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Bowl Of Twisted Goodies

When my students came in from recess today, they all had a treat on their desks, a small bowl of pretzels, and a RAoK card to pass on and Pay It Forward. #AprilRAoK

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Happy Anniversary!

For my next kind act, I decided to give a card and a bottle of champagne to a coworker and his partner for their 7 year anniversary. He mentioned that it was coming up in a previous conversation so I added it to my work calendar so I wouldn't forget. He was so surprised and said that no one has ever given them a card/gift for their anniversary. This made me so happy!

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Be Good Do Good

I work as a Guest Relations Manager in a hotel which is currently closed because we are only open during the summer season. The administrative departments such as accounting, management and reservation department of the hotel  work 12 months ( full time ).

For some reason, everyone at work looks really stressed and exhausted. I understand that everyone has their own problems in life, but I would like to see them smile from time to time.

So, I decided that it would be a good idea to bring them a gift as small as a banana or cake once a week. I do not make a lot of money, but the idea of bringing them a present once a week makes me really happy especially the smiling faces that I get or a warm "Thank you" is making me so grateful for the kindness that I have towards other people..

So be good do good and make people Smile.... Take care everyone ..

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Third Batch of Seeds

This is third batch of garden seeds with quotes on them that I've gifted to health club. They are a HUGE hit!

Brought home some of their pens home to put artificial flowers on, which were also a HUGE hit!

Blessed and grateful that they are so very receptive to my giving :)).

Blessings of community, my kind friends.

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An unlikley friend helped pick-up trash

The winter thaw has revealed a lot of debris. Even hiking up the woods I came across random trash scattered along the trail. I have a habit of picking up as much of it as I can and carrying it out to throw away when I hike: I find this trait can be contagious when others witness it.

Today I picked up a few bottle caps and I saved them for a friend who is an artist and is using them for a new project ... also cans, random styrofoam packaging,and a few cups.

At one point my dog started running over to point out trash to me, please with herself and her ability to nose it out - this made me laugh. Apparently recycling is not limited to humans. Cheers to green spaces, wagging tails and laughter found in unexpected situations.

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From The Pittsburgh Post-gazette:Thank ...

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Thank you to the kind stranger who found my son’s wallet on the Roberto Clemente Bridge sidewalk on Feb. 18.

In spite of the record-breaking freezing temperatures, this person saw my son’s Warhol ID and walked all the way to the museum to turn the wallet in to security. Pittsburgh is a great city because of you.

Squirrel Hill

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Do Unto Others

I heard my neighbor had been taken from his home by ambulance today. Knowing he has no family in the area, I found the hospital he had been taken to, visited with him and made sure he had my phone number in case he needed anything - and a ride home when he's ready.

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A Ring More Precious Then Gold!

A few weeks ago, I purchased a ring for myself called the "tree of life" (because of the design on the ring) with the word HOPE inscribed on the inside. It is made from steel and was inexpensive but symbolized the journey of recovery from breast cancer for me. A friend at work has also been going through a courageous journey with cancer treatments for uterine cancer. I decided to share the ring with her, its meaning to me and I asked if she would like to have the same ring. We decided what size would fit and I ordered one for her as a gift. When I was able to give it to her, I told her she was strong and the steel represented her strength in beating her cancer. The tree of life and the inscription of hope inside the ring could further serve as a reminder of the positive outcome that she ... Read Full Story >>

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I Wanted To Share ...

I wanted to share with you all a little something I have been doing.

These notes you see here I have been writing and then folding up to place into jean and pant pockets in clothing stores.
The notes say things like ..." Your beautiful, look amazing and that these pants will be damn lucky to be worn by you." I tell the recipient of the note that the beauty she holds is within in her and shines always, whether or not she wears and buys the pants.

I love doing this, its so simple. I love being all sneaky and slipping these notes into the pockets of brand new pants!

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Gave A Friend A ...

Gave a friend a lovely Hibiscus plant (similar to image) for her new place which she recently moved into.
My mum had bought me one a year ago and I was surprised that it flowered all year through, even in our cooler winter months. Also gifted her another Mindy Peace Dove as she had given hers away to a friend, love the kindness ripples all thanks to you and Kindspring :)

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A Starbucks Break For Mom

As my 15th of 21 kindness acts, I wanted to give support to one of my closest friends and let her know what a wonderful mom she is. Her daughter was recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease. It has been a challenging process working with doctors and getting her the right care that she needs. I gave her a card and told her she was doing a great job figuring things out for her little sweetie. It can be hard to be strong when your child is hurting. I also included a Starbucks gift card so she could take a break for herself. I mailed it so she had a surprise when she picked up her mail.

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Strangers In The Airport

I was in a large US airport and being taken by one of those passenger/luggage transports to a Waiting Room. On my cart was a very anxious woman about my age from somewhere in Africa who didn't speak English.

She was obviously frightened. She couldn't get her cell phone to work. I loaned her mine to make her call. When we got to the waiting room I went out to get some lunch - a pizza and two plates. I took it back and cut it in half putting half on each plate.

As we ate, she calmed down and we managed to understand each other.. . . and I managed to find out where she was going. So I went out to the airline counter and found her gate and plane number and departure time.

It was amazing with a little kindness how she calmed down and we communicated without a common language. We departed in different directions with a big hug!

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Early Meetings

I'd like to share an act of kindness TO me by someone else. I had a very early morning meeting at 6:30 today, and the person I was meeting with sent me a text saying she was stopping at Dunkin' Donuts and offered to pick up breakfast for me. It's nice to be surrounded by friends everywhere! :)

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Giving and Getting

12:30 AM. Just finished talking with my neighbor: last night I brought her some apple pie and we chatted happily in her front porch. I bought a small doughnut gadget and did some all-veggie that turned out delicious, so I texted her to see if she wanted some. We met again tonight and she told me her almost 16-yr-old is getting her license, but she's wary of letting her drive alone as she doesn't have much experience. That's called the learning curve! So I offered to take her out to practice! She will talk to her daughter and see if she agrees - that way both will be more at ease. In return, she is so kind as to take care of my dogs, Woolf and Fiffie (check-up on them, walk Woolf) when I go for a 5-day vacation to the beach! The hotel said pet-friendly (Fiffie) but I woke up with ... Read Full Story >>

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May This Gift Turn the Tide

While waiting at the airport for a shuttle to take me home, I overheard a phone conversation a young man was having with a friend. He sat next to me, his small daughter asleep in a stroller, telling his friend that he was on a borrowed cell phone because his wife's bag, with their money, wallets, everything, was stolen.

He had just learned that morning that his father had passed away, (his mother just a few months before) and they were on their way to join family members when they lost everything.

I had a little cash, and offered it to him so they could at least get a cab back home. We exchanged contact info, he expressed deep gratitude, and we hugged as my shuttle ride was called and he left to find his wife. I live on very little, but sharing that $50 felt really good to me.

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Karma In Flight

On a recent walk in the woods with a friend and her two toddlers I took the opportunity to have the little ones help me share Mindy's peace doves. They each choose a dove and decided to hang it on a branch for another to find. Soon after they came upon a large hawk feather that they where having a hard time deciding who should keep it, but in the end took turns holding it to bring home for their older sister who collects them. Proud of their good behavior, their mother decided to take them out for lunch as a treat. Pleased with herself, the youngest (who is 3) smiled and said "that's karma".

I have had a lot of fun sharing Mindy's doves ... I have shared them at recent museum and library visits, during recent travels (including rest areas), hiking and at work. Thanks Mindy!!! Curious if you have kept track of how far your doves have traveled and if you have gotten feed back from people who have received them? Cheers to their continued flight!

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Inspirational Sweet Pea Seeds

Handing out seed packets with inspirational sayings on them were HUGE hit at my health club, so I bought some more to label and bring in on Wednesday.

A customer behind me in line at the store asked me what I was doing with so many seed packets, wondering if I had a big garden. I told him that I was going to give them away and inquired whether he had a place to garden. He said yes, he enjoyed growing vegetables. I was glad I had bought vegetable as well as flower seeds this time. I gave him a package of sweet pea seeds and wished him well!

I love sowing these seeds of kindness :)

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Easter Dinner To Go!

A young girl was stuck working at the local convenience store from 7 am until 11 pm. The girl who was supposed to come in called out sick. I felt so bad for this young girl being stuck there on Easter.

After we ate, I made a plate of all of our Easter food and took it to the young girl. She was so appreciative and was only planning on having a hot dog for dinner. I also took her a piece of pie with cool whip.

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What goes around, comes around

today, we get a kindness given to *us*! we are a "working poor" family, so two of my siblings and a cousin are taking us out to dinner tonight, just because. <3 we will continue to Pay It Forward as always, and the next 3 times we do, it will be in their names.

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Inspired by a Gentleman from Japan

Everyday on my way to work I choose to get out at bus stop that is a 10-minute walk away from the office. The sidewalk I use is not very busy in the morning compared to in the afternoon when many joggers and mothers with their baby carts use it. Every time I see some litter, I recall a video I watched about a gentleman from Japan that every morning walks his neighborhood just to pick up litter. I do the same-- as soon as I see some litter in that sidewalk, I collect it and put it in the trash can. This way, my fellow passersby can enjoy the beautiful trees and birds.

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