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Surprise Performance

Last Tuesday evening, I surprised a friend by giving him a ticket to a performance of his favourite artist. It was a very beautiful evening!

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Good Deed on a Bad Day

I was having a rough morning and had to go in to work, it was one of those days where everything seems to go wrong.  I was waiting in a long line up for my coffee and I wondered how many other people were having rough mornings like mine. 

I decided to try and do something nice to help change my mood so I paid for the order for the car behind me.  It was the best $5 I have ever spent.  I have no idea how the people behind me reacted but it made me feel great.  I hope I was able to put a smile on someone else's face because this simple act sure did put a smile on mine.  I finished my day by dropping off two bags full of toys and clothes at the womens shelter in my area.  My day went from bad to great.  Thank you for your website and all its great tips!!

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Brazillian Ballads

A very good friend of mine likes very much to listen to piano music. She even plays well on the piano. There is cd with beautiful piano brazillian ballads that she likes but she cannot buy it because she is unemployed and she doesn't have the money. So I  bought the cd for her and as soon as possible I will surprise her by giving it to her as a gift! 

She is a very special person and she deserves that. Thanks for reading my story.

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Guide those with less knowledge

Always give a guiding hand to those with less knowledge or resources than you. At school, I always just got by. With friends, I was always among my peers and my own group types. I remember cruising through my early 20s without a direction and clear idea of what to do. Through family, I got my first job in my field of study. The problem was, I was not ready. I never had the practical experience or the interest to learn a hands-on approach that could have prepared me for the job I was taking. Yet, I knew it would be a disappointment to my family if I did not perform well. On my first day, I was taken under the wing of a senior member of the staff. This guy knew all the people there, had years of experience, skills and was extremely well-liked. In less than an hour, he ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Jan 22, 2007
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An Idea For a Rainy Day

We have many people in my area who walk everywhere.  Today it was raining, and I had a thought.  I would go to the dollar store, and buy a bunch of umbrellas. If I see someone walking in the rain, I could stop and give them an umbrella to use.


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I live in an apartment.  While downstairs waiting for my boyfriend, I saw an elderly women with a shopping cart.  I then looked away and was in my own thoughts. I could hear her walking up the stairs stopping and  trying to catch her breath.   I looked and saw her cart was packed with 1 gallon  water jugs.  I jumped up and grabbed two and carried them upstairs.   She wanted to come down and help me but I told her no. 

I must have carried 20 gallons up and down the stairs.  She kept on thanking me, but it was my pleasure.  I truly believe that what goes around comes around and if my parents or grandparents ever need help.  Somebody will be there to help with a smile on there face.

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Giving someone a chance to recharge

Good day, I was recently traveling and bad weather had surrounded the airport, causing many flights to get canceled or delayed.  I was sitting by the gate, having changed my flight to another one already and was watching the unfortunate airline rep at the gate counter.  She was being bombarded by a number of people who seemed to assume that the poor weather, flight cancellations and everything else causing them grief was her fault and each one in turn laid all of their grief on her and I could see she was being pushed to the brink. A little ah-ha light bulb flashed in my mind and since I am apt to follow my instinct, I stood up and took my place in the line of people intent on sharing their bad day with her.  I patiently waited my turn and when I was finally standing in front of her, her weary ... Read Full Story >>

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Helping Someone in Need

A few weeks ago, I was driving with my family when we stopped at a gas station. I noticed a man walking around asking for money to get to a city about an hour away. My Mom began driving away when I asked her to stop the car. I got out and gave the man some money. He wished upon me God's blessings, and I told him to have a Happy New Year.

I got back in the car and was greeted with, "How much did you give him?" and "You didn't need to do that!" Although my family didn't seem to understand where my generosity came from, I knew that the man must have needed the money more than I did. Even if he didn't, I just have faith that God sees all good works and blesses us in return.

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Walking Kindness

I was pretty inspired after reading this story here : For the past one week,I have been going on "service walks" every day.I just walk around for a couple of kilometres, looking out for ways to help people. So far I have handed out warm lunches to two old homeless men on the sidewalk, a loaf of bread to another, shared cake with a bunch of little kids at a fishing village, given fruits to a group of about 16 people who were homeless and afflicted by leprosy, and boxes of peanut candy for two kids of the juice vendor who I'm friendly with.  I feel that in a poor country like India the tradition of anna-daanam or sharing food is one of the best ways to help others. Although at one level it may seem like a quick fix solution, I have tried to be thoughtful and careful on these walks, especially since a lot of ... Read Full Story >>

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Breaking Bread

At lunch, I noticed that someone was sitting alone without a lunch. I went over and offered them half of my sandwich. Gratefully, they accepted and beyond just making someone feel nourished, I was able to speak to someone new and fun.  Not what you would call creative, but I feel good for what I have done.

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Trolley in the rain

In the UK, we have workers in the supermarket car park to collect and return the supermarket trollies to the trolley bays . They work in all types of  weather and are "invisible" except when people moan and complain etc. 

It was pouring with rain last week just after christmas when I went to the supermarket and I really wanted to make a difference. So I made a point of walking right up to one of the trolley boys and thanking him for the great job he does in all types of weather and especially that day as I guessed his family were still all tucked up at home having their christmas rest time while he was dripping wet and cold. 

His face was a picture, he wasn't sure if I was really being genuine so I took the time to talk to him. I think he was confused at first but I feel I touched his day and gave him something to think about.  

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On Saturday, I went to the grocery store with my mother-in-law while visiting her. 

We were being a bit silly at the checkout as I was insisting on paying for her groceries and kept taking her groceries and putting them with mine.  I don't think the check-out girl quite knew how to take us but just as we were leaving I pulled out a little bag of lollies I had wrapped and keep in my handbag and a smile card and left it with her.

Her look was priceless, mouth wide opened she was in shock and finally said  "Are these for me?"

I just smiled, said "Yes" and dragged my mother-in-law out the door, who was equally shocked.  It makes me smile now thinking about it - two for the price of one!!

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Living on the Street

I was headed to the UMW womens basketball game yesterday, and I saw an older man, maybe 65, sitting next to a stop sign on William Street at the intersection of Route One and William Street. He was sitting down wearing tattered clothes, and an oversized jacket. A homeless man holding a sign that said: "Hold care in your hearts Thanks very much And God Bless!" I parked my car in the Goolrick Gymnasium parking lot and walked up to the old man and asked "How are you doing?" He looked at me suprised, like I was going to injure him, kind of caught up in words he just said "I am fine, just making a living." Embarrassed, he said "I live on the streets." The one thing that suprised me was that he never asked me for anything, no money or food, seeing that he was homeless was given he even told me so. Even his sign didn't ask for ... Read Full Story >>

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Emotion is stronger than the material

First of all , I should appologize for not sending any message in almost two weeks. Sorry and happy to be again with you - lovers of good.

Last week, I received a gift from a friend in Spain.  He sent me a mobile phone. I gave it to my wife as a gift ; she was very happy. The phone had to be decoded so I  sent it to shop to be repaired. That very night , the shop was robbed and all the mobiles were stolen.

When I told my wife, she was not upset at all.  She just said, "It was good of you to give me the mobile. You prefferred me over yourself. The mobile can be regained but the feeling you gave me is eternal."

The message I want to defuse based on this simple story is that things are not as strong as any small feeling or moral action.

Pay attention, my friends. Thank you.

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Planting a seed

My friend and co-worker has been going through a period of difficulties in the last couple of months. I was sharing with my son all the difficulties my friend was going through.  A few days later, he called me and said the he and a few co-workers wanted to help and that a gift basket was ready along with a gift card for a food market for me to pick up and deliver.

I contacted my friend and met her at a cafe where I sponsored her dinner and presented her with the lovely gifts. She was sharing with me that she had just been thinking about me when I called her and that on her way over to the cafe she had been praying that she would find a way to have food in the house that weekend.

When she opened her card with the gift card she was blown away. I called my son to let him know that my friend was gratefully appreciative of the love poured onto her.

My son was relating this to his boss and they have decided to keep this going every month, again for my friend and then to other families. Their whole office is involved. Woo Hoo !

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Patience is a virtue

Over the Christmas holidays my young boys were driving everyone in the house bonkers with their fighting, usually it's worst just before bedtime. Yesterday, at separate times of the day, I sat with each of my sons and told him "I love you".  A few hours later, I realised those words had been missing from my regular vocalbulary since the holidays started. I felt guilty.

With so much time to do things together, it's inevitable that friction happens.  It was kind of like coming up for air, when I said "I love you". My sons are more affectionate and calmer when they are around me now.  I know it won't last, but if I keep positive, patient and loving, then life will be a lot more peaceful.

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Respect each other and yourself

Respect the people around you, too many times have I seen people walk by janitors, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria women, basically people they see everyday but take for granted. They walk by them even when they help you - simply walk by or just look at them and state "well it's their job, let them clean up my trash." Or whatever the situation may apply to. This even happens to me, and many others I am sure. I see people everyday not talk to people because of status, rank, or ego inflated stepstools. The popular girl at a party ignoring everyone who isnt a jock, men in high positions ignoring the poor and needy. The clearest example I see in my societal structure of a white 70% female, middle class, NOVA college is self-created boys and girls who elevate themselves to a status above normal people by dressing a certain way ... Read Full Story >>

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A note of thanks

I know this old man who is considered crazy and cantankerous by almost everyone.He lives all alone (his adopted son died of cancer) in a remote place where he runs a flourishing accounting firm. He sends out a New Year Message to his colleague (my relation) every year in which he elaborates on his rather strong views which everyone laughs at.

This year my relation showed it to me and it seemed genuinely nice and he wrote about stuff like using your time to help others,etc. What really moved me was his email ID, which was his dead son's name.

Although I have never met him personally, I sent him a thank you note along with my friend. We even sent him links and files of rare texts that might interest him.

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Goodwill for my neighbors

My next door neighbor’s 11 year old son just recently passed away from leukemia.  They had been dealing with it for about 2 years that we knew of.  He was a friendly boy, always waving to us as we worked in the yard or pulled drove by in the car. We tried to be as useful as possible, offering meals and buying inexpensive toys for the boy and the other children to keep them occupied as he was restricted to their home for the last few months or so. About 1 week after his funeral a letter came from the leukemia & Lymphoma Society asking me if I wanted to raise money for research in my neighborhood.  What a miracle I thought. So I ordered the package and set out to raise funds.  I was a little nervous at first because there were a couple of our neighbors that I hadn't met yet.  But ... Read Full Story >>

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Walkathon for Orphans

$150,000 raised from the Walkathon!

I would like to thank everyone for coming out
today to the Copprome Walkathon. I can't
thank everyone enough! We had over 700 people

With the combined funds of SHH, CCC, and William and Mary team, at the event we raised at least $150,000!! This is amazing, all the hard work everyone has put in is remarkable! This money will be used to pay off land debts and begin self-sustainable programs at the Copprome orphanage.

Today I saw groups of people coming together for a great cause, to help save orphans. When you are performing a good and just cause help seems to come out of the woodwork and I saw that today.

I thank everyone soo much for donating, walking
and supporting the cause!

"Orphans walk miles a day to search the trash
dumps for leftover food, and rotten cabbage, to
eat and give to their younger siblings, today we
are walking in this walkathon so they dont have
to!" ~strider


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