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Kindness and Inclusion at the Jam Session

--by lesleetessman, posted Sep 14, 2017
I was enjoying listening to wonderful music at a jam session and one of the people who wanted to go up and jam was not being included. I heard him say, "They always leave the Indians for last" He seemed very angry. So I went up to the man who was organizing the jam and told him that this man thought he was being left out because he was an Indian (Native American).

The organizer apologized for the oversight. The Native American guy went up and played his drums. When he came back to his seat he had a big smile on his face and said," That was so fun!"
I felt good being

able to see a place where a little bit of kindness and inclusion was needed! 
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janfour wrote: Wonderful - great foto too;)
Glowworm wrote: Awesome! Thank you for being a voice for him :)
RoseBeautyxo wrote: I admire your actions! Here in Canada, the Natives are struggling to receive rights and protection from the government and things have not been improved.
mnc_91 wrote: Thank you for being a channel of kindness
alisamom wrote: Thank you for speaking up and helping to spread unity <3
michelelpurcel wrote: That was so nice of you taking care of the situation. Another kindness made a person happy and feel good. :)
Rajni wrote: Your speaking for justice is greatly appreciated. Hope others follow suit. Thanks for sharing.
LiliAB wrote: We Speak Up and Good Things are Possible, We remain silent and Opportunities are Lost.
splain wrote: Big thanks for that.
AndiCas wrote: Thanks for speaking up

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