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Elevator pitch

Had to share this with ya:
Last weekend I was in this hotel elevator.

A mother and her two little daughters walk in...

I said “HELLO, good morning!”
Got a shy 'nod' and they looked away

(I do look a bit intimidating
first thing in the morning LOL)

One of the girls starts singing quietly

I said “you have a beautiful voice!..."
"...who needs 'elevator music' right?”

She smiled with a GLOW and started giggling

Then I said:
“you should be in a choir or something”

Then her Mum jumps in and says:
“Ha ha… she actually is!”

When they got off on their floor
All three of them smiled
and waved good-bye

I’m super glad I opened my mouth
(Said what was in my mind & heart)

Made EVERYONE's day brighter!

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Self-check out

I know it's simple but still nice. I was about to use self-check at the grocery store, all the other check-outs were full. I looked behind me to see a couple with only a few items. I told them to go ahead and take my place. It's not much but I received some awesome smiles and thank you's from them! Win-win!

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  • Jun 3, 2023
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My Granddaughter's Kindness

I'm so proud of my granddaughter. She turns ten this week and I just learned yesterday from my daughter that she and three of her classmates are raising money for a non-prof by participating in a kid triathlon. Here's the blurb. "The fantastic four (Evie, Bea, Oskar and Joshua) from Victoria Park Primary School year 5 Hawthorn class, are doing their first triathlon and raising funds for the charity Restless Development (about this charity below). They will each be swimming 50 metres, cycling 1k, and running 750m. Please donate to support the 'Hawthorn Hotshots'. Thank you! "Restless Development is a global non-profit agency that supports the collective power of young people to create a more sustainable world. We listen, train and connect young people to lead on meaningful change in their communities. We work out of 7 hubs located in Africa and Asia but we have a global impact with a presence in ... Read Full Story >>

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Your Good Comes Back To You

❤️ Kindness Boomerang:))

🍊When I dropped off some Florida citrus this weekend I was invited in for a nice visit with one of my neighbors. Not only did I get some lovey-dovey time while there with 🐶 Butchie their adorable huggable rescue dog, but during the course of our conversation I was given some exactly needed & timely information that I have since put to use 🙏

Some good was given to me just because I shared some citrus. Love these kindness boomerangs! ❤️

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Keeping An Eye Out

My elder neighbor ended up going to the hospital via the paramedics. I called her best friend, who already knew and informed neighbors who care. Was asked to check to see if the door was locked, so I did and turned off the porch light and shut the blinds.
don’t know when she will be home but she is doing ok at the hospital.

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Earth Kindness on Easter

Earth Kindness #17
What a lovely Easter Sunday we had last week. Our conservation group invited 20 families to come out to the local public park to plant 15 alders and 5 rowan trees along the riverside. The trees were planted by the children and dedicated to families and individuals from the village, completing the first of 2 planting sessions which will take place this year as part of our Biodiversity Village initiative.
It was a lovely sunny morning and the children were really happy to be taking part, something that will live on with them for years. The Easter Bunny visited too with chocolate eggs, which broadened the smiles!

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Sweet Kindness

There are certain days of the year that I buy candy - December 26th, November 1st, February 15th, and the day after Easter. This is when candy can generally be purchased at half-price. I bought (these) this year.
Today I brought them to school and tossed them to teachers, admin, aids, and facility workers as I walked by. The smiles they elicited were wonderful, and my students got to see how even a small gesture could positively impact the day of someone else. 
With a three-dollar bag, I got smiles, "thank you"s, surprised looks, a "just what I needed at the right time, and even a couple of "I love you's".
Kindness doesn't have to be fancy. Small acts can have a big impact.


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Taking the time to Stop

This is Marcus. I see him nearly everyday on this bus stop bench as I leave work. Today I stopped and asked him about playing his guitar. He said he plays a few songs. I told him that I see him a lot, but have never talked with him.

I handed him a plate of brownies and asked if he'd like them and maybe to share them with some friends. He said he'd try a couple. I told him to be careful because once he tried one, it might be hard to stop. "Be sure not to eat them all," I said. "You don't want to get sick."

He put the brownies on the bench and thanked me as he played. He told me I could photograph him playing.

As I drove past him, I saw he'd finished playing and was eating a brownie. He saw me and smiled raising the treat.
I rolled down my window. "Are they any good?" I couldn't hear his response, but he was smiling and seemed to like the goodies.

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I Know This Is ...

I know this is a couple days late, but I wanted to share what the catalyst was that got me focused on kindness. It was Easter Sunday, 2013, March 31st. I entered the drug store on this rainy day and saw three young people (late teens/ early twenties) sitting together under the store's awning. They were loaded with tats and piercings. People entering the store avoided making eye contact, maybe intimidated by their looks. In the store I couldn't help but wonder why they were there instead of with their families on Easter morning. So, I bought three chocolate-covered, peanut butter-filled bunnies. When I exited I stopped in front of them handing out the candies. "The Easter Bunny couldn't find you today," I told them. "He said if I happen to see you to give you these." At that moment, anything that may have appeared intimidating disappeared. Their faces softened. They smiled, took the ... Read Full Story >>

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Easter Surprise

 Last week I got to work earlier than all coworkers and left each of them a Lindt chocolate bar surprise on theirdesks. I left one on my desk too, so I could stay anonymous.

My boss may be onto me, as she asked if I knew about the Easter elf. I told her I know no Easter elf, only Easter bunnies! The same morning I left those chocolates, a freezing rain storm cutthe power off, for many still out.

Think my coworkers will appreciate the surprise even more, once they get back to the office.

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The Most Beautiful Moment ...

What a joy to feed a bird. It’s really heart touching. I can’t express it in words. Today, a bird came to my front yard and made a voice like chi chi chi..
She was looking like a hungry person and looking at me with great hope. I gave her some food and she started eating very fast.

After eating she  looked at me and started singing in a very calm voice. 

It was like she was saying thanks. That moment was very heart touching. My eyes were filled with happy tears and I felt true happiness in my heart. It was such a precious and pleasurable time for me. I will never forget that..

Thanks to dear Divine 🦅

With Love
KM Bhai

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❤️ We Are All Family Here….

I just had to go up to the gal at the reception desk in the doctor’s office this morning to share my appreciation….it was the first time there for me & her warmth, welcoming manner & great sense of humor made everyone feel “at home”.

❤️I walked up to her and said “you are so kind & comforting, God Bless You…you make such a difference here”. She beamed and said thank you.

I had no shyness or hesitation about doing it at all, as I sometimes might. That’s how powerful a positive presence she holds 🙏

As we were leaving & saying our good byes, her parting words were “we are all family here” ❤️

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The Day My Daughter, ...

The day my daughter, Maya, was born I bought the newspaper and saved it. Also, that first week of her life I bought the popular toys of the day. I wrote letters to her randomly during her life and sealed them.
I hadn't looked at the paper, seen the toys or read the letters since they were sealed.

At the end of the month, she moves to five hours north. So, I felt today was the day to surprise her with the gifts from yesteryear. She seemed to pleased. She started reading the paper. She was thrilled with Sponge Bob, the Bratz doll and the Nickleodeon activities. 

She started reading the letters from the beginning, the first a poem a month before her birth, the second when she was two and half months old.

I think she was touched. It felt great to let her know what was going on when she first entered the world. I will miss her!

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🇯🇴 😊 🇺🇸 Gift Of Friendship

What a lovely package of friendship, carefully selected and sent, from Ado -a dear KindSpring friend, arrived yesterday! Checking the distance, the package traveled approximately 10,638 km from Amman, Jordan to our cabin hOMe in the Black Hills of SD, USA. Silk scenic coasters of Jordan, Petra and the Dead Sea, a page of Souvenir Stamps, Smile Cards in Arabic (you just never know when I might use them…) and a beautifully composed note - all celebrating our friendship through kindness. That’s the unexpected, yet most joyful gem of KindSpring, the like-minded friends across the globe who share a desire to create a kinder world. MisterM and I have been made welcome in Brooklyn, New York (a few times), Canada, India (in two friend’s homes), and many “virtual” spaces through the beauty of KindSpring, plus have hosted a few friends. Kindness IS who we are. It knows no distance, no time and no exclusivity. We are indeed ONE, ... Read Full Story >>

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Knitting And Chatting

I'm currently knitting myself a summer cardigan in coral coloured yarn made from cotton and bamboo. however, in between I am still knitting smaller projects and I made this little Easter Bunny the other day.

Yesterday we went to the Methodist Church and I spoke to the project organiser at the Baptist Church across the road from the Methodist Church. I was knitting and she fetched her crochet which was gerat to talk while doing it. She told me about 'trauma teddies'. The patterns are provided by the Women's Institute and the teddies are all in one. Once made they are given to paramedics and other members of the emergency services to give to children if they are involved in a traumatic experience.

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In My Heart ❤️

Included a copy of the poem below - Spring of Things, in with the Bunny Bags and Easter cards that we gave this year. The assisted living center’s director - Bobbi, was so very appreciative of the Bunny Bags, “The residents are going to love these!” she exclaimed. It was our first meeting and I don't think it will be our last, as I offered my future volunteer services and gave her my contact information. Debbie - kind friend and apartment manager, made it a point to search me out and thank me personally as I was volunteering at the food pantry yesterday, for the shopping bag of Bunny Bags I left at her door to distribute. “You should have seen the folks' eyes light up and their smiles when I gave them one!” You know, I do see them. Each and every “dear and dearest whom” in my heart ❤️. Spring of Things In ... Read Full Story >>

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Candybar treat

I go to the same Starbucks every Saturday morning for the one specialty drink I allow myself weekly. Today I brought this box of candy bars and told each employee to choose one.
This is Ginny (?) and she seems to run the place, always smiling, effervescent, and just cool. One day I didn't know what to order. So, she made something special for me.
When I walked in today, I said "hi" and she asked if I want her specialty. Of course I said "yes". After she started making my drink, I handed out the candy Bars. I was waiting for my name to be called, when Ginny WALKED this ginormous drink to me. Wow!

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A Fluffle Of Bunnies 😊

What do you call a bunch of bunnies? A Fluffle! And this is my origami fluffle of hopping bunnies made just in time to add to the Bunny Bags that are going to our local senior assisted living facility and sister’s apartment complex in time for Easter.

The bunnies are a more complicated model, but wanting to give to others always amps up my desire to learn!

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I was on the receiving end again today. It was before class and I was on a kindness site when this girl walked in from another class. She brings me little gifts now and again (cookies, brownies, etc.). She hands me this mini 3 Musketeers bar and I tell her how happy she has made me and her smile lit up the room. Kindness is good for the receiver AND the giver.
I looked down at the screen when she walked out. The only image on the page was a different 3 Musketeers bar. What?!!


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Day 6:Brownies Once Again! ...

Brownies once again! I left these in the staff room today. One coworker told me she had told her partner that she was happy it was April, because I'd be bringing brownies sometime this month.
I gave the last one to our custodian. She thought it was delicious and asked who made them. I told her I had. She looked at me suspiciously, "You or your wife?"
I told her, "Come on! My brownies are famous. Of course I made them." She just couldn't believe something so delicious that brought that smile to her face came from an old, man like me. :)


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