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Warm Feet, Warm Hearts

It was a cold evening and was going to be a colder night, when I visited a friend in the neighborhood who lives on her own. We talked about how cold it was and she told me that her feet never feel warm in her bed, and so sleep does not come easy.

I told her a hot water bottle was the answer, and also that I had two so I would be happy to give her one; she was hesitant to accept the offer, but when I persuaded her she agreed, so I came home and took the bottle( which also has a very pretty cotton fabric cover), for her. She told me the next morning that she had a really comfortable night, it made me feel wonderful.

She used the bottle through the winter and is still using it, every night...makes me feel really happy especially when I get into my own bed and think of her warm feet!

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Do Not Ignore Love

I told someone I loved them.
After being widowed in 2014, losing my mother later that year and a kitten I had gotten in August as a companion, I began a grieving journey that brought me full circle when a friend and neighbor was struck and killed by a car this February. Her funeral was the same date that my wife had died.

I already knew the brevity and majesty of life but my friend's sudden death took it to a new level. Then, someone came into my life 1 month ago and changed everything. I knew within days that we would love each other deeply and for a long time.

At first, I was afraid but, then, I remembered my friend. To receive an opportunity to love is miraculous. I have decided not to refuse the universe's offer of such a gift.

I told someone I loved them. It's a choice, a commitment and a feeling. I am blessed.

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Right place after all

Today I went to McDonald's to buy a lunch for a student who earned it in my classroom. Out front was a man who was asking for spare change. I asked if he was hungry. He smiled and told me he was. I offered to buy him lunch.

He told me he wanted a cheeseburger, fries and a Coke. So, I bought my student's lunch as well as his, but when I walked out, he was gone. I looked all over, and he had left.

Then, I saw another man who looked like he might be down on his luck.

"I just bought this lunch for a guy," I told him. "But he left. Think you might want it?" the man was shocked and pleased. He took the food, thanked me, and we went our separate ways. Everything for a reason.


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More than passing kindness

Amazing how kind acts are passed on. I recently started work at a school in a very low socio- economic area. I teach textiles, and students were expected to bring in their own fabric. Many were unable, and one student brought in a bed sheet to cut into boxer pants, another a small hand dyed table cover.

I mentioned my concerns to a friend and within days I had a call from her Aunt, a beautiful local nun. She had a bag of fabric for my students and introduced me to a local organization that was also able to assist. It was an organization that helped refugees resettle, and they had more fabric donated to them than they could use.

I picked up the fabric and now have enough to supply students for the year. The smiles upon the faces of the young people are something that warms my heart and makes me so grateful. 

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When Kindness Takes Flight

I recently was taking a trip out of town and had to get up early to catch a flight. A friend who lives a ten minutes from the airport had kindly offered to drop me there on his way to work that morning. I planned to drive to his house, park my car there, and then carpool with him the rest of the way. It turns out, I didn't leave early enough, as I hit up against some very unexpected traffic along the way. At 6:10AM, I literally moved one mile in 45 minutes. (In no traffic, it would only take 25 minutes to drive to this friend's house.) Given the early hour, I hadn't budgeted much buffer time for traffic into this trip. It was a workday morning, and I didn't want to make my friend late for work, so as I sat stalled in traffic, I called him to let ... Read Full Story >>

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9 Ways To Introduce Students To Random Acts Of Kindness - Nea Today

9 Ways to Introduce Students to Random Acts of Kindness - NEA Today
: A California educator offers his tips on spreading RAOK Month throughout the nation’s schools and classrooms.

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Polish your halo and pass on the kindness

By Julia Pitt Royal Gazette . com Pay it forward: polish your halo and pass on the kindness you’ve been shown Recently, someone helped a friend of mine. I was away and she was in a fix — not an emergency, just one of those situations where you could use an extra set of eyes and an alternate perspective. The helper wasn’t a relation or even a close friend but someone on the periphery who had spotted the distress and simply offered a hand. With nothing to gain for themselves, they took time out of their busy day to meet up, review the facts, offer an opinion and advice and be an additional support. It gave my friend exactly the comfort and confidence needed to make a decision and move forward. When I heard about this random act of generosity and kindness, I was truly touched and deeply grateful for their unexpected effort, especially as ... Read Full Story >>

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You Never Know

Yesterday I took my son shopping with me. He's 18 years old. We went out to buy Thank You cards for people who sent me birthday cards this week. I also bought a garden plaque for a friend who often prays for me.

Birthdays are a pretty big deal for me. I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at the beginning of last year. Being kind and hopefully inspiring to every and anyone that I can has always been a part of who I am, now I use my time making sure that I convey my appreciation as freely as I possibly can.
I give warm hugs to people that I encounter when I go out because you never know when connecting to someone will lift their spirits. For the time that I have, I want to spend it being a light to others. This will be my second birthday inside of my diagnosis. I intend on spending it doing kind deeds and passing out Smile Cards.

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The gift of playful freedom

Today I share a lovely experience of yesterday: I've been helping my friend Kathy, who has MS, doing exercise in the pool. We have seen some progress since I met her Dec 31st., glad to say.....but a few days ago I thought she could be so thrilled if she could snorkel in the pool...the liberty of doing so....and so she agreed. She used to be a swimming instructor and did scuba diving.

Yesterday we tried. While her caretaker held her, we began going down the steps with the mask and snorkel. She does not have hand mobility yet, so I would dive in and check on her expression. Once she we adjusted both pieces, we took her -little by little- to the deep floating looking down. There came a point I held her hand and kind of swirled her around (always playful....).

I cannot tell you how thrilled she was and that so made my day! End of the month she has a wedding in Florida so I see her enjoying going into the ocean with her snorkel! I bought her exactly the one you see, she loves blue. Blessings from Above!

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Underappreciated Workers

I live in a city where the waste collection is handled by private companies. They send huge automated trucks to pick up waste, recycling, and yard clippings. The driver of the recycling truck frequently goes out of his way to move my can to the street when I haven't put it out. This week I left a thank you card with a gift card for lunch on me taped to the trash can. I wonder how often these workers get appreciated? Felt good to pass it on just a little to someone who has been so kind to me.

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"I can't pass by anyone in need"

Yesterday, I noticed an older married couple (elders) parked by the highway with a flat tire. I can't pass by anyone in need.
They didn't have the right wrenches, so I went door to door for  around the neighborhood looking for one in an attempt to find that cross wrench they needed, but with no luck. So I stood by the highway stopping every truck until someone had one.
By the time I returned to their truck, a couple of my nephews had seen me standing by the highway, offering to help. Within less than ten minutes, we were done and the elderly couple were on their way home. This morning I found the owner of the cross wrench and returned it, it's important to return tools. 

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A Third Grader's Gift Economy Experiment

I run a classroom economy with my 3rd grade students where they apply for jobs, get weekly pay, pay monthly rent for the desks, can buy their own desks and even buy their classmates' desks and become landlords.

With their income they can buy items at our class store, purchase bigger items at our monthly auction, or pay for experiences (lunch with me, rent me for recess, paint my nails).

One student decided to cash in a lot of his funds in order to do a RAOK for the class. He bought a class party...for $2,000. Just to give you an idea of how difficult that is and how giving it is, most students are paid $15 weekly. Rent is $100 a month.

So, instead of using his savings for himself, he decided to use it for his peers. Warms my heart.

#AprilRAOK #BeKindToOneAnother

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An Honest Driver and The Intention to Serve

I was going to Rann of Kutch, from Delhi, for a holiday with my son. We took a flight to Ahmedabad, and from there a bus to Bhuj. While we were in the bus, we realized that my son’s favorite cap was missing. Looking at the photos, we realized that the cap was perhaps dropped somewhere in Ahmedabad.

Since we had taken an Uber cab, we had his number. On contacting him, he told us that he had the cap. On our way back from Rann, we contacted him, and he gave us the cap. I would like to thank the driver because he was so honest. It's heartening to learn that still there is honesty in this world. Thank you Sir!

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Little Surprises

I worked today and came home to all these little yellow dandelion flowers everywhere. But not just everywhere, only in the places I frequent. Like where I place my car keys, coffee mug, sit to eat lunch and near my hair straightener in bathroom.

Something was up. So I asked. And my 7 year old told me he had picked them all for me today whilst I was at work to make me happy. It did.

Children. Their hearts so precious and divine 💖

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Restaurant Bill

I met a friend for lunch and afterwards we met our husbands in a restaurant where we shared a large table with an elderly gentleman reading a book. Absolutely out of the blue he settled our bill. I had a chat with him then, and I suspect he did it just to have a reason to strike up conversation. He'd obviously heard our conversation, and was very pleased to speak English to me. He explained that it wasn't as good as he'd like following a stroke. 

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Rainy Day Smiles

It has been extremely rainy here (which is great, because we need it) and I was out running a bunch of errands this afternoon when I stopped by a special shop to pick up fresh samosas. My hubby and son love them, and my hubby suggested getting some extra to give neighbors. I got enough extra ones to give to friends all around the neighborhood and they were still warm! One person asked why I was giving them and I said, "Just because it's a rainy day!" It turned out her daughter loves them and she gave me a big hug for surprising them. :-)

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Paying it Forward in The Work Environment

I left a job about a month ago to start a new job elsewhere. When I left the old job, my colleagues there were so nice; they made a collection for me, and gave me money in a beautiful hand made 'best wishes' card. It was so nice of them to do that. The messages in the card were lovely; I had no idea I had touched so many people in my five years working there. 
When I arrived at my new job, a young woman was kind enough to help me out learning the ropes. She then announced last week that she was going to leave to go home to her country. Yesterday I gave her a small gift that would remind her of her time spent in this country working. She was so happy. 

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Mahal Kita-I love you

I am deeply moved by an old song "what the world needs now, is love". I Sent 100 messages today via email to random recipients and the content are just 3 words.

The content of my email was : I love you (mahal kita in my language)

May they forward the love needed by others.

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Surpise Joy at the Grocey Store

Went grocery shopping today and had a coupon for free frozen waffles. I knew I wouldn't need them, but decided I'd bring the coupon and leave it on the waffles for the next person to find. While I was approaching the waffles, luck would have it that a woman was reaching for the exact brand I had a free coupon for. So, when I gave it to her, she was surprised and thrilled. Made me feel good to bring her a moment's joy.

#AprilRAOK #BeKindToOneAnother

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Baby Booties Expecting and Unsuspecting Mother's to Be

This one is about a woman that I met yesterday and she does acts of kindness. I had gone out to eat and when I went to leave, the cash out line was so long. I sat next to this lady and told her I'm just going to wait it out.

She was an elderly lady and she said I'm just waiting for someone to come that's pregnant and I laughed and said well I know I might look it but I'm just fat and we laughed. She took out her purse and in it she had little baggies of knitted baby booties and she had a cute little card attached to it.

When she sees someone that's pregnant she gives them the baby booties and I just thought it was such a remarkable act of kindness and I made sure I told her that what she was doing was beautiful and I wanted to share this with everybody

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