Stories of Kindness from Around the World

The Song of Joy in the Midst of Tiredness.

When I came to the USA I started to work as an electrician, with an Albanian man. We used to work a lot, and every day after work we had to do the cleaning (which was my dutty). Sometimes the work was demolition, and the mess to be cleaned was a lot. I remember how much I hated to end up drenched in dust and with dust in my throat. He used to notice that even though I wouldn't complain nor say a word. He would always notice. When I was cleaning, he would sing a song: "Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Clean Up" with a nice tone of voice to make me feel better. Plus that funny accent of his. That was just enough to go through the whole afternoon and a difficult day at work. After hearing him singing that I used to automatically start to sing with him. That would ... Read Full Story >>

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Airport Employee Kindness

My daughter flew back to Los Angeles from a spring break. Her flight landed late evening from east coast. She decided to take a bus out of LAX so that shecould find an Uber faster and cheaper just outside the airport.

Turned out the bus was full of LAX employees and she was chatting with a few of them. They advised her that it is unsafe to be waiting in a street outside the LAX airport to catch Uber during late evening. 

One of the kind women in the bus literally gave a ride to my daughter all the way to her apartment, dropped her safely and did not accept a penny in return. My daughter was so thankful. 

It is the pinnacle of kindness as narrated by our daughter to us last week. 

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The Forthright Trucker Has Become My Friend

I have met a neighbor I didn't know as she worked as a long distance trucker. Her partner recently died and she stopped trucking for a time. She has begun to talk to me as I pass by with my dog and invited me walking.

This woman told me her social skills were awful and she was in mourning. I found that sort of honesty irresistible and took her up on her offer.

She is a lovely person, forthright and upfront. Another neighbor said she was so glad I was befriending this person as she knew she was grieving and she was "too scared" to walk with her. Sigh.

I could make a list of how much I enjoy our walks. i am so glad she reached out and I answered.

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Being Able to Help Brings Joy

Returning packages A friend of mine cannot drive anymore so she kindly requested me to return a few items to the UPS store, which she had purchased online. 

They were big boxes. My husband and I were happy to help her with that. It is a joyous opportunity for me to help her.

I feel glad that she texts me whenever she needs help and I appreciate how she openly asks for help and how she expresses her gratitude and blesses me always.

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Let Sleeping Friends Lie

Friday morning, spring time, nice whether, living in a tourist place, is a very busy day for those who work in a hotel. Three teenagers came to visit New York, and again in a very busy day of work there is no early check in available for anyone that comes before 12pm. They were really tired and they just wanted to have a little rest and then go back around the city to visit some places and have a good time. We would start having rooms after 12 pm, but the time that they arrived was 9 am.There are couches in the lobby so they decided to wait until there's a room available, siting on the sofa and waiting for the room with their eyes opened.  They ended up sleeping together on the sofa, like real friends with no secrets between them(or at least that's how I felt about them). I turned down the ... Read Full Story >>

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Good Neighbors Who Touch The Heart

I always tell you how wonderful our neighbors are … of them just brought this birthday bundt cake over for my husband that she baked.  She came in singing happy birthday 🎶

She’s the one who very often brings over her home-made dinners to us on Fridays.

My husband was so touched by her kindness that he started to quietly cry.

❤️When he told her how amazingly kind she is she humbly replied “friendships are the most important things in life.”

I had something I had put aside to give her the next time she stopped by, so was able to give them to her as she was leaving 😊

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Taking Advantage of Offers on Behalf of others

Today, I checked the supermarket app and they have put a new offer on there for this weekend. It's for clothing in their range. I don't need any clothes at the moment so I am going to purchase something for a baby or small child and give it to the foodbank for a family who might need it.

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A Book For The Collection Point

Sifting through my daughter's books over the weekend, I found a large one which is packed full of stories and rhymes in large print for parents and children to read together. I bought it for her when she was three or four and as she's now 23.  I took it along to the collection box at the supermarket as part of my shopping yesterday which is to the left of the main entrance of the store. There were a couple of the security people standing close by and one of them said, 'That's a large book, what is it?” I explained what it was and he asked if it was okay to take it out. He was looking through it and said it might be suitable for his niece. I smiled as I walked away and then added, 'If it's any use to you, please do take it.' I hope he did because ... Read Full Story >>

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Dismay is Followed by Unexpected Connection

My daughter with her two friends drove to SFO for a hike. On returning to the parking lot after the hike they noticed to their dismay, that their car windows were broken. Shattered glass was strewn everywhere and their purses and iPad were stolen from the car. The police weren’t very helpful even when given the device locations via Find My app. That evening my daughter got a text from a lady on Facebook.  She said she had found a purse and a backpack on the street with ID card and credit cards in it. We were mulling over the intentions of this caller. She had called from Oakland. My daughter decided to call her the next day and learn more about her instead of doubting. It tuned out that lady was an elementary school teacher and agreed to meet my daughter near a police station in Oakland. The office was closed but the kind ... Read Full Story >>

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New Horizons, Friends and Possibilities

I was invited to a three-day retreat in New Jersey. I didn't want to go because I was working, and it didn't really call my attention from the beginning.  My friend insisted I go and the church made a request to my employer on my behalf.  I felt really important, so I decided to go. We travelled and spent the first night in a hotel. There were so many people. The environment was so lovely everybody was very kind. We attended mass first thing in the morning then at break I was alone. I saw somebody else who was alone and I approached the girl to ask if  she needed help with her wheelchair. She said: "okay", in shy way. We selected our food and chose a table, the only available and we sat together. We spoke a lot about pretty much anything. I was so open to her and after a few laughs she ... Read Full Story >>

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Planting A Tree In Honor Of Our Parents

Today, my brother shared with us a picture that he planted a tree in honor of our mother through this website as our mother's anniversary is coming up shortly. I went and checked the site and was  moved by the statement "Planting trees on someone’s behalf is a great way to honor them and since trees provide so many natural benefits, it is a gift that keeps on giving. Trees clean our air, absorbing harmful carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Healthy forests sustain critical habitat needed for wildlife and enhance our own outdoor pursuits" I ordered a tree to be planted in honor of our father as well who worked in Forest department.  It felt good to honor our parents by planting trees and supporting reforestation efforts.                                    ... Read Full Story >>

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Cheerful Givers…..

❤️ Feeling blessed by the great field of love that surrounds us all….. Now that our kind neighbor has taken to bringing over her homemade foods to us every Friday evening, instead of every once in a while as she used to do, I enjoy finding a little something I know she will like/enjoy each week to gift to her when she visits. Sometimes I give her something of mine that I feel she’d appreciate…or I order something for her that we had spoken about that I knew she wanted. This Friday I was able to give her something I saw on the Fresh Direct website that was perfect for her & her family. Receiving is progress for our beautiful neighbor, for although a generous giver, receiving was difficult for her in the past. We had a few conversations in the past where I shared how receiving was a kindness act for the ... Read Full Story >>

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Expanding Hearts on a Plane Journey

Kindness Journey I have a hearing problem, so my son helped me to check in my luggage at the Dulles International Airport Washington DC. I gave a birthday- quote card pack to check-in clerk. Her face brimmed with a smile, thanking me. It was my first time at the Washington DC airport, so my son asked for wheelchair to make sure I found the departure gate. The check-in clerk came out from behind the counter and requested my wheelchair to the lady managing them. I am thankful to all of them. The gate was not an easy find for me going up and down and taking train to gate. My son took the right decision to have the wheelchair. I greatly appreciate his love and concern for me. At the security check, they let me pass with my watch, belt and shoes on. At the boarding gate I said that I have hearing problem and asked ... Read Full Story >>

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Working for the Little Critters

Awhile back I worked to connect the Little Critter Crew, a small animal rescue, to two things. The first was to get them published in the local weekly. The second thing was to get a dog groomer I know to offer her space so the rescue centre could do a fundraiser nail trim for little critters.

The nail trim date is set (March 26!) and I was told by the paper that they will be featured soon (side note - the writer tried to contact the group and his message went to spam. I tried again and the connection was finally made. Hooray!)

Quite awhile ago, Mindy sent me this sign and it hangs above a bell my father gave me. I have this in my office. A patient made me the stand for the bell.


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Tickets For Cousin's Trip

My cousin travelled to Paris for a little vacation. I wanted to give him a small gift so he could have a good time there. I bought him a ticket to attend the Orchestre de Paris.

He's considered a young adult so I was able to buy him a ticket at a reduced price in a very good location. He was travelling with his friend so I bought his friend a ticket as well so they can enjoy the concert together.

He told me that the Philmarmonie de Paris is stunning and the concert was a highlight of their trip.

I really like this cousin, he's a terrific guy and since I am not able to attend such nice concerts because of travel I wanted him to enjoy it. It's like me being there.


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A Day In The Life 😍

My Thursday…..

🧶 Finished crocheting a ‘hug’ for Scully’s friend who was seriously injured in a car accident recently ( & shipped it out today for Scully to give to her. May it comfort her & help keep her cozy while healing 🙏

🕊🇺🇦Shared a few Ukraine peace doves that Mindy created while I was at the shipping store

🎁 Ordered a funny coffee mug for a friend for her birthday. I know it will make her laugh . I like it so much I might just get one for myself. I’d tell you what it says but it’s a bit x-rated 😉

🕯🇺🇦 Lit a candle for peace in Ukraine & donated to a relief fund

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Donate a Book Change a Life

Saturday March 12, I was walking to meet my friend. On the way I gave some quote cards. At the bus stop I found 4 young girls waiting for the bus. I gave them some quote cards and a booklet on Positive Thinking in Gujarati and talked about positive thinking.

Walking further, I asked a man on scooter how far is Vijay cross road? He came behind me and gave me a ride to my friend's place. I reached there in time. I am grateful to him.

My friend is running a project to send inspiring books to different libraries. I gave him booklets and donation for some books for libraries. I am just a part of the donation. It was a KS friend that gave part of it. I am grateful to them.

The image says "Donate a book, change a life"

Bigger is better.

Donate books to libraries and change many lives.

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The Jacket Bought More Than 50 Years Ago

We visited my dad (aged 93) in the care home yesterday. My mom passed away in January and they would have been married for 69 years this past week.

I took some delicious food for him, and checked his fridge to make sure there was enough food in there.

He gave me some of mom's clothes and amongst them was a lovely beach jacket that she kept since the early seventies (even before I went to school). It is still so beautiful and I will keep it in my cupboard with a dress that belonged to my daughter, who also passed away years before.

I was very sad when I looked at the jacket, remembering my mom wearing it when I was a little girl of 4 or 5 years old. But also grateful for the kindness that I had something tangible to keep her close to me.💓

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God’s Grace In Midst Of Turmoil

My best friend had a bad car accident this past week. She has some major broken bones, but she is alive. The three other passengers (one being her 11 year old daughter) all managed to escape unharmed. Many friends are offering support, some are cooking for her (leaving food in her freezer for when she gets out of hospital), others have been looking after her daughter, or picking up supplies she needs. When I visited her, we locked eyes, we both cried as she told me these were the first tears she had shed. It was a great release for us both. Right before the accident, her daughter was filming in the car and ended the video with an image on the rear view mirror. There was a cross hanging from it. I do believe God’s grace was with them all. 🙏 ... Read Full Story >>

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No Shortage of Support

My wife and I as well as our daughter and her friends, completed a Spartan Race on Sunday. It the first for me and my wife. We ran10 km and faced 25 obstacles. It was hard!
Harder than I had anticipated. Lots of the obstacles were challenging for us as well as other participants.

There was a wonderful theme of support and kindness during this event. People who had never met helped each other. Gender, age, religion, political party, color, etc. made no difference.

If someone needed a boost up a wall or help pulling a rope attached to a weight, people would stop their race to help others.

It was hard, but beautiful!


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