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Little Free Library For ...

Little Free Library For Our Town Update

Grandpa spent the weekend measuring twice and cutting once and drilling and hammering covering up all the open sides of our 'doll house'. This coming weekend ought to see the waterproofing and paint happen and the doors added.

Cost still at 7$ - It was 8$ with a dollar off a purchase of 5$ and all the bits of wood and screws,etc,...were already here.

We have about 20 books inside already and they were mostly FREE. Cost there, so far, is about $2.50.

The 'make it official' package I sent away for a few weeks ago is due shortly. They said 4-5 weeks and it's already been half that. Cost 40$

Soooo very soon (fall launch perfect!), for very little money, and not SO much work, Our Town WILL have its very own Little Free Library! :)

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Bird Rest

Last night I heard a little peep in the grass near the trees at the edge of the yard. It was a song sparrow fledgling with an injury to its wing. I was able to pick it up and put it in a bird cage with some water. This morning the bird was sitting up and seemed to be able to fly. I released it in my rose bush garden. It sat there for a few minutes then flew away. I was so pleased to have had a respite place for this little being. Kindness for all.

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A Home Without Books

I was talking to one of my students yesterday who is the eldest with three younger siblings, she was telling me that the younger two girls now have a repurposed bookshelf in their bedroom.

Their Mum set out their books so that they could easily access them. Through a charity funded scheme in our school each child chooses a book to take home 4x a year, so the girls now had 6 books on their shelf.

I grew up in a book driven home. Some of my best friends were not in the playground, but on a page. The thought of not having that pleasure of the company of a book, mourn and celebrate along with the characters, cry or dance at the end... Or reading the last pages slowly because I dont want the book to end...

My best friend said she will have a look through the abundant bookshelves of her children and donate. Im going to do the same, and keep vigilant at charity shops. Im sure those girls will soon have more than 6 books between them :-)

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Spent the Night

My cousin, who is disabled, was going to be alone last night because all of his brothers and their families had gone to attend a family reunion hosted by a relative visiting from Switzerland. So, I went to stay with him in the evening.

His family returned late at night, and I had to spend the night and leave early in the morning at 4:30 AM to get back to my own family. It was the least I could do to give a little bit of my time!

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The gift of Attention

Today I listened. I let others talk and tell me their stories without interrupting and without getting bored. It doesn't seem like a big accomplishment, but I'm bipolar, and I have been on a manic swing for a few days, so sitting still and shutting up is a major accomplishment today! I was rewarded with a good story from one person (and a lot of complaining from others!) that I would have never known if I hadn't stayed quiet. Sometimes it is true, the best present to give is the present of your time and attention! **Hugs**

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A Day at Home with My Toddler

Today, instead of doing chores like cleaning the house, I stayed at home all day and played with my toddler. I have the rest of my life to clean, but my kid isn't going to be a kid forever. 

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Conference Called

This week I received the most astonishing thank you note from a person I helped attend a unique conference. This individual, let's call him Rick (and his wife) were facing a great deal of employment instability in the educational institution where they they worked. They were also raising two sweet and busy preschoolers; the stress of it all was evident. Rick and his wife had been attending the conference for years. It is the kind of event that nourishes teaches and administrators who work with vulnerable children and young people. When it became apparent that their employer was not going to provide enough funding for them to attend, I "pulled some strings" which Rick said made it possible for both to go. I hadn't thought more about it until I received Rick's note Thursday. He said attending the conference was like a lifeline; they were able connect with trusted mentors and friends ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Sep 30, 2015
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A Treat For A Homeless Person

I was returning my library books this morning and saw a shopping trolley full of a homeless persons belongings. I raided my kindness stash I keep in a bag in my car and left a pack of biscuits ( cookies) with a note on top :-)

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Lending An Ear

On Saturdays we are able to go and help serve breakfast at the soup kitchen. My two boys go with me to help. They see what it's like to have nothing & to be thankful for a warm meal. We started to make muffins to take with us when we go. When everyone is leaving they can take the muffins for later. I have one boy who serves everyone with a smile. My other boy takes the time to sit & talk to the people there. To make them feel like they have a worth. Homeless... Dirty... What ever their story may be... He listens. To me- that is the biggest heart of all that we do.

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Just Say Hello and Smile!

I just began this project today! I greeted the yard duty at my daughter's new school with -- finally -- a hello! I have seen her several times since we started school, but today I decided to look her in the eye as we passed through the gate. I introduced myself and was so grateful to hear her name and see the smile she gave me.

The interaction perked me up, and hopefully added a bit of a spark to her day, that made her feel special, acknowledged, and connected.
Simple, but worthwhile.

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  • Sep 29, 2015
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Middle-of-the-night errand.

My friend hurt her leg while out in town. Luckily (sort of) we had some crutches at home from another leg injury she had a few weeks ago. I got changed (it was 2am) and ran down into town with them so she could get back okay. I'm so glad I was able to help.

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My Usual Kindness Act ...

My usual kindness act I do whenever I stay in a hotel ... chocolate rose, card with beautiful words inside and either gift card or lotto ticket enclosed. The housekeepers do such a lovely job cleaning our rooms I always like to thank them. This time however I did a little extra kindness....

I made their job as easy as I could. I left our room spotless, emptied bins for them and loaded the dishwasher and washed dishes. A small gesture but one they'll appreciate ♥

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Extended Hand In Friendship Today.

Our neighbor has two sweet, formerly abused rescue dogs. For several days, I have been able to coax them to come near me by offering "doggie treats". Today they both took treats from my hand. I was happy that I was able to finally gain their trust. I occurs to me that there are people in my acquaintance
 who also seem fearful, distrusting and distant with me. I vowed today that I will not judge them, but will simply extend my hand and hope that they will trust my attempts at friendship.

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Encouraging My Granddaughter

I sent my 30 year old granddaughter an email that said: "Good morning Sunshine. You have completed another amazing week of of your life. What ever this coming week offers you and wants from you, meet it with gratitude and, if needed, courage for all the ways God is helping you become who you really are."

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Baking kindness

Today I wanted to do something a little nice for a few people. So I made my famous yummy lemon slice. I made it only to gift. I gifted one lot to the beautiful man and his mother who did my make up. I gifted another to a fellow employee and his elderly father. And the last lot I dropped around to my brother in laws place. I left it on his doorstep as a surprise with a note. He is the biggest fan of all my sweet baked treats and always so grateful. Makes me only ever want to gift him more

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My People

Last week I had one the Elders in my community lose her husband of over forty years, so I made her some soup and bannock, offered it to her , then I sat with her while she played bingo, trying to show her that someone in our community cared.

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Bird Care

I am taking care of a bird that was attacked by a falcon. The poor thing almost lost one of the wings and was in a lot of pain. The good part is that every one that sees this bird with me wants to help and see how difficult life is for animals in a big city.

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  • Sep 23, 2015
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Standing on a train for others to sit

This morning I was sitting on the train commuting to work. I noticed a lady who was pregnant and no- one offered her a seat, even those who were sitting in the disabled seats.

I really was enjoying sitting down as I suffer vertigo and struggle to stand on the train, however I eventually offered my seat and stood for the hour commute to work.

I did have sore feet but I did feel good that I let someone who needed the seat much more than me have what she needed.

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Opening Dance To The World.

I recently met a Chinese exchange student who desperately wanted to be a part of my dance team. Although I don't need another member on the Company, I couldn't resist his passion and desire and have decided to invite him to join. I know the experience will be hugely rewarding everyone.

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Helping an injured person

Yesterday,  I got an opportunity to help an injured neighbor. his right leg was injured with some major infection. I took him to hospital and discussed with Doctor for his treatment. Doctor advised him for proper treatment and to rest for long time. I also bought medicines for him. Now he is taking rest and proper treatment.

Thanks to all of for teaching me kindness !!!

Blessings ........

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