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Knitting And Earth’s Day

I finished knitting and putting together an orange triceratops and I'm going to put him in the box for India. I'm in the process of knitting a pink stegosaurus for my daughter. When she was two we flew to Canada for a conference and we stayed with a family in Calgary with children a similar age to Ruth.

Before we flew home we visited a number of places in and around Calgary. The Zoo had a wonderful display of life size dinosaurs and Ruth fell in love with a stegosaurus. We bought a stegosaurus home with us so I thought it would spark memories for her.

In Celebration of Earth Day, I've put two window bird feeders up. The sunflowers I put in a pot a couple of weeks ago are growing well.

I've put together a collage of photos for you to see.

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Books Donation

It was time to clean up our book shelves and my wife is very regular in giving items away. Today, we donated about 30 books of old classics and autobiographies to a book store who gladly accepted it. I am sure it will delight some one else looking to get a copy of these books.

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April Is National Card And Letter Writing

April is National Card & Letter Writing Month. Getting a letter or a card with a personal message in the mail has always been very special to me. While texts, emails and social media are a good way to stay in touch there is just something extra special about a card or letter that you can hold in hour hand and save to cherish the memory. During the month of April I am challenging myself to write 30 letters. Some will be written to friends and relatives, others will be written to veterans going on Honor Flights and some will be written to children in the hospital.


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Burger to share

Day 2:
I saw one of the fellows I sometimes help near my work. He was at a bus stop near McDonald's. I asked if he was hungry. He told me he would love a McDouble, no drink because he already had one. So, I got him the burger and he thanked me.


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Rural Sports Festival !

Rural Sports Festival !

With an aim to give fillip to sports in the rural areas, we organized a full day mega sports event ‘ Grameen Khel Mahotsav’ in a remote area of our city with the support of local schools.

Rural Sports Festival is a unique step to revive the traditional rural sports in this remote area. During the day-long event, popular sports like Racing, Kabaddi, Long Jump, Hurdles, Kho-Kho, and local rural sports like Rassa -Kassi, Gitti Fod, Competition were conducted.

Eminent personalities including both civil and military dignitaries graced this occasion. The event was organized to emphasize the importance of sports in the overall development of youth.
So many boys and girls from different areas participated in the event. It was a wonderful time to watch them playing and celebrating. 


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Package Of Kindness

Richard took some of the items we didn't need to the Food Bank and I had an idea for a bottle of wine which was part of the package. I will drop it off at the Hairdressers as they have moved to new premises and I think it will help them celebrate!

I'm putting together a package for our neighbours too!

The photo shows the book and the raccoon and owl I've knitted to accompany them.

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Class Wish List At The Door

I went to school with Kara decades ago and we still are connected via FaceBook. I have seen all she does with her community, faith and taking more children into her family. She's very positive and is always trying to make the world better one person, one act at a time.
This week I found some items for my class from my Amazon class list at my front door: Expo pens, a language activity book and calculators.
This is the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you, Kara and family. Merry Christmas!


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🕊️ Waiting Room Peace Summit 🕊️

That’s Gretchen in the photo. She was waiting for her car to be serviced too. We had never met before and not sure we will again, but wow, what an encounter! It was one of those brief, open, heart-to-heart, synchronistic connections that bloomed with the radiance of divine love. When I asked what she was reading she said, “The Anatomy of Peace,” a book her sister had sent in response to a few months of silence from her sister. Gretchen was puzzled. Why this book? What message was her sister trying to convey? “Forgiveness. That’s the biggest thing,” Gretchen said. I agreed. “Families. They are our most challenging lessons.” That opened a share about my brother, who had disowned our family over 20 years ago. An origami peace dove fairly flew out of my purse into her hand, and then another to share with her estranged sister. I’ve signed out “The Anatomy of Peace” from the online Libby ... Read Full Story >>

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🍊 Big carton of honeybells & grapefruits delivered to us today from friend in Florida….always way too much for the two of us & opportunity to share with friends & neighbors.

I put the word out & folks will be stopping by later for some 👌🏻

That’s the best gift…one you can share with others ❤️

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Visamo Kids Visit Plus

Visamo Kids Visit Plus

On December 15, I visited Visamo Kids to help enroll my friend SD's son. I had a nice talk with a staff member. I told Intense Positive thinking , Fatemah story, Kind Spring and mindyjourney's peace doves. I also told her that I visited Visami Kind about four years ago to conduvt a bookmark and greeting card making workshop. She agreed to receive quote cards and books from me. I am grateful to her.

Today, December 18, I sent books, QC.s and BMs as shown in the image.

Visamo Kids is like our dear KS friend KM Bhai's mini library where kids stay and learn.

I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for all the opportunities sending my way and His help and manifest them.

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Be Enchanted 😊

I ordered this book on the recommendation of gardengal and it was delivered this afternoon.

I thought it would be a good book to put into the Happy Bag I posted about earlier, for our neighbor-friend’s Mom. I can order another one for myself. I think this would be a good book for her to read as she undergoes her lung cancer treatments.

📕 One review: “This book has nuggets of gold, great wisdom that will serve in the practice of waking up to the sacred in all.”

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Being Temporarily Homebound

Being temporarily homebound I have been getting groceries and meals delivered. Thru this season I have been giving extra tips and peace roves to all who delivered to me.
I also have a caretaker come in twice a week. I have been thanking them in the same way.
Last night I shared my dinner with her. Also gave her a bag of goodies for her children.

I may be temporarily down. But not out of kindness
Blessings to all

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Get Well Soon Cards

Get Well Soon cards While I was making Get well Soon card, I selected an image and tried to work on it but somehow the program closed and I lost the image. I had selected that image for, I couldn't find the better one. I saw positivity in losing the image. After I searched for another image, Sri Sathya Sai Baba blessed me with the beautiful vibrant color image. I made the card for MS R who underwent surgery. The card had 8 pages with lines to write a message and or sign by other staff and trainees. I gave the card. Divine sister N liked it very much. After that, I came to know that one of my relative underwent surgery. I sent this beautiful image with Get Well Soon message on WhatsApp. Another relative had cataract operation. I made Get Well Soon card with variation for her that I will give very ... Read Full Story >>

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🧶❤️🧶 Crocheting

❤️🧶. Finished crocheting the baby blanket for my Dentist’s daughter who is expecting her first baby & will give it to her next week at my appointment to give to her daughter.

❤️🧶 I also have two “hugs” (prayer shawls) I crocheted to gift to some family members who are coming to visit us today. Haven’t seen them in a few years & am excited to be with them later today.

Love & Light in every stitch 🥰

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Kindness To Mother Earth

Kindness to Mother Earth

We all know to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. The hot pouches I use to laminate Quote cards comes in a box. I have used many of them to store different color card stocks that I use making greeting cards.

The inside of a hot pouch boxes is light brown color. I am using it to mail books.

Today I mailed inspiring and positive stories books to my another divine sister who is resting after surgery. These books will definitely help her keep positive attitude.

I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for all the opportunities sending my way and His help and manifest them.

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Moving from deficiency to offerings

Spoke to my cousin for 3 hours. He is going through a difficult breakup and his anxiety was acting up. Through the conversation, helped him feel things he was not allowing himself to feel but also shift him gradually to remember the unique gifts he brings to the world so that he can move to a more open hearted space. We both left the conversation feeling full and nourished.

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Water Conservation

There has been a water crisis in our city due to climate change, failure of monsoons, unplanned growth in the city, lack of water conservation awareness, rain water harvesting. I helped form a water conservation committee in our community, together drafted a set of water conservation guidelines and shared it across all the residents in our community. To raise the awareness that water should be treated as a currency, I helped install water meters for all the houses in our community and shared the readings for the past couple of months.

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Kindness In A New City

Hi friends,  I'm connecting with you all after a very long time. The epidemic had caused havoc in my extended family and I had been busy looking after my family. Last year I relocated to a new city with my husband and daughter and got busy settling in. This place is very different from where I lived before and we had a lot of adjusting. Now that things are running smoothly due to God’s help, I thought of letting you know about a kind act my daughter had the opportunity to enact, a week before.  We had a religious ceremony at home. We in India keep many fruits and sweetmeats at God’s altar and eat them before breakfast. After the ceremony, I told my daughter that there were so many extra things we wouldn’t finish. She suggested that she go with her father and look for someone who deserves all these extra fruits, etc. ... Read Full Story >>

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Three Days Of Kindness ...

Three days of Kindness (March 19-21, 2024) Gave some quote cards , Sri Ram’s photos to Utthan. Gave some quote cards, Shri Ram Photos and positive thinking books to my Divine sister. Again , made and gave shiro for sick old lady At the bank, kept door open for customers. Gave some quote cards and Sri Ram’s photos to bank customers and staff. One bank employee helped filling form for my friend SD. I thanked him and gifted him an inspiring book. Greeted many people with smiles. Received many s,iles in return. Also received many smiles of gratitudes after giving quote cards and Shri Ram’s photos and cracking jokes. At bus stop and in the bus, I gave many quote cards and Shri Rama’s photos during all of my bus rides. Cracked many jokes with people during these three days. At the supermarket, let two people behind me buy before me. Bought and gave groceries to needy ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness Given This Week

Kindness given this week

Went to lunch with a friend who is feeling down and lonely, while her partner visits her mom.
Went to dinner with some other lonely widow ladies
Went to lunch with friends

All of these trips were out of town. But I feel it is important for me to help them thru trying times.

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