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Weekend Kindness

Got up extra early to volunteer at the soup kitchen because this weekend we are having music rehearsals at our house all day and I had to get back by 1. (I thought I would go and help prep and then leave early)

But when I got to the soup kitchen, I found that there were not nearly enough volunteers! So we all doubled up on our duties and miraculously got everything set up and served lots of folks too....I stayed on as long as I could (12:45) til almost closing time (1) and got home just in time.

It made me really glad that I could be there when there was such a need for helpers. I was also able to save pita bread for the nice Armenian gentleman from last week (I remembered he liked it and set it aside for him, and he was so touched that I remembered him) and since we only had one packet of it, I was glad that he got it.

Also glad that I was able to make special food to serve to everyone who came to rehearsal today!

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Gratitude Journal

During my yoga class a few weeks ago, we all spoke about gratitude and gratitude journals. One lady mentioned how she has always wanted to start one. That night I went home and ordered her this. A great journal for gratitude. It arrived today just in time for our very last class. I can't wait to gift it to her. She will be so surprised!

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3 Bunches of Flowers

I was at the store yesterday and bought some lovely flowers. One bunch for me, one bunch to thank a friend for welcoming me into the community that I have just moved to, and ibe for a stranger. I left the store, bought some beautiful wrapping paper, wrapped two of the bunches and as I strolled through the mall, a lovely old couple were walking the other way hand in hand. I noticed on the lady's badge the words "school cleaner", so I walked to her and presented her with one of the bunches of flowers.

I said, "These are for you, have a wonderful day!", smiled and kept walking. I did glance back for a moment only to see her filled with joy looking at the flowers and smiling with her husband. I felt so happy I almost cried! So wonderful to give daily. Great for you and the recipient. I hope I made her afternoon. Have a beautiful day.

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A Natural Instinct to Give

While out for breakfast with my 23-year old son he told me about an experience he had earlier in the week. He was not sure if what he did was the right thing. As he was walking from the bus stop one morning he saw a man sitting off the sidewalk near some bushes. The man had clearly been having some hard times. He was covered in days of dirt and it looked a though he may have been homeless. The man looked up at my son and asked him for money as he peeled a bandage off of his leg. He told my son that a police dog had attacked him. Knowing this person might have been involved in criminal activity and could be dangerous my son reacted in a way that he himself questioned. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his change and handed what he ... Read Full Story >>

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The Start to a Healthier Life

Yesterday I was drinking my coffee at the deck when I saw my neighbor approach in her car. I greeted her and she told me she was on her way to a fast food restaurant to buy coffee. Her son had visitors and she did not want to disturb, so I offered a coffee and muffin and we chatted away enjoying the morning rays on my deck. After a long chat in which her health issues came up, I told her there are at least two things she can do to feel better: walk and eat healthy. She's a widow, lives in her son's basement and is in general alone. We were able to come up with a plan! She will start by watching me swim (since she does not like to get into the water). Eventually, I may encourage her to find a bathing suit (and go shopping with her if necessary). We will also start to go on walks around the neighborhood. Hopefully this is the start of a healthier life for the both of us!

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A Mac Razor

I went to the town center where I live and to a store to buy a shaving razor. I went to the cashier and couldn't find my debit card. There was a young guy next to me who noticed what had happened, he turned to me and said he would pay for the razor. Time seemed to stand still in what I can only describe as "oneness". I felt privileged to have met this kind person and sincerely thanked him for his most generous and selfless act.

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Clothes for a Friend

Today I gave some of my clothes to a girl that needs them because her parents don't have money to buy her new clothes. In school, this girl is victim of bullying because of the clothes that she wears. I went home and told my mom that I'd like to see what we have that we can give to her. It breaks my heart knowing what she suffers in the school because of her clothes. Sometimes young people are so mean to others who don't have the money to buy expensive things and this has to change because it is not clothes or shoes that make a person. It is what we have in our heart and in our soul.

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Wedding Anniversary Guest

Our friend's 90-year old mother was home alone and feeling sad. Our friends are on vacation and she lives with them. We were going out to dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary and invited her to join us. When she declined because she wasn't up to an outing, we surprised her by stopping by her house with dinner for her on our way back from our dinner. I know what she likes and she was so pleased. It made us feel happy as well.

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The Disbelieving Recipient

Today I popped into an thrift store for a quick look.

There was a little girl (about 6 years old) in there holding a large colorful toy. She asked her dad to buy it for her. It was only $5.00 but he told her no because he couldn't afford it. She looked so disappointed but accepted his decision graciously.

When her father went to the other end of the shop to look at something, I asked if he would have any objection to me buying the toy and giving it to his child.

He looked stunned for a minute or two but eventually gave me his blessing to do so.

I bought the toy for just $4.00 and gave it to the disbelieving recipient. I left before I could see the delighted expressions on their faces but walked out of the shop to a chorus of heart felt thanks from the Dad, the Mum, the child and even the shop keeper!

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6 Heavy Shopping Bags

Tonight was cold and the darkness had closed in early. A man was carrying 6 heavy shopping bags as he walked along a poorly lit street. At times I've had to do the same thing and wished for help, so I pulled up next to him and offered him a ride home. He was so surprised and gratefully accepted my offer.

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Lemons for All

We just harvested our abundant lemon tree and left little piles of lemons on our neighbors' doorsteps. It used to be our little grandson's favorite thing to do, to the extent that whenever we had lemons (either off of our tree or bought from the store) he would insist on putting them on our neighbors' front veranda!

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Ducks in a row at the office

The receptionist at my doctor's office has a collection of rubber ducks in the front office window that always makes me smile. (I have one too on my dashboard and I let folks know that I finally got my ducks in a row.) I remembered her collection ahead of time and so after my appointment and arranging for a follow-up appointment, I stealthily left one for her that was dressed as a nurse on the ledge of her desk without being noticed.

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Creating My Own Challenge

I did my own 21-day challenge with a group of twelve friends. Every day, I created and emailed them a challenge for the day and encouraged them to share what they did with our group.

It was so fun hearing the different ways people completed their challenges. We agreed that being kind was something we all did every day, but mindfully fulfilling a challenge made it all the more special. One member is going to repeat all 21 challenges.

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Little things can go a long way

In my local supermarket, there is a woman who is having brain surgery again. She had it almost a year ago and it did not help. She is terrified and sharing with me, her customer. What can I do? Brought her an Angel and some feel good books, donated items to a raffle to help some of the costs and just listened to her. I cannot imagine how scared she is, but I can care!

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Cashier Remembered Me As ...

Cashier remembered me as soon as I told her to keep the dark Dove chocolate bar that I added to my grocery purchase.

"Oh, I looked up the website ( and showed your origami (peace) dove to my manger," she said, her whole face lighting up. "I don't have much time to go online, but liked the site."

I gave her another dove to give her boss, as well as a candy bar and dove to cashier in next lane.

Was almost out the door, when she caught up to me and asked if she could please have another dove, for a colleague who really needed a positive lift.

Grateful that I happened to have a small bag with SMILE card, dove and a blessing token that I had tucked in my purse.

Love how the kindness is rippling, my friends.

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The Best Kind of Bank Deposit

Today at the bank I got served by a girl called Lauren who was being trained. I remember how nerve-wracking it can be when you are just starting out and young. I got some roses and gave them to her. She was so surprised and sparkled. It was a lovely moment.

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A New Start for Their Friend

Yesterday afternoon was great for me. Over the past couple of days on our local Freecycle page there have been a lot of 'wanted' posts, all from the same person, basically asking for everything you'd need to set up a house from scratch. One of the things they asked for was a queen-sized bed, which we just happened to have an extra one of (we get given lots of random stuff, lol), so I messaged them to offer them the bed. They snatched it up right away and came in the afternoon to get it. The people who came, two ladies and a man, are actually friends of another woman with a young boy. This woman has escaped from a dangerous, violent relationship and these friends of hers are helping her and her son start over again, with everything from furniture to toothbrushes on their list of needs. While they were here I also ... Read Full Story >>

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Farewell to Good Neighbors

Our good neighbors sadly are moving away, and they've just finished packing their house up. I invited them for dinner tonight, as everything is packed up and ready to go.

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Parking Lot Angel

The other day I was backing out of a small parking lot that did not have much room for backing out. A mother with her son saw me, and she asked if I needed help. She kept telling me how far back I could go without hitting other vehicles. I so appreciated her kindness. She was my parking lot angel.

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Colorful Postcards for Kids

I sent out these postcards to terminally ill children today. If you have a chance, please do so as well. I am sure it supports not only the child but also the parents!

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