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A Pay It Forward Revolution at School

As a part of my Pay it Foward project revolution, I'm starting the 29 day giving challenge...again!  I've done this in the summer, but this time is different because I'm also doing it with some friends from school and some friends here at KindSpring ;) Today, as my first gift, I believe I have given the gift of encouragement and cheer. Looking back , when I had first done this challenge, normally I would think, " What kind of gift is that?" Looking back at that experience now, I realize that these simple gestures mean a lot more then one thinks they do :) Today, some of my friends were a bit gloomy, perhaps because of the weather, some because their schedules got changed (it's a new term for us now at school).  There was this one frind from school that had recently gone through a break-up that I didnt know of, ... Read Full Story >>

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Olympic Supporter

I work for a clothing company that makes expensive outdoor gear. I bought some items at an 'employee sale' for a friend and his sons today. I did this knowing the family is supporting the sons' dreams of racing in the Olympics. I'll send them out tomorrow.

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A Kindness That Has Become A Habit

I go to the local grocery store and Dollar Tree once a week for my weekly shopping. Each time, in each store, I somehow end up with a very full shopping cart.

About a year ago I made a personal choice after being part of a 30 Day Gratitude challenge here on KindSpring that whomever was behind me in line, I would offer to allow them to go ahead of me - no matter how full their basket was.

What I have discovered is that younger people, under the age of 40, immediately take my offer up, people my age, 55+, need to have the offer given 2-3X and people over the age of 70, it is very difficult for them to accept my offer.

But every week, in each store, I offer and my offer is accepted - eventually This started as a conscious Act of Kindness that is now a habit. Which I feel is the idea of KindSpring, practice a kindness 'til it becomes a habit, then move on to another kindness.

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Smile Switch

When I was passing through a corridor, I saw that a few people were sitting very uncomfortably because of the hot day, and they were not aware of the switch for the fans. Seeing this, I just switched on the fans for them. One of the men immediately looked at me and smiled!

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  • Sep 30, 2014
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Visiting A Neighbor

I have a neighbor who is elderly and so sweet.

When I did AIDS LifeCycle this year she even made a small donation. I haven't seen her since before June and sent a thank you card after the ride. However I hadn't so much as stopped over to say hi.

Wednesday, I saw her come home and went over to visit. I wished her a Happy New Year (Jewish new year) and helped her with many bags of heavy groceries.

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Ripples In The 5th Grade

Today, after having my 5th grade students share stories about what makes them smile, I shared the 21-day kindness challenge with them. They were super excited! 

I had them write down kindness ideas in their journal. 

As soon as school ended students were coming back into the class to secretly slip mechanical pencils and other small gifts into other students' desks! 

One student came up to me and gave me a hug and said, "This is just the beginning!" The kindness ripples have begun!

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The Gift Of Books

This Wednesday I donated a stack of children's books to an organization which every year holds a cheap book sale and puts the proceeds toward scholarships. Next week I will spend some time sorting all the books and setting up for the sale.

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Feeding Others - Body And Spirit

I normally don't shop at Whole Foods. But I went tonight, to get some homeopathic pain cream and grab something from the salad bar for dinner. Out front was a very petite, sunburned young woman. It has been unseasonably hot here this week. Her sign said she had a 6 year old son. Her belongings were packed in an old baby stroller.

I asked if I could buy her dinner. She replied she would appreciate milk, apple juice, sliced cheese, ham - even just one of them. She had a smashed loaf of bread, and looked exhausted.

So I got it all and gave her one of my insulated bags to keep it cool until she found shelter for the night. I had considered going out for dinner. Instead, this did not cost much more and fed two additional people.

Now I am going to write a nice message on a high school classmate's FB page. I have not seen her in nearly 45 years but she has been very supportive online, during my medical struggles this year, and for that I am most grateful.

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Karma Coffee

Second day of the Kindness Challenge! 

I left some change in a vending machine at the university where I teach. By chance, one of my learners found it and later said "someone left a euro in the coffee machine...hahaha!". It made me smile!

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Letting Go

I've been holding on to a few things that I kept simply because I thought were worth too much to just give away. 

Yesterday I decided to finally let go of these items by donating them to the upcoming rummage sale at our church. 

The church will benefit and my soul gets to feel lighter in the process!

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30 Days; 30 Acts of Kindness

I am currently participating in a "30 acts of kindness in 30 days" challenge which I set for myself. Let me explain. A dear friend of mine recently celebrated her 30th birthday. Rather than doing what most women of her age would might do -- drinking, hiring a stripper, or even buying a fabulous new dress and having a swanky dinner out at an expensive restaurant -- she decided to host a "random acts of kindness" party, inviting her friends to participate in spreading some kindness in the world, and to spend money they'd have spent on a gift instead on gestures of kindness. At the restaurant, she had a drawing so that everyone received instructions for an act of kindness they had to carry out anonymously. She'd also prepared cards for all those present, where she'd written to each guest personally, saying what they meant to her as a ... Read Full Story >>

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The Baby-Bump Chats

Today I had some errands to do. I went to the bank, to the pharmacy, to the grocery store ... Every place I went I surprised myself by talking to the workers and even other customers. So, I did my good deed by talking to strangers.

But, I'm cheating a bit! 

It's not me who makes the conversations happen. My baby-bump does all that work for me! I am always happy to talk about my baby and everyone has their stories - either of their children, them as parents, or how they imagine they would be as parents - to share. Everyone seems to have advice and sweet wishes to offer. So, shopping takes a lot longer than you might think but I tell myself that all that good feelings go right to my baby. 

Somehow, it is like she is already being cherish by all those people even though she hasn't been born yet.

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  • Sep 24, 2014
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The Family Foundation

Our church recently started its annual winter coat, hats and mitts collection for anyone in the community who might be in need. 

I contacted my family and solicited any extra winter clothing they had that they no longer used, either for adults or children. We collected fifteen coats, seven or eight hats, and six pairs of gloves and there is only five of us! 

I decided to form a "Family Foundation" whereby we as a family would help others on a continuous basis. This is the first time that we done something like this and it has brought us even closer together as a family. 

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Flowers For An Unhappy Head

On Saturday it was a co-workers birthday. 

She hadn't been coming into work because of a falling out with the boss. 

I had a haku (a lei of flowers for the head) made for her and took it to her on her birthday because I wanted her to have something beautiful to help cheer her day. 

I had to pick up some other friends who could show me where she lives. We went to her house and gave her the lei and lots of hugs and told her she was loved and missed. She began to cry and smile at the same time. I could tell it really touched her and made her day special - and that made my day!

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Turned Down An Offer - Giving Opportunities

I am probably the highest level cellist at our school, so our orchestra teacher offered me the opportunity to play in a special chamber group he is organizing. One of the other girls in the cello section (I'll call her E) is not as high level as me, but she puts in a lot of effort and this is her senior year.

I turned the teacher's offer down and said I was honored, but would only do it if he asked E first and she couldn't for some reason. I already play in two other chamber groups and really didn't need to be in another. E was thrilled to be asked and is now really excited for this opportunity.

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Peacehunter's Kindness Challenge Memoir

It is the second day of the kindness of challenge that I am participating in.  Today's challenge asks us to reconnect with an old pal and better yet express our gratitude for them. I decided to write this poem and share it with all of my friends, past, present, and future: To You, From Me...Ode to Friends & Family & Soulkin Some of you have known me since before my birth,some of one have known since my breath was first . Most of you have came to me thru moments where we grew ,and I am ever so grateful for everyone of you. Whether from my past or present ,a memory or a lesson my journey would have been lacking without you in it. To the ones who grew me ,Thank you .To the ones who see right thru me ,Thank you. To those I`ve hurt and you loved me anyhow ,Thank you .To those ive been hurt ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing A Scare And A Celebration

On Friday I took a day off work and  drove a new friend to the hospital to get an ultrasound on a lump she has had in her breast for awhile but hadn't wanted to look at before. 

I didn't want her to have to go alone. 

It turned out to be benign. So then I took her out to lunch to celebrate!

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I Hope He Wakes Up Happy

I was in the pub with my girlfriend yesterday and the landlord asked me how my week had been. When I told it had been great, the same as every other week a guy standing near me at the bar commented that he woke up every morning wishing he hadn't. 

We got to chatting and - to cut a long story short - when I went to pay my bill afterwards I paid his as well and left a smile card! 

I asked the landlord to never tell who had paid. I hope my friend from the bar will wake up happy today!

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Busy Doing The Right Thing

Today I drove my daughter's pregnant friend to the hospital as she was worried about some pain she was experiencing. I made sure she was being taken care of, then I drove an amusement park where I was due to collect my daughter. The wait was longer than expected as she was having so much fun she lost track of the time.

When we got home I was looking forward to going to bed as it was after 10pm. But then my daughter's friend called again. She said the doctors had answered all her questions and made sure everything was okay - but she had no way of getting home! 

So I went out again, picked her up, and dropped her off at her home. 

I was exhausted when I finally got home but I felt good, knowing I had done the right thing.

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Helping A Mother With Her Hands Full

Todays Kindness Challenge was to help another as you have been helped; to repay an act of kindness you have received.

As a mother of two young boys I'm often helped with my boys by others. Today I saw a mother having trouble with an unhappy two-year-old while carrying a baby in a sling. She looked frustrated and annoyed (and I recognized the feeling) so I went over and asked if I could help. 

She asked me to help get the older child into her pram, which I did!

It was so nice today to be able to help another mother as so many others have helped me.

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