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Sharing "Me" Time

Every afternoon I give myself some me time. I sit down with a cuppa copious amounts of rich dark chocolate, and enjoy a good book .... ALL TO MYSELF! I freakin' love it. My favorite time of the day. Until today ...Today Gabe joined me. He was all over me. Pulling at my arm, wanting to play. And I was getting mighty peeved off. I could feel all this rage and anger building inside. Thinking "this is my time. P**ss off". I assure you. I am a great mother. But I'm also human. I think these thoughts often, but what I'm most proud of (and where I do most my work daily) is not acting on these thoughts or living them out. So there I was holding it all in as Gabe continued to climb all over me. Until. That voice. You know the voice. Stepped in. It said ... "Nicole. Don't be so self centered, caring only ... Read Full Story >>

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Helping One In Need

A homeless man was sitting on the subway steps as we were standing nearby waiting for our train. We made eye-contact. He grunted at us. I told my husband to give him the food we were taking home from the restaurant we had just eaten in. He tore into the bag & ate with gusto. I don't know his story or why he only grunted , all I knew was he wanted to eat. When we got on our train & sat down, I saw that my husband had tears rolling down his face. He's such a gentle soul.


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To The Mother At The Supermarket--I See Myself In You

I posted this on my FB page a few days ago - There was a young mother in front of me in the checkout line paying for her groceries. The cashier told her the total and she started counting out cash, and then frantically looking for some more money in her bag. I could have judged her, and in a way I did... she looked scruffy, and looked like life was not easy for her. Her two kids were just beautiful, but sitting in the front of the trolley - both of them crying. She clearly couldn't find any more money in her purse so asked for a few items to be taken out. First it was the box of plums and secondly it was body wash. She only had a few essential items in the trolley anyway. I stepped up (and wondered how well my 'help' would be received) and offered ... Read Full Story >>

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A Gift On A Small Slip Of Paper

Over the holidays last year, my team at work did a 'Secret Santa' gift exchange. We all picked a name out of a jar, and gave our assigned person small fun gifts over two weeks. Then, we all met after work one day for a final 'reveal' where we exchanged our real gifts. Usually, these kinds of gift exchanges feel a bit more focused on material things than I like to be, but I wanted to be a team player, so I went along with it. It ended up being fun to scheme up a meaningful trail of gifts to give my colleague. On the evening of our final gift-giving exchange, the person who had picked my name out of the jar totally blew me away with her thoughtfulness. She gave me a beautiful framed photo and a postcard that she'd been holding on to since she was 5 years old. Then, ... Read Full Story >>

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Sweet Honey

A few weeks ago I noticed that my bees had all died. Unfortunately they had a rough summer and fall. But it's okay; it happens. 

I spent the last two weeks extracting what honey was left and cleaning everything up to be reused for the new bees this spring. The wax and wooden hardware need to be frozen in order to prevent them from being ruined by bugs until then, but our freezer is full.

So our friends let us use their freezer to store all the wax and hardware for a while, and in return I gave them a jar of honey as well as some cut comb honey. :)

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A Story of Courage and Gratitude After A Life Changing Event

Hello again friends As per requests from KindSpring friends I am sending an account of the story of my accident. It is part of the letter I sent to KindSpring members Mindy and Mish. " Milan's back is improving daily and on Thursday he decided he would attend a couple of sessions at the teachers convention. I drove him to the train station and therefore had to take a slightly different route to work. It has been very warm here all week and so in the mornings there has been ice everywhere. I was coming down a ramp headed onto a major 4 lane thoroughfare. I hit some black ice and started swerving. I tried to correct slowly but suddenly I started going back and forth very quickly. I lost control and hit the side wall to the right and then my car went completely to the left, jumped the median, I hit my ... Read Full Story >>

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Bringing Back The Greeting

What I have realized even more than ever is that we continue to show our connection by making eye contact and greeting people when we are out and about. On our hike today, we said good morning to everyone who passed us by and everyone responded with the exception of 3 folks. We then mediated by the river side with a prayer for all the families affected by ICE.

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  • Feb 24, 2017
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Random Act Of Kindness Day

Today is Random Acts Of Kindness Day and all around town, I have seen the results of people's kindness. While at the library today, I overheard two ladies talking about RAOK Day and its impact on the world. One woman said that "it has to start somewhere and if even just one person learns to be kinder because some did an RAOK the day will be a success!" :-)

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Returning The Favor

Today I was off of work, but my boss texted my after I woke up asking if I would cover a co-workers shift for four hours, since they were not feeling well. I was sick and went home last week, so naturally I returned the favor.

I also decided I'd be in a great mood since I only had to work for four hours and I'd be home for dinner. My good mood made the work easier, and hopefully helped everyone else ease through their jobs/errands for those few hours.

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A Gift Of Love For Berni 2017

I love my sister Berni. She is so good to me. It's her birthday tomorrow and I wanted to gift her something special. She and her family often feature in my KindSpring posts so I made a book of some of my stories.

There are 150 pages in it, including the comments to each post. I put the KindSpring logo in the header area of each page and when the book was complete, I brought it to be professionally bound. I've also included a post where I told you I was preparing a book for her birthday and asked you to wish her a happy birthday. So you're in it too!!!

The spine has the words A gift of love to Berni 2017. I included a Dedication page to her and at the very back I included a large photo of her lovingly holding one of my father's caps at her son's wedding, she will love this little tribute to our father.

Please enlarge the photo to see a beautifully gifted linen tablecloth, one of the very beautiful gifts I just received from a beautiful KindSpringer.


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I 'Wheelie' Like You

I Wheelie Like You Valentine's Day RAK

I am off to leave baskets of fun valentine's at the library and other local establishments. Each one has a toy or treat attached. Smiley ball ("I hope you have a ball - Happy Valentine's Day); plastic dinosaur (Raar means "Happy Valentine's Day " in Dinosaur language) a small car (I wheelie like you) or a dum dum sucker (I'm a sucker for you). A smile card is attached to each one. They were fun to make and will be fun to give out.

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Blessed Be

Had to put my car in early this morning for a mechanical service and before stepping out of my car, a thought occurred to me .... I would bless it. The car. So I did! As I sat in the car before stepping out and handing over my keys, I conjured up all the love I could manage in my body and infused it into the steering wheel, the seat, and entire car. And then I prayed. I prayed that the person who next comes into this car and grabs this wheel, sits in this seat, be blessed. I prayed that their heart fill with love and joy. And that they leave this car feeling better than when they stepped into it. Something small. Very small indeed. And who knows if it even dies anything. But I like to think it does. I like to believe, and in my deepest of heart knows that ... Read Full Story >>

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Who do you think I am?

"Do, I look destitute or something?" customer behind me in line replied when I offered to buy his purchase.

I smiled and said that my offer was an act of random kindness.

After a few moments, he softened a bit and replied that it was very nice of me to offer.

He was receptive, as was the cashier, to receiving a Peace dove, which he carefully put in his wallet (to give his wife later) and called out to me as I was leaving, "Have a blessed day!"

So funny, when kindness lights our way, my friends.

I'm still smiling thinking of his curmudgeonly reply to my offer of kindness.

It really hid a heart of gold <3.

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Voice in My Head

Yesterday after school I took my boys through the drive thru at McDonald's. It was a hot day and they wanted a nice cool treat. So I said yes. Plus the McSpiders are amazing for only $2! So off we went. As I ordered I remembered a commitment and promise I made to myself a year or two ago ... The promise .... that every time I drive through the drive thru I pay for the car behind me. I made this promise because I go through the drive thru about 4 times a year if that. So its an easy one to keep. And up until yesterday, have stayed committed to that promise. As I drove around to pay the cashier the $6 for our order I really did not want to do this. I didn't want to pay or offer to pay for the car pulling up behind me. In my head ... Read Full Story >>

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Unexpected Kindness Opportunity

On my fight to Portugal I started a conversation with 2 ladies on my side and realized that they did not know the location of the hotel and could not find it until arriving in Lisbon has they had a very old mobile phone.

So I told them that I would check the location of the hotel, but then I thought I could do a bit more and asked a friend who was picking me up if she could pick them up as the hotel was only 10 minutes away from the airport. It was lovely to see their faces when I told them not only the location of the hotel but also that they had a lift to get there.

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Finding a Home for Peace Cranes

I tried to think of how I can contribute to a more peaceful world today, and my eyes fell on the box of 100 peace cranes that I made for a peace day event last September. I wasn't able to get to the event or any other event of that group since then, mostly because it's over an hour drive away.

So today I thought, hey, I'll just box them up and mail then to the environmental peace alliance together with a card, one of my peace doves, and a small donation. So that's what I did.


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Fill A Bucket

One of the members of the teen council at the teen center where I volunteer saw this idea and asked if we could do it at the Teen Center and use the money for special projects to help the community, It has only been up a few days, but the it has been amazing to watch the kids add change to the "bucket". I am so proud of these kids! (The bucket pictured below is from the web.)

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Conscious Decisions

Today I made a conscious decision to practice loving kindness meditation, to send out loving energies to those my heart does not welcome. I am choosing to do this because I understand that without a proactive decision to love and care I will become the very thing I have lived my life standing against. I cannot say I live by "be the change you wish to see in the world" when times are easy and forget it when times are not. I will continue to do this until one day my heart no longer recognizes who was not there from the start.

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More Than Just Legal Qualifications

I was really anxious when I had to enlist the expertise of a solicitor/lawyer. My life was in shatters and my esteem was at an all-time-low and my anxiety through the roof. It had to be done though. I had to wade through the mud in the vain hope that eventually I'd come out the other side of the dark muddy tunnel cleaner. I'm talking about legal separation from my husband. Though this was an unpleasant experience, Janice, my solicitor, was very supportive. Professional, yet supportive. I got on well with her and we did laugh a lot once I started to relax. I remember her telling me it made her day to see me. I protested my life was a mess and I wasn't interested in spending a clean fortune to divulge it to her and 'make her day'. We both laughed. I remember Janice sending me a bill for her ... Read Full Story >>

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In The Midst Of A Storm, Kindness Made It's Way Through

Made several meals for my friend and her daughter---the daughter just got released today from the hospital after a severe illness and I asked my friend what dishes she might enjoy during her recovery at home.

They live really far away,  and we are in the midst of a big storm, so I'm entrusting another friend who lives on the same street as her (and works with me) to be my delivery person tomorrow after work! She's not able to have visitors yet, so I'm glad there is something I could do to cheer her.

It also made me realize that if you are the one in a tough situation it's always good to tell people how they can help you, because people want to help, but sometimes don't know what to do. I'm so glad that my friend felt able to let us know how we could help her.

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