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For Day 2, reconnecting with an old pal, I sent a message to a woman I've known since pre-school (we're now 39!). She had a lot of challenges and personal difficulties in her life, struggles with drugs and alcohol, etc., but really pulled out of it and has become a counselor focusing on helping youth with drug and alcohol issues (!). Turns out that I caught her at exactly a time when she was really needing some support due to some marital issues, and she was really grateful that I had reached out and told her what an inspirational person I think she is.

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  • Jul 24, 2014
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Power In Simplicity

DAY 2 Interestingly enough, I experienced two realizations today during Day 2 of the Kindness Challenge. I would like to share them here. #1 I noticed that when I began my day and remembered that I needed to complete my challenge, I thought: "I have to engage in a kindness act today."  Immediately I noticed how my body tightened up  when thinking about it, particularly the "have" part of it. In my past, generosity and kindness were just a way of being, and not a requirement, so now that it's required for me to log in and then complete a Kindness act, I resented it. Then, I realized that I didn't "have" to do anything, all I "have" to do was just be me, then Kindness flowed. #2 As I was trying to figure out and plan which act of kindness I was going to perform, I realized that I was looking for bigger actions.  Then ... Read Full Story >>

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Park Clean-up

Yesterday evening, my husband and I took our grandson to the playground for a little while after supper. While we were there, he had a snack and on our way to the trash to throw away the wrapper, we all worked together to pick up some other trash that had been misplaced.

I think this helps create more of a "community" feel rather than just "me and mine". No matter how the trash got there, I want everyone to enjoy a clean, beautiful area.

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My 6 Minutes Will Save You 60!

My neighbors are a couple in their mid 60's. Both of them are quite active, but like me, they have a very steep yard that can be difficult to mow if you accidentally wait an extra day or two and the grass thickens.

For me, it is no problem because I have a riding mower, but they have an electric push mower. This Saturday when I mowed my lawn, I looked over at theirs and saw how thick it was. I would not help but imagine the hour or so it would take for them to cut it.

So I took a right turn and cut their lawn right after mine. They were so very appreciative. I simply told them, for me to give 6 minutes of my time and give you an opportunity to save 60 minutes of yours just seemed like the right thing to do.

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Clean Up

I walk through a bush trail close to my home, a few days a week.  I collected a whole bag of empty cans and bottles that were sadly tossed amongst the scrub. It felt good to walk through again this afternoon and not see them all laying there.

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Big Ripples

The parcel I sent to my friend, arrived at her home, yesterday. Here is what she said: "Thank you Ruth, you brought tears to my eyes! You're such a kind and loving lady ♥♥♥" and then "When you know that someone still actually cares and thinks of you, it makes the day more bearable".

I really only sent a tiny gift, a little necklace I made and a pack of popping candy. Teeny things have big ripples... I'm slowly learning that the teeny things matter.

Today, I helped a friend with her schoolwork for several hours and didn't have much time for anything else. I sent a message via Facebook to a friend to tell her that I think she's amazing. It is enough.

Tomorrow I'm delivering a present to another friend! I'm very excited!

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  • Jul 20, 2014
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My husband always waters the plants at his parents home when they are away. He has been occupied with volunteer work at the temple so I went and watered the plants.

He is such a diligent person and always ready to help others so felt great to surprise him by taking care of a simple matter :)

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  • Jul 19, 2014
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Marks Of Kindness

I was on my way to my parents' on my motorcycle and saw a middle aged man carrying a heavy sack on his shoulders and walking with great struggle. I passed him, then paused, and turned around to stop near him and offer him a ride.

He lifted the heavy sack which had a lot of scrap iron and sat on the pillion. Immediately he asked me my name and after I told him, blessed me aloud. We rode on.

In five minutes, we were stopped by a traffic cop who demanded to see my license. There were many cops who were stopping everyone on that road. My ride got down with his sack and got back on after I was through with the cop.

We reached his destination. He got off and thanked me again. After reaching home, while parking my motorcycle I saw that the iron pieces in the sack that he had placed on the pillion had made deep marks and almost torn the seat in a couple of places.

I smiled and took it as a reminder he had left behind so that I do not forget what the pillion is for.

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75 Balloons

Some friends and I blew up 75 balloons, wrote nice sayings directly on them or on notes attached to them by string, and passed them out on campus.

Mine said "Happy Unbirthday, any day can be your special day, even today." I gave it to a girl working at the info center, where I assume she is constantly barraged by people asking her for things - directions, keys, etc.

She was very excited to receive something, for once.

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African Inspiration

Today I bought a piece of art from a vendor at a festival. Her artwork was inspired by Africa and so I asked if she had ever been there. She answered 'no' and that she hoped to some day. After paying for the artwork, I  handed her a $20 bill and said that it was for her fund to travel to Africa someday. She was so touched that she reached out to hug me! It made my day and I will always have that story with the art that now graces my wall.

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Wanting To Say Thanks

I have always wanted to say thanks to the workers who clean the public bathrooms in my college dorm before any of us wake up.  I was inspired to do this because it's such a thankless but necessary task.  One morning I left a simple thank you note for the woman at the sink.

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Hidden In Library Books.

Today when returning a library book I slipped a $5 in between the pages with a note wishing them the most beautiful blessed day. I do this every time I return a library book and if I cannot afford the money I will stick only a note inside with words of love and letting them know that someone is thinking of them and that I hope they enjoy the book.

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Tender Tomatoes

Helped our local, urban farmers to process tomatoes into pasta sauce for their winter pantry box.

Small, organic farmers work so hard - preparing the ground, starting seedlings, planting, weeding, harvesting, delivering, processing - that most have a hard time surviving.

I help out whenever I can during harvest season, so that they can add value to the produce at their peak and not have it all spoil because they don't have the human power to handle everything themselves.

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A Stranger on the Bus and a Conversation of a Lifetime

Last weekend I sat on the bus bubbling with excitement and so ready to spend time in New York City with one of my best friends from college. As I took the window seat and put my headphones in, I barely even noticed the elderly man that took a seat beside me. Two hours passed and I remained absorbed in my own world, bored and anxious to get off of the bus. Trying to push away all the thoughts, worries, and obligations that were weighing me down. Trying to trick myself into believing that I was fine, perfectly and completely okay. However, after re-settling on the bus after the quick rest stop break, the elderly man asked me a question, a simple question about the bus’s Wi-Fi capabilities, which turned into a 2 and a half hour conversation probing my deepest fears, my dreams, my life. I shared more with this stranger on ... Read Full Story >>

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A Book For My Hubby!

Well my husband loves to read. He rarely buys a new hard cover novel. He waits until they are older and on sale.

Instead of buying a book I like and giving one away, I surprised my wonderful husband with a book of his choice.

It was nice to do a kind act for my loving spouse. He is so good to so many, it's nice to realize he deserves kind acts to come his way. He was thrilled I thought of him. It was a good thing!!

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I Gave This To My Mom

To Mom,

Thank you so much for feeding me well, packing my lunch together, and making breakfast every morning! I also will thank you for being smooth and flexible with my hard schedule.

Thank you so much for doing the dishes and making dinner every night! Thank you for everything you have helped me with. I love you to space and back!

-Your Son


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Positive Notes

I wrote a positive comment on a former student's facebook page. I encouraged her to continue to believe in herself and make good decisions. After 17 years, I am still trying to be a good teacher.

I am also sending a thank you card to mom's friend who has been giving me lots of clothes. I have a great wardrobe because of her kindness. 

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A Kindness That Has Become A Habit

I go to the local grocery store and Dollar Tree once a week for my weekly shopping. Each time, in each store, I somehow end up with a very full shopping cart.

About a year ago I made a personal choice after being part of a 30 Day Gratitude challenge here on KindSpring that whomever was behind me in line, I would offer to allow them to go ahead of me - no matter how full their basket was.

What I have discovered is that younger people, under the age of 40, immediately take my offer up, people my age, 55+, need to have the offer given 2-3X and people over the age of 70, it is very difficult for them to accept my offer.

But every week, in each store, I offer and my offer is accepted - eventually This started as a conscious Act of Kindness that is now a habit. Which I feel is the idea of KindSpring, practice a kindness 'til it becomes a habit, then move on to another kindness.

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Free Yoga

I offered a free yoga class to my neighbors and friends on the top of my apartment building. Afterwards, one of the ladies, who had never joined before asked if she should pay anything for the class, and I told her to just pay it forward in kindness.

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Garage Sales And Giving

Yesterday, my sister and I had a garage sale at our parents' home. We are in charge of their estate and both passed away in the past few months.

It was emotionally challenging to sell our mother's handmade items and crafting supplies, but we were happy to GIVE away things to families that appeared to truly need them.

At the end of the day, we took a truck load of towels and blankets to a local (no kill) animal shelter and two truck loads of goods to a thrift store run by the Rescue Mission.

We don't plan to profit from the selling of our parents' things - they gave us so much, already.

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