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I'm Blessed

Yesterday my husband and I went to a local hospital to take infant CPR. Our 5 month old granddaughter is coming for the holidays. She has a pre-existing condition that could present itself on the trip and we wanted to take stress off our daughter and be prepared. I was quite nervous going into this training. We had dinner at the hospital cafe and were heading to class when we ran into a janitor. I said good evening and how are you and he replied: Blessed! Wow, that one interchange completely changed my perspective for the better. I was immediately able to see that actually I was blessed. What a gift.

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Thanking her transplant donor in Germany

A friend of mine was diagnosed with leukemia in her 60s. Her last hope was a marrow transplant. Luckily, they found one in Germany! This lady had signed up in the donor registry years before, but wasn't a match for the child and later the teenager in her region that needed a transplant. Years went by and out of the blue she got the news that she was a match for a woman in California (my friend). The transplant was performed, and my friend fully recovered. This year she went to Germany to thank the donor and found out that this lady had received the match request two days before her wedding! She said yes, and a few weeks later became a lifesaver while still a newlywed. Here they are together.

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Pure Compassion

We were on a nature trail with around 40 kids from Teach for India this Sunday.

A little girl, Muskaan, observed that a small plant was drying and drooping. It was around 11AM and very sunny, so the kids were a little exhausted. But this little angel showered her love by emptying her water bottle on the plant, keeping just 2 sips for herself and thinking that the plant will survive. I witnessed deepest level of compassion.

Wishing you a lovely festive season full of compassion and love for each other. :)

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Bank of Candy

It was such a nice day today, with storms expected tomorrow, so I put the laundry on hold and treated my adopted mom to lunch. <3

We walked around the entire mall, and I found a bank of candy machines that I filled with quarters. :) My mom said she had never seen anyone do anything like that!

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Crushed In The Rush For Cross Stitch

A day or so ago I posted a photo of a pile of cross stitch kits that I had been gifted. I couldn't possibly use them all so I decided to give them away to ladies in my community who like to have a project in their hands. I packed them all into a box and decided to start with the lady who runs my local bar as she's perfectly charming and so good to me. I took her out to my car and showed her the box. I was holding it in my arms whilst she looked when another car drew up next to us with two other ladies in it. Within moments I was crushed against my car behind the weight of rummaging elderly ladies and had to fight my way out to put the box on a table. Well between the three of them they took every single item ... Read Full Story >>

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Flowers For a Gardner

An elderly lady who lives near me keeps her garden so beautiful. It has an abundance of flowers and colours. The weather is not too good here at the moment, it's actually raining. I drove past this elderly lady's house and the garden is showing signs of winter with very little by way of flowers or colour. I knocked on her door and she came out. She doesn't know me and I told her I had flowers for her. Dear love, she said she couldn't imagine who would be giving her flowers. I told her it was me and I was giving them to her because she works so hard in her garden and we all get to enjoy the beauty of it. She was totally gobsmacked. All she could say was 'I don't know what to say.' Her name is Elizabeth. Tears ran down Elizabeth's face and you would truly ... Read Full Story >>

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Thanksgiving Spirit

At work we make and deliver thanksgiving baskets to families in need. Our unit has pledged to make 15 baskets. I am so happy when I see more items added to the baskets! I really do love my work family - they are so generous!!!

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Paying It Forward (i Hope)

At the mall today I 'braved up' and paid forward for the next person. The cashier didn't really get what I wanted her to do and I could feel my anxiety levels rising as I tried to explain... and tried to be anonymous. In the end I think she did understand what I wanted, so I gave her $5 and a smile card. As I left I thought, leave it in the hands of a higher power and all will be as it is supposed to be. A year ago, I would have spent the day 'wondering' if it had all gone okay, and did I just 'waste' $5? all good now, thanks to the combined growth and wisdom I've learnt from KS :-)

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Post It Notes On Our Walk

My lovely husband had a bad day at work. He came in the door and suggested we go for a walk. He said "come on, grab your post-it notes too" and we walked and talked and post-it blitzed the main road bench seats, bus shelters and a little quiet park where we stopped and talked more about our days. We both made our difficult days into something uplifting for someone else :-)

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Go ahead Ma'am

I was at the store picking up a couple of things; they were short handed and as I got in line a lady behind me seemed frustrated . I looked at her and said ma'am you 3 items please go ahead; she was so relieved. Before she checked out she told me she watched a showing on kindness and gratitude and here it is in the works :) made my day that I had made her day and that somehow she was gonna pay it forward I have no doubt :)

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Kind Act For Both Of Us

On Saturday I drove my 14 yr old son 2 hours away to meet up with his first girlfriend who he only knows on the computer to give her a birthday present, one of which he sewed for her in life skills class. We left early and just sat at the m and m store until they showed up that day. It was a great visit with my son!

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Surprised by Smile

I was walking to a literary event in a cool autumn night in San Francisco. Ahead of me, a homeless-looking man, maybe in his 60s, was pushing an empty shopping cart on the sidewalk in my direction. He pushed the cart left and right, seeming to intentionally block the pedestrians. The pedestrian walking ahead of me avoided him. My heart raced. As I was about to walk to the side too, the cart-pushing man stopped and spoke loudly, "You can't pass by me without a smile!" I happened to be standing right there, surprised. I smiled. He gave me a big child-like smile! Or maybe it was him who smiled first. We looked at each other, eyes to eyes, as we passed by, smiling. We were both innocent kids again. Before he walked across the street, he turned and said,
"Have a great night!"
"You too!" I said.

A large dose of happy juice was shot into the chambers of my heart and then pumped out traveling all the way to my toes. Magic is everywhere if we allow it to happen.

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Kindness cooks

A co-worker of mine lives on the island far away from any ethnic markets and she loves expanding her culinary experiences. She has mentioned wanting to make pho but lacks certain ingredients. So today I took a ride to the Asian market and got her fresh pho noodles, and bean sprouts. Aside from that I put roasted fried garlic in a baby food jar for her and also wrapped up the honey sesame candy. Hopefully she likes it.

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Encountering Faith In Humanity

Driving along a country road this morning on my way to work and there was a trash collector emptying the bins/trash. The collector was down on the ground lifting up broken glass which had fallen out of the bin. Was touched by his citizenship, many others wouldn't have bothered and another could have got a punctured tyre. A small act of kindness that saved potential distress and financial cost. Gave me a great faith in humanity and made my heart sing. A lady takes my students for Projects ie real work in an office environment. Yesterday was the first time I met her so I said I would take her for lunch today, she was really pleased, my predecessor didn't even talk to her or guide her about what she should be doing with the students to help them gain their qualification. Lunch was fab until I went to pay. .... ... Read Full Story >>

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Our Mother Daughter Kindness Circle

Our Mother-Daughter Kindness Circle in North Carolina gets together most months to create things that are given in the spirit of kindness. Sometimes things are for strangers, and others it's for people we know.This past weekend we gathered to make flower pens. We took simple pens and attached a large silk flower to each pen using "frog tape" (it's a brand of green painter tape that doesn't get gummy when you use the pen). We made little note cards for each pen, with quotes about joy and kindness on them.

"Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do."

Many of the girls were making them for their school teachers. Each mother made one for her daughter, and each daughter made one for her Mom. We had a wonderful time together sharing stories of kindness and making something to spread JOY and KINDNESS to people in our community.

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Halloween Kindness Received

Halloween is not the big event here that it is in some parts of the world, but I want to tell you about some Halloween kindnesses that we received yesterday. My youngest son has been introduced to the idea of Halloween celebrations via the school (not something I applaud, but that's another story). Anyway, I had no plans to do anything special. However, he was banging on about Halloween to our farm volunteers and a wonderful American girl organised a scavenger hunt for him yesterday. He had clues that sent him all over the farm (minor panic when we thought the goats may have eaten one of the clues!) and culminated in some treats hidden in a bowl of garlic! He also wanted to do a Halloween party, but we're lacking the space and the people to provide one. But we managed to clear a space on the patio where we could ... Read Full Story >>

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I Shone My Light ...

I shone my light of kindness today on all who were open to receiving it.

I visited Olga in her nursing home and whilst there encountered a severely disabled elderly lady, laying in a bed out in the hall on her own. Her slipper had fallen off so I picked it up and placed it back on her foot. Oh what joy this brought her. She squealed with delight and every time I passed her, her slipper would fall off again. Each time I'd repeat the process.

Then there was Richard a man with no legs who also resides there. I stopped to chat with him and stood there as he told me jokes I didn't find funny or understand. But I laughed anyway.

Today in that home I gave all I had to give. I did nothing special, yet gave it all.

We all have so much light, spark, love and energy to give the world. Why hide it? We were born to sparkle ♥

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Jackpot of Kindness from an unlikely source

When I read a post about taking someone to the movies, I was reminded of something that happened a couple of years ago. I used to drink Coca-cola and they had a contest where there was a code inside the bottle cap. You went to a website and entered the code and maybe you won something. I won some free cokes. But then, I won the Grand Prize! I was surprised and pleased. The grand prize was free movies for a year!! What that turned out to be was that the company sent me 52 admission tickets for a local movie theater chain -- they figured one movie a week was what free movies for a year meant. All of the tickets had expiration dates later than a year from the day I received them. I used quite a few taking friends to movies we all wanted to see. But the best thing I did ... Read Full Story >>

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Unforgettable Kindness in a Train

A few years ago my mother and I were traveling in a train in India. We were going to Aligarh from Delhi. We were both sitting on our berth when the ticket Collector came and started checking the tickets. A boy nearby about 25 or 26 years old was sitting in the seat next to us. The ticket Collector asked him for his ticket. He had the ticket but it was for the day before and not for the current date. The ticket Collector fined him for 1000 Rupees, and made a new ticket for him. He only had 800 Rupees. My mother offered to pay the remaining 200 Rupees so the boy could get his ticket. I thought that was a great act of kindness by my mother for a person she did not know.

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Helping each other find our way through the day

I was taking my fifteen-minute walk break at work today when a sweet elderly gentleman asked me for directions. He was going to his physiotherapy appointment. I pointed him towards what I thought was the right direction but he seemed hesitant so I walked with him up the stairs and down the hall to be sure. He was right! He was not in the right place! We were directed down another hallway and still couldn't find the right place. Finally, we decided to call his wife and found out that he was in the wrong complex altogether. The poor man looked so sad and lost but tried to keep positive and kept thanking me. He was so disoriented that we couldn't even find his car right away. When we finally did, I gave him directions on how to find the other complex which was down the road. I hope with all my heart ... Read Full Story >>

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