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The Night Guard

Winter had arrived with biting cold winds. We shivered even with sweaters and coats. One night, as we entered our building gate after a late night party, my husband noticed the guard wearing only a pullover.

He immediately took off his jacket and gave it to him. The guard wore the jacket then and there and thanked my husband profusely. I was touched by this action.

Every time I see the guard standing at the gate wearing the jacket, my heart soars with pleasure.

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Helping Hand, Listening Heart

​A sweet memory from Oct 20 2014 that I thought I would share ... Thinking about all of the elders that I got to spend time with during my grandmother’s five-year stay in the nursing home. I can’t imagine what it’s been like for them without any visitors at all. So sad. Keep loving each other. Keep being kind. ❤️❤️❤️ That day, I saw a man alone on a couch, in the front lobby of a nursing facility I have been frequenting, lying with his head on the sidearm – earlier he had been trying to push Jean, who has cerebral palsy and can’t move far alone, in her wheelchair, with his head, from his wheelchair. The song, “inchworm, inchworm” came to mind. I asked if they would mind if I pushed Jean the rest of the way – Jean said, “yes, please!” and the man smiled a toothless ‘thank you’. I thanked ... Read Full Story >>

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Parting Gifts

My father died on Oct 9 at the age of 88. I was able to be by his side for the last five days of his life. I played my harp, my crystal lyre and my small zither-like therapeutic harp. I forgave the alcoholism, which I did not expect to do. There were such moments of tenderness. I am so glad I made it to his bedside. I will never forget it.

I cleared out his assisted living apt and donated all the furniture and most of the clothing and kitchenware to the fire victims of Talent and Phoenix, Oregon. His books were scattered among the little libraries of Ashland.

I am deeply grateful for the gifts my father gave me. The hard times are washed away -- not forgotten but not stagnant and roaring anymore. I am glad he is free of his broken body and his wounded spirit that never properly healed.

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A Momemt Of Being

Today morning was a usual Monday.

After getting kids ready I was walking my kids to school.
We actually were running to make it to school on time. In that hurry, I noticed an elderly man walking out with walker and he also had a long stick that helped him to pick up things on the ground. He was trying to get the news paper on the ground and was having some difficulty in balancing.

I noticed this while running with my kids. I actually went past him.
Then I heard a voice in me. I stopped. Went back and picked up the paper and handed it to him. He looked up with a smile and said "Isn't that nice? Thank you" I smiled and ran back.

I think many such small opportunities to be of service used to go past me in the past. Being in this community I am more open and recognize these opportunities to be of service.

Thank You all and much Gratitude for all of you who help foster this!


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A Golden Autumn Playdate

“I LOVE Nature!”

She enjoys watching nature shows, especially if there are animals involved.

Maybe that’s why her grandparent’s golden aspen grove sucked us in while we were looking for leaves to craft with and let us go around 3 hours later.

We pretended we were a primitive family, making a shelter from bent trees and an old blanket.

I made her a crown of leaves and a tiny wreath woven from a twig and grasses. She sewed me a ring with a pine needle and special leaf with a heart hole 💛.

We took turns raking the leaves into a small nest, which she rested in as a baby bird while I fed her “worms” (bits of sourdough pumpkin bread).

Then we tossed armfuls of the nest up into the air and at each other, until we were laughing and covered in gold.

She helped me remember the joy of play, the art of pretending, the blissful immersion and appreciation of nature.

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Birthday kindness to me and spread to others

My birthday was Thursday 10/8.
I took off 5 days from work.

I treated myself to breakfast.
When I got there to pick it up the man asked "what are you doing today?"
I said "well, it's my birthday."
He said "oh nice, if you show me ID of your dob, you get a birthday discount."

I showed it and my bill went from $14 to $5. I did give him a $5 tip. (kind of gave away my savings, but I was ok with it)
Then I went to buy something at Walgreens. It was $10. She said you have $5 store credit. Well giddy up to me again.

I left and on street corner at light was an old man asking for money. I had never seen him before. I handed him a $5. Same thing, I gave away my saving. However, I see it as it meant to be. And it made me happy!

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More than a Place to Work Out

I belong to a small gym owned by a husband and wife team. The gym fosters such a strong sense of community, you feel like you're part of a family. A newer member's (we'll call him John Doe) apartment building burned down and he lost almost everything.

One fellow member who barely knew John Doe immediately decided to start a small fund-raiser for John and told all the other members about it. They all came to the gym one day and personally presented their donations to John.

I couldn't be prouder to be a part of such a community!  Not only are they amazing athletes, they are also amazing human beings!


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Alternatives for Holiday Gift-giving

I shared with all those near and dear to me that instead of exchanging gifts this year for the holidays, I would like to make charitable donations in their honor instead.  I hoped they would do the same for me.

For my KindSpring friends I sent a donation to our KindSpring website to help keep the work growing.

I made a charitable donation to benefit orphans. I will be looking around for more good causes to contribute to. 

Children on our holiday list will be receiving presents from us this year.

I will send out e-cards to save trees.

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Voicing gratitude to a stranger

Expressing one's appreciation to a stranger who shows kindness is warming for both souls. My son is currently in the midst of applying for college courses and mothers tend to assume an increased role of researcher/secretary. I called up the admissions department to gain advice about completing the application process , speaking with a wonderful woman who was a fellow mother of a boy one year older than mine. What struck me was her genuine care and helpfulness, taking time to give reassurance and perspective on our scenario. A rare trait when overall individuals are too much in a rush or distracted to give meaningful support. Nearing the end of our call I voiced my deeply felt gratitude for her empathetic and attentive communication and by her initial silence as she processed the compliment I could tell she was a humble soul who was not used to being thanked for being wonderful in ... Read Full Story >>

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Spreading the Warmth When It's Freezing

Before leaving for school this morning, I shoveled my driveway and sidewalk. It was cold and I was ready to head for warmth. But then I glanced a few houses down at the house where my elderly neighbour lives. He doesn't receive much help, so I ​shoveled his sidewalk and driveway. What a surprise it probably was when he woke up. 


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A New Pair Of Sneakers

While shopping I came across a young woman trying on sneakers.  She told me her mom advised her to go get some sneakers as she was expecting a baby and her feet were already starting to swell. I told her I liked the shoes she was trying on.  We visited more about her pregnancy. She was only 14 weeks along and seemed very excited. She told me that she just moved back in with her mom in anticipation of the baby. As I began to wrap up our conversation I told her she should definitely get the sneakers if they were comfortable because they looked good. She asked me if I knew if they had layaway because the sneakers were a little bit beyond her budget, but she really liked them. Her question took me back to my youth. I grew up relatively poor. Kids with more would make fun of my ... Read Full Story >>

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Gifts of Food, Time, and Joy in Celebration

I visited the supermarket to buy some groceries for a homeless family living across the supermarket, as well as for me.

While the cashier was scanning my cart full of groceries, a man came behind me in line with one item. I asked him to allow me to pay. He agreed. I paid, thanked him, and gave him a birthday card, Smile Cards, and bookmarks. 

Before all my items were scanned, a second man arrived in the line with two small cookie packages. I offered to pay for his items, too. He agreed and gave me his items. After the cashier rang them up and gave them back to me, I returned the cookies to the man. He tried to reimburse me. I asked him not to pay me, but to pay it forward to people in need. I gave him a birthday card, Smile Cards, and bookmarks, too.

I gave the groceries to the homeless family who was waiting. They needed something extra, so I gave them money.

I also paid extra to rickshaw driver.

All this was in honor of my son's marriage anniversary. He seemed happy to know the way I celebrated.

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Look Around To Offer Help

Yesterday afternoon I was in my studio working. I was chatting on the phone when something made me look up. Out of the window, on the other side of the street, I saw my very elderly neighbor kneeling in the grass, his caregiver beside him. “I’ve got to go”, I said to my friend. “I think something is wrong.” So I ran downstairs, out my front door and across the street. “He was taking a walk, and he tripped on the pavement”, the caregiver said. “I can’t lift him on my own.” My neighbor is a large man, so I ran back across the street and got masks and my husband! Together we were able to get him standing, but he couldn’t walk. Luckily, a woman bicycled by and asked if we needed help! She got a lawn chair from my front porch and we got my neighbor seated. After a ... Read Full Story >>

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A Morning Kindness Walk

On my morning walk today, I saw a college girl share some chocolates with three street children, who called after her smiling, "Thank you!"

Next I watched a security guard move to the opposite side of the street to help an old lady cross.

As for me, my chance to help was when I saw a lady with a small child trying to gather her fallen, scattered vegetables. I offered to hold the restless boy while she picked up all her produce.

It felt good to see the kindness around me and to have a chance to help.

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Clothing That Matters

On the street near my home, an old rickshaw puller wearing no shirt was passing by. His body was wet with sweat and he seemed very shy. He requested from me a t-shirt. The humble request touched my heart. I went inside my home and returned with some t-shirts and inner wear. As I gifted him the clothes, he gave me a big smile. 


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This Is Norma. She ...

This is Norma. She lives in my neighborhood. I see her walking every night with her new red walker. I tell her to slow down because she's going to get a ticket. She laughs at the idea.

Tonight I surprised her with a bike bell I ordered for her and the walker. I told her when slow-pokes are hogging the sidewalk, to just ring the bell and they'll move.

Again, she laughed. I asked if I could take a picture and share it. She told me I could as long as I could make her look sexy. I showed her the photo and she approved! 🙂

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Gratitude For Essential Workers

I had been waiting for a “large-size” delivery person to come to our door since I started handing out the gratitude t-shirts, shown in the graphic, a few months ago.

There was one left, but it was an oversized one and no one whom it could fit appeared at our door, until our bell rang at dawn (yes, dawn, lol...we get early Fresh Direct grocery deliveries).  A husky delivery guy greeted me. Perfect, I thought. I grabbed the shirt and asked him if I could give him an “appreciation t-shirt”. His beautiful smile 😃 made my morning.

Ongoing, deep appreciation for the people who make these home deliveries possible during the ongoing pandemic. 🙏

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Giving With Anonymity Is My Favorite!

Overheard Someone Having A Bad Day.

I was in the drive through last night grabbing some dinner after a long and busy day. After I ordered and pulled up to let the next person order, I heard her saying to her passenger how she has had a really bad day. When I got to the window to pay for my meal, I paid for theirs too.

I told the cashier that I heard her say she had a bad day and I thought this might help if just a bit. I asked him to say something nice to cheer her up as well. A chance for her to receive a couple of kind acts in one stop!

I drove off before she got to the window so she couldn't see that I did it. Anonymity is my favorite way to deliver kindness! I hope it brought a little kindness to what sounded like a tough day!


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Thank You to the Invisible Hands

Whom do I under appreciate? On a day of traveling by air, I’m immediately reminded of so many people that I might overlook. At first I think of the pilots whose experience, skill, training, and sometimes courage, gets me to my destination safely, flying through zero visibility, nightfall and seemingly unidentifiable sky, and getting me there at nearly the exact minute promised. But then I think of the mechanics without whom the plane would never even start, or worse, would get in the air before falling apart. And the people who built the plane with exact consistency so that it is capable of doing what it’s supposed to, to its fullest potential. Then there are the people who designed the plane, testing their conclusions both by computer, then by actually flying their designs. But no plane could get from point A to point B without the thousands of people who operate the air ... Read Full Story >>

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Just Be Nice! Bonding

We had an engineer come to fix a few things on an engine. He was so friendly and patient, he explained everything as he did it so that we know how to fix it ourselves next time.

He also charged a reduced fee, which is of course very helpful.

 I'm now preparing a kind envelope to send him with cards, a peace dove and a thank you note. I'm sure he'll be happily surprised when he gets it :-)

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