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Seek and you shall find

I am a religious sister and newly assigned in Hong Kong. I have been talking to the students about being kind to others and this morning I received a chocolate from a student. I write a note of thanks but I wished I had a card to give along with my note. It has been on my mind for a long time to have a smiley card so I searched the internet to download a smiley picture and I found your website. Thanks be to God! I congratulate you for this simple and yet noble work of kindness. You are surely making a difference in the world.

I am planning to put your smiley poster in my room for the students to see and I might use your stories of kindness in my sessions with them. God bless you all! Sr. Maricris, mnda

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  • Posted by Maricris
  • Nov 11, 2006
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Stress Relief

Someone I work for has two sons I've gotten to know. The oldest is becoming more and more uncommunicative since his parents have split up. I offered to play with the younger son for a few hours on my time so the dad could get some quality time with his older brother.

His busy dad has been highly stressed during this transistion. He agrees that his son could really use an ally right now is so-o-o-o-o grateful for this outreach. I can't seem to get enough time with kids, so everyone is looking forward to this time of relief for everyone.

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Love "Drive-Bys"

I am giving them as part of a birthday gift to a friend. We had discussed doing "love drive-bys", and this is perfect.

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  • Posted by Dorrine
  • Nov 10, 2006
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Actions of Love

I have done quite a few acts of love, but I struggle to share them. First because I don't want my ego to take credit for it, and second, English is my second language and I am very aware of my inability to express myself correctly most of the time.
I suffer from chronic back pain due to a bone disease that makes sitting in front of the computer very difficult, but I will try to do this more often.
Last week, I lent my mountain cabin to a young couple to celebrate their anniversary, it was a huge step for me because that place is my sacred land, where I go for peace and quiet. I never had done that before.
At the same time, I took care of my four-month old first grandson so my son and his wife could take a trip away to celebrate.
Those are the things I like to do, to provide others with things that can make their life happier and fuller.

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Niceties in the Nursing Home

I will use these cards to anonymously brighten other's day by random acts of kindness.

I will leave some cards at the nurses station where my Mother is in the nursing home.

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Colours of Light

It's Diwali or the Festival of Lights. During the five days, women draw beautiful images outside their homes with coloured sand, rice and grains (called rangolis) to decorate their homes and welcome the new year and visitors. This year, I took inspiration from a wonderful person I work with who is absolutely amazing at making rangolis. His work is beautiful. I decided after seeing him make so many that I was going to try my hand at rangolis. So I did. Off I went, practicing first outside my home. Loaded with tons of coloured sand, I thought of whose homes I should make rangolis at. Good family friends of ours live in the same city as I. They treat me like a daughter and are my family here. My uncle and aunt as I call them have two sons, no daughters ... Read Full Story >>

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When A Rose Is A Rose Is- More Than A Rose.

A woman on a pavement with an armful of roses-to-sell and a tired expression in her eyes. She is surrounded by people who are very not buying roses tonight. We walk past her, and then walk back. I love flowers, but roses are far from being my favorite flowers. They are too-written about. Too poeticized. Too perfect. But this was not about the roses. We buy ten buds, some tightly wrapped up in themselves, others just starting to open. Give her one, he says, just loud enough so I can hear and she can't. I pull one-long stemmed beauty out of the bunch and give it to her for the pricelessness of a sudden smile. We walk on newly-burdened, one down, nine roses to go. Do we hand them out to random strangers? Or wait to stumble across someone sad-faced and in-need-of-exactly-ten-minus-one roses? No- we decide instead to let the ... Read Full Story >>

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Flowers of Appreciation

I am the advisor for our high schools Fellowship of Christian Athletes and will give one to each student along with a flower and have them pass both out ramdomly to someone they appreciate at our school. I was inspired by the story in this news letter.

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Stress Relief

Someone I work for has two sons I've gotten to know. The oldest is becoming more and more uncommunicative since his parents have split up. I offered to play with the younger son for a few hours on my time so the dad could get some quality time with his older brother. His busy dad has been highly stressed during this transistion. He agrees that his son could really use an ally right now and is extremely grateful for this outreach. I can't seem to get enough time with kids, so everyone is looking forward to this time of relief for everyone.

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Musical Chairs

Having read many stories on this board on giving up airplane window seats, I was on the lookout for a similar opportunity recently. The international flight back home was going to be long and I wasn't thinking of much except sleep. The row was split in 2-3-2 and the gentleman sitting next to me casually asked if I wouldn't prefer a center aisle seat. His wife had been separated from him. I immediately acquiesced and the couple was together. I admit, I might have let out a little laugh at having finally been able to do this for a stranger (are we really that?) - I hope they didn't take it the wrong way.

But the story was not over for me. Shortly a hostess came over, asked me if I wanted to change seats (the other two passengers next to me were also a couple). For the next 10 hours, I'm in a row all to myself.

So I'm on the hunt again, till I actually give up a window seat without getting anything in return. Will post my progress here.

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Smile Therapy

I am a therapist and I interact with people on a daily basis. I always try to find new ways that I can let people know they are special and that someone is thinking of them. I plan to send smile cards to clients as well as to co-workers anonamously to just brighten their day. Everyone needs that affirmation sometimes in their life.

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Ripples of Smile Cards (Orders!)

I organised a large volunteering event at the non-profit organization I work for and because it was such an organisation-wide affair, so many people helped to make the actual day come together.  I was very grateful for the way that nearly 25 staff members contributed on the day as they provided an amazing source of support in making things happen the way I had planned.

I decided to thank each of them with a big swiss chocolate bar with a smile card tied around it with ribbon and a thank you card to tell them how much I appreciated their support.  As I handed them out the following day, many people were a little surprised by this gesture, as it was largely unexpected.  But, what really made my day was when I was shipping Smile cards a few days later and noticed that one of the people who received a card had already ordered more! 

This smile movement really is infectious and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to spread ripples wherever I can :)

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Gaining Marriage Wisdom: Sharing Homemade Carrot Cake

I made a homemade carrot cake for the first time. It was really the most delicious cake, according to my family. So I decided I would spread kindness by giving some of this cake to a my parents' neighbor- someone I didn't really know. I gave the cake to a neighbor's husband- who invited me in to talk.  Next thing I know, his wife also comes over, and we have a three-hour discussion about life- concerns about her college age son, and lessons around marriage and divorce. I walked away from this meeting profoundly touched about the wisdom this woman shared from an early divorce- the courage she showed to leave someone irresponsible, and the faith she kept that she deserved to be married to a man who honored her and supported her. The eerie thing is I struggle with being married, and certainly didn't know she went through this experience.  I walked ... Read Full Story >>

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Got some gas?

I was pumping gas today at a Rotten Robbie and a construction-worker type of a guy walked near me and asked, "Mind filling a gallon?" Well, that is a new one for me! Just when he asked, my tank was full. I took his small container, filled it and gave it back to him. He said, "Thanks, man" and walked to his old pickup.

I then turned, hooked up the pump to the machine and in the display it asked, "Receipt?" and I pressed "No". Suddenly I started laughing. I always say yes when asked if I want a receipt because I use it for tax purposes (I am a consultant and I can tax deduct my official use of my car). But today I said no for no reason - and I realized that the last gallon makes the whole transaction anonymous!

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Another Reflection of Hope

You may remember my story of Stephen, the homeless guy.  I decided to  take a walk up to the hostel to see if he was ok. I spoke to my friend who works there and she said, "Well Angel, how are you?" I said "Angel?" She said "Yes, Stephen said he met an angel from God." I laughed and asked if he was in. She said he was out looking for work. That really made me stop. I gave her some money and asked if she could give it to Stephen so he could phone me. Later that night, he phoned me. He asked if he could meet me. I arranged to meet him at the coffee shop again.  Wow, what a difference! He was clean, had a smile on his face, shoulders back facing the world. He gave me a hug and called me angel. I said, "You know ... Read Full Story >>

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Crumpled Ten Dollars From a Laundry Machine

Last week, my friend was leafing through a bunch of clothes when he found a crumpled up note. Right then, he turns to me and says, "I don't know what amount this is, but it's yours. Pay it forward, leave 'em a smile card and lots to smile about." That bills ends up being a ten-dollar bill. All week I've been wondering what to do. Saturday morning rolled around and I had to drop off a couple of bags of clothes at Goodwill. I had been to this particular Goodwill store before and as I'm driving, my mind wandered to the people working at the store. There is a large room at the back of the store for dropping off items and there are always people in the room sorting through the dozens of bags left for donations. I thought to myself, that's not the most ... Read Full Story >>

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The Liberty Angels

I am wondering how to get a story printed. My daughter is 10 and started a band a year ago with the idea of cutting a CD and raising money from the CD to give to Homeless kids. She did it and had her CD party last week and raised $700.00 for a local YWCA Kids Korner!!! I can give you more info if you are interested. Thanks for your time and I love your newsletter!!!

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The Healing Effects of Crocheting

I gave envelopes with smile stones twice this week; For the first, I asked a cashier to pass it to the person after me in line after I left. I gave the second one at the drive-thru window for the guy working there who seemed stressed.

This morning I finished a 'Healing Shawl' that I made for a friend who lost her mom among other tough luck this fall.  That won't be anonymous but it's still a beautiful thing.  I learned to crochet by making this shawl.  It's enormous, LOL  Each stitch has love and prayers for healing sewn in, it just has a lovely energy.  And I learned so much (not just crochet) and received so much by making it.  I recommend it to every one.

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A Reflection of Hope

On Thursday, I was in the town when I met a young homless guy. He looked so cold and ill - he was begging for money. I said I would not give him money but I would take him for food. He asked, "Will you come with me?" I said "Yes." We went to a local coffee shop where he had hot food and we talked. He told me his name was Steven. He had had a bad drug habit and was trying to get his life back. He dropped out of school and moved from his home town because of peer pressure. He knew if he stayed he would be back on drugs. I said I will help him find somwhere to stay and we set off but before that I took him to the charity shop and bought him a warm jacket. I wanted to take him to a ... Read Full Story >>

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Ripples of Light

I have been going through a difficult patch recently and a friend told me this story when we spoke one evening. I am sharing the story with you because it gave me a little bit of hope when I was in need of a positive perspective. I hope that the ripples of this lovely story give you some hope if you need it too. He said that he was standing at the entrance of his building that evening, on his way home from work. He was talking to the building porter, when an old couple entered to go towards their flat. They stopped to talk to the porter and since my friend was standing there too, he overheard their conversation. Earlier in the day, the old couple was trying to stop a taxi to take them somewhere. The old man was severely handicapped and could barely walk without any assistance. A taxi ... Read Full Story >>

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