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A food bank owner's wish for a young boy

I run a small thrift store to help support our small food bank. A mother stopped by with her ten year old son and asked if we could help her family out with a few groceries. I said yes and gathered up several bags of groceries for her.

When I returned to her vehicle where her son was, I asked if he could go into the food bank and select a few of his favorite foods. She said yes. He chose his favorite cereal and fruit roll ups. 

I wanted to make his visit special and even though we had made only $32.00 in the thrift store that day I gave him $20.00 of it. I asked him to surprise his mother and buy her and his lunch on the way home. I wanted him to remember this day as more than a trip to the food bank. I wanted him to be blessed with the possibility of acting on this moment for the rest of his life. 

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Kindess ripples in a grocery store line, in Ireland

A year ago while I was living in Dublin, I was in a supermarket waiting in the line to pay for my items after a long and tiresome day at work.

Since the line was long my eyes were wandering everywhere. When I was getting nearer until I noticed an elderly lady around in her late 80's just joined the last line of the another line opposite to where I was standing. Without any thought I went to her and told her that she can take my spot.

First she didn't accept saying that, "Oh! dear. It's a long line. I don't want to trouble you." I said, "No worries mam. It is not a problem for me."  and I just smiled at her. Then she thanked me and I helped her to my spot then joined the line in the very last.

Within few seconds a couple of people standing in the line where I was standing started to offer me their spot and I ended up standing next to that elderly lady. For a moment it felt like that place was filled with kindness. Which was so beautiful to experience.

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Sister Clare's A+ Kindess in Trigonometry

There was a wonderful nun when I was a junior in high school. Her name was Sr. Clare Lentz. I often wonder what she would be doing today. She is probably only ten or so years older than I am! She was a very kind person. Her kindness has always stayed with me. Here is what happened. I was in her trigonometry class. I was not a stellar student because I was not that interested in working too hard, but I did get B's and Cs and would have been mortified to fail anything. I failed one of the trigonometry tests. Really failed - a 30% or something worse. She had just passed the papers back and walked by me, smiled and whispered quietly - "Don't worry - you just mixed up sine and cosine - no big deal. You will do fine next time." That made me feel so much better!  I have ... Read Full Story >>

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A Hot Mug of Tea and a Warm Heart

I walk my goats daily, basically just following them about to make sure they don't eat any of the young trees or break into the farm. At this time of year, it can be cold and damp. For the last couple of days, after about 40 minutes, when my fingers are freezing, my husband has shown up with a nice hot mug of tea for me. He then hangs around to chat until it's time to take them in. Little gestures are as special as big ones. 

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Inspiration Around the Corner

There is always inspiration just around the corner! A little girl in my class has been away all week, so the kids made her a book of things she loves to cheer her up (lots of dinosaurs). I put together a little care package for her.

When I went at lunch today to drop off our parcel, I had to go down the stairs to a basement apartment. When I got there, this beautiful message was chalked on the wall beside the door. It was made by the little girl's mom. It makesme want to have an inspiring message by my door because I sure walked away with a big smile on my face after seeing it!

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Listening to the little voice within

A friend's mother recently told me how she has been going through some hard times lately. She knows I practice a feminine yoga called "tigress" and often asks about it. I told her about an upcoming trial taster class. She told me that if finances permit, she would attend.

So tonight as I was thinking about her and about Tigress yoga, I heard a voice in my head say, "Pay for her Nicole." And so I did!  

I told her I would love to pay for her class and asked her if it were ok. To which she instantly replied, "Yes!" I love a woman who can so easily and graciously receive as I was nervous asking because I don't know her too well.  

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Words to set you free

I wrote two more letters/cards to prisoners tonight. Included in the card, as they always are, will be peace doves.

But not only do I always include doves, but there is something else I always do. I write an inspirational quote or uplifting words on the back of the envelope.

Tonight I had the bible near and decided to open randomly to any page. Before I did I said a little prayer and asked if there is a verse for this prisoner that I be led to it. I was blown away. Of everything it says in the bible or could have said I opened to this page and my finger landed on Ezekiel 36:26 which reads.

"And I give you a new heart, with new and right desires, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony heart of sin and give you a new obedient heart".

The last sentence I left out on back of card as I didn't want to emphasise or use the word sin.

I know this quote was divinely chosen especially for the recipient ♡

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Strawberry sweetness on a cold winter day

We had to run out to buy more food for the feral cats who frequent our "restaurant"..we are in the midst of a cold snap with increasing bitter temperatures & high winds & they need to eat more frequently to stay warm.

The Universe was so kind, we were able to get a break on the cost per bag...a $3 savings per bag! Awesome.

We used some of the savings to buy a basket of strawberries for our 90 year old friend who had shared with me yesterday that she loved strawberries but couldn't see spending $7 a basket (the off-season price we are being charged here now).

Knowing she'd insist on paying us (she's very proud), we dropped them off with her son (she lives w/him) , told him we didn't want any payment & to tell her he paid us for them. Lol. When she called us later to thank us & asked us how much they cost, I told a "white lie" & said $3. She said she was going to give her son the money he laid out....I was chuckling as we said our good-byes 🍓

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Small but sweet RAOK for a busy friend

My friend phoned me last night to thank me for helping her with some housework. She said her husband came home and was going to tackle the ironing pile, but saw that there were less clothes to iron, and was very happy to find some of his shirts ironed and put away. Really, it was a small thing to do for a busy friend. 

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Kindness Insisted With a Smile

Recently I was helped by some men on duty (guards and cops) when my car broke down. A week later I wanted to thank them and bought some coffee. They refused and said the macho stuff like "It was my job" etc. But I insisted and they accepted :). And I could see big smiles emerge and left them to it. It felt great!

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Smile Card and American History

Today, while struggling to write a paper for my first hour American History class, I opened up a book that I thought might be helpful to find some information on the topic I chose for my paper.

As soon as I flipped it open, a smile card fell out, along with a few dollars and a note, that said "There is no way you are reading this book for fun. You must be working on something for school so go buy yourself a red bull in the vending machine located in the lobby and get what you need to do done, and keep your head up!"

I did as the note said and spent the remainder of my time in the library smiling to myself and working hard. I plan on replacing the goodies and leaving a few smile cards around town, that way maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to thank the anonymous giver that made my entire American History class more enjoyable. 

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Anything Helps: A Father, A Brother, And Me

Today, I was rushing to an appointment and I passed a man sitting on the sidewalk, leaning against a building, holding a cardboard sign over his head. As I sped-walked past him, I glanced at the sign-- it read "Anything Helps" in thin, blue ink. You could barely read it if you weren't looking closely. There are many homeless people in the city where I live, and I've recently noticed how, when I first moved to this city a decade ago, I'd stop and do whatever I could each time I passed by someone in need, whereas now, I walk right by and avoid interacting as much as possible. I've been wondering why that is. Have I gotten busier? More cautious and jaded over time? Even though I know a human being is a human being, no matter what mental state or social status they carry, or how much or little money ... Read Full Story >>

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They were laboring under the sun, trying to break concrete

On a Saturday morning, I woke up, thanked God for one more day and got in the shower. My parents weren't home, but I had the responsibility of doing to my dad's job because he was not going to be able to go.

Later, I drove to the street that was under construction. There were 6 workers, all laboring under the sun, in the dirt, trying to break concrete. They started to talk about how their day was going, complaining about their quality of life, compared to my life, telling me that I was not in need of working like that. One of the workers asked me for at least a coke because they were not only thirsty, but also hungry.

I suddenly told them "I'll be back", and drove to my house but not to grab a coke. I thought about something different and better. I started to prepare  lemonade and some sandwiches for all the workers. Once I had finished I took all that I had prepared to them. I will never forget their reaction and happiness, I felt very special and satisfied.

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A Little Girl's Instant Smile Card 'Tag'

While at a restaurant this past weekend, I asked the waitress to give a "smile package" which included some of Mindy's peace doves, some coloring pages with markers, and a small gift bag of toys to a young family who were at the table next to us. There was a little girl about 6 and a couple of younger children. The little girl was so excited and when she read the smile card message, she got right up and went over to a family who had just entered the restaurant to gave their little boy the bag of toys. As she walked away she said loudly "SMILE -- YOU'RE IT! She totally made my day!

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Touched By A Peace Dove

Eating out yesterday, the wait staff started singing happy birthday to a gal at the table near ours, as they brought her a piece of cake with a candle burning. We all joined in, and after, I handed her a peace dove (and shared about  fellow KindSpring member Mindy. and her peace dove mission). She gifted me with a beautiful smile and appreciation in return. Gave one to her friend as well, and on their way out they both stopped at our table to say thank you again. I wished her the best birthday year ever and felt that connection you share when kindness passes between you while looking in each others' eyes. ❤️

Grateful for the ease of connection Mindy's doves enable.

Thank you, Mindy, for adding so much kindness to our world. ❤️🌍❤️

(Image a Mindy photo collage)

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My Use Of 3 Smile Cards In One Day!!

I got smile cards in the mail yesterday and I already used 3 of them just yesterday!! I carry them everywhere I go, just in case I need them. I will also be printing out some more, :) Because I am using them super fast.   I went to 2 different stores yesterday, and I used the first one when I was in the pet aisle, getting my dogs some treats. A man walked up to look at the collars and asked if I worked there, I told him no, but that I would be more than happy to help him if I could. He asked if I knew anything about dogs and collars, I told him I had 2 dogs one is a puppy and one is a big dog so I know collars as far as sizes goes, and he told me the collar he bought his dog was too ... Read Full Story >>

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Children Leading The Way

Just had to share Melvin's story! When he heard of Nepal he felt the urge to console these kids, and thought of what helps him.. his cuddly toy! So he drew a wonderful toy to make from scratch (even learned to sew!) and made 350 of these and personally delivered them to children in Nepal. 

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An Anonymous Act Of Kindness To A Stranger In The Dark

After rain last week we've had some rock falls on the roads. Took a few minutes to stop and clear away the rocks I passed when out and about.

Eventually the council would have done it, but in the meantime someone hitting one in the dark could have caused themselves damage.

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A Text Message That Saved Her Life

A friend thought of an acquaintance of his the other day who he knew had not been doing well recently. He decided to send her a text message to let her know he was thinking of her and to have a nice day.

In the evening, the lady's husband called him and my friend's first thought was "Oh no, he's going to give me a hard time for texting his wife".

But instead the guy thanked him for texting his wife. Apparently she's been struggling with depression and had been thinking of killing herself that day, but the text message gave her hope.

Never underestimate the importance of a simple text message.

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A Little Sweet Nothing

I was next in line to a lady paying her terminal fee at the port. The cashier seemed to be upset with the big bill the lady was paying because I learned it was already the second time she told the same lady that she has no change available for that bill. I would like to believe the cashier behaved that way because because she was alone in the paying booth and there were people lined up to pay. Or maybe she was just having a not so good day.

So after I paid my fee, I gave her the magic smiley chocolate bar. That simple act changed her mood immediately. I couldn't forget the smile painted on her face just because a stranger gave her a little sweet nothing 😍

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An Elderly Woman's Cry Led To This Beautiful Act Of Kindness And Connection

As I was walking around Residential care this afternoon, I heard a lot of yelling and crying coming from one of the rooms. I had actually tried to connect with this little lady a few weeks ago but she can't speak English and has dementia. A caregiver was in with her and speaking but the lady wasn't responding. I took the lady into the bathroom and she was crying and looking in the mirror. To calm her down I started to brush her hair, it was soaking. The caregiver left and I grabbed a small towel and dried her hair as well as gently rubbing her head. She just kept crying and was terribly upset. So I wrapped my arms around her, rubbed her back and hugged her. At the same time, I was talking very quietly to her and rocking her. She sobbed in my arms. When she calmed down I sat with ... Read Full Story >>

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Hoku, The Little 1st Grader And Her Blue Post-it Notes

This is not a pity story, but my past weeks were filled with negativism, cruel remarks, and hopelessness and despair! I was feverishly working at my little office next to the Health Office, trying to input results from about 150 students' screenings. Little Hoku walked in: "I have a tummy ache." She said. "Okay, do you want to go to the Health Office or lie down, perhaps?".  I asked. "No, I want to sit right next to you." This was interesting, I knew Hoku.  She had to come to the Health Office everyday before lunch for her medications. Although I always spoke to her, she never replied to me. I kept working. "You know I'm a good drawer." She expressed. "I'm sure you are!" I responded. Still typing, I saw that she had "filched" my blue post-it note stack. The next thing I knew, there was a blue post-it stuck to my ... Read Full Story >>

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Family Gets On Wrong Bus, Bus Driver Then Does The Unthinkable

I was on vacation with my husband, my brother, his wife and daughter. We were not familiar with the area and hopped onto a bus, thinking it would be a nice way to see the downtown's old town area. Well, until visiting with the bus driver, we found out we were on the neighborhood route which picks up school children and delivers commuters to various neighborhood places, with a route of well over about 2 hours. That was a surprise and a concern because we had parked our vehicle in a timed parking area and it was going to expire. We shared this with the bus driver only to let her know we were not from the area and apologized for getting on her bus in error. Then she surprised us further saying, "I get off shift after a few more blocks, and if you don't mind a tight squeeze in ... Read Full Story >>

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