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A Helping Hand For A Brother and Sister

One day, I  went to Safeway a little late at night. There were only 2 cash registers open at 12 AM, and a woman and her younger brother were ahead of me. They had a bag full of food and were using their food stamps to pay it off. Unfortunately, there was not enough in their budget to afford the food they had bought. The woman and her brother had already held up the line by asking the cashier if there may have been an error. The cashier called someone, who then pulled them to the side to explain everything. Then the cashier started to check my stuff out, I asked the cashier what the price was for the food they had bought. It totaled around 45$ and I told her I would pay for it. After paying for the groceries, I left Safeway before they were told by the cashier that ... Read Full Story >>

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Sandwiches of Hope

Today I practiced a familiar kind act. I went with my daughter to assist a group in making over 1k sandwiches and 'to go' lunches for the local homeless population. These will be passed out tomorrow.

I often try to give food that I have to people who are homeless, but I have never participated in a larger scale operation before. We came together as strangers, worked for a common goal, and left at the end of the night feeling better about our contribution to our community.

Together, 12 of us made about 1000 sandwiches, and a total of 800 lunches. Though our local homeless population is larger than that, at least 800 people will go to sleep tomorrow with food in their belly and ideally some hope for a new day.

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Helping A Neighbor

Today I helped a neighbor. As I was leaving for work, I saw a small dog barking and barring it's teeth at a young man of maybe 20. As I drove closer, I could see the dog's leash was wound around a gate post. I pulled over and helped this young man calm the dog down enough to unwrap the leash from the fence post and her leg. She was a new puppy who had just been adopted two days earlier. She ran off during their walk and doesn't trust men. It felt great ot meet a neighbor and help save a little life. Hopefully those two will bond and have many happy years together!

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Small Acts

This is a short story with a small act of kindness. The weather is getting warmer where we live and it is time bring out the fans. My very recent ex does not have much money and has no fan in her house and does not have enough extra income to turn on the AC yet. Though I don't have much extra spending capital, I purchased a fan for her apartment and left it at her house for her to find after work. She doesn't know it was me (a few of us have keys to her house), and I won't tell. I'm grateful that I am in a position to be able to help another human being in even a small way.

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Esther’s New Home

On our recent visit back to IL, we just happened to take our friend Mother Esther to see about a new place to live in a supportive living facility. She has been somewhat isolated in an apartment, off the beaten track.

She called with the news that she has decided to move!!!! I am so happy and relieved! The facility has a puzzle room, craft group, scheduled trips for shopping, transportation to doctor’s appointments, exercise room, all meals included, plus many other perks. And best of all, she will be able to move into the apartment we viewed. It has a southern exposure -- so lots of light and opens onto the courtyard that has raised gardens.

Ok, maybe the BEST of all, is that she won’t be so isolated. It does my heart good to know she won’t be alone in her day-to-day.

*Esther continues to crochet Cancer Care Caps, and has had an influx of donated yarn from the Center :)))))))). So very grateful. Don’t you love her smile? 😊

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Sunshine and Rainbows

Waiting for the senior care facility receptionist, I turned my attention to the great room — all sun and windows. The residents (most in wheelchairs) were engaged in the wellness therapy of stretching, movement and singing. I caught bits of the song…”let the sunshine in….” which has fond memories for me of a friend and her granddaughter. They would sing that together while pulling up the shade on another day. “These are beautiful!” the receptionist exclaimed, running her fingers over the colorful crocheted lap-robes that were spilling from the oversized bag onto the counter. “I bought them at a fundraiser and I’m donating them. Checked each one and they are new, fresh, clean and ready to give.” There were 20 in all, bright and striped with rainbows of color, no two the same. As I walked back thru the great room, I smiled, thinking of how the residents would soon be covered in “rainbows.” Sharing ... Read Full Story >>

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Pizza anyone?

I have to share with you the wonderful kindness of others in my community. I am an elementary school teacher and I run a program called Improvement Week where my students focus on individual self-improvement and I surprise them with goodies that I get donated from local companies. I got an envelope in the mail today from a local pizza place that usually donates a large pizza every year, but the envelope was opened and empty. It appeared that someone took the certificate. I didn't feel right asking the restaurant for another, seeing that the first one was probably going to be used by someone. So, I posted online on a community page asking if anyone might have a pizza gift card that they were gifted, but has been collecting dust, and if they might want to donate it in lieu of the missing gift certificate. Within a couple of hours I had a ... Read Full Story >>

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Dog Love

Last week a friend from the animal rescue world I used to be part of in New Mexico posted a link about a dog in Arizona. This dog belongs to a Native American family and they did not have the $$ to help this dog get her mangled leg amputated. My friend did not know where to turn so she just put it up on facebook and I shared it. A little later I saw a 100 year old friend had donated and saw that no one else had. I don't have much $$ these days but this dog reminded me of another dog from many years ago in NM, one that showed up at the spay/neuter van I was working on as a vet tech. That dog was anonymously dumped/abandoned with a mangled leg too. The vet and I saw a spark in her eye and after hours we amputated ... Read Full Story >>

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Today My Students Got ...

Today my students got to feel what it was like to be on the receiving end of a RAOK, thanks to Erica.

Erica has been surprising my students with her delicious treats every April for the past few years for all of the RAOK they put out into the world.

Today, she came and surprised them with homemade cupcakes, as well as water balloons. We'll use the balloons this Friday after our Color Run to cool down after all the running.

She also gave us another bunch of cupcakes to gift another class. So, my students were so pleased to pass on the cupcakes to our second grade neighbors. Thanks, Erica for appreciating my students!


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Above and Beyond

Today was an interesting day. My son and I walked home a lost beagle dog to the owners. The had their phone number was on the tag,  but it wasn't a working number. It had an address close to us, so we took it home.

Turns out it was an elderly couple, the guy fell and the dogs got out of the gate. They were so grateful to get the beagle mix back, but they had also lost their Shitzu. I told them we'll be on the look out for him.

A couple of hours went past, then my friend next door texted me about a white dog that had came over. It was a Shitzu! I told her that we knew where he lives, so we  took another long walk to get little boy home to the owners.. 

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A Charmed Life

I ride the bus to work everyday. I'm a people-watcher, and I live in a small town, so I see many of the same people get on the bus with me everyday, on their ride to and from work. For many months, I noticed an elderly man get on at one of the stops, and always head to the back of the bus. He wore the same clothes every day, and they were well-worn, but clean. I never spoke with this gentleman, but I could tell he seemed like he led a simple existence. One day, I had decided to drive to/from work, and I noticed the gentleman on a street corner I was passing, with a sign in his hand asking for financial assistance. I went home that day, and wrote him a note, saying I was grateful for what little I had in my life, and that I wanted to ... Read Full Story >>

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The Elderly

Today I was walking to the library, I walk past the nursing home on my way there. This time as I was walking towards the library, I saw an old woman sitting alone. Today I had decided to go talk to her instead of just smiling and walking past. She told me about her family and that her father was an activist. She told me about the wonderful places she traveled and the funny moments she had. It felt nice seeing a smile on her face while she was describing her best moments. We sat there for about an hour. She told me she was all alone and that it felt nice talking to someone after so long. The last person she had a conversation with was one of the nurses but she had found another job and now there wasn't anyone for her to talk to. It made me feel sad that ... Read Full Story >>

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When I First Came ...

When I first came to Kindspring I was recovering from depression and anxiety attacks. KS helped me to see beyond my immediate field of vision, and the inspirational stories of kindness renewed my outlook on life and the world in general. I had come from a period in my life which was pretty much summed up by these words from Tolkien which I read almost daily and often clung onto, Frodo: “I can’t do this, Sam” Sam: “I know. It’s all wrong. By rights we shouldn’t even be here. But we are. It’s like in the great stories, Mr Frodo, the ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end, because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing this ... Read Full Story >>

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Peace Pole ...

Just wanted to give you an update on our Peace Pole Planting. The village school has accepted the pole and has got the Council to agree that it can be planted on a grassy area directly across from the school in a very prominent place which is passed by all who enter and leave the village (think of all those Peace Prayer wishes going out!).
They have invited uor MP, MSP and lots of dignitaries as well as local newspapers. The children are going to be writing about what Peace means to them and having a Peace Pole Party to celebrate –with Peace Cakes! How amazing is that! It won’t be for a couple of weeks yet, mid-may, but I’ll keep you all informed.

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Volunteering During A Flood

Our town is currently in a flood emergency. Our home is on higher ground and I am grateful tor that. My husband and I went to help fill sand bags the other day that would be distributed around homes in danger of flooding.

There were people doing doing all sorts of different tasks, some were making food for the volunteers, some filled the sand bags, some had to tie the bags closed, others lifted them onto trucks. It was nice to see strangers working together to help the community in a time of crisis.

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A Gift From Greg

We put together some plates of nourishment with the food leftover from our family gathering yesterday. With three plates remaining, we knew exactly where to go...our local library. We handed one plate to a gentleman (he later gifted his dinner to another houseless person <3) and he directed us to another area, where he said there was an 'old man" in need of a meal.

When we got over there, indeed there was an old man. There was also a younger man, Greg. Greg was sitting down, but after we offered him a meal he asked us to wait. He said he wanted to stand up and give us hugs :). With tears in his eyes, Greg gave us each a warm hug, filled with so much love from his heart. He held me tight, gave my head a little squeeze and kissed the side of my head. I don't need to tell you who received more in that exchange <3.

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It's Worth It

There was once a little boy who lived in my community.  His father was abroad and was not supporting him nor his mother financially and his mother was not working, so most times his mother could not send him to school. My mother saw the situation and decided to "take him up". She bought a lunch bag and in the mornings when we left for school, whatever was in my lunch bag was in his and when we got back home he'd get a snack or dinner if he planned on staying over. Well one day, from nowhere his father got in contact with his mother and told her he would be filing for him to come and live with him abroad. His mother agreed readily as it would be better because she would not be able to pay College expenses for her son. Well he he did leave and go abroad, but years later we saw this stranger at ... Read Full Story >>

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Returned To Pay Extra

We visited a tourist area and there were some locals who sold local products. We bought some things from a nice lady and it turned out that she really reduced the price for us. I tried buying something similar from another local and I realized how much the first lady reduced the price for us. She was also really pleasant.

I felt that it is important to go back and pay her more than we had paid her originally. When I gave her a the difference between what she had charged and a reasonable price, she was so confused. She looked at me in shock and was speechless. I told her that she gave us a really good price and I wanted her to take the extra money. I left her and she was still in shock looking at the money I handed her. I hope that it was a good feeling of shock not a bad one!

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On Easter, what do you do with the extra daffodils you got on sale on Friday? This!

My wife and I put bunches of daffodils and a Kindness Card on three different cars in the grocery store parking lot today!

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Coffee and More

Today's RAOK [Random Act of Kindness] was really fun! I walked into a Starbucks and there was a man making a purchase. I interrupted him ordering, "Excuse me, but I wonder if you will allow me to buy that for you." He looked at me puzzled, "Why?" "Because this is my random act of kindness for the day. I planned to buy a stranger's coffee today. You're a stranger and that's a coffee," I said pointing at his cup. He was silent. Then, "Are you serious?" I told him I was and that I started The April Random Acts of Challenge in 2012 and that today he was the recipient of it. He seemed unsure. I told him it would help me and be his random act of kindness, allowing me to check it off my list for the day. He smiled and told me I could if I wanted to. I gave him ... Read Full Story >>

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