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Giving Treasured Items

As a part of a sharing challenge, I am giving away a set of costume jewelry that was given to me a while ago, along with a tiny diamond ring which was more of a token than an engagement ring, and some brand new kitchen items.

It used to be customary in my family to set aside items for daughters for when they leave and get married and since I never got married, I have slowly been giving away all these items as well as the items that I bought myself, thinking that I would, one day, get married.

The items that I am giving away are destined for a small charity who help young brides to be, from poor families who cannot afford the basics that they need to start their married life.

It will take about a week to organise everything and contact the people in charge and deliver the items. (Of course, I hope they are still there)

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Above and Beyond

I told my dad a few days ago that my mom got into a little car accident, as the roads were icy, causing her to lose control of the vehicle. She ended up damaging the tires and rims. She didn't have winter tires, which was part of the problem.

I didn't expect my dad to do anything. But today he drove 40 minutes to drop off 4 winter tires and rims for my mom. He said it was an early birthday present for her. They've been divorced for 14 years, but still care for and are kind to each other.

I love him. He inspires me all the time. I'm so grateful he's my dad 

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My Mom's Birthday

My mom's birthday is coming up and I've been asking her for a while what she wants.
Every time I've asked, she said the same things, that she's got everything she needs, she's got her 5 kids and she's got her health.

So I've decided to make her a "photo book". It is what it is: a book of photos, with whatever storyline you want to make. So I've decided I'd do one called "50 Things I Love about My Mom" (I picked 50 as that's what she's about to turn).

I've been asking my siblings what they love about our mom, and I've generated quite the list. I've also found accompanying photos from our albums to go along with it. I can't wait to get it printed.

Here's one from my little sister: "She bakes the most perfect and delicious birthday cakes."


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In Receiving Mode

I have been on the receiving end of so much kindness, which was  difficult for me at first. At times, my financial situation is not the best.  But with that comes a great lesson in gratitude, budgeting, and deciding what is and what isn't important. A few times I've had to say no, cancel, or put things off a week. Because of my shortage on money, I had to cancel a massage, which is something I like to treat myself to regularly. When my beautiful masseuse Lisa heard about this, she offered me a massage at a highly discounted price. At first this made me uncomfortable, fearing that she would think that perhaps I was looking to get...of course I wasn't, I was just being honest about my situation. I finally accepted her offer, remembering that I deserve kindness, too. Then I noticed a friend of mine selling her old exercise bike, ... Read Full Story >>

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Changing My Perspective

There was a homeless man sitting outside of one of the subway stations in Toronto, collecting change. It was a super windy day and he was only covered by a thin blanket. I wish I had money, I would have bought him a coffee or something, but I didn't.

All I had was my bus card and two subway tokens for traveling. I only needed one to get home that night, so I gave him the other. Public transportation is quite expensive over here, and I hope that it helped him.

Although I admit, I complained earlier about that five minute cold walk to the subway station, but now I'm thankful it was only for those very few minutes. I'm grateful for warmth.

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There is a gentleman who comes to our Best Buy store, he is in his 50's and he brings his mother along, who is wheel chair bound. The first time I ran into them the gentleman asked if I could help his mother go to the restroom, as he isn't allowed in the fephoto by James Williams on unsplashmale restrooms.

I helped her into the stall, and then waited patiently for her to be done. When she was finished I asked if she was ready for me to open the stall, and she was very surprised that I had waited there for her. I took her back out to the store and she was very thankful.

The next time they came in they just happened to see me again and asked me the same favor. Now every time they come in they look for me and we chat and I always help her if needed. It is the little things that have an impact on people's lives, and I am glad that they remember me.

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A Kind-Color Family

I could share this photo and say it was kind on my part to my young boys last night when I sat and coloured with them. But truth be told it wasn't. The kindness was all to me for me! I needed to colour and needed to stop for a minute and let my fun loving "let's not be an adult" child out. It was divine.
I had purchased a wonderful pack of cards with inspirational quotes and loving messages to share with others as an act of kindness. My boys and myself are colouring them all. There were totally fifty cards.

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A Phone Prospector Is Still A Human

Yesterday, a salesman called me by phone, on behalf of a telecom company, to sell his phone plans.  I was at work and while I usually don't like to spend time with those conversations, I excused myself that I couldn't talk yet and proposed him to call me back one hour later, at 6pm. That's what he did. So we talked 15 minutes. He explained to me his different phone plans, which he stated to be better than my current one. While listening to him, sometimes I was lost in my thoughts, I gave several "hmm hmm",as a sign of approbation and to confirm to him that I was still there. Sometimes, I felt a bit impatient, especially as he had a bit of difficulties to correctly talk in French. But I stayed calm and polite until the end of the discussion. At the end of the conversation, he revealed the following ... Read Full Story >>

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🐀 A Mischief ❤️ ...

A dear friend’s husband enjoys sharing in the celebration of the Chinese New Year by giving his park friends (where he exercises daily) a symbolic gift.

Since 2020 is the year of rat in the Chinese horoscope, I learned how to make an origami rat/mouse (and made about 20), so to give him an opportunity to give his friends.

Grateful for each opportunity to expand my knowledge with the focus on kindness!

A lot of rats are called a mischief, btw :)))).

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Lovely Restaurant Surprise

Last August when we visited our daughter at university we went to a meal and it was rather disappointing.
When I completed the survey, I said I was disappointed it wasn't up to the usual standard and that the restaurant itself wasn't properly ventilated. I gave them my email address and asked them to contact me.

A member of the management team contacted me and asked for my phone number so they could discuss it with me. Katie rang me and we had a great conversation. She asked me to let her know when we would be coming again. We went to visit our daughter again yesterday so last week I emailed Katie and she booked us in. We had a great meal and Richard and I had a glass of wine each. When I asked for the bill they had only charged for the wine which was a lovely surprise.

I emailed her this morning to thank her so much for doing this.


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❄️ The Blizzard Of 2020

The blizzard of 2020...
That’s what the friendly young woman jokingly called the ⅛ inch of snow/ice that Austin, TX had the night before. 

She had commented on how fun my shirt was (has fringe all along the bottom) and then led to a small exchange about the “blizzard!”

As we were leaving the restaurant, we went over to their table and gave Kelly, and her friends, Adam - in a wheelchair (who had the strongest handshake!) and Elizabeth - a shy Hispanic woman who spoke little English, each a dove.

“Whoa! You made my day!!!” Kelly exclaimed. “I’m all about kindness. You know next week is Kindness Week?”

I didn’t! :)))
“Random Acts of Kindness Week, also known as RAK Week, is observed next on Tuesday, February 11th, 2020.”

I shared with Kelly and friends about KindSpring and gave her a SMILE card. I think she was looking up the site before I even left.

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Smartness Of An Youngster!

My son chose to help clean up one of the local parks today. So, we took some plastic bags and plastic gloves and cleaned the litter from the park. We mailed off some coloring pages for "color a smile" an organization that gives coloring pages to people that need some cheering up. We also took some decorated placemats to a soup kitchen. They always need them to decorate the tables.
My son had a choice to go to a carnival or get a fish for having an excellent report card. He chose to get a fish instead. The logic he used was is that he could enjoy the fish for a lot longer and the carnival would only last for a couple of hours. So he chose the fish over carnival fun.

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Generous Act By A Cashier!

At the Trader Joe's store, I  picked up two sympathy cards to write to my childhood friend's mom and brother, because their dad/husband had just passed away (my friend passed away several years ago). The guy at the register rang up my purchases and asked me who I was "sending comfort" to, and I told him. He did not charge me for the cards, but only for the other purchases, because he said it was for comforting someone and that's how they roll at TJ's. Wow. I thought of getting something nice to surprise him with (flowers, probably) on my way home. That was an unexpected generous act that touched me.

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Free Brekky In Gratitude For EMT

I overheard an ambulance EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) ask how much a certain breakfast meal was, leading me to think that maybe he was concerned about the price.

The technicians had been on shift all night and seemed pretty exhausted. The small town of Deadwood, SD had been full to capacity with a speciality show at the Mountain Grand.

Having been a passenger in an ambulance myself, and one who has been taught to say a “Hail Mary” every time I see one go by (for the patient in distress as well as the EMTs), I felt the urge to express my gratitude.

As we were leaving, I gave our waitress, Pam, (another new friend btw!) some cash, a Smile card and an origami dove to provide a free brekky treat for both of the EMTs.

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A Sweet Exchange!

😊 A sweet exchange with our mailman, Greg :))). I love his “Welcome Home” post-its that he leaves in our mailbox, after we’ve been gone for awhile.

And it just occurred to me, when I did go into the post office to get our month’s worth of mail, I didn’t say my name, the clerk just knew it :).

Kindness does make an impression, my friends, especially the occasional salted caramel coconut brownie! 😊

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Baked to Give!

I could smell this bread before I even made it. That’s what woke me up at 5 am. So, here they are, 4 mini-Mediterranean herb loaves, fresh from the oven and ready to give. Not sure yet who to give, but I have learned that when I have a nudge to do something, it’s better just to do it and the way will open up.


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Supported Teenagers Who Are Making A Big Difference.

I read an article in a magazine about 3 girls aged around 15 or 16.

They go to a nearby hospital and spend time by chating and playing with or reading to younger hospitalised children to help them get over the boredom. These girls are in the process of setting up a charity so their idea can spread to other hospitals.
I think it's great when youngsters strive and take action to make the world a better place. So I sent a package to their school with a few packs of children's playing cards, a small money donation and a sparkly card saying "You are fab!"

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Allowing Others To Give

❤️ Learning to Receive.......

Had a sweet brief chat last night with kind neighbor who often shared her homemade soup with us & many of our other neighbors. She is a huge GIVER, but seems to find it a bit difficult to receive.

🥣 She once again rang our bell with soup & a piece of a delicious potato dish she had made. I asked her if she had spoken with her husband about our wanting to take them out to dinner to a lovely local restaurant & she told me he was all for it, but she felt funny about our wanting to treat them.

That led to our little chat about giving & receiving, and how it’s kind to receive, as it allows someone to give, which makes the giver feel good. She agreed. We will be dining together 😊

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Kindness Is On The Agenda :-)

Acts of kindness discussed at all college meeting! I think this was a first, but our College Dean asked everyone to discuss "acts of kindness" that we do for our colleagues and our our offices, classrooms, and the larger campus.

After getting everyone's examples/ideas, they made "word clouds" to represent what was discussed and shared with the entire campus community.

I'm delighted that the "higher ups" have decided that kindness and being aware of our kind acts is important for our campus community :-)

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Monday Rak - Surprise, I Choose You !!

Monday RAK. - so i decided to go to the store last night, to get some specialized attention for my shoes/feet. the store associate was really nice and happy when i called to confirm the store hours and if someone would be there to help me when i arrived.
i decided - i'm going to make her my Random Act of Kindness for March !!
it was not anonymous, but i still surprised her.
i gifted her a chocolate bar, 2 bookmarks and a peace dove from our MindyJourney and a Smile Card.
(for me, sometimes if i wait to do a RAK, i lose my nerve and it never happens so this time - i just DID IT ! )
Opportunites present themselves to us all the time, I will try to not let as many pass me by.

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