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Neighbors Reciprocated Acts of Kindness

--by scully, posted Sep 10, 2017
It's all about the little things. I could see my neighbor getting annoyed coming home and having to move his garbage bin blocking his driveway. I decided to always pick up his bin when I get mine, no big deal.

This little act showed I paid attention. My neighbor in turn always picked up my bin if he gets home first, so neither of us comes home to a blocked driveway, may sound like a little thing, but it's huge, especially during crazy winter storms!
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ChristineAz wrote: Beautiful. I love this act of kindness.
Rukmini wrote: My neighbor and i always pick up our empty cans, depending who is out their first. We also mow each other's lawns, depending, again, who is out their first. Good neighbors are like family.
Marie Milne wrote: I love too hear stories like this it's little things that matter
kalla wrote: We can make a huge difference by small acts of kindness. Great job
DANCE wrote: little things with great love are no little things at all :-)
leoladyc728 wrote: great give and take
michelelpurcel wrote: I think little things can actually be big things. :)
alisamom wrote: It's the little things that make for great neighbors. You are an awesome neighbor!
patjos wrote: Bins are no small matter, well done!
Mish wrote: It IS neighbor and I also do this for one another. Well done by you, scully 👍👍👍

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