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Small Things Make Big Tokens

I went to the dollar store yesterday. The cashier wasn't the friendliest. As I was walking out I saw something I wanted to buy. I got back in line.

The guy cashing out told the cashier "you have a look like you want your day to be over.” She said it was her Monday. I wanted to say so badly that well it doesn't mean you need to be grumpy (but I kept my mouth quiet).

I thought maybe there's more to it than just that. I got to the counter and quickly bought a Kit Kat candy bar. She handed me my change. I gave her the Kit kat bar saying " this is for you. Hopefully it will make your day go better." Her facial expression completely softened, she smiled and said "thank you. I thought she was going to cry.

I think sometimes just a small token of kindness can make someone's day.

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Sharing More Appreciation

Yesterday I felt moved to express our gratefulness to the company that provides us with online home delivery of all our groceries. I wanted to let them know how awesome they all are. From the heart.  It is because of them, that we don’t have to go out during this pandemic to grocery shop. This morning we heard back from them. It put a big smile on my face.  Their reply: “Hello Mish, I would like to thank you for taking the time to email us and express your gratitude—this is what makes it all worthwhile! I have forwarded your message to our management team so they can pass on your note. We look forward to continuing to serve you! Sincerely,Matt ,Your FreshDirect Customer Solutions Agent” I had sent them this yesterday: “Grateful for you guys & gals. You are all doing a great job & helping so many during this time of challenge. Bless ... Read Full Story >>

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Lessons from Lockdown

Enjoying a coffee and cake in a cafe - last time was on 14th March!!! Strict regulations but it's nice to get back to normal. The quote in the post below ("Eco-wake up call") has prompted me to reflect on these last few weeks and remind myself to better myself and utilize these gifts especially when Corona goes away. Quote: "While these behaviors might have been influenced by the pandemic, however, they aren’t going away when COVID-19 does." While it's not always been easy, I've learnt a lot about: 1) Slowing down and not rushing about. When you have to keep your distance, you're really forced to slow down! And I'm usually rushing about like a blue-a*** fly at the best of times. 2) Being patient and tolerant. Especially regarding the neighbors' noisy kids who are outdoors. All. Day. Long! 3) Speaking to people in the neighborhood, making time to chat and spoiling elderly neighbors ... Read Full Story >>

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It's All in the Question

I teach online and always start each session with a short 'How are you?', 'What have you been doing today?' type conversation. As you can imagine, recently I have been getting a lot of 'nothing really', 'Netflix' and 'stayed in' type responses together with grumpy faces.

So this week I have changed my opening question. 'What's the BEST thing that's happened today?', or 'What are you GRATEFUL for today?' are my new openers. And wow, what a difference in mood!

I have also stopped choosing articles to discuss from the news websites and turned to Bored Panda instead. It may not sound quite as professional, but it certainly raises more smiles than yet another article about the pandemic. The student I have just finished talking to was asked to describe this gorgeous daffodil in my garden 

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Sharing Homemade Pies Spreads Smiles

I made apple and blueberry pies to share neighbors and friends. I love to cook and bake. Now I just leave containers  for them to grab!! I miss the visits though.

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Our Neighbors, Across The Street

Our neighbors, across the street, bake incredible sourdough loaves. Before this craziness started they brought us a warm, out-of-the-oven incredible loaf. We finished it in about a day. It was that good!

Once this started, they asked if we wanted another loaf if they promised to touch it with only fresh gloves and baked it wearing masks. We accepted and it was wonderful!

Today, our doorbell rang. We answered within a few seconds and there was no one at the door, only a warm sourdough loaf on our doorstep.

We texted our neighbors and they said that there were sourdough fairies in the neighborhood.

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Homemade Spa for Mom

One day my mom was talking to a friend about how much she would like to relax when she comes home. This gave my sister and me an idea!

Before she got home one day, my sister and I prepared a bubble bath for her. We even made her spa lotion and set up a "sound system" in the bathroom so she could listen to some relaxing music as she soaked herself in the tub.

When she came home from urgent care, she was exhausted. On seeing the "spa", my mom was so surprised by what we did. She really appreciated our kind act and enjoyed her very own personalized spa experience after a long hard day at work.

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Kind Reminder on the sidewalk

My wife and I went to our local park for a 3 mile walk this morning and this is the first thing that we came across: "Fear is what should not be trusted. Have courage and be kind."

Two messages that I hope to incorporate into my daily life. If this is the last time that I post on here, I want you all to know that I love you. I have faith that the universe will have me back here, though:).

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Sharing Our Gifts

On our block,  I reminded my neighbors to let me know if they need any toilet paper. I still have a good supply from the anonymous giver.

Soup lady left her frequent care package on our porch. This time she added homemade chocolate chip cookies to her soup share. 

I told her (and others on the block) that she can always text me if she needs me to add anything for her to our weekly online grocery orders.

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Appreciation Gifts

Presenting gifts for the post office staff and librarians — little origami boxes with a strawberry jam bar inside and a positive watercolor paper note.

Anytime we can give from our hearts using our creative talents, it amps up the LOVE 💕!!!
Let those folks being of service while we are in isolation know how much we appreciate them 😊.

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Care Package

I put together a little "care package" for an isolated women I recently met online. I have been gathering items this week just for her.

She loves to colour, so I purchased an inspiring "your day is happy" colouring book, filled with lots of joy and quotes, along with colouring pencils.

A block of chocolate because chocolate makes everything better:).

I added a book that I recently finished reading...I know she'll enjoy it.

My boys and I drove to her home today and delivered the wrapped gift and placed by her mail box.

Looking forward to when she receives it 💗📬

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Paying It Forward!

I stopped at the local coffee shop drive-thru this morning and was surprised to find that my coffee had been paid for by the car in front of me. I was instantly smiling and counting my blessings. I asked the girl at the window the cost for the two cars behind me and simply handed her the money and asked her to tell each driver to have a wonderful Monday morning and to pay it forward with kindness to others. Great day!

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Warm thank you to our principal

The teachers I know didn't expect how hard this remote teaching would be. There are so many issues that arise: families not responding, students who can't get on new platforms, new platforms not doing what they are supposed to do. The list goes on. But that's just from the teacher's point of view. Principals have to hear the teachers' issues, they have to deal with parents calling trying to get their kid in the virtual classroom, getting directives daily from the district, finding devices for everyone, and much more. Our principal was incredible BEFORE the world turned upside down. Now, she's handling it all, helping teachers, parents, and students, while dealing with what the district is implementing. There are sleepless nights and incredible stress. I organized a little drive today from the staff. We were all on campus today to drive through the local neighborhood with signs on our cars, honking our horns ... Read Full Story >>

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Homemade cards for elders

Look out for the peace doves and kindness cards!

I just thought that I would post this here seeing as it's nearly Easter. I have spent some time preparing a bunch of homemade cards to send to some elderly residents of a sheltered housing complex, where our group has started gardening.
I then persuaded some others to put a pack together too. Surely, it will brighten someone's day! :)))

Thanks for inspiring me with your earlier posts guys!

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Rural Chef Makes Food For Neighbors and Essential Workers

Last night, I made a giant Taco Pizza, or if anyone is familiar with Indian (NDN) Tacos, that is what I made. A giant NDN Taco Pizza with Caesar salad and fed my neighbours and security personnel with it. Boy were they ever surprised. This was a part of my showing appreciation for security that has been keeping my community safe during a lockdown these past two weeks. And just letting others know much I care for them. Breakfast sandwiches in the mornings from the breakfast menu, anything delicious from supper menu to share, free at no cost.

Now considering delivering to others, like health care workers, ambulance, and the police next few days. I've been seeing posts about the chefs in major cities doing this, joined them to feed people here. I haven't been posting as much since it's between me and God and the ones I am feeding. So doing this in secret. Let's keep this between us. (jk) lol. Have a good day! Peace. 

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Kindness Shown to me as I Battle Depression

As my companion known as depression journeys with me, I find some days easier than others. The most debilitating part for me is the total lack of motivation to do ANYTHING.

Today I talked and texted with many friends. Each of them was so understanding and supportive. None of them dismissed my feelings, they just listened and created a space of comfort for me.
I thanked them all and am so grateful for their presence. Because of their kindness, love, and compassion, I was that I returned to go deep and regain some motivation; I went on a car ride with my dog for about an hour.

Thank you all so very much

My life is blessed by knowing you.


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Food from the Past

I found a menu from my old restaurant while cleaning and disinfecting my house. I have decided to cook one dish from my menu everyday, and to offer the extra to families in our neighbrohood. The first dish was a huge pepperoni, green peppers, extra extra cheese, stuffed garlic bread crust was delicious! I went to go do a surprise delivery for a family. Boy, were they ever surprised:). I'm going to make a sheppards pie today, and maybe my deep dish lasagna tomorrow, which is something that my late wife used to love<3. Perhaps more bread for families, too. Be safe everyone and have a wonderful day. Peace to all.

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The Little Prince Gift

This story happened last February at my office. Yesterday at noon, during  lunch, one of my italian co-workers expressed her wish to read The Little Prince (classical French story) in French to practice and improve her French. This small sentence enlightened my day, and I thought about it the whole afternoon. In the evening, straight after work, I went to look for the book in a bookstore, imagining her reaction when she would discover it on her desk the next morning. So the next day morning, I woke up more joyful than ever, motivated to arrive earlier at the office, so that nobody could see me leaving the gift. This small gesture was really rewarding to me. Not only the simple fact of giving the gift (my pleasure, but without expecting anything in return), but also the fact of me putting myself in her place when she would discover the gift laid on her ... Read Full Story >>

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One Man Parade

One Man Parade: The Sequel - I saw an excellent post by lewski about a one man parade and realized that I didn't take a picture yesterday when I did my parade.

I made four more oven bannock and went to deliver them to elders and families in need. One bannock to an elder, with short rib and tomato macaroni soup, another to family of four short rib dinner with a bannock, the other bannock to another family for their dinner.

Last one for me to share with my neighbours. Overall, a good day to do my deliveries in my Spiderman mask to cheer up the kids on my parade. Got a lot of waves and cheers again, like yesterday, So I had a friend take my picture, along with my message of hope.................peace.

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Ripples of a tip on my daughter

As a family we were blessed to afford a meal out last February.
In this ecomony and this time of year money is tight but budgeting and keeping on track we went and enjoyed every bite!

Our waitress was great - smiling, checking on us, offering suggestions - overall great experience. When the bill game I signed the bill and slipped a SMILE card inside with $50 tip for a happy, heathly and joyous holiday!
My daughter was in awe by the gesture and I knew immediately the experience of kindness would not only impact our waitress but would leave a lasting impression on my daughter and that was priceless!

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