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She Reached Out First, and It Payed Off!

--by AndiCas, posted Sep 13, 2017
A week or so ago I had a new opportunity which I wanted to chat about with my friend. She was really negative and somehow managed to burst my bubble before I'd even had a chance to blow it up. We didn't part on bad terms exactly, but I felt really let down after the conversation.

A couple of days ago I realized how long it had been since we had spoken, and felt sad. Another friend, who is particularly gifted at keeping in touch, inspired me to make first contact. And we had a lovely chat.

She's had loads going on in her own life, and I feel so ridiculous because I don't think she even realized there was an issue. And the best bit, she's coming to see me in a fortnight. So the point of the story? Do be the first one to take that step and make contact.And it's worth it! Maybe you and the other person have differing perceptions of what occurred. 
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leoladyc728 wrote: glad you connected. I feel if it is a good friend, it doesn't matter who calls who
Mish wrote: So spot on, Andi!!!
MayEthel wrote: Above from New York Times
MayEthel wrote: Albert Mehrabian, a pioneer researcher of body language in the 1950's, found that the total impact of a message is about 7 percent verbal (words only) and 38 percent vocal (including tone of voice, inflection, and other sounds) and 55 percent nonverbal.
littlegirdie wrote: Taking the first step is exciting, so enjoy the dance
splain wrote: I soooooooooo get this. Yeah hard to sometimes step back and put things into perspective. Messages can be mixed and then people can feel hurt
DANCE wrote: Always good to communicate honestly and kindly

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