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I Created A Card For My Teacher

I created a card for a teacher who spreads so much kindness and joy in her classroom. I needed her to know that she is appreciated, and since she is a fan of Tupac, I printed his picture and quoted him, "You are appreciated."

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The Cycle Of Life

🌊 Cycles of Life…. “Neither birth nor deah, is the beginning or end; it’s the cycle of life.” ~ ― Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma, Krishna Crux ο»ΏAfter a close friend’s brother unexpectedly passed away recently, & seeing what our friend & her husband went through running around making burial arrangements, while in such state of emotional upheaval, it led us to pre-plan our own cremations. Yesterday we finalized our cremation plans at our local family owned & operated funeral parlor…it was easy peasey & the owner’s daughter was lovely, knowledgeable & we had a good rapport & shared some laughs too….who knew planning your own cremation could be fun!! Shared a few peace doves with the staffers we met & they loved them πŸ•Š We went from there straight to our favorite nearby restaurant to celebrate…leaving thoughts of death behind & bringing the baby blankets I crocheted for the owner’s son & dil upcoming ... Read Full Story >>

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Words Of Comfort

πŸ™ My graphic shows the bereavement gift of remembrance we sent to our friend whose brother passed away yesterday.

I thought the message soothing πŸ™

Item description: “6H Timer: Features an ON/OFF/TIMER switch at the bottom of the memorial candle for manual control, allowing you to turn the light on and off, or choose a 6 hours timer function to have it go on and off automatically, 24-hour cycle, repeat every day, just like our love and misses repeat every day and never stop.

Battery Operated: Each memory candle operated by 3 AAA batteries(not included). Compared to traditional candles, battery operated candles have no real flame, no fire hazards, smoke, smell and messy dripping wax. Fake candles are safe for families with pets or children. Even if you leave candles next to your bed to miss your loved ones, you can have a perfect night in peace.“

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A Surprised Breakfast To The Safeguard

I bought a Vietnamese bread with grilled pork & a glass of orange juice this morning. Then, I gave them to a guard of my apartment as a surprised breakfast gift. I am happy to do it & I am thankful as he accepted my gift. Wishing him a yummy breakfast & a radiant day. Thank you

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A Double Blessing

πŸ‘ΌπŸ» ❀️ πŸ‘ΌπŸ» Found out yesterday that the couple I am crocheting a baby blanket for are expecting twins! So glad I asked about the due date (Xmss Eve!)….that's when they told me about twins :)) They are so excited…papa looked a little nervous, but in a nice way, lol. First-time parents ❀️

So I better work fast now that I need to crochet two blankets….am halfway done with the first one πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Double fun for me…love to crochet 🧢

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Kindness Paid Back?I

Kindness paid back?

I think so for every day is a kindness day for me.

Today, at the Organic Fruits, vegetable and grocery market, I started walking back. A gentleman stopped to offer me a ride. Before taking a seat, I said " God has sent an angel for me. He asked me where do I live? I answered and requested him to drop me on the nearby main road so I can get rikshaw home. But He gave me ride home. (I have used capital H for God residing in this unknown person.

I gave Him quote cards and a booklet on positive thinking in Gujarati.

I also gave some bookmarks at the Organic market. One lady gave me a beautiful smile. I requested her to stop. I pulled quote card and gave it to her saying. "This is for your smile" I got another beautiful smile. I gave couple of Quote cards to her companion.

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Received A Lovely Card

Received a lovely card in the mail from the International Medical Corps. I was not expecting this gesture, because I know the donations go to a good cause, but it was heart warming all the same. The reverse side says:

"Little girls play in an International Medical Corps supported mother-baby safe space in Odesa, Ukraine". I've donated to the IMC's Ukraine division several times and was very proud to do so. I'm constantly amazed by the courage and resolve of the Ukrainian people. Π‘Π»Π°Π²Π° Π£ΠΊΡ€Π°Ρ—Π½Ρ–! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸŒ»

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Absent,,,but Kindness Is Still All Around

I wish I had a good reason for my extended absence here. I continued to read and be inspired, but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to post. And it wasn't from a lack of kindness. I'm grateful to the student who shared a baked treat...and the recipe...with me. And the student who went out of his way to hold the door open for me. And to the colleague who gifted me a jar of oregano from her family's garden in Greece! And to my father who I didn't know nearly as well as I would've liked...and would've been 99 today<3.
My own acts remain small, but I try to put my heart into them. Every morning I make coffee for my wife. And often I am the one to make dinner. This morning I let her sleep in while I brought in the recycling, a job that normally she does. Perhaps the highlight of my day was meeting the lady selling hats (that her mom knitted) in the Target parking lot. I bought two, thinking that I'd share them with some of our friends living without shelter. After I paid I asked her for a holiday hug...she was all for that<3. I wonder what the world would be like if we all just hugged a stranger every day:).

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Guiding Foreign Youngsters To Integrate Better And Enhancing Language Skills..

In my work as a vocational school teacher over here in Germany, some of my classes are filled with students of different nationalities. More often than not, I will have a few refugees in the class whose their command of German is often rather patchy regardless of whether they are "fresh off the boat" or have lived here for a few years. Some of these students who manage to complete their three-year apprenticeships may actually continue to go to school to attain qualifications so they can attend university. In the past, I have taken them aside and given them tips on how to enhance their language skills (i.e. via books, newspapers, apps or online grammar quizzes.) And I have given them tips on how to integrate themselves into the German culture better. Over the last few weeks, I have taken three young men aside and given them tips on how to improve ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness Yesterday And Today

Gave money to a friend to fix his phone screen.
Allowed several cars in front of me as they were coming out of a parking lot.
Left an extra tip for the delivery man.
Donated about 5 boxes of clothes, curtains, dishes and more to goodwill.
It all made me humble. God has provided for me, so I try to help others. πŸ™πŸ™

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Holiday Food Donation Slam!

❀️ Boy Scouts collected over 1600 lbs of food with their orange donation bag on every door food drive.

❀️Florist donated 280 lbs with the “Caring Rose Week" promotion.

❀️ More food arriving this Thursday with the “Stuff A Truck” program held at the schools.

Many helping hands made KINDNESS LIGHT work at the local food bank Saturday slam!

Grateful to be a part of such a caring and giving community.

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Friday Morning Hot Chocolate For Co-workers

Brought a cup of hot chocolate for my coworkers this morning. It wasn't as cold outside this morning as it has been, but it warmed up everybody and they loved it! The woman in the drive-thru wondered why I was ordering six hot chocolates, but thought the gesture was lovely :)

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Double Donations :)

Received an email from the amazing folks at Greyhound Rescue in Australia that one of their partners is matching every donation until 2 November, so I jumped on the opportunity to make a donation and help out the hounds in need.

Winter is rapidly approaching in the Northern Hemisphere and I couldn't leave out Ukraine, so I also donated to the United24 initiative of President Zelenskyy to provide Ukrainians with much needed aid.

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Mistermindy Makes A Table

The Storehouse (our local food bank and charity shop) sent out a call for a certain size table needed by early November. It is to be used to help sort the HUGE (grateful!) amount of food that will be donated by the Boy Scouts holiday food drive.

MisterM spotted a massive table that was donated that he could modify to make work. So, he hauled it home and worked on it in the freezing cold pole barn, with the table hanging half out of his truck. He sawed it to size, sanded, reinforced and if the weather ever warms up, he’ll paint the table legs before bringing it back to the Storehouse.

Amazing what that man can accomplish!

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Supporting Education

I shared with you the latest small kind donations to a few different charities that do work to support Education around the world. Today we got the most beautiful post card from one of the them, Hope & Soul. It's a sweet young lady who works with children and families in Africa. What a difference it makes when you receive a handwritten note, bless her. It also feels heart warming to be appreciated, doesn't it?
Lots of love to you all, hope you are having a peaceful Sunday.

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Small Acts

Focusing on small acts of kindness helps when the world is filled with so much suffering. Sharing karunavirus news with others each day or practicing gratitude is one way to do this.
-Went out of my way to praise the utilities workers and sent a thank you card to their supervisor along with a phone call to thank them
-Gave tomatoes from garden and a pretty flowering plant to a neighbor
-Spent extra time with a former student to advise on grad school applications
-Gave away lots of veggies from the garden to various people
-Spent time with a neighbor who has gone through several losses recently, brought her flowers
-Shared an inspiring video with several friends
-Called an old friend
-Made coffee for the folks doing dishes at the soup kitchen
-Encouraged a friend in an artistic endeavor that is new for her
-Offered to sub for a colleague so she can take her dad to the doctor
-Brought in treats for the admin staff
-Planning next round of scarves to knit
-Checking up on a colleague who was going through a tough time

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Helping Person In Need

We went to temple. Inside the temple we gave 40 INR. Outside the temple there is elderly person who is in need of help. We gave 2 INR to that person. But now I am thinking that when next time I visit temple, I might give 2 INR inside temple and 40 INR for person sitting outside and needs some help.

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πŸ™ Prayers For Butchie 🐢

β€οΈπŸ• Neighbor-friends’ older rescue dog is facing some health challenges right now & they’ve been going back & forth to the vet for tests, scans, medications, etc. He’s the cutest little pup who is loved devotedly by them. He came with trauma issues & they spent 2 years helping him recover, with love & patience.

I’m quite fond of Butchie & hope the “Snuggle Puppy Blanket” (shown in photo) I ordered for him will give him comfort .πŸ™ 🐢❀️

🐢 “Stylish And Cozy Blanket That Attracts Pet Hair And Protects Your Furniture
Provides a warm, comfortable place to sleep; helping ease pet anxiety at home or on the go. Use as bedding or a blanket! The blanket is designed to attract and retain pet hair, protecting furniture and upholstery.”

πŸ™πŸΆπŸ™ Please shine light for Butchie & my neighbors. Thank you.

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Money Saving For Helping People In Need πŸ™

I planned to eat pani poori. It costs 20 INR. Then I got a brilliant idea. At home mother made snack item during festival. So, I ate whatever available at home. Hence I saved 20 INR because I didn't ate pani poori outside. Some people come to shop for help. So, I will give 20 INR for those people who are in need. This is my kindness planning πŸ™

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Things To Share

When I picked up the mail the other day, what should be included? A Huge envelope with the return address from our very own Mindyjourney. Inside were a flock of peace doves (flapping their little wings), inspirational cards from Rajni and oodles more wonderful items that will soon be shared. I've already tucked some of these lovelies into birthday cards and anniversary cards that will soon be mailed out. Our MrsMindy is a treasure.

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