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I Stood By Her

I was coming back from home late at night in a 'Sharing' mini van. In Hyderabad, India, it is a cheap and quick mode of transport. The van drivers ply as many as 13 people at times in a vehicle which is built for the transport of 8 people. Our van was over crowded as well. People were getting off and on at many places. One girl signaled the driver to stop. She wriggled herself out of the van. While getting down, she tripped and fell. None of us noticed it, as it was dark. The driver was waiting for her to pay. It was then we saw that the girl was on her knees by the side of the road.  Another passenger and I got down and held her up.  Even in pain, she held up a note and asked us to pay the driver. The other passenger took the note ... Read Full Story >>

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A Brief Meeting Of The Hearts

I was out walking the dog in something of a hurry and no money in pockets, when I suddenly realized I was passing a homeless man covered in a sleeping bag and sitting up with a cup ready for any available money from anyone. 
I looked at him and smiled widely and truly as he had surprised me with his kind-looking face, said- "sorry I have no money but hope the day is a good one!" And the smile he gave me was warm and true. I felt like we had a meeting of minds for a brief second and that it had mattered, that little exchange.  

I went back later to the spot to give him some money and a snack but sadly he was gone. I gave it to another fellow who was also homeless, but not quite the same warmth occurred. That's okay. It all was real exchange between equal humans.

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Got my daily smile on

I have been having a hectic day at work...feeling overwhelmed and overtired UNTIL just now! A young man came in to my office and asked me if I would "loan" him 50 cents since he was short on bus fare. I did not know this young man and never saw him before.

I dig out my famous change jar (the metal kitty cat tin) and gave him a ton of quarters to use for bus fare today and for the next time he's short on bus fare. 

He gave me the smile and motivation I needed to get thru the rest of my day.

So, to the young man who just made my day....May you always have change jingling in your pockets!


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Common' Give Me A Smile!

Today a colleague admitted he has an operation coming up and is feeling apprehensive. I didn't have much in my treats drawer at work (I'd just given all the smiley stickers to our cleaner) but I wrapped up a few things I thought would make him smile. I got a nice laugh from him :-)

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Inspiration Around the Corner

There is always inspiration just around the corner! A little girl in my class has been away all week, so the kids made her a book of things she loves to cheer her up (lots of dinosaurs). I put together a little care package for her.

When I went at lunch today to drop off our parcel, I had to go down the stairs to a basement apartment. When I got there, this beautiful message was chalked on the wall beside the door. It was made by the little girl's mom. It makes me want to have an inspiring message by my door because I sure walked away with a big smile on my face after seeing it!

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Amidst hurt kindness shone through

While I feel so saddened by the world and the mean-spirited people my husband and my son especially have had to deal with this week, I still believe in being kind to everyone. The little kindness I did for the elderly lady at the grocery store, and the assistance I gave someone else at the local yarn store, are moments that make my days better. Making cookies for a neighbor who got laid off was a small gesture that made him smile. 

Sometimes I would prefer to give back the meanness I get from some people, but have learned that just makes it worse. The hard part is not lashing out at those who hurt my family. That has happened too often this week to my son in particular.

Nothing to be gain by striking back, but still it saddens my heart and life at time can be wear your spirit down.

Tomorrow is another day. And another chance to make some one smile

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Clean Up Fairies

At the park this morning, we were shocked to see the grass strewn with litter. People had obviously enjoyed their evening and had takeaway dinner in the park, but they didn't bother to put their rubbish in the bin. My husband said, "lets not wait for the park staff, lets do it!" so we did!

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Take One or Leave One

Today my husband and I started something awesome. The sign says "Cold? Take one. Extra? Donate one." It's been so cold these past weeks. It worries us just thinking about those people who are less fortunate.  

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A Hot Mug of Tea and a Warm Heart

I walk my goats daily, basically just following them about to make sure they don't eat any of the young trees or break into the farm. At this time of year, it can be cold and damp. For the last couple of days, after about 40 minutes, when my fingers are freezing, my husband has shown up with a nice hot mug of tea for me. He then hangs around to chat until it's time to take them in. Little gestures are as special as big ones. 

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A Sweet Gesture For A Sweet Tooth

I am taking a piece of my husband's birthday cake to my dad. My father, known for his sweet tooth, always has dessert. I remember when he would take all his grandchildren out for breakfast and order them each a piece of their favorite pie for their breakfast dessert! I don't think our daughter ever quite understood why we didn't do that at home. :)

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Sister smiles

Kind act for today.. helped my sister clean and sort though her things. We laughed a lot and shared funny memories. :) ♡

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Anonynous Stationary Store Kindness

Its the countdown to back to school here. I was in my favorite stationery shop yesterday and saw all the books and supplies set out ready for the new school year. I decided to purchase a gift card along with my own purchases. I quickly wrote a note on the back of the card and asked the cashier to pass it along to a family who she thought were struggling to pay for their stationery, or to a family with multiple children to buy stationery for. A little thought popped into my head "what if the cashier doesn't use it for this?" Then courage in my spirit took over, and I thought The Universe will guide her, and I let it go.  

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Bookmarking kindness

I bought premade bookmarks online. On one side I glued a list of kindness ideas, on the other side I stuck inspirational stickers. I got both the bookmarks and stickers at 50% off. I'm going to laminate them, and tie some embroidery thread through the hole to finish them off. I'll leave some at the library and some in books at the Little Free Library.

Its a hot day here, so I did my afternoon crafting outside on the verandah, at the same time I said hello to people walking past down the footpath!

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Thank a Veteran

 I have created and printed what I call my "Hero Cards" and give them out to veterans that I see in public places, thanking them for their service to our country, or I place them on the driver's side window of cars with veterans plates. I don't usually see the drivers find them but on occasion I do, and love the expressions on their faces. My cards read "My Heartfelt Thanks to You, Veteran. In a world where there seems to be fewer heroes please know that you will always be one in my eyes. From a Fellow American."   


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Welcoming a New Teacher with Kindness

Today we had a new teacher join us. Sadly, the previous teacher has left on a mental health leave. As a seasoned teacher (I like that better than old), I forget how scared new beginnings can be.

This morning I left a flower, stickers for the kids and a small note saying "Stay calm and have a great first day" on her desk. Throughout the day I checked in on her and offered to help her any way I can (Of course she had a tech question and I had not idea what to do..but I knew people who did).

It is a lovely feeling to mentor someone and share some wisdom. Looking forward to helping this new teacher in any way I can!

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Sushi With A Smile

My sushi shop has got loyalty cards, each pack of sushi gets a stamp, nine stamps and the next one is free. This afternoon I felt like brown rice vegetarian sushi for lunch, and got my 9th stamp. I then passed my sushi card along with a smile card to the person behind me in line so her sushi was free :-) she thanked me about three times, everyone was happy!

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Reusable Kindness

An "adopted" mother treated me to lunch today :) I much enjoyed the little attached gift shop nearby!

They had a special deal on reusable bags, so I bought some and gave one to woman behind me line (tucked a SMILE card in too).

I'll bring an extra bag wherever I go shopping to share, being mindful of the Smile Deck's prompt of handing out reusable bags this week :))).

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Loving kindness to a stranger on a plane

On a recent flight a child somewhere near the front was crying uncontrollably. Couldn't see them but silently sent them good vibes of comfort and reassurance that it was OK. Eventually they calmed down. A strange thing happened when the plane landed. A handicapped girl several seats ahead turned round and kept beaming and waving at me all the way from the plane to the airport. Had the feeling she was the one who'd been crying. Unique connection!

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His emergency roadside assistance led to a friendship

Good Morning,

While on my way to work today I passed a vehicle with hood up overheating on this 19-degree morning. In the car was an older woman who was panicking. I pulled over and went into the trunk of my car and pulled out 2 gallons of water. She came out of the car and I showed her where to add the water. She was so thankful for my help and I was so happy to show her what to do in case this happens again. I gave her our mechanic's business card and told her to call Josh and he'll check it out. I'm thinking radiator.

I always carry an emergency road kit which includes water, cat food, cat litter (in case I'm stuck on ice), flashlight, snack bars, shovel, blankets, and emergency flares. So happy that I was able to give her my water.

Even more happier that I made a new friend. I hope Dear Janet has a good rest of the day!

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The Joys of Winter

THE JOYS OF WINTER...for all you folk down under the Equator! SO ..I am not really a big fan of winter but after reading one of the posts from our KS Tribe, I decided to work on my perception. This member talked about enjoying the act of shoveling the snow because it reminded her of a beloved family member (Grandma I think) and was good for her physical well being too.

In a continued effort to shower kindness on my husband I was taking out the garbage after my early morning workout. I looked at his frost and snow covered car. So I decided to warm it up for him and scrape it off. Funnily enough when I was in the car the radio was on ..the hosts were talking about how to get frost off a vehicle as quick as possible..Thanks universe...Got to do a kind act and not be in the cold for so long ;)

It was love-ly to get a big smile and kiss as a reward for that act of kindness..You give you receive! The picture below is from a great children's book called "Stranger in the Woods!" Hope you have a toast warm day! XO

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