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What She Needed Most, Was Kindness Toward Herself

I did a HUGE kindness to me tonight. And this one, for me personally, is HUGE! I gave myself a gift. I called in to work. A job I love. A job I have never resented going to or called in "sick" too. A job I adore. That job. Well tonight, 20 minutes before my shift was due to begin, I called in to say that I wasn't able to do my shift. Actually I was way more upfront and honest than this. I explained I wasn't "sick" and was quite perfectly able to do my shift physically, but that right now, I wasn't in a good state emotionally. Huge. Huge because I never admit this. Huge because I was extremely vulnerable and honest. And huge because even when I did call I knew I was taking a huge risk. They could say no its not ok and I'd have to show up even more ... Read Full Story >>

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He Was There For Her When No One Else Was

I have never had a birthday party before, so at this "ripe-old" age, I decided to throw one for myself. Approximately 20 people confirmed that they were coming. I don't have a lot of money but splurged in the $1 store to buy decorations, plates. I had a tiny budget in order to feed all of them. I sat, I waited, I pondered, and, although all of my "friends" said they were coming, no one showed up! The celebration was supposed to start at 12 noon. Here it was, 4:00pm, and still, no one was here. The expensive cake was melting, the food on the BBQ was burnt beyond recognition. I tried, really hard, not to cry. I decided to sit out back, reflect on the wonderful things that I did have, and read "Chicken Soup." All of a sudden, I heard a screech and a roar of an engine, just outside ... Read Full Story >>

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For The Elderly Lady Dressed In Her Finest

As my partner and I were out running errands, time got away from us. We realized that we needed to eat. We stopped at a local hamburger/ice-cream shop and ordered lunch. It was Sunday, late afternoon. Together we watched a woman who was probably in her 80's, come in and order some food. She was dressed in what was probably her very best and was alone.The woman set everything up around her and you could tell that this meal was a real treat for her. My partner went and talked with the people who worked there, asking them about the woman. They said she came in every weekend, ordered the same meal and always was alone. They knew she lived alone and that this meal was a special treat she did for herself at least once a week. Our hearts were touched by this older woman even though we never spoke. When ... Read Full Story >>

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A Story Of Four Siblings Who Wanted to Go to School

I usually get up late when I am home  because I work until midnight. A couple of days ago, my Mom told me that 4 kids had come early in the morning for the last 2 days  asking "Is Shan bro up?" and when she replied and asked if they had a message for me, they said "Nothing" and left. I told  my mom if they come again then wake me up. The next day, they came again but a little later. Mom woke me up and this is how I met these sweet kids. They just said " We want to study in your school", I smiled and said, "Kids! I don't have any school, but I will enroll you in a good school". I went to their home and met their father. He told me that his kids: (Aneela, Shahzad, Saad and Nawab) want to get to a standard school but ... Read Full Story >>

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She Signed Up For A Course and Got To be A 'Kindness Angel'

I've not been around here much recently as I have been exceptionally busy with courses etc these last months. One of the courses we host is a Permaculture Design Course, and I want to tell you about the 'Kindness Angel' that our teacher has introduced into this year's events. On the wall of the classroom are taped envelopes, and each has on it the name of someone on site. Those names are also written on slips of paper and one is randomly slipped into each envelope. When you go to 'your' envelope, this slip of paper is the name of the person that you are going to act as 'Kindness Angel' for for the duration of the event. Of course, people are away from home and have limited resources to create large or flashy kindnesses, so they're being inventive. It is marvelous to see people sneaking away other people's dishes to wash, ... Read Full Story >>

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From Wimp to Warrioress

Dog Kindness ❤️🐶

Saw a dog tied up outside the diner we had breakfast in this morning. He was laying in the sun, panting. I told my friend I wanted to go back inside and find out who the dog belonged to and suggest they provide water , at the least. I was hesitant about doing...shy about it I guess. Put my shyness aside and marched in there , lol. Had no trouble finding the owners and led him over to the gal at the take-out counter and requested water for the dog. I watched his owner giving the happy dog the water as we drove away. Motivated by my love for animals I went from wimp to Warrioress rather quickly. It made me smile 😋

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The Man At The Bus Stop

I live about a mile from a gas station. In front of that gas station is a bus stop. I see people at that bus stop every single day, but I never really have looked at them. A few days ago in the morning, as I was waiting at the light in front of the gas station, a man pushing a loaded down cart walked in front of me at the intersection. I recognized him. He was someone I had seen at the bus station before. When I came home later in the day, I noticed him sitting at the bus stop again. And, the next morning, there he was. When I came home that evening, he was still there. Suddenly I started noticing this man at the bus stop and realized he wasn't catching any bus. So, today I finally pulled into the gas station and introduced myself. The man's name is Bill. ... Read Full Story >>

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When The Opportunity Presents Itself, Be Ready

I've become very self absorbed and withdrawn this past week or two, I've noticed. Totally turning inward, which in all honesty, was probably needed. I've felt lost and distant. Not my usual giving self at all. So yesterday I decided to claim back my mojo. The kindness mojo! Our intentions are so, so very powerful because yesterday offered me so many opportunities for kindness. All because I had asked. All because I had "intended". I did totally awesome. So many ways I gave. Too many to list even. Opportunity after opportunity presented itself. From people needing coins who just happen to be standing in front of me and I overhear, to lost little boys coming up to me for help, and me amazingly knowing just who his mother is and returning him. To later coming across a job opportunity which was just perfect for a friends daughter, and then taking the time to ... Read Full Story >>

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Baby Ezra, The Christening and The Kind Tailor

This is baby Ezra. He is getting christened on Sunday. I know he will look beautiful on the day but he won't be the only well turned out guy in the family. His great grandfather is in a nursing home and has Alzheimers. Grandad is getting out to attend the church christening. Nanny has ordered him a new suit. Even though grandad will only be at the church service his loyal wife who is 88 years of age insists he is well groomed. She has got a tailor to come to the nursing home and measure grandad, he will be suited and booted, no stone unturned. Today she told me that the tailor called. Being in the nursing home and seeing the patients left a lasting impression on him. He has only charged my mother in law 50% of the full cost, what a kind man. He also told her she was ... Read Full Story >>

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The Peach Lady Of Marseilles

Today I was reminded again how kindness spreads her soft, lingering perfume across the globe. My husband and I are in Marseilles this week as part of our journey to Provence for my birthday. In this vibrant city which is a melting pot of hues, smells and sounds, I had a short and sweet encounter with one of the residents. At a marketplace in town, I saw an unfamiliar peach variety that is not available in my country. I decided to buy only one peach to find out what it tastes like. A Muslim woman, Feiza, who was also in the shop, then came forward and insisted on gifting me four of those strange, flat peaches! Feiza's unexpected kindness was a magical moment in our day. While police walk around in crowded tourist spots to protect people against possible harm, a local women shared her genuine kindness, almost on the spur of the ... Read Full Story >>

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Not Even Heart Surgery Could Stop This Elder's Kind Ambitions

I was so inspired by the very first email I opened this morning. It was from my kind elder friend.  My 80-something-year-old friend, who lives in Florida. We worked together in the late 70's/early 80's (before she moved to Florida.) and have stayed in touch over the years. This is what blew me away: "Hope that you are doing well. I have been very busy but things are dwindling down gradually. I don't think I ever will be able to "take it easy" as hey say. I have to be doing something. I am thinking seriously of starting a nice residence for homeless people, with people to help them find work or lodging of their own. It breaks my heart to see so many families with children on the street at night, or here, mostly older people in the parks, etc. Even the Salvation Army had to close their refuge for lack of funds. ... Read Full Story >>

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Birthday Acts of Kindness

Today's my 35th birthday. Every year I do acts of kindness, one for every year I've been on Earth during this lifetime. This year I prepared 35 cards to pass out to people. They include a positive message, SMILE card, $5, and a request to use the money to do something kind for themselves, others, or the planet. I'll hand them out with a friend tonight. Fun! :) 

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Kindness Doesn't Stop Even At Age 80!

I'm part of a social action group of eight inspiring women (men didn't want to join our group!) and we are looking at a response to homeless women in our city. At present men are catered for in a very small way. We met with an 86 yr old woman, who was asked by the Police to accommodate a single homeless woman, and there was nothing suitable for her.

We have Women's Refuge, but they only accept women with children. This 86 yr old woman now runs a home with 6 beds for single women in need. How amazing is that? Her message to us was "One person CAN make a difference"

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An Elderly Lady Fell and Dialed The Wrong Number.

An elderly lady fell down. She tried to call her daughter to come help her back up, but she dialed the wrong number. She ended up on the phone with a car salesman, who left work to go to her house, help her up, and contact her family. 

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Paying Forward Parking Spots

Parking on my street is an ongoing issue. I live near a 'popular' part of the city with lots of cafes, restaurants and boutique shops. It's a great place to live, but parking is at its premium with both shoppers and people from out of the area who park for the day and walk to work. We are a few weeks away from getting a 'residents only' parking scheme but for now parking is scarce

Yesterday I did four laps of the block and still couldn't find a parking space, so my neighbor from up the road moved his car so I could park there. Today it was my turn. I saw my neighbor from across the road (a different neighbor) drive past twice, so I waved out to him and grabbed my car keys and moved my car so he could squeeze in and park behind me. He was grateful to be able to unload his 1-year old and 3-year old instead of walking goodness knows how far to get home.

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A Moment Etched In Her Heart She'll Never Forget

Yesterday I followed my heart to do an act of kindness for someone in need. A family who comes to our weekly homeless meal and ministry has been struggling. The mom was very upset on Tuesday, as she has not been able to get some help that she needed. She tries very hard to support her family but has not been able to get many hours for work. I stopped by her house on my way home from the office. I talked to her and her kids for a few minutes and then gave her an envelope with a note and a little help, apologizing it couldn't be more. She took it and went inside as I talked to her kids for another minute. As I said goodbye and opened the door to get into my car, she came out the door calling my name. I turned around as she came ... Read Full Story >>

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A Chance Encounter Has Them Meeting Again Two Years Later

It was a rainy day in a north Indian village, near Patna in Bihar. I was passing through our village market, crowded as usual. A slight rain made the road very muddy and dirty. I saw some mangoes being sold at a cheaper price, so I bought three kilograms of ripe mangoes in a delicate plastic bag. After a few minutes along the crowded market road, my plastic bag broke and half of the mangoes fell on the road. Slowly the traffic came to a halt as I started collecting the fruits on the road. But as I put some back into the plastic container, another part of it broke and some more mangoes fell on the road, causing more embarrassment for me. It went on for two or three long minutes, as the traffic stood still. Then suddenly a young woman came and picked up the remaining mangoes from the road ... Read Full Story >>

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The Taxi Driver

When I got on the taxi I had booked this morning I noticed it was the same gentleman that had taken me back home last week. I remembered what we'd talked about so I spoke to him. He was surprised and said he thought sometimes that no one cared.

He said he'd started swimming and was happy to have lost weight, he does it every morning before starting work. We got talking, told him that swimming was a great activity and mentioned the effect of exercise in our brains too. He said he knew it was good for depression and so .... (we are all fighting our own battles, sometimes in silence) I was glad I'd spoken to him.

Sharing, important, we all need it some time or other. He wished me a good day so many times when he dropped me back that he made laugh, we were both happier :-)

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Forgiveness and Reconciliation

"When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in 7 years. ' Mark Twain My 23 year old daughter and I embody the female version of the above quote. When I left her father about 12 years ago she chose to stay with him. He was very acrimonious about the break up and unfortunately stoked her anger fire. She literally had nothing to do with me for about 5 years, no contact, no presents to me, no overnight stays. It broke my heart. Now she works near my home. She has often slept on the settee in my home and I so love this. Last Mother's Day she sent me the card below,  it says: To Mum Hope you have a nice Mother's Day Thanks ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness Needed No Translation

We traveled to Moscow Russia for a river cruise. I had never been to Russia and my impressions of that country were formed by what I hear and see on television and the newspaper. We were to be met at the airport by a driver who would then take us to the hotel as we decided to see Moscow before the cruise. We arrived on time, got our baggage and went to the gate, no one was waiting holding a sign with our name. We had the phone number of the driver and travel agency but no phone that would work in Russia. I noticed a young woman sitting next to me with a cell phone so I asked her if she spoke English and she replied "yes". Would she please call our driver, I would pay for the call, I asked. "No problem" she replied and called both numbers but ... Read Full Story >>

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