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Gifted Manicure

I am a licensed nail technician. Recently, while I was visiting my mom at the assisted senior home where she lives, I was doing my mom's nails. I was sitting next to a resident; he shyly looked my way and asked, "would you ever have time to do my very over grown finger nails?" I told him I had an extra file kit on me and I would be very happy to do his nails! After I was done he looked at his hands with a big smile and said, "I feel so much better!" He then asked if he could pay me. I told him that his kind words of thanking me, telling me how good he felt, along with that his big smile was all I needed! ... Read Full Story >>

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Express Joy And Happiness

Today I helped a woman with two little children to carry her buggy up the stairs at a tube station. Afterwards she was very thankful even if it wasn't a big thing. But as she went away I heard how the other small child of hers said to his mom "Wow..this was really very kind!" Of course I was happy that they were happy about my help, but this was not the most important thing for me. The tone of her child's voice, saying that, was really amazing and a gift to me. Pure from the heart, honest and he really MEANT and felt what he is saying. I think it is amazing how easy it is for children to speak "truth". May everyone be able to express joy and happiness in the same way :) ... Read Full Story >>

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A Simple Gesture

I was at a family restaurant, a chain type, which offers good food at low prices and often has specials. You tend to see older people dining there who may not otherwise be able to afford to dine out. This particular day there was a couple, probably in their 80's, in the row next to mine. The story playing in my mind was that they would be using their social security check to enjoy this night out. So, when I finished my meal, I went to the register to pay. I then decided I would pay for this couple's meal as well. I had a SMILE card but chose not to on this occasion, as I did not want them to feel as though they had to pass it on, guessing that it was already difficult enough for them to just get by. I thanked the Divine that I am blessed enough to have ... Read Full Story >>

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The Shawl of Courage

Sometimes kindness takes courage. I had bought this beautiful shawl some time back. I tried wearing it one day, but it felt like I was constantly messing with it throughout the day. Not for me. So the idea lingered in the back of my mind that I could give it to someone I run into when I get my morning coffee. I heard myself say, "Naw. I'll put it in the Goodwill box with the rest of the stuff. That's an act of kindness." But each morning I'd pass by women who might like it. "They'll think you're crazy just asking them if they want it out of the blue. Or they'll reject it. Put it in the pile." The thought of giving it away personally nagged at me a couple weeks. Finally, I took one little step. "I'll just put the shawl in my truck in case I see someone." And then ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Sep 2, 2018
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The Magic of KindSpring

I sat down this morning to write down all the ways my time here at this transformative website has changed me & my way of navigating this thing called life. I woke up out my night's sleep feeling inspired to do this...wonder where I went in my dreams last night :))) For the "old-timers" here, there won't be any surprises, but for those of you who have just found this wonderful place, you will see why we tell you KS is a "magical" place where lives are changed. This is "free-form" from the notes I just jotted down, so forgive if any repetition, etc. WHAT KS HAS DONE FOR ME...HOW IT HAS "TRANSFORMED" ME: - Increased my awareness of our connectedness. How what we think, say & do impacts not only ourselves, but others as well. - Increased my "feeling worthy"; that what I do matters. Makes me feel "I am enough" (altho sometimes I ... Read Full Story >>

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The Man At The Market

When the supermarket clerk tallied up my groceries, I was $12 over what I had on me. I began to remove items from the bags, when another shopper handed me a $20 bill. “Please don’t put yourself out,” I told him. “Let me tell you a story,” he said. “My mother is in the hospital with cancer. I visit her every day and bring her flowers. I went this morning, and she got mad at me for spending my money on more flowers. She demanded that I do something else with that money. So, here, please accept this. It is my mother’s flowers." ... Read Full Story >>

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Connections Made Through a Random Act

My friend (and mentor!) and I were at a restaurant in Berkeley for an evening snack, when all of a sudden, we decided to do a small act of kindness - to use the smile card to make someone's day and allow some ripples to flow. :) Being at a restaurant, we decided to pay for someone else anonymously and see what emerged. We got all excited with the idea and decided to do that. We looked around for which table should we pay for, and then settled on this table - it seemed like an immigrant family with a few children, enjoying their mocktails at that time. I could sense a family bond in them and that they were having a nice time together. We called on the waitress to explain the idea to her. As soon as we told her we wanted to pay for another table and showed her the ... Read Full Story >>

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Clearing the Garden for an Elderly Neighbor

I have an elderly neighbor who is 89 years old. She is unmarried, no children, a few nieces and nephews who live out of state (only one lives relatively close-by), and all of her siblings have died. The garden-guy mows her grass, and I try to keep some weeds at bay by lopping what comes over the fence, but her yard is pretty much a safety hazard and a danger. Not to mention that our neighborhood has had rodent sightings. I witnessed a beautiful act of kindness from the family across the alley. The couple, along with their teen-age son, arrived in her garden recently, dressed for major work: long sleeves, long pants, gloves, hats. The arrived with pruners, loppers, weed name it. It took them more than several hours and plenty of yard-waste containers, but they did it. Will the overgrowth return? Yes. But, our neighbor will have a ... Read Full Story >>

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Passing Along A Gift of Love

Ten years ago, my mom gave me a peculiar but welcome gift: a fancy blood pressure monitor. My doctor told me I had high blood pressure and she wanted to make sure I was keeping track of it. Being in my early twenties at the time, this situation should have shocked me, but it didn't; I had long been suffering from nameless anxiety and stress that ended up being a decade long struggle. It's only been in the last few years that, through lots of meditation, self inquiry, exercise, and diet, I've slowly unwound it, day by day. I'm happy to say that I no longer need my blood pressure monitor. My mom is healthy and doesn't need it, but I know she spent a decent amount on it back when her finances were not the best. I decided to put it up for sale online for a nominal fee, and ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing What is Needed

I was waiting for the bus today to head for the child care session I help to guide. It was really cold out there. When I came there, the bus wasn't scheduled for another 10 minutes. There was an elderly lady there carrying a few bags, and I noticed she had no gloves on. She started talking to me randomly and saying how she has been waiting for the bus for the past 5 minutes or so, and that the weather was cold for her and she wished it came sooner. I took my gloves off and offered them to her until the bus came, and she took them. When we came on the bus, there was a police officer who saw the lady give me my gloves and thanking me, and he looked at me with a smile and nodded. ... Read Full Story >>

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Engaging my Heart

Some time back I stopped by our local health food store to buy some produce. As I was waiting in line to check out, there was a mature woman in front of me who was having trouble with her payment; her debit card was repeatedly being denied. She was understandably upset and tried to show the cashier and manager that she had just deposited money into her account. Rather than analyzing the situation with my brain, I engaged my heart and said, "I can help you if you like." The look on all of their faces was a gift to me. The woman then asked for my information in order to repay me...I gently refused. I  offered her the opportunity to pay forward the kindness to someone else, possibly another stranger in need. I am thankful that I was able to serve in this way and conscious of the great feeling that the ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Aug 25, 2018
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Serving in the Coffee Isle

We were shopping in the supermarket and there was an elderly lady hovering by the instant coffee who kept looking at me. I assumed she needed help reaching something from the top shelf and was wondering whether I looked approachable enough to ask, so I went over and asked if she needed help. It turned out that she couldn't read, and wanted help finding the sort of coffee that she liked at the right price. I showed her a couple of jars and explained the differences and the prices, and she chose some. It really brought it home to me how difficult doing something like shopping must be if you can't read the labels, and made me wonder how many other people there are struggling with the same problem but might be too embarrassed to ask. Yes, each of us is fighting our own battle. ... Read Full Story >>

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Learning Love

There is a 'mean' dog in our street. She has attacked our dog and both our neighbour's dogs too.

Our foster daughter said today that we shouldn't call the dog the 'mean dog' we should call her the 'learning dog' because she is still learning to be kind to other dogs. The wisdom of a 7 year old :-)

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Overcoming My Fear of Blood Donation

Today I booked an appointment to donate blood. I used to fear needles and blood, but once I hit the age required to be able to donate blood (17), I booked it and decided to face my fears. This wasn't about just me, it was about others. I'm grateful for my health, and should use it to help others. I did it, and I still continue to donate. This will be my fourth time. I was talking to my dad about it, telling him about all the positives, and I've managed to successfully recruit him. He'll be donating with me. I can't wait :)

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Missing a Bus, Restoring Faith

Traveling in and around NYC can pretty hectic...even more so during rush hour, with people everyone in a hurry to get to their destination. I myself was rushing to the bus stop and crossing a pretty large intersection when I dropped one of my bags on the street.

A young man no more than 21 years old, who was traveling in the opposite direction hurrying for his bus, stopped and helped me get my bag and clean it off since it had fallen in a pile of dirty sleet/snow. I told him to go on or he would miss his bus, but he chose to stay and help me.

I was very grateful for his kindness and very inspired. He ended up missing his bus, but he was also responsible for renewing my faith in the human-kind, especially in the younger generation!

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  • Aug 21, 2018
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Inspiring Joy in Children and Adults Alike

Mario Calderón is a toy maker from Venezuela. Stopping by his booth at the International Folk Art Market is always a must! He welcomes everyone with his warm and wonderful smile and an invitation to play!

His whimsical wooden toys are all exquisitely hand carved and brilliantly hand painted. Each toy is uniquely envisioned and created by him. Truly, he and these delightful creations spread a very special kindness that comes right from his heart.

His creativity is driven by a mission that is twofold. Certainly, a big part of his work is to bring joy and wonder to children everywhere. But just as important is his desire to help grown ups remember the fun and innocence of childhood, hopefully rekindling the playfulness in the child that lives within us all.

Calderón’s amazing creations continue to manifest his worthy mission in children and adults alike, always with lots of smiles and lots of FUN!

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The Interviewer Becomes the Interviewee

A long, long time ago, earlier in my career, I was responsible for hiring a lot of people in key therapeutic positions. Though I hired many, I didn't hire many more. One of my guiding principles was to always treat candidates/people with kindness and respect.. As life would have it, many years into my job, I was terminated. Like all the candidates I had interviewed, I was now the interviewee. That was strange for me. I went through a string of interviews, all to no avail. After one particular interview, at the end of the process the interviewer asked if I remembered him. "No," I replied. "Well," he said, "you had interviewed me a few years ago and though I didn't get the job, I still recall how you treated me with kindness and respect. And with that said, I would like to hire you for this job." Though I already knew ... Read Full Story >>

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The Wood Carver

I had two job interviews yesterday morning. I decided to go to PF Chang's for a cup of hot and sour soup. Between my 2 locations sits a very old, homeless man who used to work and have his own business, and who is a veteran. He sits with a wooden sandwich board with messages on it in front of him on a table. He has his plastic bucket in front of that for people to donate. He made the sandwich board himself; he used to make furniture and still carves wood. He says politely to people who walk by him without giving him anything "G-d bless you" or "Have a blessed day" or other little sayings like that. Yesterday I stopped and looked at his sandwich board. He had carved several really intricate Seahawks logos and painted them the Seahawk's blue and green. The messages on his sandwich board were ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Aug 18, 2018
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Extra Effort on a Freezing Night

A few days ago I was the next to the last one to leave work, after hours, on a sub-zero night, after a light snow and rain that translated into serious hard scraping of all the ice. My hands were freezing and I was cranky and tired after cleaning up my car. However, I spontaneously got out of my car and proceeded to remove the ice from the only other car in the lot, leaving also a smiling face on the snow for signature. I don't know which co-worker was the owner. I don't know how my co-worker reacted but I can tell you I left that night with a big smile on my face. Thank you KindSpring for inspiring me to be a better person! ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Aug 17, 2018
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Chocolates in the Park

I left a box of chocolates on a bench seat today whilst I was out with my two-year-old. On it a note I had written which read:

"These are for you. I have left this here for you to find today in the hope it makes you smile and feel loved. Because you are"

I had bought the pre-wrapped chocolate truffles when they were on special, buying two boxes. One box went to the hotel receptionists when I recently spent a night in Sydney, but I still had the one remaining. Alas, the other box ended up in the aforementioned park.

So now I gift them. To no one in particular, yet to the perfect person...the one how needed it.

I trust the chocolates landed in their proper place.

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