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Gratitude All Around

Yesterday, RoseMarie wrote a lovely post. She wrote of giving a thank-you note with a monetary gift to her daughter's social worker. I would like to add something to this. Before Christmas I went to the medical group's lab to have some routine tests. When the lab tech saw my doctor's name, she began to gush and wouldn't stop. My internist had gifted all of the lab technicians with gift cards for Christmas. The tech said that in the 20 years that she had worked, no one had ever gifted her before. Fast forward to Wednesday, when I had a routine visit with my doctor. I shared the story and he indicated that the tech had written HIM a beautiful thank-you note. We talked about small gestures and how meaningful they can be. He said that sometimes even professionals don't know if or how they have an influence on their fellow workers ... Read Full Story >>

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Counting My Blessings And Keeping Warm

Well, this is a story. It's a story of gratitude, love, compassion, giving, receiving, faith and probably a whole lot more. I've been having problems with the boiler in my house. It's been temperamental for a while but truth is, in terms of other financial priorities, it's on the long finger and that's where I wanted to keep it. Yesterday the heating engineer called by with some replacement parts which he'd ordered. He spent about 2 hours and despite his best efforts he said he couldn't get it to work. He'd ordered a part costing £120 which he said he was going to be left with as the boiler had packed in. I told him I would pay for it to which he replied he probably had broader shoulders financially than I did. Well, that's when the dam broke and I'm ashamed and embarrassed to say I started to cry. A new boiler ... Read Full Story >>

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Gratitude For The Patient Advocate

I had to take my daughter to a Patient Advocate at the Psychiatric Department of the hospital today. She can claim Disability Living Allowance and Incapacity to Work Allowance. We are always advised to meet with a Patient Advocate who knows 'the speak' for these forms. I gave my daughter a Thank You card to give to the guy and I put money in it. She's young, 20 years of age, and doesn't fully appreciate that his helping with the completion of these forms ensure she is assessed fairly and hence gets these allowances. She thought my actions were a bit over the top. I am thankful for Matt's assistance, he makes life easy for a lot of us and while some may say that's his job, I wanted to acknowledge my gratitude. Those who are assisted with form completions have mental or physical issues and are probably very introspective rather than being ... Read Full Story >>

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Daily Kindness and Gratitude

A friend helped me out yesterday with transport as my normal commute was disrupted by bad weather. As a way of showing gratitude I took her out for dinner, helped around her house and got up early to make her tea in the morning (had to stay at hers for the night due to the weather).

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Expressing Gratitude As A Daily Practice

I saw this on my Facebook news feed a few minutes ago and it hit me: I have been neglecting my habit of waking up and thinking of something to be thankful for. I'm sure that's why I've been struggling so much for the past few weeks! I'm going to think of three things right now, and another three first thing in the morning.

1. We have heat and electricity.
2. I have work.
3. My hubby cooked a wonderful dinner.

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Unbeknownst To Her, A Small Token of Sympathy Had A Deep And Lasting Impact

A couple of years ago one of my closest friends lost his sister to breast cancer. They were extremely close, and to lose her was so devastating. I decided to celebrate her life with a memorial candle. I sent it to him in the mail and did not really think much about it after it left my mailbox.

Recently we reconnected and I learned that this small token of my sympathy was so beloved by her husband that he asked if the candle could be present at her funeral. It became part of her memorial service. And it accompanied her to her cremation service.

This news was surprising to me. I never knew what type of impact this would have on her family. It helped me to realize how very important it is to love, by actions. We just never know how much it will mean to someone on so many levels.

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Unexpected Surprise

My cousin called me this weekend from the other side of the country. He thanked me for the Christmas card my family sent him. We got to talking and he told me that he shaves a couple times a week with a disposable razor. "I'm cheap," he told me. But, he went on to tell me how he'd like to use an electric razor.

Soon as we got off the phone, I ordered one for him from Amazon, and had it 2-day shipped. He called me yesterday so surprised. He couldn't believe I got it for him and that it arrived so quickly after we talked.

I'm not sure it was the greatest razor, but I loved his reaction to the unexpected surprise.

#AprilRAOK #BeKindToOneAnother

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Filled up with love

Brought the Doves for Change bank to our Change for Peace meet, to demonstrate how the doves continually encourage me to give <3.

When I don't have something to put into my daily food donate bin for the needy, then I put some change in the bank.

One of the Peace meet members asked if I was taking donations for the doves.

When I told her that I never take money for the doves, but the bank contents will go to the those in need, she made a donation :)).

That bank is getting pretty full. Time to bring to the food bank!

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The Sweet Taste Of Reaching Out

This morning, while working on my manuscript, I suddenly got the urge to reach out to two people in the condominium where we live.
Recently I bought a huge glass bottle with delicious butter cookies, and I decided to fill two gift bags with some of these cookies -- and off I went.

Firstly, I gave one gift bag to the lady of the home owners' society who assists us with our water readings, and secondly I surprised the lady who recently moved in with another bag of cookies.

I realized again it's not necessary to give something huge -- but by giving small tokens of kindness, you give so much of yourself.

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Being Kind To My Friend Makes My Life Better

I went shopping today to buy a pretty nighty for one of my ladies in the Residential home. I had gone through all her cupboard with her permission and showed her what had to be thrown out.

She has been there for many years and some of her clothes were torn, and very aged. So when I went shopping I got her two pretty nighties, a gorgeous shirt and another soft top. Tonight I will wrap them up and take them in on Christmas morning. She has no one to do this for her. She is my age and on her own.

She touches my heart so deeply. I hope that if ever my children had an accident and ended up like this, someone would take them under their wing and show them care and love too. She enhances MY life.

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A small act of kindness brought about a sparkling smile

M act of kindness yesterday was to plaster smile cards all over the ladies room. Then I wiped down all the sinks and put a big smile on my face. A simple thing but I know how much I love going into a clean ladies room.

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A Life of Giving

I have had the great fortune to be a part of the magic of the holidays for a number of years now helping gather gifts for those who are homeless and in need. It is always rewarding, but i wanted to thank my colleagues as well who help in this task as well.

So brought some goodies in for everyone to share and will leave with some goodies on desks tonight - the gift is in the giving

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Kindness At the Laundromat

An empty table next to the kids provided a perfect place to fold. It was also between the children and me, providing the father with a barrier of safety for the children if he felt it was needed. Looking down at the table, I took a chance, “Paper airplanes?” The father didn’t respond, but didn’t object either. The children just stood there, but their heads seemed to turn just a little bit in my direction. I made the first couple of folds. With a glance toward the kids, I said, “Look at this: what’s it look like now?” No answer. With exaggerated enthusiasm, my words came out a little louder than expected, “A house, doesn’t it?” Still no response, but at least the kids no longer looked dead. Next fold, “Now what’s it look like?” Desperate, I called out, “An envelope, right?” The little girl came alive and called out, “No, ... Read Full Story >>

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Patrick, The Hotel Greeter

Today is a blissfully wet day here in Raleigh, NC. By the entrance to our hotel there is Patrick Landry, employee hired by the GM to meet and greet the arriving guests. On this day, Patrick, between his scheduled trips transporting the hotel guests to and from the Raleigh-Durham Airport, hands out personal sized umbrellas, at times sheltering those who with luggage ladened arms, greatly need an extra hand. Patrick is truly in his element today. As we were in the lobby earlier, there he was singing "Rainy Days and. Mondays NEVER Get Me Down", adding his own lyrical elaboration. Born of sharecroppers in rural Alabama, one of 13 children, Patrick has worked here at our hotel since 1987. He started as a bus boy, working his way up to room service, after a stint as housekeeping staff. His love of the rain is what gives him special childlike wonder. Remembering ... Read Full Story >>

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His Name is Morris

I recently had lunch with some friends at our local brewery restaurant. Each time I have visited this popular establishment, I've noticed a disheveled man always sitting at the end of the bar. His gray hair sticks out in all directions under his hat. His coat is old and worn. He never smiles or looks up.

He may be known as the town drunk, I suppose. I decided to give him a SMILE card along with a $10 bill anonymously through the bartender. He probably will spend it on more beer. But who am I to judge? I asked his name. To me that was the real act of kindness--to ask his name and put an identity on a face that most ignore. Next time I will say, "Hello, Morris, how is your day?"

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My Heart Went Out To Him

It's a sad reality that there are many homeless people in the city which I call home.

People huddled on the sidewalk, struggling to stay warm, with no shelter or food. As I got off the bus near my workplace this morning I saw someone who was sleeping on the sidewalk.

I went to the convenience store to grab something for my breakfast and I got a warm drink and a sandwich for the stranger in need. I left it by his side. I hope it was a nice surprise for him.

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Remembering Kelly

I've have started driving again, just small journeys until I gain my confidence. Tonight I dropped my daughter off to a volunteering organization. I drove along a road near my home, this new road and infrastructure was created about 12 years ago. As I drove along it tonight I remembered Kelly. Kelly was a student when this new road was constructed. Her mother passed away when Kelly was very young. She and her brother were raised by her father and by her own admission, she was a wild child, climbing out windows, staying out drinking etc. She started to settle in college and moved in with a boyfriend. The year after I taught her, a dreadful thing happened. It was actually about this time of year and Kelly's dad was about to turn on to the new road. It was a very busy road and was designed so that the user could not automatically ... Read Full Story >>

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The Real Gift That the House Cleaner Appreciated

This past Christmas, I wanted to give the woman who cleans my apartment a nice gift in appreciation. Since I know she doesn't have much money, I decided to write her a generous check so she could use it however she wanted, and enclosed it in an attractive large size card with a photo of a cat and dog on the cover (she loves animals). The card came with a nice message, but I also added a personal message in which I thanked her for all the good services she's provided me, wished her the best for the coming year, and for her dreams coming true. When I gave her the card with the check inside, tears of gratitude rolled down her face when she saw my message, before she even saw the check! She said, "You took the time to write me a personal message; now I feel really loved". I'm ... Read Full Story >>

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A Winning Prize To Pay Forward

 I recently won these tickets on a radio station. The same radio station run by volunteers who I recently gifted with a huge box of chocolates to share. Which I loved. Gifting them as they gifted me.

I wasn't expecting these tickets. They were a bonus. So blessed! But as we all so often do here, I felt these tickets would bless another couple more than I. So I left them on a deserving woman's doorstep with note for her husband and self to go on a movie date together 💖

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Kids Get An Extra Dose Of Joy After A Day In The Snow

It snowed last night which is quite rate here in Western Washington State. School has been canceled for the day and the neighborhood kids are so excited!

A couple of my young neighbors knocked on my door and asked if they could all play in our pasture (it is almost two acres). I was happy to have them and soon they were making snowmen and having snowball fights.

I invited them in to have hot cocoa and homemade cookies. Our snow does not last long -- it is supposed to start raining this afternoon -- but I LOVE seeing the kids have so much fun while it is here!

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