Stories of Kindness from Around the World

Sammy's Service

My student Sammy, pictured below, and his Mom offer a multi-generational service of  kindness and sweet snacks  in their weekly visits to Rancho Sante Fe. The duo make seasonal fruited sweet breads and take them to our local Senior Center after school on Fridays. There Sammy and his mom, Rae Anne hold court while playing card games with the Golden Gang of Seniors, Sammy and the Golden Gals play Hearts, Fish, and a definitive favorite, Gin Rummy.

Sammy is learning to play simple tunes on the piano accompanied by 2 of the Golden Guys, former professional musicians. Sometimes my friend, Maize, who just celebrated her 95th birthday, serenades the musicians with well remembered Broadway show tunes.

Sammy serves the sweetbreads along with special napkins, and they all enjoy an afternoon "snack", before the Golden Gang heads out for their individual studio units.

Sammy and his mom haven't missed but one Friday in the past nine months. Sammy is truly a "sweetheart".

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Clothed In Love

Yesterday my sister Berni came to see me after she finished work. She brought me some new clothes for my return to work. There were 2 new pair of shoes, 3 tops and a dress. They were all beautiful. She knows I am returning to work in about 10 days and she said "I got these because I didn't think you'd have had a chance to shop and get some things yourself.' Truth is, I don't have the money to get new clothes to return to work and I've no doubt she knows this. So, I've been clothed in love by my very beautiful, considerate, generous and loving sister. I laughed and told her she's keeps me nice. She is a good person as is her husband Philip, I couldn't begin to list their kindnesses to me. Just when I think they can do no more, they surpass all expectations. I will be putting ... Read Full Story >>

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My Most Peculiar Christmas Story Ever!!

Just before Christmas emergency services were searching the forest and mountains in our area for someone who had placed an emergency call after getting into difficulties. They called round to my house as the caller had spoken English and the local teams would potentially need help with translation. Some hours later a young woman staggered past my window. Running out, it didn't take long to work out that it was she that they were searching for. I recognized her, having given her directions and some food about 3 weeks previously. I took her in and made tea and porridge whilst informing the police that she was safe. It turned out that after she left here, she had been turned away by the people she was hoping to stay with and was on her way back here (myself being the only person in the country that she 'knew' following our last meeting!) when ... Read Full Story >>

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She Was Gifted A Gift And ThIs Is How She Kept The Ripple Going

I was given some food due to expire from an organization I volunteer for to gift to my workplace for the staff in the kitchen who prepare home-cooked meals for the patients.

Then tonight a kind and generous spirit gifted in my honor a donation to a wonderful organization called "Doctors without Borders". This has inspired me to donate to the Red Cross and SPCA, which I haven't done for a while. I am proud to be a member of this wonderful community and share in all the joy and kindness on offer!

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Take My Seat!

Sometimes we make think that a small act of kindness may not mean much to the recipient, so we may hesitate to do anything. Eg. Offering your seat to someone on a crowded bus or train going to or coming home from work. This morning, I offered to give my seat to someone who was standing. She did not take the seat, but I felt good for offering. You can never go wrong when you make an effort to spread good karma in the world.

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A Random Act Of Kindness That Goes A Little Unexpectedly

We were waiting to go into our movie and were walking through the games arcade. My husband suggested a RAOK and we left a card with $2 taped to it on to the air hockey game. A group of kids came along and found the card and started to play the game. We were watching from a distance.

One of the boys mothers asked where he had got the money from and he said "I found it on the floor" which was not strictly true. We were a bit upset that the spirit of kindness wasn't just about 'scoring' money, it was about passing the kindness on! Anyway, the scenario took a different turn when the boy called out to his friends to come and have a turn, and all the boys took turns at playing. That in itself is an act of kindness.

The kindness WAS passed on, just not the in the way I envisaged.


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This Simple Act Of Kindness Left Her Feeling Connected and In Tears

Hi everyone. This is just a short moment in time, but I wanted to share it because it made me feel so good. I was at the library the other day volunteering, and our library is a place where the homeless often spend their days as well. As I was putting books up for our book sale, I glanced up and there were a small group of homeless people sitting in chairs near the door. One man caught my eye and he seemed to start to look down, almost as if he were embarrassed or ashamed. I locked eyes with him and smiled, and he just beamed back at me. I got tears in my eyes and waved to him before ducking back into the volunteer room trying not to cry. I hear such negative stuff sometimes from library patrons about these down-on-their-luck people; how they smell bad, or shouldn't be there ... Read Full Story >>

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Cigarette Sue

 When we were not doing well, a lady from the neighborhood we lived  used to come to my door and ask for cigarettes all the time at strange hours of the day and night. I started to become frustrated with her, even turning around and yelling at her one day. It turns out that she was retired with a mental illness. I found this out during the summer talking to some of the other neighbors, and after working her whole entire life and having kids she was sleeping on the floor of a studio apartment. I didn't know she was sleeping on the floor until she came up to my car one day and said to me "did you hear I got a mattress?!" I was so shocked and after being given a second chance have made it my mission to re purpose every single thing from every apartment that my husband ... Read Full Story >>

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The Book Fairy

I'm a huge bookworm and love sharing my love of books! So I've been buying book vouchers for £1-£5 and hiding them in or around bookshops, so someone can maybe treat themselves to a new read.

I especially like hiding them in the self-help section, where folks might need a bit of a cheer up. I was delighted the other day when a local bookshop posted to say that a not well-off customer had found one of these tokens, and it had enabled her to buy a gift for her mother. It was so lovely to find out that someone who needed it, found it!

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Cold and Hungry

Started a winter kindness project today. Have been making little 'kits' for the rough sleepers around here. There is a shelter for folk in the winter but there still seem to be a lot of folks on the street. I went out tonight to give them out and was a bit too early- no one had bedded down yet (probably because all the bars were open so there were lots of people about).  But on my way home I found a girl around my age, sitting on the streets in a sleeping bag, asking for change. She was quite possibly on something, as her pupils were blown and she struggled to speak coherently, and my usual instinct is to stay away from addicts who are begging- there are a lot of them around here who aren't actually homeless but make money by pretending to be. However I figure that homeless or ... Read Full Story >>

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Her Flight Plans Changed And A Stranger Stepped In Unexpectedly

Last Tuesday as I was seeing my husband off on his return trip back to California, I was notified by text from the airline that my plane,though at the terminal,was having mechanical issues that would require a day long adventure ending up in Baltimore at 9 pm. Missy, " Lady Bug lover" was my seat mate on the plane to Baltimore, and she invited me to be her house guest, even though we had been strangers prior to being seat mates on the plane. I felt that I was called to accept her offer and with my overnight bag in hand, Missy drove me to her lovely home in the suburbs of Baltimore. I found ladybugs in her son's bathroom, though it is now the middle of January, and the ladybug population is typically dormant. As a child, Missy's family nicknamed her "Ladybug" as she was often out of doors finding her ... Read Full Story >>

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Gratitude All Around

Yesterday, RoseMarie wrote a lovely post. She wrote of giving a thank-you note with a monetary gift to her daughter's social worker. I would like to add something to this. Before Christmas I went to the medical group's lab to have some routine tests. When the lab tech saw my doctor's name, she began to gush and wouldn't stop. My internist had gifted all of the lab technicians with gift cards for Christmas. The tech said that in the 20 years that she had worked, no one had ever gifted her before. Fast forward to Wednesday, when I had a routine visit with my doctor. I shared the story and he indicated that the tech had written HIM a beautiful thank-you note. We talked about small gestures and how meaningful they can be. He said that sometimes even professionals don't know if or how they have an influence on their fellow workers ... Read Full Story >>

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Counting My Blessings And Keeping Warm

Well, this is a story. It's a story of gratitude, love, compassion, giving, receiving, faith and probably a whole lot more. I've been having problems with the boiler in my house. It's been temperamental for a while but truth is, in terms of other financial priorities, it's on the long finger and that's where I wanted to keep it. Yesterday the heating engineer called by with some replacement parts which he'd ordered. He spent about 2 hours and despite his best efforts he said he couldn't get it to work. He'd ordered a part costing £120 which he said he was going to be left with as the boiler had packed in. I told him I would pay for it to which he replied he probably had broader shoulders financially than I did. Well, that's when the dam broke and I'm ashamed and embarrassed to say I started to cry. A new boiler ... Read Full Story >>

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Gratitude For The Patient Advocate

I had to take my daughter to a Patient Advocate at the Psychiatric Department of the hospital today. She can claim Disability Living Allowance and Incapacity to Work Allowance. We are always advised to meet with a Patient Advocate who knows 'the speak' for these forms. I gave my daughter a Thank You card to give to the guy and I put money in it. She's young, 20 years of age, and doesn't fully appreciate that his helping with the completion of these forms ensure she is assessed fairly and hence gets these allowances. She thought my actions were a bit over the top. I am thankful for Matt's assistance, he makes life easy for a lot of us and while some may say that's his job, I wanted to acknowledge my gratitude. Those who are assisted with form completions have mental or physical issues and are probably very introspective rather than being ... Read Full Story >>

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Daily Kindness and Gratitude

A friend helped me out yesterday with transport as my normal commute was disrupted by bad weather. As a way of showing gratitude I took her out for dinner, helped around her house and got up early to make her tea in the morning (had to stay at hers for the night due to the weather).

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Expressing Gratitude As A Daily Practice

I saw this on my Facebook news feed a few minutes ago and it hit me: I have been neglecting my habit of waking up and thinking of something to be thankful for. I'm sure that's why I've been struggling so much for the past few weeks! I'm going to think of three things right now, and another three first thing in the morning.

1. We have heat and electricity.
2. I have work.
3. My hubby cooked a wonderful dinner.

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Unbeknownst To Her, A Small Token of Sympathy Had A Deep And Lasting Impact

A couple of years ago one of my closest friends lost his sister to breast cancer. They were extremely close, and to lose her was so devastating. I decided to celebrate her life with a memorial candle. I sent it to him in the mail and did not really think much about it after it left my mailbox.

Recently we reconnected and I learned that this small token of my sympathy was so beloved by her husband that he asked if the candle could be present at her funeral. It became part of her memorial service. And it accompanied her to her cremation service.

This news was surprising to me. I never knew what type of impact this would have on her family. It helped me to realize how very important it is to love, by actions. We just never know how much it will mean to someone on so many levels.

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Unexpected Surprise

My cousin called me this weekend from the other side of the country. He thanked me for the Christmas card my family sent him. We got to talking and he told me that he shaves a couple times a week with a disposable razor. "I'm cheap," he told me. But, he went on to tell me how he'd like to use an electric razor.

Soon as we got off the phone, I ordered one for him from Amazon, and had it 2-day shipped. He called me yesterday so surprised. He couldn't believe I got it for him and that it arrived so quickly after we talked.

I'm not sure it was the greatest razor, but I loved his reaction to the unexpected surprise.

#AprilRAOK #BeKindToOneAnother

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Filled up with love

Brought the Doves for Change bank to our Change for Peace meet, to demonstrate how the doves continually encourage me to give <3.

When I don't have something to put into my daily food donate bin for the needy, then I put some change in the bank.

One of the Peace meet members asked if I was taking donations for the doves.

When I told her that I never take money for the doves, but the bank contents will go to the those in need, she made a donation :)).

That bank is getting pretty full. Time to bring to the food bank!

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The Sweet Taste Of Reaching Out

This morning, while working on my manuscript, I suddenly got the urge to reach out to two people in the condominium where we live.
Recently I bought a huge glass bottle with delicious butter cookies, and I decided to fill two gift bags with some of these cookies -- and off I went.

Firstly, I gave one gift bag to the lady of the home owners' society who assists us with our water readings, and secondly I surprised the lady who recently moved in with another bag of cookies.

I realized again it's not necessary to give something huge -- but by giving small tokens of kindness, you give so much of yourself.

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