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Third Graders Response

This class at our school had the opportunity to respond with all that they can BE. So many awesome characteristics that each of the students are embracing in this project .

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May All Be Well

To help alleviate concerns about daughter being so near the fires in Southern California, I decided to go do some much needed errands. Really got into it. Visited with many folks in the stores and hid lots of smile cards in grocery store isles.

Spotted these gorgeous sunflowers on the way to the check out. Decided we needed them to help us keep focus on sunny, positive thoughts of daughter. Sent her the photo, too.

Fire nearest her is now 40% contained, so everyone there is hopeful today. Prayers continue for all those up north where many fires are still raging and there has been so much loss. Prayers also for all the amazing firefighters who do a very difficult and dangerous job in service to others. May all be well for all there soon. 

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One Who Serves

My colleague, Susan has a huge hearted hubby who is once again on the front lines of battling these current fires engulfing Northern CA. As a Chief Battalion leader his job is very dangerous and his time away from his family is often for weeks at a time during "fire season". Before he leaves, Ethan, Susan and each of the three teens hold one another and thoughtfully each shares the best of their traditions, each one promising to do the chores that will keep the family a well oiled machine while Pops is away. Ethan has brought back misplaced animals that are now added into the family fur family, including a fire scarred dessert tortoise, two parrots, and a small herd of Nubian goats. Susan keeps her cel phone on alert for Ethan's text updates. His white substantial facial hair often is mistaken for that of Santa Claus by children who are carried ... Read Full Story >>

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Peace (Doves) Abound and Abroad

This morning I had a rather kind surprise from the lovely and talented MindyJourney! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I never thought she'd send so many Peace Doves and right in time for our Peace Day over here.

My mum was absolutely thrilled and wanted me to copy them straight away! Oh dear, going to have a right time attempting to match Mindy's standards! My mum says: "I'm thrilled with all the lovely things she's sent in time for our Peace Weekend, I intend to make doves to put on a tree, so that people can hang their thoughts about Peace when we distribute them to people."

I was so moved by the lovely message and so many doves. I thought I'd receive a couple, four max, but wow so many peace doves!!

Another thing is I gave out four of the peace doves with Mindy's messages on them. Two ladies were so moved it was unreal and they couldn't stop thanking me and whom ever my friend was...hehe

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Soles from a Kind Soul

❤️From The Love What Matters website:

So this guy comes in to buy a pair of shoes because his are literally falling off. Anyway his card wouldn’t work so he left.
15 minutes later he comes back in with a police officer and we’re like "Is there a problem officer?"
The officer says, "No, there’s no problem...but if you still have those shoes I’d like to go ahead and buy them."
So he and my co-workers split the cost of the shoes. There was no one else in the store and it wasn’t to “pretend” to care. Just a genuine act of kindness.
People are inherently kind! We just need to pay attention.

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Sharing Nature's Bounty

I have been blessed with an abundance of vegetables and beautiful flowers in my gardens this year. Sharing that abundance with others is a privilege and a joy.
Due to Health Department regulations our local food banks are unable to accept home grown food. So I focus on sharing it with friends, etc.
Today I picked a tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and other veggies to share with members of my "Living with a Chronic Illness" class and my TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) group. I am also taking flowers to share as I believe they nourish our souls just as healthy food nourishes our bodies.


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Hope in the Young

This is just too beautiful to pass up. I keep a deck of smile cards, the actual "playing" cards, on a community table in my classroom. Several weeks ago a student asked what they were and so I asked her if she wanted to play. Ellen said she wanted to read them but I held firm and responded that if she wanted to know, she'd have to play. Finally, she gave in. The card she drew instructed her to make 5 hand written cards and leave them for strangers. Weeks followed days, but she continued to procrastinate, as many of us do. I'd ask how the cards were coming and she'd just say she hadn't had the time yet. I couldn't blame her, a student's life is very busy these days. So, I needed to do something to offer her encouragement. Ellen also has founded her own non-profit which aims to improve education ... Read Full Story >>

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A Kind Act from which I can Learn

The other day I was standing in a shop at the counter, wanting to pay for my goods. Unfortunately, there was a delay, as the women in front of me was short of money, and the clerk was not able to reverse her bill. “How much does she owe?", I asked. "1,20 € "the clerk responded. I gave her the money. I felt so sorry for the small, stressed little women, struggling with her groceries, as she was trying to give back some of the goods that she was going to purchase. And for me...I'm left with wondering why it took me so long to decide to help.   ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Oct 16, 2017
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First Day Here...

My first day here! I heard about Smile Cards and just printed some off to give to people starting tomorrow. As far as kindness today...I gave of my time and expertise to a past client without expecting payment. I reached out to a friend to give her some encouragement as I know she's been having a hard time as of late. Looking forward to being here and connecting with others! Namaste! ... Read Full Story >>

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World Vegetarian Day

I am not a vegan or vegetarian, but have been making a conscious effort to choose more meatfree meals, which is good for animals, environment (producing meat uses huge amounts of water and energy), and health. Check out Choose Veg website for ideas and tips on eating more plant based meals. Every meatless (or vegan) meal we eat means less suffering for an animal.  That is kindness in action. ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing In The Mountains

Yesterday while picnicking in the mountains we met a young man from Spain. He was sitting at a table close to us and we talked excitedly with him about the beauty surrounding us. As we were leaving, I realized that I did not have any doves with me. I would have loved to have given him a little Mindy made peace dove! We had two butter tarts for our drive home, though. So, I went over to his table and asked if he had dessert. He said, "no", so I pulled out one of the butter tarts from our basket and placed it right beside his sandwich! His eyes lit up like a little boy's. I told him that we had more and for him to please enjoy something sweet to eat while enjoying the beautiful scenery! We all laughed! Milan joked later and said, "That was nice of you to ... Read Full Story >>

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Trusting Us With His Expensive Trailer

This truck belongs to my friend, who was helping me move some stuff I'd bought, including the pile of hay bales in the trailer. The idea was to move the hay bales bit by bit in my car, but when we arrived to load up the other stuff, the man I was buying from suggested we borrow his trailer and take the whole lot in one go.

Thankfully my friend has a tow hitch and adequate license, and it took us one journey instead of multiple (plus a second to take it back). So incredibly grateful to that man, who had only met me once previously and never my friend, and trusted us to bring his expensive trailer back undamaged.


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Fierce Competition To Be The Kindest Inmate Inside A Women’s Prison

Fierce Competition to Be the Kindest Inmate Inside a Women’s Prison: Though constrained by the walls of the prison, these women still have a choice as to how they want to show up in the world. Story Credit: Good News Network Typically, kindness doesn’t top the list of survival skills needed in a women’s prison. But last week, inmates around the world who call themselves “compassionistas” teamed up to see who could perform the most acts of compassion, and competed other prisons and citizens in The 2017 Compassion Games. In previous years, as part of Compassion Games International, the prison inmates at the California Institution for Women (CIW) tallied 4,500 acts of kindness that included sharing food, cleaning each others’ living spaces, and helping apply sunscreen before going outside. Even when temperatures climbed to 108 degrees in the Corona facility in 2013, the women avoided irritable exchanges and encouraged one another to stay hydrated.“The Compassion Games allowed ... Read Full Story >>

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Everytday Actions

Today I was going to go over to my Dad's to see how he was doing, and when I got out side I found that he was in my yard doing weed whacking. He looked so cute and so tired, and he wasn't in the mood for chit chat, so I just thanked him for what he was doing and we talked about going to lunch this week, which will be nice. I let him get back to his work and when I came in the house I watched him through the window and prayed for him. I know he's struggling with a lot and watching him trying so hard to do the things he's always done for me just touched my heart. (That's my receiving kindness for today!). 😊 For the giving part, I'm still working on my huge eBay project and am so looking forward to the end when I ... Read Full Story >>

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Dollar Store Surprise

I decided to stop by the Dollar Store on the way home today. It was very busy and there was a long line of people waiting to reach the check out. I waited for several minutes, hoping for the line to get shorter. Finally, I decided to get into the line to pay, and I noticed the woman in line who was right in front of me with her young, pre-school aged daughter. I saw that the little girl had some stickers and a coloring book in her hand. I noticed the small price of the items and decided that I would give her mother the money to pay for them. Her mother was surprised when I offered to pay for the item, but she accepted. She told her daughter to say thank you to me.   I hope this brightened their day! ... Read Full Story >>

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Warms The Heart

❤️Young boy gifts homeless woman shoes...... From Love What Matters website: ✨"Today my son wasn't feeling well. He asked me to come home from school early and I said yes. I decided to take him to lunch and on the way home we stopped to drive through the car wash. As we left, he saw this woman pushing her cart along the street. He said to me, 'Ma, did you see that? She's wearing baseball cleats as shoes. I just wish I made enough money to be able to buy a pair of comfortable shoes for everyone I see that doesn't have shoes. She literally walks all over every day and that's what she's walking in. Baseball cleats.' We drove down a block to Ross and he went inside. He carefully thought out what he'd get. He wanted the most comfortable and the longest lasting shoes that would keep her warm too. He ... Read Full Story >>

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No Big Acts Required.

While sitting in the dentist's waiting room yesterday, another patient who had just come out from an appointment was having a 'turn'. I can't remember the name of the condition, but it made her not be able to balance.

She was trying to call someone on her cell to pick her up, but the signal kept dropping out and she was getting agitated. I offered to ask the receptionist to make the call from their phone.

She just wanted to get outside where she knew her phone would work so I stood up and put out my arm for her to lean on for balance, and we walked outside. I wanted to stay and talk with her while she waited for a friend, but the dentist called me in.

I've been feeling in a bit of a dark cloud lately and this encounter gave me a feeling of connection. Sometimes I fall in the trap of thinking I need to do something big with my life to lead a meaningful life of service and purpose. It's the little things, as they say.

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Marvelous Day!

I had a great weekend!

I spent Saturday morning at a walk for the homeless. This is an annual event where we walk to raise money to help the homeless for out community. It is part of the work the United Methodist on Missions is doing here in Phoenix. So glad that I can be a part of this. I walked in honor and memory of my sister. :-)

I took Mom and Dad to church on Sunday and then decorated for Halloween! :-)

Love and light to all!


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  • Oct 12, 2017
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Gym Surprises

I made some little kindness packs up - they had travel sized shampoo and conditioner, a butterfly magnet, an origami peace dove, some lotion and a friendship bracelet. I left them in some empty lockers at the gym 🙂

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An Knitter's Anonymous Act to Keep a Small Person Warm

An anonymous knitter left this for me at work. Its to take to my other job which supports families and newborn babies with practical help, and bags of clothing. The knitter wanted to be anonymous. It was really a gift of love and will keep a small person warm.

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