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Good Morning!

Good Morning! Wishing all of you a great day filled with happiness! Today on my drive into work I saw 2 black bears crossing the road. They moved slowly and one even looked right at me as he passed by my car. What a special gift he gave me this morning. There is a small stream nearby and I'm sure they were going for water and some fish! Gotta love nature's treasures.

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French reward

Following is an e-mail conversation between one of my students in Shanghai and me. I needed a little help as I twisted my fibula bone out of place. She sent me directions to a reputable hospital along with a map to get there and directions for a taxi driver. Then she wrote: "fI hope that my information could make some help. I know sometimes it is really hard to live in a foreign country. When my parents and I traveled to California, there were so many patient and friendly strangers in America helping us. We are grateful of that. Moreover, I sincerely hope that professor will soon be restored. All of us love you! Have a nice day!" I replied:"I am so happy to hear that the people you met in California were friendly. I have had the same experience in Shanghai. Once I thought to myself, "How come people are so ... Read Full Story >>

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Clean act of Kindness

I have a set of 12 fragrant soaps, one for each month of the year. Once a month, I wrap one of these wonderful soaps in pretty paper and place it in the mailbox of a coworker. Everyone is a buzz about who is shatring the soaps but no one has a clue it's me....and they never will. Hee hee.

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Little Things

I truly believe kindness is all about the little things.Little daily events that normally go unnoticed, make my heart heavy with love for the people I see participating in them.

One of today's little things was studying with peers and experiencing mutual encouragement to do well on upcoming assignments, exams, etc. Another little thing was throwing a surprise mini-party for the president of my N.O.W. club before our weekly meeting tonight. <3 Also, a telepathic thank you to all the lovelies who held the door for me today.

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Smile Cards

I mailed SmileCards for KindSpring. :) I LOVE doing this, and appreciate the gentle reminder with offer of help when I get too busy and forget to check for who wants cards. This is the greatest group with which to volunteer!

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Kindness pillars

It feels sooooo goooood when we plant little seeds, they stay there dormant and then flourish :-) For a year and a half I tried to do a kindness week at my daughter's school, sent the head teacher endless links to Ted talks, gave smile cards to pupils and teachers, etc.. When I had to stop volunteering at the school ,I just let things go until this month when I got the following front page school bulletin that made me believe that education is changing in the right direction. From the Head Teacher: " Dear Parents, Kindness and Compassion (“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” - Dalai Lama).  As you may already know from recent bulletins, the school has developed seven ‘core values’ as part of the launch of our new status later this year to become a sponsored academy. One of ... Read Full Story >>

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A Celebration With a Cause

On Thursday, 24 October, 2014 my friend Michelle will turned 40 years old. Her version of a celebration? Asking for donations of warm socks, hats. gloves, etc. and books. Why?

Because she, along with friends (including me!) and family, traveledl to Cleveland OH where her daughter attends school at CSU. There we all met up and distributed the items to homeless folks near campus and the books, etc. to children in homeless shelters.

I am so blessed to have been a part of this birthday "celebration" and look forward to helping many more times, in many more ways!

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Paying It Forward........

KINDNESS IN THE NEWS! Ma’am, Your Burger Has Been Paid For Phil Marden By KATE MURPHY Published: October 19, 2013 IF you place an order at the Chick-fil-A drive-through off Highway 46 in New Braunfels, Tex., it’s not unusual for the driver of the car in front of you to pay for your meal in the time it took you to holler into the intercom and pull around for pickup. “The people ahead of you paid it forward,” the cashier will chirp as she passes your food through the window. Confused, you look ahead at the car — it could be a mud-splashed monster truck, Mercedes or minivan — which at this point is turning onto the highway. The cashier giggles, you take your food and unless your heart is irreparably rotted from cynicism and snark, you feel touched. You could chalk it up to Southern hospitality or small town charm. But it’s just as likely the preceding ... Read Full Story >>

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Pay Attention!

I am going through the process of being admitted to the Bar in another state. My job requires it. I have been through the admission process in New York and California, but somehow I had forgotten how invasive it feels. The application is pages and pages of every job I have ever had, every address at which I have ever lived, any civil or criminal charges, any name change, divorces, etc. It feels never ending. I'm not in my 20s, or even 30s any longer. Try remembering every job and former address at my age. It consumed a large part of my weekend. I wasn't practicing gratitude or self-care, or anything, really. I was plowing through an unpleasant necessity. Then I got an email from KindSpring that said wonderful Jomartin had gifted me a good handful of Karmabucks. Along with that came a sweet message wishing me a smooth and swift week. So, ... Read Full Story >>

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The Light of Gratitude!

I write 10 things for which I am grateful every day, posting them on Facebook, and have done so for well over a year.

Several months ago my mother died after a long illness. It was expected and we had her on Hospice care for several months. I wrote of my feelings about her impending death and the places where I found gratitude and joy during that time, and continued my writing following her death.

One morning, several weeks following my mom's death, I received a beautiful note expressing how much my writings had meant to someone from another part of the world.

While my mom was dying, their loved one also lay dying. Every day that person opened the computer and read my words, and somehow they helped. I was deeply touched that words I  wrote to help make sense of my dark days could lighten the dark days of someone across the world. I guess we are more connected than I realize!

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Blankets Of Kindness

With store rebates, fleece blankets were essentially free (rebate to be used for in store merchandise, which I will likely use to buy birdseed anyway!).

So, I purchased 20 to donate to local shelter. Thank you to the store that helped make my generosity possible :).

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Warm and Cosy!

Good Morning Kindness Buddies! I hope you enjoyed the weekend. I went thru clothing this weekend and have 3 bags to donate to charity.

I have men and women's clothing, plus some nice pj's (not even worn) and Ialso purchased some new socks and hats/scarves.

I'm sure it will make someone warm and happy! I know it made me so happy to do this!

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Helping a teacher

I go to a small local gym and I heard a young mother at the front desk sharing that she is a school teacher and her husband is out of work, therefore she can't continue her membership because she needed the money to pay her bills.

Later on, I approached the front desk and asked them to sell me a gift pass for 60 days. I told the Receptionist to give it to the young woman with smile card and that I prefered to be anonymous.

In the card I wrote " Angels are watching over you". I didn't see her reaction but I hope I helped this young lady a little bit.

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Taking the Time

My friend recovering from breast cancer and a fractured right elbow is having difficulty in maneuvering, so I've been driving her to her doctors appointments and PT sessions. She is so grateful.

Today, I baked an apple pie (gee it's good), and brought her a colorful salad made with baked squash and potato. The look on her face was my reward. She lives in my building and that helps a lot, but I'm glad I'm able to give her these gifts of healing love.

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Friday Rocked

Hello, my Kindness Angels.  I want to share what made yesterday such a good day. During the challenge we were asked to repay a kindness or pay it forward. I postponed that one until now. Eight months ago today I had a cervical fusion [healing way too slowly, unfortunately.] My sister was here and I really appreciated it. A week before my surgery a good friend found out her sister had metastatic bladder cancer and was scheduled for surgery. She wanted to be here for me and I told her she needed to go. I had my sis and she needed to be with hers. On her return, she brought me good food and gave up some of her precious weekends to schlep me around and many other nice things. I knew she would be going  back to see her sister again. So this week I cooked up a storm. Friday evening I ... Read Full Story >>

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Coffee And Smiles

Today I have been tagged! I have spread kindness and given things away and bought lunches and dinners for families. Today I was the receiver of an unexpected kindness.

I have a sick dog and I woke up today to find a mess that I had to clean. Not feeling the energy to even make coffee this morning. I got into my car and drove to Dunkin Donuts.

While trying to turn into the drive thru, more and more cars got ahead of me. Not that I was in a hurry mind you but I just thought "I'm going to sit in this line! ARG!" When I reached the drive thru window a smiling lady handed me my coffee and said "The car ahead paid for your order."

Really?!! Of course at that moment I paid for the car behind me! I left feeling GREAT and SMILING. The car that was behind me in line pulled behind me in traffic. I saw through the rear view mirror that she had a big smile on her face.

It is truly amazing how one simple act of kindness can change the entire day.

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Kindness Contest Winnter of the Month!

I got the chance to receive $100 from to complete an act of kindness to help others. I thought it would be cool to make little gift baskets for people at the woman's shelter. I thought of this idea as I remembered how joyful gift baskets are, and how those at a shelter would probably love some.

When I entered the contest, I never thought I could win it. When they sent an email informing me of my opportunity, I was shocked; I thought it was a mistake. I knew after that email that I had a lot to do in a little time.

The planning part for the baskets was perhaps the hardest thing to do. I had to figure out when and where I should hold the assembling of the gift baskets and what I would call them. I had to decide what to buy with the $100 and how to tell people about the event.

I ended up deciding to call my project, Smile Baskets, because hopefully each basket would make a person smile. The women’s baskets, were filled with  beauty products and food treats. I filled the kids baskets with toys. 

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Our Choice

I have not been posting for awhile. I have been following along and either doing the suggested idea or something else. My procedure in every case was to think about what I could do and then go and do it. It was always a one shot deal. I am immensely grateful to the organization and to the people who posted and who responded to my stories. Just being aware of the amount of kindness happening in the world changes your viewpoint entirely. Being on the receiving end lifted my spirits immensely. A big change  happened in me as a result of yesterday's act of kindness. As it happened, I turned up at Canadian Tire as a group of motorcyclists and old cars were gathering for the Ride for Xmas Toys. There was, as usual, a registration desk. Without thinking about it, I went over and gave a donation. That isn't the big ... Read Full Story >>

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Breakfast On The Go

One cold morning I went by McDonald's on the way to work to get a breakfast sandwich. I noticed two men with their backpacks standing at the front of the store. By their appearance, they didn't seem to have much other than what they carried in their backpacks.

 I ordered my breakfast sandwich and then ordered two extra. As I went around the drive-thru toward the front of the building, I asked them to come over to the car and handed them the two extra breakfast sandwiches.

I smiled and said "God bless, stay warm". They smiled in return and those smiles made my day.


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Gratitude and Kindness Persist

I have decided to keep going after the 21 day challenge. I think it is a great way to remind myself each day to be kind and caring with everyone  that I come in contact with. Today I was grateful. We have a friend with a terminal brain tumor and things are getting difficult for him. He is someone with a most loving and caring heart. He and his partner have been inspirations to me as they travel this journey together - so kind to each other, to others and with a willingness to share their fears, their gratitude, their dreams, their loving. I sent them a loving note today telling them that they walk in my heart with me. As I am outside at this time of year, I am reminded of the many lessons in the natural world around me - the changing seasons, the compost pile, the leaves falling, the ... Read Full Story >>

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