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Help During A Cold And Snowy Morning

I got up at 4 am to receive a call from my daughter who needed my help getting home from the snowy mountains. After I helped her get a cab, I noticed that I was out of cigarettes so I bundled up and went to the gas station up the street to buy some. As I got there, I saw a young man wrapped in a very thin blanket, trying to keep out of the snow. I went in and bought my smokes, then as I walked out, this gentleman asked me for a cigarette. I gave him three and left, but suddenly I realized I had to do something for him. I couldn't just go home, so I went back and asked him if he wanted a coffee. He said "yes please" so I went in and got him an extra large cup and something to eat. Then I gave him whatever ... Read Full Story >>

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It All Started With Her Young Son's Bicycle Tire

When you are kind, the world becomes kind. This was my son's experience last week. He went out biking but as soon as he was out on the track, the tire gave way. While he was struggling, a stranger stopped by to help him carry the bike home and while they were doing so, a lady in a car saw them and offered to give them a ride home. These two encounters left my son in awe for the world. He was beaming and couldn't stop saying: "People are really good!"

He in turn wanted to do something nice the next evening. On our return home from the temple, we picked up two boxes of doughnuts, one for our friend's daughter and the other for my son. As soon as my husband and I handed him the doughnuts, he went around the car park offering one to each cleaner and helper.

That spontaneous act of kindness made us parents very happy. :)

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Overweight Baggage

I was at the airport a few days ago, to take a flight from Pune to Bangalore. I was at the check in counter in good time, there was absolutely no queue. I unfortunately was overweight (still working on living a minimalistic life =P) and had to step away to go reshuffle my luggage between check-in and hand carry. By the time I got back to the counter, there was a line of about 20 people before me.

 As I stood there, the gentleman who assists lifting bags onto the weigh scale at the counter (who'd assisted me a little while before), made eye contact with me and we smiled at each other. He then came up to me, took my bag to another counter, weighed it for me to check if all was good. He then came to me, took my bag went to the desk, got me checked in and handed me my boarding pass! All without saying anything :) He really didn't need to do that...It made me smile all the way to the flight :)

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Christmas Basket of Love and Support

My beautiful 18-year-old daughter was admitted to psychiatric care. I visited her every day twice a day. She was the only patient who had visitors at every session; some were lucky to have a visitor once a week.  I was asked by the patients to prepare a Christmas basket on their behalf for the nursing staff, and I was given enough money to put together a luxury basket. My colleague Olive came into my classroom when I was attempting to make the basket while students were out. She could see I was exhausted and unwell as I struggled putting the basket together. Olive took over and made a great job of the basket then carried it to my car. When I brought the basket to the patients, they were absolutely delighted. I was there when they presented it to the nursing staff; they'd never been given anything like this before and they ... Read Full Story >>

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Nursing Home Love Connection

There is a lady at the nursing home where my Dad is, and one day she stopped as she rolled her wheelchair down the hallway to tell me she loved my sweater. We talked for awhile and I thanked her, and since then every time I see her we beam at each other and take each other's hand. She's just a doll, and has the dearest smile, and today as I was leaving, I saw her in the lobby. We grabbed each other's hands and smiled. I told her how good it was to see her again, and she said the same, and as I got ready to leave, she told me to be careful and to get home safe, and then she said "I love you." Well, my heart was so full I could've burst, and I told her I loved her too. I could tell she was worried that I ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing Warmth and Love

My friend waited at home with me the other evening whilst her partner drove mine and my son to the health centre. In the course of our conversation we ended up looking inside a big wardrobe I have, where winter coats are stored. There was my very hippy knitted pixie hood jacket in there in the brightest of fiery colours. I could almost feel my friend's eyes light up and her arms reach out when she spotted it. So I gave it to her and she was so excited. She wore it for the rest of the evening, and if I'm honest with myself I enjoyed having it more than I enjoyed actually wearing it. Afterwards I realized how easy it had been to part with. I'm fortunate to have so much 'stuff' and friends to share it with.   ... Read Full Story >>

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Seeing The Aged Pup's Beautiful Soul And Embracing A Floral Gift

The lady was on the wide walkway as were my hubby and I. Her white-muzzled dog was behind her moving slowly. The dog caught my gaze and he grinned in a precious toothy tongue lolling way. I smiled back and asked if I could pet him. The lady nodded and as I reached out to pet the dog, he met my hand with a doggie kiss.

"These are for you," the lady said as she then handed me a bouquet from her cutting garden just beyond the walkway," for seeing my dog's beautiful soul".

Tonight back in our hotel room the flowers now in a vase, I am reminded of the importance of seeing others beautiful souls, furry friends included.

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Desparate Times, Extraordinary Effort

The drizzle had just stopped in the late night today when I walked on the streets. Coming in the opposite direction was a woman, perhaps in her 40's or early 50's carrying a small bucket and curiously looking left and right as if looking for something in the streets. She had an air of desperation around her and after observing her I noticed that she would fish out something from the ground every once in a while. Curious, I decided to turn around and follow her because we were walking in opposite directions. Perhaps she sensed me following her because she immediately sped up and as a result, I decided to slow down and enter a nearby store. I decided she probably needed help even though she wasn't asking in particular. So I bought her some food from the store and put some cash in the grocery bag. Then I ran after her ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing a Tiny Space with Big Heart

On his way home, my husband noticed a family struggling in the middle of the road with their malfunctioning car. Though he was dead tired having worked for twelve hours, he stopped to give them a ride in his tiny car.

The family of six struggled to make place for each other and my husband expressed how apologetic he was as his car wasn't too comfortable for the family. The father then replied, "Your car is small, but your heart is BIG, so thank you for your generosity."

It's always nice to do whatever we can to make a difference!

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Letting Others In

When you give out kindness and being friendly to others, it does come back. We have just finished having the whole house painted. It was hard to live around this. But I supplied good coffee and beautiful biscuits. We didn't complain and moved the furniture each night so the painting could be done easily. I became friends with this young man over the two weeks while he painted. We weren't going to paint the bathroom area as it made living there too difficult and were going to arrange it for September. He talked to me about getting it done quickly for me and also did the front door in this fantastic high gloss paint. When we went to pay him he said the bathroom and door were a gift to us. I was stunned. He explained that we had made him so welcome that he wanted to do this. On the last day we ... Read Full Story >>

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A Child's Truth

This kindness really touched me, and it looks like it may ripple for years to come.

Probably the best note I have ever gotten from a student in 21 years of teaching. This was spontaneous, not an assignment. Had to frame it. Let me translate:

"I will write perfect. I will never break a rule. I will clean my desk. I will get blue money (classroom cash). I will go to college. I will have a job. I will become the boss of all the knuckleheads. I will participate. I will have a growth mindset. I will never bully. I will be nice. I promise."

#AprilRAOK #BeKindToOneAnother

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A Perfect Gift for a Star Wars Fan

My beautiful mother in law offered a Star Wars R2D2 cookie jar to us asking if we would like it. How fabulous! I could have taken it and kept it, but I knew it would be far more loved and appreciated so much more by someone other than me, a Star Wars fan.

Although I appreciate its greatness, Star Wars isn't my thing. But I do so happen to know a man who for him, Star Wars is most certainly a "thing". A BIG thing!

So I decided to wrap it, purchase a brand new big bag of chocolate chip cookies to go with it, and gift it to him, a teacher who will love it so much more than any of us ever could. And I love that. Love that I thought of him, love that my mother in law gifted it so openly. And love that I took the time this morning to package it all perfectly to deliver later today.

Life is good when you fill it with love and kindness. Especially a kindness that hasn't only come from you, but from another also. You simply pass it on. 💕

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Kindness for Kindness

I don’t consider myself a touchy-feely, feel-good sort of person. I’m more into hit-and-run acts of kindness—that thing where you do something nice then run away before the recipient realizes what’s just happened. 

We sold our pet sitter one of our old cars and hold the note on it and today we’re going to let him know that we are closing the loan out early because he’s so good with our animals, and dependable, and kind, and just needs a break. Except that we’re going to do it a letter that we hand him as we are walking out the door. That way we can avoid the whole awkward ‘Thank you’ thing. Because it isn’t about being thanked, it’s about lifting someone else’s burden, even for just a minute.

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Understand with the Heart

I was visiting my Dad at the nursing home where he's still recovering from the spinal surgery, and when I was heading down the hall to leave, this dear elderly man with beautiful blue eyes and a shock of white hair asked me to help him. He had a little trouble speaking, and so I knelt down and held his hand and asked him what he needed, and he wanted his shoes. I told him that I didn't work,there, but would go get his nurse and we'd find his shoes for him. Well, God love him, he continued to try and speak, but I couldn't understand what he was trying to say, and so I went and found his nurse, and then held his hand again and looked into his eyes and said, "It's okay, sir, she's getting your shoes now. Everything is okay." Well, the smile he gave me was just ... Read Full Story >>

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Inspiring Fun

I belong to a group of seniors called "Seniors Acting Up" We entertain at Care Homes. We wear costumes and do skits, songs, jokes... We like to put smiles on the faces of old folks who don't have a lot of fun in their lives. After one show a patient went to the piano and played beautifully. The aide said they had been trying to get her to play for two years! Experiences like this make us feel good! ... Read Full Story >>

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Ripples At The Bakery

They came into the bakery with their father. A little brother and sister; both were very respectful and receptive to the man who held the door open for them. Their upbeat "thank you's" really made an impression on me. When I received my change, I gave each of them  £1 and explained that I was so impressed with their good manners. Their dad was not buying pastries, only bread. He allowed them to take the money. I left the bakery and as I was coming out of another shop I bumped into them again, each carefully carrying their little treat in a little bakery bag so that it did not get damaged. They waved to me and smiled; we were now friends. As I smiled back and walked to my car I thought of their eagerness to relay this event to mum. A simple act of kindness starting with the man who ... Read Full Story >>

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Celebrate with Giving

To celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, Mary and I bought 5 scratchers [lottery tickets] and 5 Gerber Daisies. Then, we looked for couples out and about.

For each couple, we introduced ourselves and told them we were celebrating our silver wedding anniversary by spreading love and luck to other couples.

Reactions were great! Some were shocked at first, but everyone was smiling by the end. Gave our luck and love to couples who'd been married 23 years, 39 years, 48 year, and 59 years.

We also gave a set to our 18 year old daughter and her boyfriend. One couple wouldn't take the scratcher, but gladly took the flower, so we gave the scratcher to a woman with a sign reading "Anything helps."

What a wonderful way to share our celebration with others!

##AprilRAOK #BeKindToOthers

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Ramping it Up

I am helping a doctor to make an addition to a hospital . The hospital needs to provide an emergency exit in the form of a ramp for the hospital building which has four floors. I am helping the hospital owners to build this ramp made up of steel sections. We hope to complete this work soon, so the patients will receive the benefit. It is all about people.   ... Read Full Story >>

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Anything Will Help

I try to keep a bag in my car with items for those who might be in need, but I ran out a few weeks ago.

I went to the 99 Cent Store yesterday to stock up. I made two bags in the parking lot with a few items: trail mix, dried pineapple, toothbrush, toothpaste, and bandages.

As I drove out, there was a man sitting with a sign that said anything would help. I told him I had a bag and told him what was in it, and asked if any of the items would be helpful.

He said anything would be great. When I gave him the bag, he was delighted. I guess he didn't expect to get all of the items. He thanked me a bunch. I told him we were meant to find each other that day.

I still have one bag left. Next time I need to remember to add water bottles and socks.

#AprilRAOK #BeKindToOneAnother

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Timeless Smiles

This morning when I was taking the goats to the forest, my eye was caught by a scrap of paper under a bush. It must have been there since one of our summer courses. I bet it's author didn't imagine it would be brightening someone's day all these months later!

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