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First One To Show Kindness

A shipmate of mine took an interest in my paracord artwork, so I rigged his mug up much the same way I rope African djembe drums. Embellishing objects with decorative knotwork is a maritime tradition mostly practiced in the navy. I started doing it years ago with paracord because the stuff is so useful and comes in endless colors and patterns.

My shipmate is a gruff individual not known for his kindness, but I didn't let that stop me from spending a few days on his mug! People sometimes think that you shouldn't show kindness to someone who was never kind to you, but someone has to be the first to show a little love!

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Magic Of Listening

One of my friends was facing hard issues regarding her work. She told me this and asked how she could find the way out of it. I really had nothing to show her about the way out. I could do nothing to
give her a solution because the problem she was facing was entirely different than I could help with.  I decided to do the least I could do. Just  listen to her and console her.

What I did certainly was really nothing to resolve her problem but the next time she met me she was very happy. I felt great to see her sunny face, and she said that she was grateful because she was capable of resolving her issue, but  just needed someone by her side who would listen to her.

I felt very happy that I could make her happy. Many times people don't need a hand, just the moral support which keeps them going, and it takes nothing. Really nothing out of us to give them that joy.
Keep smiling!

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  • May 26, 2017
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You Never Know What Others Go Through

Today I found out that the lady who runs my women's group, the group I'm having so very much fun with, is sleeping in her car because she has no money and felt that this was better than staying with her boyfriend.
I immediately offered that she can stay with us, although all I can offer is our sofa. She declined but I'll keep checking on her.

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Dear Neighbors

The heart-opening impact of doing or witnessing small acts of kindness never ceases to astonish me. And the stories people tell about them are wonderfully contagious. Here is one that deeply touched hundreds of thousands of people this year, and moved me to write this post today. On January 20, 2017, a tweet came down my newsfeed that drew my attention because it had been liked and retweeted by an unusually large number of people, and the numbers were climbing by the minute. As of right now (May 21, 2017), that tweet has been liked by 514,000 people and been retweeted 173,000 times. It was written by Hend Amry who lives in Qatar. She describes herself as Lybian-American and her Twitter profile reads: "I am East and West, citizen and refugee. The melting pot is a failed paradigm, maybe more like a tossed salad. I am an international crouton." Hend, as I quickly ... Read Full Story >>

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Teens Working Together For The Elderly


Today the teens from our teen center helped the residents or our local assisted care facility plant flowers and vegetables in the raised beds the kids helped build last year.
They are a great bunch of kids and they are really bonding with the residents of the assisted care center. It is a win win situation for both groups!

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The Man on The Streets Picking Up Litter

It's no surprise that I'm passionate about picking up litter. I have shocked and shamed my family by picking up litter in evening wear and heels on a night out too!

However, yesterday, I saw a man with gloves and a big bag picking up litter in our street!! I thanked him heartily, and he didn't realize that it was Earth Day when he was doing this - an added bonus.

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Sweets For The Sweetest Teachers

In the teacher workroom at the school where I work, one day a jar showed up with candy in it. It soon ran out. Today I decided to fill it up with fun-sized candies for the staff.

#AprilRAOK #BeKindToOneAnother

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A Surprise Gift For a Mother To Be

Earlier this afternoon, I took a detour and went to our local superstore. I decided with the money I had in my wallet, to purchase a brand new infant car seat for a mother to be at the Transition house, as she is due to deliver in 3 days.

She has a perky 'flower' name: Violet.  Us Flower Children, we stick together.

Spontaneously I then purchased 3 outfits for Mama Violet to choose from as she brings her newborn daughter home from the hospital.

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A Dignity Donation To Homeless Women

Many women in our community are struggling financially (some are homeless) and they can not afford the costs of hygiene products like pads and tampons and must often choose between buying food or those items for their monthly period.

Donations of purses, pads, tampons and other toiletries are being collected locally (Vancouver BC) at several locations across the city, and they will be given to shelters and women's organizations who will distribute them to women in need. 

Today, I donated some new underwear and a large package of Kotex pads. I am fortunate enough to be able to afford these items, so I wanted to do my part to help women who can't afford them.

Let's help others when we can. It really does makes the world a better place.

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Anything Helps!

I looked for a local homeless guy, Bill, today after work. I couldn't find him, but I saw a woman with a sign reading, "Anything helps."

I asked her if was ready to take a risk. She smiled and I gave her two lottery scratchers and a penny saying, "Hope you hit it big."

She smiled a big grin and thanked me. I hope they were winners.

#AprilRAOK #BeKindToOneAnother

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The Pied Harper Of Zzzzzzzs

I knocked on the door of a woman on the oncology floor and asked if she would enjoy some harp music. She said, "Oh yes! Come in!" As I played, she told me she was heavily medicated and that my playing was providing her with visualizations.

She told me I was a "Pied Harper" and we had a string connecting us, and that we were weaving through a crowd that eventually began to follow us. I played ever more slowly and she began to snore with Christ Child's Lullaby. It was a moment of grace for all of us.

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An Accidental Pleasant Surprise For a Stranger

My son had OT and PT today. So we brought the office our extra magazines. I get an excess from signing up for free magazines. Then as always after his therapies if he's good he gets a treat from the vending machine.

Today he accidentally got the wrong bag of chips. So we left the bag of chips there as a surprise for the next person who goes there. Hopefully it brightens someone's day.

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Show at School

This was a few days ago, but I went to a performance at school. I bought a ticket for whoever came up to buy their ticket next. As I was walking away, I heard the woman who was next to me say, 'that young lady just inspired me,' and I think she paid for someone else too. (=

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  • May 22, 2017
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Bee Kind

BEE KIND 🐝 Sheryl dropped the heart-painted rock into my bag saying, "There's no charge for this. I want to give it you!" Her loving energy had attracted me to her display at the artisan's PopLocal party like a bee to a flower. We had a heart to heart chat about how she began painting rocks (because of the white feather symbolism shared as inspiration between her and an uncle) and how it evolved into her 'BEE KIND' mission. From her pocket she pulled a sweet little rock, painted like a bee, with the words "BEE KIND" on the back. "I paint and give these!" she shared. "They are in so many countries now, even one at the Great Wall of China!" Gave her a SMILE card and a Peace dove, and shared a little about our online community and asked if I could take some photos. Look at Sheryl's smile, it just LIGHTS her ... Read Full Story >>

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A Vet Client Overhears Receptionist in Conversation With a Struggling Elderly Lady

This doggy girl was off to the vet this morning for her annual check up and vaccinations. We are still scraping by financially, as my husband has been out of work for the last six months. As I was waiting, I heard the receptionist talking on the phone to an elderly client who's elderly dog had collapsed. She had no transport, so the vet said she would do a home visit after lunch. The lady must have been concerned about the cost because the receptionist said a home visit would cost as much as a clinic visit for her (usually it costs way more than a clinic visit, so I knew the lady must be struggling a bit) Our dog was her usual nut crazy. Dashing around so the vet couldn't examine her, sitting by the door like she had just had a torturous event, snatched the treats from the vet's hand. ... Read Full Story >>

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Blessing From A Box

Last night a neighbor stopped me in the street and waved a piece of paper about. I have a poetry box in my front yard. People can take a poem if they like.

This one was a Celtic Blessing and she informed me that after her walk she would be reading it to her husband who is ill and can't get about much anymore. She is mostly Irish, she told me. Glad to make her smile!

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Thanks Generous Stranger!

From my friend who is traveling around Australia. We were the recipients of a Random Act of Kindness today. We went to buy two movie tickets and the cashier said that he had a surprise for us.

The person before us had paid with a voucher that was valid for 5 people, but there were only 4 in his party so he asked that the 5th be given to the next people in line, us.

That wasn't our only surprise. The second ticket cost AUS$21.50. Twice the price of a ticket at home. Thanks generous stranger!

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Little Boy Gets To Ride in Police Car To Drop of Donation

My mom, son and I planned to walk down to the Police station today with our donation. The weather was kind of chilly and there was worry of rain. However, we were just going to put my son in the stroller and go.

Mom called to make sure the officer was going to be at the police station, when he heard that we were going to be walking he offered to come pick us up in a police car! My son was really excited about being able to ride in the police car. The officer asked if he wanted to ride up front or in the back and he chose to sit in the back seat. Ever the good kid lol. He smiled the whole time.

Then we got to the police station where my son gave them some candy and got to pose for a few pictures. It was a good day and my son had a blast. He loved the special ride he got and knowing that 40 children who are having a bad day will be getting a stuffed animal that he donated. I hope everyone is having a good day! 

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Serving The Park

Went to the neighborhood park for early morning walk with a friend but noticed litter everywhere. It wasn't at all a pleasant site and dangerous for the birds and cats . So, in all kindness , we got down to clean our beautiful space.

Meanwhile, the gentleman in charge arrived and together we made it green and sparkly..
Next Saturday, we intend to do the same and invite everyone there for some community service/ 'seva' and fun.

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Magic at The Cafe

I met a beautiful soul yesterday. I went to work with my computer to a local cafe so that I could have a naughty treat; It was lemon drizzle this time :-) and also be among people, sometimes when you work from home all day this is in itself a treat. And the magic of connection sometimes happens; a smile, a kind good morning, someone offering you the newspaper, a short conversation with the staff, a peace dove sneaking in with the bill lots of possibilities for love and kindness. Well, magic did happen. I heard a man who was speaking with difficulty and very loud. I noticed he could not do so clearly and he had some kind of impairment. As it often happens people looked at him-or avoid doing so-and then-as if embarrassed or afraid-looked down. In these cases I try to do the opposite. I imagined a person ... Read Full Story >>

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