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Breast Cancer Blessing

Wow! What a diagnosis. I just kept telling myself that if I can get through this Chemo, I will give back and help others.

It truly has changed me and opened my eyes to all of the blessings that we take for granted. It was very humbling to me as I watched my hair falling out in the shower. My strength came from my faith, family, and friends. I am 3 yrs out after having 2 consecutive surgeries for mastectomy. God leads us where he wants us to be.

I was lead to become involved with raising money for breast cancer through donations to Susan B. Komen funding. We made a hospital wide recipe book as I am an R.N. at a St. Louis, Mo. based hospital. We made #1 medical group for donations and contributions this year. We also helped St. Louis to become the largest Komen foundation "Race for the Cure" of over 64,000 participants.

This would not have happened for me if my own diagnosis had not occurred. I am very happy to be giving back a small amount of what has been given to me by such thoughtful people, family and friends.

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Spreading the Kindness

I plan to have myself and 9 friends spread kindness in our city. I am not sure what my act will be exactly and maybe as a group we will do something. I have a great group of friends who have helped me through a really hard time and I would like to spread some of the energy they have given me to others.

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  • Posted by Debi Bodden
  • Aug 3, 2006
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Thank you

I met him during a certification course. In the first meeting I thought he was a very self-centered person. At the time my father was suffering from cancer and we were in a very low phase of life. He noticed my worries one day and asked me the reason. When I told him about my father he asssured me that nothing will happen and he will pray for him.

I was very toched by his gesture. The next day he gave me some chants and said that he prayed for my father. He was a very spiritual person. He used to anticipate what would happen in the future in advance. He was an expert in almost everything. He never gave me any contact number, but whenever i was in trouble, he was just there. He helped me in almost everything and whenever I wanted to thank him, he would just smile and say, "thank GOD because I am just doing my duty."

Soon he bacame my guide and friend. One day he vanished maybe because he thought that I didn't need any further help. I don't know where is he but i am sure he must be helping someone, doing his duty and making people believe in GOD. As he told me not to thank him, i just thank God for sending his agent to my life. Thanks.

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Hope in Humanity

I have always believed that there is innate kindness in everyone. I always make it a point to smile at everyone even to those I do not particularly like. I admit it's quite hard to be nice at all times with all my own burdens and stuff but when I hear others say thank you or when I see them glow whenever I have done something nice unexpectedly, my efforts are not in vain.

I believe that we should all be extra nice to everyone we meet because everyone is fighting some kind of battle and it would do good if we can ease their burdens and make them not lose hope in humanity and in the world.:)

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  • Posted by Febrey Joy Beloy
  • Aug 1, 2006
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A Pen With A Smile

I recently went to the bank to cash a check that I had. I really didn't want to go, but I knew that I had to so I decided that I would make the trip to the bank worthwhile and fun!

I grabbed this smiley pen that I had been saving and smile card and I attached it to the pen along with a post it note that said "Keep the pen, smile, and pass on the card!"

When I got my money out of the tube that the bank sends back and forth, I slipped in the pen and cards, so that the next person that came to cash their check, would get more than just money...they would get a bank smile!

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Looking for Josephs

She stood looking at every tag on the tree for over an hour. Ten years old and a heart of gold, she decided that she would give up one of her Christmas gifts to the boy named Joseph who needed clothes but wanted a skateboard.

Money was tight in our household but her argument was "Mom, I have a lot to be thankful for; maybe he doesn't have that much." That year when she unwrapped her empty gift box, she read the word Joseph in it. My daughter smiled her beautiful smile and we cried.

Ten years later, I lost that daughter in a car accident.

It's been 9 years and each Christmas I stand in front of the tree of angels at the store for an hour, searching for the "Josephs" who will get her gifts.

One year, a 15 year old girl wrote, "My baby brother needs clothes more than I need a photo album and film." So I got her box of scrapbook and photo supplies and I hope they had as much fun with it as I had shopping for her.

I know my Angel girl was watching over me that year. The girl's name was Johanna ... the same as my daughter.

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RAK Spreading Fast

I thought that everyone should hear this! My local radio station started this thing called "KSOK's Random Acts Of Kindness." They have a party bus and randomly go out and suprise people.

They have partnered with a local bank and go around to local businesses. For instance, today, they pulled into Sonic and stood at the door and waited for a big order and they followed the waiter to the car and paid for the whole meal! They also go to places like the grocery store and pay for random people's groceries! They pop up in many places!

I thought that it was cool that the randomness of being nice is finally starting to catch on!

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This reminded me of something I used to do some 20 years ago. It was a very cold winter in Salinas, Ca. I would go to the Dollar Store and buy mittens, knitted hats, and gloves. Whenever I would drive around and notice a homeless person without one of these items, I would ask if they would like one.

I received such a blessing to see their face light up, as I would drive away I'd call out to them and say, GOD BLESS YOU. It made me feel good that not only their body, but soul would be warmer over such an inexpensive item.

On Friday nights I would go to the bakery and buy day old donuts and offer them to the teenage boys skateboarding in the parking lot. If I had extra I would get them a hot chocolate.

Those were the happiest days of my life.

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My Grandma's Breakfast at IHOP

I have been using the smile cards for quite a while, and I try to get my family members to do it with me. It is a lot of fun.

Recently, my grandparents went on a trip to New Mexico, and on their way home they stopped at an IHOP to eat breakfast. When they had finished, the guy came over with the bill, but when my grandfather opened up the folder containing the bill, there was nothing!

The waiter said the a young man had paid for their breakfast! They were so suprised! My grandmother called me and told me the story and said that "wasn't it like those cards that I used!" And I said yes, it was. She thought that it was awesome and now she wants some cards!

It just goes to prove that if you do nice things for others, nice things will happen to you!

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Web comment:

I found out about your email from "Quote-A-Day," and was so inspired, I forwarded it to everyone I know. Now all my neighbors want to split a bunch of cards, especially to give to our kids. It's one thing to talk abstractly about committing random acts of kindness with kids, but I think having an actual physical manifestation of the idea will help kids (and us grownups!) literally "hold onto" the idea -- and pass it on. Looking forward to making it a fun, positive "game" to play with all our kids. Thank you for this brilliant idea, and for making the world a better place, one kind act at a time. Blessings to all! :-) sue

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  • Posted by Sue Piozet
  • Jul 25, 2006
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An Unforgettable Birthday Gift

My daughter's birthday is May 29. She was 6 by then. As it was Monday, we prefered to celebrate it earlier, i.e. on Saturday 27 May. This was easier for me as I'm free on Saturdays. On Thursday the entire family was busy packing the presents and putting funny pins on them. I promised my litte princess that I would wake her up early in the morning and distribute the presents to her classmates. I woke up at 05:30. After I took a bath, I planned to wake her up ... but.... as I came out from the bathroom, I realized that an earthquake struck. I screamed to wake my husband up and asked him to carry my daughter; and ran out of our house. We were watching our house swaying from outside. It happened for just 3 minutes, but... the piano thumbled down, tiles came down, some cracks appeared ... Read Full Story >>

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Web comment:

When being asked, how will you use these cards?

I find homes for abandoned animals, I find them, put ad's in the paper, radio, posters, when I find one a home, I will pass out the card. I carry seniors groceries, transport women at shelters to appts. and court, I take in children till mothers an afford childcare from 1st or 2nd pay. I groceru shop for seniors.

Anything that I see where I can be of serivce, I try to help, the pay off? I FEEL GREAT!

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"!

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With a Help of a Stranger

Hello, My name is Tracy and I wanted to arrange for a "Surprise Delivery" to my Dad at his office on his last day of employment right before Retiring.

I wanted to let him know that I was thinking of him and i truly wanted to be there to give him a hug at the office on the last morning knowing full well that he would be overwhelmed with mixed feelings. I live in Mississauga, Ontario Canada a completely different City from my Dad in St. Catharines, Ontario and time and location was a problem.

I was able to complete my surprise with the help of a stranger who only knew me by my voice on the other end of a telephone. He was completing an "act of kindness" by personally hand delivering the gift that I had purchased for my Dad.

I am truly grateful to Peter for doing this for me.I was filled with goosebumps knowing that my surprise is now possible due to the "act of kindnesss" from Peter in St. Catharines Ontario Canada. Thank you very much.

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  • Posted by Tracy Watson
  • Jul 22, 2006
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The Dusting Lady In My Hospital Room

When I was in hospital and just given birth to my first child a lady use to come in and dust and sweep. I would say 'Hello' and she would never answer. I did this repeatedly and no answer. I thought she may have been deaf. I was told that she was mute and had been because she had been in a concentration camp. She had recovered but some children threw 'crackers' at her window letting off very loud 'bangs', and she never spoke from that day on. On the day I was going home and I asked her if she would be my friend. No answer. I left her some magazines and told the staff to give them to her. I had left the hospital with my husband a new born child. Then I realized I had forgotten to ask the doctor something. I went back with my baby ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Posted by Maureen Flanagan
  • Jul 20, 2006
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Grocery Store

I was in line at the grocery store yesterday. I let two women with few items go ahead of me. The second did not want to accept my offer, but eventually did. This would have been a perfect time to have pased out a smile card. I look forward to them and many thanks for perpetuating goodness in the world.

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  • Posted by Paul Lanoie
  • Jul 20, 2006
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Kindness Every day

Hi There,

My name is Selma and I live in Wellington, New Zealand. My friend and I have for quite a few years had a random acts of kindness policy whereby we try and do something nice for a person every day. It really is small things but it seems to make peoples' days. I have just come across your web site and I think it is brilliant.

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Act of Kindness in Zimbabwe

I was in the bus in heavy traffic going to an orphanage to visit some children. What I saw brought tears to my eyes.

There had been a terrible accident. The owner of the motorbike laid bleeding, critically injured and dying on the side of the road. Members of a church nearby called an ambulance. They were having a women’s gathering day at the church.

While the man lay helpless and hurt, the women rushed to his side and around him sang beautiful hymns and prayers - some to save his body and some to save his soul. They sang like angels. The music was so sad and beautiful and the gesture was so touching at such sad and tragic moment. I shall not forget the kindness of those women being there in his hour of need.

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A Wonderful Gift

It all happened when I joined a non-governmental organization. We were asked to go to the streets and solicit some funds for the poor and the needy. I managed to get some money.

On my way I met a lady who was tired and weary. She had nowhere to go and had not eaten. I gave the money to her and managed to find her a place to sleep. She gave me a beautifull gift in return, a beautifull broken china that was given to her by her great great grandmother. She said it is a blessing to you for helping me.

I always thank God that I was able to help her. Thank you and that's all i want to share. From sandra ghana, west africa.

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  • Posted by Sandra Boatemaa
  • Jul 16, 2006
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It takes a village

I'm a single mother of a 14-year-old male. I have not been around any young children in a long time. However, this weekend, I kept a four-year-old little girl overnight at my house. Brought back lots of memories. Her mother has no family here in Atlanta and just needed a little "me" time. I was happy to help her out even though a four-year-old is definitely a handful. I actually had a good time.

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Crown Coin

When my father married my mother in 1943 he gave my mother a 1937 crown coin and told her to keep it in the back of her purse and not spend it. This would mean that she always felt that she was protected and would always have money if she really needed it. When I was married in 1970 my husband who had heard this story, obtained a 1937 crown for me and I have always kept it in my wallet, and I have always had enough for my needs. A friend recently fell on hard times, partly through external circumstances and partly through poor planning. Friends and I have loaned her money, paid her bills, even given her food, tried to teach her budget techniques, and none of it has been a solution, she has just slipped deeper and deeper into financial trouble and depression. Last week she looked pale ... Read Full Story >>

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