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An Unforgettable Birthday Gift

My daughter's birthday is May 29. She was 6 by then. As it was Monday, we prefered to celebrate it earlier, i.e. on Saturday 27 May. This was easier for me as I'm free on Saturdays. On Thursday the entire family was busy packing the presents and putting funny pins on them. I promised my litte princess that I would wake her up early in the morning and distribute the presents to her classmates. I woke up at 05:30. After I took a bath, I planned to wake her up ... but.... as I came out from the bathroom, I realized that an earthquake struck. I screamed to wake my husband up and asked him to carry my daughter; and ran out of our house. We were watching our house swaying from outside. It happened for just 3 minutes, but... the piano thumbled down, tiles came down, some cracks appeared ... Read Full Story >>

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When being asked, how will you use these cards?

I find homes for abandoned animals, I find them, put ad's in the paper, radio, posters, when I find one a home, I will pass out the card. I carry seniors groceries, transport women at shelters to appts. and court, I take in children till mothers an afford childcare from 1st or 2nd pay. I groceru shop for seniors.

Anything that I see where I can be of serivce, I try to help, the pay off? I FEEL GREAT!

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"!

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With a Help of a Stranger

Hello, My name is Tracy and I wanted to arrange for a "Surprise Delivery" to my Dad at his office on his last day of employment right before Retiring.

I wanted to let him know that I was thinking of him and i truly wanted to be there to give him a hug at the office on the last morning knowing full well that he would be overwhelmed with mixed feelings. I live in Mississauga, Ontario Canada a completely different City from my Dad in St. Catharines, Ontario and time and location was a problem.

I was able to complete my surprise with the help of a stranger who only knew me by my voice on the other end of a telephone. He was completing an "act of kindness" by personally hand delivering the gift that I had purchased for my Dad.

I am truly grateful to Peter for doing this for me.I was filled with goosebumps knowing that my surprise is now possible due to the "act of kindnesss" from Peter in St. Catharines Ontario Canada. Thank you very much.

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  • Posted by Tracy Watson
  • Jul 22, 2006
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The Dusting Lady In My Hospital Room

When I was in hospital and just given birth to my first child a lady use to come in and dust and sweep. I would say 'Hello' and she would never answer. I did this repeatedly and no answer. I thought she may have been deaf. I was told that she was mute and had been because she had been in a concentration camp. She had recovered but some children threw 'crackers' at her window letting off very loud 'bangs', and she never spoke from that day on. On the day I was going home and I asked her if she would be my friend. No answer. I left her some magazines and told the staff to give them to her. I had left the hospital with my husband a new born child. Then I realized I had forgotten to ask the doctor something. I went back with my baby ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Posted by Maureen Flanagan
  • Jul 20, 2006
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Grocery Store

I was in line at the grocery store yesterday. I let two women with few items go ahead of me. The second did not want to accept my offer, but eventually did. This would have been a perfect time to have pased out a smile card. I look forward to them and many thanks for perpetuating goodness in the world.

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  • Posted by Paul Lanoie
  • Jul 20, 2006
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Kindness Every day

Hi There,

My name is Selma and I live in Wellington, New Zealand. My friend and I have for quite a few years had a random acts of kindness policy whereby we try and do something nice for a person every day. It really is small things but it seems to make peoples' days. I have just come across your web site and I think it is brilliant.

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Act of Kindness in Zimbabwe

I was in the bus in heavy traffic going to an orphanage to visit some children. What I saw brought tears to my eyes.

There had been a terrible accident. The owner of the motorbike laid bleeding, critically injured and dying on the side of the road. Members of a church nearby called an ambulance. They were having a women’s gathering day at the church.

While the man lay helpless and hurt, the women rushed to his side and around him sang beautiful hymns and prayers - some to save his body and some to save his soul. They sang like angels. The music was so sad and beautiful and the gesture was so touching at such sad and tragic moment. I shall not forget the kindness of those women being there in his hour of need.

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A Wonderful Gift

It all happened when I joined a non-governmental organization. We were asked to go to the streets and solicit some funds for the poor and the needy. I managed to get some money.

On my way I met a lady who was tired and weary. She had nowhere to go and had not eaten. I gave the money to her and managed to find her a place to sleep. She gave me a beautifull gift in return, a beautifull broken china that was given to her by her great great grandmother. She said it is a blessing to you for helping me.

I always thank God that I was able to help her. Thank you and that's all i want to share. From sandra ghana, west africa.

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  • Posted by Sandra Boatemaa
  • Jul 16, 2006
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It takes a village

I'm a single mother of a 14-year-old male. I have not been around any young children in a long time. However, this weekend, I kept a four-year-old little girl overnight at my house. Brought back lots of memories. Her mother has no family here in Atlanta and just needed a little "me" time. I was happy to help her out even though a four-year-old is definitely a handful. I actually had a good time.

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Crown Coin

When my father married my mother in 1943 he gave my mother a 1937 crown coin and told her to keep it in the back of her purse and not spend it. This would mean that she always felt that she was protected and would always have money if she really needed it. When I was married in 1970 my husband who had heard this story, obtained a 1937 crown for me and I have always kept it in my wallet, and I have always had enough for my needs. A friend recently fell on hard times, partly through external circumstances and partly through poor planning. Friends and I have loaned her money, paid her bills, even given her food, tried to teach her budget techniques, and none of it has been a solution, she has just slipped deeper and deeper into financial trouble and depression. Last week she looked pale ... Read Full Story >>

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Latte Factor

Have you heard of the latte factor? Instead of saving one million dollars by cutting out my morning caffine fix each day, I buy two cups instead. I have a goal of giving away one million dollars, one granda coffee at a time. Each day I leave behind a free coffee to be given to a person who needs a pick me up. If you are that person, I hope you have a nice day!

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A Pair of Sunglasses

I always seem to lose or toss sunglasses in my car. I noticed I did the same in my boyfriend's car recently. We both joked about them, but then we pulled up to a man at a street corner. It was a bright day and he was hoping someone would offer him some food or a bit of change. Instead, we gave him a pair of our sunglasses - the sun was so bright and he looked like he was a regular there.

Later that afternoon, on our way home, we pulled up at the same corner to see him wearing my sunglasses. We had the window down, and between lights he thanked us and mentioned that he hasn't enjoyed a beautiful day in so long.

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Laundry Mystery

I was a first year college student in a Graphic Design course and I'd like to tell you an interesting story that happened to me a few months ago. You see, I live in a "seedy" (an abundance of illegal activity) apartment building whose residents are a large diversity of minorities, most of which I have never met, (I don't even know my neighbors name), and we all have to use the laundry room on the third floor. The dryers in the laundry room are old and usually require more than one cycle to fully dry even a small load of laundry. One evening I found I had only one loonie left for the dryer (they only accepted $1 coins) and so opted to leave my wet clothes in the dryer all night knowing that my clothes would still be damp in the morning and that they were the only ... Read Full Story >>

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The Bend in the Road

I am 36 years old and went in to the Dr. last November with a severe cough. That cough got worse and worse and after a x-rays, a cat scan and biopsy turned out to be 4th stage Hodgkins Lymphoma. I have always been pretty healthy, worked out and had no cancer previously in the family to speak of. I have had so much love and kindness demonstrated to me during this time. I have had to go through 9 rounds of chemo to date with 3 left to go. Doc says I am responding very well to the treatments and should be done in August of 06. I have learned that time is so precious and should be spent wisely! We do not know how much time we have left here so turn off the tv and interact with God, Family and friends. If you were to loose someone close to you today or tomorrow you could face the regrets that you should have spent more TIME with them and showed more love. Through my trial I have changed my daily life to spend time by: Having at least 1 hour of family time daily and playing with my kids, calling people I care for and letting them know I care for them, and helping those in need.

Thanks and please spend your time wisely!

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Wet Feet

One snowy, slushy, wet day I only had a few minutes to go out and get a coffee before I had to be back at work. I ran out without my coat, in thin shoes and it was freezing. Blocking my path was a huge puddle of icy water. I must of looked pretty forlorn because an elderly gentleman on the other side of the street removed his hat and bowed to me saying, "Madam, were I but 20 years younger I would carry you across." It was a small thing to do for a stranger, but it certainly warmed me up!

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a BIG brown box!

Normally I would be posting a story about who I gave my smile card too...however, today, I am the reciever!

I recieved a very large cardboard box from UPS yesterday and an even larger suprise! Inside was a wide variety of items, including stuffed animals and books to pass on to the local safe house for my project! Included was a letter, and (of course) a smile card! I think I sat for a good fifteen minutes in complete and total aww! And the smile on my face...well, it's still there!

The contents of that box really inspired me and made me feel really great! So, right now, I am sending a telepathic hug and a super huge THANK YOU to my "smiley" friend in Canada! You really made my day!

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3 years ago I fell off a horse breaking my back and pelvis. I did not know if I would ever walk again and living alone, I had no one to help me when I got home from hospital. I was unemployed and uninsured at the time and could not afford to hire help. But neighbors began bringing me meals, mowing my yard, feeding my animals, running errands for me, bringing in my mail, and much more, and all without me asking and many times without telling me they had done them. As I recovered I tried repeatedly to get disability benefits which takes a very long time to be even considered, and was denied on every appeal. Fearful of losing my home, family members came to my rescue and kept me afloat. I have so many heros in my life to be grateful for and if I can put a smile on each one of their faces, it will be a drop in the bucket of my gratitude for them all.

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An Offered Basket

While going through a time of great sorrow and grief over a loss, I left my apartment and went to the 99 cent store to pick up two things I needed. Although these were not important items, I needed to get out for a while.

Having picked up the two items, I wandered through the store in a state of depression or shock, picking up more and more stuff, filling my arms. I was juggling these items, not willing to walk to the front of the store for a cart, not really thinking I needed one.

I heard a voice in the distance, far removed from my frame of mind, saying, "Lady, Lady." I turned around to see this man holding out a basket to me in both hands. He said, "Lady, Lady, please stop suffering,” and he gave the basket to me for the burdens I was holding on to. All I could say was, "That was so sweet!”

Then the man was gone, and the other shoppers were frozen in time watching what went on. They added, "Yes, that was so sweet.” In an instant, that one act of kindness changed my heart and mind, and he was long gone without even my being able to say thank you. The moment came and went, and it changed my day.

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The Man at the Red Light

As I approached a red light, I noticed a man holding a sign that read “Looking for a job, please help.” Only having a part-time job myself, I knew that I couldn't help with his job. But I wanted to do something.

I put the car into park and walked back three cars to where he was standing and gave him $10. He just looked at me, and we both started to cry. He said, “You know how long I have been standing here and no one has even looked my way?” I said, “It’s just a sign to let you know God is looking out for you. Keep your head up.”

It felt good to give someone hope who was in need. Sometimes all we need to know is that someone understands.

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At the hospital, I was visiting a friend who had lost her baby. I passed a woman in the hallway who was coming from chemotherapy alone. She looked tired. Her shoes were untied.

I asked her if could I tie her shoes for her, and she said yes. So I sat down on the floor and tied them. She said that she felt like a kid again and it was a good feeling to have someone who cared.

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