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Grace Intrudes : )

Friends: If it were not for gratitude coming upon me, I would still be taking most of life for granted. In 1986, I sustained a traumatic brain injury due to a severe beating.

When I woke up, I couldn't move my right side or speak or breathe on my own. One of my therapists was a man named Glen. Most days, he'd come into my room to exercise my muscles. As I couldn't speak, I found myself listening to Glen's voice, his words. "I sense shadows from you Melissa. Don't you know that they are caused by light being around? Grace may sometimes seem unfair, or feel or look icky, but friend, it is still grace."

Although at that moment I wasn't sure if I'd ever move, speak or breathe normally, that didn't seem to matter. For the 1st time I could remember, my thoughts of myself were neither negative nor critical.

Master Glen started in me a journey which continues today. He is one of many who taught & teach me that as long as I am willing to live a grateful life, I am less likely to take the all of life for granted.

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  • Jan 30, 2015
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Using Skills You Have In Kindness

In my professional life I am fortunate to have acquired some skills that I find I am able to use even though I've retired.  For instance, last week while at church, I met a family that had just moved to our state. Unfortunately, they were mugged shortly after their arrival and had the huge purse the wife was carrying with all their important papers (SS cards, IDs, birth certificates, etc.) stolen. A very kind person in the neighborhood had taken them in, but they had very little money, no transportation, and no way to enroll their son in school without the paperwork that had been stolen. Enrolling that little boy in school seemed to be their highest priority for establishing normalcy for the family. The school district was playing hardball with them with no sympathy for their plight. They had gone to the library to research how to replace this paperwork, but they ... Read Full Story >>

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Love, mystery, and gift.

I work at an elementary school. A little five year old boy has taken quite a shine to me. Though nonverbal, he waves to me, smiles at me, tugs my sleeve or pant leg, gives me high-fives, or holds my hand. At Halloween, he wouldn't dress in his cute giraffe costume until he saw me in my ballerina outfit.

I can't explain why he has this affinity for me, nor why I am so taken by him. I accept this joyous mystery as pure gift. Yesterday, as school ended for the day, our paths crossed on my way to the front office.

He let go of his teacher's hand, took mine and excitedly led me to the foyer. He wanted me to meet his parents. A little boy connecting the people he loves. O thank you, my Little Prince. You are he, who exclaimed "it's only with the heart that one truly sees."

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  • Posted by logancurrie
  • Jan 29, 2015
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Taking Time For Granted

Far too often, I take time for granted. I am always trying to fit as many things as possible into my day, never taking time to stop and just be.

While I acknowledge that we all have a finite time to spend on this earth, I also need to accept that I will never complete everything I want to complete, and I need to simply slow down every once in a while and take a little time to appreciate the life around me, the little things that so often go unnoticed.

The fragrant lilacs blooming outside my bedroom window, the hummingbird hovering at the feeder in my backyard, the Canada geese heading in their long "V" as they head for parts unknown.

I, like so many others, seem to take for granted the assumption that there will always be another time to pause and "smell the roses." I know I cannot assume that - the time to take the time is today.

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No Regrets: Living with Dying

[Author Kitty Edwards, left, and Patti Pansa, right] In May 2013, Patti Pansa, a professional engineer and life coach, contacted me to assist her in her journey towards death. She had taken care of all the literal preparations for death: she had spoken to her family members about her wishes for end-of-life care; her last will and testament, advanced health care directives, and medical durable power of attorney were all signed and delivered to the appropriate people; a list of her important accounts with passwords sat in a folder next to her computer. But Patti wanted more. She wanted to leave a legacy for her family and friends. Perhaps most of all, she wanted to discover ways to celebrate life while she still had time. I shared with Patti several articles on the regrets of the dying, chronicling how many regretted working too much, spending too little time with family, or living ... Read Full Story >>

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Something I Can Never Repay

This is my share for day 2... I wrote it yesterday and then forgot to post it. Every year I go a protest in Fort Benning, Georgia, and serve as an interpreter for victims and the families of victims of torture. Last year I could not attend because my stepdaughter had died in October, and I had been ill and my husband was very depressed, so I asked the airline to credit my account with the unused tickets. Earlier this year my husband passed away, and then I went to Florida for my brother, who also passed away, and I completely forgot about these tickets, which were to expire on October 31 of this year. When I went to make reservations again, I found I had tickets that had expired on that day, and called Customer Service. The young woman who responded, called Ashley, spent a lot of time on the telephone, ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Jan 26, 2015
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Thank You to Mrs. Noel, First Grade Teacher

Today's gratitude challenge encouraged me to think about something I take for granted and then to express gratitude for it by writing a story. Every day, the first things I do - and a large percentage of the rest of the things I do throughout the day - depend on my ability to read. Some decades ago , I joined 40 other six-year-olds as a member of the first township-wide first grade – the previous year, first graders in the township had still attended one-room schools, but the Baby Boom had reached even that rural corner of central Pennsylvania. Sprawling in comparison to the previous schools, the new building had a separate classroom for each grade. First grade had been assigned to a veteran teacher from one of the one-room schools named Mrs. Noel. I don’t know how she did it, but Mrs. Noel taught most of us the basics of reading. In ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Jan 25, 2015
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Early Morning Walk

This morning I met my sister in law and we went for a walk around the savannah. The sun was just waking up and as I walked there was a slight drizzle. I felt the drops on me and they were refreshing. I am very grateful that I can walk and feel and be engaged in the wonders and beauty of all that is around me. I am so very thankful

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A Child's Innocence restored

I was standing in a long line at a cafe. In front of me stood a mom with her fidgety and clearly bored little boy. He looked to be 6 or 7 years old. A police car drove by the cafe and suddenly he came to life. "Mom, mom," he said excitedly, "It's the police, we better go outside, they're probably looking for us!". The mom looked mortified, her face red, as she explained to the long line of people waiting for a hot cup of coffee. "My son's bicycle was stolen last night. Someone took it from the front porch, cut the lock and carried it away. When we realized it had been stolen we called the police. He helped by describing what his bike looked like while the officer wrote the report. Now he thinks all the policemen in the city are out looking for his bike." Everyone in the line ... Read Full Story >>

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Bountifil Food - A Blessing

This morning I was helping with the Bountiful Baskets delivery in my town. The delivery truck arrives at 5:45am - well before sunrise. Volunteers unload, sort, and box the produce for pick-up.

This week's baskets included squash, spinach, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, apples, bananas, and several other fruits and vegetables. All of this food - fresh food - coming from so many different places; coming to my little town of 500 people in north-central South Dakota.

I am thankful for the gift of food - and for the abundance of good, healthy, and affordable food. May I never take this gift for granted.

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  • Posted by frchristensen
  • Jan 23, 2015
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50th Birthday For A Cause

I will be turning 50 on December 7th but I didn't want this birthday to be about me. I have been given so much and helped so much in my life as a single mother, so I decided to do a "birthday for a cause/birthday wish event".

I asked all my friends and family for support and contributions. We have a women's transitional housing center in our city, with 20 women and 12 kids. In two days, I have received enough to provide new clothes, toys, pajamas and books to all 12 children and I am making a quilt for one of the women there also.

I will be making dinner for all the women and children who live there and taking all the gifts and donations there for them the night I get to do the dinner. I was so nervous when I decided to do this, but my heart is so grateful for all my friends and family who are helping me make my wish come true!!

Giving back to our community and single women and their children means so much to me, especially at Christmas. I am thankful I took the leap of faith to do my 50th birthday for a cause!! My heart is so full of joy!!

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Repaying kindness

There are so many people who have done wonderful things for my son and me: family, friends, medical professionals, and complete strangers.

I have a friend who paid my rent for me when I couldn't. I have another friend who drove me to apply for food assistance because I was too depressed to drive. I had a counselor who helped me come out of the abyss -- she and my friends and family helped me so much. I have a very old car and a great mechanic. He fixes my car and doesn't try to take advantage of the fact that I don't know much about cars.

Regarding paying it forward: I was standing in line waiting to get my prescriptions when I noticed a woman and her two crying children having a discussion with the cashier. The Mom was trying to pay for her children's medications and she was $1.00 short. I thought to myself, she needs this dollar more than I do, so I went to the front of the line and gave her the dollar. I will never forget the way she smiled at me.

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  • Jan 21, 2015
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A New Meaning To The Deepavali Festival:

Few days before this Deepavali we received a message saying that one should avoid talking about festive celebrations while traveling in Taxis, Buses or when 'not so lucky' people are around.. as they might not get a chance to celebrate the festival at all.

Me and my wife were feeling a little strange and thought let's celebrate this Deepavali with few strangers! We arranged for 25 sweet boxes to be shared with a Bus Conductor, Taxi Driver, Rag Pickers and a few others who came into contact with us randomly.

The smile and expressions on their faces touched our soul and gave us a new meaning to celebrate festivals!

We are grateful to Kindspring community, reading your stories gave us the strength to reach out to strangers and the show shall go on :)

Thank you.


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  • Jan 20, 2015
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An Hour That Made All The Difference In My Life

There are a few people who have passed through my life who I say I would never be able to repay. One of them who left the most impact was my art teacher Mr. Cataldo.

I went to a very rough middle school and that is a difficult age to be in an unsafe environment. I was bullied and mistreated on a regular basis. Perhaps the other students could see the victim in me, but all of that changed the day that I came into art class.

Mr. Cataldo let every student of his know that this was a safe zone and no bullying or bad behavior could happen on his watch. He fostered a good environment for learning and growing. It was only an hour a day, but it saved my life at the time. So thanks, Mr.C for giving me a little haven of peace in an otherwise dark and disturbing middle school experience. I think about you often!

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A Gift In The Mail

For the love and the thoughtfulness that shaped my childhood and still cocoons me today, I can never repay my grandfather or my father... I felt the back of my grandfather’s rough fingers caress my jawline today as he used to when he was still alive; when I was but a child… I received a beautifully stamped envelope from the States in the mail. I immediately recognized Edith Piaf on one of the stamps and my father’s scrawl below. Carefully, I used a knife to open the envelope, knowing that my father occasionally sends me valuable treasure through the mail. Inside, I found another envelope. On it, I saw two scripts. The first one bore my father’s explanation: In the 40’s, my great-grandfather bought a desk. He used it in his office at the family restaurant and when he passed away, my grandfather started using the desk. When the family restaurant sold, the desk was moved ... Read Full Story >>

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Charting gratitude!

Bought blank charts yesterday and my sister, my niece and I filled our charts with gratitude :) It was a fun experience as we all sat together and wrote down all the things we are grateful for. My niece has fullest chart so far, she is 11 :)

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To My Dad

I can never repay my father for all of the lessons he taught me that made me the person I am today.

From my father, I learned that giving is only that when you expect nothing in return. You give from your heart.

I learned that a day without laughter is a wasted day. I never let a day go by without finding humor in something, but never at the expense of another. That was one of his other lessons - if it is hurtful to someone else, it is never funny.

My Dad supported me in so many ways, encouraging me to go back to school and finish my college degree. While he wasn't sitting in the stands watching me walk that stage, I know he was smiling down with pride in his eyes.

And although I will never be able to repay him, I can honor him by passing these lessons on to others. Thank you, Dad.

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Unknown kindness

There are many people in my life who I can never repay. During the most difficult time in my life, the only reason I survived was because of the kindness of strangers.

It's now nearly 30 years later, and I still try every day to pay that kindness forward. To someone, it could mean everything.

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The Hospital Of Gratitude

I have a whole basketful of gratitude, gathered during my husband's hospital stay this week when everyone on the cardiac floor made him feel cared about, supported, and comfortable. They even listened to his long stories and corny jokes, with smiles on their faces.

It's wonderful to find such a large organization with uniformly high morale and the universal expertise to work as a giant team, right down to the laughing lady who dumped the trash and the security guard in the parking lot.

Thank you, thank you, hospital people for saving my husband's life and for reminding me, again and again, how wonderful people can really be.

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Feeding the kids

I found out yesterday that my local school is struggling with recent government budget cuts, just as the families in our tiny town also are.

There are families who send the kids to school with no lunch, and the school always makes sure they get something to eat, but are finding it harder and harder to do. 

I am going to give the bread and fruit every week for them to use, and today dropped off a big jar of sandwich spread, margarine and a massive packet of cheese slices.

I might be struggling myself, but I am grateful my kid always eats, and this is an act of kindness I can do to help other kids and their families, and the school too.

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