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The Disbelieving Recipient

Today I popped into an thrift store for a quick look.

There was a little girl (about 6 years old) in there holding a large colorful toy. She asked her dad to buy it for her. It was only $5.00 but he told her no because he couldn't afford it. She looked so disappointed but accepted his decision graciously.

When her father went to the other end of the shop to look at something, I asked if he would have any objection to me buying the toy and giving it to his child.

He looked stunned for a minute or two but eventually gave me his blessing to do so.

I bought the toy for just $4.00 and gave it to the disbelieving recipient. I left before I could see the delighted expressions on their faces but walked out of the shop to a chorus of heart felt thanks from the Dad, the Mum, the child and even the shop keeper!

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6 Heavy Shopping Bags

Tonight was cold and the darkness had closed in early. A man was carrying 6 heavy shopping bags as he walked along a poorly lit street. At times I've had to do the same thing and wished for help, so I pulled up next to him and offered him a ride home. He was so surprised and gratefully accepted my offer.

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Lemons for All

We just harvested our abundant lemon tree and left little piles of lemons on our neighbors' doorsteps. It used to be our little grandson's favorite thing to do, to the extent that whenever we had lemons (either off of our tree or bought from the store) he would insist on putting them on our neighbors' front veranda!

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Ducks in a row at the office

The receptionist at my doctor's office has a collection of rubber ducks in the front office window that always makes me smile. (I have one too on my dashboard and I let folks know that I finally got my ducks in a row.) I remembered her collection ahead of time and so after my appointment and arranging for a follow-up appointment, I stealthily left one for her that was dressed as a nurse on the ledge of her desk without being noticed.

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Creating My Own Challenge

I did my own 21-day challenge with a group of twelve friends. Every day, I created and emailed them a challenge for the day and encouraged them to share what they did with our group.

It was so fun hearing the different ways people completed their challenges. We agreed that being kind was something we all did every day, but mindfully fulfilling a challenge made it all the more special. One member is going to repeat all 21 challenges.

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Little things can go a long way

In my local supermarket, there is a woman who is having brain surgery again. She had it almost a year ago and it did not help. She is terrified and sharing with me, her customer. What can I do? Brought her an Angel and some feel good books, donated items to a raffle to help some of the costs and just listened to her. I cannot imagine how scared she is, but I can care!

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Cashier Remembered Me As ...

Cashier remembered me as soon as I told her to keep the dark Dove chocolate bar that I added to my grocery purchase.

"Oh, I looked up the website ( and showed your origami (peace) dove to my manger," she said, her whole face lighting up. "I don't have much time to go online, but liked the site."

I gave her another dove to give her boss, as well as a candy bar and dove to cashier in next lane.

Was almost out the door, when she caught up to me and asked if she could please have another dove, for a colleague who really needed a positive lift.

Grateful that I happened to have a small bag with SMILE card, dove and a blessing token that I had tucked in my purse.

Love how the kindness is rippling, my friends.

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The Best Kind of Bank Deposit

Today at the bank I got served by a girl called Lauren who was being trained. I remember how nerve-wracking it can be when you are just starting out and young. I got some roses and gave them to her. She was so surprised and sparkled. It was a lovely moment.

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A New Start for Their Friend

Yesterday afternoon was great for me. Over the past couple of days on our local Freecycle page there have been a lot of 'wanted' posts, all from the same person, basically asking for everything you'd need to set up a house from scratch. One of the things they asked for was a queen-sized bed, which we just happened to have an extra one of (we get given lots of random stuff, lol), so I messaged them to offer them the bed. They snatched it up right away and came in the afternoon to get it. The people who came, two ladies and a man, are actually friends of another woman with a young boy. This woman has escaped from a dangerous, violent relationship and these friends of hers are helping her and her son start over again, with everything from furniture to toothbrushes on their list of needs. While they were here I also ... Read Full Story >>

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Farewell to Good Neighbors

Our good neighbors sadly are moving away, and they've just finished packing their house up. I invited them for dinner tonight, as everything is packed up and ready to go.

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Parking Lot Angel

The other day I was backing out of a small parking lot that did not have much room for backing out. A mother with her son saw me, and she asked if I needed help. She kept telling me how far back I could go without hitting other vehicles. I so appreciated her kindness. She was my parking lot angel.

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Colorful Postcards for Kids

I sent out these postcards to terminally ill children today. If you have a chance, please do so as well. I am sure it supports not only the child but also the parents!

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Seeds for sparrows

I saw a bluebird and a sparrow looking for seeds outside of my bedroom window this morning, so I sprinkled some grains on the ground for them. I think we will have to make some bluebird nesting boxes for next spring! Random acts of kindness aren't only for humans :-)

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Bookmarks for random people

Made these bookmarks from magazines, clear sealing tape, colored pencils and a little imagination :).

Have put one in a book for sale at store and will be aware as more opportunities arise for random giving.

So glad that I packed art supplies for extended vacay!

You just never when the creative urge will manifest, my friends.

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Mama Duck parade

Recently when going to work in rush hour traffic, I saw something that renewed my faith in humankind. A mama duck and 8 ducklings all in a row proceeded to cross a busy 4 lane highway. I cringed as I saw them leap onto the road, just knowing that they would all be killed by the cars rushing to get to work. Instead, all four lanes of traffic stopped to let this little parade pass by onto the other side of the road. I could not believe it actually happened! All four lanes stopped. It made my day, and reminded me that there is a lot of goodness in this world. :)

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Stationery Library

I teach at a school in a lower socio economic area. Often the kids have low nutritional food and have challenges at home (over crowding, staying with relatives...)

I was tired of hearing 'I haven't got a pencil/pen/ruler..." So I bought some extra supplies on the weekend. Today I had a stationery library, they could borrow, but they had to pay with an act of kindness on the lunch breaks!

They offered to pick up litter, play with the younger students, help a teacher at lunchtime. I hope the novelty doesn't wear off!

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How she celebrated her 35th birthday!

The last thing Kim Powell-Woods wanted for her birthday was a newspaper story. But her day on Wednesday was just too unusual to ignore. Instead of a traditional celebration with gifts and a birthday cake, the Limestone woman wanted smiles. Her plan: For her 35th birthday, she would do 35 acts of random kindness for strangers. "I thought of it a couple weeks ago, and I sat down one afternoon and started making a list of things I could do," she said. She added that her job — as a 911 operator — put her in touch with people who were having very bad days. She wanted a day when she might help people have a good day. "And, as a single mother of two, I know a lot about what it's like to be in all kinds of predicaments. So, I wanted to give people a little boost," she explained. She started at ... Read Full Story >>

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Time For Breakfast!

Every morning at work, I get the best made to order omelette in our cafeteria. The best part is that the guy who makes them is always cheerful and happy. It is a great way to start my morning.

I decided to let his manager know what a great job he was doing and he said he would give him movie passes as recognition. He deserves this as he gets my morning off to a great start!

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Love card for a waitress

I ordered cards from "The world needs more love letters". My 3-year-old daughter handed one to our favorite waitress that said "you are loved". It brought tears to her eyes, and mine. Now people are telling me that she carries the card and tells people the story. Yay! 

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My Son's Big Heart

I'm having a tidy up in our home office. A thought popped into my head regarding my son, he was about 8 years old at the time. His school was having a food drive for 'the poor' and he wanted to take something to school the next day.
I was a full time student and struggling along to make ends meet at the time, the thought of a brighter future once I was qualified kept me motivated. Our pantry was all but bare apart from one or two cans and a jar of homemade jam.

My son made his request again, and in despair I said to him "For goodness sake Logan, we haven't got anything to give, WE ARE THE POOR!" He looked at me in astonishment, and said "no we aren't Mummy, we've got a house and we've got each other" humbling, and he proudly took the cans and the jam to school.

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