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The "Weeding Party" Got Together For Their Beloved 92 Year Old Neighbor To Surprise Her In a Sweet Way

Our cross lots neighbors, a family of six, four kids under the age of 12, are outside working in the yard of Eula, their south edged, 92 year old neighbor, while she is away for the weekend. They are holding a "Weeding Party" to surprise her. So far, they have unearthed lots of nature's treasures including long ago disposed of glass bottles, aluminum cans, and shredded fabric pieces. Terence, the patriarch and Melanie, the matriarch have built a large bin, and are in the initial stage of composting four large bags of brown and green waste, Sarah, the eldest of the four kids, and Stephen the next in line (ages 12 and 10 respectively) are making a Welcome Back sign and cookies to leave on Eula's stoop. What a grand surprise it will be. Eula, who is no longer able to stoop to weed successfully, loves her yard and is often outside on ... Read Full Story >>

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Other's Positivity Was a Learning in Letting Go Of Anger

KindSpring helps us in so many ways that we don't even realize until we run into different situations. For two days in a row I had reasons to be very angry and say things I know I would later regret. In the past I would obsess over them and stay in that angry place for days or longer.

Now, thanks to examples from the people on KindSpring and their stories, I was able to look at the situations rationally, figure out solutions, and let the anger go. Instead of creating encounters with these people coming from an angry place and making the problems even worse, the solutions instead will resolve them in a positive, healthy way.

Thank you all for your example and teachings that are showing me healthier ways to handle life's challenges. Not carrying around that anger allows me to be more kind and compassionate to the people involved and that is a big step for me.

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Pebbles Of Kindness by The People of Spetses, Greece

I am currently visiting Greece  (after almost 22 years since my first one-day visit) and I am really overwhelmed with the kindness of the people my husband and I encounter here. When we arrived on the charming island of Spétses, our host (a woman, who's husband works at sea) insisted on helping me to carry my suitcase for the last few steps to our room. When we left for Athens this morning, she helped me again with my luggage. And when we paid our bill, she also gave us a small token of appreciation: jams she made herself. I will always remember Vasiliki from Spétses and her kindness during these three days. I treasure all these pebbles of kindness on a foreign trip: people taking time to talk to you in a quaint little shop, answering our questions in their best Greek English possible; my husband buying me a delicate pendant (the Greek ... Read Full Story >>

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Tough Nut For The Harp To Crack

Monday I went to a nursing home where hospice has a number of people and yesterday I went to the hospital's oncology wing and played my harp at the bedside. I go both places each week. There was one man at the nursing home who has refused my offer for the last 3 weeks. His room mate always asks if I will play for him. As he is not part of the hospice I volunteer for, I move on to find those who are first.

This week my schedule wasn't so rushed so after the refusal , I did sit down and play for the room mate. My back was to the hospice patient. After 1/2 hour, I got up and saw the hospice patient with his mouth open in awe. He couldn't thank me enough.

The nurse caught me in the hall and told me he was a terribly tough nut to crack, that it was so good for him to experience this. She had been in there too, and I didn't know it. I am so glad I had the time and even more grateful for the persistence of the room mate, who I believe was a bit of an angel , unintentional or not.

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Paying Forward The Red Nose

At Walgreens, we were given a red nose and told the lady in front of us paid for it for the person behind. We were then asked if we wanted to repay the favor, which we did. It's so nice to be part of a kindness chain. Especially after the day we had today. Plus, red nose day is a worthy cause. So it's win win win!

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She Received Someone Else's Mail, But Turned It Into an Opportunity For a Random Act Of Kindness

I was processing our incoming mail at work today, and there was a piece of mail that had the wrong address on it, and it was sent to my office by mistake.

It looked to be a utility payment that someone was mailing to their gas company. I called the company to verify their mailing address, and I will correct the address on the envelope and send it off in the postal mail.

I spoke to the woman at the gas company and asked her to contact the sender (name was on the envelope) to advise customer of the correct address, so this doesn't happen again. She said she would, but she said that it was up to the customer to make sure they used the right address. I told her that I was trying to do a good deed to help the customer, who just happened to use the wrong address and whom I do not know at all.

Think I did the right thing.

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He Sent A Stranger A Gift Off of Their Amazon Wish List

I was reading "Kindness Boomerang" (a book that gives ideas and inspirations of kindness for each day of the year), and I saw this one. I went to Amazon and found a random person's "Wish List" using this link.
Then, I was able to find an item, buy it and ship it to them, as well as leave a gift note. I don't know personal info about them, but their name and city.

Wish I could be a fly on the wall when they open the box.

#AprilRAOK #BeKindToOneAnother

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A Memorable 30th Wedding Anniversary For A Couple That Made Sure To Leave Something Behind For Others To Enjoy

For our 30th wedding anniversary we made our first trip to Maui this last January. Everything is beautiful, but each little thing adds up cost-wise. We drove by a garage sale where stadium-style beach chairs were $1 each.

We purchased two and used them during our stay and then attached a "sharpie" and wrote on the back of the chairs "share where you're from and then share the chairs forward".

Then we wrote in cursive our "Olympia, WA". I wonder if people from all around the world will be using the chairs? And will they still be passed around when we visit next year? (Yes, Maui was that awesome).

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  • Apr 28, 2017
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They Saw Their Friend's Unkept Garden And Surprised Them With A Visit From The 'Garden Fairies".

I had to drop something off to a friend yesterday. My husband noticed that their lawns were untidy. She said that their lawnmower was being used by a family member so they didn't have a lawn mower. My kind husband solved the problem and dropped ours off for them to use. JOKING! 

We both got busy yesterday, and weeded their garden and paths and mowed their lawns. It took us 2 hours!!

Their 9 yr old came out and gave us a hug and thanked us for making their gardens look nice again. Today when we got home, there were two frozen dinners on our doorstep!!! What a nice and unexpected thank you.

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What A Kind Bus Driver!

Here's to all the wonderful Bus Drivers out there! - the other day I jumped on to the wrong bus.. The kind generous Bus Driver not only charged me half price (because I only had a dollar in change) he also pulled out a ticket so I could ride the next bus and took the time to give me proper directions. Needless to say, I was touched by his kindness!

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Her Neighbors Yearly Blooms Inspired An Act of Kindness In Appreciation

A neighbor down the street sows marigold and zinnia seeds in a small spot in her front yard. When the flowers finally bloom, they are so cheerful looking.

It's springtime here and every shop has a rack with veggie or flower seeds to entice. I picked up a packet of zinnia seeds this week and included them with a little note expressing my appreciation for her efforts each year. I'll drop them in her mail slot when I take my walk today.

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Kindness Is Like A Boomerang

Kindness is like a boomerang. I found this mysterious note in an envelope marked: "To You". I opened the card up and I knew by the writing it had to be a little kid who left it in my mailbox this morning.
I was passing out little rainbow cards that said "I thought of you today" to patients I visited at the independent living place a year ago and it was like kindness was coming back to me. This note made a great start to my morning.

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A Pup with an Ear Infection

I babysat this silly billy this morning. She has got an infection so isn't allowed to do her nice activities for the week. No daycare or group walks. I looked after her this morning while my neighbour went to work, as she is destructive if left alone.

Its Passover and my neighbour keeps a kosher house, so I can't bring my own food into her house. When I arrived this morning, there were gluten free matzo and a gluten free kosher brownie crackers. I was very grateful.

It all worked out perfectly.

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A Labor of Love By Way of 'Sacks of Hope' From These Sweet Students, Even Piqued Interest of Local Media and Press

One of the top 3 most memorable days in my 20 years of education!

My class constructed their Sacks of Hope, a seven-month labor of love. Each "Sack" was actually three bags: one for the outdoors with a sleeping bag, socks, hand warmers, and a lantern, one with toiletries: comb, razor, wipes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, lotion and a bunch more, and the final was full of edibles: bars, tea, raisins, trail mix, and more. About 40 items per "Sack".

Best part: my students were so incredibly proud of what they had accomplished. The press came out. Fashion designer Cecilia Cassini celebrated them with a pizza party and her brand of t-shirts, but what affected the kids most was that they started with an idea and then made it a reality!

They may not remember me teaching them the difference between a subject and a predicate, but they will never forget how they helped those less fortunate than themselves.

#AprilRAOK #BeKindToOneAnother

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Intangible And Invaluable

I received an email yesterday. It contained 5 small lessons in life , the essence of which is summed up in this quote.

I have never met this person and they do not even live in my country, despite this we have created a connection. The person is terminally ill. I send them cards, emails and occasionally a small token gift. I try to make all these connections upbeat.

The email which I received was sent to 12 other recipients, some family members. The sender has little energy and they have taken the time to let all the recipients know that they are valued.

I am on the list.

Me, for how little I do.

I am honoured and humbled.

That a very ill and weak person has placed me in this elite and close circle, touches me to my very core.

A poignant reminder to me that the love you give always come back to you my friends.

Intangible and invaluable.  X 

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She Cooks Meals To Convey Her Love and Caring

Today, I am saying "I Love You" with food.

About once ever 6 weeks or so, I prepare a few large batches of food that freezes well and make up meal packages which I then deliver to friends who need a helping hand or just to know that someone cares.

Today's I prepared meals for (1) a family with a new baby, (2) a single mom who just needs a break (3) An elderly neighbor who lives alone and a friend who is recovering from an auto accident. The meals are simple, but I hope they convey a message of love and caring.

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She Serves With The Magical Sounds of A Harp

Today I played my harp at the hospital for three patients at their bedsides. I played a piece called "Flight of the Heron" for one man. He told me the heron was his favorite bird. He put his tv on a nature channel with no sound as I played.

Another man I played for was a harmonica player. So we had playing "the harp" in common. I watched his blood pressure fall as I played and he fell asleep.

They tell me how grateful they are that I come, but I am so deeply rewarded by serving.

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Beauty and the Beast -- Mary & Howard!

I had noticed Mary's jacket and wondered if Howard had a 'Beast' one. He did,and made sure to wear it yesterday, so I could see. Seems the health club sold the jackets some years ago as a fundraiser.

Such a dear couple they are, always willing to lend a hand and help. Everyone knows their trademark smiles and open hearts. Mary and Howard have certainly undergone a lifetime of love and lessons together. Mary, with her infectious laugh and Howard's wry grin and deep listening.

They are on a rather limited budget and when I asked if they had seen the recent Beauty and the Beast film, they said that hadn't.

So I tucked a gift card for theater and nearby restaurant in a card and left with the front desk staff to give anonymously to my favorite 'BEAUTY' and the 'BEAST'.

Grateful for this opportunity to show Mary & Howard how much they are appreciated!

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He Turned This Barista's Frown Upside Down

As I walked into my workplace coffee shop for my daily dose of Latte, the soft-spoken cashier greeted and asked when I was making a trip to India, my home country. I told him it would be in two months and his face lit up. He's from India too, so I asked him the same question to which his rather sad reply was, "not too soon".

Well, to cheer him up, I started a casual conversation, asked him what he liked about Dubai and his job. In a bit, he was his cheery self and that made me feel good. I intend to give him a little surprise tomorrow. Shhhhh...don't tell him. ;)

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She Ran To Give an Elderly Man Back His Walking Cane, And Received Far More In Return

I met a man yesterday. Didn't get his name. And I'm confident, I'll probably never ever see him again. And that's ok. The purpose of our meeting, it's destiny, and it's fate, was fulfilled in the 5 minutes we spoke. He was an elderly man. Quite elderly. I'd say with no more than a few years left in him, on this earth. If he's lucky. I didn't see him at first. Had to search for him. Search for the owner of a very worn and old wooden walking stick, which was left half hanging outside of a shopping cart. I called out to a man who was walking away. I knew it was his. Had to be. It was. And he returned (slowly) to get it. I was in a friendly mood so started a conversation. And that's when it happened. That's when this man blessed me, with his story. And what a story. I ... Read Full Story >>

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