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Make unhappy children happy again

Last weekI sent 3 snailmails (happy post) to three unknown children in hospitals. I wanted to give ill / sick children a smile, even if it was just for one second.

I want them to be strong again, fight and to win this battle. I hope I've given those children some hope, love and a moment of happines, with joy.

If I get a positive response, then I will be sending more snailmails to unknown children, to give those children a smile. ~ spread the happiness.

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Gratitude Practice

I can never repay my childhood friend who helped me pack after I had major strokes in the middle of moving two states away. She also bought food, cooked during that time. She was my first visitor in my new home. Her family took my husband out to celebrate his 70th birthday.

This gratitude practice helps me remember these things and look at how I can pay this forward.

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Hitchin ' A Ride

It's not one person, but many. Over the years, I have had times where I have not had a dependable vehicle or money for the bus. I am currently am walking to and from work.

Going home is a challenge, because it's dark out when I get off work. The people I know that I can not repay are the many, many, many people that have given me rides someplace, such as to church, home from work, the store.

You name it, I've usually been given a ride there and/or back. This has saved me time, money, eased my mind of safety concerns, etc. I am eternally grateful to all these people and make an extra effort to tell them just how much it means to me.

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Spreading Kindness to a Teenager

When I was 17 I bought my first car, a used VW Karrman Ghia that was reliable only in the fact that it was completely unreliable. All parts of it - engine, headlights, windows, tires, door, all worked when they wanted to.

Once I was left standing next to this fine vehicle on the side of the freeway after a tire blew out, waiting for the tow truck that "might come in an hour." A man pulled over, changed the tire in nothing flat (pardon the pun), refused money, and I never saw him again but never forgot the kind act that rescued a stranded teenager. Thank you, sir.

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  • Posted by tboul30674
  • Apr 16, 2015
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Elder Friend Doesn't Like ...

Elder friend doesn't like idle hands either :). She's been crocheting hats to give cancer care patients. She's done 23 so far!

Gifted her some yarn from husband's aunt to help keep her supplied in materials.

Blessed in her lovely role model of giving.

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I Found A Disney T-shirt...

I found a Disney t-shirt in a store and remembered a lovely neighbor that simply loves all Disney stuff. So I bought it for her, put it in a bag and hung it from a plant hanger that they have empty now in the front of their yard. I can see it from my house, so I checked a few hours later and the bag was gone! They must be wondering who brought it! :-)

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The Blessing Of Losing My Iphone

I am shopping in the local farmers market in San Isidro, Costa Rica on a sunny Thursday morning.  I love this market it is, I believe, the second largest in the country. The selection of produce is exceptional! I dropped my car off earlier a few blocks away at Firestone to get my oil changed. An hour into my shopping after collecting all my organic produce, I reached in my purse for my phone. I dig around searching and searching.... no phone!! At first I feel the butterflies in my stomach as I think since the zipper was not zipped on my bag that perhaps my phone fell out or got picked up by wondering hands. I quickly reigned in my thoughts. It is only a phone. I know that my thoughts effect my physical state of being. If the phone was gone then so be it, all is well. It can ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Posted by livingadelicious
  • Apr 14, 2015
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Tribute To A Very Dear Friend...

In early January I wrote about the fact that I was taking a trip to Portland to visit a very dear friend who was dying of aggressive lymphoma. That visit was important to me as I was able to be with her in person and share some amazing time with her. We held hands and talked and talked, about what we meant to each other, what we cherished about each other, some of the lessons we had learned together and/or with the support of the other. Her partner and our friend who had driven me there from Portland went out for a walk together, giving us this gift of time together. We shared a simple lunch, all four of us, and talked about some of the logistics of care for my friend, the fabulous hospice nurse who came every day, my friend’s hope that her father would be able to come ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness of a Stranger

Monday, I was at my local Home Depot waiting to have paint samples mixed. A gentleman who worked there walked by and I said..."Excuse me, sir...I have a question." He said "sure, what can i help you with?"

I told him I have been trying to figure out how to make a wooden cross. He said "ok, what size?" I replied the size of the ones you see on the side of the road that marks where someone has died.

He asked me to show him the approximate size I was looking for. I showed him and he said, "wait right here, I will be right back." 15 minutes later, he came back -- with the cross, that he had made and even tapered the bottom so that it would go into the ground easier.

I was so taken back, and told him I lost my son in a motorcycle accident and I wanted to put the cross there. I hugged him and thanked him and went on my way. The kindness of this stranger has touched me so much. Time to pay it forward and encourage others to do the same.

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Making Someone Happy

Today I donated a large bag of clothing and other assorted items . I placed money with a smiley face attached to the bill wishing someone a very Blessed Day! It made me feel really good as I watched the driver carrying the bag to his truck.

May all the care and kindness you give so freely to others come back to warm your heart.

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The Kindness Of A Second Chance

Today, I recognized the frowning woman in line behind me at the checkout counter of the grocery store. I hadn't see her in fifteen years -- she is the owner of a local restaurant where I briefly worked one summer as a waitress. It had been on my heart for several days around Christmastime to go her restaurant and leave a card thanking her for her kindness to me, but I couldn't override my shyness so I didn't act. When I saw her today, I knew the Universe was giving me a second chance and I seized it! I turned to her and said, "You probably don't remember me but you once gave me a job when I really needed one even though I had no experience -- and I really want to thank you for that." She asked my name and said she didn't remember me. And I admitted with a big ... Read Full Story >>

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Helping A Mom Get To Her Destination.

This PM while I was waiting for the Pre-K parents to come visit the Kindergarten classes a young mother came into the school office. She took the bus but got off at the wrong stop and the school building - she needed to go to  Head Start, about two miles away. She was carrying a baby and she had a 3 year old with her too. She was asking for directions on how to get to the other place on foot, Today was a cold blustery day and I could not see her walking that far with her children. The afternoon parents were not showing up and it was already well past the time they needed to be there, so I told this mom I would give her a ride. My colleague who was helping me during the afternoon session, volunteered to take this mom herself in case parents would still show ... Read Full Story >>

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Touched by kindness

My daughter and myself were driving from Los Angeles to Dallas. We were running low on gas somewhere in New Mexico and figured we'd see a gas station soon enough to fill up. But that didn't happen and we realized we were not going to make it to the next town. So my daughter made up a sign that read "Low on gas. Can u help?" and held it outside her window in the hopes that a driver in the next lane would notice it and stop. There weren't too many vehicles passing us either at the time. It was a desolate stretch of road and about 3.30 pm on a weekday. A suburban was driving along happily in the neighboring lane ahead of us. We caught up with it in the hopes the driver would notice the sign. An elderly gentleman was driving it and after a brief expression of confusion on ... Read Full Story >>

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Brand new beekeeper

I met what must be the world's most wonderful lady last summer - just being around her is like a soothing balm for my soul. I barely know her and after finding out that I've dreamt of having bees for several years she simply gave me a hive as a gift, including all the boxes, frames, gear, tools and a package of bees.

I'm now officially a brand new beekeeper

I kinda freaked out a little when we shook them into the hive though....10,000 bees buzzing around your body will do that to you even in beekeeping gear if you're new to this exciting hobby!

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Truck breakdown

My truck broke down this weekend out of state and leaving me stranded over the weekend. The people I met in the process of trying to figure out how to get it fixed and what to do made an unfortunate situation become an opportunity to meet others and witness how kind people can be without expecting anything in return.

I had a transmission mechanic examine my truck free of charge while he was not even supposed to be at work. Many things happened "by chance" but I couldn't help but feel like I was being looked out for.

I was able to get my car back home, find a loaner car and not miss out on work. My problem isn't solved yet but I have a very different outlook on the situation and peace in my heart.

All I did was try to put out hopeful good energy and use patience. Things lined up. "Move and the way will open" - Zen Proverb. Feeling blessed.

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Wallet Returned.

My daughter lost her wallet on the train two weeks ago. It arrived in the post today. Ed and Erin returned it to her. No other details other than their names. Thank you Ed and Erin where ever you are in Sydney.

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An Unexpected Blessing

Years ago a college friend and I set out across the US on a post-college adventure. Our vehicle broke-down in New London, Ontario, Canada on a Sunday afternoon.

We were towed to a garage where we spent the night sleeping in the van waiting for the owner to open the next morning. We left the van to be repaired and set out raising money working odd jobs throughout the day.

When we returned the mechanic had finished the work, but the job cost $100 more than we had earned that day. Tired and now more than a little disconsolate, we decided to ask the mechanic if we could send him the remainder of the money from our destination in Boston, MA.

To our surprise and relief he agreed. When we arrived in Boston three days later, we immediately sent the balance to him as well as a note of great appreciation for the trust he shared with two, young strangers.

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State ID for elderly neighbor

I took my elderly neighbor to get her State ID today and then took her on the errands she needed to do. She has a daughter that lives only 4 miles away, but she doesn't drive due to a car accident. This was our second trip to the DMV/Secretary of State because the first time she didn't have everything she needed.

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George's Gift

The sun came out today after a rainy weekend and the throwing up cycle I was in stopped! Was able to have enough energy to go to the store.

The bus I always take goes right by our Veterans' Hospital. I've ridden with many of the vets for some time. As I was sitting, giddy cuz I stopped vomiting, George (a vet) tapped me from behind.

George served in Vietnam & now, was usually penniless. He normally was fairly quiet, muttering to himself. This morning, he smiled at me and said " guess what I gots?"

Uh oh I thought. George proudly showed me his treasure of a box of Debbie's chocolate cup cakes. George doesn't know I'm unable to eat, yet he yanked a cupcake out & gave it to me. "This is for you cuz you always tell me hi" he said.

I know George doesn't "have" much, yet the gift he gave me filled me up. Food may not fill me up these days, but with guys like George, I'm always full! Full of love, full of life. Thanks to all who give AND receive.

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Turn Around Compliment

I remember back one of the last few years at a renaissance faire. I had spent about 5 years working a booth across from a wonderful comedian and actor. His name was Moonie, he was absolutely amazing, and his skit was done using nothing but gestures and noises instead of words. I remember watching his shows and always being entertained. Even when he was having a bad day, the audience wasn't cooperating, his juggling or tight-rope skills weren't as sharp as he would have liked, he always managed to keep things fun, funny, lively, and fresh. That's a very hard thing to do considering I watched him literally do the same skits, gags, and jokes for 5 years several times a day, each weekend. When I heard it would be his last year performing at the faire, I had wanted to thank him for all the amazing shows he had done on ... Read Full Story >>

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