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She Reached Out First, and It Payed Off!

A week or so ago I had a new opportunity which I wanted to chat about with my friend. She was really negative and somehow managed to burst my bubble before I'd even had a chance to blow it up. We didn't part on bad terms exactly, but I felt really let down after the conversation.

A couple of days ago I realized how long it had been since we had spoken, and felt sad. Another friend, who is particularly gifted at keeping in touch, inspired me to make first contact. And we had a lovely chat.

She's had loads going on in her own life, and I feel so ridiculous because I don't think she even realized there was an issue. And the best bit, she's coming to see me in a fortnight. So the point of the story? Do be the first one to take that step and make contact.And it's worth it! Maybe you and the other person have differing perceptions of what occurred. 

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A Lovely Workman

Lovely day yesterday. Had to get some carpet replaced where we took a wall out. So hate trying to get tradespeople to do these small jobs, nearly impossible. But with the help of the people who did wooden floors, I got one. He rang and said his "call out" fee would be so much. I asked "What do you mean by a 'call out' fee, you're a carpet layer?" I thought  he most probably won't turn up, but to my surprise he did. He was a great young man and I showed him the very small area that needed fixing. He was so lovely and of course the fee was not a call out fee. I had to go to the shops and as I usually do. While out, I get chocolates for anyone who works on my house. He was so happy and surprised. We talked like old friends and he did ... Read Full Story >>

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A Few Acts Of Kindness

I want to acknowledge an act of kindness that I witnessed yesterday. It was my week to volunteer at our church food pantry. Usually, the 5th Tuesday is very slow and quiet. Not yesterday. The act of kindness was from some unnamed member of our church who donated extra autumn squashes from their garden. The clients who came yesterday were so delighted to be able to get a fresh veggie. Our pantry is small, we only distribute non-perishables, so to see the joy on faces was heartwarming.

Today, I was able to give my mail carrier a bottle of cold water. She was so happy. She isn't feeling well, can't wait to finish her route and get home. She complained that she also had a sore throat. I was able to offer her several kinds of throat lozenges (a singer always has big supply!) and she was so excited because they were her favorite brand.

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Credit From Khaldoun And For Khaldoun

Moving to a new country to work brings many challenges and teething problems. In the UAE we were allowed to apply for an advance payment on our salaries to help us get set up in accommodation. I chose not to ask for an advance payment as I thought I didn't need it. Turns out that wasn't true and I found myself at the local bank asking for a credit card to pay the balance on my accommodation. Khaldoun, the relationship manager told me it was not possible to get a credit card until an initial salary was paid into the account, turns out people create many accounts and don't stay with any of them once they make withdrawals. I understood the bank's rationale but that wasn't gonna put a roof over my head for the few days before my salary came in. Khaldoun told me he would make an exception for me ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness Served Up As a Cold Drink On a Hot Summer Afternoon

It's been some time since I logged on here since I live in Kuwait, which is an extremely hot place right now. I was in my apartment overlooking the highway. I saw a man trying to change his flat tire in the hot sun at 1pm in the afternoon.

I could see that he was having a very hard time. I went down to a small store in my building. I bought water and chocolate milk. I asked the store clerk if he would go and give that man the drinks. From my flat I saw the man taking the cold water and drinking it immediately. I felt really good to do this act of kindness!

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Neighbors Reciprocated Acts of Kindness

It's all about the little things. I could see my neighbor getting annoyed coming home and having to move his garbage bin blocking his driveway. I decided to always pick up his bin when I get mine, no big deal.

This little act showed I paid attention. My neighbor in turn always picked up my bin if he gets home first, so neither of us comes home to a blocked driveway, may sound like a little thing, but it's huge, especially during crazy winter storms!

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Flood Trapped Bakery Staff Bake For Harvey Victims

Every morning when I switch on my computer or my TV, there are more news about the disastrous impact of Hurricane Harvey on the thousands of people in Texas. While taking notice of all these distressing events, there are also the bright sparks of good news that confirm the goodness of mankind as well. As a journalist, I wrote many human interest stories during my career – and that’s why the story about the guys in the bakery caught my eye: When staff at a Mexican bakery chain in Houston were trapped inside the building for two days, they didn’t sit there feeling sorry for themselves. No, while still having electricity, they decided to bake loads of bread to distribute in the community. Now isn’t this just kindness in action? Loaves turning into loads of goodwill. You can read the full story Here.    ... Read Full Story >>

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A Random Act of Kindness For Eclipse Viewing

I just got back from the vet with my kitty, and had to share that because of the kindness of a lady standing outside, I got to see the eclipse! I was carrying Tom towards the door, and forgetting about the eclipse, I started to look up at the sun.

Luckily, the lady reminded me not to look, and then asked if I wanted to use her special glasses to see it. She had two different kinds of glasses and so I got to see it with the normal colors, and then with a pair that made the sliver of sun look orange! It was beautiful, and I feel lucky that I got to see it!  

Plus, I'm so grateful that the woman reminded me not to look up because my eyesight is precious to me and I could've lost it. Feeling grateful and blessed today!

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Forests Need Our Help

As I was sitting on a bench in the forest I noticed someone had left a lighter. I took it away so no child could start a fire. There are far too many forest fires started by people. There was also empty containers and napkins on the ground which I put into a garbage can. This was my small part to help our beautiful environment here in North Vancouver, B.C. 

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Setbacks & Celebrations

In my life everything was going well till the time I married. I have always been a very positive thinking and optimistic person and I always used to believe that I could overcome any challenge or win any person's heart with my perseverance. But unfortunately it failed, and that setback hit me very hard. I went through a very difficult phase where I had to decide to move on and I started seeking answers from the Almighty as to why He did this to me. I started losing my faith in humanity for a very brief period in my life. And I decided to quit completely and withdraw myself from  society. But somewhere inside I had a deep feeling of serving  humanity and needy people because in childhood I was very much inspired by Mother Teresa and the work she was doing. So after 3-4 months of suffering, I decided to do ... Read Full Story >>

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Passing it on

This is the volunteer who I have been relying on so heavily whilst I've not been well recently. When he first arrived I taught him how to milk the goats, partly to take some of the strain off me and partly because he was just keen to learn. At the moment we're running a course on site, and I'm so excited to see that most mornings he is passing on his new skill and teaching one of the course participants how to milk. Isn't that just the best?

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Stuff the Bus

Over the last two weeks the local Communities in Schools Support Group sponsored a "Stuff the Bus With School Supplies" drive. The response was enormous. The bus was truly stuffed to the brim with everything students need to help them succeed in school. Today I helped sort the items, etc.

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Hugs All Around!

While my new friend Chad was giving me a hug inspired by an origami dove I shared with him and introducing his family, his son of maybe 7 years of age came over with a big smile. He seemed a likely candidate for the bag of cotton candy I had bought earlier to give (and was waiting for the "nudge" to give away). 

So, I asked Chad if it was ok to give his son the unopened bag of rainbow colored cotton candy, with instructions for his son to share.

More hugs, this time from Chad's son. And he did sort of share, but wow, he dug into that cotton candy like it was pure sugar. Who knew it would be such a huggable evening?

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Harping At The Hospital

There is another harpist at the hospital where I am doing my internship. I have met and known her from harp events in town. We finally coordinated our schedules so I could do some intern days with her. The first was this last Thursday and I am grateful for all she shared and taught and the support and lack of attitude. It was good to giggle over some challenging situations with another harpist who can be a bit irreverent. She told me it was just fine to pick out hymns in the treble clef only (hymns aren't quite my forte in the talent department) and that is all she does, too. The harp will take care of the rest and simple is good by the hospital bedside. I played for two people that day. One woman requested hymns after I played a song or two. I was queried about my faith ... Read Full Story >>

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Spread Some Cheer

I've been feeling sorry for myself this morning and have been moping about after putting my wonderful volunteer in charge of the farm again so I could rest. I just realized that I wasn't doing myself any favors being miserable, so it was time to get busy spreading some good cheer. I just picked up the phone to my parents and my grandmother, and then my husband and younger son who are away. Then I sent a few Facebook 'Hello, how you doing?' messages. Who's next in my address book?

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Circle Of Kindness

Today I realized how our own little kindnesses come back to us. I go to the same stores a lot, and while I was in one of them today, several of the people who work there said the nicest things to me.

There was the man who smiled and said "How ya doing honey?", the youngish girl who said, "It's SO good to see you!", and the manager who reminded me of our chat about video games recently and asked my latest game was and wanted to chat more about it soon.

I feel like I'm gradually coming out of my shell and meeting more people, and the way they treat me makes me feel so warm inside. I guess it really true that we do get back what we give!

Feeling blessed and after a difficult day, that means a lot to me!

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She Was You or My sister, My Niece, My friend...

Our pink-haired, tattooed, multi-bracelet wearing waitress had the most engaging demeanor and helpful smile!

Along with the tip, I handed her a special Peace dove packet that also included a Smile card and a woven bravelet (bracelet and poem).

"Wow! How long did it take you to make this (the bravelet)?" she asked. "A few mintues?"

"About an hour and a half." I replied, smiling.

Her eyes lit up and her mouth formed a little suprised "o."

I think she was genuinely touched that someone would give away something to a complete stranger that they had spent so much time making.

But truly, she was no stranger. She was you, or my sister, niece, daughter.

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Kindness Angels

This week we are hosting a Permaculture Design Course at the farm. On the pinboard in the classroom each person on site has been asked to make themselves a little envelope and has been assigned a secret 'Kindness Angel' who will pop a little message or treat into their envelope at some point. Of course, it is encouraged for everyone to post messages of support to whoever they'd like, so I got the ball rolling yesterday by encouraging a small flock of peace doves to make the envelopes their temporary homes.

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Kindness Rocks!

Dropped off my painted rocks yesterday at the Kindness Rocks space in front of the small town center park. With the community summer fest going on, I thought that the influx of visitors would provide more opportunities for the inspirational rocks to find homes.

Sure enough, not long after we left the rocks there, a family came up behind us and chose one. 

"Rock-in" with inspiration and kindness, my friends. And keeping it cool too!

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A Kindness Community Supports a Sister and Brother's Connection After Many Years

I hadn't logged in to this page since 2014. A couple of years ago I shared the story about a very special Thanksgiving and how my brother and I had reconnected after many many years. I'm going to bed tonight thinking of this story because my relationship with him has truly blossomed and our families get along so well. It's been a very special journey for all of us. I find myself being woken by his silly text messages sometimes or a simple early morning "where's the coffee today" type of text and it feels great to know I now have a brother whom thinks of me regularly. We talk almost weekly and make plans to unite during holidays etc, but as more time goes by I find myself calling him for guidance and for his opinion about certain things. Most recently, just yesterday, I was in a worried frenzy about my ... Read Full Story >>

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