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Gift Of Qigong

Usually, each semester I take a QiGong course via our adult education centre. Our teacher is a wonderful person, explains a lot but mainly practices with us and always gives only positive feedback. Yes, of course, I can practice myself. And I often do so, but practicing with the other women and my teacher is just better.

For the last year the course was canceled due to the virus, but last week she sent us an email and invited us today to meet in a public park (privately). She practiced with us for 1.5 hours expecting no payment (of course we collected it and provided it for her, she is self-employed and needs it).

A beautiful gift for us!

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Grace From The Universe

A dear friend who is a mindfulness meditation teacher has been mentoring a young man for the past few years and has been inspired by his persistence and dedication to using mindfulness to deal with anxiety and other issues. She shared his story with some of us and as he is graduating from high school now she wanted to present him with a graduation gift from our community--we put together a virtual card with all our well-wishes and collected donations to help support his college endeavors. He is from an economically disadvantaged background and got scholarships to pursue his higher education. Those scholarships cover his tuition/books/meals but not housing. After collecting the donations, one person stepped up with a corporate matching gift via a nonprofit and doubled the amount we could gift him---and guess what---the amount is EXACTLY what is needed to cover the college housing costs! She presented him with our well ... Read Full Story >>

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Letters of Kindness

Hello I am Allison, and I love spreading kindness to others all around the world.How can I be put in the news for a story about how I have over 778 pen pals from different places all over the world and I hand write each letter and I spread kindness to each of them because of how bad this world is getting, and I feel like we need a lot more kindness these days and how I am disabled and I just want to brighten their day I also send off probably thousands of letters and cards each year Thanks so much Allison

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Lunch Surprise

Had bought a sandwich from the "kindness cafe" for lunch today as a treat (the gal who took my order very proudly showed me her wrist bracelet that read "be kind"!!) enjoyed talking to the staff there as always....on the way home stopped at the grocery store. There was a bicycle outside with a sign taped to it "homeless--anything helps"---the bike was not in great shape (seat was held together with duct tape...).....I carefully put the sandwich box, tangerine and got a bottle of water and kept them on the bike basket. Hope that the person enjoyed the surprise. Later in the evening a neighbor came by with the first cherry crop from her tree--so delicious! And I got to share two recordings I "discovered" of my long departed grandmother with family members--just by using my phone to record from the audio cassette....what a treasure that was. Sent metta to a friend going ... Read Full Story >>

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A Surprise Gift

I worked at the same place of employment for decades. It wasn't the best job in the world, but it had its advantages. For the most part, I very much enjoyed the people with whom I came in contact.

I was working in the garden today, watering my poor plants that are very unhappy in this very hot, humid, lack-of-rain spell when a Fed-Ex truck pulled up.

I had ordered nothing. The driver jumped out and said: Here are more flowers as he carried a large box of cut flowers. It's not my birthday, anniversary, etc. I asked him if he was certain that he had the correct address.

I almost cried when I opened the box, saw the stunning bouquet and read the short note from a former employee. I have not seen, been in touch for well over a decade. She thanked me for whatever it was that I had done those many years ago to make HER retirement easy and "painless". I am so blessed.

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Kind Accommodation

One of my guests, the Japanese young lady, needs to move closer to work because it's too long a journey and too early in the morning to go from here.

She's been such a delightful guest that I thought I'd repay her by helping her find some accommodation in the city (she was struggling also with language and lack of experience).

It took a little while but I got her a lovely small flat for her to share with only one other person. She is so happy and grateful, and so am I! Helping each other, 'kindness is never wasted...' I shall miss her when she goes next week.

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The Gift Of Kindness

Like so many people around the world, I experience my unique share of stress during these challenging times. After a horrible work week, I started crying in a coffee shop yesterday when we waited too long for just two cups of coffee.

The kind owner of the shop came to our table to apologize for the long wait, and also tried to comfort me (still crying) and regifted me a lovely container of succulents that someone gave to her. I thanked her for her kindness in a time I needed it so much, something that I will never forget.💗

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Afternoon Snack For Our Neighbors

🌶 Was cutting up fresh red & yellow peppers to have with a hummus/pretzel snack pack when I saw our across the driveway neighbors, through our window, sitting out on their porch.

I know they like raw peppers, so I cut up extra peppers & brought some over ( with a hummus/pretzels snack pack) as an afternoon snack for them.

They were pleasantly surprised 😊

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Caring for Animals, Domesticated and Wild

I've been spending more time on my patio in the warmer weather and have noticed squirrels and jays coming to drink from our dog's water bowl. This has inspired me to keep it fresher and to add another bowl in the back part of the yard.

We have been taking our little dog to a little dog park so she can visit with other little dogs. She likes it! I see so much kindness at this little dog park. It is a balm to my soul. This park was created by a man who had his little dog mauled to death at a large dog park.

I gave butterfly origami to friends leaving on trips. And then I wrote a letter to the editor regarding the environmental foolishness of butterfly releases, also reaching out to a local butterfly group. We'll see what happens.

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15 Months of Continual Sharing

When the first shelter-in-place order for the Covid-19 pandemic started in the San Francisco Bay area, we had enough toilet paper and fruit from our backyard trees to share.

My spouse designed this laundry basket bolted to sections of a broken bedframe rail for a share spot. I ordered the sign from an online banner-making service.

For about 15 months now, neighbors have helped us keep the basket stocked, swapping food, paper goods, toiletries, trinkets, and an occasional clothing item.

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Tea Bags and Shared Feelings

A while back a KindSpring member sent me some origami doves. I combined her random act with my own and gave a few of them out along with tea bags.

One lady burst into tears. When I asked what was wrong, she said no one had ever been so kind. She had run out of tea bags and just lost her husband the previous week. We both sat on a bench on our town green and cried with joy.

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Lining Up in Memory of Schoolchildren

The people in these cars lined up to pay their respects for the 215 First Nation children whose remains were discovered under the grounds of the Kamloops Residential School in British Columbia, Canada recently. Thousands of vehicles slowly passed the T'kemlups te Secwe'pemc pow-wow grounds, which is near the residential school.

It has been difficult and heartbreaking, as I am a survivor of the system as well. Yet it is very inspiring to see that this news has touched the hearts of so many because so many children never made it home from this place. Your prayers are helpful and appreciated, thank you.

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Gifting A Corona Warrior

John, the Corona volunteer, saw to it that my mother had one test and me two done for free (each costing Rs 900/- when done at a private hospital). I am glad that we got our initial tests done in a week's time after my arrival. All credit goes to John.

He also saw to it that my mother was screened for blood and chest once she tested positive for Corona. He went a step ahead and ensured I was vaccinated yesterday, too. Again, all for free.

I gifted him a small sum he could use to buy books or stationery or whatever he deems useful as a student in his second year for a Bachelor's in Computer administration. Rich kids do not volunteer. Poor kids volunteer to shoulder their parents' burden here.

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Dog Loves Bench Sitters

My daughter and her husband live only a few blocks from me. When they're at work and school, I take the dog for walks. Ben is a miniature long-haired dachshund who loves people. He doesn't jump up, and he rarely barks, but when we're out walking he approaches every person we pass as a potential friend.

Ben seems particularly drawn to elderly people sitting on benches. Even if they've made no move toward him, he'll bounce right up, sit on their feet, and gaze adoringly at them while they scratch his head. You can see their perception shift.

Ben did this with an old gentleman who was just sitting quietly, doing nothing. He looked so lonely. After Ben's little visit, he looked up at me with a big smile on his face and said, "Well that just changed my day."

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Sadness in Common

When I was six, my mom died in a car wreck. Now I move on and on alone. But one day, I realized I was not alone.

At school, we were watching "The Land Before Time." In the movie, a dinosaur's mom died.  I saw a girl in a chair crying.

I asked her what was wrong, and she said her mom died. I told her she wasn't alone. I told her that her mom is looking down on her from the stars. She stood up and hugged me as tight as she could. My eyes filled with tears. 

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  • Jun 23, 2021
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Call A Loved One

My grandma called me a few days ago without reaching me, so I tried to return the call. She wasn't home.

Instead, I spent a good amount of time chatting with my grandpa. I realized I don't call my loved ones enough, and I should make this more of a practice.

It felt great to reach out to him. I love you, grandpa.

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  • Posted by thatvirginia
  • Jun 21, 2021
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Men Of Influence

The men of influence in our lives are our fathers, brothers, grandfathers, uncles, and friends and play an important role in our lives. They lead by example, teaching us how to move physically through our world, how to be strong in the face of adversity, to be resourceful, and how to provide for ourselves and our families. My Dad taught me how to have spontaneous fun, playing baseball in the middle of the street, in his stocking feet. Today my dad continues to influence me in positive ways. He has faced a challenging health issue over the past few months and has carried on with his life in much the same way as he did before his illness, going about his daily business a bit slower and needing to take more rests but still living his life the way he wishes to. My grandfather taught me the value of being trusted. My ... Read Full Story >>

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The Young Woman in a Hospital Gown

Hurrying home between appointments at work, I was shocked to see a young woman wearing only a hospital gown struggling up the street away from the hospital. She was barefoot and holding the gown closed in the front with both hands. Her feet were obviously hurting.

I drove by slowly to see if there was a car waiting anywhere near. When I realized she was completely alone, I turned around and came back to offer assistance. It was such an unusual sight that I almost didn't believe what I was seeing.

I suggested I take her back to the hospital, but she was determined to walk all the way to her mother's house about 10 miles away. I encouraged her to get in the car, and I drove her to her mother's home. She was grateful.

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  • Jun 18, 2021
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Kale Friendly Neighbors!

Last year, we tried to grow kale from seed. It didn't end up working out too well, Canadian weather can get pretty unpredictable. When we see our neighbor, we often exchange tips and tricks. We shared our kale story and a few days later he comes back with several plants for us.

As kale is biennial, the growth this year has been really good. They are growing so tall and producing a lot of leaves. Today I was able to get a bunch and share it with our neighbor. Without his kindness, we wouldn't have this much!

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Thanks To A Colleague

Today I thanked a work colleague who, every week, organizes our work syndicate for the National Lottery.

He doesn't have to do it, and it is not just him who benefits. We all take it for granted he will do it. I finally remembered to say thank you.

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