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More Than Just a Coincidence

I just got off the phone with my eldest daughter and wanted to share this remarkable story.  My daughter is a good-deed doer and always has been.  She doesn't have much money and doesn't have a car.  She called me on her way home from work today to tell me that she stopped at the Dollar Store and got me some Halloween decorations for next year at 90% off.  She spent $6.00 on the decorations and some candy, after which she had $16.00 left.  She told me that she set aside $10.00 from what remained for a bus ticket for 10 rides, which would get her to and from work for a week.  My daughter called me again to tell me that while she was making her way to the bus stop, a lady asked if she had change for a dollar for her meter.  My daughter gladly gave it ... Read Full Story >>

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Trees DO grow in Brooklyn!

Almost forty years ago, back on 12th Street between 8th Ave and Prospect Park West in Brooklyn, a group of people decided to hold a block party.  The money raised was for planting trees on each side of the street. 

And so we planted some trees.  The trees were so small, they were almost comical!  Still, they meant a lot to a small group of teenagers who lived on the block.  Teenagers like me.

Fast forward some years, and the last time I went back to Brooklyn, I actually saw those little saplings turn into beautiful, full grown, majestic trees! 

I looked up to the sky and thanked God for such a creation, for giving life to such a small seed planted in the hearts of a few people so many years ago!


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A New Attitude Makes All the Difference

I hated closing.  I'm a person who claims that I do not hate, but I hated closing.  Period.  And by that I mean the closing shift at Domino's.  We close at 11pm on weeknights and midnight on weekends.  And I HATED closing.  I hated it because we close at 11pm, but people call late at night and then we have to clean up and do all the paperwork, etc.  So, I never get to leave until 11:30-12:00.  It got to the point where I didn't like customers who called after 10pm.  That felt bad.  I got bitter and angry inside. But alas, I decided I needed to change myself and little by little I developed a new attitude.  Now when I go in to close, instead of saying we close at 11, but (wah-wah)  I won't get to leave till 11:45 and I won't get home till 12:30, I simply say I work till midnight.  Then, ... Read Full Story >>

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A Gift, 15 Years Later

Twenty years ago my eldest daughter celebrated her thirteenth birthday. I worked hard at the deli the week before and got a paycheck of about $125.  I went to the bank to cash my check and asked for one hundred one dollar bills, nice and clean and crispy if possible, please. I went home and grabbed a nice branch from a tree in my backyard and proceeded to use (almost) all of my paycheck to make my daughter a beautiful money tree with one hundred ones placed as carefully as I would have placed ornaments on the Christmas tree.  It was a joy to behold! My daughter was thrilled.  I wanted to take a picture of it, but all my money was gone and could not even afford a roll of film or a disposable camera.  I asked the birthday girl, Jess, if she would buy some film so we could get a picture.  ... Read Full Story >>

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How John Touched My Life

I met him on his birthday when he truned 20 years old.  He was very pleasant and had outstanding, loving eyes.  He reached out his left hand and said, "Nice to meet you."  Nice, indeed. This young man touched my life as well as my heart in the most profound way.  When my husband met him, he felt the same way.  I got to know him very well over the next year as I had the privilege of "working" with him.  See, he got around using a walker or was in a wheelchair and when it was time to get down, or out of his wheelchair he would crawl! John is a shining star to me.  My family just adores him.  He loves talking on the phone, singing, "dancing", noise of any kind, toys that wind up, wiggle or glow, music, cheering, "holding" me while watching tv and his never ending collection of keychains.   It broke ... Read Full Story >>

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There is Life in Just a Smile

It was only a sunny smile,

And little it cost in the giving,

But like morning light,

it scattered the night,

And made the day worth living.



Thank you for all of your smiles as they have made my days worth living. 

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A Smile Card Story Hits the Airwaves

This is way cool.  I stepped into my car this morning and heard the following on the radio: "Random Acts of Kindness sure do create a ripple effect and spread smiles and love farther than we can imagine."

There was more:"We just got a call from our friend Deb in Nazareth, who told us about a grumpy crossing guard.  One day Deb decided to stop into Dunkin Donuts and get hot chocolates for each of the four crossing guards.  When she gave it to the grumpy one, she told him she really appreciates what he does for all the children out here in the cold, wet weather, day in and day out.  She then handed him a Smile Card, and he produced a smile which she would never forget.  From then on, they always said good day to one another."

Deb had gotten the Smile Cards from me and loved the stories I had told her about here on HelpOthers.  She does not have a computer, but has a receptive heart and due to the kindness of all of you and the originator(s) of this site, was able to bring the ripple of kindness and smiles full circle!

Tons of love to all of you today!

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From the Bottom of My Heart...

I'm so glad I found this website.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm sure. You people have brought so much joy to my life, it's hard to describe it.  I'm  sure you ALL feel the same way. From Christmas, to brownies, puppies, kitties, ancestry,  quarters, coffee, thank you cards, "oranges", dollar bills, grief, sorrow, prison stories, war stories, charity, church, help on the road, RAK's, third world countries, gratitude, attitude, bubbling happiness, jokes of the day and just plain old hilaroius stories, from here to there, we have seen so much go on in our little world here on Help Others and in the big wide world around us. For all your stories, short, sweet, serious, profound, funny, sad, long and much needed, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have learned that I have so very much for which to be thankful.  A roof over my head ... Read Full Story >>

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Stone Soup for an Entire Village

Just a timeless classic told in my own words.  If you've heard it before or not, it's a gem for our times.  There was a weary traveler coming upon a poor village.  The people had seen him coming and hid all the food they had, knowing that the traveler would ask.  Sure enough, he approached asking for food and everyone said they don't have enough to share.  He then said he would make some stone soup if only he could borrow a large pot.  He would make enough for everyone to share.  This intrigued the villagers. They watched in wonder as he boiled the water then took three magic stones out of his bag.  As he started tasting the soup, he said "Mmmmm, this is good, but salt and pepper would make it better."  One woman got him the spices.  "Ah, yes," he said as he tasted again, "I've had stone soup with cabbage before ... Read Full Story >>

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A Call to Open our Hearts to those Near and Far

I sent this out in an email a few days ago and thought it would be nice to spread the blessings on this site as well because just one small shift in our thinking each day can make a worldly difference in our daily lives and the lives of others...    Heavenly Father, help us to remember that the rude lady who cut us off in traffic today is a single mother who just worked nine hours and is rushing home to cook dinner, do the laundry, help her children with homework, and spend a few precious moments with them before she tucks them in at night. Help us to remember that the pierced, tattooed, disinterested young man who can't make change correctly is a worried 19-year- old college student, balancing his apprehension over final exams with his fear of not getting his student loans for next semester. Remind us, that the scary -looking bum, begging for money in the ... Read Full Story >>

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Low on Money but ...

Well when I first came to this website, I didn't grasp why people were telling about their random acts of kindness. As I got to know some of you better I realized this is a group of very lovely people. Anyway I dont frequent drive-thrus very often, since my husband is away money is very tight. But this morning after putting $30 dollars worth of gas in my truck on my way to work, I had $13 left and decided I would treat myself to coffee and a sandwich at Dunkin Donuts. When going through the drive-thru all you lovelies came into my head and I decided to pay for the lady behind me. I could see her. I had no idea what she had ordered but I had plenty of gas for the week and ... Read Full Story >>

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Real People Who Love, Live and Inspire

I have received so many comments, karma bucks, well-wishes, hugs, gifts from a couple corners of the world, prayers, e-mails, letters, e-cards and notes and I want to say I am truly blessed.

All of you here are so important to me, whether you have been here for quite some time or have recently joined this wonderful group of real people who love, live and inspire!

Right now is a time in my life when I need you more than you may ever know.  I mean it, right now, right this very minute.  I have learned so much from all of you about how life changes from moment to moment and how life is all about attitude and it does and it is. 

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An Extra Few Minutes To Shovel Up Some Good Karma

Yep, it's that time of year again! Last night it snowed.  This morning my driveway was covered in a bright white blanket.    The snowfall wasn't too heavy and I was able to sweep it away in a few minutes.

My husband and I have an elderly neighbor.  He seems to be away this year, I don't know if he's in a nursing home or perhaps he's staying at a relative's home.  I don't know - but I don't mind because he is a GRINCH!  My husband and I don't like him very much, but for the past three or four years since I've been living here, I have always made it a point to shovel or sweep his driveway whenever I do mine.  I encourage my husband to do the same. 

We believe that because our neighbor is elderly, we should shovel his snow away!  It just takes an extra few minutes.  Tomorrow the snowfall is supposed to be heavier, and of course I will shovel my neighbor's driveway.

This year, let's all do this... it's the kind thing to do. 

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A Smile In A Pocket

I received my first pack of smile cards not long ago.  I had bought some clothes for my granddaughter for her birthday and one pair of capris I got for her was too small.  A short time later, she gave them back to me.  There happens to be an adorable young girl in my church whom I thought would be a good fit for these capris.  So, I put a smile card in the pocket (sticking out a little), folded the capris up, put them into a bag, and wrote her name on the pant's tag so she could see it through the bag.  I brought it into church inside a white bag so no one could see what I was carrying because I wanted it to be anonymous.  During "Meet & Greet" while everyone was walking around greeting each other, I took the plastic bag out of the white ... Read Full Story >>

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Walk With Me

Come walk with me in the sunshine

I'll tell you a bit about myself

I haven't got much in my wallet

and there isn't much food on the shelf

But there's something that just keeps on growing

You can see by the look on my face

There's a love that so freely is flowing

Let's  walk  in the sunshine of grace!


Come walk with me in the sunshine

and share a piece of yourself

I don't want what is in your wallet

and I don't care what is on your shelf

I want you to know you are glowing

as we walk along sharing this space

I want you to know that I love you

as we walk in the sunshine of grace!




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