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Teens Making A Difference

Today I was honored to attend a meeting of TAB (Teens Against Bullying) at the high school where my husband works. WOW! What a great group of kids! Today’s topic was “Supporting Each Other” and they handed each attendee a bookmark with this message:

Share your truth
Understand others have their own truth
Participate in many activities to get to know others
Pose Questions to understand
Offer encouragement – not judgment
Reach out – be a friend
Together we can make a difference.

One of the service / education projects this group is doing is working with kids in elementary students to stand up against bullying. They have set up teams of 3 - 4 high school students who work with groups of 10 - 12 elementary school students. One team is doing a project with a group of 3rd graders aimed at helping them to learn cooperation and encouragement.

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When My Instinctive Kindness Kicked In

Today morning when I was crossing the street, I looked both ways and it seemed safe to cross the street. Suddenly a car changed lanes and was speeding towards my direction. There was another man with me crossing the street. 

My immediate reflex reaction kicked in and I held his hand to hold him back. I kept holding his hand till it was safe for us to walk again.

When we reached the other side of the street, he just looked at me like "Do you know you were holding a strangers hand" That's when I realized what happened :)

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A Little Library With A Huge Impact

I found this on the FB page of "Free Little Library" and wanted to share it here because I know many here support the free little libraries:
One New Orleans steward came out to her Little Library and found this surprising note: "Thank You who ever you are for have-ing the book box. I'm 46 I learned to read 4 yrs ago & the libary how ever its spelled is to far. I just moved from Maine so I dont know alot of places. So Again Thank You! From a Neiphor spelled wrong sorry

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Creativity As A By-Product of Connection

I only had one student today, but it was still a great day. I stayed and talked to his mom for almost an hour about her soap making business. She is redoing and upgrading her product line and wanted to bounce some ideas off of me. We had so much fun talking about how she could create a better line. 

When I got home, I was laying there quietly for a little while when all these ideas popped up in my head. Yes, my racing mind hits again. I got up called her and we talked for another 45 minutes or so. She is a young, single mother raising this lovely boy. She works a full time job but has such a passion for her soap making (all natural) that I want to encourage her in every way that I can. I love these connections with some of the parents I work with. 

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The Perfect Kindness Opportunity

Like so many others here on KindSpring, I try to incorporate kindness in my life on a daily basis. I'm not as prolific or as creative as some are on this site, but I give it my best shot. Some acts are easier to do than others, but all are important. For instance, doing random kind acts at work is fairly easy for me now, as is paying for the person behind me at a drive through. In person, random is a bit harder. Today, while I was admiring the peonies at a local store, an older woman stopped and commented on how beautiful they were and that they were her favorite flower. She went on with her shopping without picking any up and I picked up two bunches. When I got to the cashier, I paid separately for one, then after buying my groceries, went off in search of her. When I ... Read Full Story >>

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A humbling Act of Kindness at a Coffee Shop

A small act from yesterday: I arrived at the coffee bar and it was busy. There was a free table for me but it was full with prior glasses and dishes. First I waited for the waiters to come and clean it, but they didn't. I became impatient.

Then, I saw how busy they were. I took all the dishes from my table and from another one and brought it with a smile back to the kitchen. For a moment, I made myself one of the team. They were so happy. Serving those who are "supposed" to serve us revealed itself as a very softening act; we all were happy.

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Because fire fighters need appreciation too!

Last summer, on one of the hottest days in San Jose, California, a small fire broke out on the deck of one of our neighbors in our condominium complex. San Jose Fire responded immediately and quickly took care of the situation. As is always the case, they responded in full firefighting gear, despite the 100º+ temperature.

After they departed the property, my son suggested that we should do something nice for the firefighters. I asked what he had in mind. "Let's get them some pie and ice cream and take it to the fire station." So we did.

We delivered three pies and three quarts of ice cream about 7:30 that evening. The look on the faces of the firefighters was priceless. Pure gratitude -- just as we were grateful for all they did to keep our community safe that day.

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I am your Mirror. Mirror Kindness.

Kindness and spiritual connection is a big thing. It goes beyond bodies. It goes beyond words. Even goes beyond dreams. Nevertheless, this place, KindSpring, is based on material technology and it makes us feel as closer as ever. Words of wisdom, of hope, illusion and love. It holds a secret key which leads us to understand our deep hearts and souls. Why do we feel as we do? I've sensed kindness, surrounded by people with same interests. Even if I don't know many of you physically I could tell someone I DO know your souls. It's like we're developing ourselves here, growing as a tree, and everyone of us is a powered branch of light and energy. How does kindness reflect? We are receiving stimuli and that "pay it forward" act is a nutrient. We first need to nurture ourselves. Then, we can reflect the Act of Kindness to more souls, ... Read Full Story >>

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What you wouldn't do for a friend

One day I needed a Landscaper. I hired a great guy and after a few projects we became friendly . He would got to practice his English and I got to brush up my Spanish. 

One day my Landscaper friend was upset that he " lost " a job because he didn't have an Invoice or a receipt with his business letterhead on it. It took hours to explain what it was and how to make them. 

So I decided to take a couple of days to make them for him. I took my laptop and some really great yard and plant photos and made him a bunch of Invoice's in English and in Spanish, a master CD & Flash Drive with about 40 photocopies so he will never miss out on another job AGAIN. And Best of all, it was so much FUN. :) 

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Learning Qualities of Empathetic Listening

Have you ever had someone tell you, "I know exactly how you feel"? Or, have you ever said that very thing to someone else?  A friend recently lost his job -- to what, in today's business world, is commonly referred to as "restructuring." Others call it for what it often is -- out with the old, in with the new. He was devastated. He loved his job. He was doing what he felt called to do. He was being compensated appropriately for his time and skills. And he's four years away from retirement. Speaking with him at a local café yesterday, he was sharing his sense of loss, describing his disappointment, anger, frustration, and fear. As we spoke, an acquaintance of his approached our table and, though not invited to do so, sat down to join us. Within seconds of comprehending what my friend and I were discussing, he blurted out, "I ... Read Full Story >>

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Stranger to Stranger

Today at the store, I watched from afar as a woman with a limp struggled to make her way out the door with a cart heavy-loaded with items. It took only seconds before man, a total stranger to her, stepped in to help her push her cart out the door. I followed behind them and realized the man was not stopping there at the sidewalk, but instead kept walking with her down the sidewalk and proceeded to joyfully help her load the items into her car. Today I saw kindness and I saw love, one stranger to another.

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  • May 21, 2016
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A Play Date That Meant The World To Her

My daughter has a difficult time hanging out with friends because most families don't seem to make time for just 'hanging out.' She has occasionally tried to meet up with friends and while they may say they'll be there, they almost never show up.  Today we went to a renaissance faire and she said a Facebook friend would be there as well but they hadn't met yet in real life. Hours went by and the friend didn't show. We tried not to be negative. Then we decided to have a late picnic lunch in the car, sit for a bit and leave if her friend hadn't shown up. And lo and behold: her friend came, the girls and us adults met. Shortly after we found out that they weren't even going to go to the faire because the weather was getting bad, but they still wanted to stop by just so that the ... Read Full Story >>

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Amidst Grief-Grace Emerged

Last week, a young former student of mine, passed away. She was only 21 years of age.  At the funeral her father thanked me for coming to the funeral. He said he wanted to get in touch with me but didn't know how to since I'm in a different campus now. He told me he knew I loved his daughter and she too loved me; I was so deeply touched and humbled to be told this. He has since then told others how pleased and grateful the family were that I attended the funeral. A few days after the funeral I received the attached card. Imagine! They sent me a card in the midst of their grief! It thanks me for being so kind to their wee angel and says she was very fond of me. An 'x' at the end of it. Katherine was a good girl but I never had to ... Read Full Story >>

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A Kindness Dilemma of Sorts

Little act of kindness and unkindness at the same time??

I was reading and suddenly a bee entered through the window. It was flying near there and suddenly it fell into a spider web I didn't notice before. Quickly a spider descended upon the bee and started to use more web to try to cover it.

I grabbed a pencil and rescued the little bee, without touching the spider. Then the bee was having trouble to get rid of the web. It was on its wings and legs. I watched and tried to help.

It took nearly 36 minutes. Then flew away and returned to say thanks, I'd assume. It was in the curtain. And after some movements of its head, flew again.

So, kind act for bee.
Unkind act for spider, for I stole its prey.

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My Hunger For Food, His Hunger For Connection

I was hungry, so I took my 8-year-old Shih Tzu, "Jack," on a walk to my favorite café, about a quarter-mile from my home. They have a nice outside patio area which, in the late afternoon, is usually vacant. I ordered a burger and iced tea and went outside to await my order. While waiting for my meal, a homeless man on a bicycle stopped to ask if there was a grocery store in the neighborhood. After I gave him directions, he asked if I had graduated from Santa Clara University. (I was wearing a SCU t-shirt.) I told him that, yes, I graduated some time ago. Little did I know that this simple response would lead to a 90-minute conversation. The man, Michael, told me he was 50 years old. He was intelligent. Very intelligent. Unfortunately, drug use had derailed both his formal education and his pursuit of success in the ... Read Full Story >>

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A Little Kindness Game We Like to Play

Whenever my husband and I go out to eat, we always pay for another family's meal (anonymously). I have a little gift card I give to the waitress and I ask her to choose a family. Give them the card and give me the bill to pay. We've made this a habit since we first met. It's just one small way we give back. Most of us have more than we will ever need and giving to others is just one simple way to share what we have.

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A May Day Flowery Tradition

Yesterday, on May 1st I continued a tradition of more than 15 years of delivering small flower arrangements to every house on my street. My neighbors love receiving the flowers and I love preparing special bouquets for them and delivering them to all 36 homes.

It is an all day activity that blesses me and ripples out with beauty and it is such a great way to stay connected! This year, a neighbor who moved away over the summer sent me a text that they were thinking about the May Day tradition on our street and sent me a virtual May Day flower greeting. May every day be lifted up in beauty. As Rumi says, “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

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First Class Kind of Kindness

I was flying first class when I saw a woman struggling with a cane on each arm, struggling down the aisle. I gave her my seat and took her seating assignment for coach.

The people behind her saw what I did and one woman came to my seat with tears and said " I saw what you did, and I so grateful that I witness that. Your kindness has blessed me." The flight attendant came to me and said, you will still get all the benefits of first class. I honestly I felt better than the lady I gave my seat to.

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When The Universe asked me to, I listened.

My wife is amazing. We were on holidays a few weeks ago and took a train ride up the coast in Wales, UK. At one stop my darling wife had the urge to buy a bunch of flowers, for no reason at all other than the universe told her to do it.

At the next train station as we got off the train, we saw a young boy aged about eight, hugging his Dad tightly, tears streaming down his cheeks as his Dad was about to get on another train. The young boy's Mum was trying to keep it together as her husband left. As the Mum and son walked out of the station, my wife caught up with them and gave her the bunch of flowers, and that is when we discovered that her husband was a soldier and about to leave the UK for 6 months.

Moral of this story: the universe is a teacher we should all listen to. And of course to my amazing wife as well ;)

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Your Family is My Family

The temple where I work at is involved in assisting a Syrian refugee family.  We have kind of adopted them.

Last Saturday I went with some others to their home and spent four hours visiting and connecting. I convinced my husband who is in the wholesale furniture business to get a couple of dealers of his to make a donation for the family. He was able to get  two things they really needed, one from each of two dealers--a bunk bed and mattresses.

We brought it over and put the bed together (which was a lot of work) and I felt so so so good that I'm still kind of high.  What Mitzvah! (Means commandment in the Jewish tradition but is often used to mean good deed). They were so appreciative and it was a joy for us! I surely received as much if not more than we gave. I look forward to connecting with them and helping where I can in the future. 

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