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Inspiration To Go Ahead and Act

I started volunteering at a school 2 weeks back. They wanted me to come up with ideas on how students can be involved in kindness projects in the community. After two weeks of just talking about ideas, I was feeling my hands twitching to actually do something and bring out the enthusiasm of RAKs {Random Acts of Kindness] in the students and teachers by doing something for them.

We created this post-it wall of "Inspiration TO-GO" at the end of the day so that parents, students and teachers will see it as they come in the next morning :-). As we were writing the messages on each post-it, we felt like some messages were made just for us and we just posted them around our desk. We hope more people will find a message that will speak to them and they will take it.
We also left some blank post-its and a pen for them to add to the wall.

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Big Doses of Happiness

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to spend time with some high school students and share ideas on starting kindness challenges in schools. These were students who already had the intention and only wanted a headway. I shared quite many kindness stories from KindSpring and a number of inspiring videos from KARMATUBE. As I spoke, eyes sparkled, heads nodded and hearts connected. It didn't take long for the energy to shift. 

Later, I received a message from the head of the student council which read, "Thank you. I just want to tell you that I appreciate your visit and time. I got feedback from some of the students and they described your talk as incredibly motivating. It gave them a big dose of happiness. After you left, everyone was holding doors and complimenting each other."

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Making an Effort to Help Strangers

I have a wonderful story about this young man, Connor. He was helping a family in front of me that was scraping pennies (literally) and only had less than $3 on their EBT card. The change was on the conveyor belt and rolled down under the counter. He tried his hardest to get them all. He asked them again how much they had left on their card (EBT), which was less than $3.

As he was counting it all out he knew they didn’t have enough. He got his own wallet out and put $2 in so they could get the few items they had. When he did it, he did it like it was no big deal.

This young man went above and beyond for this customer and I would love to see him  recognized for being an outstanding employee. What an act of selflessness and kindness to help someone less fortunate.

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Mother and Daughter Spend the Day Caring for Vulnerable Dogs and Cats

My 15 year old daughter is my inspiration. Last year she and I rescued several hurt street puppies and we had the stray momma dog vaccinated and neutered by a local animal rescue here in Mumbai, India where we live as expats. We have been meaning to go volunteer at the shelter ever since. I was recently feeling the nudge to serve more, so I scheduled a Saturday visit. My daughter had social invites and was torn, but she also felt the nudge to visit the shelter so planned to go join her friends later in the day. We piled up old blankets, sheets and pillows to take along and donate. On arriving and touring we encountered 500 dogs and 200 cats being cared for at this shelter. After the tour we served meals and gave snuggles to the puppies in the sick/injured puppy ward. We held and comforted those who would clearly ... Read Full Story >>

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Tales From The Harp, Creating Sacred Spaces

I almost didn't go to my Hospice volunteer harp shift yesterday. Didn't sleep so well. But I felt I had to go see a person I had played for twice before. When I arrived, she was receiving communion so I played for another for a half hour. This quiet man had his daughter with him and we shared a bit about playing the piano. She rubbed his back as I played my harp and sometimes he conducted in the air. The room was full of peace. When I entered the room of the woman I felt summoned by, she beckoned me to her bedside and said she had been hoping I would come. We held hands. I shared that I felt I could not ignore a message to harp for her today. A friend in the room said God was tapping me on the shoulder. My patient asked if I would ... Read Full Story >>

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A Gift from a Pharmacist

When our cat was in for dental surgery recently, his glucose was a little high, and the vet wanted to retest as the cat was super stressed when he finally arrived that morning. As stress can elevate blood glucose to as much as double, we went about finding how to sneak up on him as he sleeps in front of the fire and test him at home, thus avoiding another stressful trip and perhaps inaccurate reading to follow. We had gotten a kit earlier, then found no strips were included. So last night my husband stopped at the pharmacy to get a few glucose test strips for our cat. The cost? $70 a box. My husband's jaw dropped. "It's for our cat!" and he explained the situation. The pharmacist asked for what brand of tester we had gotten and a few other questions. He then figured out a store brand tester was ... Read Full Story >>

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When We Look Outside Ourselves

Generosity is within us. It lies in that second that we choose to look outside of ourselves, and be connected to the world.

Today as I was walking home, taking a shortcut through the subway station, an old lady asked me to open the gate for her. While doing it, I asked her where she was going, and I realized that she got confused and was actually heading in the wrong direction!

I advised her of that and offered to walk with her to the location she specified. We walked, chatted, crossed all the red lights (she refused to stop at any :-) ) and hugged at the end (I asked her first...).


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Flowers for Patience in the Checkout Line

After having lunch with friend on Friday, we ducked into a grocery store to pick up a few items. I think each of us had three items in our hands. The check-out lines consisted of people with overflowing carts.

We chose the line with the customer who had the smaller cart, relatively speaking. The customer told both of us to go ahead of her. We protested but she insisted and also indicated that she was in no hurry. We both thanked her, but the nicest surprise was that the checker told the bagger (in a very soft voice) to bring the customer a bouquet of flowers.

So nice that the employees are encouraged to reward customers that go above and beyond.

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Sharing The Rice, Sharing the Love

There is a Victory Kitchen in a town we often visit. They offer a free hot meal to anyone who needs it, serving a largely poor section of town. A number of the population in that area seem to have southern roots, so those kind of foods get served.

We had been gifted with more rice than than we could use before it went bad, so we gave them a twenty pound bag. I like the thought of a hot plate of red beans and rice warming someone's insides while the caring of those running the kitchen offers warmth to the hearts of the struggling. 

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Supporting and Encouraging Each Other to Pay it Forward

The deadline to submit the personal project was Thursday. Though my son had everything ready well ahead of time - crazy ideas popped up at the last minute. All of a sudden he wanted to remake the video as he wasn’t quite satisfied with what he'd done. He hence approached one of his classmate who happily agreed to come to the rescue. The night before the due date, the two of them skyped for hours getting the video ready. Finally, past midnight, it was done and all of us could have a restful night.   The next evening when my son returned home, he was filled with remorse. His kind friend had spent the entire time helping him and ended not completing his own. My son was overcome with  guilt and he kept thinking of ways to pay the help he had received forward.  Just then he got a call from another classmate who ... Read Full Story >>

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There is Always Time to Paws

On my walk with my puppy, Luna. I met an old woman on a walker who wanted to pet Luna. Soon the walk signal came and Luna and I went on our way.

When we crossed the street my heart tugged and we decided to wait for the woman all the while taking some breaths. I asked the woman's helper if she would like to give a treat. She was excited and so was Luna who did a lovely sit for her. It was so good to see the old lady smiling. The power of dogs and breathing cannot be overestimated. Such healing effects for everyone, and it's free!

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Right Place at the Right Time

I was visiting Glacier National Park this past summer on my annual road trip. I was parked in a lot near the park entrance, lacing up hiking boots, when I overheard a man ask someone if they had jumper cables, to which the stranger sadly said "no." I travel in a tiny Miata, packed to the top with gear for a two-week stint, but I always travel with a self-contained power unit with built-in jumper cables. I quickly approached the unlucky driver with an offer of assistance. It turns out he was visiting the park with a group of underprivileged teens, and the borrowed van was not running well. Within a few minutes, the man's van was running, and I was repacking my charger in my car's tiny trunk. The man called me an "angel," and the feeling I got from being able to help buoyed me up the rest of the ... Read Full Story >>

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Card-Making Party to Send to Hospitalized Children

This event was a huge success, with a full table of card-makers for a solid 3 hours.So much creativity and community building! From babes and their moms, seniors between fitness classes, to employees on their breaks -- everyone who joined in had such beautiful energy to share. Plus, friends and fellow colorers/health club members had made cards at home and brought them in to share --- about 150!!! Valentine's Day cards and general thinking of you cards. All made with love and healing in mind. And you know what was REALLY COOL???? A husband and wife team, asked if their church youth group could use any of the supplies left to make cards at their meeting tonight to add to our donation! Of course they were welcome to use what was left to keep spreading love! There were so any WOW moments and that, for me, was a sure sign of grace and ... Read Full Story >>

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No Boundaries for Helping Others

The other day I stopped to have a chat with a homeless man on a busy corner. I don't like giving money to people without talking to them. So we were having a chat about where he was sleeping (under the stairs at the top of the hill - I knew where he meant) when a guy who had crossed the road with arms full of parcels dropped a large packet of toilet paper at the man's feet.

The plastic shopping bag had broken and the toilet paper dropped out. My new homeless friend jumped up and tried to help the guy in the first instance to get the parcel back together, asks him where he is going and then offers to help him up the stairs.

At this point I notice my homeless friend has his arm in a sling. Anyway, he turns to me and asks me to mind his cup full of donated coins while he helps the shopper up the stairs. So I did. When he came back we shook hands, said 'God bless' to each other and I was off back to work with my morning coffee.

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This Month Has Been Miraculous

This month has been one of the most challenging and most beautiful months of my life. I suppose that's what happens when you're dealing with life and death. Just before Christmas, as many of you know, my Grandmother passed away. We'd been taking care of her at home after her stroke, and it was difficult to watch her slowly drift away from us. At the same time, it was incredible to see the love of family and friends, as they pulled around us to support us during a very painful time. When she finally passed, I resolved to do 92 acts of kindness in January -- one act of kindness for every year of her life -- as a testament to her memory. I wrote an article where I outlined my project, and I updated it frequently to keep track of each act of kindness. Then very suddenly, miracles began to roll ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness at the Airport

While I was waiting to board the next flight, a gentleman came and took the empty seat beside me and started a conversation over the phone. I couldn't help but listen to his story where he shared this random act of kindness he had just done.

At the food court, he noticed a group of about 15 students who were traveling to take part in a competition. Seeing that they were quite hesitant to spend  money he decided to pay for them.

He asked each of them to come forward, order a meal and enjoy the treat. The boys were moved and couldn't help but thank the generous man, who in turn couldn't hold in his happiness. In fact his smile of satisfaction infected us, too. It was  a good distraction from the tedious boredom of waiting.

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Warming Smile and Something to Eat

We have a lot of people begging in the streets here in Egypt. I try to give them food or something they can actually use rather than just giving them money.

So I always try to have a bag of sweets in my car so whenever anyone asks for money I ask if they would like something to eat instead. Sometimes people just take the food and leave or they actually decline the food and say they want money instead.

One day I saw this mother who was carrying her baby and she asked for money - I told her I have food if she wants some, she thanked me a lot and I gave her the whole bag. She thanked me again and called for the rest of her kids to come and eat something. Her smile really made my day.

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Accidental Kindness

This morning started off very unusually for me; I was rear-ended and as a result, my car and the other woman's car are un-drivable. Luckily no one was hurt.

Remembering all of the love and kind messages I have been reading, instead of being angry with this poor woman who was crying, I invited her into my car to warm up (it is 8 degrees). She and I chatted and shared information while we were waiting for the police. She soon stopped crying and we ended up parting ways smiling.

Thank you for inspiring me to keep kindness in my heart. With out it, this morning could have gone very differently.

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Time Is The Best Gift

Made and delivered dinner to my friend's teenaged kids who are on their own for several days while their parents are out of the country. The older one (who is in college) was very appreciative of the home cooked meal!

Then went to deliver food to our elderly friend who just moved into a senior living community. He is still settling in, and when I went to his place I thought I would just be stopping by for a few minutes, but I could tell he really wanted company so I stayed for a while, took a walk with him and gave him a tour of the nearby library. He told me I was his first visitor and he was really glad that I came.

I realized later that probably more than the home cooked food, he really valued the time I spent with him. Even though it wasn't what I had planned, I'm glad it turned out that way (I even checked out a library book for him on my card since he doesn't have one yet!)

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Makng A Little Boy Happy and Saving an Ice Cream Cake

On Saturday it was really hot and I was waiting for a taxi. I saw lady, a mother, and her little boy sitting in the shopping trolly. He gave his Mum a hug. I thought he looked tired and I was moved by his hugging his mum, so I got out some chocolate coins I had bought and I approached the lady and asked if her boy was allowed chocolates. She said yes and I gave the little boy the chocolates. Oh, he was so happy! You would have thought I'd given him the moon. He had brown eyes that became huge, he was so excited. (I think more by the golden foil.) He was so cute and if he had been my nephew I'd have wanted to tickle his tummy. I chatted to the lady and she told me she had an ice cream Birthday Cake and feared it would melt. ... Read Full Story >>

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