Stories of Kindness from Around the World

Wrapping up the semester with acts of kindness

Checked in on a friend who has COVID.

Dropped off homemade soup to someone who has the flu.

Offered a meal to someone who is going through a tough time.

Offered daily prayers for several folks suffering the imminent loss of loved ones.

Organized lunches to share gratitude for our colleagues and our teaching assistants.

Currently collecting sock donations for a shelter.

Sent get well cards to another friend far away.

Did a favor for someone in the middle of a busy work day.

Going to bake treats to distribute next week.

Sent gratitude notes to several colleagues.

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Worry Pets

For my fourth grade daughters winter party I went over the top and hand sewed each child, both in her class as well as an adjoining class “Worry Pets”. The best thing is that they really work. There is some epic psychology about how saying a worry out loud will absolutely help alleviate a lot of the stresses of it

❤️ Also…if you can’t tell..I have a Cricut and I’m not afraid to use it 😂😂 looking for the next super kind thing I can add to their Valentine’s Day gifts. Mini grounding kits with a 54321 senses card? Smile cards??? Something else to either encourage kindness or promote self care or mental health and awareness? Any ideas?

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  • Jan 10, 2023
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Believe 🕊

Added, “Believe in Miracles, because YOU are one!” to the coloring suncatcher create that I gifted to my sister's apartment building foyer. 🕊

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😊 Merry Wreath-mas 🎄 ...

After noticing the fresh evergreen swag at the library circulation desk, we were asked if we could drop off the payment for it at the greenhouse outside of town. So grateful we did, because when we entered the greenhouse we were greeted by the fragrance of an old fashioned pine and evergreen holiday! It felt like we were in Santa’s decorating workshop with tables of pine and spruce boughs; the “elves” sporting sturdy gloves and wire cutters. Seems this creative holiday decoration workshop is a profitable annual fundraiser for the local Mile High Gardening Club, and I knew nothing about it! When I expressed a desire to buy one, I was informed that I should’ve ordered a long time ago… ❤️ But, Brenda - head “elf” (and sheep raiser/wool weaver who I had done a story on last year for the Center newsletter) offered, “I’ve got an extra wreath in my car, if you ... Read Full Story >>

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Love For Our Elders.

Wrote 3 cheery cards to elders who would appreciate some mail from around the world. Was pleased to have the opportunity to use pretty handmade cards an artistic lady gifted me and also pop in some lucky clover.

Thanks to Kindspringer Helen for the tip. If you want to spread some cheer too, check out "letter requests" on the website "Love for our elders". Here is the link.

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Holiday Lights Warming The Hearts 💕

I went to the dental office today with my son for his routine brace treatment. As we entered the office we saw a beautiful Christmas tree lit up and there was lighting around the tables and the walls were decorated with wreaths.

I complimented the members at the front desk for creating a welcoming environment for the patients. They were very happy to hear it and gave me permission to take video too!
I gave them 5-star review because they are always very courteous to everyone and they kindly wish every person happy holidays and other greetings.

Grateful for such people who make our days lighter and joyful.

Happy holiday season to you!

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Addressing Harshness ...

Speaking of animals, I saw a man beating a labrador for not having the leash close to his body. I was a lil annoyed and requested him to be a lil kinder to the dog. Not sure if he was having a hard day and had an outburst right before me. I was grateful that I never had to go so far with my lil one.

My neighbour downstairs keeps yelling at one of his dogs. It doesn't feel healthy because his dog has her/his tail between the legs each time I hear him shout. Something told me to send prayers to him. It somehow didn't feel right to question him because my lil one hangs out on a tree next to his house. I don't want him to harm any more animals. May whatever is making him harsh may leave him and the dog live in peace. I don't want to judge him without knowing him. I will also be kinder to the dog when an opportunity strikes. 

PS. I bought dog food too. I will keep some tucked in my bag when I go for morning walks. I will hand out a lil bit to the dogs in the neighbourhood so that my lil one doesn't feel all paralyzed at the sight of another dog. 

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There At The Right ...

At the mall where my brother works, a customer noticed a lady was going to fall from the escalator and couldn't get to the last step. He pushed the stop button and my brother called security after the lady was safe in order to restart the escalator 😁

Also, later that day, a guy from a kiosk piled up his cart and, as he was walking, a bag fell off and onto the floor. My brother ran after him and returned the bag. The lady from a store near by told my brother that was nice of him.

I think it was meant to be for my brother to change from the nightshift today as this was his first day on day shift.  😉

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Only Watering Hole In The Area 🌊

Our heated birdbath is a very popular place, especially with the deer and wild turkeys! We refill with 2 buckets of fresh water daily.

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Tasty Food Donation :)

My relative does food catering for functions. Today there is a function. My father might have asked to cook extra food. He donated food to neighbors, friends and also brought some food to home. As per my calculation, the tasty food is donated to around 10+ people. My father is really a good human being. I am lucky!

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I Think Of You

There are sounds, fragrances, foods, places and things that remind us of those we love. People who we may not see often and those who have died. They are always in our hearts and often on our minds. I find that for each one there is a special reminder. I think of you Mom when I hear certain music. If you were not singing yourself, you were listening to music - opera, classical, hymns and rock and roll, you had a very eclectic taste in music. Eating a well-made butter tart brings back memories of you baking them for Christmas. I think of you Dad and pick up the phone and call. You are my Dad and I love you. I think of you Tom and Derek (my sons) each time I look at the picture on the shelf. It is a reminder of a day when we welcomed Nadine into our family ... Read Full Story >>

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Spontaneous Connection

I work in a building with four other offices. One office traded spaces for another down the hall. I noticed a package by their former office and carried it to the new office and handed it over. “That is so kind of you to do,” she said. The office is for the non-profit “Smart Readers,” which helps kids learn to read.
She then looked it over and opened it and told me it was for someone who worked at a Portland office who left a long time ago and why ever did it come here? It had nothing to do with reading, but was cosmetic samples! She told me perhaps it was a dream and I was in her dream. It was a fun and funny exchange and I got to know my work neighbor and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Harp for the soul

I recently played my harp at a hospice memorial. It was the first live one since covid hit. This event used to draw 15-40+ people. This time though, no one came except staff and the Threshold Singers. So they sang and I played to the staff and the staff lit candles and read names to the heavens.

I haven’t played for anyone since covid hit and since I played for my father as he died. I think I am still on an extended leave. I am not going to part from it but my time with fostering and caring for the little animals is pleasantly all consuming. I play for them and myself now.
My harp teacher resumed teaching so now I take lessons for fun and the sheer joy of it, not just to learn therapy pieces. It is good medicine for me.

I have had to learn some lessons about boundaries and service, my own mental health and physical well-being. It is an on-going journey.
Humphrey says hi to the wonderful kindspringers.

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About Four Weeks Ago, ...

About four weeks ago, our dear little Persian cat Ashleigh Faith crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 16 years. We adopted her when she was five weeks old and bottle fed her until she able to eat on her own. She was tiny, weighing only six pounds at her highest weight. She was our baby, traveling all over the USA with us in our motorhome, then settling in at our home in Custer, SD. She left a HUGE hole in our hearts, and she had been my constant companion during the tough months of chemotherapy. Recently, our neighbor called & asked if we knew anyone who did cat-sitting, as she was going to visit family out of state for two weeks. My husband instantly said “we’d love to take care of Bella.” We visit Bella each morning and afternoon, and she has been so healing for us after our ... Read Full Story >>

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Compassionate Allies 🙏

At the bookstore, I donated to the Foster Care Children Holiday program by buying the book “Dune…” recommended by the clerk for the underserved teenage faction. I asked to take a photo of the book to post on KindSpring, an anonymous online site that focuses on kindness.😊

Which then led to an impromptu mini-sharing:

💜 Just the day before, the younger clerk had lent her shoulder for a stranger to literally cry on, after asking her if she was ok. Safe. She was. She just needed a soul cleansing 10 minute cry.

❤️ The other clerk shared how she had assisted a severely disabled woman at a rest stop. She had helped the woman wash her hands, open the door, how she had tenderly treated her.

🕊 I gave them each a Peace Dove, with my gratitude for helping make this a kinder world.

We are indeed compassionate allies, my friends.

That’s how we radically change the world for the better!

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I Was A Mailman ...

I was a mailman for a bit in my early 20s. There was a lot of pressure to do too much work, but to do it super fast in order to keep the overtime to a minimum. It's 8pm and my mail had not arrived yet, but I am not upset. I know this time of the year is intense for carriers. A mail truck arrives and there's a carrier I've never seen before. He tells me he started work at 6am in Ventura (45 minutes away), finishes his route and is told to drive to Santa Barbara to help with the other routes. It's cold. It's dark. He's been working 14 hours. He's not done yet and still has a 45-minute drive home. I run inside and bust out my extra "big size" (forget the "fun size") Halloween candy box. I tell him to take one. "Oh, I love Hersheys with almonds." He grabs ... Read Full Story >>

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Feeding The Body, Listening To The Soul

I awoke this morning with the feeling that members of our Safe Parking Program would appreciate a hot lunch. I cooked a pot of my favorite lentil soup and then, at the urging of Carol (spouse), I gathered a few items to offer them. When I arrived around noon there were only three participants there (this is the only church that will allow the participants to hang out there during the daytime) and one wasn't in any shape to eat. That's a story for another day:). Palma is someone that I'd met before, but Shirley is new to the program. They were so excited about the hot meal and had three cups each! I was more interested in listening to Shirley's story and she wanted nothing more than to tell someone. So many times she apologized for talking so much...I'm just happy I was able to lend an ear...and a ... Read Full Story >>

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Just Being There

Last evening, I called 911 for a distressed person that is 83 years young, and today I delivered 2 COVID-19 Tests to the doorstep of some mature friends. I called both parties to follow up on their well-being and to check in to see if they required any further assistance. It's time for us to be for each other.

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My Precious Little Hamster

My precious little hamster Popcorn died peacefully of old age a couple weeks ago. I miss him with a pang but I know I gave him the best life possible. He was my first rescue with The Little Critter Crew and he stayed. I hade him for over a year. He was about two when he died. We had a tight bond and I am so grateful to have had him in my life. He helped me to grow in countless ways. I have since adopted another hammie in need. His name is Bao, after the Chinese bun, which he resembles. Two foster gerbils are coming my way today. A few days ago I saw a homeless man being bullied by a large man who was yelling at him.I have seen the homeless man around the neighborhood. He is a gentle soul. I stopped my walk and turned around and walked towards this ... Read Full Story >>

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Free Parking

There was half an hour left on the parking ticket I bought. So, rather than just throw it away, I pushed it into the coin section of the parking ticket machine, in the hope that somebody might get it in time and be able to use it.

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