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Post Lockdown Everyday Acts

After the lockdown was lifted in Ahmedabad, India - May 2020, I am again able to go out when necessary, with plenty of kindness opportunities. My day starts with the prayer “Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavanthu,” which means “Let all the worlds be happy,” and thereby all beings in all the worlds. Save water after hand-washing laundry to flush the toilet. Daily, after doing dishes, save water to flush toilet as well. Compose inspiring email and send to over 200 contacts every other day. Posting inspiring articles on FaceBook, KS and in an email that I send every other day has become a part of my life. Feed bird seeds several times and wash/fill bird bath almost daily. Several times I have donated money to needy people and bought groceries for them. Made sesame sweets and gave to staff at Utthan (Center for the differently abled), friends and needy people. I appreciate their trust in me and ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness Is A Two-way Street

OK, I made a commitment to three acts of kindness this am. An e-card, a post to a community service organization and using social media to spread good news.

I share this not because I want to acknowledge what I did, but that as I did these things, I found that I was not interested in looking at some negative information that might have otherwise caught my eye this morning.

Kindness is a two-way street with more benefits for me, I think, and that is what is being reinforced for me since joining this group. That's my Saturday story and I am sticking to it! LOL!

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Seat belt for everyone

I work as a uber driver. Today, I had to travel 10 miles to pick up a family from a specific location. At the moment they got to my vehicle, I noticed that the father and the mother were using the seat belts,but not the kids they were traveling with. Then I got out of the car and opened the door to hand the seat belts to the kids. The mother and the father refused my kindness act, because they were in a rush. I told them that if my moment of kindness was not accepted, then what kind of model was that for the children. They were at 0.2miles distance from their house, but Uber and the United Sates of America policies about seat belts are my main concern because I know I can save myself and others from accidents. I wanted to mention that the kids seemed afraid of those parents. At the same ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Aug 29, 2020
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Pay it forwart at the restaurant drive!

I took the opportunity yesterday to buy the lunch of the person in the car behind me. The cashier was so happy to be able to tell that person and hand them a Smile Card to encourage them to pass on a random act of kindness.

Later, while in line at the grocery store with a full cart, I offered a gentleman and his son whose cart had only three-four items to go ahead of me. It was a small thing but they were appreciative.
I found joy in these small actions - just to see their smiles was great!

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Special Gift for Hotel Workers

What you're looking at is a note I have placed on my bed in my hotel room for the housekeeper. In it is a $50 credit card gift voucher which can be used anywhere.

Now this is quite an extravagant gift even for me, however I know how little these beautiful ladies are paid and most likely the crap they have to clean. In it is a note also telling her how important she is and how much I appreciate her.

Without people like her we wouldn't be able to stay in the nice clean hotels that we do. I pray this gift and the appreciation we all hold for the hotel maids is felt in her heart for a very long time.

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1st But Not The Last Rak

I really dont know how to put into words my experience I felt this weekend when doing a "Random Act Of Kindness".

Traditionally and especially for me, giving to charity has been rewarding but it never answered the lingering question of: Who did I help?

The heartfelt and surprising response that I received from the Mom and I her 10-12 year boy (I was stunned at how polite and well spoken both were) was 1st a THANK YOU, but then they told me that they didn't need the help.

I asked them if they knew of someone that could use a little assistance to which they answered yes. So I gave them the gift card and left the store.

My point in writing this is in hoping others will consider doing a RAK especially in this current day and time where a lot of people are will be left with a smile on your face and quite possibly a couple of tears.....

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Citizens Of The World

We have, like in many more countries, refugees in our country. Through the years I have tried to help by teaching women our country's language as a volunteer. They have to learn the language, but also our culture: for instance what to say when they have to go to the doctor. Or we visit a hospital just to see what's going on in such a place, or we visit a farm where they are making cheese. Only by learning the language they will be able to integrate into our society. Once a year, just before Christmas break all the women from different countries make delicious snacks which are served for us all together. Many times I have noticed that it seems easier for women to accept any help than men. Probably because of the children that they have to raise. Men are working outside. Problems with the kids mostly occur when parents drift apart, sometimes ... Read Full Story >>

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Plum Dumpling Love for My Sis

Sister mentioned wistfully how much she used to love Mom’s plum dumplings and “witzie noodles.” I hadn’t made the old world recipe in years, probably when Mom first showed me how to make the potato/flour dough, wrap around a plum, boil and then serve in a pan of warm buttered bread crumbs. The noodles are the rolled dough, minus the plums. The recipe was hard-copy saved in a rough homemade cookbook I had painstakingly assembled as holiday gifts early in our marriage, when I had plenty of time, an electric typewriter and little money :))). As I boiled and mashed, kneaded and rolled, I could feel my Mom’s presence near. She expressed her love through cooking and as I followed her recipe (which was her mother’s), the continuity of that love flowed through my hands as well. Chills ran up and down my spine, a sign of a spiritual presence for me.  I am ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness awards to kids

This evening I gave all the kids in my group kindness awards. I've been volunteering at this organization for kids for about 2 months now and I love it. Most of the children in our care struggle with some form of a mental health issue.

Today I noticed how well all the kids were playing with each other. The kids were patient, playing nicely with each other, taking turns at games, using nice language, and the girls were working hard on their bracelets that I taught them to make (it was pretty tricky).

So I noted the particular strengths each child demonstrated and wrote them each a personalized award. Their faces were beaming. They couldn't wait to tell their parents of all the good things they did. I'll be sure to do this more often.

Doesn't it feel awesome when people point out our strengths?

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Care for my neighbor's dog

I have a neighbor whose elderly dog is not doing so well.

This neighbor has health issues, too. I was sad and tired about the loss of my cat but I was also concerned for her and her dog as she lives alone. She doesn't like to phone or email.

I checked on her and they were doing ok and I felt better, too. We both love our animal friends so much. She left me a drawing she made of me, with Tom and Hazel taking a walk by her house. Our Hazel will go to her walkway and sit there, even if she is unavailable, and wait for awhile in hopes of a visit.

We help each other heal.

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Peace Loving Hearts

I cut out a few heart shapes and put 'peace' and 'love all' messages on them, and stuck straws on the back for support as shown in the picture. Ever since I saw this in one of Nimo's videos I have wanted to do this<3. I am putting them near mail boxes in the neighborhood so that passers by may enjoy the fresh air of positivity as they walk past them:).


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Looking Out For The Neighbours.

I read in the local newspaper that a kindergarten in my village is affected by covid19.

Over 90 people people are in quarantine for 2 weeks. So, I made up a care parcel for our neighbours who have 2 young children with a watermelon, toilet roll (!), biccies and a note saying to call if they needed anything.

Turns out they are fine as their kids go to a different kindergarten!

Still, it felt good to reach out and they appreciated my kind gesture!

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Thank You For Helping Me In Getting More Patient

In the middle of this heat our landlord has ordered the renovation of our balconies (tiny as they are). The workers, though kind and willing, are not really organised though, hopping from one balcony to the next. Right now four balconies out of six are being worked on at the same time. To be honest, I had to 'talk' to myself several times aleady not to complain about this, and today one of my neighbours, an 80 year old lady, started complaining - first to me, then to one of the workers. I am glad I was able to listen to her without starting to complain myself or belitteling her problems. At the beginning I thought, well, she usually is at home all the time, while I have to juggle appointments and reschedule them. But fortunately I could understand that the uncertainty for her seems to be almost overwhelming, her quiet day is ... Read Full Story >>

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Welcoming Neighbors

Since we moved to our new home a week ago (we rented one for more than 7 years, and it was time to buy our own house...our last address as we call it) I have been busy unpacking boxes the last few days.

It’s exhausting, but also rewarding to stand back and see how a new home opens her arms to you. How everything eventually finds a place to “live,” a corner to exist in. We also experienced kindness from some neighbors in our complex.

I was overwhelmed by a bunch of flowers and a lovely plant for the house that some of the people gifted us. And then there was the plate of muffins appearing on our doorstep. People are so thoughtful!

Most ordinary people care about others. Most ordinary people are kind. 

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Trash Clean-up Kindness

❤️This is about an anonymous kind act my husband did yesterday:

One of our next door neighbors, a good-hearted young man who often helps us & other neighbors out, seems to be “trash-challenged”. He lets his trash pile up & often neglects to put it at the curb for collection.

After hubby’s frequent mutters to me about the mess out there, he went out last night & bagged up everything & put it at the curb for collection...he did a great job, too.

Although he will never let our neighbor know, I am sure he knows it was my husband, because it’s not the first time he has done this for him.

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Small Act Of Kindness by Little Girl

Today I went to Tubac, Az. My favorite town. I was sitting outside but ended up sitting inside. After a while, a family came in to get lemonade for them all to go, with two young girls, maybe 10 and 12.  The 12 year old had a pretty silk flower. I said "the flower is pretty. Did you just buy it?" She said yes. I asked the younger one, "Did you buy anything?" She said yes and showed me a pretty shiny beaded bracelet. I said "Those are really pretty and shiny." Next thing I know, the younger one placed something on my table. $2 crumpled up. I asked "What is this for?" She said "Because I wanted to." I almost started to cry. I said "Oh my gosh honey, that was so sweet of you. You remind me of myself."  Another lady sitting with her husband laughed in a good way. I said "How ... Read Full Story >>

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Positive Influence!

I talked to my little sister today and asked her how school was going. She couldn't wait to tell me about the kindness that she's been doing.

Since the beginning of the school year, she's sacrificed one out of three recesses to help out in the kindergarten classroom. She's helped clean, helped the children put their coats on, and got activities set up for the next group that comes in for the afternoon.

 I told her how great it is that she's volunteering, at 11. She goes "yup, I'm like you now". Ha ha, made my day :)

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The Story Of A Wandering Wallet

A few years ago, I was given a wallet. It was small, with only a single pocket for cash, cards and coins. A zipper kept everything inside from falling out and a beautiful elephant was woven into its front panel. The wallet came to me all the way from Tanzania, gifted to me by a close friend. I fell in love with it immediately, it was the perfect size and came from a place I hoped to someday visit. I carried it everywhere; it was always precariously hanging out of one pocket or another. But the wallet was not only beautiful; it had a personality: it loved to run away, as I told my parents over and over again, only to receive eye rolls in return. “Frances, really, you’ve lost it again?” they would say every time I misplaced it. I seem to have a habit of losing things— jackets, water bottles, ... Read Full Story >>

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This Extraordinary Thing Called Love ❤️

❤️ Kindness Received.....yesterday our next door neighbor came to our back door bearing two pretty cloth face masks. She had ordered a few online & wanted us to accept two.

I am touched by her constant caring. The power of a kind act, that can make someone feel loved, is transformative....for the “giver” as well as the "receiver." And who is to say who is who!

❤️ “The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

~ Art by Amanda Cass
Serendipity Corner

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Garland Of Peace Doves, Stars And Hearts

Yesterday I went to the bakery that has always hung all the origami I left in the tip jar. They also enjoy the Kndspring cards I leave. When Covid 19 hit, the bakery was stripped down and I saw all the origami had left, which was fine. I would expect such things to end up gone.

Well, yesterday I go in and all of it was back and up! It was strung along one long line of string over a candle display! Peace doves, stars, hearts and more made it back. I am so tickled. One of these days I will remember my camera.

And the barista was super shorthanded -- she was the only one there and slammed. I made sure to leave her a good tip and a "You Matter" card.

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