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Yesterday, an old lady on a street just stopped me & asked me to give her some money because she had no money & wanted to go back to her home. I enquired all the details to authenticate whether she was telling truth or not.

At last I gave her some money so that she could go home back safely & also feed her stomach on the way. She promised me in return that she will not repeat such mistake in future & will always make sure to keep enough money while travelling outside home........

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A Smile Card Raok...(part ...

a SMILE card RAOK...(part 3)

Back inside the trading post to return our now empty tin cups, I asked the young clerk, "Would you mind giving the next customers wanting an ice-cream this SMILE card along with putting this towards their purchase?"

Her eyes got bluer and her smile wider, "Sure!"

"And here's a Peace dove for you," I said, making sure to straighten the wings of a dove before giving it to her...doves get a little wing-rumpled in my cargo shorts pockets :).

I explained a bit about the doves and how they've flown globally to number about 15,000.

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Grateful For Such Kindness

I decided to go to the local pub for lunch, took my computer and my book and enjoyed a lovely time outside; working, reading, and watching the children play in the park. I met the most delightful lady who came over to me to ask if I was feeling lonely and wanted to join her and her husband for a little while. What a kind and caring heart!

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Today's Opportunity

At the beginning of the month I had purchased some banana chips, sunflower seeds and trail mix for today's opportunity.

As I was leaving a mall parking lot, I saw a woman and her dog. She was holding a sign: "Need work." I asked if she would like my items.

She was genuinely pleased and when she saw the trail mix, she told me it was her favorite.

Wished I'd had some dog food.

#‎AprilRAOK‬ ‪#‎BeKindToOneAnother‬

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We have been so helpful to the man living in the flat at the back of our house. Stewart, my husband, stops in once a week to make sure he is ok. He had a heart attack a couple of years ago so we watch out for him. We supply him with good books and DVDs to make him comfortable. Mind you, the flat is so gorgeous and welcoming. Private, warm, and beautiful. He came from overseas and only had a suitcase. We do hope he stays for a time. I think that it is important to make people feel welcome and at home. Be they family or renters. I respect his privacy and also take notice if he hasn't been out of the house for a day or so. So we do show care for him. After all the terrible renters we have had, this man is a delight.

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I Love Dmv

I Love DMV

OK, well I love Suzanne from DMV! Such a pleasant delight to truly need assistance and to receive it kindly. I did not expect much when I tried to call in to DMV for the last few weeks, but I called in earlier today and finally got through. And since I cannot renew my license in person, the lovely woman gave me a license extension - now that may just be how it is done. But to have it done expeditiously and courteously was lovely- so I told her how thrilling it was to have such great help at DMV! She said it was nice to have a good call early on in the day. I truly can't imagine the difficulty of that job- but it might be the perfect place to stage some more kind acts...hmm
Can you imagine what would happen if you brought chocolates or treats to DMV?!

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I Thought I Was Doing Something Kind For Others And Really The Kindness Was Extended To Me!

I was out of town this weekend and anxious to get home to my responsibilities. My mother has a dear friend who is dying of cancer, and since my mom was out of town she offered to take my nephew and I to lunch and play at the pool at their country club. I already wasn't feeling well and I really didn't want to go. I just kept thinking about how I needed to head home and prepare for my week. After some thought, I realized this women is a wonderfully kind lady, always been good to my mom and my family, her days are numbered and even though I don't feel like it I should feel honored that she would like to spend some of her last hours with me. So I organized it and took my nephew to meet her and play in the pool. I was too tired for ... Read Full Story >>

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Thanking People

I was talking to my old boss yesterday. I told him I enjoy talking to him and how calming I find him. He is a gentle, insightful, and diplomatic person. He has been a good influence. I was telling him how proud he'd be of me over some of the calm conversation I've had with the new big manager (when really I just want to scream at that guy).

My workmate brought me a treat and I thanked him for his work keeping me together. I even thanked the big manager for his help. And I spent lots of time with the new guy and told him how well he's doing. :-)

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A Lift from an Angel

Last Thursday evening we had thunder, lighting and very high temperatures. I was driving in my car on my way home when I saw a person walking with a small backpack and a large trolley suitcase on the 'bike road' next to the road I was driving (like we use to have in Holland). There were no houses for the next 5 miles! I stopped as soon as possible and asked if he (the young man) wanted a lift. He was amazed and told me that the wheel of his bike had fallen of. He had to go to the University of Twente and wasn't aware the road was that long (He was German, not Dutch). When we arrived and he got out the car and I handed his suitcase over to him, I think he was still confused about his "angel". He was so shy, so sweet. :-)

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The other day, I was getting ready to go volunteer teach my English class and I was pondering the current climate in my country, the United States.And I think I'm not the only one overwhelmed by all the disconnection and Fear and by how to try to bridge that with Connection and Love. And, time ran out and I had to go to class, where it was my night to get evaluated by the program director. It's such an honor to teach this class. It really is. My adult students are so dedicated and wonderful. They really motivate me to be as good as a teacher as I can be, to keep pushing myself to improve. So, after class, the director and I were talking about my teaching and she said she was so effusive in thanking me for my energy. Then! one of my new students overheard some of the discussion and ... Read Full Story >>

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A Christmas Tradition of Spreading Warmth

Two days before Christmas I was out in town finishing all the last minute shopping and I had not noticed it was pretty late and was closing time for all the shops. I hailed a taxi and piled in all the bags of shopping and presents and was on my way home. I looked out of the window and saw that many homeless people were settling down on the empty pavements in the cold night with very little to cover themselves and keep them warm. I had a sudden idea. The day I went to the shops and bought as many blankets and and quilts which were on sale and in the evening after business time set out in my car along the same route I had seen the homeless people on the pavement the previous night. I found several of them in the same spot. Most of them were curled ... Read Full Story >>

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A Young Lady Called Charlotte

I have seen Charlotte waiting for a bus many times. She is in her 80's. She is petite and thin. She lives in a little Fold for the elderly near my home. I have got to know her as I stop and give her a lift any time I see her. Even if I am going the opposite direction or I have just nipped out for a pint of milk, I still give her a lift. She is circumspect though and would be careful who she would take a lift from. When I changed my car she was used to seeing my silver car pull up beside her but was wary the first time I pulled up in my new white car. Charlotte looks elderly and frail but last time I gave her a lift she told me she'd been on a helicopter ride, photos even shown  to prove it! She ... Read Full Story >>

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Depression Didn't Stop My Act Of Kindness

The last 5 weeks turned me upside down. I talked about chronic depression June 5. In an attempt to treat it we induced an episode of hypomania. Something I have also experienced before but never this profound. Enter mood stabilizing drug and BAM! Another adverse drug reaction. Finally, finally I am starting to return to my version of normal. First, thanks to all of you who sent notes. Your encouragement helped so much. I have felt like my ROAKs have significantly decreased. I haven’t made any smile packs for over two months. I had a horrible few days of pain and being freezing cold. I'm not sure why. But Friday I had to go to Trader Joe's - a site of many ROAKs. I met Hosiah, a wonderful man,who was trying to reach ripe plums from his wheelchair with an already full basket in his lap. He is currently living at ... Read Full Story >>

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A Promise In Honor of Her Late Husband

I always saw a mom picking up her son at the same time I did at an after school program. We usually smiled and exchanged pleasantries but no more, as my German is limited.

Then a week before we were deciding to leave the country, she spoke to me in English and told me all about her time in America as a grad student with her husband and the book she had left her science field to start writing. We became sharing pals. She saw us off with gifts and well wishes and a request to sprinkle some of her husband's favorite petals in the Bay when we return since she had lost him a few years ago.

We have been running around unpacking boxes and living in piles of unorganized stuff and today we are going to the Bay with my pal's petals. Blessings!

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Coast To Coast Travel And An Inspiration In Connectedness

It was finally the day for my wife to travel back from her parent's house on the East coast to where we live here in the Bay Area (West coast). She set out her day with a 6:00 am beach walk on the east coast and geared for the airport to travel by air. Little did we know what this day was about to bring! All southwest flights nationwide were facing delays and cancelations due to a massive unexpected downtime of their IT flight system. She had to wait for about 4 hours to get to her first flight and we both knew the second flight will probably be delayed too. As she approached the first lay over and learned that the second flight was canceled. With hundreds of angry, tired, anxious travelers who were about to loose their patience, she instead decided to choose kindness. The last flight from Phoenix to our city ... Read Full Story >>

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Passing Forward The Kindness I Recived Many Years Ago

Many years ago while waiting in a long queue at a busy check in counter in an airport I passed out. I had rushed to the airport on an empty stomach. I have never forgotten the kindness of two strangers who picked me up stayed with me until I regained consciousness and gave me a hot drink that they had bought from the cafeteria. Having made sure I was OK they rushed off because their fight was already boarding. Yesterday I had some way of paying it forward. I went with some colleagues from my office for a dinner to a local very popular restaurant. It was peak business time and the restaurant was packed. We finally found a table in a corner for three of us. It was so crowded that the cleaning boy was just clearing our table as we were sitting down, while the waitress apologized for all the ... Read Full Story >>

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Dog-Gone Fun Movie

Last evening we went to see "The Secret Life of Pets" at our local community vintage movie theater. All seats $7.00 all the time! We worked so hard all weekend and wanted some fun, so we decided to see this new Disney animated movie. We laughed so hard and the animals reminded us of our pack!

There were 2 young girls behind us in line with their cash in hand. They were talking about splitting a soda and popcorn. Well, we could not have that! We purchased their movie tickets and gave them each $5.00 and told them to enjoy snacks on us. They told us they earned the money helping their mom's clean. They smiled and said "Thank you" with such sweetness.

We're going to make this a monthly date and give back at this small 1-room movie theater. Wonderful experience!

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The Pocket Watch

Last night I invited my ex husband's mother out for a meal. After the meal we came back to my house and sat and chatted. That's when she told me about the true value of the pocket watch.  She had nursed her brother Arthur when he was dying of cancer. He gave her an old pocket watch. He removed the old cord which had been on it for as long as she could remember, and with his mother's permission he attached it to one of his father's pocket watch chains. He was getting it ready to gift to her. A few weeks before he transitioned, the local priest came to speak to her. He knew the true value of the pocket watch and after much thought and prayers decided to share this story with her: A widow in the diocese was not only grieving her husband's death but she was also distressed about ... Read Full Story >>

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What I learned from a little girl at a train station

Lately, I had become so cynical about finding goodness in people looking at the happenings around the world. But I have also been pleasantly surprised by goodness in unexpected people. I am beginning to realize that goodness still exists in the world if only we have the grace to be surprised by goodness from unexpected people. A few weeks ago I had gone back to my hometown and I was traveling by train to visit a friend in the comfort of a new air-conditioned coach while it was blisteringly hot outside. After a few stations, the delivery man from the cafeteria in the train came around to deliver the pre-booked hot meals and drinks. Just behind him rushed in a young girl, maybe 9 or 10 years old obviously used to begging and put out her hand pleading for some food just with her gestures but no words. The food supplier was ... Read Full Story >>

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I've Learned

I've learned-- that sometimes the people you expect to kick you when you're down will be the ones to help you get back up. I've learned-- that sometimes when I'm angry I have the right to be angry, but that doesn't give me the right to be cruel. I've learned-- that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. The same goes for true love. I've learned-- that just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. I've learned-- that maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had and what you've learned from them and less to do with how many birthdays you've celebrated. I've learned-- that your family won't always be there for you. It may seem funny, but people you aren't related to can take care of you and love you and teach you to trust people again. Families aren't biological. I've learned-- that no matter how good a friend ... Read Full Story >>

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