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Beauty and the Beast -- Mary & Howard!

I had noticed Mary's jacket and wondered if Howard had a 'Beast' one. He did,and made sure to wear it yesterday, so I could see. Seems the health club sold the jackets some years ago as a fundraiser.

Such a dear couple they are, always willing to lend a hand and help. Everyone knows their trademark smiles and open hearts. Mary and Howard have certainly undergone a lifetime of love and lessons together. Mary, with her infectious laugh and Howard's wry grin and deep listening.

They are on a rather limited budget and when I asked if they had seen the recent Beauty and the Beast film, they said that hadn't.

So I tucked a gift card for theater and nearby restaurant in a card and left with the front desk staff to give anonymously to my favorite 'BEAUTY' and the 'BEAST'.

Grateful for this opportunity to show Mary & Howard how much they are appreciated!

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He Turned This Barista's Frown Upside Down

As I walked into my workplace coffee shop for my daily dose of Latte, the soft-spoken cashier greeted and asked when I was making a trip to India, my home country. I told him it would be in two months and his face lit up. He's from India too, so I asked him the same question to which his rather sad reply was, "not too soon".

Well, to cheer him up, I started a casual conversation, asked him what he liked about Dubai and his job. In a bit, he was his cheery self and that made me feel good. I intend to give him a little surprise tomorrow. Shhhhh...don't tell him. ;)

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She Ran To Give an Elderly Man Back His Walking Cane, And Received Far More In Return

I met a man yesterday. Didn't get his name. And I'm confident, I'll probably never ever see him again. And that's ok. The purpose of our meeting, it's destiny, and it's fate, was fulfilled in the 5 minutes we spoke. He was an elderly man. Quite elderly. I'd say with no more than a few years left in him, on this earth. If he's lucky. I didn't see him at first. Had to search for him. Search for the owner of a very worn and old wooden walking stick, which was left half hanging outside of a shopping cart. I called out to a man who was walking away. I knew it was his. Had to be. It was. And he returned (slowly) to get it. I was in a friendly mood so started a conversation. And that's when it happened. That's when this man blessed me, with his story. And what a story. I ... Read Full Story >>

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The Lost Baby Duck

A few days ago I saw two baby ducklings that were alone in the grass near a pond, and today I found out that they were abandoned or lost. Unfortunately one of them was found dead today, but I decided to take the other one in and take care of it until he gets big enough to take care of himself. When I decided to take him in, he was actually be stalked by a cat, so it's a good thing that I got him when I did. The duck and I both are figuring it out as we go along. He's already quite big for a duckling so hopefully I can release him back into the pond in a couple of weeks. At first he was terrified of me, which is understandable, but now he seems to be a bit less worried about me as I've been feeding him some corn ... Read Full Story >>

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He Trod Through A Snowy Blizzard For Peace

Just did a "Peace Walk" here in my community, due to all the gang violence, with blowing snow, we showed our resolve and walked for Peace. Below is a picture of me on the right( KindSpring name 'Brad2'), elder Theresia Boysis and our Chief Kurt Buffalo on the left. I believe in Peace.

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Paper Peace Doves Acted As 'Ambassadors Of Connection

I overheard an elder sitting at table next to us was celebrating her birthday, so I whipped out a 'Mindy peace dove' (made by a KindSpring member Mindy) and walked it over to her.

She and her table mates were so in awe and appreciative. Big smiles and twinkly eyes all around. A long conversation ensued with her husband who basically shared his life story with us, and what an interesting listen it was!

So many times these little doves open doors to beautiful connections, and I never tire of sharing the story of Mindy's mission that puts these "ambassadors" into our world. Thank you, Mindy!

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Her Hopeful Plea To Move Away From Darkness To Light

I offered a post by PBS "NEWTOWN", award winning documentary to enlighten viewers of the tragedy of school shootings. I did this to reinforce kindness in schools, safe schools in my country. After that post, concerned that I was bringing attention to negative energy, I posted a lovely HOPEFUL plea that even from darkness, from my own internal concerns of dark ways, we can bring beauty. It is a full moon tonight, the same moon that shines its light on us all.

The quote I used was written in Arabic, a language my countrymen fear. It was deliberate, an attempt to show the ONENESS OF KIND & GOOD INTENTIONS in all of us, regardless of where we are in the world. From Mahmoud Darwish,  please see below ~ Peace

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  • Apr 22, 2017
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Her Quiet Sit On A Park Bench, Has Become A Place of 'Therapy' For Passers-By

The past two days, when I sit on a bench after my park walk, an acquaintance comes over to sit by me and needs to 'vent' about something that is apparently troubling him. He goes on and on, and sometimes repeats himself. I listen patiently and let him vent. He thanks me for letting him vent and apologizes. I tell him no apologies necessary, that we all need to be listened to.

I am learning as I listen, as some of what is irking him helps me understand some similar things that sometimes irk me as well.

I also like thinking that by sitting there on that bench in the sunshine on a glorious park day, I am getting an extra kindness act in by listening and occasionally sharing some thoughts with him that might help him. 

“There are times that all you need is someone who will listen to you without judging you — not telling you what you should have done or should do, but simply, listening to you” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive

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Inspired By My Kind Nurse, I Felt Moved To Pass Along Her Kindness

My chemotherapy nurse was concerned that I did not have a proper winter coat. She have me money to buy a puffy jacket.

To pass the kindness along, when I received my paycheck and was feeling a little better, I made Mac and cheese dinner for my neighbors. They loved it! :) 

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  • Apr 22, 2017
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Easter Means Daffodils

I love this time of the year. Easter means daffodils. I bought three bunches today to leave on unsuspecting cars in grocery store parking lots (with Smile Cards), but I only left two on windshields.

I brought the last bunch home for my wife, who was delighted.

#AprilRAOK #BeKindToOneAnother

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She Decided To Stop Over To Her Neighbor's House For A Visit, And Later Learned Just How Needed The Visit Was

Yesterday I went to the shops. I was a wee bit tired but super happy to be out and about. I had some Kindness Adventures! So awesome. I bought a bunch of flowers for my neighbour Amanda. We have just become friends. About a fortnight ago I popped in and she told me how much she loves flowers and I had forgotten that until I was walking to her door. I'm so glad I bought her the flowers for a number of reasons. I didn't know it but she had had a small stroke while she was driving. She is recovered now thank goodness! We held hands talking. I'd made her day as she hasn't been given flowers in years. I'm also going to look through my DVDs to loan her something cheerful and happy. I think she has been quite shaken up after what happened. I also offered while her car ... Read Full Story >>

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Seeing Other's Kindness Ripple Out

Found this card on a table in the lobby yesterday at the health club. LOVE IT!

I do a lot of Random Acts Of Kindness there and to see them start to ripple out and make more, well it just made my day!

Never doubt, my kind friends. We are making a difference ❤️

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Delivering Surplus Food From Businesses to Those in Need

Raj Karmani: Delivering surplus food from businesses to those in need. From: Kazan Today Raj, a Pakistani, came to the U.S. to study computer science. While in graduate school at the University of Illinois, he noticed the owner of a nearby bagel shop calling charities to see if they wanted to pick up his surplus food. Raj knew that was a wonderful thing to do, but also knew there had to be a better way: Knowing that over 30% of all food produced in the U.S. is discarded, Raj started Zero Percent in 2013. Its purpose is to collect surplus food from restaurants, markets, other sources, and food destined for landfills, and instead deliver it to charities in need. Using his computer skills, he developed applications matching businesses and charities, and provided efficient pickup and delivery services, seven days a week. Zero Percent now has 525 food donors, that have provided 160,000 meals to 384 nonprofits, all in ... Read Full Story >>

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Two Marathon Runners Helped Their Fellow Marathon Runner Finnish The Race

Three runners were caught on camera coming to the aid of a fatigued racer whose legs appeared to buckle within sight of the finish line of a half-marathon in Philadelphia on Sunday.

Video shows the female runner struggling to hold herself up as she nears the end of the Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon.

It was heartwarming to see the kindness there two runners showed their fellow marathon runner!

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These Neighbors Took Such Great Care of This Elderly Man's 'Little Love' While He Was Away

It feels great when you make someone smile. Especially a senior citizen. My neighbors are a senior citizen couple, they are always full of positive vibes. They have a little basil plant at their lobby area, the husband, (dadaji) waters it regularly, prays and takes care of it like a small baby. The weather is very hot now, so he spends so much time with it. Then dadaji and his wife had to travel and leave for about  3 to 4 weeks and was so very worried about the basil plant. We over heard him discussing this with grandmother (dadi). When he left, we decided to take care of the basil plant just like he would if he were still home himself. This morning when they returned we were all eagerly waiting for them, especially dadaji, to see his reaction! Oh how he smiled at the gate and told his wife "See, our lil one is still ... Read Full Story >>

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Thank You For Reminding Me Of What Lving From The Heart Means.

Because of reading the stories here and something that happened just recently in regards to money I am going to do the following. It is a case of who owes what to whom.

I decided rather that saying no I don't owe you any money I am going to double what was asked for. Thank you for being here so I can be reminded that sometimes being right isn't always the best way and in the end there is no right and wrong only the way of the heart.

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Love Does Indeed Live On

Friend mentioned during lunch how it would have been her and her late husband's 48th wedding anniversary in a few days; how she had just used the last of the perfume he had given her as gift many years ago.

And wouldn't you know what I found right after our lunch date? A bottle of that same scent at the quick stop at a nearby store. The ONLY bottle and at a reduced price.

The Universe so LOVES expediency, so I dropped it by on on my way home.She opened the bottle immediately, sniffed and smiled.

"It's from Gordon." I said.

And we both sighed at the beautiful knowing that LOVE does indeed live on.

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Her Friend Had A Day Without The Kids, So She Decided To Make It Extra Special

I had a busy day. My best friend had a day to herself without her 3 young kids. She had mentioned that she was feeling overwhelmed by mess and belongings and was going to spend the day tidying up. I dressed for 'work' and arrived with a big smile.

She gave me the biggest hug. I sorted out the linen cupboard, cleaned the kitchen, folded a mountain of laundry, ironed her husband's work shirts and then vacuumed.

As I left, my friend gave me a gift card for $100 to thank me!! It was to my local specialty food store where I no longer shop because of the cost. I think the Universe is looking after me. That's my second food gift in a week!

I also brought gluten free banana muffins over for morning tea :-)

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She Was Given A Second Opportunity At Kindness, Nothing Stopped Her This Time Around

It's not uncommon to see someone who is homeless or down on their luck asking people who are walking by for spare change. I have seen the same woman in need several times. I recently approached her and introduced myself to her and asked her if I could get her anything to eat or from the Dollar Store. She said she was okay, but was trying to save up for dinner. I don't feel comfortable giving money to strangers. I guess it's a societal stereotype that when you give money to someone in need, they will use it for drugs or alcohol or something else that we may not approve of. I didn't give anything to Laura (I asked her name and told her my name.) that time. I felt bad after that encounter with her because I didn't help her that time. Yesterday, I saw her again. I decided to go ... Read Full Story >>

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They Made His Birthday One To Remember

I don't know whether or not this act comes under kindness, but it sure does under 'love for friend'. A friend of mine is away from his home town, away from family and friends, working in a different city. So, I had this 'gift' plan in my mind, that I would get as many friends from his school to write something nice for him (what they remember about their time together, why they love him, how he inspires them etc.) and then compile it in a video and send him on his birthday. It took almost a month to get the task done as his friends were also tight on their schedule. But we did it. And it was completely worth it. He however didn't get a chance to see it in the day time for he had his busy work day. He saw it at night. I so badly wanted to see his ... Read Full Story >>

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