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Forests Need Our Help

--by lesleetessman, posted Sep 8, 2017
As I was sitting on a bench in the forest I noticed someone had left a lighter. I took it away so no child could start a fire. There are far too many forest fires started by people. There was also empty containers and napkins on the ground which I put into a garbage can. This was my small part to help our beautiful environment here in North Vancouver, B.C. 
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splain wrote: Yep, big thanks for doing your part. I don't understand how people can liter in a beautiful forest,
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for making a kinder difference for our environment, my friend!
leoladyc728 wrote: thanks for doing
ado wrote: Great job and very kind of you to watch out for others. Thank you.
Helenconnell2 wrote: Thank you for doing this x
Mish wrote: Well done by you 👍
LiliAB wrote: Thank you for your loving care of our mother Earth. Vancouver is one of my fav cities when visiting Canada.
AndiCas wrote: Such a very sensible thing to do. So very many fires this year. And thankyou too for clearing up. When things are clean and tidy and beautiful I think people are more likely to keep them that way, and everyone benefits.
mnc_91 wrote: Thank you for your deep concern for our forest

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