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Fill A Bucket

One of the members of the teen council at the teen center where I volunteer saw this idea and asked if we could do it at the Teen Center and use the money for special projects to help the community, It has only been up a few days, but the it has been amazing to watch the kids add change to the "bucket". I am so proud of these kids! (The bucket pictured below is from the web.)

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Conscious Decisions

Today I made a conscious decision to practice loving kindness meditation, to send out loving energies to those my heart does not welcome. I am choosing to do this because I understand that without a proactive decision to love and care I will become the very thing I have lived my life standing against. I cannot say I live by "be the change you wish to see in the world" when times are easy and forget it when times are not. I will continue to do this until one day my heart no longer recognizes who was not there from the start.

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More Than Just Legal Qualifications

I was really anxious when I had to enlist the expertise of a solicitor/lawyer. My life was in shatters and my esteem was at an all-time-low and my anxiety through the roof. It had to be done though. I had to wade through the mud in the vain hope that eventually I'd come out the other side of the dark muddy tunnel cleaner. I'm talking about legal separation from my husband. Though this was an unpleasant experience, Janice, my solicitor, was very supportive. Professional, yet supportive. I got on well with her and we did laugh a lot once I started to relax. I remember her telling me it made her day to see me. I protested my life was a mess and I wasn't interested in spending a clean fortune to divulge it to her and 'make her day'. We both laughed. I remember Janice sending me a bill for her ... Read Full Story >>

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In The Midst Of A Storm, Kindness Made It's Way Through

Made several meals for my friend and her daughter---the daughter just got released today from the hospital after a severe illness and I asked my friend what dishes she might enjoy during her recovery at home.

They live really far away,  and we are in the midst of a big storm, so I'm entrusting another friend who lives on the same street as her (and works with me) to be my delivery person tomorrow after work! She's not able to have visitors yet, so I'm glad there is something I could do to cheer her.

It also made me realize that if you are the one in a tough situation it's always good to tell people how they can help you, because people want to help, but sometimes don't know what to do. I'm so glad that my friend felt able to let us know how we could help her.

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It takes a Village

This was our place at about 3pm. By 7pm the roads were impassable without a 4x4. My younger son's school taxi crashed on it's way to collect him from the bus, and he was stranded in a local village.

The bus driver realized the taxi wasn't there so found two local ladies to take responsibility for him before he left again. The ladies let him use their phone to ring me and stayed with him for over an hour until someone with a suitable vehicle could be found to bring him home.

When he finally got home, he had a fistful of biscuits and chorizo and had enjoyed his adventure far more than I did stuck at home worrying about him!

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A Quarter's Worth Of Happiness

Used the money changer machine to turn some dollars into quarters, then preloaded various candy vending machines.

This is one of my favorite random things to do!

Gives me a smile when I think of a child finding and feeling special with their good fortune.

That's a lot of happiness for a few quarters!

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An Elderly Woman's Cry Led To This Beautiful Act Of Kindness And Connection

As I was walking around Residential care this afternoon, I heard a lot of yelling and crying coming from one of the rooms. I had actually tried to connect with this little lady a few weeks ago but she can't speak English and has dementia. A caregiver was in with her and speaking but the lady wasn't responding. I took the lady into the bathroom and she was crying and looking in the mirror. To calm her down I started to brush her hair, it was soaking. The caregiver left and I grabbed a small towel and dried her hair as well as gently rubbing her head. She just kept crying and was terribly upset. So I wrapped my arms around her, rubbed her back and hugged her. At the same time, I was talking very quietly to her and rocking her. She sobbed in my arms. When she calmed down I sat with ... Read Full Story >>

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Hoku, The Little 1st Grader And Her Blue Post-it Notes

This is not a pity story, but my past weeks were filled with negativism, cruel remarks, and hopelessness and despair! I was feverishly working at my little office next to the Health Office, trying to input results from about 150 students' screenings. Little Hoku walked in: "I have a tummy ache." She said. "Okay, do you want to go to the Health Office or lie down, perhaps?".  I asked. "No, I want to sit right next to you." This was interesting, I knew Hoku.  She had to come to the Health Office everyday before lunch for her medications. Although I always spoke to her, she never replied to me. I kept working. "You know I'm a good drawer." She expressed. "I'm sure you are!" I responded. Still typing, I saw that she had "filched" my blue post-it note stack. The next thing I knew, there was a blue post-it stuck to my ... Read Full Story >>

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The Difficult Woman I Found Loving-Kindness For

This week I posted I had started practicing a loving kindness meditation. I had an experience today that was so amazing I have to share. I actually saw the woman I sent loving energy to during the part of the practice where you think of someone you consider difficult and send loving kindness, as you can. Usually when I see her, I am sorry to say, I do not think well of her based on her past behavior towards myself and others. Today when I saw her it was as if I was observing her for the first time. I cannot say I was overfilled with love---but I did not have any negative thoughts or vibes! I am so grateful for this---to where I came back to my job and did a 10 minute meditation until my client was ready to be picked up. I have been struggling with the ugliest of emotions ... Read Full Story >>

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Scarves For The Homeless

😊From Baby Blankets to Scarves.....

I have, for now, switched my crochet "give-always", from blankets for babies, to scarves for the homeless. The switch was motivated by mindyjourney's post about providing scarves for the homeless population in South Dakota. Another KindSpring inspired RAK.

Love & light in every stitch is my crochet mantra. Blessed to serve.❤️

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The Girl At The Bus Station

Last Friday was a cold day, and the bus was due to come in about 15 minutes. Sometimes I am ok waiting but not this day, so I went to the nearby convenience store and came back to the station where a  junior high school girl was still there,  waiting for the bus too. I gave her one of the two warm cocoa cans I bought and we had a little talk while warming our hands with the hot cocoa. She is to have her high school entrance exam in a week so I told her a few encouraging words. I left her happy,  she thanked me and told me she wished to see me again. I smiled and thanked her very gratefully, nodding yes, the bus had already stopped and I had to hurry away.  We may never see each other again but I am grateful to her for saying "wish I could meet ... Read Full Story >>

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Foster Kids

Just saw a dad talk about his childhood, which was so bad, so much abuse in several ways. Then he got transferred to foster care, which didn't improve his situation much. He left home at a young age, fleeing and homeless.

Most of all he felt unloved and unwanted. He adopted later on in life, and was shocked that even nowadays, foster kids get a trash bag when they move.They adopted 4 kids and started an organization that helps foster children move with 'Comfortcases'. 
Here is a great video that shares more. Get the hankies ready!

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Solidarity With Our Muslim Neighbors

Last week a public prayer demonstration was held to support our Muslim neighbors, at their community center.

HUNDREDS of people showed up in the rain! I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies to share.

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Following My Instincts

Two weeks ago, on a Sunday, as I flew home from Georgia, I noticed a young girl in the row (18E) across from me. She was a bit younger than my own daughter, maybe 15 or 16 years of age. Her demeanor was very purposefully seeking, it was from her eyes that there was a tremendous outpouring of connection. Those beautiful blue eyes, the "window to her soul" was what my instincts vibrated with. Seated next to her on either sides were two much older adults, a woman and a man. The girl followed me to the airline bathroom. She motioned to go into the lavatory ahead of me, which I allowed, as it was instinctual. She was quick to exit, and she said, "please use this one." rather than the second lavatory that was also unoccupied. As I entered, I noticed a small note on a paper towel, written with what ... Read Full Story >>

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200 Boxes of Love

Myself and several ladies from Sedona Kind have wrapped and decorated 200 Boxes of Love. The following poem is attached. They will be distributed to people in various places in the community such as hospice, senior homes etc. If you would like to read more about our group:

Box Of Love

This is a very special gift
that you can never view.
The reason it’s so special is
it’s just from me to you.

Whenever you are lonely
or feel a little blue
You only have to hold this gift
and know I think of you.

Don’t unwrap it.
Please leave the ribbon tied.
Hold the box close to your heart.
It’s filled with LOVE inside!

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As I was purchasing KIND bars at the supermarket checkout, I asked the cashier if she had tried them and what kind she liked best.

I asked the bagger the same question and he had never tried them, but liked a similar vanilla bar by a different maker that had a great savings coupon last week. 

Lucky me! I had bought the KIND bars that the cashier liked and a vanilla something one too. :) 

So, I gave them each a SMILE card, a Peace dove and a KIND bar.

Cashier exclaimed, "Oh, I remember these doves! I love them! You gave one to Brenda [another cashier] who retired last year."

Those doves, and their kind message of Peace are getting a reputation! :) Grateful.

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Transformation From A Heart-To-Heart

As a volunteer tutor I had a heart-heart connection today with a student who, at first did not seem very motivated or interested to learn the subject, but over the course of our session

I really listened with my heart and it opened her up and I felt very good that I was able to engage her in learning.

I could see a difference in her when she left--she felt more confident and willing to try. I had meditated right before going to our tutoring session and I am so glad I did!

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We Meet Again

When I was shopping a few months ago, I saw a man trying to get people to donate to a very well known charity, a children's charily. I explained that we can't give out our personal details anymore due to my bank account being hacked last year. It was a terrible time and took months to get back our money. Last week I had been out and came home on a really hot day. My husband Stewart was at the table with a person from a Charity having a cold drink. We chatted for a while and then I said "I know you! " and he looked at me and said "you're the lovely lady that bought me a big lunch and drinks when I was at shops trying to get people to donate. We both laughed and I grabbed his hand and we had a little hug. He told me that ... Read Full Story >>

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Learning To Say 'Yes" To This Act Kindness

I'm always pleasantly surprised by how willing people are to help when you ask. I've been stubborn enough to refuse help, & regretted it soon after. I've discovered at work that the sooner I ask for help, the easier a situation gets rectified.

These days I graciously accept help, sometimes it's not even for my benefit but for the other persons. The lad next door loves helping me do the weeding, accepting his help is really an act of kindness I perform.

My act of kindness today is to encourage you all to accept help, & to ask for it when you need it. How many times does something happen & everyone around says, "if only I'd / we'd known?" How many times have you said that yourself afterward when you could easily have helped someone?  Allow people to perform the kindness of helping you, perform the kindness of letting them.

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Reason To Live

Last few days, I was wondering whether my life made much sense - being rejected by many people for getting over-serious about people politics, unable to handle the situations with my simplicity and honesty, I struggled and suffered in communities even under best leaders. This time the hurt was deep and I felt depressed to the core. Today, after 10 days, for the first time, I went out, alone, to meet this motherly lady who I had met during my stay in a  program. She had been unwell recently and lived alone. Her sons live in foreign countries and her daughter is no more. After I called her and told about my plan to visit her, she started becoming excited and planning food immediately. Nowadays, she has a lady cook coming by to help her but she did part of the work herself with her  bandaged leg. Despite everything, the interest and ... Read Full Story >>

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