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Anything Will Help

I try to keep a bag in my car with items for those who might be in need, but I ran out a few weeks ago.

I went to the 99 Cent Store yesterday to stock up. I made two bags in the parking lot with a few items: trail mix, dried pineapple, toothbrush, toothpaste, and bandages.

As I drove out, there was a man sitting with a sign that said anything would help. I told him I had a bag and told him what was in it, and asked if any of the items would be helpful.

He said anything would be great. When I gave him the bag, he was delighted. I guess he didn't expect to get all of the items. He thanked me a bunch. I told him we were meant to find each other that day.

I still have one bag left. Next time I need to remember to add water bottles and socks.

#AprilRAOK #BeKindToOneAnother

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Timeless Smiles

This morning when I was taking the goats to the forest, my eye was caught by a scrap of paper under a bush. It must have been there since one of our summer courses. I bet it's author didn't imagine it would be brightening someone's day all these months later!

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Take It In Stride

Yesterday I went to dinner with a group of women. I have rarely - maybe never - had so much go wrong with the ordering process - it seemed that the restaurant was out of half of what was on the menu. Our waiter was obviously very new and very young. He had to come back often to ask some of us to change our order.
Nearly everyone I know would've gotten upset at the latest by the third time this young man came to our table to tell us yet again that they were out of something - but not this group.

We joked and laughed until we nearly cried. We joked with the waiter. While I saw it in everyone's eyes that they were not particularly happy, everyone was determined not to let it get to them, to have fun and not blame it on the waiter. And everyone still left a respectable tip for this poor young man.

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Angels All Around Us

❤️ From The Good News Network: 😇Woman Called ‘Angel’ After Her Sweet Gesture Was Recorded at Walmart ❤️There may not be literal angels with wings hiding around us, but there are compassionate people who are ready to give and inspire whenever possible. "Anna Melissa Olivarez witnessed one such angel in action earlier this month at a Walmart in San Antonio, Texas. Olivarez was waiting in line behind a man who was trying to pay for his cart full of groceries with a gift card. After swiping the card several times, however, it was rejected. But when the man said that he had no other means of paying for the groceries, a woman in the middle of the line jumped forward, offered to pick up the tab, and swiped her own card. The cashier and the other customers waiting in line praised the woman for her kindness even though she was fairly nonchalant over the gesture – but ... Read Full Story >>

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Interaction with a Door To Door Salesman

Usually, when a stranger with a clipboard appears at my door, I am immediately on the defensive and closed to what the person is trying to sell me, trying to shoo them away as quickly as I can.
Yesterday a young man appeared at our front door and I made the conscious effort to listen and be present to what he was saying. As it turns out he was quite an entrepreneur and I was able to see what courage it took for him to be going door to door experiencing rejection and doing it over and over again. I acknowledged him for his courage and for his great product idea. I did not buy it because I did not need it, but l was open to the idea and would have bought if I needed it.
More importantly, I think he felt encouraged and we both walked away with a positive experience.

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  • Nov 22, 2017
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It Is Wheelie Hard To Reach Inside The Freezer Cabinet When You Are In Wheelchair.

I was just doing my shopping, reading from my list and getting things - when I noticed a gentleman in a wheelchair looking into the freezer display just along from me. I asked if he needed assistance and reached in and got a couple of items for him. He was also looking for another item which he mentioned but it was not in the section we were at. He thanked me for helping him and we went our separate ways, moments later I noticed the item he was looking for in a different freezer cabinet. I caught up with him and he came back to the freezer area. He was happy that I had found the item he was wanting, we then ended up next to each other at the checkout, I left feeling I had found a friend, and he left with the items he required.   ... Read Full Story >>

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Homecoming Delight

Last night we returned from a two-week western Canadian coastal adventure. A neighbor, we had just recently met, offered to water our flowers while we were away.

We were so delighted to come home to hundreds of flowers blooming and plants flourishing! We are truly blessed to have such kind people living around us!

We brought some gifts for them from Haida Gwaii, and I offered to bring over some lasagna tomorrow because the neighbor lady just had knee surgery and has limited mobility.  

You should have seen their beaming faces. They looked a lot like our beaming faces when we saw the beauty of our garden! What a beautiful exchange of love and caring!

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A Mother Daughter Adventure at the Laundromat

My daughter and I have just returned from an adventure. We headed over to our local laundromat near the community college. Kelsey and I had made up small clear plastic baggies of 8 quarters each with a Smile card inside, and we brought three baggies to leave in plain view. We entered when the laundromat had just opened at eight am. The place was very quiet and areas to set out our baggies were easily found. We then went next door to get ourselves a coffee and pastry. As we were paying we heard the squeal of delight. A lady with two little preschoolers had found one of our LOVE leaves of quarters. She was sharing with her young sons how some kind person had given her a special gift by placing quarters for her first load of laundry right in plain view by the commercial washer. Kelsey and I sat outside ... Read Full Story >>

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After Only Knowing Him For a Few Days, I Knew I Had to Help Him

A new driver started work a couple of days ago. He is an older man who seems to have seen better days in his life. I looked at him and felt that he must have worked at high paying jobs before but that he fell on hard times. He asked me if I thought that the company would lend him money to pay his rent for the month as he is not able to do that. I told him that it could be worth it to ask my boss. I imagined that my boss would be accepting and say yes. Lo and behold he did not accept and I was surprised. So I evaluated the situation and felt that this person was a decent man and decided to lend him the money for the rent for the month. I told him not to tell anyone that I did it because I was ... Read Full Story >>

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Guardian Angel Plumber Gives Scholarships to Kids With Parents in Jail

"It can already be tough growing up without a parent – let alone trying to finance your own way through college without parental help. That’s why Karl Winsness is lending a hand. As a means of helping out local kids, Winsness created the only scholarship in the country that is given exclusively to children with incarcerated parents. Winsness, who calls his educational gift the “Willy the Plumber Scholarship”, only makes about $30,000 working as a plumber. The father of two says that he is able to afford the scholarship by living a relatively modest lifestyle. Winsness spreads word of the scholarship simply by spreading homemade fliers around Salem, Utah. While the sum of the grant is only about $1,000, the 17 recipients of the scholarship say that the financial boost means a great deal to their own wallets – as well as their self-esteem. One of the youths whose parents both went to jail ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing More Than Coffee

I was at Starbucks and there was a homeless man who randomly approached me, asking me if I could buy him a coffee and a muffin. I thought about it and said to myself "why not" so I purchased him a coffee and a chocolate chip muffin. I don't really do that to a stranger but it made me feel good. ... Read Full Story >>

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Network of Connections Makes a Timely Gift Possible

I've been busy this morning organising more donations for the fire relief efforts. By complete chance I saw a crowdfunder which mentioned that a small community school had been destroyed.

I didn't know the lady, but by contacting someone that I do know in the area I've just arranged the delivery of three crates of children's books which they can restock with. The lady I spoke to told me that they have had rather a lot of bedding donated to the community already, but lots of small children in the area so I've also been able to dig out a pile of cot bed bedding which should help.

My task this morning is to get it laundered and boxed up, then the friend who is taking me to the hospital later is going to drop it at another friend's for me, who will deliver it to a third friend in the fire affected area, and finally on to where it's required. Don't you just love that chain of people coming together to make something happen?


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Meal Train

One of the parishioners in my church, who lives alone, recently had foot surgery. A meal train where people sign up to bring a meal to a person in need was set up. Last Friday I accompanied a friend who signed up to bring a pizza and visit. This week it's my turn. Looking forward to sharing time and putting a smile on someone's face.

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Sylvie Sunshine Beams the Radiance of Love to Everyone

Sylvie and Bobby were life partners for 54 years and his financial success provides for her care now that he has transitioned. Every morning as the sun rises, she does her ritual of meet and greet with those  she encounters at the lovely wooded, end of life residential cottages facilities at which she now lives independently. As she requires more care, she will move into the next level of care provided here, but for now this is her daily ritual. Sylvie is nicknamed " Sunshine" or "Sylvie Sunshine" for her radiance of love that beams through her presence in any room. She literally draws others into her loving embrace and hugs with her entire 120 pound being. Strangers at the facility smile broadly after Sylvie gives them her "smiling treatment". The joy when Sylvie is around is palpable. I've known her now for over thirty five years,and my memories of her loving ... Read Full Story >>

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Rebuilding LIves, Bridging Languages

Following the terrible fires in my country recently, many farmers are struggling to feed their animals.  There is simply nothing green for miles, winter stores of hay are burnt and the tremendous increase in demand for hard feed means it is completely sold out in some areas. A friend has been organising a collection of money and donations for fire victims and came across the details of one such farmer. She was having difficulty communicating with him as she doesn't speak Portuguese, but she really wanted to help. At my suggestion, my elder son telephoned the man on her behalf and determined his exact needs. On Wednesday, my friend will visit him with a truck load of the feed his animals most need. I have asked her to buy an extra couple of sacks from me to add to the delivery. In the midst of so much devastation, it's easy to feel overwhelmed ... Read Full Story >>

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It's All About Connecting

Every day is amazing; how is it that I can actually be here, right now, with all of you? But today is extra amazing! I was able to spend the morning with 8 of my students as we provided breakfast to residents of the Villa. This is a place where people are living, as they work toward self-reliance once again. Everyone chipped in and the residents thanked us profusely. One came up to personally thank us for the "You Matter" card, which was placed at every table-setting. It's important for each of us every day to understand that "We All Matter". Sometimes we can forget that and we never should. As I was leaving, after 4.5 hours of cooking, cleaning, serving, I stopped at a table of young ladies who were just visiting. They thanked us again for coming and asked when we'd be back...I began to tear up. It was I who ... Read Full Story >>

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Soothing Socks

Today, I was doing laundry in the apartment laundromat when I noticed a lady at the window. She asked if I had some socks for her feet as she just injured her foot. I went through my laundry basket and picked out the 1st 2 socks I found, later finding out that they didn't match - oops! After I left the laundry room, going towards my apartment again, I saw her sitting on the sidewalk,  slowly moving to put socks on her feet. While it is still summer here, the weather is cooler, and I thought I'd offer thicker socks if she wanted some.  She declined though, saying she was okay, and also turned down my offer for water. As I continued towards my upstairs apartment and looked back, she was gone. I hope she is okay now, wherever she is.   ... Read Full Story >>

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Reaching Out to Help a Neighbor

I will be assisting a 97 year old neighbor who has limited sight, hearing and mobility. She has difficulty preparing meals and is unable to navigate outside of her house. I will cook her lunch, retrieve her mail and cut her flowers from her garden as she is especially fond of a rose named 'double delight'.   ... Read Full Story >>

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Wishing You Well

Yesterday, I saw a young boy of about 3 asking his mother for change to throw in a wishing pond. As he gleefully threw in the change, someone asked him "what are you wishing for?" Without hesitation, the young boy answered "That all the sick kids in the world will get well". It made my day -- and I too threw in my coins and silently repeated his wish.   ... Read Full Story >>

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God Uses Us To Change Others

Sitting in my favorite restaurant one day I noticed a man who came in...he looked unhappy and mad with the world...A look I had seen many times before. I gave him my usual happy good morning but his response was less than friendly. He looked at me, sat down and buried his head in the menu. I was not shocked by his response but I was curious if he would look up and give just a small hello or smile...over an hour passed and every time he looked my way...he looked meaner and meaner. Finally he called the waitress over and paid his bill...I turned my head away for just a second and he was gone. I looked down at his seat and there it was -  a beautiful rolled up $100 bill. I was in shock...I quickly got up to retrieve the my head Right and Wrong were fighting it out. ... Read Full Story >>

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