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Door Notes

About a month ago, one morning, I awoke to find a note on my door. It read, "Don't worry. You were born awesome, not perfect."

I was going through a bit of a transition at that time and those words meant, and still do mean, a tremendous amount to me on so many levels.

To this day, I have been unable to find out who posted that for me. So, today, I thought I'd return the favor.

Stocked with little notes reading, "Be yourself," "You belong," "You're special," and "You are loved," I drove around various neighborhoods, posting them on random doors.

I trust that the Universe had me place them exactly where they needed to be.

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Sharing a Compliment

I've been trying to get a friend of mine hired at the company I work at -- he's actually a former boss of mine, but that's fine too. He is a friend today. Easily one of the brightest people I know and he'd be a great fit at our company. A woman who has been here for 30 years saw his resume and thought so too. I'm not in the position to hire him, but she is and knows others that are, too. So far, things are looking positive. While that could be my kindness story today, it's really not. In talking with my friend about the meeting that he had, he said of the 30 year veteran -- "I really like her because you know she cares. She cares about the company and she cares about the quality of her work." I agreed with him wholeheartedly as this really does sum up ... Read Full Story >>

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The Imperfect Act of Kindness

I am in the midst of prolonged frustrations at work. Today was more of the same. I walked to the car remembering my act of kindness and feeling a little pressed for time and creativity. As I drove to the grocery store to pick up milk, I ran some scenarios through my head not landing on one I was satisfied with. I walked in, there was a table of vibrant yellow mums. I chose one and put it in my cart still not knowing what I was going to do with it. I find myself trying to figure out the perfect scenario for these acts of kindness knowing that it defeats the purpose, but I can't help myself. I left the store and while I was backing out of my parking space, I saw an older woman walking to her minivan. She was by herself and did not have much in her cart. I ... Read Full Story >>

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Police > Gratitude

Yesterday I wrote a mail to several senior police officers of my city thanking them for all that they do. I feel that their job is very tough. They deal with all the negatives of the society, the works seems very twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, in all weather conditions. Also, their jobs could be very dangerous.

Yet no one says thank you but instead one only hears about the negative aspects of the police. Usually the media reports one case that might not be solved, and neglects to mention the hundreds of others that might have been solved, or cases where the police was very efficient.

So as a citizen of the city, I wrote a mail expressing my heartfelt gratitude to all people who work with the police.

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Surrendering "The Right Of Way" Every Time

Since I knew I'd be driving a fair amount today, I decided to surrender the "right of way" to anyone who requested it: any driver seeking to enter the traffic flow, anyone in oncoming traffic waiting to make a left turn, any pedestrian seeking to cross the street. It was a blast!

At first, traveling on the interstate, I had few opportunities to practice this form of kindness. Access to the highway is limited, and of course at high speed it can be hazardous to slow unexpectedly to yield the right of way.

Once I was back in the city, I had so many chances, and I found myself eagerly looking forward to them. Instead of pressing every advantage and insisting on my right of way, as I usually do, I happily waved others in front of me, blinking my headlights for emphasis. It was so delightful to see their relief, and I received several smiles and waves in return.

I hope this is the beginning of a new habit. Of course, I'll need to allow a little extra time so I'm not so rushed--which will be a blessing all its own!

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A Simple Note

I just sent an email to my daughter's 2nd grade teacher (and CC'd the principal) to thank her for all the little extra things she is doing this year as a teacher that are motivating and inspiring my daughter to keep learning even after school when she gets home. My daughter has never been so enthusiastic about what she learned at's very refreshing and I wanted her teacher know it!

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  • Posted by dosomething
  • Aug 25, 2014
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Flowers of Gratitude

As most of the flowers in my yard are gone for the year, I made a run to Walmart last night for flowers.

This morning I waited for the neighborhood school bus. As soon as I saw the bus, I flagged it down and gave the flowers to the bus drive Jeanette, who is also my neighbor. The look on her face was priceless!

My children are not school-age anymore, but I do have nieces and nephews that age. I think it takes pretty special people to do this job.

To safely drive, watch over, and deliver so many children is a great responsibility and one that is undoubtedly under appreciated!

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What Nobody Ever Does

Today I got in touch with my go-to I.T. guy. He is part of our Executive Support team at my office. 

I typically instant message him in the office when something has gone wrong, or my boss has locked out his password, or we need some urgent thing fixed. He always springs to action, coming to the rescue and helping us right away. 

Today, I messaged him and said, "Hi! I don't need anything today but wanted to thank you for all you always do." 

He was so happy! He said, "Nobody ever does that!" He said it made his afternoon! 

How long did that take me? No time at all. And it didn't cost a thing! 

Thank yous are free - but they are priceless! Imagine if people you knew just thanked you for the little things in life. You'd be getting such nice messages all day!

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Clay Hearts

I just joined the challenge yesterday and have been thinking of some creative ways to lift some spirits. I have started on a batch of clay hearts which I will paint and add a inspirational word. I plan on leaving them in random spots for others to pick up. Hopefully they will bring a smile to those who find them :) 

Below is a photo of the clay hearts. I hope they get picked up and regifted again and again!

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It's About What Needs Done

I spent four hours volunteering at the cat shelter this morning.

Although I would have loved to have spent the time playing with the cats one of the staff needed help with fund-raising work - so I did that. 

I try to remind myself that volunteering is all about doing what needs to be done.

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  • Posted by snowyegret7
  • Aug 22, 2014
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Cookie As A Middle Name

Today is the birthday of my elderly (82 years old) friend who has Alzheimer's. 

I make a point of visiting him at least once a month. I wanted to take him a card and a treat for his birthday. So, off I went to the memory care unit with my coffee, the card, and some chocolate chip cookies. 

He always looks so happy to see me (although today was not his best day.) 

So, we were sitting there enjoying our treats while I carried on a mostly one-sided conversation. Just then another resident came wandering over and asked, "Would you have some candy for an old guy?" 

I chuckled and said I didn't have any candy - but I had cookies! 

Then I looked over at one of the staff members to be sure he could have cookies. I don't need my kindness to cause a diabetic episode! 

She assured me it was okay and said that "Cookie" could be his middle name. So, we shared our cookies and more smiles.

It was a very good way to spend my lunch break!

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Final Resting Place

As I left my home this morning, I found three small feathers on my windshield, which I kept in the car.

As I was heading into work, outside in the parking lot, I noticed that there was a dead sparrow on the pavement. She must have been less than a day old since she passed. I know that the ultimate act of kindness would have been to nurse her wounds had it been alive, but at this point, there was only once choice for me.

I put my laptop bag down on the ground and made room by an adjacent flower bed, in between the mound junipers, for her to have her final resting place... It felt right.

I gathered all twigs and leaves that I could find and covered her body.

Thank you little sparrow for your journey in this reality..

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Appreciating The Park-Keepers

In the morning I often go to the local park to walk. 

There are two grounds-keepers there who do an awesome job of keeping the place clean, especially after baseball games. Yesterday, I left them a note of appreciation and $5 gift cards to the local coffee place. 

I think they need to know that someone appreciates their work.

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My Wonderful Mother

I sent a letter to my mother thanking her for all the love, care, and kindness she has given me throughout my life. I believe that mothers like mine can ever be thanked enough for all the tremendous sacrifices they make for their children.

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  • Aug 18, 2014
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Stop and Hug

My nine year old daughter has walked to school almost every day of her school life and each morning the same crossing guard, Ms. Leslie is there to help us safely cross the street. She and my daughter have a special ritual of hugging. My daughter runs to her, they hug, lock eyes and Ms. Leslie twirls her around once with the "stop" sign in one hand. Once, a neighbor driving her 3 children to school told me they feel lucky when they get the chance to witness this. Any fighting in the car that is going on, stops and they all share the joy between these two. This morning after watching them and having crossed the street to the other side, I said "That looked like so much fun can I have a hug too?" Ms. Leslie smiled and we embraced a full 5 seconds. I could feel our skin touching neck to neck and ... Read Full Story >>

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Two Wolves - A Cherokee Tale

A Cherokee is telling his grandson about a fight
that is going on inside himself.

He said it is between 2 wolves.
One is evil: Anger, envy, sorrow, regret,
fearful thinking, greed, arrogance, self-pity,
guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies,
false pride, superiority and ego.

The other is good: Joy, peace, love, hope, serenity,
humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity,
truth, compassion and faith.

The grandson thought about it for a minute
and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf wins?"

The Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

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Forgiveness is a blessing!

Today, my father had a second round of tests that definitely confirm that he has prostate cancer.

Since my mother's death in December, he has been angry with the world and because I live with him, he has become more and more angry often taking this out on me verbally and emotionally.

Several weeks ago, it got so bad that I had to consider moving out as it was affecting my health so badly.

Today with the news of his cancer he has changed now realizing that life is short and in a miraculous way his attitude has changed for the better towards me.

I will be here to help him during his illness, as I always have been in the background trying to make things easier for him as he has been traveling through the emotions of mourning my mother.

I forgive him whole heartedly.

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Cinderella, you have brightened the world.

Today was an intense day that offered opportunity for the whole community to be kind. Our dear friend Cinderella down the road had a severe stroke some time last night, and was found this morning by her close friend who noticed she had not picked up her paper or walked her dog. Thank GOODNESS for kind, loving neighbors who pay attention. She ran to get my mom, who is a nurse, and we both ran to Cindy's house. I had never seen someone in her state, she was not responsive to us, but she looked terrified. We called 911 , and while we waited we spoke to her to calm her and I sang to her a little bit, which helped her close her eyes and stop shaking. After she was taken, 2 neighbors went to the hospital, while a team of 4 of us began to clean her room and figure ... Read Full Story >>

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Sometimes, it's all you need.

Yesterday, after a beautiful therapy session, I rode through town specifically hoping to learn something from someone. When a young man flagged me down, I quickly pulled over and sat down next to him. He began to tell me about the symbols he had drawn on the concrete, and spoke of things I had never heard of. I was reminded, as I had hoped, that I have no IDEA what it is all really about, and that a 'strange' man's guess is as good as mine. He thanked me for listening, and asked for money. I immediately said yes. When I could not get money from a debit machine, or figure out my pin for cash back, he outright asked "Will you buy me some beer?" My immediate reaction was -- "Beer?" as if it were a ridiculous request. I include this story here because I am sure many of us have gifted ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness Without Leaving Home

I'm a stay at home mum to three beautiful young boys, and some days I never leave the house!

On these days I always wander how I can do a kind act. But I realize I do them every day. Although not big and even without leaving the house we can still do acts of kindness.

I smiled at other drivers driving my boys to school, I left uplifting and positive comments on people's Facebook status. I played with all my three children and gave them attention rather than do something for me and I walked the neighbor's dog.

Things can be done every day without leaving home.

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