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A Wonderful Friend

There's this wonderful friend who always does special things for my students and brings goodies to my house for my wife and me and my mother-in-law. Our apple tree is producing wonderfully crisp, sweet galas and I told her that when we pick next, we wanted to give her some apples.

This morning I picked about twenty and contacted her to swing by and pick some up. We gave her some blueberries as well. She brought over so Latvian Cakes for us. We told her to take as many as she wanted.

She chose some for her and her mother, then asked if we liked apple pie and grabbed some more specifically to make us a pie. We give her apples and she will use some to make us a pie. Kindness breeds kindness. :)


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62 gifts

1 Sent a personalized circular Gallifreyan painting and some handmade D&D cookie cutters to my son and his wife for their first anniversary, then left a glowing review with photos for the artist on Etsy. 2 Found handmade gifts for our "Christmas in August" celebration in two weeks when my daughter and granddaughters and their father and aunt visit. They are beautifully crafted and amazingly priced so I left a glowing review with photos. 3 My good friend's daughter announced her engagement. I've known her since she was a little girl (but only online). I sent her a handmade necklace with her name and her new fiance's and she loved it. Same deal, great review. It really helps the artists.  4 And I was able to gift my husband too. I found a company in Ukraine that is still making hand-carved wooden items and found some guitar picks that they personalized. They just arrived and I plan ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness Is An Opportunity πŸ’•

Gave a big hug to my flower lady when I saw her the day before. Saw her daughter too. Have requested her to be there by her mother whenever she feels strong. And I asked my flower lady to be there by her daughter if she feels stronger. After all, a mother and a daughter are grieving. My flower lady's delivers flowers the last few days. He's 30 years old. I am sure my flower lady would want him to get married. Thinking of her.

She has let me know that she will call me so that I go drop a garland on her husband's photo. I said yes. I am sure that will make her happy.

Others: The lad that came today to give a demo for the new washing machine was very patient and descriptive. Gave out an incense box to him. He smiled. I kissed my old machine before I let her go. Despite all the neglect, she served my parents for 14.5 years. We in India are yet to get into use and throw culture. We live with our machines for years and I like that ... And it was cute when my organic store kids reminded me of the sugar candies that have come. I had long enquired about it. Felt special that I already chewed a tub of candy once it arrived πŸ˜‹ God bless these kids.

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A Real Teacher's Aid

I've started to come in and get my class ready for this year's group of students. On my way out yesterday, I saw a couple I knew walking their dogs. I find out that the husband's brother was looking at people's wish lists on Amazon and he found mine under the school I work for. He asked the couple if they knew me. They said he did, they told me he purchased something from my list.
I don't even remember this list. Must have been a few days back. They said they didn't know what he bought for me. No matter what it was, I was so grateful that this stranger was helping me and my students out.
Today, I get two boxes and in them I find these items: thirty calculators, an updated language book that I use daily and a box of 36 dry erasers. Wow!



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Love from U.S. to South Africa

A parcel of love arrived today at my home, almost three months after it was mailed to me from the US to South Africa. I am overwhelmed, because all the contents were picked out with so much care and love. I realized anew how much goodness there is still in this world. And how much people still care about others, even those ones they have never met before. Thank you, dear Mindy, for the lovely parcel and all the beautiful things you sent me! From amazing peace doves to a gorgeous sun catcher mandala, a lovely handmade purse with all sorts of kindness cards inside, Smile Cards, and a sachet with stickers with the nicest messages. (Of course I will share the doves and help to spread the kindness.) And a post card sending me well wishes and love. Mindy, I cannot say thank you enough! πŸ’“πŸ•Š

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Honor My Son's Special Birthday

On August 7, my son's birthday, I gave Happy Birthday Quote cards, Quote cards, chocolates, cookies, groceries, school uniforms, Textbooks, notebooks, pencils, backpacks, Mathematical compasses, T-shirts, and little donations to needy people.

For this milestone birthday, I wanted to do something extra special but didn't know what to do. While giving the above-mentioned things in the morning, the mom of one student requested that I buy a bicycle for her son who has to walk a long way to school. We went together and bought one. It is used but with new tires and in very good condition. He loved it

I thank Sri Sathya Sai Baba for giving me this special opportunity and for helping and guiding me.

The image is from the internet, not of the actual bicycle.

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Cards for the Masses

Made and Given away Rakshabandhan cards

I made 35 Rakshabandhan cards and 100 Rakshabandhan quote cards and gave to Utthan. I made more of them and gave to some Bank staff, Supermarket staff, and to some known and unknown people. Some of them returned surprised smiles. I thanked them all for accepting them.

The cards and quote cards are in Gujarati Language.

Rakshabandhan is on August 11.

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Sharing Our Abundance

Two of the six orphanages I featured on now have GoFundMe pages. The young people who run the orphanages and care for the children contacted me on IG and sent me links. I was able to send a little to one, but next month I plan to start sending monthly to both.  The kids made a thank you sign with my name on it. Really sweet. ♥.

We gave again to Sister Lucy's Ashram Maher which has been monthly since 2020. Her heroics during the pandemic inspired us so much. 

Oscar told me he discovered he can buy frozen fruits and veg with our monthly gift and keep them in his cooler. He says these retain the freshness which is sealed in when they are frozen and last longer than some of the fresh stuff does in his tent, especially in the 100+ heat and humidity they've been experiencing.

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Witnessing Stranger Kindness Warms the Heart

It is always nice to see someone perform an act of kindness for a stranger. Although I know it happens, it seems to be a rare occasion for me to witness it myself.

The other day, I went into a grocery store, and I decided to buy a bottle of water and a sandwich for someone (who looked to be in need) outside the store entrance.

When I was leaving the store, I saw a man offer some water and something to eat to the man to whom I was going to make an offering.

That was so lovely and also unexpected.

So I kept the items I had bought and was able to give them to another person in need, a short time later.

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Doves in Motion

Our dear Kind Spring friend, Petro, is battling a serious health challenge with side effects from the treatment.

Since the Awareness Doves I mailed 2 ½ months ago have not yet arrived (they do have far to fly!), I folded more to share in Petro’s honor as we visit our regional hospital today. Giving them, along with a note explaining why, to the appropriate hospital staff for them to share as they see fit.

As the blessing of Awareness Doves continue their flight to our dear Petro, please envision each Dove arriving exactly where it needs in order to add strength, encouragement and healing. πŸ’– πŸ•Š

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Distributed Strawberries And Love

Yesterday in the parking lot of Homedepot (a hardware and nursery store) there was a fruit truck selling fruits. The seller was walking car to car trying to sell his strawberries box.. i took a big box for 15$. It had 6 mini baskets of strawberries in it. One of them is shown in the picture. I knew I could not finish them all before they went bad. So, today I asked my teenaged son to give some to our neighbors. He initially resisted but he did eventu ally go to three of our neighbors and knocked on their doors to give each one a basket. On returning back home, he told me that this is what he said to them, which surprised me! “Hi I am your neighbor and my family and I are going around spreading love to the neighborhood by giving out baskets of strawberries .. would you like any?” They gratefully ... Read Full Story >>

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Instrument of Compassion

While giving groceries to needy people, I talked with them. I discovered that their children need uniforms, text books, notebooks, compass, backpack etc…so, I concentrated on purchasing and giving such things. A week ago, I met a divine sister. On knowing that I help needy school children, she donated money towards this good cause. I am grateful to her and others who have helped me in the past in this regard. The image shows only part of the things I bought a week ago. I bought more than that yesterday. I already started giving them. It will take a few days to complete it. I am just an instrument in this regard/ I thank Sri Sathya Sai Baba for giving me opportunities to serve, guiding me and sending me help. I am also grateful to KS friend who helped me put this in perspective. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change ... Read Full Story >>

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Looking Out For Each Other

❀️One of the things I love about living on our block is how we all watch out for one another.

Earlier today one neighbor texted me that there will be spraying tomorrow to reduce mosquitoes in the neighborhood between 8:30 PM - 6 AM. She sent a picture of the flyer with pertinent info about.

I hadn’t known & was grateful to know & sent her back a thank you. πŸ™

I then texted 5 others on the block about, so the info is being shared πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

(My husband just saw there are some flyers posted on the telephone poles about it too.)

People looking out for one another ❀️

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Recognition For A Job Well Done.

I stopped in my favorite cafe before work to get a much needed coffee and cookie. I was cutting it close, timing wise. when I went in, the line was long and only two people were working when there are usually 3-4.
I really needed that coffee. So I stood in line and decided if I was late for work, oh well.

When I got to my turn, I remarked that they were sure slammed. The harried barista said, OMG yes and we are down a person, too. She thanked me for being so patient and I waved it off. Left a little xtra in the tip jar.

Sometimes a kind word of recognition can go a long ways. The easing of her face when she saw I understood was like a little spring rain.
They were doing their best for their customers.

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A Bag Of Goodies For A Stranger

On my way to the Dollar Store, I saw a man (who appears to be homeless) sleeping in a doorway.

I believe that is his spot, as I could see stuff nearby that seem to be his belongings.

I decided to get a few items for him, including a cold Lemon iced tea, a reusable water bottle, some Reese’s peanut butter cups and some other snacks (tuna with crackers, chicken with crackers).

I hope they brightened his day a bit.

I was thinking that next time I see him, I may ask him if there are some specific things that I could get for him.

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What we Give...

While getting treatment for my disease and not feeling well every day (I can also eat only limited portions, lots of other side effects as well etc.) my colleagues give me the space when needed (also for medical appointments) and my line manager agreed I can work half day when necessary.
People can be so kind when we really need it.

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Heart Touching Moment

Heart touching moment from our peace journey !

We were passing from Mainpuri city to another city, and two young kids ( Aman Mishra & Rajat ) came to us and 

said "well done, you are doing good work. we are with you."

It was a very inspirational moment for us to provide vitamins and calcium. They walked with us for one mile.

They were very impressed by our work and looked very happy. They also offered food. But their words and company were enough for us.

After that we didn't need food & water, so we thanked them and moved forward..

Throughout the journey I was thinking, if Kids can understand the importance of peace and harmony then why not adults ?


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The Healing Of The Clacking Bamboo Chimes

A neighbor friend and walking buddy went for minor surgery, but she has never had any surgery before. during one of our walks, we were talking about having so much stuff that sometimes we (or at least I) don’t even know what I have anymore.

She earlier had been admiring all of my wind chimes.

After our walk I was in a closet and found a boxed wind chimes that was meant for a present that had been sitting there for years. This found its way to her porch as a recover fast present.

I got a text later on and it is the first wind chimes she has ever had!

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Keep The Change πŸ’°

❀️ Kind Neighbor…

Our Friday night dinner giver neighbor texted me today, asking if we wanted her to drop by …she was going to a “coin counter” with all their saved up coins & she knew we had a goodly amount saved up here over the years.

I once thought of putting them in little baggies to put in our Halloween trick or treat box πŸŽƒ

I took her up on her kind offer & told her to keep the money or donate it to a charity of her choice. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

She never misses an opportunity to offer kindness β€οΈπŸ™

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The Go Between Lady

Sometimes when I go through a drive through fast food place I will pay for the car behind me. There is an Arby’s not far from me and sometimes I’ll go there. There is a very nice young lady at the window to take my money and the first time I went through when she was there and I paid for the car behind me and gave her a “Smile” card to give to them, she lit up like a Christmas tree. I’ve done that a few times since then (I don’t often eat fast food) and every time she just seems so pleased and blesses me. Today when I went through and asked how much the order was for the car behind me she kind of turned her head and said, “it’s pretty high”, and I said, “how much” – she said, “$36.03” and I said okay and gave her ... Read Full Story >>

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