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Credit From Khaldoun And For Khaldoun

--by RoseMarie , posted Sep 11, 2017
Moving to a new country to work brings many challenges and teething problems. In the UAE we were allowed to apply for an advance payment on our salaries to help us get set up in accommodation. I chose not to ask for an advance payment as I thought I didn't need it. Turns out that wasn't true and I found myself at the local bank asking for a credit card to pay the balance on my accommodation.

Khaldoun, the relationship manager told me it was not possible to get a credit card until an initial salary was paid into the account, turns out people create many accounts and don't stay with any of them once they make withdrawals. I understood the bank's rationale but that wasn't gonna put a roof over my head for the few days before my salary came in.

Khaldoun told me he would make an exception for me an he set in motion the necessary paperwork. I was so grateful. He stayed in communication with me for days getting me to request specific details from my new employer. Eventually I got the required details and I called in to see him. I brought with me a little Irish coaster and a postcard of Belfast where I had written a note of appreciation to him for his kindness and support. Khaldoun was really touched by this small action from me. He thanked me and shook my hand.

I left the bank and 30 minutes later he telephoned me when I was in the supermarket. He asked for names of Human Resources personnel from the sheet I had shown him earlier. He then made direct contact to my very large bureaucratic government organisation on my behalf. A few minutes later he telephoned me again to ask for my Oracle number. I told him I didn't know what it was. Initially he told me to telephone my employer and find it and then he said he would do it for me. Wow! He would have more clout than I could have had getting through to the right people.

Today I received my credit card and it was to be activated by SMS. I tried to activate it but it would not send message. I though perhaps my mobile was out of credit and since I couldn't activate my credit card I decided to go back to the bank.

I could see Khaldoun but I did not make eye contact with him. I was quite happy for someone else to assist me. Then my ticket number was called and I had to go to Khaldoun. He greeted me and smiled. I noticed his coffee cup sitting on my little coaster and my postcard still sitting on his table, this touched me.

Khaldoun turned his computer round so that I could see the screen and he tried to help me set up a pin number. He sought help from another member of staff, I couldn't understand a word of it!

He asked me for my mobile and I had to show him the messages saying I could not send an SMS. Turns out there was no money on my phone but I didn't know how to check it. Khaldoun switched between using my mobile and his mobile passing my mobile to me to put in PIN codes for my debit card and credit card. Soon it was all sorted. Great, I smiled at Khaldoun and thanked him and he shook my hand.

I was grateful to get the cards set up but it did cross my mind how was he able to send SMS messages from my mobile which had no balance. When I arrived back at my apartment I found what Khaldoun did not tell me. He put credit on my mobile so that he could resolve my problem with setting up my PIN codes!

The language of kindness is universal my friends and there have been very important kindness ripples to me from Khaldoun. I have no doubt my small token of appreciation giving him the coaster helped the kindness ripples. I am grateful for Khaldoun helping me with these teething problems.  May God bless  Khaldoun.  
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LiliAB wrote: Teary eyed as i read this accounting. Blessings on your amazing journey dear rose 🌹 marie
mindyjourney wrote: Kindness is always good credit! :)))). Great to hear it all worked out okay, my friend!
Rajni wrote: Kindness has its own credit. Some people like you deserve special kindness of credit. Thank god you are credited with it. Thanks for sharing your story.
balou wrote: True kindness :-)
I'm so happy Khaldoun did help you!!!
Hope you'll feel at home quickly in your new apartement!
DANCE wrote: wow, what an ordeal :-))) thank you dear man :-))
kjoyw wrote: So glad you are happy!
Helenconnell2 wrote: So lovely to hear of kindness in other countries. Xxxx
splain wrote: oh wow, already this is getting better and better. Look at the lovely people you are meeting. Boy! they go beyond what they have to do. This guy is lovely
Mish wrote: You are such a beautiful kindness person, Rose🌹Marie & have spent your life helping others. I am not surprised your kindness came back to you in such an amazing way from a truly beautiful kindness soul. You will attract more of the same in your new land. I am certain.
janfour wrote: Wow. That is good it was finally a happy ending.

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