fun games. 25 pizzas, over 600 cookies, gallons of lemonade, and school supplies and books to fill 150 backpacks were all gone by the time this celebration ended. Wings for Life, now an international organization, exists to provide whatever support is needed for the families of those who are incarcerated. What this amazing group does for countless people all of the world is far too extensive to list here, but can easily be found online. Besides offering help for families during the time their loved one is away, there are many programs and events that help the families to connect with, and support, each other. Breaking the cycle of incarceration, which often occurs, is one of WFL’s biggest goals. I’m so grateful for all the opportunities this amazing Wings ... Read Full Story >>

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My First Recorded “act”

I walk a mile every morning. Today was trash day in our neighborhood, so as I walked along my way, I picked up the trash that had been dropped by the trash truck and placed it in the nearest trash cans, so it wasn’t laying in the yards when people came home from work this evening.

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