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🙏 22 Peace Doves 🕊 ...

🙏 22 Peace Doves 🕊 “He would’ve been 22 this Nov. 2nd,” his mother replied, her eyes cast down, as if the weight of all those tears shed still flowed. Her son voluntarily traveled on a little over 2 years ago. I didn’t know Debbie then, only a mutual friend who told me about the property (where she lived) manager's son who had taken his life. How the manager had cried for days, not moving off the couch. That, I came to learn, was Debbie. When she began coming to our Crafternoon regularly, I offered her a Peace dove. “Oh! I have one of these. It was given to me when my son died. I have it hanging in the kitchen where I see it all the time…” Learning that fall was especially hard for Debbie, since the passing of her son and his Nov. birthday, I offered to make doves for her to share ... Read Full Story >>

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Random Strangers While Bird Watching

While traveling in Canada on a bird watching tour on an island outside Québec, we met a nice, young man called Alain. 

In the days before internet and social media, it was common to swap addresses upon departing and say, "Come and visit if you're in the area."

So, a while later, we actually took Alain up on his offer. We knocked on his door, just thinking we'd have a cup of tea and nice chat, but to our surprise, his lovely mum ended up cooking a delicious dinner for us!

Then, we were even invited to stay the night! We also had fun trying to speak French with his girlfriend, who couldn't speak English. 

It was a great evening.

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Friendly Neighborhood

Yesterday, I drove my neighbor to a doctor's office for a procedure.

It took about two hours, but I did not mind. One month, when I had had heel surgery and couldn't drive, this neighbor had kindly driven me to physical therapy every week!

Another neighbor also helped me during that same surgery. She once left something at the airport, and I drove down to retrieve it.

In this way, in our apartment building, we all help each other. I feel blessed to have such wonderful, loving neighbors!

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Royal Invitation At The Park

While traveling in New Brunswick, Canada, we were sitting on a bench in a park, enjoying the peace, quiet and gorgeous views.

A lady walked by with her dog. We began chatting with her, and told her about our journeys and that it was a temporary stop before moving ahead.

Ingrid, a complete stranger to us, invited us for dinner!

She even insisted on us tellingl her what we wanted to eat, and also invited us to meet her family.

Maybe we looked hungry -- I have no idea! :) We were flabbergasted and didn't know what to say.

She said, "I know, I'll cook you some steak. Looking forward to seeing you at six.”

We showed up for dinner, and it was an amazing evening, getting pampered and meeting her lovely family, too.

How amazing to be graced by such an over-the-top kindness!

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Let Them Know You Care

❤️ I’ve been reaching out, these past few weeks, to a dear soul who lives on the other side of the world, who “dropped off the radar. I let him know I missed him and was concerned and was holding him in prayer.

Today I finally heard from him, and learned he has suffered a deep loss of a loved one and feels shattered.

I hope his reaching out & sharing with me will be a part of his healing process. 🙏

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Global Postcard Kindness

I belong to a group called that maybe some of you KindSpringers know about. It is a group you join on-line and the organization connects you with people all over the world for sending and receiving postcards. If someone wants a card in an envelope, I will include a peace dove and a KindSpring message.

The photo is of my effort to collect cards for my mother's birthday. In my bio I asked people to send me a card for my mother's birthday. She turned 85 and it was a challenge to get that many cards for her -- I collected 76 of them and it took a year. But was she ever surprised at the warm words from all over the globe!

She took this photo and put it on her Facebook page. I like it so much that I had to share it with you. Postcrossing is  a sweet way to connect with people all over the world by way of postcards. I feel it promotes peace and good feeling. After all, how can you hate your friends?

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Apples For Students

ApplesSo grateful when plans align! At my son's school, there are some kids who are coming without having eaten breakfast. And even with free lunches, it is tough to focus in the morning when you are hungry and you can't eat until lunch time.

Fortunately, we have a great local market grocery owner, who has agreed to make periodic food donations, so we can have some fruits available for breakfast at school. People are amazing!

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Remembrance Through Kindness

Nine years ago, on the 20th of October, Jackie was a student in a class that I taught. Eight years ago, on that same date her physical life came to an end, all too early. Little was I aware of the lessons that she would leave me with for the rest of my life. Every year on this day, I do something extra special to honor her memory and the kindness that she exuded. While at a cafe this morning, I was standing behind a couple ordering their breakfast. After they ordered, I asked them if they'd allow me to pay for their breakfast in order to honor a student of mine. The young lady looked at me with some bewilderment and responded, "Sure, I suppose... but that's a lot of money." I suppose "a lot" is relative. In comparison to one's life, it is nothing.  The couple said thank you, to which I ... Read Full Story >>

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Offers of Listening, Smiles, Nature, and Biscotti :)

I gave a listening ear and unconditional love to a colleague who is going through tough times. I gave him hugs and smiles, tissues and positive energy. I ordered smile cards :-) I took some photos of the beautiful nature during my walk today and sent it to folks who live far away and who I know would appreciate it. I baked biscotti for a friend across the country who is unwell. I purchased granola bars for a colleague, so that he could share it with his students at the office. Every morning, I start out in the garden to thank the plants and trees, water the vegetables and marvel at nature's bounty. I packed up special treats for all the friends and relatives we’d be seeing this weekend at a family wedding! Got my house ready for hosting more visitors after we get back, too. :) That is a kindness to our future selves -- to ... Read Full Story >>

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Small Steps For Embeth

My husband and I participated in a 10-kilometer (almost 7-mile) Peace Run and Walk, as a part of the Cape Town Marathon to raise money for an organization named Ithemba. This is an organization we started to raise awareness on depression and its research. We lost our daughter almost nine years ago, and every walk on this hike, was for her. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), next year, depression will be the second biggest illness in the world; and in 2030, the biggest. We did this for our daughter, Embeth, who passed away in 2010. It was a day of goodwill, and many people from various countries around the world participated in this event. We even received medals. Kindness really starts with small steps.   ... Read Full Story >>

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Hiking For Hope

Yesterday, on an beautiful Sunday morning in Cape Town, my husband and I participated in the Hope Hike for awareness about depression, to break the silence and to raise funds towards research. We walked 10 kilometers (6,21 miles). We lost our daughter almost nine years ago, and every walk on this hike, was for her. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) next year depression will be the second biggest illness in the world; in 2030 the biggest.

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Offering A Tender Coconut To A Security Guard

It was a hot afternoon in Chennai, India and we wanted to have tender coconut water.

Just as we were drinking it, I noticed a security guard who was working hard in the sun helping people to park their cars.

As I went up to pay, I paid an extra amount for the security person to have some, too, as he was exhausted like us.

It made me feel happy to be able to gift him nice, cool coconut water on a hot Chennai day.

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Amazing Kindess On My Travels: Czech Republic.

Many moons ago, I went to the Giant Mountains with a couple of people. We were walking in the mountains and suddenly it started to rain very hard. We found shelter under the roof of some ski lifts. The elderly man who worked there said we could spend the night in the loft there, and so we did, in our sleeping bags, after he shared some drinks with us. Maybe the man felt sorry for us or was simply being kind, but he recommended walks for us the next day. In a mixture of languages, and drawing pictures, he signaled that we could come for dinner and spend the night at his home that night. Being penniless students, we eagerly took up his offer, naturally, once we trusted our instincts that he was a decent person. At his home, his wife treated us like royalty. For us, dinner was a lavish ... Read Full Story >>

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Amazing Kindness On My Travels: USA

Whilst on a road trip to the USA from Canada around the Milennium, my hubby and I experienced amazing kindness at a gas station. It was one of those places where you fill-up the car first and then pay by card right at the machine. Unfortunately, it didn't accept our Canadian bank cards and with a mere 3 US dollars to our name, we had no idea how to pay. Whilst trying to find a solution with the attendant inside at the cash desk (i.e. pay in Canadian dollars), another customer came up to us and said she'd like to settle our bill of 40 dollars!!! We were stunned, especially as she didn't want us to send the money to her later. Nor did she want our Canadian dollars. Back then 40 dollars was a lot of money! All she said was "Just help somebody else who needs it". Straight after that, we ... Read Full Story >>

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Busy Crafternoon Bees

Busy Crafternoon bees, we made over 35 Halloween/Autumn cards for CFHK (Cards for Hospitalized Kids). This was just sort of a warm-up to the larger more publicized event to be held on Oct. 2nd :))). Look at all those beautiful, love-filled and creative cards destined to cheer children in the hospital, with plenty more to be made and donated!

Grateful to the library for the space and fellowship of crafters who graciously give of their supplies, time and creativity.

We do indeed make a difference, my kind friends. Never doubt it, and together? Wow! We so amp up those good vibes :))).

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Little Things Mean a Lot

Sometimes the little things you do mean a lot.

As an example; when my wife and I returned from the Cape in early October, I found a child's luggage tag on the floor next to the baggage carousel. It was a bit unique and had an address. So, we mailed it to the address.

Attached is the thank you card that has overwhelmed me. It reads:

"Thank you so much for being so kind as to mail me my lost luggage tag. It is very sentimental to me. The little girl who gave it to me passed away 4 years ago. She was 10 years old and wanted to see the world. The luggage tag was/is my way of taking her with me on my world travels. I really appreciate your kindness.  Sonya :-)"

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Playig my harp at the Trauma Healing Project

I was moved to take my harp to my acupuncture clinic at the Trauma Healing Project last week. It had been awhile. And the Project is in need of funds to keep going, so I thought perhaps filling the place with healing sound would help.

It was a chaotic sort of day there, but I did get to get some music in as my patients rested. Several were appreciative and said so.

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Everyone Needs To Know!!!

This is not a story about my kind acts, but a thank you to all you people that do kind acts!! I want to thank you for saving me. I had become so down on humankind that I was seriously considering leaving this world! I had lived over 12 years in a very abusive situation, after escaping from there the courts decides to give the man everything I owned, so I have been homeless for over a year.  Where I now live I'm just one step above being these peoples slave, no I should say just half of step. So I hope you can understand my disappointment in the human race!! I was no longer believing that there were any kind humans left in this world. But I guess by the grace of God I found this website, I really needed to hear your stories of kindness!! So thank you, and keep ... Read Full Story >>

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Kittens and their rescuer

Two tiny kittens were rescued by a young lady and brought to a rescue group, which gave them to me to raise until they were re ady to be adopted.  The young woman wanted to visit them, so I gave her directions to my house. She showed up panting and perspiring. The Lyft driver had dropped her off a mile from my house -- alone, in the dark, in part of town she didn't know! Shocking, eh?  I let her visit with the kittens for a few hours. The Lyft driver she called to go home got lost and then canceled the ride. "That's it!" I exclaimed, "I'm driving you home." And I did.   ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing The BountyThis Month ...

This month we celebrate Thanksgiving, coming together with friends and family to enjoy the bounty of the harvest season. It is also an excellent time to pause and reflect on the abundance of our lives as well. Our lives are full of love and laughter shared with those we love and we are deeply grateful for the abundance of the light this love gives to us. Do we know of someone who is alone, lonely, that would appreciate a visit, an outing to a coffee shop, a ride to church or a simple phone call to chat and pass the time of day? What stops us from sharing our time with others who are in need of companionship? The seasons are changing and we begin to bring our warmer clothes out of storage. Are our closets crammed full of clothes that we no long wear? We may be saving a few ... Read Full Story >>

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