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The Man with his Dog at the Street Corner

We had to go into town yesterday to get a new cooking fry pan. It is windy and cold here. As we walked towards the coffee shop noticed a man and his beautiful big dog, sitting in the corner of the walkway. Of course we stopped and chatted to him about life and his dog. Sad story of dog being kept as bait for fighting dogs. He told us how he rescued him and the vet treated all his bites. Heartbreaking. This is his best friend.

So we gave him all our change and then asked him if he wanted a cup of coffee. We went inside and the staff took him out the coffee and cake. I kept thinking about what I take for granted in my life and at that moment was so grateful for what I have and that I can give to others.It dawned on me that that could have been me.

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Sweet Rewards For The Flight Crew

I had a whole lot of kindness supplies for my trip. Here are some of my kindness supplies. I thought of two bars of chocolates for the airport bus drivers, and a share bag of KitKat chocolates for the flight crew, but I didn't envisage cheeky pilots! I gave the first bar of chocolate to the shuttle bus driver who was very happy. I boarded my flight, and handed the KitKat chocolates to the lovely cabin crew. "Ooh, thank you, we have got a long shift, so thank you" Then up popped a smiley face from the pilot who asked if they were for him and his co-pilot. I laughed and said there could be a bonus if there was a smooth landing at the end. Well, 100 km winds with gusts was not ever going to be a smooth landing. The pilot warned us of turbulence. The plane shook, bounced, lurched, dropped and in ... Read Full Story >>

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For The Two Little Children Who's Mother Was in the Hospital

I was getting a few stationery supplies, when I overheard a grandmother telling two children they could choose a few things to keep themselves occupied when visiting their mother in hospital. The children made very modest choices - drawing items, paper and play-doh.

I was first at the checkout, and the family were behind me. Emotions bubbled over with the little boy and he started crying. Grandma gave him a hug and said that their Mum would be okay.

I added a $20 gift card to my purchases and asked the checkout operator to give it to the family behind me. Its very hard to be discreet with the recipients standing behind me!!

I didn't stay to see their reactions. Just a gift from our family to theirs, and hope that things improve for them.

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The Teens Cooled Down The Sign Twirler On Our Main Corner.

After a four hour shift in a semi-shaded location, the Multi-racial sign twirler stopped to wipe his brow. A group of Caucasian teenagers crossed the street and shared a box of Popsicles with him.

He beamed and they all began to dance for several moments in unison. As the teens on their skateboards and long boards were leaving he fist bumped each one and slowly the last in line of the teens produced a quart jug of pre-made Vitamin water from her knapsack, for the sign twirler to enjoy as he finished up his shift.

Keep It Cool, Dance When You Feel Like It, Be Color Blind and Share Your Bounty.

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A KindSpring Member Helped Her With Her Fear Of Flying

Being able to create random and intentional acts of kindness for others is one of my great pleasures these days. Though I did things before, with KindSpring I have learned a new joy with it, and a sense of its being as important an activity as you believe it to be. If no one knows what we get up to, all the better! We come here anonymously to share in order to encourage each other on, and that works a treat. I am inspired by others and get a lot of new ideas too. Which brings me, as so often happens in KS, to Mindy a member of KindSpring. From a private remark Mindy was aware of the fact that I am a nervous flyer, to say the least. It's been 25 years since I've flown. Though originally from Florida, as most of you know, I have flown back there only that ... Read Full Story >>

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How The Sales Lady's Smile Changed My Mood

This afternoon I was cranky. REALLY cranky. So when we went to the store and the sales girl didn't do as I expected her to, it didn't help my mood. But she was cheerful. She even gave me a compliment.

When checking out, I was still cranky. And not nice. But she was cheerful and happy. And just as I was about to leave I thought to myself, I can't let this go. And so I took a breath and told her thank you. I told her that I was cranky and I appreciate her being so cheerful and happy and while it didn't make me happy, at least it made me less cranky.

And by the time we got to the next store I was more of my usual self and decorated the restrooms with inspirational post it's.

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She Gave Her Cleaning Lady An Incredible Gift That Will Help For Years To Come

I hired a cleaning lady to help me a couple of days in the new house in order to set it all up. She is from Eastern Europe and speaks hardly any English.

I’ve been thinking how difficult it probably is for her to get a job and when she does not to lose it. I noticed communicating what one wants her to help with is not easy, so I decided to offer her the chance to join one of the courses I teach for beginners for 3 months. It’ll be a start and I’m sure she’ll learn some basic language to support her search for work. Let’s see what she says.

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Hammock City!

Early last winter, while hunting for madrona trees along the top of a wooded cliff in the local state park, I came across a series of fishing nets strung between trees. As someone who looks at knotwork as an art form, it was like finding a wonderland of possibilities! I immediately set about connecting the various nets together so you could climb from one to the other without touching the ground (because when the the kids show up, it might become lava or some other imaginary hazard!) I brought my kids there soon after, and they loved it! In later visits, I rigged more and higher nets, swings to get up to them, and other fun items made of rope. Here's where the kindness aspect comes in, because I have been putting time and money into a public playground that could be taken down by park rangers at any time. I ... Read Full Story >>

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Ten Years In The Making

This year my husband and I started a project that has been dear to our hearts for years. We started the remodeling project on a new Free Restaurant called Drexell & Honeybee. This will be a free restaurant to all who come in. We will not have a cash register or make change, we will have a donation area for people do donate if they wish. It will be set up where when you go into the booth no one can tell if you donated or not.

This restaurant will serve fresh, home cooked meals five days a week. It will also deliver meals on wheels in the community. It will be run by volunteers only. We are so proud to be working on this project. We feel that it doesn't matter what you had to eat yesterday or what you may have to eat tomorrow, but only about what you don't have to eat today.

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A Drive Thru Blessing

Feel Better 💗

My daughter Kelsi,was sobbing silently as we went through the coffee shop Drive thru. She had received tragic news about a close friend via text.

The young employee Melly was someone I knew from her time at our school site, at least 15 years ago. My daughter went to a different school district, and  had not ever met Melly.

What a Kind surprise when my distraught daughter' s smoothie came out with a LOVEly blessing. Melly, thank you for easing my Kelsi's immediate pain.

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My half full Water Bottle

Water Kindness

Oddest thing, on way home from park, older gal sitting on a porch, asked me if I had water, as I was passing her house. I said yes, I have. She said, no, I mean for me. I said well I already drank some, do you want it? Yes she said, I am dying of thirst. I gave her my bottle of water and said keep it. She thanked me. I left. Why wouldn't she have gone into the house for water. Locked out?
I don't kow, but putting this on my RAOK list for today.

(It might have been that she was locked out.)
Funny, I usually finish all the water in my bottle after I sit on the bench after my brisk walk in the park.  Today I had to cut my walk short because my sandals ribbed a blister on my foot, so I hardly drank any. Maybe the Universe knew I was going to need to share?


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Incredible Edibles

"N.D.G.'s Incredible Edibles: Sidewalk gardens sprout for fifth season"

"Montreal is taking a stand against hunger by planting community gardens along the city's sidewalks. This project “puts accessible, organic, local food in plain view so people realize that we can use urban space to grow food, to share it and to build community,” according to founding member, Sonya Girard.
Let's get everyone on board and plant community gardens all over the world."


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'When Called To Act, I'm All In"

Dr. Bazette, the father of one of my past students, is a trauma surgeon at our local hospital. His shift had ended when on his way back up the highway he came across a horrific scene. Two trucks stuck together. The second one hinged under the severed air brakes of the first. The driver immobilized and alive, his legs pinned inside his cab. The local firefighters valiantly, over an hour's time manage to cut away the cab of the second truck, and lift the rear of the first truck, thereby gaining access to the driver. For the entire time, Dr. Bazette is actively on duty, supporting and comforting the stunned driver. After he is freed his body collapses, and Dr. Bazette springs into action. In the Life Flight ambulance Dr. Bazette performs CPR on the young man for over 20 minutes, and revives him in preparation for the quick journey back to ... Read Full Story >>

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Hot Chocolate On The House

Someone shared joys of kindness with me today. It started my Monday real well, too, and is a universal affirmation that feels encouraging.

It was at my familiar convenience store, in the Friendly St.. neighborhood, where I sometimes stop for hot chocolate on a cold morning before going to teach. This morning, that was all I was getting. To my surprise, the clerk just said, "You know what. You are a nice customer. It is on the house, today." It was very nice of him.
Keep sharing joys!

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Catching A Lost Ball Full Of Memories

Waiting for the train a young girl playing with her ball suddenly found it out of her hands and rolling off the platform landing on the tracks. Not only was she distraught, but the whole family was a bit upset. Overhearing their conversation, it turned out that the ball was given to her from her grandfather who is no longer alive.  It was not replaceable as it held precious memories. I told them I could help get it for them. I wasn't sure how, but I'm resourceful and felt confident I would figure it out. They were hesitant to give me their contact information - I'm a nice lady, but still a stranger, and it felt odd to them that I would want to take time out of my life to help them.  My work colleague who was with me convinced them that , "she really is good at helping people - ... Read Full Story >>

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Standing Together

Involve All in Keeping Us Safe

Our community at large is being targeted today by an anti-Muslim hate group which is demonstrating at our local mall. Across the street I am standing in solidarity with many who embrace ALL no matter their color , race, religion, sexual orientation, personal creed . Four of my students past and present are here with their parents. I am so proud to be an American educator 💞❤️😘

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Seeing The Man, Not The Criminal

I talked with my son on the phone last night. He works in 'law enforcement' and is fairly new to his career. He said that they discovered a man who had attempted to end his own life. They managed to untie him, and while his co worker called urgently for assistance my son gave first aid.

He said the man asked for forgiveness for his past, my son said it wasn't up to him to forgive for his choices, it was between the man and his higher power. My son held the man's hand, peace came over him, and he passed away. His colleague said he couldn't have done what my son did. My son said in that moment it didn't matter what the man had done, it mattered that he passed with someone giving him comfort, looking into his eyes with compassion and seeing a man, rather than a criminal.

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Grow Strong Little Tree

This morning twenty four second graders, one amazing Dad, Mrs. C. and I gathered together to plant a tree. In clumps from the pick axed hole, clay soil came out, and in went soil amendment, pine bark, tree trimmed wood chips,,and a classroom full of  purposefully scripted good wishes.  Blessed by each child, our California Redwood tree "baby"  was then top dressed with part of the original clay soil.

When these now seven year and eight year olds are graduating from our local high school they can return to celebrate the tree they planted, ten years later. Each child wrote a wish for the tree that was placed into the hole prior to the covering up of the root ball.

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Going Back To Do The Right Thing

While stopped at a light, saw a homeless woman on the other side of the road. Could not reach her (physically), but made eye contact and mouthed "I'm sorry" and held her gaze and sent her love and a rueful smile.

Could not fathom just driving off, so turned around went back to the store parking lot, got out and pulled out some groceries, fruit and some money from my wallet (all of which were out of my reach whilst driving) and then drove so that I could be on the same part of the road where she was standing and could give them to her.

She thanked me in her language. We blew kisses to each other and virtual hugged while I was driving away. I'm so glad I went back to her.

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She Did This While Her Friend's Son Was In The Hospital

My friend's son is in hospital so her daughter is staying with me and I'm going up to the house to feed her dogs. When I was there yesterday I noticed that her washing machine was full of wet laundry so emptied out to hang.

Then I got inspired and collected up all the laundry. There was loads as her washing machine drain blocked last week and everything got wet and smelly.

I took it home and have so far washed and dried six loads. I'm hoping the majority will be ready for me to drop back at her house when I got to do the dogs later.

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