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A Random Act Of Kindness in Honor of My Grandson

This is one of my favorite RAOKs. I buy stickers to send to my little grandson who lives overseas, and I buy some extra. I put a little note on them and leave them in corresponding library books-- car stickers in a book about cars, dinosaur stickers in a book about dinosaurs. At first this was very hard on my heart, but I do it with a blessing for my little guy and do it thinking about him. I've had a few messages from people who found the stickers in the books and said their kids were overjoyed.

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The Reaction Of Her Son After He Learns About Generosity

Started to teach our son about money, as we never much talked about it growing up and I suppose that is a reason for some difficulties in the past. So we each have 3 jars to divide our money into and one jar is for giving/charity. A lot of you have probably seen/done this with kids- Well, my son was weighing the jar for play (no restrictions on what you can buy) money a little heavier than the others, but he did collect a few dollars for charity eventually. So we picked the Center for Domestic Peace, a local resource for mostly women and children setting up again after domestic violence as our first receiver And although I couldn't explain too graphically why these people from every walk of life, who were not necessarily "poor" (another word we are learning about) they could use the help with setting up new apartments. We pooled ... Read Full Story >>

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12 Year Old Feeding The Homeless with '3 B's"

This Kid Has Helping the Homeless in the Bag! At 12-years old, Braeden Mannering is already well on his way to running an empire! A 2013 win of Delaware’s Healthy Lunchtime Challenge brought Braeden to the White House, where Michelle Obama asked the children at the event to think about how they could pay the experience forward. A few days later, on the drive back home, Braeden saw a homeless man in the rain. He had his parents stop so that he could give the man a bag of snacks. Braeden knew at that moment that this was how he wanted to pay it forward. Since that day in July, 2013, Braeden has handed out over 8,000 bags to the homeless through his organization Brae’s Brown Bags, also known as 3B. These bags vary in contents, and include food, toiletries, and even a book for the kids’ bag. In addition to packing ... Read Full Story >>

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This is How She Spends Quality Time With Her Aging Mother

I am feeling blessed to have my mom. I've been going on regular walks with my mom who is 75 years old. Spent most of her life in Vietnam under the rule of the communists whose husband was taken to prison for fighting with the South/American's side. Each walk, she would tell me some great story; one recent story made me teary. When she was pregnant with me and my dad was not around, she was struggling to raise 4 kids on her own, and had no money. She had to go borrow money from a friend when her water broke. She had to get herself to the hospital in a crowded bus. She was abandoned by the nurses because she had no money to bribe them. She was not allowed to see me for days after I was born because I was 3 months premature. Again, she had no family ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Dec 1, 2016
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The Clergyman On The Park Bench

This story is from a friend of mine:

While I was in Ojai this past weekend I came upon a man sitting at a bench by himself. I smiled and said hello. As I passed he yelled to me to come back. The man said that I was the only person who had smiled and said hello to him all day and it was near 1 pm. He said he was a reverend and asked where I was from; I said England. At that point, most people will say something like, near London. His response was, Birmingham? In fact, Birmingham is the largest city near my rural upbringing. We talked for quite some time and he told me that he needed money to get back home. Not knowing how much money I had, I told him I'd give him whatever was in my purse. He said he prayed that I'd have $47. When I opened the wallet in my purse and counted out the money I had exactly $47! I offered the man all of my money.

When I was told this story I had chills, as I'm sure that she did as she talked with this gentleman. The universe does work in mysterious ways<3.

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The Dinner Is Over But Our Heart of Service Is Forever

What a feeling! To connect with and serve others! Not long after we arrived, myself and the students at a transitional housing, we were greeted by two young sisters. I think they maybe have been 3 and 5 years old. Each would grab one of us by the finger and drag us around. At one point, they had us all in their "jail". I couldn't help but think they didn't want us to leave. Their father sat and watched and I think he enjoyed the reprieve from his two daughters that we were able to offer; they had way more energy than one person could handle, He told me how his wife was at work and he was searching for an apartment. I commented on those are easy to find, but difficult to afford. Quite true in our area. After a couple of hours, the three pans of lasagna were gone, along ... Read Full Story >>

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The Journey of Eight Ladies and a Homeless Shelter For Women

I've been a bit busy behind the scenes. As a lot of you know I started a Facebook page in July, and its steadily growing and up to 333 likes as of this morning! The best part isn't the number of 'followers' but its the comments - I love reading about what people do, their ideas and views and get some feedback on what I'm doing too. You can see the FB page HERE.  In April of this year, I was invited by a friend to join her Social Change group. We are 8 women from all walks of life, all ages, different backgrounds and experiences. We had one thing in common - we live in a fantastic country and yet we see homeless people on the streets asking for money. We have a generous welfare system, and a social housing scheme - but its a problem that is getting worse. ... Read Full Story >>

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A Thanksgiving Tradition

I'm starting to actually feel the "connect" that many here always talk about. Today we went out for Thanksgiving dinner with my husband's family (it's a new tradition. I don't like it, I'd prefer to cook but due to transportation problems that's just the best solution for now) And, same as last year, I think that if the waiters have to spend their holiday working, then I'm going to tip them as much as I possibly can to express my appreciation, and I put the tip in a handmade thank you card and I write them a short message. So that's what I did today. My husband gave the server the card and a few minutes later the server came over, and I saw his hands shake really bad. And he thanked us profusely and he said that holidays are traditionally "bad tip days" (he said because people go gift shopping right after) ... Read Full Story >>

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The Little Lost Girl

One day I was outside my school and I saw a little girl crying. I went to her and asked her what happened and she told me that the afterschool bus left her and she was going to be alone for 6 hours. She didn't have any money, not even a phone. She was six. I told her if she could give me her mother's phone number so I can find out where her afterschool hours were taking place. I finally found out. Her mom was at work and when she realized what had happened she couldn't believe it. She was scared and didn't want her daughter lost. I told her that she could trust me and she gave me directions to the kindergarten where the afterschool hours were taking place. I went there with the girl and left her there with the teachers. The teachers were really mad and confused. They ... Read Full Story >>

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Her Act Of Kindness Inspired The Restaurant Staff

I was having dinner with my Mother on Sunday in a restaurant. We had a lovely time but I noticed a gentleman was having trouble paying his bill. I remembered I had a $10 bill in my wallet and I wanted to give it to him. So I walked over to this table and said would this help? He said yes and was ever so grateful to me and called me an angel. I returned to my table with my Mother and finished our dinner. In the meantime, I could see my $10 was helpful but was not going to cover the whole bill. So I decided I would pay it forward and cover the rest of the bill when I paid for our meal. As I went over to the counter to pay I noticed the server on her way back to the table. I then asked if things had been sorted. ... Read Full Story >>

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Gandhi and The Bank Teller

After having read KindSpring member Mindyjourney's post about watching the movie Gandhi, I was reminded of an incident a couple of years back, it happened like this. I walked into a bank in town a couple of years ago and waited in the queue. I was second in line and I couldn’t help overhearing the conversation in front of me. The teller must have been having a bad day and after asking how the customer was and so on, he began to complain about our government, blaming them for not doing enough to protect the coast from storms and floods as this had been much on the news at the time. He was in a pretty low state and by the way he was talking you could tell that he was really troubled about a lot of things going on in the world. My heart went out to him, I was served next ... Read Full Story >>

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My Most Memorable Act of Kindness

Two years ago I went to a Boarding School, in the northern part of the US. During Spring, the forest and fields were muddy. On a March Friday one friend and I had an outdoor special activity. We were warned that because of the mud, the ground was slippery and we could fall and injure ourselves.

Running across the field into the forest, my friend fell off of a small cliff twisting his leg leaving him unable to walk by himself. I helped him to get up and took him to the infirmary. I didn't have to, but I helped and took care of him during his rehabilitation, carrying his books and helping him to climb the stairs.

I felt really good for giving help to someone that needed it.

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  • Nov 23, 2016
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Can I Do Anything For You?

I've had a really rough week. So many lessons about kindness learnt. I have a friend I chat to via the computer. A couple of times now she's closed her messages with 'Can I do anything for you?'. It's just dawned on me how hugely supportive I've found that simple question. In reality there's little she could have done from many miles away, but just the offer meant the world.

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Delving into Difficulty

The head librarian seemed sort of distracted and as we talked, it became apparent that she was grieving for her mother that had recently transitioned.

I stopped the setting out of materials and my busyness in getting our coloring meet organized to stop and listen: to really open my heart and hear the pain and love that she was willing to share.

Although her mother had been in hospice, still that final farewell (from this physical existence) is always a challenge.

We hugged for a good while.

Remember to take the time, my friends, to delve into those "difficult" parts when someone needs to share, is a privilege, their confidence.

Sending blessings of comfort and strength for all those facing such recent challenges.

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Such a Small Act But It Made Me So Happy

One night I was traveling to work on my usual bus route. Upon our arrival at the terminal, I noticed that I was the only passenger left inside the bus. I looked around and from the opposite side of my chair, I saw a mobile phone in a chair that must have been left behind by a passenger.

That passenger was very happy that I returned to her the mobile phone. She was trying to get my name so that she could post on Facebook about what happened as a sort of an appreciation of what I did, but I told her not to worry about it. What is important is that when I saw her happy, I was also happy.

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  • Nov 20, 2016
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Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

Yesterday I went into town. I was using my crutches and I had a bag on each crutch, which was not a good idea. I had an item I wished to get a refund for. It has been awaiting return over 8 weeks (from before my injury) and I really wanted to get rid of it. I switched my debit card so a refund was not possible. I ended up having to exchange the returned item for another, this meant I still had an item to carry. I hadn't been counting on this as I was out to purchase items and I had items which needed to be wrapped and posted. I really struggled through the shopping mall with my bags on my crutches. I had a winter coat on so I was roasted and exhausted! After a while, I found a space on a bench in the mall. I ... Read Full Story >>

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For My Birthday - 50 Smiles in 50 Days for 50 Years of Joy

I turn 50 in December, so for 50 days leading up to the day, I have recruited 50 friends (it's really up to 70) to spread smiles, share happiness and promote love by performing an act of kindness each day! I created cards for them to share, in the hopes that the recipient will pay it forward! 2500 acts (or more) to celebrate 50 years of happiness and joy. We are only on day three and I am already blown away by the joy we are spreading! #50smilesin50days

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  • Nov 18, 2016
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Waste Not, Want Not!

Stopped by the side of the road the other day to make a call, I noticed that someone had dumped a couple of bin liners full of fabrics in the undergrowth. Investigations revealed clothing, bedding and other bits.

I retrieved and bundled into the car, and I've laundered and sorted. Some has been damaged by it's adventures, but the stuff protected by the bags is mainly quality clothing. I've bagged that up to donate. The stuff that's damaged has been sorted into good fabric which will go to a friend who sews, and rags to use here. My partner has a couple of old bed sheets to protect his wine making fermentation tanks from fruit flies.

Waste not, want not! Kindness to the environment by cleaning up, and giving things another use.

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Kindness Ripples In Front of My Eyes

I was going to post about the wonderful time we had "clowning" at the hospital today, but that will wait a day or two because I had a truly magical day full of unexpected kindness. A few weeks ago while wearing my magical hat and returning from clowning, a gentleman struck up a conversation and now we've become friends. He's a homeopathic doctor and asked me to come to the hospital where he practices to meet the chief doctor of the place to talk about possibly clowning at other hospitals. It ends up they started talking about various Muslim charitable organizations who they think would be interested in the Planet Earthlings project and Acting Kindly game. I felt so lucky to be able to interact with them and confirm we have so much in common. Then on the way home on the bus, I gave up my seat to an older woman. ... Read Full Story >>

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Pregnant Woman in Labor Chauffeured By Bus

Just read this post online about a 27 week pregnant woman got a bus to go to the nearest hospital. She was having contractions. The bus man knew this. As she approached her stop she got up from her seat. The driver told her to sit down. He then announced to the rest of the passengers that he was taking a detour for the following 4 bus stops and they could get off the bus and get another new route if they wished. The driver then drove the expectant woman to the doors of the hospital, got off the bus with her and brought her right to the hospital doors.  The following day, the woman rang the bus company from hospital hoping to find out if the driver had got into trouble. She found that only one person on the bus filed a complaint. The driver also rang the company after ... Read Full Story >>

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