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"Stopping and Smelling the Roses"

Since exploring your site and also offering my assistance to two local non-profit organizations, my eyes have really been opened. Usually I go about my business worrying and hurrying to get somewhere on time. Lately, I have been taking the time to "stop and smell the roses," thinking about others and what I can do to help others, rather than just myself.

My neighbor who is in remission from breast cancer and is home alone while her husband is travelling, I am bringing her over a meal to eat while she is adjusting to new medication which makes her feel tired and nauseaus. I also offered to drive her to her doctor appt.

When a school mom or friend is expecting, I like to make a meal and bring it to them after the baby is born, or watch the other children so they can spend some alone time with the newborn baby or take a nap. The best gift of all is not a new blanket or onesie, but the gift of a homemade meal or allowing them time to sleep.

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Inverse Tagging!

My friend Guri and I had just watched Santosh Sivan's, "The Terrriorist" that evening at the Pacific Arts Film Center on the UC Berkeley campus. Both of us were craving some Indian food after having seen the lead actress each dal and rice on film. So we headed over to the nearest Indian restaurant Naan & Curry. We chatted about various things such as the movie we just watched, our lives, and laughed a ton at one another's stories. Somewhere along the way the conversation turned into something more serious partly due to me. I spoke of my fears in particular my fear of being close to people. At some point through the conversation my eyes glanced around and low and behold the restuarant had closed, chairs were stacked on tables and only a few of us remained. Guri looked over at me and noticed ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Posted by Trushna M.
  • Aug 14, 2006
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It's the Little Things

I came across your site and ordered myself some cards.What a wonderfull idea!!

I use mine in the eight items or less isle by picking someone behind me and leaving enough money to cover the cost of their items and leave a smile card. I also do this at corner shops by paying for either milk or butter and leaving a card with the attendant, saying the next person who is scratching to get milk money, give them the milk and smile card.

Its the little things in life, sometimes when a little something comes your way when you most need it, it can restore your faith that there are still nice people out there in amongst the rest of society. Thankyou!! :)

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A Cucumber From Our Backyard

On a Saturday morning, I glanced out of our window to see our chubby, middle-aged postman huffing and puffing on his rounds. I went out with a glass of water. He refused it politely but stopped for a few minutes to chat.

He told me about how his delivery car has no air conditioning but federal law requires that he has to drive with his windows fully shut so terrorists can not get to it easily!

I wanted to offer him something cool - so while he went about his rounds, I frantically looked for something he could take with him and found a cucumber from our garden.

When he came to drop off our mails, I offered it to him and his round, chubby face lit up instantly!

He started talking about his garden and how he cares for his garden. I could sense a bit of sadness when he said that his cucumber wines didn't flourish this summer. But he immediately smiled and said "but am so happy to see healthy ones from another garden!"

As he moved on , turned back and said that sharing of this cucumber meant a lot for the gardener within him. It meant a whole lot for me too.

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Everyday Kindness Hero

My friend K is truly an inspiration. Since I met him, I have come to realise the real meaning of kindness and selflessness. He is so giving, will do anything for anybody, always offers to help out a friend, neighbour, relative or stranger no matter how close or faintly related!

He turns up at the gym and gives a box of chocolates to the lady on reception, he will fix anything that is broken, he mended my aerial on my car and fitted a stereo in my mum's car, goes out of his way to pick someone up or drop them off, went searching in his basement for a tiny washer that my dad mentioned he needed, buys me lunch all the time, ALWAYS gladly and never expects ANYTHING in return. ALWAYS has a cheerful smile on his face. What a guy!! xxx

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The Almond Paw

I had to come on to UC Irvine's campus to accompany a friend to a meeting. In the parking lot, I enlisted him in my scheme with a Smile card and short explanation. We were each supposed to make 1 person smile, pass on the card, and meet up to share the story of what happened. He was dumbfounded and at a complete loss of ideas for what to do. To top it off, we were in an upscale shopping area of the campus surrounded by young, smiling, mostly affluent people. "No worries," I said as I pulled out my laptop to look for a wireless signal that we could use to hunt for ideas. The only problem was that there was no empty tables to sit at. That's when we spotted him: an older man by sitting by himself while enjoying a drink and a cigarette. "Excuse me sir, ... Read Full Story >>

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Do I Have Enough?

I was doing some last-minute shopping in a toy store and decided to look at Barbie dolls for my nieces. A nicely dressed little girl was excitedly looking through the Barbie dolls as well, with a roll of money clamped tightly in her little hand. When she came upon a Barbie she liked, she would turn and ask her father if she had enough money to buy it. He usually said "yes," but she would keep looking and keep going through their ritual of "do I have enough?" As she was looking, a little boy wandered in across the aisle and started sorting through the Pokemon toys. He was dressed neatly, but in clothes that were obviously rather worn, and wearing a jacket that was probably a couple of sizes too small. He too had money in his hand, but it looked to be no more than five dollars or so at ... Read Full Story >>

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A Day At Bell Mobility

I work for Bell Mobility.

Recently I had a customer in my store who was fairly aggitated about his monthly bill. We talked for a good 20 minutes, not about the bill, rather his theory that there was no good left in this world.

The instant the words slipped from his mouth, I was thinking to myself 'gotcha!' While he wasn't looking, I slipped a smile card into the envelope for his bill with a the words 'think not of all the misery in this world, but of the beauty that remains.' He didn't notice, which was perfect and left my store.

Two hours later, he drove back (through a terrible storm might I add) and walked into the store holding the card in his hand and a big ol' genuine smile on his face. He said, 'This is exactly what the world needs... more kind people like yourself.' He gave me a hug and off he went.

I watched him leave the parking lot outside and sighed in relief... ah, nothing better than a good days work.

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Kindness in Illness

About 10 years ago I was in a coma. One nurse who bathed me always talked to me like I was "here". A dear friend came and read every Saturday. My 12 children took turns taking vigil.

The neurologist told them I'd pribably die and if I didn't I'd be a vegetable. I awoke after 2 strokes. I went from not seeing, couldn't talk and couldn't move to making steady progress. I learned to talk, got my memory back, began a new job and drive. Yes I'm paralyzed on my right side but the Lord healed me. There is always hope if we band together in prayer.

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Got Up Off My Bed

For a long time, I have been toying with the idea of going abroad to do something worthwhile, a voluntary thing, either working with kids or animals... and have been spoiled for choices with the kind of organised things you can pick, different causes, different countries. It's very expensive though. And I was puzzling over how can I be able to afford the flights and costs and everything. And impatience took over me. I thought "I can't wait to do something, I have to do something worthwhile NOW!!" So I just got up off my bed, went downstairs and started making sandwiches and put some crisps and some biscuits and an apple into about 6 little disposable picnic bags, called a couple of friends and told them my idea - "we're going into the city to give this food out to the homeless!" My friends loved the idea and we ... Read Full Story >>

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Healthy Hand

I run a quite large Glyconutritional company and i travel all over the world helping people with their health challenges. Quite often I give these supplements to people who are ill and cannot afford these products. It would be nice to have some smile cards to give to these people. Thank you

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  • Posted by Judy Abbott
  • Aug 7, 2006
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The Little Things in Life

I came across your site and ordered some cards. What a wonderfull idea!! I use my cards in the eight items or less isle by picking someone behind me and leaving enough money to cover the cost of their items along with a smile card.I also do this at corner shops by paying for either milk or butter and leaving a card with the attendant,saying the next person who is scratching to get milk money,give them the milk and smile card.

Its the little things in life, sometimes when a little something comes your way when you most need it, it can restore your faith that there are still nice people out there amongst the rest of society. Thank you!! :)

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  • Posted by Danielle Wardle
  • Aug 7, 2006
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Inspiring others

I am a building contractor in Lynchburg, Virginia. I spend a great deal of my spare time volunteering with Habitat For Humanity. I have spent 16 years trying to give more to Habitat than I receive. It just is not possible.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, our local Habitat affiliate raised the bar once again. We recently dedicated a home that was built by volunteers with mental and physical challenges. We called it The Special Build- Unlimited Possibilities. Volunteers were teamed up with people with special needs in a buddy system to build a the home. You could almost see people's hearts growing as these relationships evolved. It was a blessing for all involved.

We had special palm nailers so people with limited hand/arm motor skills could nail. We set up a work table in front of the home so people in wheelchairs could make parts and pieces.

At the dedication of the home, one young woman in a wheelchair spoke and said, "Just give us a chance. We might look a little different but that doesn't mean we can't build. It may take a little longer, but we will get it done."

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  • Posted by Tom Gerdy
  • Aug 7, 2006
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My Vacation

I work at the Menorah Park Adult Day Center. I heard about the smile card from a friend and I immediately ordered some cards. It's been a while since I had them and waited for an important event to hand them out to staff.

That important event was my vacation. Knowing that I would be gone for a little over 2 weeks, I decided to leave a little "peace" of me behind to keep the staff guessing. I didn't put my name on the card, all I did was sent out an email to describe what would be happening during my absence and at the end I left off with're it!

Everyone loved the cards and now we see them at random where ever we go. It was nice to have the cards because I did a similiar thing to go on maternity leave 1 1/2 years ago, where I left 12" diameter smiley faces. It just keeps staff in a good mood and reminds them to smile to a neighbor or help out where needed. Thanks

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  • Posted by Suzanne
  • Aug 6, 2006
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Good Karma

I'm a big believer in 'karma'-I'm always feeding parking meters as I walk down the road, opening doors - practicing random acts of kindness as much as I can because I believe that all the good you do for others comes back to you ten fold...that you can help create your own happiness by making others happy.

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Breast Cancer Blessing

Wow! What a diagnosis. I just kept telling myself that if I can get through this Chemo, I will give back and help others.

It truly has changed me and opened my eyes to all of the blessings that we take for granted. It was very humbling to me as I watched my hair falling out in the shower. My strength came from my faith, family, and friends. I am 3 yrs out after having 2 consecutive surgeries for mastectomy. God leads us where he wants us to be.

I was lead to become involved with raising money for breast cancer through donations to Susan B. Komen funding. We made a hospital wide recipe book as I am an R.N. at a St. Louis, Mo. based hospital. We made #1 medical group for donations and contributions this year. We also helped St. Louis to become the largest Komen foundation "Race for the Cure" of over 64,000 participants.

This would not have happened for me if my own diagnosis had not occurred. I am very happy to be giving back a small amount of what has been given to me by such thoughtful people, family and friends.

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Spreading the Kindness

I plan to have myself and 9 friends spread kindness in our city. I am not sure what my act will be exactly and maybe as a group we will do something. I have a great group of friends who have helped me through a really hard time and I would like to spread some of the energy they have given me to others.

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  • Posted by Debi Bodden
  • Aug 3, 2006
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Thank you

I met him during a certification course. In the first meeting I thought he was a very self-centered person. At the time my father was suffering from cancer and we were in a very low phase of life. He noticed my worries one day and asked me the reason. When I told him about my father he asssured me that nothing will happen and he will pray for him.

I was very toched by his gesture. The next day he gave me some chants and said that he prayed for my father. He was a very spiritual person. He used to anticipate what would happen in the future in advance. He was an expert in almost everything. He never gave me any contact number, but whenever i was in trouble, he was just there. He helped me in almost everything and whenever I wanted to thank him, he would just smile and say, "thank GOD because I am just doing my duty."

Soon he bacame my guide and friend. One day he vanished maybe because he thought that I didn't need any further help. I don't know where is he but i am sure he must be helping someone, doing his duty and making people believe in GOD. As he told me not to thank him, i just thank God for sending his agent to my life. Thanks.

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Hope in Humanity

I have always believed that there is innate kindness in everyone. I always make it a point to smile at everyone even to those I do not particularly like. I admit it's quite hard to be nice at all times with all my own burdens and stuff but when I hear others say thank you or when I see them glow whenever I have done something nice unexpectedly, my efforts are not in vain.

I believe that we should all be extra nice to everyone we meet because everyone is fighting some kind of battle and it would do good if we can ease their burdens and make them not lose hope in humanity and in the world.:)

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  • Posted by Febrey Joy Beloy
  • Aug 1, 2006
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A Pen With A Smile

I recently went to the bank to cash a check that I had. I really didn't want to go, but I knew that I had to so I decided that I would make the trip to the bank worthwhile and fun!

I grabbed this smiley pen that I had been saving and smile card and I attached it to the pen along with a post it note that said "Keep the pen, smile, and pass on the card!"

When I got my money out of the tube that the bank sends back and forth, I slipped in the pen and cards, so that the next person that came to cash their check, would get more than just money...they would get a bank smile!

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