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Plants and Flowers

i grow lots of plants and flowers. I'm guessing some of them are going to show up in unexpected places with your card. What an absolutely wonderful idea -- keep up the good work!

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  • Posted by Marian Iannuzzi
  • May 28, 2006
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Cleaning with New Eyes

I can't really throw stuff out. Call me a packrat or blame on my parents who grew up with very little and instilled the idea of keeping everything, I simply can't throw stuff out. Now you can imagine what packing up my apartment was like after living there for three years. We didn't grow through the annual purging process typical of college students, instead my possessions simply grew over the years. Finally the time came, it was time to pack up and move all my stuff... across the continent. You can imagine that space was somewhat of a constraint on what I could keep. As I watched my roomate pack up within a day, either throwing stuff out or packing it up, I couldn't follow suit. The environmentalist in me could never throw away paper, it always had to be recycled, and now how could ... Read Full Story >>

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Good Foods, Good Smile Tags

A good friend of mine lives about 1 hour away. I called her last week and found out that she wasn't doing too well. Nothing big, but just bummed because a lot of things fell through which would make the following year a little more challenging. After hanging up with her, she was put on my smile list, but I couldn't think of what to do, but opportunities present themselves when you're not even looking. A few days later, some friends and I happened to be in her city eating at a restaurant with fabulous desserts. As we pored over the dessert menu, I got it. I turned to my friends and asked them if they wanted to join in on a game of tag. After explaining the idea, they were up to take 15 minutes more after a long day to make someone's day. ... Read Full Story >>

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Thankfulness Chocolates

We recently bought some furniture from a shop, and they really worked hard to make sure it reached us within 2 days. So I just thought I’d buy a box of chocolates for the salesman, who really did a good job on selling us on it. I walked into the store, and Daniel sees me, and I can tell, there's a little bit of apprehension in the air, as I’m guessing that most customers go back to complain. He says "Hello, Sir! How are you doing?" And I'm holding the chocolates in front of me, and so I tell him, "Good. I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful furniture, and working with us to make it happen. Our whole family loves it, we've even taken pictures and sent them to other family and they love it too. Thanks for going the extra mile for us! These chocolates ... Read Full Story >>

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A Small Act For My Dad

Sometimes it is the small acts of kindness and of just common hospitality that can make a difference in someone's life. Most stories I have read on this website have been gracious gifts of some form.

My Dad was in his car when he took a bite of his food and started to choke. He got out of the car and was bent over trying to breath when a big man came and asked if he needed help. He could not speak but the man could tell by his face changing colors that he needed it. Being a large guy, he shook up my Dad so the piece of food in his throat belted out. The man was gone before he could fully recover. And though it was an obvious thing to do, helping a choking person, it still meant life or death. It was a big gift, a kind gift. If the man was not around, as scary as it sounds, neither would my Dad be today.

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Drive-thru Pooh Bear

Right after Christmas my husband and I were shopping at Wal-Mart. Everything was 75% off so we did some early Christmas shopping for next year.

We bought this one gift that was four mugs and a canister of different kind of hot cocoa. It was "Pooh Bear and Friends" collectors edition.

Afterwards, we over to the local Hardees to grab a bit to eat. It had been a long day, so we quickly went through the drive-thru. The drive-thru girl was probably 18 and had worked all day long; still, she was very polite and had a smile that could light up any room.

My husband reaches behind his seat and asks her if she likes Pooh Bear things. She immedatly replied "Oh Yeah, I love him." My husband said, "Well Merry Christmas." She was quite shocked and asked us if this was a joke. We replied no and she took it and ran around the store showing everyone.

She ended up giving us our meal for half off which was pretty cool. But everytime we go to Hardees and see her she remembers us and is very sweet and nice to us.

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  • Posted by Elisabeth
  • May 25, 2006
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Random Kindness at the Mall

hi, i'm 14 years old and here is what happened i was in the mall with my mom my sister and my brother-in-law. My sister was looking at these cool star necklaces and the girl who worked there said those are really cool i wish i could have one.

After a while my sister decides to buy the star necklace and it was 20 bucks so i bought the one for my sister and then i thought what the heck and i bought both of them and gave one to the cashier and she was so shocked but i felt good inside.

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Remembering the Elderly

I am a mother of two and always have had a special spot in my heart for people that have spent many years on this earth. I somehow fall into these peoples lives for some reason or another. One elderly woman needed a lot of care such as cooking, cleaning, dr. appts and so on which I was more than happy to help until she passed. Of course it broke my heart. Since then, I've befriended several others -- some just want to have lunch and tell their stories while others need help going to the store and getting their hair fixed every week. The main thing I have noticed is that when you get older for some reason people start to ignore you and they lose their voice? I understand that sometimes there is memory loss, however, it upsets me to see dr's and even family treat them ... Read Full Story >>

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My Most Prized Possession

When I was on CBS's Survivor - Africa all I had with me were the clothes on my back and my one luxury item of choice: a hackey sack. My hackey sack was my most prized possession, the one item that took me temporarily away from the Survivor game and home to the familiar... and I gave it away. It may sound silly, but it was a tough decision - a real moment of personal truth. I was with a group of other Survivor contestants distributing HIV/AIDS testing kits to a small village in Kenya when I met Milton. Milton didn't have any of the luxuries I had growing up- no TV, no bike, no PlayStation. But Milton's eyes were full of laughter, and they lit up when I produced my hackey sack. I knew exactly how Milton felt, and that I would be leaving my beloved hackey sack with him ... Read Full Story >>

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It's Just Ham!

A few days before Mother's day, I went to the grocery store, & there were hams on sale half price. I bought 2 since they only cost $5.00 a piece & were each 8 lbs. I thought I'd freeze them, and have them when I needed.

On the way home, I spotted a lady who walks her 3 little grandkids to the bus stop each a.m. This past winter, I noticed their jackets torn & ragged.

I pulled my car over, got out & introduced myself, talked a while, & told her I just got a great deal on a ham, & would like to share one with her. Her face lit up and she thanked me over and over again.

I felt like the hams were on sale for me to buy that day for this very reason!

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  • Posted by jo-ann lester
  • May 21, 2006
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Corporate Smiles

Every year my company inducts a group of 40 summer and management trainees from various business schools in India.

Every year, I induct each batch to the business development function. This year I planned to do it differently.

I printed 5,000 smile cards and distributed them to these young professionals. Compassion need not be restricted to the "outside work zone".

Compassion is more needed at work where we spend more than half of our lifetime. With each tiny step we take, we make a big difference.

I am now waiting to see the outcome of this tornado!

Thank you for the inspiration.

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  • Posted by Dr. Anant G Wadkar
  • May 20, 2006
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Roses and Newspapers

Hi I'm 12 years old and I recently saw a movie called 'Pay It Foreward'. It was all about doing random acts of kindness.

On mothers day today we had a bunch of roses in our church that went out to all the mothers. There were a few extra so i took the extra ones home with me and placed them on people in my neighborhoods doorsteps. Then when i was delivering newpapers on wednesday one of my neighbors had seen me drop of a rose at their doorstep, ran up to me and gave me a huge hug.

That had made my day, that sometimes people just need something small like a rose to make them happy!

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Serving in Africa

I've believe I've been guided. Christmas Eve/ Christmas day 12.15am. Sitting outside a church unwilling to disrupt the midnight mass inside, listening vaguely to the singing. Out on the cold steps, the distent noise of the party goers, odd flake of snow my mind wondering. By the time my boyfriend came to get me at about 1.00am, I have this solidly wedged notion in my mind. To do something I had never seriously considered before, to break free of this lovely sheltered protected life I have grown to know and accept unappreciatingly. I believe sitting on those steps, I was touched by someone or something that fueled me to get into touch with this volenteer company in Africa. So in less than two months from now I am going to work in a Childrens Orphanage in a township in South Africa. To the great surprise of everyone that knew me when ... Read Full Story >>

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What a Bargain!

So my girlfriend and I were in a womens store in Jersey this past saturday and I am paying $15 for 2 tops which is next to nothing and overhear the clerk at the register saying that the winter coats just got marked down to $1!

After she handed me my change for $20, I handed it back to her and said I will take 5 coats for women in our local shelter and everyone said, "oh that's so nice of you", blah, blah, blah.

I did it to keep a woman warm, not for any other reason. I didn't do it for recognition or anything else. I just hoped the person behind me in line also bought a coat for $1 at least one to keep a coatless woman warm this coming winter!

I will be donating the coast as soon as I locate a homeless shelter (it seems after checking online in my area they won't accept them until winter?), so my trunk will be holding them until then!

Anytime you see a bargain like that, how could you not feel guilty not purchasing at least one? I wouldn't be able to enjoy my beer that night knowing that it cost more than 5 coats if I didnt purchase them! I hope you all can make someone warm in someway! God Bless You ALL! xo

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Pay It Backward and Forwards

I am in recovery from Anorexia. During my illness, people did so much for me. However, at that time i was ill enought that i couldn't show them my gratitude. I want to pour out the love and kindness that was shown to me in my illness to others because i know how much it truely touched my life and encouraged me to recover.

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  • Posted by Rachel Clark
  • May 15, 2006
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Coming Back Home

I will be delivering one card everyday to a children's home I was raised at. The place did so much to my life that I'm now working as an IT Admin with an Aviation company.

I would like to show my gratitude through these cards and everytime I deliver one card, it will be a reminder of the good work and that God is always there for you and me.

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  • Posted by David Otieno
  • May 15, 2006
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the Metro

While I was on a campus abroad program in Paris, I frequented the Metro as means of travel. One day I was with a group of friends, and we had just arrived at our stop. As i headed up the stairs, I noticed an older gentleman with an obviously heavy suitcase. I had already made it up the top of the cumbersome flight of steps but felt the need to help. I took his suitcase for him all the way down the stairs, making sure he made it down safely as well and ensured that both he and his suitcase made it safely onto the train.

Sometimes kindness lies in the simple, little things of life.

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  • Posted by Brian DeGross
  • May 14, 2006
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we decided to make someone happy so we went out and did it. this was all because of this website. we found a homeless guy and we gave him a sandwhich. this made him happy because he had never eaten one before.

i was so proud of myself, that I did something for someone else.

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Bystander No More

I was with my oldest son and we were on the lookout for an open parking space in our jam-packed shopping center. We spotted a perfect one in the next row of spaces, and I manouvered our van around the turn, all the while hoping no one else would spot it and grab it before I could. And, as luck would have it, a lady was wheeling her shopping cart right in front of us, and it looked like it was getting away from her - crammed with bags and cartons of soda underneath. She herself was carrying three extra bags in her hands while trying to push the cart against a strong spring wind, and looked frazzled. She noticed us and I could tell she was trying to move over to the side so we could pass. At that moment, some of the lighter ... Read Full Story >>

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Family Kindness Journal

Last month I started a family kindness journal. Every day each member in the family must write down the good deed that they did that day. It is amazing to see how far my children's deeds have come.

At first they helped the teacher or shared school supplies, but it has progressed to wonderful things I never imagined.

For example there is a boy my son has not gotten along with since the first day of school. My son came home and told me his good deed for the day was to make friends with this boy.

I said, “What possessed you to be friends with someone who has been mean to you all year?”

His response? “I gave it a lot of thought and realized he was lonely and didn't know how to make friends, and that was why he was mean.”

This boy has had quite an attitude adjustment (no longer hitting and calling names) and has been welcomed into my son's group of friends.

Some deeds are big some are small, but the point is for us to think of other people.

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