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Beanies For The Whole School!

I had a message from my friend. A lady on her Pay It Forward page, is knitting slouch beanies for the whole school I work with (92 kids). These are kids that don't often get extras or even RAOK. I can't wait to see their faces and warm heads in winter!

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Let's Play

I'm a teacher and at recess I usually stay in and correct papers or help students with work they are behind on. 

Today, I surprised them all and went outside to play! 

I taught them a new game and now they are teaching the rest of the school to play it. 

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One life at a time

There had been a problem with gangs within my community, so I took it upon my self to do something about it. 

I started by talking and listening to them. Then we moved on to getting them into school, job-training and employment. Some were still kids - but kids with kids. Now many of them can provide for their own families. 

Now I do follow ups with them, reintroducing them to our (Native American/Canadian) Cree culture. 

They too have value. Along with others we have painted over all the graffiti and some of the gang leaders are now helping me in turning the tide, as far as gangs are concerned, talking to the others, getting them out of the gang life. 

One life at at time.

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Picking Up The Tab For Strangers

I took the big plunge the other day and bought lunch for a couple sitting near my table at the restaurant. I couldn't help but overhear them discussing the cost of this or that on the menu. They both seemed overly concerned with how much their bill was going to be. The irony of it was that I wasn't necessarily in a position to pick up their tab, since from their discussion I think they both made more money than I do each week. However, I had not only had some unexpected income that week, but had also had a neighbor offer to fix my lawnmower for free. He had told me to pay it forward. The cost of their tab was the same amount as I would have paid to him for the repair! 

I wanted these young girls to understand that money was about flow and energy. I hoped that by my act of kindness they might loosen up about the cost of items on a menu and enjoy life a bit more. I gave the waiter a SMILE card and told him to give it to them when their check came. I hope they pay it forward!

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Kindness Flash Mob!!!

That was so much fun. About seven students from the school where I teach, as well as their families, came out today for our "kindness flash mob."

We contacted our local McDonald's who donated 250 free ice cream cards. So, in the rain, about 15 of us on the main street downtown passed out ice cream cards to locals and tourists, as well as a "Smile Card."

You should have seen the kids. They were interacting with the people, making them smile, explaining RAoK Month. There was a reporter and a photographer from the local paper.

We really made people's day, but my students and their families got a terrific experience of spreading kindness in the community, something I think none of them will forget...I know I won't! #AprilRAoK

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Helped A Teacher.

I aide in my son's class at school. His teacher had been out sick with pneumonia for three days. I watched the homework papers to grade stack up on her desk while she was gone. The day she got back she looked tired and overwhelmed. She had a huge stack on her desk of papers to grade. I offered to take home over the weekend as much as she wanted me to to grade. She seemed relieved and I felt grateful to help. I also had a great wife who helped me.

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My heart is overflowing with so much gratitude and love for my amazing life which is simply filled with lots of blessings, sunshine & flowers.

I still remember that one special day when I had just finished dropping off stuffed animals at the emergency room at the nearby hospital - so nurses can give away those cuddly teddy bears to hurting & sick children.I was on my way home and thought of a nice yummy organic salad for dinner.As I was about to walk into the store, I saw a young man sitting on the bench right in front of the store.

He looked fragile and hungry.I stopped right in front of him with a big smile and "hi my dear, how are you doing?" he smiled back and said that he was trying to sell his flutes so he could buy himself some dinner.I smiled and said "please join me - I'd love to buy you your dinner."

He smiled and opened his arms and gave me a big warm hug and then he said the most beautiful prayer for me before we entered the store... and this became another beautiful moment of heaven on earth... be kind to strangers because you never know you might entertain some angels... ;-)

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The Thrift Shop Dash

I love to shop at thrift stores. 

It was 8 p.m. and the store was closing. There was a loud pounding on the door and a young couple begged to be let in. Their clothes had been stolen, they said, and they needed more. 

They told us they were homeless and normally kept their things in a garbage bag. While they were trying to find work someone had taken their belongings. 

They were allowed in and raced around to get some clothes - a few shirts, a dress and a bra. They were out of breath as they brought their things to the counter. 

I had just paid for my purchases but felt bad that I was coming to this type of store for the pleasure of bargain-hunting and here were two people who were desperate for necessities. I told them I would be honored to pay for their clothes. 

At first they refused but on my repeated request they allowed me to do so. 

Best of luck to them!


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  • May 25, 2015
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Sat. Giving

Today was a good day for giving away things. I was off today and had time to wait for people to pick up things. I gave away a bag of books and the woman from the org. that collects clothes,etc. for women coming out of prison, came and picked up 3 bags of things. Feel lighter already.

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Children Hand Out Ice Cream Vouchers On State Street In Kindness

Children hand out ice cream vouchers on State Street in kindness:
I saw the video last night on TV, but it doesn't look like it's available online, but the story is.

These are my students and the kindness flash mob we did yesterday! #AprilRAoK

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Holiday Kindness :)on Recent ...

Holiday Kindness :)

On recent holiday we had to pay $2 to exit the airport carpark in our hired car. I only had a $10 note so asked my partner who was driving to give the $10 note to the attendants and advise them to use the change to pay for the next 4 vehicles behind us.

I also donated money to a local dance group and when buying fruit at road side stalls gave a little extra to the locals who were selling their produce.

Thank you to the Kind spring community for being the change in my actions as would never have considered doing anything like this before joining. There are many opportunities to give even if its only a small amount and while on holiday this was a wonderful thing to do!

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Gift of food

A meal is a meal. Usually on weekends, I teach some driving lessons with some partners. When a customer calls and wants a driving lesson, my partner Angy receives the money and then deducts 30% of the money for my payment.

These days, lately, my partner hasn't had enough money to eat because she had to pay some hard debts. Usually, I collect my salary from our payments box, but this time I didn't. So she can use that extra money to buy food. I know that food is energy and we all need it.

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  • May 23, 2015
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Another Little Scratch

I buy a lottery ticket every week in hopes of hitting the big jackpot. Today, I bought my ticket, then asked the cashier which scratcher is the luckiest. She told me so I bought it.

I asked, "So you think this one is lucky?"

She raised her hands to the sky as if saying, "Hope to God."

I put down a "Smile Card" a penny, and left the ticket. "I hope you are right," I said. "It's yours."

She was shocked. She gasped. "Really? Thank you."

I walked out and told her, "Good luck." 

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What I Overheard

I saw a man who looked like he was really down on his luck today, and another man walked up and said, "How you doing? Are you hungry?"

He responded, "Yeah, kind of."

"Can I get you a sandwich in the store?" asked the other man.

I didn't want to stand there and stare. I continued to walk, and didn't hear any more, but I thought the act was very kind! #AprilRAoK

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Flowers to go with her groceries

Such a lovely floral dept!

Bought a bouquet (clerk even added some extra blooms) and gifted to woman leaving the store with a full cart of groceries, along with a SMILE card and origami dove.

She said, "For me?" and smiled so HUGE!

Blessings of flowering smiles, my kind friends.

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Camp Chairs, Water, And Tacos

Driving by Walmart today, I saw a foreign family of four (a mom, dad, and two young boys) holding up a sign with a message pleading for help with food due to unemployment. I went to the Taco Bell nearby to buy the 12 pack of tacos, and grabbed the water bottles and three camp chairs from my trunk to give to them. Their smiles were heartwarming. What a great day!

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Love Note

I wrote my husband a sweet little note telling him how nice it was to spend the weekend with him and left it on his pillow before bed. I thought it would be a nice little surprise. I want him to know how much I like him as a person.

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Morning Danish

Every day I walk to work the same way and every morning I see this man in a wheelchair waiting to be picked up. This morning I introduced myself and brought him a Danish pastry. He was so happy it made my day. :-)

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  • May 20, 2015
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Repurposing Library Magazines

This morning, I went to the library to buy some of their canceled books and magazines and got to talking with a guy who works there. Looks like I might get an inside line on a heap of their canceled stuff in the future. I can use that stuff in so many ways!

I can repurpose magazines into about a billion or so different craft projects, which I'll then sell to raise money to help other people. I can directly sell on books to raise money for the same reason. I can donate books to the local hospital and nursing homes. One of the books I bought this morning is full of knitting patterns for kids clothing, which my Mum and her friends can make up to donate to homeless shelters and battered women's shelters. I am so excited by the potential these project have!

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Babies on Planes

The flight that I was on had these two babies less than a year old, probably twins, who were howling loudly. They were probably uncomfortable with their first flight. Everyone in the plane was disturbed with the loud crying. The poor parents were having a really really tough time and didn't know what to do to help the kids calm down. Both the mother and father stayed peaceful with the babies.
Even though almost every passenger on the plane was disturbed, no one said anything which to me was a sign of supreme patience and kindness of strangers that goes unnoticed. I want to thank all of you who have a large heart and stay patient and tolerant when facing such issues in public places. When the flight landed, I went and patted the father's arm and told him that I thought that both of them were wonderful parents. He laughed and thanked me for the compliment. His laughter made my day!


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