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Books For Little Free Library

Went through some of my books today and got a couple of bags ready to take to our Little Free Library tomorrow. Ours is getting used so much. So gratifying to see folks taking books or just sitting out in the chairs around it in our Community Garden and reading! Grateful for books and grateful for reading!!

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You Know What I ...

You know what I find so amazing is how these simple words can brighten another's day. I have been out all day and morning and at every exchange of service I had today, I said as I farewelled the person "Have a wonderful day". Each and every time the whole person's face lit up. I thought about this more as I walked away, wondering why it was so. Surely I wasn't the only person to wish them a sweet or beautiful day? Then I had the thought ... 'brindlegirl, but you meant it'. And I did. Each and every time I thank someone I do so from deep within. I feel it in my heart and speak from that place. That way when it's received by the other person, that is exactly where it is felt. I learnt this technique a year or two ago - speaking from your heart. It's simple too. All ... Read Full Story >>

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Marriage Celebration

Today at work, a colleague who has recently returned from getting married in India surprised us all by celebrating with a yummy Indian feast brought in from his favorite restaurant.

So lovely of him to put on a lovely lunch, It felt so nice to be a part of his special moment of his life marrying his bride. I felt quite emotional and thanked him in a wee speech, and as we work at a local Hospital, it was also nice that the patients could join in as well, and share the joy and love of newness in being together whether married or just being. :-)

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Casual Kindness

Colleague mentioned how she and her husband had recently celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary, which prompted her to research the meaning of "4." In doing so, discovered that "4" was the number associated with perseverance, which of course is indeed needed to be married 44 years!

Brought her this book that I happened to have about that very quality :). Is one of my favorite books and have given many copies away over the years. Happy to revisit it again myself in the giving.

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Seeing Someone. Paying Attention For A Change.

This was on Thursday. I was driving to visit my brother for his birthday and I had to stop and wait because the utility guys were blocking the road.

As I waited this woman went walking past with a cane and looking sore and tired. So when I got to her I stopped and asked if she wanted a ride. "You don't know me"." Well ", I said. "I have been having to walk with a cane and if I had to go very far, I'd be sore and tired in a hurry. So, hop in and I will take where you need to go."

She did and it was even on my way I was going. I'm glad I had to stop and wait. Gave me a chance to really SEE her. So I thank the. utility guys for the chance to be kind. And I had a great time with my brother when I got there too.

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Bracelet Buddies

I finally had dinner with my friend whose sister passed away in March. She had lost the Buddha bracelet I gave her, which she thought had brought good fortune to her. So I took off the one I was wearing and put it on her wrist. It was good to see her and I hope the bracelet brings her warmth and comfort.

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Just 2 Quarters Worth Of Kindness

This morning there was a young man roaming the campus. He comes from one of the half-way drug rehab/mental illness houses on the surrounding streets. He's quiet, polite, and I think very lonely, and bored. I saw him earlier standing at the soda vending machines, jiggling change in his pockets. It appeared he didn't have enough money for a soda at $1.50. I returned from the adjacent building and he was bending down and looking for dropped change under the vending machines. Nothing to be found. I asked him how much money he needed and he replied "just 2 quarters". I reached into my pocket and magically, I had 2 lonely little quarters in my pocket. Gave it to him and he got his Dr. Pepper and flashed me the biggest smile. I asked him what he was going to eat for lunch. He said they have food back at ... Read Full Story >>

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Grace Intrudes : )

Friends: If it were not for gratitude coming upon me, I would still be taking most of life for granted. In 1986, I sustained a traumatic brain injury due to a severe beating.

When I woke up, I couldn't move my right side or speak or breathe on my own. One of my therapists was a man named Glen. Most days, he'd come into my room to exercise my muscles. As I couldn't speak, I found myself listening to Glen's voice, his words. "I sense shadows from you Melissa. Don't you know that they are caused by light being around? Grace may sometimes seem unfair, or feel or look icky, but friend, it is still grace."

Although at that moment I wasn't sure if I'd ever move, speak or breathe normally, that didn't seem to matter. For the 1st time I could remember, my thoughts of myself were neither negative nor critical.

Master Glen started in me a journey which continues today. He is one of many who taught & teach me that as long as I am willing to live a grateful life, I am less likely to take the all of life for granted.

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A Wallet Lost And A Purse Gained

A few days ago I attended a gathering, where a girl shared that she had recently "lost" her wallet (it was most likely stolen). I remember that feeling a couple of times I've lost my wallet throughout my younger years. And twice it was returned to me (pretty amazing!). I decided to "tag" her with one of my small purses that I actually had with me that day, along with some cash inside and an encouraging note. The trick was to try to get it to her anonymously (since I don't know her, and may not see her again). I quickly went to another area to write the note. And then wrote her name on a piece of paper...and left it by the main door with the purse where she would see it on her way out. I was really nervous and wondered if she would actually find it. I kept ... Read Full Story >>

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Prayers on my door

Yesterday as I was cooking dinner the doorbell rang and an envelope was delivered. My first thought was "oh crap, did I forget I ordered something? " because I have not a lot of money in my account right now. Then I opened the package and it
Was a set of prayer flags from a wonderful kind spring Angel. I wanted to hug her right there and then but since she wasn't there I just hugged my husband.

Today I hung them up near the fire pit at the bottom of our meadow so I can see them from the kitchen and the dining room.
While today is not an "inauspicious date" I'm sure it's still good for me to hang them cause I just started a new venture this morning so it will still be a memorable day :)

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Teamwork off the court

I was arranging my meal at a fast food shop when I knocked over my iced tea all over the table and seat. As I grabbed my napkin to mop up the mess, an out of town team of volleyball players, high school girls, in the booth next to me, jumped up and started mopping before I could start doing it myself. I was amazed as I tried to thank them. They just acted like it was no big deal. Truly impressive teamwork.

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  • Jul 22, 2015
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Father And Son Bonding

Last night  it was still light out when I returned home from work. My new neighbor and his son were in their favorite place, outside in the yard, playing ball. The young boy always reports to me how many "home runs" he hits and I always clap and cheer for him. These guys are something else. Where you see one of them, the other is not far away. The dad is always engaging the child in conversation, focusing on the child...not talking on a cell phone or walking ahead of the boy so that he has to run to keep up with him. This guy is the real deal. It warms my heart to see a father and son enjoying each other's company like they do.   As they were returning to their upstairs apartment, when the boy out of earshot, I asked the dad if his son had a bike. He said ... Read Full Story >>

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Guerrila Repairs for the Homeless Folks

I go to Goodwill or some other used merchandise place, buy laptops which need a bit of work such as a new hard drive, memory, etc. and repair them for use by the homeless. Many job applications these days have to be done online, and this gives them the ability to do so.

The homeless person can go into someplace like McDonalds or Starbucks and get online, apply for jobs. The computers may cost me at most ten or twenty dollars as is, and myparts for repair are most of the time salvaged from other computers I have around and I use those parts to fix the machines.

I am professionally trained as a hardware repair technician and photographer/filmmaker and also am a musician. I will fix up guitars for the homeless sometimes too, or some other instrument or perhaps a camera on occasion.

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Coffee is Out of My Comfort Zone

Earlier today, there were some men removing my the backyard fence. I was surprised to see them working even though it was cold and raining.  As I stood in my warm home watching them, I heard a family member say to me, "Nicole, go out there and offer them a coffee or a warm drink."  I didn't want to, and thus made up a bunch of excuses. Underneath the excuses, I was afraid. I had never met them and was scared to start up a conversation and face possible dismissal or rejection. Going out to them was completely out of my comfort zone...which is exactly why I did it.  I asked myself, 'Nicole, are you a kind person? Or are you only kind when it's easy and makes you feel comfortable?' I knew this would be good for me to grow as an individual, so I went out there.  Guess what? They said no. ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness on the road to home

"A journey of thousand miles begins with the first step."

700 miles yesterday and 300 to go today before we reach home. Grateful to find a friendly budget hotel to rest last night. The young college age clerk was so very sweet and helpful.

Brought her back a gift certificate for the restaurant that she recommended; enclosed in an envelope with a SMILE card, an origami dove and some blessings :)).

Loving the journey, my friends, and the kindness opportunities presented.

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Grocery fatigue!

The grocery cashier looked a little frazzled. Seems she works 7 days a week at 2 jobs. Gave her a just purchased lottery ticket with my best wishes :).

Blessings of rest and good fortune for all who work so tirelessly.

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Reciprocal Kindness

Today whilst visiting an elderly friend of mine in a nursing home a lady approached me with a banana for my toddler. It's the simple kindnesses and thoughtfulness like this that make your day. And make the world a better place.

P s how amazing is this banana. Google banana art! I was astonished at the incredible works ♥

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A Kind Bomb!

At my previous work-place we had a really dreadful boss. It made for a united staff! One of the things one of the teachers used to organize was a 'kind bomb' and if a teacher was unwell and away for a period of time, or who was struggling with difficult times, this teacher would send out a message and keep a box in her room. All the staff members would contribute something - a magazine, chocolates, food items, write cheer up messages of encouragement, bathroom products, and vouchers, items as big or small as people could afford. It was funny that sometimes the teacher who it was meant to be for would find out there was a kind bomb going down, and contribute to not knowing it was for them! Lol. There was a presentation, hugs, tears, and it was a beautiful and easy thing to do. When the teacher who organized it ... Read Full Story >>

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The Basis is Love

My friends and I are part of a service organization where we aim to unite adults and youth of all religions on the platforms of love, peace, truth, non-violence, and right-conduct. The service events are held on a monthly basis and we usually have to rent large rooms (there are occasionally free, but usually charge per hour). We had a major event in April with over 100 people and rented a beautiful hall in the city center (which is usually more expensive).

The event went great, and a few weeks later, I hadn't yet received an invoice from the community center. I sent them an email asking about the invoice, and their reply was, "We have decided not to charge you due to the wonderful work you all do." I was blown away! 

I have never in all these years witnessed that. It just reminded me of how kindness goes full circle and when you focus on the good in the world, the world brings out the goodness inherent in all. :)

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  • Jul 19, 2015
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Melbourne Kindness

I've arrived in Melbourne and the kindness mission has begun!

My first was gifting the coach driver of the airport transfer a chocolate bar as I stepped off the bus. His face when I gave him the chocolate bar said it all. And as I walked away I overheard him say to a fellow colleague "after all these years working here that is the first time a customer and passenger has ever given me a gift".

I am so grateful it was he who drove us all today and that I was able to gift him. I'm about to head out and explore this beautiful city and along the way hope to be presented with as many opportunities as possible to be kind ♥

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