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Wagon Wheel To The Rescue

I gave my taxi driver a chocolate Wagon Wheel. When he was driving me home he said he was going to quit the job as he'd been harrassed by one of my neighbours. He told me more which I won't repeat but I really felt for him and I felt sorry for him.

When we were getting my groceries out of the taxi I told him I was going to give him something. He said, oh no etc, but I explained how I do Random Acts of Kindness and I found the wagon wheel and gave it to him.

You see Wagon Wheels are part of an Australian childhood. They were always special treats. The taxi driver said how it reminds him of his childhood and how he would have it on his break. He was really touched. I'm so glad and grateful that I could help brighten his evening.

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Hospital Art

I met an artist in the park today. She was working on a piece of art she had co-created with local school children. The images on the artwork, of happy families with their pets, were so uplifting!

Her next project is to create a large mural that will cover an entire wall at the Children's hospital. Again, she plans to collaborate with children from the neighborhood. What a heartwarming idea.

Children who are well will be creating art for children who are sick. I imagined the day the mural would be unveiled. The children who worked so hard and lovingly on it would be overjoyed with excitement to show what they had created. And the children waiting to see the mural would be equally excited to see what was behind the curtain. And finally voila! Cheers all around!

Children helping children be happy. Children being happy like they always should be! The artist woke me up from my daydream and said, "I sure could use a lot of volunteers to help with this project! " I told her to count me in! I would be happy to help make this dream come true!

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Special Delivery

Recently our family had a special religious ceremony in our home that one of our elderly friends could not attend, due to poor health. After the event was finished, we took food we had cooked for them, and we also brought along all of our instruments to play music for them in their home. They were not expecting this and were so happy and surprised! It was a really fun evening and we hope to do it again soon. While we often get together at home with friends to play music, this was the first time we took it "to go" :-)

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Have A Fierce Mind!

I left post it notes in the park on park benches in the sun this morning. This one was my favourite (and may go on the back of the front door tomorrow) "May your heart be kind, your mind fierce and your spirit brave"

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Really See Those Who Serve Us

After spending much time at the hospital with my 90 yr. old mother-in-law who fell and fractured her hip yesterday, we went out to finally have something to eat at 9:30 pm. The server was very busy all by himself and preparing to close but was kind and served us well without knowing our circumstance for such a late dinner. Before we left, I went up and gave him a generous tip even though this restaurant requires no tipping. At first he refused but I insisted and he was very appreciative. It made us both very happy to end our day with smiles.

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Ice Cream Ripples

My son had received $10 as a birthday gift and last evening he used it to take his cousin out for ice cream. It turned out that these two kids were the last ones in the shop for the day, so the lady at the register who wanted to cash out quickly told them their ice cream was free! They were super excited. When I asked my son what he did with the money, he replied that he gave it to a homeless man.

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From The Marlborough Express ...

From The Marlborough Express - A Blenheim woman who was overwhelmed by a stranger's act of kindness says it is the small things that can make a difference in someone's day. Caroline Mardon went to a petrol station at lunchtime on Tuesday but realised she did not have her Eftpos card with her.  She was told she would not be able to leave until the $20 of fuel she had put into her car was paid for.  Mardon had no-one she could call to come pay for the fuel and she did not know how she was going to get home.  "I sat in the car and tried to work out what I was going to do. "Then this lady came over and knocked on the door with a receipt."  Mardon got out of the car and gave the woman a hug, but when she tried to get her name to pay the woman back she ... Read Full Story >>

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Laundry Fairy

When I was on course, there was about 10 washing machines and dryers, so I folded everyones washing, hung out delicates and put more in the dryer in the early morning, Everyone was talking about the laundry fairy and everyone started to do it for the next person :)

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  • Aug 31, 2015
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Recognizing one's work

I noticed, at the end of spring, that the temps were rising and the guys who pickup the garbage must have been hot. I started freezing three bottles of water every week. When they come around I give them the bottles and when the temps have been hitting into the 90's I freeze 6. Even though it's relatively early in the day when they get to my house they're sweating and obviously very hot. I'm hoping that this small act of kindness lets them know they're appreciated.

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Kindness among friends

Good Day KS friends. Yesterday we visited Ken and Mary, Greg's uncle and Aunt. They were wonderful hosts. Mary has a rare neurological disorder called Muscular Systems Athropy. It shares some similarities with Parkinson's but is more insidious and problematic. There is no cure for it.

Today, we have been close to town. Went to COTSCO and got a lot of things that Ana can use. Just a way to help her save a bit of her money. She should be good with some paper products and some food for a while. We gave some energy bars to a homeless person. I also cleaned her blinds and helped her hang some art. Tonight Ana will be playing at a coffee shop so we will be attending this, I am very excited. Tomorrow we will go to Mt. Baker in the North Cascades. We are going with our friends Shawn and Martha.

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Comforting a Child

Yesterday I finished my second leg of backpacking. I was extremely tired but very thankful. After my train from Slovenia, I took what was supposed to be a 6 hour bus ride, which turned out to be 9 hours, down to Croatia's coast.

In front of me on the bus was a little 4 year old girl and her grandmother. Hours passed by and eventually the child got fed up with being on the bus. The child wouldn't stop crying and I could tell everyone else was fed up as now they couldn't sleep, and everyone (including me) was tired.

I realized I had downloaded a bunch of games on my tablet for my little cousins. I started talking to the child and her grandmother and offered the child my tablet to play a few games. Eventually the tears stopped, she played some games and even fell asleep a while after.

Free and simple kindness is awesome. Check out some of Croatia's scenery driving along old roads :)

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Another Dollar Another Day...

It was a hard day in the classroom (it rained all day and the kids were stuck inside all day), and I was extremely glad the day ended! I stopped off to get Roux some more dog food. I buy it in bulk and the young guy serving me shared his 'bad day story' we had a laugh over both of our days. He carried the heavy bag to my car for me, and I was cheered up that, perhaps my bad day wasn't so bad. It didn't involve escaped birds, rabbits or demanding customers. And that I will buy myself a nice treat on pay day (and a nice treat for someone else too).

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Lost and found in Los Angeles

I'm visiting Los Angeles for a couple of days with my boyfriend, and while we were on a hike early this morning, I found the National ID card of a French kid on the trail. There was no one around, so I figured it was best to pick it up. Being French myself, I recognized it is a big deal document which would be a real drag to lose (the equivalent of losing your Driver's License or Passport in the U.S.). As soon as we got back to our hotel, I googled the cardholder's name (which thankfully was not very common), and found a facebook account that matched his picture. I then followed a few links until I identified his dad, and sent him a direct message along with a photo of the ID card. He wrote back to me within an hour, very grateful. It was really fun playing Sherlock Holmes! The ... Read Full Story >>

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For Returning Vacationers

A friend and her family just returned home today after a long international trip. I welcomed them home by taking over dinner for their family and they were really surprised and happy. I knew how tired they would be after a long flight and figured this way they could just shower, eat and go to bed!

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Kindness from a student

One of my students made me a little book yesterday. There are many cute and funny things. I love how she spelt my name phonetically "miss Hooks" when my last name is "Hawkes" The main thing is that apparently I have a sweet nature, am kind, and the best teacher ever. On the last page of the book we travel to New York "just us" she is a lovely student, very gentle, but this was still a lovely and unexpected surprise. On that note... Off to work I go!

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Gifted the satellite TV installer a rose

Gifted the satellite TV installer a rose from my birthday dozen.

Gave it to him in a vase with a little bow, along with a few origami peace doves.

He got the goofiest grin on his face as he smiled a thank you, holding that vase like he had never gotten a gift of a rose before :).

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Fast Pharmacists

Whenever I go to the pharmacy and there's more than one person waiting in line, the pharmacist comes out from the back room, asks for everyone's names, and then gets their prescriptions from the back ready to hands out so that the cashier can simply ring things up and the line moves really fast. Today I told everyone there that they are doing a wonderful job, that they work so very fast, and that they are the friendliest pharmacy in town. I left them all with a big smile on their faces :)

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Winter Food Drive

I stopped in at the supermarket to get a few things and there were two ladies collecting food for a winter food drive for a charity. I bought a few cans of food and two chocolate bars, which I handed to them and thanked them for spending time in their weekends collecting for those in need. They both smiled and thanked me and said it was just what they needed. Before KS I wouldn't have done that, and now I'm brave enough for personal greetings and eye contact :-)

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Kindness Makes a Difference

Kindness is a simple answer in a sometimes difficult and challenging world. I know that to be true. For a long time now it has been my mission to acknowledge and appreciate all people and to encourage others to do the same. When my granddaughter Skylar, was young and we’d go out, we had a contest called “Who can make the most people smile. “ And we continue it today. It makes for a wonderful glorious day. We will be walking in the supermarket and someone will be walking down the aisle with her head down. Skylar walks up to her and gives her a big smile. I watch her walk down the aisle, turn around and smile at Skylar again or perhaps smile at someone else. Kindness is a chain that pulls us all together. Anything that lifts another person is kindness. Every single act of kindness has a ripple effect. ... Read Full Story >>

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I Had A Dark ...

I had a dark moment earlier. The dragon that was once me, returned. I hadn't slayed her. Oh she is a fine piece of work. I don't like her at all. But I am grateful she comes out at times. She reminds me of how far I've come and who I don't want to be, ever. I was at the dentist for my eldest. An appointment which I have organized and reorganized for months. I confirmed it twice and called the day before to ensure all the paperwork would be ready for the x-rays. Then I arrived. it wasn't ready. The lady on had no idea what I was talking about and I immediately felt my blood boil. I was getting so mad. I didn't yell at her or curse but I may as well have because the way I was talking to her was not nice. My tone was so ... Read Full Story >>

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