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No Big Acts Required.

--by AuntMint, posted Oct 12, 2017
While sitting in the dentist's waiting room yesterday, another patient who had just come out from an appointment was having a 'turn'. I can't remember the name of the condition, but it made her not be able to balance.

She was trying to call someone on her cell to pick her up, but the signal kept dropping out and she was getting agitated. I offered to ask the receptionist to make the call from their phone.

She just wanted to get outside where she knew her phone would work so I stood up and put out my arm for her to lean on for balance, and we walked outside. I wanted to stay and talk with her while she waited for a friend, but the dentist called me in.

I've been feeling in a bit of a dark cloud lately and this encounter gave me a feeling of connection. Sometimes I fall in the trap of thinking I need to do something big with my life to lead a meaningful life of service and purpose. It's the little things, as they say.
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leoladyc728 wrote: glad you were able to help this woman
pyronik wrote: little everyday kindnesses build up, & are more sustainable than a big act, plus they more easily become habit :-)
AuntMint wrote: Thank you for all your encouraging comments. It's amazing to me to have somewhere to share in a kind environment. I don't post anything on other social media - I'm sensitive so it fills me with fear to be honest! Thank you for you all being you. Wishing you a day where you recognize the boundless miracles and opportunities to be kind. X
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for being a steadying influence and a kindness giver :). These KIND of things are what make a kinder world :)))
kjoyw wrote: Wonderful post! Really don't think are "small"ads that of kindness. Anything we can do for others ends up being huge to someone else.
Mish wrote: What you say so resonates for me. And yes, small acts of service can be so powerful. I often need to remind myself of this when I feel I am not doing enough "big" acts.
Mish wrote: Well done by you! Bless.
Rajni wrote: You never know how BIG these little things become with ripple effect. You did a great job may many people get inspired to follow suit. Thanks for sharing.
ado wrote: This is such an important story to remember how helping and being kind to people also helps us. To do something nice to others is to do something nice to ourselves. Thank you for taking care of her and in turn taking care of yourself.

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