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Lost License And A Bonus

When I arrived at work this morning I had an e-mail from a co-worker saying he had found someone's driver's license.  I stopped by his office and picked it up. I didn't recognize the face on the license so I e-mailed the manager of our housekeeping staff to see if it was one of our 3rd shift staff that I hadn't met.     As luck would have it, it was indeed one of his employees! So I told the manager that I would leave it in an envelope at the front desk. I would put the gentleman's name on the envelope and he could pick it up when he came to work later that night.   I quickly printed out an anonymous note thanking him for all his hard work and then stuffed $10 and a smile card - along with his license - into the envelope.     Who knows ... maybe he will treated ... Read Full Story >>

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Helping Out At Toys For Tots

Yesterday, a group of us from work volunteered at the USMC Toys for Tots warehouse. For anyone not familiar with what they do, they collect toys for children who may not otherwise get anything for Christmas. We went to the facility to help out for a day. It was an amazing experience. I learned the history of how it all started. The marines there were so very nice to everyone. We stocked the shelves full of toys that had been donated or purchased. Families would come in and were allowed to pick one toy, a book and two stocking stuffers for each of their children. There was a daycare area for anyone who brought their kids, so that they would not see their parents getting toys. The large bag that we put their items in was not see-through, so they could sneak their gifts home without the kids knowing. I decided before ... Read Full Story >>

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Tagging In Liverpool

 I came across this web-site a few days ago and have spent hours just reading all the stories. I got so excited and knew I wanted to do this!   Having requested some Smile cards I found I couldn't wait to get started! I introduced my best friend/housemate and she got just as excited!   So today we decided to just write out some cards until the Smile cards arrive. We put money with some cards and chocolate with some others. Then we went walking in Liverpool and found some lovely people to give them to.   First we went into the shop. I spotted a young woman there and asked the server if she would pass the card along. She gave a big smile and said she would.   Next we found an elderly man. He was carrying a heavy bag in the snow, so he seemed the good person to tag. He just stood there, looking ... Read Full Story >>

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Minty Smiles

It's great fun showing people that they are important through random acts of kindness. In addition to Smile cards we found some smiley face butter-mints at our local Dollar Tree. We attach them to the Smile cards with a decorative paper clip.   Our youngest daughter handed a Smile card with mint attached to an elderly lady waiting at the doctor's office. It brought tears to her eyes. The lady stood up and said, "That deserves a hug!"    Our daughter passed out five more "minty" Smile cards at the doctors office that day.   Our oldest daughter made some whoopie pies and bagged them up with Smile cards attached for her aunt and her aunt's 90 year young neighbor. They both were over-flowing with excitement!   We gave a Smile card to a lady we saw at Wal-Mart and she said that she really needed the Smile card after a rough day at work.   Our family went to Pizza ... Read Full Story >>

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Shoveling Snow The Canadian Way

  So, we were in the middle of a heavy snow storm, the kind where you need to shovel every couple hours otherwise it will pile up to the point where it's really hard to remove.   For the last couple of years whenever I've been out shoveling my place I would walk over to the house of a really nice elderly couple and shovel their driveway too. They knew it was happening - but never knew it was me!   Today, since I needed the exercise anyway, I shoveled all the walkways between my house and their house. About four other walkways. This time they caught me and realized I was the one doing the shoveling.      They were very thankful but kept insisting on giving me money. I refused and ended up  walking away because they were trying to shove money into my coat pockets.    Before I left, however, I pulled out a Smile card and ... Read Full Story >>

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Chocolate bars, flowers, and a morning I'll always remember

This morning, I arrived at my office a bit earlier to catch up on some emails. It was relatively empty, with people trickling in here and there. On the way to work today, I had also stopped by the grocery store to pick up some fruits to share with my colleagues during our morning meeting. I couldn't help it when I passed a fresh stack of yellow flowers on my way to the cash register... I had to pick some up, along with a few chocolate bars, to gift in some way. With the office so empty, I decided to take the opportunity to pick a few random desks to plop the chocolate bars on. :) My heart raced a bit as I scurried through the office, headed towards cubicles and areas where no one had come in yet. :) I placed one on the CEO's desk, and snuggled a smile card ... Read Full Story >>

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Giving my first smile card

Today I received my very first smile cards, and I couldn't wait to share one. I wasn't sure at first what I wanted to do, but I knew that I wanted my first card to accompany a random act of kindness for a stranger.

Since I was meeting my son for coffee at the conclusion of our work days, I put my first card and a bit of money into an envelope, and wrote on the outside "Have a nice day," thinking I could pass it on to one of the coffee shop's employees.

When we arrived, I ordered our coffees and handed the envelope to the woman who greeted us, telling her as I did so that she was doing a great job. Her face lit up with a big smile and she thanked me, though no thanks were needed. I was just glad to see my smile card blossom into the first of many smiles to come.


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The Road To Acts Of Kindness

More than a week ago I decided to do something that I called "A Smile Card a Day Makes the World a Better Place".  I've been doing an act of kindness every single day and giving away Smile Cards with it. Yesterday on my way back home from school I stopped at a restaurant that I always go to. It was almost 10pm and that's when the close. I ordered some takeway food and sat and waited for it to be ready. The girl that took my order was mopping the floor and singing and I have to say she had a very beautiful voice. I started talking to her and told her how beautiful her voice was and I gave her a Smile Card. She loved how the card says 'Smile' on it because another customer calls her "Smiley". I then told her the rules of the Smile Card and she ... Read Full Story >>

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Candy bars, smile cards and still smiling

Even as I write this story, I am still smiling. The past few weeks have been rather tough, but when a huge set of Smile Cards arrived in my mailbox the other day, having traveled all the way from the United States to my home in the Netherlands, I knew things were about to turn around. I found myself plotting where to leave the cards as I went to bed that night: the train, benches at the station, at work, libraries, mailboxes, the gym - the possibilities felt endless. I woke up, went to work, and afterwards, I went straight to the shop to buy some candy bars, planning to leave them as anonymous gifts for people on the train. However, unlike my early morning commute, my train home was extremely crowded. An elderly man must have seen me searching for a place to leave a Smile Card, because he asked me ... Read Full Story >>

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A Smile Card Apology To A Lonely Lady

A few days ago I was sitting in a Thai restaurant enjoying a meal when I got on a phone call with a friend I hadn't spoken to in a long time. In my enthusiasm and excitement I talked slightly louder than usual voice and in Spanish, my mother tongue. A few minutes into the call the lady sitting at the table beside mine got up, seemingly offended, and asked the restaurant staff to relocate her to a table as far away as possible from this man who won't get off his phone. I sank in my seat out of embarrassment. I ended the call soon afterwards and felt the urge to go over and apologize. Before getting up I looked around to see where she was and she was, indeed, at the table furthest away from me. Kudos to the restaurant staff. I noticed that the lady was alone and staring out ... Read Full Story >>

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For Us And Them.

A friend and I decided to go for a vegetarian dinner today. We went to a nearby restaurant run by a beautiful lady, who is really warm and kind. We ordered our food, which turned out to be delicious and light as usual, and we enjoyed our meal so much. We were being kind to ourselves by eating simple, nutritious, food cooked with care and love. However, there happened to be SMILE cards on my person and another greeting card, so we decided that this was a great opportunity to be kind to someone else too. We had a hush hush chat with one of the lovely people who were serving us, and pointed,winked,gestured at the couple sitting at the next table, and told him that we wanted to pay their bill. He agreed, and my friend wrote out a beautiful card for them, and we attached a SMILE card as ... Read Full Story >>

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Like Sandpaper

At my workplace there is not much opportunity to be different. We administer care to others and, in the process, sometimes we forget to care for ourselves and each other.  So, I print inspirational messages, happy pictures, quotes, etc, and post them on a blank space I've found in one of our utility rooms. I also print stories from this site, and some others I subscribe to, and leave them in the staff room. I believe it adds to our "emotional education."  One person asked me, "Why do you do this? Why do you try to help these people, they are not very nice?"  My response was, "If it affects one person then it's a good thing."  Often that one person is me, because I know I have done a kind thing, a good thing. It doesn't matter if it doesn't affect anyone else. What matters is that I'm the best person I can ... Read Full Story >>

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Those New York City Moments

At a local bakery/restaurant I gave the cashier some money along with a Smile card.  "Please surprise someone by taking care of their order with this today," I said, "and give them this card."  Her mouth dropped open. "Really?" she asked.  "Really." I replied.  "Why are you doing this?" she asked.  "To spread a little bit of kindness," I said, "It feels like a good day to share a little bit of extra love."  Her face broke into the biggest grin. "This is so beautiful!" I smiled thinking about how she was going to spend the rest of the day looking for that "perfect" person to tag. I had no idea that what went around would come around so quickly. A little while later I stood, looking lost, on a subway platform in Times Square. A suit-clad commuter pulled out his earphones and gently asked, "Where do you need to go?" Then he gave me directions.  Soon afterwards I ... Read Full Story >>

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Smile Cards at the Farmers Market

Handing out SMILE cards at the Farmers Market was a big success. It was a fun way to engage people in talking about things that mattered. I linked the idea to building community spirit and reducing fear of one another in general. As I spoke with people, they usually responded with a moment of perplexity, but then caught on to what I was getting at, and it was wonderful to hear responses. Many people told me of their on-going acts of kindness and their interest in passing along the card. Some expressed worries over the state of the world, and agreed we need more love and kindness to start environmental, social, economic, and individual healing. The biggest change probably happened in me, however, as I had four hours of putting myself "out there" for the ideas of love, kindness and sharing, and that meant I needed to do some serious listening, and modeling ... Read Full Story >>

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My 7 Year Old ...

My 7 year old daughter wanted to do some kind act for our mail man. So she made a thank you card, drew a picture. She also taped an organic fruit bar as a small gift. Also tagged him with a smile card. She is so excited:))seeing her smile makes me smile :)))

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The joy she found in Random Acts of Kindess

In my church class we talked about the tender mercies that happen every day to ordinary people. My young women leader talked about smile cards and told us about the opportunities they give us to do simple acts of service. I took on a challenge to do 3 acts of anonymous kindness each day and leave a smile card with them. It has been so fun to think of the endless reactions the people could have when they find my acts of kindness. I have enjoyed sticking quotes in lockers, treats on desks, and many more surprises. Every time I do service it makes me smile.

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Reusable Kindness

An "adopted" mother treated me to lunch today :) I much enjoyed the little attached gift shop nearby!

They had a special deal on reusable bags, so I bought some and gave one to woman behind me line (tucked a SMILE card in too).

I'll bring an extra bag wherever I go shopping to share, being mindful of the Smile Deck's prompt of handing out reusable bags this week :))).

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Citrus on the Doorstep

Every 3 months, a former neighbor of ours who moved to Florida sends us a huge carton of grapefruits & navel oranges. It's way too much for just the two of us to consume, so we leave bags of citrus on various neighbors' doorsteps with a SMILE Card in the bag. Today my husband was the "citrus-fairy" who dropped off the bags. :)

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Smile Card and American History

Today, while struggling to write a paper for my first hour American History class, I opened up a book that I thought might be helpful to find some information on the topic I chose for my paper.

As soon as I flipped it open, a smile card fell out, along with a few dollars and a note, that said "There is no way you are reading this book for fun. You must be working on something for school so go buy yourself a red bull in the vending machine located in the lobby and get what you need to do done, and keep your head up!"

I did as the note said and spent the remainder of my time in the library smiling to myself and working hard. I plan on replacing the goodies and leaving a few smile cards around town, that way maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to thank the anonymous giver that made my entire American History class more enjoyable. 

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Radio broadcast gives kudos to KindSpring!

I love listening to my local radio morning show. Today I surprised them and dropped off a plate of home-baked brownies and Smile Cards. They announced the act on the radio and read the Smile Card, then proceeded to give the website for KS. That was fun!



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A Little Girl's Instant Smile Card 'Tag'

While at a restaurant this past weekend, I asked the waitress to give a "smile package" which included some of Mindy's peace doves, some coloring pages with markers, and a small gift bag of toys to a young family who were at the table next to us. There was a little girl about 6 and a couple of younger children. The little girl was so excited and when she read the smile card message, she got right up and went over to a family who had just entered the restaurant to gave their little boy the bag of toys. As she walked away she said loudly "SMILE -- YOU'RE IT! She totally made my day!

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Touched By A Peace Dove

Eating out yesterday, the wait staff started singing happy birthday to a gal at the table near ours, as they brought her a piece of cake with a candle burning. We all joined in, and after, I handed her a peace dove (and shared about  fellow KindSpring member Mindy. and her peace dove mission). She gifted me with a beautiful smile and appreciation in return. Gave one to her friend as well, and on their way out they both stopped at our table to say thank you again. I wished her the best birthday year ever and felt that connection you share when kindness passes between you while looking in each others' eyes. ❤️

Grateful for the ease of connection Mindy's doves enable.

Thank you, Mindy, for adding so much kindness to our world. ❤️🌍❤️

(Image a Mindy photo collage)

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His Name is Morris

I recently had lunch with some friends at our local brewery restaurant. Each time I have visited this popular establishment, I've noticed a disheveled man always sitting at the end of the bar. His gray hair sticks out in all directions under his hat. His coat is old and worn. He never smiles or looks up.

He may be known as the town drunk, I suppose. I decided to give him a SMILE card along with a $10 bill anonymously through the bartender. He probably will spend it on more beer. But who am I to judge? I asked his name. To me that was the real act of kindness--to ask his name and put an identity on a face that most ignore. Next time I will say, "Hello, Morris, how is your day?"

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