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I Love Bombed This Pole

I love bombed this pole at the park behind my house with free take what you need and take a compliment printable. They are inspirational posters with a tear off compliment or inspirational word. 

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Day of Gratitude

I'm coming to the end of this very full day with a heart full of gratitude.  We then attended a lovely memorial service for the wife of a friend who works with my husband. She was a lovely woman and lived in the room next door to where my Dad now lives. She had the same illness as my dad-vascular dementia. We got to know her in the almost two and a half years he has lived there. But our real connection was with her husband. It was by his recommendation, when we were just about out of choices for a place for my dad, that we visited the facility where his wife was living. The moment we stepped in, we knew it was just perfect for dad and our search was over. We will be forever grateful for his help in guiding us to that place. Dad's place is very near where service ... Read Full Story >>

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Light At The End Of Dark Tunnel

I happened to face loneliness and difficulties which made me dull for a while. During, this time, when anyone approached me, respected me or supported me in smallest way, I noticed it and felt grateful. I had taken small gestures like being welcomed, thought-of or included  for granted. However, during this emotional phase, I noticed each of these and was humble, simple and thankful to others. I had built walls around myself and was keeping my distance (having dutiful relations, not friendly connections) with a few people (this even included family members) because of holding small grudges against them. During, this trying phase, when they were kind in little ways, i noticed it and was able to acknowledge and accept it.  I realize some of these walls were either shaken or partly broken. Now, if these same people are able to interact with me, invite me or call me; freely, as a friendly ... Read Full Story >>

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They Got Together To Show That They Care

Today at a meeting, one of the members stood up and explained a little bit about the challenges and heartache she is going through right now. She told us that she would really appreciate people calling and/or stopping by to visit as she is mostly house bound these days.

It took a great deal of courage to tell her story and ask for help and support. After the meeting a few of us got together and set up a schedule for one person to visit each day and at least one other person to call just to say "we care".  

Friends want to help -- they just don't always know how or realize the immediate needs.  Please don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help from your fiends.  It is a sign of trust and love.


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Serve Others

A friend has begun a widow's group that is focusing on facing issues of survivorship, learning how to live solo, combined with outings, volunteer opportunities, book reviews, etc... I'm so proud of her! It's not been an easy road since her beloved husband transitioned about 10 years ago. She has much wisdom and experience to help guide others thru such difficulties. After congratulating her on her initiative, she said that she had me to thank! I asked her to please explain. She said I had suggested for her to put her energies to good use instead of placing her perspective solely on loss and  "whining." Now, I don' t think I used that word exactly, but that's what she heard. And it made an impression. I've offered my support to teach a free intro yoga class. Fold origami doves. Give a talk on KindSpring, whatever she might need. Just so thrilled that friend has decided to ... Read Full Story >>

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Listening And Being Present For A New Friend

Saturday a homeless man came into our shop. Normally we are closed on Saturday but I was there working on some things. He started off talking about how he started a marketing company and wanted to see if he could help us. He then went into detail on his journey of jobs through life. He talked for 20 minutes, telling me many stories of his life adventures.

Though most times I might get impatient when someone talks a lot, this time I practiced just listening and being present for him. Though I wasn't able to use what he was offering, I wished him well and offered him some water for the rest of his journey. He thanked me for listening and for what he called therapy. Even when we cannot always help, we can always listen. It matters!

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Not Just My Maid

Today the temperature was too hot. My maid came up late for work, and when  I asked her the reason she said her mother was ill and she had to admit her to the hospital. She was very exhausted due to hot weather and  her hectic schedule. I offered her cold juice and then she said, "Madam, it's ok, I'm fine. There is no need of it." I replied "there is a need for this juice you are  thirsty and you need this energy drink". She drank then went to do her household chores. After completing her work she was about to leave, I called her and offered rice plate with dal. Again she refused - actually she is a very shy person.I knew she was hungry too. She ate with tears in her eyes.I told her "don't worry your mother will be fine as she is taking treatment and if there is ... Read Full Story >>

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The Special Way She Celebrates Her Birthday Had her Friends Wanting To Do The Same

I love my very close best friend who is very generous, kind, loving, caring, and helpful. She is always helping out people in need. Her profession is a lawyer,  but she is very kind at heart and very humble as a person.

Every year on her birthday she visits an orphanage  and gifts the little ones with some toys, some eatables, or sometimes what they really are in need of.

This birthday she made a promise to share her kindness act with her friends in their circle meeting. Her friends all decided to celebrate their birthdays in the orphanage and gift the children with various snacks! So now, on every members birthday, they come together to spread joy and love to those children who really want someone to love them.

There are almost 380 children in house. My friend does every bit she can to help the needy.  Maybe we could also promise to celebrate our birthdays with orphaned children. We could love them and bring more smiles to their faces. Anyone care to join us?

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Learning About A Religion Not My Own

Tonight I went to a program at the local library to learn more about a religion that isn't mine. A gentleman was there from the local mosque to explain the Muslim "Call to Prayer." It was so helpful of him to share the beautiful recordings of Adhan, answer questions and share his faith with us in a friendly and non judgmental way. The audience was very curious and supportive of him. It is beautiful when we all share in the love that makes the world go round!

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A Dog With 7 Puppies were Found Tied to a Bicycle Rack

My soon-to-be daughter-in-law Maria, who lives in Raleigh, NC, found a mother mixed breed dog tied up to a bicycle rack with 7 puppies near her in a large tub.

Now, three weeks later, she has found homes for Momma "Minnie Moo" and her puppies. Maria brought the puppies to a no-kill shelter where they were all held together until the puppies were ready to be weaned and adopted. They were also flea dipped and vaccinated, and Mama dog was spayed. Then Maria put up flyers and spoke with family and friends at church and in their community. She raised $500 for the shelter in donations for their "stay".

I am grateful for her persistence in turning what could have been a tragedy into a dog wagging (p)aw-esome ending. πŸΎπŸ’•πŸΎπŸ’•

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"There Are Plenty of Good People In The World"

Offered to pay for the Subway sandwich of the ambulance driver behind me in line. He politely declined, saying, "Thanks, but pay for someone who needs it. I'm independently wealthy!" he joked. So, I purchased a gift card for a price of a meal (plus tax), to do as he requested. Then he gave me the choice of a cookie that came with his meal, since he was diabetic. Gave him a dove, and the cashier as well, because doves are sugar-free and always welcome with their message of Peace. And wouldn't you know, on the way back to my car, gave the the Statue of Liberty man waving at folks (to draw them into a business) the gift card!!! The Universe so presents those opportunities when we are open to them. The Statue of Liberty man was so grateful and said that someone else had bought him a sandwich a few days ago and that there ... Read Full Story >>

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In The Right Place At The Right Time

I went out early today to do some volunteering and after my event was over, I went for lunch at a place I don't go to that often. Usually, I would take the bus home from there, but I decided to walk home instead of taking the bus, to get some exercise.

On my walk home, I saw someone's student ID and transit card had been dropped by the bus stop. I decided to get home and try to track her down online so I could get try to get them back to her as soon as possible. I sent her a Facebook message and I am making arrangements to meet up with her to get them back to her.

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A Kindness Opportunity For An Elderly Couple

Today when paying for mine and my family's dinners, I noticed an elderly couple. For some reason I was drawn to them and I noticed they only had bowls of soup. Something inside said to pay for their dinner.
I was paying for their meal when the elderly gent came up to the counter. I hadn't meant for him to see me, but he did. He stood there, shocked, and I just shook his hand and said have a good evening and pass it on. I felt it might have been hard for him,financially. I had forgotten my smile cards, but he smiled and waved when they left and I felt warm inside.

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Just a Smile, That's All It Took

During lunch out today I got a bit upset and decided to pop to the bathroom to have a moment to myself to re-center. When I went through the curtain, I was really confused as there was an elderly lady doing her make up in the mirror, but I couldn't see the door to the toilet!

She obviously saw me looking confused as she pointed it out and ushered me in with a giant smile. When I came out I held back to wait for her to finish at the sink, but she grabbed me by the arm and hauled me over.

She then pulled towels for me and passed them over. And when the paper bin lid wouldn't lift, we did it together and had a good laugh. All without a word being spoken and her smiling hugely throughout!

When I got back to the table all I remembered was that lady's smile, and totally forgot that I was feeling upset. 

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Meals on Wheels

I do this so often. Too often that I rarely post about it. I did post about it once so some of you may know and remember. My father lives not too far from me and since my mother died 7 years ago is alone.

He cooks. But not the nutritious yummy meals that one does when cooking for more than one. Which is why I always cook extra and put some aside for him.

He calls me his "meals on wheels ". I love that. Love that I can give back to my daddy in other ways after all he has given me πŸ’–

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My Sunday Smile

A while ago waiting for my daughter I indulged myself with a coffee of which I used to be so dependent of that when I stopped it I had headache for days. So while I was enjoying my rare moment, I was intrigued by an old men who seemed not well. I could not see his face to be sure, as it was laid between his folded arms on the table, he had a long warm coat, and a big backpack which made me think he could be a homeless. I quit wondering, went to his table patted him on the arm and asked him "are you ok? "He raised his head and mumbled something, nodding yes.I realized by the strong smell that he was indeed a homeless man. I asked him if he is hungry and I could not understand his answer but I didn't gave up, asked him if he would like ... Read Full Story >>

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The Kindness of My Friend

I babysat tonight. My friend left me dinner, and it was all vegan! I was so surprised! I was planning on eating at home afterwards, so it was a fantastic surprise. I cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes, watered the garden and took my 'charge' out to the park. My friend paid me generously - so that's petrol money and some grocery money. I did wonder if it is her way of helping us financially, I'll do a few freebie babysitting gigs for her I think.

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Small Act Of Kindness In Geometry Class

People in my honors geometry class were having trouble with their work. I helped them with the worksheet and made sure they understood what was happening. For some reason, I knew what I was doing. I knew this probably because one of the smartest kids in my class kind of tutored me in it.

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My Soup Kitchen Family

The soup kitchen where I've volunteered on Saturdays for a very long time has become like another family---the folks who come there I have seen over many many years.

A light bulb went off in my head the other day as I was sending a care package to my son who is away at college---some of the things I was sending him would be very useful to folks who come to the soup kitchen, so I got extra for them as well!

I always bring bags of whatever we have growing (lemons, oranges, etc.) but this felt even better.
I love the heart-heart human connections that have grown over the years there.

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Manifesting Love πŸ’—

I've been doing a lot of internal work lately. I completed my Reiki course last week and really enjoyed it. At the same time I've been working on the Law of Attraction. Last night I decided I would manifest something for Valentine's Day, a card or something from someone who I really liked and who liked me too. I called to my sister Berni's house today and as I was leaving she gave me this gift. She said it's for Tuesday week. I was confused, it's a gift for Valentine's Day lol! ! She's never done this before in her life. Such a beautiful sister and I just love her and Philip so much. They are unbelievably good to me. I'll put this story in the Birthday book I'm making for her Birthday just to make her smile. Berni and her husband Philip met the criteria of my manifestation, guess I should have ... Read Full Story >>

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