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What I Overheard

I saw a man who looked like he was really down on his luck today, and another man walked up and said, "How you doing? Are you hungry?"

He responded, "Yeah, kind of."

"Can I get you a sandwich in the store?" asked the other man.

I didn't want to stand there and stare. I continued to walk, and didn't hear any more, but I thought the act was very kind! #AprilRAoK

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Flowers to go with her groceries

Such a lovely floral dept!

Bought a bouquet (clerk even added some extra blooms) and gifted to woman leaving the store with a full cart of groceries, along with a SMILE card and origami dove.

She said, "For me?" and smiled so HUGE!

Blessings of flowering smiles, my kind friends.

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Camp Chairs, Water, And Tacos

Driving by Walmart today, I saw a foreign family of four (a mom, dad, and two young boys) holding up a sign with a message pleading for help with food due to unemployment. I went to the Taco Bell nearby to buy the 12 pack of tacos, and grabbed the water bottles and three camp chairs from my trunk to give to them. Their smiles were heartwarming. What a great day!

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Love Note

I wrote my husband a sweet little note telling him how nice it was to spend the weekend with him and left it on his pillow before bed. I thought it would be a nice little surprise. I want him to know how much I like him as a person.

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Morning Danish

Every day I walk to work the same way and every morning I see this man in a wheelchair waiting to be picked up. This morning I introduced myself and brought him a Danish pastry. He was so happy it made my day. :-)

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  • May 20, 2015
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Repurposing Library Magazines

This morning, I went to the library to buy some of their canceled books and magazines and got to talking with a guy who works there. Looks like I might get an inside line on a heap of their canceled stuff in the future. I can use that stuff in so many ways!

I can repurpose magazines into about a billion or so different craft projects, which I'll then sell to raise money to help other people. I can directly sell on books to raise money for the same reason. I can donate books to the local hospital and nursing homes. One of the books I bought this morning is full of knitting patterns for kids clothing, which my Mum and her friends can make up to donate to homeless shelters and battered women's shelters. I am so excited by the potential these project have!

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Babies on Planes

The flight that I was on had these two babies less than a year old, probably twins, who were howling loudly. They were probably uncomfortable with their first flight. Everyone in the plane was disturbed with the loud crying. The poor parents were having a really really tough time and didn't know what to do to help the kids calm down. Both the mother and father stayed peaceful with the babies. Even though almost every passenger on the plane was disturbed, no one said anything which to me was a sign of supreme patience and kindness of strangers that goes unnoticed. I want to thank all of you who have a large heart and stay patient and tolerant when facing such issues in public places. When the flight landed, I went and patted the father's arm and told him that I thought that both of them were wonderful parents. He laughed and thanked me for the complement. His laughter made my day!

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In The Aisles ...

I just had a beautiful experience today: While shopping I met a woman, and offered to help her get something off the shelves as she was sitting in a wheelchair. We stood there in the aisle for, I have no idea how long ... certainly at least half an hour. I suggested that we just finish our shopping and go to a Café to continue talking. Today was a beautiful day with a lot of sunshine, so I thought this might be nicer than standing/ sitting in the basement of a drug store hindering other people to reach the shelves. We found a Café with chairs outside and continued talking. I think after approximately 2 hours we, finally ;-)) exchanged our names. Yes, we had been just talking and talking. After approximately 4 hours, we finally excused ourselves as we both still had some more tasks on our to-do-lists for today. We exchanged ... Read Full Story >>

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Mechanics Kindness

I had to bring our car in for some care, as the Engine Malfunction Light was telling us she wasn't feeling well, as was the odd idling. She also needed the rear wiper blade replaced, as the old one had deteriorated away.

When I went to pick up our car, I asked the mechanic how much I owed. He said he couldn't find the bill, so he didn't think we owed anything. He called the owner of the shop who just said, "Have a nice day!"
I've always known Hansen to be an honest, ethical and wonderful mechanic whom I can trust. Now I also know him as a generous and kind person <3.

I am off to make some dinners, plate up, and deliver to anyone who will accept :).

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Most Fun Yet

That was SOOO much fun! My daughter went out to the bike path and a corner in the neighborhood and offered people cold drinks (soda and water) and Smile Cards. Many said "no thanks," but were appreciative.

Lots were suspicious and asked, "why?" When we told them it's what we were doing it for RAoK Month, they were so happy! Almost everyone offered generous thanks.

One person felt compelled to pay, and couldn't believe we wouldn't take the money. He shook our hands.

One person said he'd give the drink to his homeless friends. So we gave him as many as he could carry.

And, one person took a photo of us...Spreading kindness! #AprilRAoK

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Hugging Acts Of Kindess

I give out hugs instead of handshakes because I believe you can feel the instant positive energy. A handshake is rather indirect to me. {especially someone who is need of touch}. I try to do this on a daily basis, beginning with hugging my babies in the morning. There is warm connection provided in hugging.

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Sometimes you gotta have dessert

Check out all those wonderful desserts! I was finally able to visit this patisserie cafe in my hometown today. I have been wanting to go for ages and today met a friend there for lunch. Was amazing!

My kindness today was all the love and support I poured into my friend as we caught up on what's been happening in our lives. And before leaving this cafe I purchased one of those beautiful little cakes to take with me. On my way home I dropped in to visit my father who lives alone and surprised him with one of these amazing cakes and a a small chicken ceasar salad I had bought him for lunch.

love is our friendships with others, caring for others, thinking of others and buying them cake!

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From another KindSpring friend

I got home from work and a surprise package from a dear and most generous KS friend came in the mail. My heart leaped with joy to see the most beautiful origami Peace Doves that we know are spreading joy all over the continents; a couple of lovely friendship brace lates, one which is for my friend Cathy, Billy Fingers, NDE book which will continue its shared reads travels when I am done reading it. A couple of Smile cards which I will gift to others to continue passing the kind acts. And a very lovely card with a beautiful message. Thank you so much dear Mindy for all the kindness you gifted me with today.

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Experience At Bus Stop Today

It is not so much about me and practicing kindness. Upon speaking to a woman at the bus, she asked me for a quarter which I provided her. We had a nice conversation about her reuniting with her husband and she even gave me a plum with a bottle of water. What a surprise and kind act on her part! I didn't expect anything -

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Crafting for Kindness

Elder friend, Esther, and I made good use of our arbor time this afternoon :). She helped me make some more flower pens and seed packet/inspirational sayings to give to local health club's reception desk.

Everything is so much more fun when shared with a friend, and of course, under arbor :).

Blessings of crafting for kindness, my friends.

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Since I was a little child,I always prayed that I wanted to be an angel on earth. While I was on the road one day I passed by a corner with flowers and a flag where somebody special got killed. The next day when I passed this accident site again I simply had to stop and say a prayer.  and since I had some flowers in my car I put them down next to all the other flower arrangements. As soon as I went back in my car i asked myself: "Why am I stopping here, I do not even know this person?". That night Ihad a very strange dream. All of a sudden this young handsome man appeared to me and said: "hello I am Rocky - please tell my mom that I am o.k. and that I love her" and then he disappeared. When I woke up I could not get ... Read Full Story >>

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While walking in delhi

Few days ago, when I was returning to my university from my guardian's place in Delhi NCR, I was given money by my elders as a token of love. I had to wait for my friends returning from Delhi at a landmark near my house. When I reached the meeting point, I learned that they would be 1 hour late, so I decided to head towards them and meet them mid-way. But when I enquired with the auto-rickshaw driver, he wished to charge me a high price, so I dropped the plan because it seemed like a waste of money and it did not feel right. Instead, I had an ice-cream and while I was walking on the footpath, I saw a poor rag-picker family having their meal trying to savor the last bite of their food. Soon a thought strikes me to invest the money which I would not utilize properly here ... Read Full Story >>

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Getting Acquainted

I'm a musician, a classical guitarist. One of the ways I practice giving is to go to older folks homes and give them an hour's music. They seem to love it. Since I'm a foreigner here in France, even though I've lived here most of my life, I tell them stories about the music, about my childhood in California etc. I am just getting acquainted with this site and thank already two members, Sybquote and Mysh for their welcoming gesture.

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Special Delivery

I left a package of sunflower seeds in the mailbox this morning with a note to the mail carrier and a "Smile Card". I remember when I was delivering mail and one customer always left a cold drink in the mailbox for me.

When I returned today, with my mail was a thank you note. :)

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Karma. Its Real.

Karma. Its real. I love (and I think it may be Mish or Mindy who created the term) but whoever said 'Boomerang Kindness'. When you do an act of kindness for another and it almost instantly returns back to you. That happened to me last night. I was at work as I usually am on a Saturday night and served an elderly couple. They were regulars who I have been serving for almost a year. Except tonight before they left they called me over and handed me a $5 note. They told me it was for me to keep as they wanted to thank me for all I do for them each week. Now I have to add here. This is very out of character for them. They have never 'tipped' before and 'tipping' in my country is not practised. It is quite rare in fact. You may remember me posting earlier about ... Read Full Story >>

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